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Pierre Gasly proves that there can be F1 second chances, even at Red Bull Racing
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Aug 2018   |  9:37 pm GMT  |  196 comments

Red Bull Racing, one of F1’s top three teams, has confirmed F1’s worst kept secret; that Pierre Gasly will replace the outgoing Daniel Ricciardo next season.

The news follows another Red Bull stable driver, Carlos Sainz, moving to McLaren. Gasly will partner Max Verstappen.

When he won the 2016 GP2 championship, Gasly may have been forgiven for thinking that promotion to Red Bull’s junior Toro Rosso team would inevitably follow.

But Red Bull Racing director Helmut Marko had other ideas, feeling that the Frenchman had not done enough to impress in his GP2 season to dislodge Daniil Kvyat.

He was dispatched to Japanese Super Formula, which he almost won and then came back to Toro Rosso later in the season, finally to replace Kvyat.

This season he has had some exceptional races; fourth in Bahrain, seventh in Monaco and sixth in Hungary the standouts. With Ricciardo feeling that his time at Red Bull had come to an end, Gasly has more than done enough to earn his chance.

His experience of Honda engines this season with Toro Rosso is another aspect in his favour, as Red Bull will switch to the Japanese engines next year.

“This incredible opportunity is another step forward in my ambition to win grands prix and compete for world championships,” said Gasly.

“Red Bull has always looked to fight for championships or victories and that’s what I want.”

What next for Toro Rosso?

The promotion of Gasly means that Toro Rosso are looking for a replacement. Red Bull has invested tens of millions in young drivers over the last decade, but its options for 2019 are not straight forward and with Brendon Hartley seemingly falling out of form and favour, the team could well be looking for two replacements.

The Toro Rosso is a solid points-capable car but next cab off the rank, Dan Ticktum, looks unlikely to get a superlicence under the new FIA requirements.

They already sounded out McLaren about giving Lando Norris an outing, but McLaren look like they are shaping up to pair him with Sainz. So they may go outside their stable to find a replacement. There are a few very good drivers looking for a way into F1 including George Russell, while one of Sergio Perez or Esteban Ocon will not have a berth at Force India.

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Looks pretty close to me.

41 races and it all looks a bit even stevens….


Make your mind up Sebee.

Either RB want MV to win the championship and its all fixed anyway because he is young or they dont.


Could Ocon be given an opportunity at Red Bull? He could partner Hartley if he improves his form. Gasly seems like a good driver but not as risky and fast as Max. Riccardo has been interviewed lately, and he says there is no hard feelings prior to his Renault decision. I think Ric isn’t spilling the whole can of beans – yet. It is not good to say, Max is the favourite at RBR, or that Mr Marko and Mr Horner are not really backing him up 100% right now. There’s no point to stir the pot and make life harder at the garage until his move. Daniel needed a change he says, and I believe it. Lately he looked a bit “haggard” on camera. Too many sleepless nights and anxiety. Mr Marko, Horner and Max are all pivotal reasons for Daniel’s move to Renault. Daniel beat the minds of his former bosses with his decision. Why risk letting things go sower with Max, further potential crashes, more favouritism, less pay, an engine that is unproven at Honda, and a routine that has become a bit ho-hum. Renault will give him more respect hopefully and he will have something new to work towards to. He’s got a chance to lead. And possibly a WDC in 3 – 4 years? Time will tell. Apart from out right speed (and risk), he’s is on par with Max and has come out on top. Now it’s Gasly to savour RBR and the politics. Hopefully he comes out alive.


I think Sainz deserved a chance at RBR but I guess that would have upset the #1 status for Max. Too bad. Gasly will probably do well though and that should be fun to watch.


I believe It’s very likely this is a reality in all teams (complete equality nonexistent, or very unlikely) just in varying degrees, although It’s also very unlikely we’ll ever find out in what ways or to what degree that is a reality.

Why would Hamilton get paranoid when his engine blows up. He if anyone should be an insider. You might consider he’s just paranoid, but then again he did experience Alonso. Who you could argue had his own reasons to fear faul play, since he had his own sceme going on…


Good for Gasly and wish him luck.

