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Russell edges Raikkonen to top final day of F1 test – Hungary Test Day Two
Posted By: Editor   |  01 Aug 2018   |  6:02 pm GMT  |  117 comments

Mercedes F1 junior driver George Russell made his mark on the in-season test by setting a new unofficial lap record at the Hungaroring, less than one tenth of a second ahead of Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

Having been hampered by gearbox issues on the first day of the test, Russell was back in action today and set a 1m15.575s to beat Antonio Giovinazzi’s best effort from day one.

Raikkonen led the morning session, but he and Russell traded table-topping efforts during the afternoon, with the Briton being the first to set his final flying lap on the hypersoft tyre.

The Ferrari was then equipped with the hypersoft tyres, but his final effort fell just 0.074 of a second shy of the Mercedes.

Russell’s lap time was 0.6 of a second faster than the official lap record set by Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in FP3, albeit on a compound that was one step softer.

Jake Dennis – who was a surprise inclusion in the Barcelona test earlier in the year – had another chance to familiarise himself with the Red Bull RB14, which was used by Daniel Ricciardo yesterday, and the Briton’s best soft-tyre effort was 1.437 seconds off the pace.

Antonio Giovinazzi, who impressed with his efforts in the Ferrari yesterday, was given a further chance to make his mark at Sauber on day two, meaning the Italian registered a hefty 212 laps across the two days.

His best effort was also on the soft tyre, and he finished fourth fastest and half-a-second adrift of the Red Bull.

Russian driver Nikita Mazepin was handed another testing outing with Force India, having already tested with the team at Barcelona earlier this year.

His day was a problematic one, and mechanical gremlins on his car were the cause of two red flags. However, he did manage to set times on the hypersoft tyre, one of which was good enough for fifth place.

Fan favourite Robert Kubica made another appearance for Williams. He completed over 100 laps, and his ultrasoft-tyre time of 1m18.451s in the morning session was faster than Williams’ best lap throughout the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. Although it should be remembered that qualifying took place in the wet.

So far this season, Kubica has participated in pre-season testing (Barcelona), the two in-season tests (Barcelona & Hungary) and two free practice one sessions (Spanish & Austrian Grands Prix) and, according to his comments at the start of the year, he will have at least one more FP1 session in the second half of the year.

Robert Kubica driving the Williams FW41, which was covered in various colours of flow vis paint.

Lando Norris was in the McLaren for the second day in a row, although the team avoided the softest compounds and his best time of 1m18.472s was set on the soft tyre. He was narrowly faster than Renault’s Artem Markelov, who took part in his first official Formula One test.

Toro Rosso continued to be the only team to use two cars at this test, with one car allocated for Pirelli testing.

Sean Gelael, who brought out the red flags on the first day of testing when he crashed the Pirelli-assigned Toro Rosso, was given another opportunity to impress today in the main Toro Rosso car, with Brendon Hartley and Pierre Gasly sharing driving duties in the dedicated Pirelli car.

Despite his crash on day one, Gelael has been the busiest driver over the two days, registering 231 laps, and a time of 1m19.046s was good enough for ninth place, ahead of regulars Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley.

1 George Russell Mercedes 1m15.575s, 116 laps
2 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m15.649s 0.074s, 131 laps
3 Jake Dennis Red Bull/Renault 1:17.012s 1.437s, 131 laps
4 Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber/Ferrari 1m17.558s 1.983s, 120 laps
5 Nikita Mazepin Force India/Mercedes 1m17.748s 2.173s, 51 laps
6 Robert Kubica Williams/Mercedes 1m18.451s 2.876s, 103 laps
7 Lando Norris McLaren/Renault 1m18.472s 2.897s, 73 laps
8 Artem Markelov Renault 1m18.496s 2.921s, 108 laps
9 Sean Gelael Toro Rosso/Honda 1m19.046s 3.471s, 122 laps
10 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso/Honda 1m19.790s 4.215s, 75 laps
11 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso/Honda 1m20.221s 4.646s, 67 laps

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

Do you think any of the current reserve or development drivers deserve a seat in Formula One? Leave your comments in the section below.

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Jeez! Will someone please just hire Kubica!? What’s the problem??


