F1 Winter Break
Bringing Motorsport Leaders Together
Posted By: Editor   |  07 Sep 2018   |  2:55 pm GMT  |  60 comments

The Financial Times and Nielsen Sports co-partner an invitation-only thought leadership seminar with motorsport’s leading figures in London later this month

Uniquely placed in the motorsport and automotive worlds, Motorsport Network is using its convening power to launch a high level motor racing business intelligence and networking event at The Ned on 26th September.

Established by Motorsport Network to provide the sport with forums, analysis and research, the inaugural Motorsport Leaders Business Forum will be underpinned by research from Nielsen Sports in the form of a short public survey to complement the expert opinions that will be on show during the event in the form of panel discussions.

To enter the survey and have your say, click here.

The invitation-only event will bring together leaders from all sectors of the motorsport industry, including regulators, sponsors, teams and technologists for a day of discussion and networking around the theme of ‘disruption’. Panel subjects will include:

  • “If driving becomes autonomous, will anyone care about racing?” – hosted by FT’s Motor Industry correspondent Peter Campbell
  • “Is sponsorship still a smart investment?” – with panelists including Arjan Sissing, Head of Corporate Brand Marketing at DHL
  • “Esports – the new gateway to motorsport, or just a game?” – with panelists from motorsport teams, series promotors and esports entrepreneurs
  • “Content is king, but how do we watch it?” – a session considering consumer appetite towards motorsport coverage, moderated by Joe Brown, Editor in Chief of Popular Science.

Big names from across the world of motorsport are expected to participate in the engaging panel discussions, including (among others) Alejandro Agag (Formula E CEO), David Richards (Chairman of the RAC MSA & Prodrive), Gerard Neveu (WEC CEO), Scott Young (Head of Sky F1), Zak Brown (CEO McLaren Racing) and Stéphane Ratel (CEO or SRO).

James Allen, President of Motorsport Network, said: “Our sport faces a range of disruptive forces that will all play a huge role in its future, and this is driven in large part by consumer attitudes.

Nielsen will present new authoritative consumer research based on thousands of respondents from the Motorsport Network’s global audience to give a snapshot of attitudes to these major issues that are shaping the future of our sport.

Understanding how consumer attitudes are evolving is of paramount importance to all leaders in motorsport and we are delighted to be playing our role in convening decision-makers across the motorsport industry and creating the space for this debate to take place.”

The inaugural Motorsport Leaders Business Forum will take place at The Ned, 27 Poultry in the City of London on 26th September. For more information, visit www.motorsportleadersbusinessforum.com.

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I click enter survey, & get a mostly white page with no questions.


Is somebody scared of my answers?


Zak Brown, with all due respect, is not a motorsport leader. He occupies a vacancy at McLaren, and hasn’t been able to stop the demise of the team. No way, no how.


I doubt he will leave any lasting impact on neighter McLaren nor F1.

If he screws up Macca completely then maybe he’ll be remembered, but let’s hope it will not come to that


One thing I like about Liberty is that I don’t think they fudge facts. One thing I don’t like is not getting rules straight past 2020.

If all the engine manufacturers want to keep things the same on the engine side I say OK but give them one more. The aero needs more fixing now IMO.

As far as having a 2 tiered championship. 2 or 3 teams have all that’s ever had a real chance since I can remember and Renault ought to make better engines rather than constant Haas complaints. That won’t help them win races.


Too bad ole Carrol Shelby isn’t still with us.

He could wear his chicken farmer coveralls down to Poultry

and set this bunch of fancy talkers straight on the business of motor sport!


Unfortunately for F1 there will never be a driver so beloved regardless of nationality that KR is and has been.

The only singular group that seams to have a thorn in their side when it comes to this particular driver is/are the media


Nope ChrisD. Many people do not like the sullen, uncommunicative, bad tempered, does nothing for the sport Raikkonen. He’s just plain rude the majority of the time we see him on screen. Behind the scenes he’s apparently very funny, but for whatever reason chooses to behave like a pratt in public most of the time.


How does Kimi do nothing for the sport?

Your discription of Kimi a caricature, not accurate. When Kimi is asked good questions, he gives thoughtful answers. When he is asked stupid, repetitive questions, he gives appropriate answers.


So a bunch of old dudes who have never completed a single lap of online or virtual racing are going to decide whether or not e-sports is the future. Yup, sounds like par for the course for F1.


Um that’s about the size of it.


So now Kimi will have shares in Sauber. Why not give him a big chunk of Ferrari shares, so they’ll get back up again.

Maybe a nonpolitical politician is the right way to go. A little no nonsense attitude couldn’t hurt there


Kimi is a pro in more than one way but no b.s. is his best trait.


Ever since winning the WDC, Kimi has been here only for the money.

He left for 2 years because of the money.

We went to Ferrari to be #2 to Alonso for the money.

He’s here as the #2 to Vettel for the money.

He’ll downgrade his seat for backend gains of money.