Not much of a choice for RB but to promote Gasly given their policy of internal recruits.

They now have a weaker team driver pairing – inexperienced Gasly and yet to fulfill his potential Verstappen (4th year in F1 & yet makes tons of mistakes .e.g. 7-8 incidents already this year).


8? Name them please


If I got $1 for each time someone mentioned Max number of accidents, and another refuted a few of them, I’d be rich enough to buy Force India and keep both Checo and Ocon there.


Australia Race Spun, losing places

Bahrain Q1 Crashed

Bahrain Race Collided with Lewis Hamilton

China Race Went off trying to pass Hamilton

China Race Collided with Sebastian Vettel

Azerbaijan Race Collided with Daniel Ricciardo

Spain Race Collided with Lance Stroll

Monaco FP3 Crashed, missed qualifying as a result


Oh snap



Oh yes, I meant that Max will be the younger driver at Red Bull


Redbull now too has a no1 and no.2



Gasly, don’t let the Lion and the Marketing Team eat you alive!!!

Keep your head down and win some races. Keep away from Max!!!



Hahaha don’t worry, I am sure the Red Bull must have lots of eager and willing youngsters ready to join the academy


I really love the silly season. And I am really curious about Toro Rosso (and other remaining spots) next year.

There are not many drivers out there with a Super License or with sufficient points for it. If they want younger drivers, the pool of choice right now is just Lando Norris, Artem Markelov, Luca Ghiotto, George Russell, Maximilian Gunther, Jack Aitken and Joel Eriksson. Wehrlein, Giovinazzi and Haryanto are rather young and have Super Licenses, I believe.

Also, with less than 30 years old, with a Super License or with elegible points (like Hartley): Alex Rossi, Josef Newgarden, Sebastien Buemi, Oliver Rowland, Felix Rosenqvist and Felipe Nasr, if I recall correctly.


Just out of curiosity where did you source that info?

I’m really surprised that Maxi Gunther has enough super license points.


Toro Rosso should sign Pascal Wehrlein for next year. He was close to getting Rosbergs seat but Mercedes thought a Hamilton/Wehrlein lineup would be harder to manage than having the compliant Bottas in the other seat. After the tumultous Ham/Alo and Ham/Ros years they fondly remembered the Ham/Kovalainnen years at McLaren i think when they decided for Bottas.

Ocon has said Mercedes takes care of his affairs so its Merc B-Teams Force India or Williams for him to partner Stroll or Sirotkin (for the russian market). Why should the likes of Toro Rosso-Honda or Haas-Ferrari bother with him if he is Mercedes bound (as he clearly thinks) ? After Leclerc and Gasly he has fallen from hottest french property to number 3 within a matter of 6 months.

Perez has the widest range of options with ForceIndia, Williams, Haas or Sauber all possibilities. With Alonsos departure Perez is the most important drawing card for the spanish & latin markets. His place in one of these four teams should be a formality.

Grosjean is bottom of the pile of the french driver representation in F1 now. VanDorne, has he ever beaten Alonso or delivered a headline ?
Ericsson sponsored by some TetraPak guys or so and Tilda Swintons redheaded stepchild. These four guys dont have to return next year me thinks but three of them will stay (sorry VanDorne).

I also think Lando Norris is not the Hamilton successor he is made out to be. George Russell has bigger potential longterm and a connection with Mercedes. Lando Norris is likely to follow VanDorne´s trajectory and should he stay for longer he will be Britains next DiResta.

Toro Rosso: Wehrlein-Hartley
Williams: Ocon-Sirotkin
ForceIndia: Stroll-Perez
McLaren: Sainz-Norris
Sauber, Haas stays the same.

I forgot about Kubica.Is it finally to late for him ? What do you think James, will we see Kubica racing in F1 once more ?


Kubica with Hartley would be sweet!


Unbelievable. Red Bull prioritising Verstappen’s signing late last year has caused them to lose both Sainz and Ricciardo.

