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Third time lucky? Kvyat returns to Toro Rosso for 2019
Posted By: Editor   |  29 Sep 2018   |  10:08 am GMT  |  30 comments

Toro Rosso have confirmed that Daniil Kvyat will race for the team in 2019, giving the Russian driver his third stint with Red Bull junior team.

Having been dropped from the team around twelve months ago in favour of trialling Formula One returnee Brendon Hartley, Kvyat has been given another opportunity to revive his Formula One career.

With Pierre Gasly securing promotion to the Red Bull senior team for 2019, Toro Rosso have once again opted to bring back a driver previously dismissed by their academy, with their system seemingly having few viable options for 2019.

Of the drivers associated with Toro Rosso and power unit suppliers Honda – Dan Ticktum, Nirei Fukuzumi and Tadasuke Makino – none will have the super licence points required to move into Formula One.

Still only 24-years-old, Kvyat spent a season as test and simulator driver at Ferrari and said that staying connected to the sport was important to keeping himself prepared for a race return.

“First of all, I would like to thank Red Bull and Toro Rosso for giving me this opportunity to race in Formula 1 again and I am particularly pleased to be returning to a team I know very well,” said Kvyat.

“Toro Rosso has always made me feel at home and I’m sure it will still be the same next season. I would also like to thank Ferrari for trusting my driving skills which allowed me to stay connected to F1 as their development driver.

“Even if my duties were primarily simulator based, I’ve learnt a lot, and I now feel stronger and better prepared than when I left Toro Rosso. I never gave up hope of racing again, I am still young and I have kept in good shape to always be prepared in case another opportunity presented itself. I will give my best to deliver what the team expects from me and I can’t wait for everything to start again.”

Kvyat made his Toro Rosso debut in 2014 and earned promotion to the Red Bull team in 2015, filling the seat vacated by Sebastian Vettel.

He took his best finish of second place at the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix and stayed on with the team into 2016.

Despite taking his second Formula One podium at the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix – where his driving was described as “like a torpedo” by Vettel – he was dropped after a combative race at the Russian Grand Prix in favour of Max Verstappen.

Kvyat returned to Toro Rosso and raced alongside Carlos Sainz, but his formed dipped and he was involved in some scrappy races, prompting the team to reassess their options for 2018.

Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost said that he believes the “best is yet to come” from Kvyat ahead of his third stint with the team.

“I believe he deserves another chance in Formula 1. Daniil is a high skilled driver with fantastic natural speed, which he has proven several times in his career,” said Tost.

“There were some difficult situations he had to face in the past, but I’m convinced that having had time to mature as a person away from the races will help him show his undeniable capabilities on track.

“We’ll push very hard to provide him with a good package, and I feel the best is yet to come from his side. That’s why we are happy to welcome him back to our team, to start a successful season together.”

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Would rather see Ocon get another run, he’s been shafted..


It probably will be 3rd time lucky. Drivers are usually better on their 2nd or 3rd chance… Hope that does not mean Ocon and Vandoorne are out though. Then, could be 2nd time lucky for them….?

søren christensen

Great to see Kvyat back. He is a very skilled driver, who with a bit of mentoring from Franz Tost can be an important part of the Honda Toro Rosso relation, and make Russian motorsport proud. Kind of Karma it is too, to see the one eyed Austrian being somewhat repentant now


Helmut Marko and others like Sky pundits explains with their words of wisdom that Kvyat was not good/ready mentally when at RBR.

Be that as it may isn’t that what his time at TR was all about, to evaluate all those things. But the trend now is to promote a young driver as fast as you can even if it would destroy a career.

Yes sometimes you just need to make that leap of faith, but most big teams now have b- or even c-teams to evaluate how good the driver is and if they are ready. In RB it means your toast if the decicion is wrong or a golden boy comes along, who we know is good but has had his “mental” problems but he got enough support to do whatever for some extended time.

Max seams to be the better choice no doubt. But the explanation that this was an unknown factor just doesn’t add up


Good luck to Daniil. I hope he makes the most of his 3rd shot at it, not many drivers get two chances at Red Bull, let alone 3!

I have to say though, it seems like a slice of humility, compassion and retribution for abruptly and embarrassingly replacing him with Crashstappen. They almost broke the guy mentally with that move!

If Marko’s comments yesterday are to be taken seriously, it sounds like the second seat that’s going to be the talking point now – because Hartley isn’t doing anything special and there’s not much chance they’ll run two older guys in the Junior Team.

That’s not why they invested in a second team. If it was, they’d invest a shipload more money in TR and help move them up the grid with have very quick, experienced driver in there.

Red Bull needs to bring another young “prodigy” into F1 asap because VerCrashen will move to Merc or Ferrari in a couple of years when his contract is up and they’ll need to move an experienced driver up the ladder to the Big Boys team.

Maybe they’ll grant Honda there long awaited wish of putting a young Japanese guy from their Super Formula stable in F1 … as a token of gratitude for giving them the factory PU deal to help them get away from Renault!

Stranger things have happened!


I hope he takes advantage of it! Not many drivers get a second chance!


Will be funny to see what happen when Vettel has to get past him. He will make sure he is as wide as a Siberan Super Fat Russian lady in her winter fur 😂


Toro Rosso
Scraping the Barrel !!
Well done Dr.Marko


Far from scraping the barrel as Kvyat is seriously quick.

