How deep sleep keeps Mercedes F1 on top
Posted By: Editor   |  21 Sep 2018   |  3:23 pm GMT  |  89 comments

[Promoted] As the F1 community moves on from Singapore, we learn about one of the secret weapons keeping Mercedes one step ahead Last weekend saw the Mercedes AMG-Petronas Motorsport team gain valuable points in both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, with Lewis Hamilton setting a blistering qualifying lap to take pole position and a race win on Sunday.

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of the most iconic races in the F1 calendar – but the night schedule makes it especially challenging for the teams. Many of them opt to remain on a European time zone; which means eating, working and sleeping at odd hours of the day and night.

“The Singapore race is absolutely unique. It’s six or seven hours removed from the European time zone, but we stay on a night schedule – which is theoretically similar to staying on European time – but it’s really not that simple.” It’s Dr Luke Bennett’s job to keep the Mercedes team switched on and alert during Singapore GP weekend, and one of the most important aspects of this is ensuring they all get quality sleep.

The Hintsa Medical & Sports Performance Director explains the reasoning behind his sleep and jet-lag plan: “Good sleep helps all of your metabolic, cognitive and physical processes. The negative impact of a poor sleep, even for one night, should never be underestimated.”

So how does the team achieve quality sleep at strange hours of the day? “It’s important to have a really dark hotel room wherever possible, and managing noise is really important,” explains Dr Luke. But the Mercedes team also has a secret weapon: Bose noise-masking sleepbuds. These comfortable sleepbuds play soothing sounds to mask irritating noises.

“It doesn’t matter where I am in the world; having a good routine ensures I get that good night’s sleep, every night,” says Valtteri Bottas’ number one mechanic Stuart Green.

“If you can maximise everybody’s sleep across a race weekend, that will translate into pit stop times, lap times and performance,” Dr Luke details. “These small details combine to make a real difference at a time where championships are won or lost.”

After the team’s success in Singapore, it’s clear that the combination of the team’s plan and Bose’s noise-masking sleepbuds helped the championship-winning Mercedes F1 team get the sleep they needed to achieve the win.

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Does Lewis ever have a chance to get a deep sleep?



When he’s out front, he turns it all down to “save everything mode” and gets his REM deep sleep.


Is this paid/promotion content?


If Bose headphones are such a great “secret weapon” why don’t the other teams just go to the shops and buy some for themselves. Then they would win all the races just like Mercedes…


I am very curious about the health implications of using such ear buds through the night, causing ear infections and such like. Would one of the lead Mechanics really use this through the entire 8 hours of sleep risking any kind of ear infections and ill health? I guess one has to wake up to take them off, and well that defeats the purpose. How does he really use it?

I have no issues that this article is promoting a product, but if you are doing it anyway, why not make it as detailed and informative as your regular articles!! How about asking that said mechanic the above question and adding an edit to the post?


editor, please post my Leclerc post in the right article! Mistakenly posted it here


Leclerc will prove he’s worthy. The comparison with Hamilton’s 2006-07 situation is not illogical but I’d like to see him measure up with Verstappen first. Unfortunately we will not get that opportunity. Unlike Max, Charles has not and will not be racing an ‘almost top-notch’ car like the Red Bull. My hunch is, Max has taken the fight to the Mercs and Ferarris more often and more spectacularly than Lecerc would have. What have we seen from Charles regards passing Vettel, Hamilton, scoring podiums and wins, being scorchingly fast in quali? Nothing. Not his fault of course. The premium top seat has fallen in his lap. Max can be envious but that’s not his style. For his fans it’s hard to swallow though. Positioning and affiliation are everything in F1 it turns out.
Again, Leclerc will prove his worth but he will not be a sensation I feel.


Perhaps this great Infovert thread can be kept alive by hosting a great new game..Mainly aimed at the over 50s… called….
“iHow long did I stay awake for this Grand Prix before I fell asleep: GO!
For me..
Singapore: Lap 6.
Beat that!

I can only imagine when I would have fallen asleep had I been using Bose headphones. …


Is it considered cheating if one already fell asleep on the warm-up lap?


Nice advert.


Was’nt it Hintsa who helped LH with his psyche also or in particular.