And that is the reason why I respect Rosberg. He did what he came here to do. He could have stayed for plenty of money. Yet he didn’t.

I respect when people aren’t driven strictly for money. In the end it all seems to be about the money.


I Believe there would be no one left to respect then for you by the looks of it, not even yourself. since I guess you need money too, just that you get a little less I presume


Off topic again but there are let’s of things to consider how to improve fan sorry consumer experience.

Third car. Not ideal, but Merc can have two wing- men and Ferrari would be so confused be the whole thing that after their pitstop they have no idea why Vettel is not running first of the three Ferraris.

Strips of all dirty air gadgets, or come up with a formula that produced clean air (no pun intended) and will still is the pinnacle of aerodynamics.


You can have good aero without disturbing the air as much. I didn’t complete my engineering degree but know enough about fluid dynamics to figure that out.

If anyone is listening I would really like to work on getting the best out of that no matter the rules. I can read between the lines.


What a fantastic seminar and just so sad that it is by invitation only. I’m sure that there are many F1 fans ( some who contribute here) that would love the opportunity to hear the words of wisdom from the greats of our sport such as Zak Brown on wether esports is the way forward for McLaren.


Very superficial survey focused on methods of consumption (i.e. how to better monetise) rather than perceived problems with racing and how to improve it.


“thought leadership seminar” wtf?

Too much “thinking” and not enough “doing” !


They actually did a lot in the last two decades. Unfortunately a lot of they did turned out to be not a success in terms of actually improving the sport.

So maybe there wasn’t enough thinking… Or maybe the thinking was was just of low quality.


Do you know a couple of GPs have been decided by now.

Ferrari has the fastest car. The should be leading by a lot by now but tons of pressure must be even hitting Vettel.

Its not all on the drivers.


I believe that the MV orange army might thin out as their national football team get’s going again. Football is a completely different ball game than F1 so to speak


Are there really nothing to write about in F1 right now. Slower than the summer brake I would say.


Wait till Singapore. If it don’t rain Mercedes can’t win.


The summer break was unusually packed with news!


Yes it was, at least I’m comletely certain that it was at this moment


I don’t quite understand the answer is no mostly. We have the closest fight that I have seen in some time. You never know which car will be faster at which track. The Ferrari has faster straight line speed. Mercedes can go around many curves except Singapore Monaco etc.

Robots and computers will never do this without a human. The car itself can not be replicated by a simulator especially by a game. McLaren hired one of those guys. A simulator could use g forces but they don’t. Maybe its hard to spin up and slow down a machine like that would break down a lot.


Sounds like that would be a really interesting event, and the theme of ‘disruption’ will be pertinent to all aspects of Motorsport.

Events of this kind go to reinforce how Motorsport is a huge business


Completely off topic but….

For weeks now, the ‘sort’ facility has been unavailable to me and so what I’m seeing is locked into the ‘newest first’ format – exactly the reverse of what I want to see.

Is this lack of function the same for everyone or is it just me ?


Same for me Colin. It’s really annoying having to read everything backwards. It would be much better if we could just read everything chronologically like a proper forum.


Todt has been rather active lately. What’s his job descriptiont? Does he have one? He’s been promoting and a I presume working for road safety, but is that FIA buiseness?

Maybe it’s all things unrelated


Yep, one of the FIA’s main missions is to promote safety on roads and motorsports.

There is a fair bit about it on their website


However, the FIA’s primary purpose is a lobbying body for car manufacturers, thus any “safety” they purport to be promoting has to fall under the umbrella of acceptability of said car manufacturers.


I just realized I wrote twerk instead of tweak. Freudian slip up? Could it be that seeing Toto twerking would that exciting…now I can’t get it of my mind though, blimey!


Mercedes and Toto say they’ll re-evaluate their junior programme.

I didn’t think it’s necessary. They can twerk it into a two tier academy

1. Ordinary driver academy (mostly for rich blokes with nothing to do with all their free time)

2. Wing-man academy


Keep getting in as many oars out at Toto et al Chris D 😂. You sound like you’ve taken to JAF1 like Trump has taken to Twitter. Mostly hyper ventilated hypoxia the Worst case of altitude sickness at ground level. Next you’ll be saying that Toto is to blame for Dorothy ending up in the land of Oz. Tiny hand syndrome 👐


Sorry you did not enjoy it

I did not know it would hurt your feelings so bad though.
Should I have chosen Horner instead.


Ocon needs a spot. That’s what I think they mean.

Mercedes can’t hire him or they might.


These leaders are only interested in feathering their nest,there needs to be fans like seebee in there



Honestly, you don’t want Sebee in there, he just moans….

You need someone constructive. Someone with radical ideas. Someone who knows that the worst thing, at the moment, is none of the things Sebee listed (even though important), but this ‘aero-formula!’ Even Martin Brundle agrees with that… now, there’s an idea!


Yeah Seebee just thinks about V10s but does have interesting comments whether you agree or not.


At the end of the day, it would just be Animal Farm.