Wolfy, my thoughts exactly! We need to see if he can still do it or not, we also need to see what Giovinazzi, Russel and Norris can do. We do not need to see another year of Kimi being not as quick as Vettel, of Ericsson being not as quick as whoever they put him up against, of Romain driving into stuff and Sirotkin being incredibly wealthy.


Biggest new in F1 Dan signing with Renault and you guys still haven’t written anything. For shame!


Dear james And Team , I appreciate your moderation policy but we need to talk about Danny Ric ….Or were you as surprised as us common couch potatoes ?

looking forward still I think it’s taking too long to process posts …i dont know the answer but i would like it to be faster .


Riccardo has gone to Renault.

(Just checking on how soon items get posted – 3 Aug. 3:43pm London)


Ooh, Ricciardo to Renault?! Didn’t see that coming!


Confirmed:- Ricciardo to Renault for 2019


Just heard Ric is leaving RBR and going to Renault!!!


Ricciardo has left Red Bull.


F1 Journalists need to look up the slang for “edge”, it’s become a common term in F1 reporting in the last year or so and the thought of Russell edging Raikkonen disturbs me.


Lol, you sir, have ruined my innocent perspective of the use of the word “edge” in F1.


🙂 🙂 🙂


Don’t know where to place:

Austrian TV reports that Niki Lauda had to undergo a transplantation of his lungue. He had already transplantations of the kidneys some years back, a late result of the fire accident.

I hope for the best



Just read that Niki Lauda had a lung transplant today.

Wish our old friend a speedy recovery.

Torchwood Mobile

Okay James, I am confused.

When are teams NOT allowed to use current cars for testing?

This piece says a car driven by Ricciardo was used; was that a current car from the weekend, or one from three years ago?


Great to see comments from James Allen.

Always wonder who is “Editor” – and then Luke Murphy sometimes authors this site.


It tells you who wrote the article at the bottom the piece, and has done for a good while. I like the different styles, perspectives, and opinions.


The new spec wing does not look good. I hope it helps racing, but dang!


George yes, Jake no, Antonio no, Nikita no, Robert maybe, Lando yes, Artem no, Sean no.


Way too much hype over testing times, so what… it doesn’t test things like race craft and thinking on the fly and being able to play a chess match while driving 200 kph.. a’ la Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton and the like.


Hm the Williams almost looked like it was turning into a Force India car. Both have comparable financial states too 😎


russel lapped faster than hamilton and bottas could manage, raikkonen lapped faster in his test than vettel could manage and so did kubica. what they all had in common was that huge new front wing.


So, you’re saying it IS the car!



and hypersoft tyres!


yep! and not fair to comparison those test performances with race performances.


The Merc and Ferrari were equiped with the standard front wing, AFAIK, but they were running on hypersofts instead of US.


And much more rubber on the track…


And there it is! Proof that even a rookie can be quickest in that car!


which rookie in which car?


Dear god stop. You’re spamming the forums just after Sebee has stopped. Two posts so far in this thread, one just factually wrong, and the other inane. Step away from the keyboard.


Would you like us all to run our comments by you before we post them?


He’s also very logical when he debates

Good one.


Chill guys. take a chill pill. All Aveli was asking “which rookie in which car?” He’s also very logical when he debates. Unlike Sebee, he does not sing “let’s go back to stone age! ….Men used to hunt for themselves!”.


The problem is that what is inane partisan rambling to one poster is the honest to goodness truth to another. People present facts as opinion and opinion as facts all the time, and it’s important to be able to hold those people to account, bias or not. Aveli is annoying to me but I just ignore it and don’t engage with him, simple.

I mean, I’m a Hamilton fan but (irrespective of what people claim) I try and base my arguments around facts and soundly based evidence; because I’m biased does that mean I’m not allowed to post?

And inane one liners from Random_79 pretty much made this forum, may he rest in peace.


Nope, but just some basic checks before typing would be nice. Facts are facts, opinions are opinions and that makes the debate great. However, nonsense that is just plain against the facts is spam, and inane one liners are a waste of the good debaters time and forces people away from the debate as you have to filter out the inane from the good. The love/hate & Hamilton/Vettel is also garbage as facts are ignored and bias clear.

So, good debate is generally had, and a very small number of posters do their best to spoil it. It’s not the opinion, it’s the inane stuff, the sheer volume, and the ignorance of obvious facts that is the issue.