Obviously they didn’t want to repair Sainz with Verstappen after their Toro Rosso bust up, so have opted to release him.

Surely this leaves Red Bull very vulnerable on driver options, they could lose Verstappen at the end of 2020, if their next 2 cars aren’t up to scratch. And then they’re left with Gasly, who may or may not be able to cut the mustard with Verstappen.

Seems like getting Verstappen signed up till 2020 in a hurry to fend off Ferrari and Mercedes interest has had unforeseen consequences.


Jasper, exactly this…

When you try to push the meat through the sauage maker too quickly, sometimes it breaks, and some times you find you have no new meat left!

The Red Bull Krantsky has split on the BBQ and we can all see it’s innards!!

The solution? I beleive the Dutch use mayonaise?


Good for Gasly although it would have been fun to see the Sainz Max show continued from their Toro Rosso day’s. I wonder if optics play a role in these decisions. If Sainz has been on par with Max that would not have looked good for Red Bull. So the safe bet is a more inexperienced driver who will very likely play second fiddle to his much more experienced teammate. If that’s the play it’s a shame because Max will need to be pushed hard to get the Honda powered Red Bull up the grid. Max’s habit of blaming Renault’s power unit could easily become his crutch for Honda’s efforts next year. You have to give Ricciardo credit for his decision. He has put himself on a high risk contract. Sainz was almost on par with Max but couldn’t get the measure of Hulkenberg. Now Dan has to beat Hulkenberg soundly to raise his value in the paddock. Who knows perhaps we’ll discover next year that Max might not be as good as everyone thinks and Hulkenberg might be an overlooked star!


Max has destroyed Danny Ric and forced him off the boat. What more do you want him. He is 9-3 up in quali this year against the best driver on the grid according to some. Same Danny Rick who beat Seb Vettel. [mod]


If you think VER needs to be pushed hard, you have no clue about him.

“Max’s habit of blaming Renault’s power unit …” – what does that supposed to mean? Blame them for what?

And comparing driver pairings from differrent seasons doesn’t make any sense. If A and B are on par in one team and driver B moves to another team with driver C, and driver C beats driver B, that doesn’t mean driver C is also better than driver A.


You don’t seem to like comparisons at all Andre!

Even when A&B are in the same team at the same time, for 3 years, and A wins every year…it’s still not a fair comparision!


Lkfe, you’re beginning to sound like Sebee with all this ‘european commercial interests’ stuff. Red Bull have had an Australian driver for nearly all of their existence, why wouldn’t they have had Euro drivers for all that time if that was the basis for their selections?


First question for you. Why did RB give VER the big contract in the end of last year when RIC was (as you say) so much better?

Second question: Why did RB take VER over Ocon. He did have more points than VER and won the championship..



Is that all you got?

You do know France is much bigger than the Netherlands?!

That there live about 50 Million more people in France than in the Netherlands?!

Even RB being powered with a French engine didn’t go for the French driver.


Same answer for both questions…

European commercial interests!

I guess the Dutch like Redbull!


Only in the first year at TR Sainz (with more singleseater experience) was able to just beat Verstappen in qualifying, but was outraced almost every single time, leading to a big difference in points. In the second half of the season Verstappen outqualified Sainz too. That trend continued into 2016 before Verstappen got promoted. So I don’t share your view that Sainz was almost on par with Verstappen.


Happy for Gasly. It will be fun to see Verstappen and Gasly fighting.

It’s a shame they let Vergne and Buemi go. But good decision on releasing Sainz. He is not marketable like the other drivers. Besides Sainz doesn’t say how good he can do (if he is any good) but goes on to preach how good his best friend Alonso is. That is not a characteristic of a driver with a winning mentality.