Could he have put the Red Bull on the second row and go on to lead in Spain when the two Mercs came together? Sure, why not? Could he have held off Kimi? Not so sure, but he had an off-day in Sochi and was punished and relegated to the Toro Rosso for not being called Max Verstappen.

He’s a class or more above Hartley, Vergne and Buemi and with the other prospective candidates being Super Licence deficient or allied/contracted to other teams, it is a no brainer to bring back someone who has been on the rostrum before. His development work with Ferrari probably brings Red Bull some technical secrets from the “enemy” too!


Kyvat Quick like a Scud missile. Remember Scud missiles also had no sense of direction.


How ironic, as it was Helmut Marko who pulled the trigger to getting rid of Kvyat also last time around, while punching him on the way out by telling all the journalists that ‘…Kvyat is not going to return. We don’t think that he has the potential long-term to improve…’


And still more speculation to follow over the second seat at TR..

Hartley, Wehrlein, Ticktum ( if he can get enough points for a super licence) Schumi Jr . Looks like they are now spoilt for choice and it was only a couple if months ago they were begging ( my words) to take over someone else’s jr driver.


Hired by Torro Rosso, hired by Red Bull, fired by Red Bull, rehired by Torro Rosso, fired by Torro Rosso, rehired by Torro Rosso, fired by Torro Rosso and now rehired by Torro Rosso, is that right? What chance does he have of getting promoted to Red Bull if Pierre doesn’t work out?


This time they will treat him better. Promise!

…oh…I believe F1 has to have a Russian driver on the grid as a condition of hosting F1 race there. So Kvyat may allow Sirotkin to be replaced, as the grid won’t need another Russian driver to meet the contractual obligation for the Russian Grand Prix.


Contractual obligation with whom? Liberty took over the contract Bernie signed. The teams are not obliged to take anyone on behalf of Liberty. So if there is some sort of obligation for a Russian driver then surely the easy option is to pay Williams to keep on taking a Russian pay driver.


Sebee. You made up the thing about F1 having to have a Russian driver.


Sebee is our local praktical joker with conspiracys and hidden contracts everywhere.. but even a broken clock is right twice a day 😉


You guys make me laugh.

Has there been a Russian Grand Prix without a Russian driver on the grid? Really hard to out that together…

Did the Russian Grand Prix deal get made after Russian driver was hired in F1?

Yeah…real unbelivable unproven by facts conspiracy theory here…that President Putin would only sign a deal to host a Grand Prix if a Russian driver was part of the grid because he wants to showcase Russian with a Russian presence all year long.

It makes no sense that this would be demanded as a condition of the hosting deal. And you would say no to that condition to President Putin’s face? Right.

…and yes. I’m sure a backend deal has been made to make one of the back teams take that driver on.

søren christensen

What a load of nonsense…..


yeah but it’s half believable


Off topic so appologise…does anyone have a handle on the stories that the Stroll takeover of FI is to be challenged in the courts. Read somethings on various fringe bloggs but now it is going mainstream



It seems that the action is against the administrators not against force India so I doubt it it will affect RPFI aprat from any evidence that they might be required to give. However the Indian Banks who saw the Force India ‘assets’ that they may have believed they had a claim to, disappear in a feat of slight of hand during the takeover may be interested in the outcome. Whether they could subsequently apply to have the administration process overturned i have no idea. It might get interesting but possession is 9/10s of the law as the saying goes and I think the status quo will probably be maintained even it money had to change hands.


# warley. In UK administrators are appointed without liability ..so suing them is a non starter. Judicial review of the process is a possibility but what are they arguing about. Your 9/10ths comment is truer than you believe , if as was reported at the time Stroll ( independently of the administration process) purchased assets such as the factory from the holding company.

Would really like a bit of good research journalism on this.


Good. Kvyat was a wild, nonconformist, non respecter of status and authority. F1 needs more drivers like him, instead of wingmen willing to do other people’s bidding whilst doing everything in their power not to shake the boat too much.

All that’s mising now is Kubica.


@LukeC “All that’s mising now is Kubica.” Agreed.

The Red Bull and Toro Rosso have reaped many rewards from F1, would be nice if they gave something back by putting Kubica into the second TR. They have nothing to loose and would be great marketing coup for Red Bull. However, Kubica would not put up with Marko’s management style, and quite rightly so, so I guess Kubica in a TR is never going to happen.

Slightly off topic, I read where Alonso is bucket mouthing F1 again say F2 is more exciting than F1. Despite his obvious driving talents, the sooner he and his mouth leaves the F1 paddock the better off F1 will be.


Fair to see not many people predicted that when he left last time! Will be interesting to see how he compares to Wehrlein (bold prediction implied).


Did not anticipate this when he left toro rosso the last time !!!!

a question for the historians of the blog : anyone else has made 2 comebacks to F1 before “the resilient torpedo” ?


Plenty of drivers. Mario Andretti, Martin Brundle, Derek Warwick, Jos Verstappen, Gianni Morbidelli and Roberto Moreno, for a start.


Would we count Massa? First he started in 2002, spent 2003 as a test driver before returning in 2004. Then he retired at the end of 2016, to then be coaxed out of that retirement for a final season.


I would say no because there was no race in between

(then we could almost include button without a drive/team and then Brawn)

but we could count when he was injured. but like schumi, it was not “loosing” a drive

Also not schumi who was out due to injury

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