When it comes to not so we’ll hidden comercials I’m surprised it’s not Heineken we’re reading about here. This is how Max get’s over his daddy issues, pimples and nasty teenager hormones causing him hit the wall


hamilton was on it long before he met hintsa. look at the damage he inflicted on his f3000 and gp2 seasons. long before f1.


Jeez. You could at least have marked this redundant nonsense as ‘advertorial’. I wont waste my time here again.


James, maybe you could acquire a set or few of these noise-masking sleepbuds and select at random some lucky winners!! As a parent to two toddlers I haven’t seen sleep since Monaco 2016… I must be a strong candidate!!


I finally understand now why we get to see so many snore fests.


So you’re saying the secret to beating Bose jet lag is to get a good quality Bose sleep using Bose noise cancelling headphones?
All this time I’ve been relying on regular sleep


Big misstake, now you know better:)) In Australia it’s whatever those koala beats eat. Then we have what the sloth eats, but that’s another story. Just dont commit one

In the US they they use a green plant. I dont even dare to think of Sotchi….except vodka, Mexico…..


So “Promoted” means “paid-for advert”. Who knew?


Bose noise-masking sleepbuds. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds.

Now that i have used my post to help your advertorial can I have an extra star please 🙂


I’ve heard Rohypnol is good, too….


That was Alonso in wintertesting a few ago


My take away from this is that deep sleep can be achieved with the following:





That is all.


What about just watching a ‘modern era eco friendly’ F1 race on tv?
Deep sleep guaranteed.


Could have done without the advertorial, but it shows how teams adapt schedules and work to beat the jetlag they constantly have to confront.


this is not their first time of racing in singapore. they have stuck with european time ever since the very first race. nothing new!


Like also most of all the other teams they do and have done every single year! But now due to Mercedes adoration (money money money), its all about them and their sponsors.


and even this story has been kicking around the internet for about five days… keep moving, nothing to see here…


Sleep is very important. I know because I get little.

Hamilton is the real difference but its still to close to call. Mercedes winning on Ferrari tracks and vice versa. They have good lead. Lets see if that is the case after the next two.


If you don’t think you get enough sleep, read this extract from an AUTOCOURSE annual interviewing Patrick Head:

Patrick: “I used to be present in the Williams factory 80 to 100 hours, seven days a week…………..”

Assuming Mr Head was embellishing the amount of days/hours he worked, but even so, say Patrick was in work 90 hours over 6 days, that averages out at an average working day of 15hours!!! That’s not including commuting to work, having an evening meal, sleeping…………..


Hybrid tech also keeps Mercedes on top. So why don’t you all run out and buy a hybrid, and do it right away before common sense gets the better of you.


i know many who have baught hybrid cars but none of them had to run out to do that.


Really? I don’t know anyone who bought a hybrid. But one time I was driving and I think I saw a Prius parked next to a shopping centre.


Luke. The world doesn’t end at the edge of your field of vision. Take a stroll around central London, every other car is a Prius.


I know that Prius! It was on the news here. It’s a white one.



The one I saw was a black or dark blue colour. Although I think it might have been a Toyota Yaris.


Great article 👏

Aki Hinsta was a Pioneer.

Hinsta R.I.P

Glad his research is still going strong and being refined by the Hinsta Sports Performance Research Centre.

Lewis really respected Hinsta. Vassuer was another in his GP2 years. Who needs the Bahraini royal family spokesperson/puppet J.Stewart when you have them on your side from such a young age.


We all know what keeps them ahead is control and money


Fastest car helps too.


It is the key. Hamilton in a Sauber/Renault may be ahead of that pack by a few metres but a WDC…fat chance.


Sure would like to read more in-depth articles. I used to depend on this…. however, it seems like F1 media is transitioning to a “behind-the-paid-wall” model.


Ferrari’s strategists also use deep sleep earbuds to sleep right through the races.


As well as we do


They sleep through the races also


Ha ha ha! … … But seriously, sleep is super important. I know. I have to kids, which means less sleep. When I get down and try to get some laps in F1 2018 on the Xbox, If I can’t get a consistent lap time within 5 mins, I just turn the dang thing off. So perhaps these Bose thingies could help me get more consistent lap times? And perhaps be less irritable when I talk to my wife?

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