I would see on which side my bread is buttered, and like any good politician ignore the little people or fans for the commercial interests of those paying the big bills – manufacturers. No choice really. I would quickly realize that my passionate views on PUs, fuel, automation/engine modes, DRS, halo, are out of place and I’m not able to sell it to manufacturer marketing departments. And if I’m not effective making sales at the top, it would undermine my aura of leader. Hence, for self preservation, I’d thrown in the kitchen sink along with the fans and claim I made a good deal instead. We’re saving fuel! …I would claim.

You wonder what Tod’s position is?

Salesman. He sells the larger value items, but there isn’t as much volume of that product to move.

Tickets to GPs? Shirts? Food and drinks at the venue? That’s low cost volume stuff and he allows his underling territory managers at the track to move that stuff. Fan is just another marketing word for customer.


I would leave the halo or come up with something better. I think it helped when that Sauber flipped on its top. Indycar really needs this.


Your last sentence sums it all up perfectly.

When I first saw this article I felt an urge to post on it, but I couldn’t find the right words. Well done!


Took the survey, but very disappointed to see that there were no questions about the locking up of viewing rights by pay tv. This is one of the largest issues with the future of motorsport. I presume this was done so as not to embarrass the Sky TV representative on the panel?


Pay tv should be banned. If sponsorship can’t solve this nothing can.

We get SKY feeds in the US now but we don’t get any extras but so we get all of the race and it is better than what we had.


My thoughts as well. The past few years have been dedicated to the rights holder finding more ways to make larger sums of money for TV rights without one nanosecond of thought for the majority of us who have watched the sport for decades. All that creates a major market to attract Team Sponsors. Once there are millions world-wide watching then you tighten the limits on how they watch F1 and hope they will pay for it. The you sell it to TV who pay vast sums. Eventually you reach the point when the ‘fans’ realise they have been conned because they are paying for the same product and go elsewhere. Then the Sponsors realise that their market is contracting, and guess what, they go elsewhere too. This is not scaremongering it is simple reality. Mr Sponsor, wake up and savour the taste of a vanished market unless of course… If you don’t accept this look at the price of F1 TV PRO in France compared to Germany and Belgium, an ill-disguised rip-off.


The sponsors need sold unless you want extra content. Only then for super fans does pay make sense.


David Richards is a grass-roots racing guy and businessman, as well.

He was Ari Vatenen’s co-driver for his rally world championship campaign. He has built Prodrive into a thriving business. He oversaw Jenson Button’s brilliant second in the world championship in 2004.


I think you guys ought to get Bernie Ecclestone out of retirement.

His was a good balance of grass-roots motorsports and business.


Bet you they tried.

He has better things to do than give his time and ideas away for free.


Probably. But BE has his money.


Gene Herbert

Come on Bernie is a deal maker for the benefit of one guy…himself.

Let’s get Sep Blatter too.

Both Bernie and Sep will cut at least 40% of the money and push it straight into a Lithuanian or Swiss bank , then have it transferred to a Caribbean island from where it will disappear into the ether. Meanwhile SKY will get a bonus of some rights to whatever else is going.

The ex owners of F1 CVC are now trying to buy the commercial ownership of The Rugby Union Prem League. This can only end in another sport completely be ostracized from the general public. Not even a highlights package will survive if CVC are on board.

I’d rather see the likes of Bernie sitting in his cave of money like Scrooge McDuck with only a candlelight for heat.


Bernie is a rock-n-roller. He makes things happen and who the hell said he was doing them for the likes of you? He would be the first to admit it – he does it for Bernie.

Yet he did a fantastic job with the commercial end of what we now know – thanks largely to his vision and ability – as F1.

Now look at that photo at the top – see the bloke on the right ? Now that’s a guy that is lost as all hell. Completely useless.

We also need a photo of another useless bloke – Ross Brawn – I thought I would give Ross the benefit of the doubt but so far the guy is a fail – just like the whole lot of them. No f***ing clue what to do.

Even if these half wits bent the knee to Bernie , he still would not come back to save them.

Start another series – this one is done.


Agree with you regarding Ross Breen though Toe Clipper 👍

He looks like a Bambi Mother waiting for the inevitable bang. Chevy is Thumper.


Bernie a rock n roller.

Really ? A man who said “Hitler had the right idea?” Which Jake Humphreys cornered him on in his first day as the F1 anchor at BBC .

The man’s an extremist who had his side kick who just happened to be the SON of Fascist Mosley.

Rock n Roller certainly not a label I’d stick to Bernie. More like a black shirt and goose stepping.


Jeez Toe Clipper.

Looks like you have NOT had a bowel motion in months. Then all of a sudden a Tsunami of brown water hit the JAF1 shores. You must feel at least 50 Kg lighter already 😂🔥


Remember no one lives forever and BE can’t take it with him.



Yep somebody will find the reminants in a few centuries from now, rotted away in a hollowed out mountain, in mildew covered leather saddle bags with munchkin size tunnels leading to middle earth 😉.

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