Whilst not directly involved with the thread ‘per se’ the following comment is interesting. I have just read the transcript of Marko’s Servus TV interview regarding Ricciardo’s defection and Gasly’s new gig. In this, now widely published interview, Marko says that he still doesn’t quite know what happened after Ricciardo told both him and Mateschitz that he would sign a new contract. As we all know now he didn’t do that and he signed with Renault. At the conclusion of the interview he was asked what their plans were for in the immediate future…Guess what? ‘ the aim is to make Verstappen the youngest WDC’!!!!!! Can you believe this guy? He says he didn’t know why Ricciardo changed his mind then he comes out with this. If he’d actually said to Ricciardo ‘our aim is to make you the next WDC’ would Ricciardo made the same decision? I thought that Marko must have some intelligence to maintain his position with Red Bull but now i’m far from sure…….



I agree that it was their goal all along. But let me ask you…how? HOW? How does RBR win a WDC in this era with that engine?

Max turns 21 this September.

You think he wins in 2019? He turns 22 that September.

You think he wins in 2020? he turns 23 that September.

For Max, 23 134 days happens post 2020 season. No youngest record.

So….2019 or 2020 it must be.

I’m going to put it out there. F1 results often appear managed. Max winning a WDC is obviously coming. I would not put it outside of realm of being “organized” in the interest of the business and of course transition.

I mean, What if Mercedes/Lewis quit by 2020? F1 is at risk. 2 or 3 WDCs on the grid next year already. New WDC needs to be minted, and it needs to happen in this era, against these other WDCs.

RBR can’t/won’t do it in 2019, but indeed, I’m going on record that Formula 1 will arrange for Max/RBR to win in 2020 to ensure he sets the youngest WDC marker, gains credibility along with it, against Lewis and Vettel to show that transition has happened to the new generation. New WDC gets minted too.

There are too many interests aligned here to not make it happen. It’s a business.


Sebee, I would generally agree with the essence of your sentiment, however it presumes that “the greater power” is Liberty Media or at least the people in charge of “the show”.

I think that control has been ceded to Merc (mainly) and Ferrari now and i don’t think their interests are necessarily aligned with the show…

Sure, if they managed to snare Verstappen from RB already they may find a way for Max to eventually supercede Lewis. But there’s no way he’ll win anything in a RB Honda, and Merc and Fez are elbow deep in Lewis and Seb’s super power contracts.

The resultant Cold War will prevent anyone else getting a look in before they allow engine performance and resource convergence again (hopefully).


LKFE, yeah..2020 it will be. They don’t want the youngest clock to be reset too much, so 2020 will be perfect. He’ll beat the record by 60 days or so. Yup…place your bet now.


You want a theory LKFE?

Remember how Honda was going to leave F1? How Ross was babysitting the whole thing to convince them to stay?

You think that Honda at some point wouldn’t have asked for assurance of “ROI” if they remain?

Think about it. Remember, it’s a business!


You mean like pushing for mid season rule changes, or allowing RBR to skirt the rules to a performance benefit?

I hear what you’re saying 100%. But Formula 1 needs this. This new “customer base” of Max fans are waiting for it. And if Max, the youngest ever to come into F1 is to become the youngest ever F1 WDC, he needs to do it in 2019 or 2020 – period.

Plus, you know…it wouldn’t hurt to spread the goodness with Honda and make them look good.

So, by “engineering” a RBR/Honda/Max Championship in 2020 F1 gets: youngest WDC headlines, Honda satisfied, transition achieved with Max claiming a WDC against Lewis and Vettel in PU era, a 3rd team “in it for real” – wow, that’s a lot of alignment on goals LKFE. Feels like it HAS to happen.


That’s the beauty of it LKFE. Mercedes has had it their way sooo much, the decision on the give-and-take aspect is not going to be in their hands as it is right now.

Mercedes Managed Championship strategy must be to make the competition look real, but to never actually lose the championship. For that to happen, someone who isn’t working to the MMC plan must act. And that’s FIA/FOG in this case. They will do what’s needed to either handicap Mercedes, or give RBR a boost.

That’s another thing by the way, FIA/FOG need some other team to actually win the WDC. Yet another point of alignment.


I hear you…but my question is ..will Toto let that happen?