I personally think it’s better now that Sebee has stopped posting about V10s and halos. I’m hoping Aveli will self moderate, although he seems to have huffed. Not everyone will agree with my comments I’m sure, but at least I state my case.


There must be half an inch of rubber on the circuit by now, making the lap times totally academic.

What’s it with “official” lap records being set in practice? Now we’ve got 3 different lap records for every circuit – practice, qualifying and race. Come on, only one of them counts and all too often the fastest race lap is set by someone who’s popped into the pits for new tyres at the end of the race, just to get their name onto the results.

Going back to the testing, Mercedes must be worried about the gearbox failure. They’ve had a lot of problems with gearboxes over the years. With more ‘orse power coming from their engines, I’d have thought they would have sorted it out by now.


In F1 terms, things only exist if they happen during a timed session on a Grand Prix weekend so I guess that’s how they rationalise it. It’s the same logic that means someone like Chanoch Nissany can accurately claim to be an F1 driver while Jake Dennis probably never will, despite being immeasurably better.


Kimi beaten by test pilot says it all,good on you ferrari for your decisions


It’s testing. They’re not doing time trials.


George Russell definitely a future world champ.

So long as he gets a good pathway into the right seat.

Unlike some drivers. Mclaren being a once great team. George luckily is with Mercedes.



I feel sorry for Landon Norris 😳


Yes Lando is in same predicament that KMag is in. Plus this time round even driving for Mclaren could be a career ender. Stoffel syndrome is very contagious at Mclaren.


Interesting point BKF…(might even be some jounalism in this JA?)…

Is your pathway in F1 determined by your nationality?


is “future champion” a real title? russel is freakishly fast but we’re yet to see him race in f1.


Also forgot to add

Damian Hill to the Villneuve and Rosberg list. So 3 exceptional drivers with fellow F1 Dad’s.


Aveli his race craft speaks for itself in all the lower single seater formula.

He is a true contender unlike some rich kids with the ability to buy “all the gear and still have no idea”. Notably Stroll et al.

Next comes the sons of racing drivers with a smidge of talent and Daddies black book to call upon some F1 contacts.

The only two that are the exceptions to that rule are Villneuve and Rosberg. They had the talent.

Unlike some upcoming F1 Daddies boys (and past also rans…like Jolyon Palmer, Piquet Jnr, Sennas Nephew and Brabhams Son , Brundles Son etcetera.


Yes but he has Ocon in the MERCEDES queue ahead of him


If Ocon moves to Renault that leaves an opening for Russell?

As far as Wehrlein is concerned, he has had his chips and taste of F1 . I cannot see him in another F1 seat. Unless Williams comes knocking…But they’ll be looking for drivers with mega financial backing.

Ocon with a French team equals good PR.

So Russell might be in right place. Bottas one year contract maybe an incentive to hang in their with Mercedes. Well it might play out well for the Brit.


but where does Russell learn F1? he’s gonna need some seasoning!


and ocon had wehrlein ahead of him.


Will Ocon still keep his place in the Mercedes queue if he goes to drive for Renault James?


As I understand it, Mercedes are happy for him to continue his development at Renault if it comes to that. That might change if Renault start beating Mercedes, but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath for that.


Doesn’t GR have more potential than Ocon?

Ocon has hardly stood out vs journeyman Perez.


I’d say they’re pretty similar. Both won GP3, but Ocon won Euro F3 while Russell only managed 3rd. Russell has a good chance of winning F2, but Ocon bypassed that level (via DTM).

They both should be aiming for seats at top teams, but it’s a lottery as to whether either of them will get there.


Pèrez is a really good driver, calling him a journeyman makes him sound like a Webber or a Ricardio


both webber and ricciardo are multiple race winners.


I’m thinking that maybe Williams should stick with the flo-viz colour scheme.


I agree that the flo-viz paint job looks good but lets be fair, the regular Williams paint job is probably the best thing about their car this year.


Yep the livery is the best

The car is pants.

Tornillo Amarillo

New 2019 BBQ front wing…


hey I can get that at Canadian Tire.


They’d take well to the sausage curbs…


looks like cars wearing that would follow each other closely into corners..


Hope George gets an F1 seat next year.


There’s a not insubstantial chance he’ll get one this year 😉


he said he’s confident he’ll get one..

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