Ric had to deal with that for a long time, now he has no time for this anymore.

A fresh start with a works team on the up, being respected, he’ll do his best for them, and it is likely it will result in something good.

Did not see that last comment, but it would be something (not to say) when you are just signing Gasly. But, that is Marko unfortunately.


@ RAfa99…check out the latest. Marko is now getting nasty with his comments which will make the garage almost untenable. According to one site ESPN says that Ricciardo never accepted the terms of the Red Bull contract!!!! So is Marko lying in order to make himself look bigger at DR’s expense?



Probably matter of how each interprets from their view.

Ric asked for 1+1 yrs, more money (12m), and they agreed, then asked for a straight 1yr, they agreed, then Ric took his time to sort Renault contract out, then signed it.

Standard issue F1 team/driver contracts negotiations, however RB were over-confident for some reason.

I’m guessing that reason was the high secrecy between Ric & Abiteboul, which was pretty impressive considering they had interest in him previously, Marko was confident they did not make an offer to Ric, and ‘everything’ leaks in the pitlane. They were totally blind-sided.

It won’t end there, Horner will be okay given time, but Marko is just starting.


That ‘build the team around Verstappen’ thing was already said by Horner in 2017 when Max extended his contract. So for RIC that shouldn’t all of a sudden be a reason to extend or not. I personally think a really big bag of money from Renault has more to do with it.


@ Chris V…That’s not what i’m saying. Of course Ricciardo was privy to those comments when they were made but he wasn’t free to leave as his contract still had one year to run. What that declaration did was to serve notice to Ricciardo that he was not their priority. They say that they gave him everything that he wanted? Did they? Ricciardo hasn’t confirmed that. Did they rescind their objectives…no they didn’t as Marko has just confirmed. Did they offer him the same $$$ ? Ricciardo hasn’t confirmed that. Red Bull are just smarting as they were outwitted by a canny Ricciardo who knew that they, Red Bull, would not support his attempt at a WDC 100%. How could they when they’ve already signed that away to Verstappen and even worse…gone wide press with it. Only a public declaration that they would change their direction away from Verstappen and focus on Ricciardo would suffice….and that was never going to happen ergo Ricciardo says ‘see ya later’


Well said Ken.

Ric (or anyone) doesn’t need to be a genius to recognise a managment style that speaks out of both sides of their mouth. You do that in any organisation, or relationship…and this is what happens!


It is not that hard. Marko regards Max as a better prospect for WDC than Danny and he has not been proven incorrect thus far.

Danny sees himself playing second fiddle behind Max, not because of preferred status for Max, but because Danny recognizes the fact that Max is faster. That’s why he left, and nothing else.



The facts present themselves as otherwise…

But go ahead, start revoking everyones White House credentials…


The facts don’t present themselve otherwise. I can tell you; if MV had one object; stay infront of DR, he had a walk in the park. But because he (MV) choose to fight for race or podiumplaces he has to pay the prize for compensating the lack of pace (motor) of his car.

In every single race MV was infront of DR. The scarry part is; DR is a real good F1 driver and fast but next to MV he seems average. That’s how good MV is. Outscoring MV hahaha. 2016 he jumps in the car and out Q and out-race DR in the last 6 races 5 to 1

2017 DR was crushed and only DNF from MV (average 3 places and DR DNF on 7 th place) he survive an d 2018 isn’t over.

MV only match would be SV and LH


What facts? Championship points, you mean?

They don’t tell the whole story and you know it as well as I do.

Fact: Max has been faster during qualifying last season and this season too. As a result he almost allways gets away from the grid in front of Ricciardo and is in a better position to score points.
Fact: Ricciardo is a more mature driver and manages to outscore Max in the championship because he has the abilty to capitalize on Max’s errors.
Fact: As soon as Max manages to cut down on the errors, and scores the points he should given his grid position, Danny is done with… And there are signs Max is learning rapidly.
Fact: This season isn’t over yet.

I am pretty sure Max will beat Ricciardo this year for the championship if he continues like he does now.

Those are the facts and reasonable assumptions.



This is kind of childish… Why would i want to deny that Max makes errors? Errors are the only source for learning and Max learns and becomes a better driver every time after a bad period.

Learning from errors is character building but getting up to speed is talent and instinct and that is exactly why RBR is focusing on Max. He has a bigger potential…

Nobody can predict what the future is going to bring but given the way he proceeded through the karting days, and the way he almost grabbed the F3 championship in a car from the F3 midfield, I am pretty sure Max will get better and more consistent.



So you admit that Max makes errors. Would you like to remind us how many individual and team points he has thrown away this year. And then perhaps you’d like to remind us that an exasperated and frustrated Marko said that Max needed to learn from his less mistake prone team mate. Remember?


I’d say “pre”-sumptions…ie…they come before the fact.

You probably would have made the same argument after Max won Malaysia and Mexico last year. But the fact is it was short lived and his form slumped at the beginning of this year. So too, since Monaco Dan has had a run of outs driven mainly by mechanical issues and Max has gained the ascendency again.

Fact is…form comes and goes!

So how do you account for it….you look at their performance over time…say 3 years.

Qualifying only indicates one lap pace, and Max has Dans measure by a small but consistent margin.

The fact is he doesn’t convert that advantage…no matter how much you want to borrow from tomorrow!



By bringing Ricciardo into it really does indicate that you are intentionally evading the issue – which is given RB’s clear intentions for Max what confidence would any driver (now Gasly) have of getting fair and equitable treatment? RB’s intentions certainly won’t be to build the team around Gasly and make him the youngest WDC.


I did not evade the issue intentionally.

It may or maybe not that Gasly gets a free card for racing Max. Maybe he is offered the deal if he agrees to play second fiddle to Max the next 2 years. Is that any different to situations at other teams?

RBR wants both titles and the best chance of getting them is to make sure one of both drivers score the big points and the other one creates the gap to other contenders by scoring big too.

I don’t think Gasly is WDC material but that is my opinion and I don’t think he will be able to beat Max over a season, regardless if Max gets a preferred treatment, or not.



Still avoiding the issue. Marko’s stated philosophy is that there is no number 1 and number 2 driver at RB. You simply can’t say this and at the same time make contrary undretakings in regards to Max. You can’t have competing agendas. Trying to guess the terms of Gasly’s contract is irrelevant to this issue.


@ Bonensoep….Really…who is ahead in the points? I suggest that you read the Marko comments where he admits that Ricciardo is faster on race day…and guess what? That’s where the driver and team actually score WC points. Ricciardo knew where Red Bull were going with Verstappen. Obviously that and probably a few other things, Baku for example, were enough for Ricciardo to say ‘thanks but no thanks’.


Faster on race day hahaha or lol, watch the stats. Marko said DR have bin better on a copple of occasions on race day what is a fact. And one other thing; MV said on TV he has to manage his tires and with doing so he is laping slower then he could but saving his tires for when it’s necessary. So lapping faster during the middele of race says nothing because MV knows what he have in hand


Faster on race day? Since when? Look the races and data back and you will see that when everything goes well for both. Max is almost always in front.


I think you Dutchies need to go back to Marko and sort that out with him.


No, no Kenneth, Marko didn’t admit Ricciardo is faster on raceday. He might have said that on some occasions Ricciardo manages to score some qualify results out of a low grid position, but not that he’s faster on raceday. Why not? Because he simply isn’t.


I think there may always have been this notion in the back of their minds (Marko etc) when they signed MV hence the hurry to get him in the car as soon as possible. One should never underestimate the pr value they are looking for. But this can also backfire, even more so with their very agressive promo and politics.


What I find bizarre is that some people still can’t see that RB heavily favour one driver over the other. The politics played out on track over the rest of the season will be interesting.


@ John H ……and Ricciardo will definitely get the ‘rough end of the pineapple’ over the next eight races. That i should think is a foregone conclusion.


“No is the short answer,” Ricciardo said when asked by Autosport if he needed to escape Verstappen.

“As far as [in]equality went in the team, from the outside people thought that but hand on heart there was never any concern or sign of that.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“..hand on heart..” hmmmm


They should be careful though, as any ‘play’ during races will be scrutinised more.

We’ve seen (instant strategy changes) lately, unscheduled pit stops for Dan when he is catching Max up, radio messages like (don’t even discuss it), and we let those pass.

Next time(s) it will be more obvious, and it won’t be healthy for RB image or Gasly confidence in the team.


I would not bet all my savings on that though. They will have to thread lightly since they need to finish third at least I would imagine ( they have a margin though). That could also apply to next year, since on the one hand they wont be superior and have the luxury to throw all their efforts on one driver. But then again maybe they could decide It will pay off in the end anyway. Intriguing.


@Kenneth. But all those team orders are out the window.


Send for Artem Markelov!


If Toro Rosso are struggling for drivers then their academy system has failed. What a waste of money.


If Gachot hadn’t had had not have “ kissed with his fist” would Schumacher have got his start so quickly?

If Hamilton in 2012 hadn’t have acted like ( in Sutil’s words) a coward then would Hulkenberg have got his chance?

Just move all the pieces on from there and who would have got a chance? Just one simple action but how the ripples move outwards.


i must say, gasly wears that cap really well.


You get the idea Gastly may start putting the car ahead on the grid pretty soon and Max will start sticking it in the wall again on a regular basis.

Its weird how Ric and Carlos as young as they are seem too old for the image red bull want to project.


It seems you are forgotten how often Sainz was involved in crashes the last 2 seasons. Fact. MV was one of the cleanst drivers in 2017. SV got so much penalty’s that he was one of punishment. So framing MV as a drivers who crash a lot is a way to discredit him in a way that’s so far from the trued i can see Pluto now


And the other lad who was banned that they are keen on might have a ‘bad boy’ image tbat could sell a lot of Red Bull. Business is business I suppose


If they dont hurry, Max will be too old aswell in a not so distant future. The next big thing is a toddler😁


Congratulations Pierre you’ve done well this year and deserve the drive.

Notwithstanding the clearly stated objective of Mateschitz, Marko and Horner to build RB around the similarly aged Verstappen and make him the youngest WDC I hope you get fair and equitable treatment.

I’m not sure how RB’s philosophy of not having a number 1 and/or 2 driver fits in with the above objective but we shall see.


@ Adrian….They do have a 1 and 2 driver despite all their protestations. The declaration of WDC for Verstappen fixed that issue firmly in everyones mind. You can’t say that to build a team around one driver is not a declaration of intent by nomination.


The one thing doesn’t contradict the other.

If RIC was leading the championship, I am 100% sure they would do anything to make him become champion.

Anything other would be plain stupid.


@ Andre …really? It’s easy for you to say that knowing that it will never come to pass.


You can’t seriously be thinking that when RB had a chance for a WDC with RIC they did not want to help him get it?



Correct. It’s like two conflicting agendas.


@ Adrian…Yes…a bit like a WDC and WCC.


I have been critical of of the hype surrounding Max or rather some moves on track acctually. But Max has been driving more maturely since Monaco and I have not seen him getting special treatment on track at least thus far.

It’s the words from the management, like ” building the team around him” that we will see the meaning of in the future. Of course It’s hard to gauge what goes on behind the scenes and Max needs to prove himself now that he’s not a rookie or teenager but rather experienced by now. That will be intriguing to watch


@ Chris D…Germany? Ricciardo was catching Verstappen at a vast rate then as soon as he was within one second they pulled him in. That was clearly demonstrated in James’ race analysis. You just have to look for the ‘not so subleties’.


I guess you only see what you want to see…


@ Andre…you want to challenge that?


You must know that it isn’t always that straightforward.

Strategy, dirty air, compound, delta


76% saw what went on at Baku as well…hey!

But they were both forced to apologise to the staff at the factory.

This is when i would have made up my mind, if i were Dan.


What happened in Baku?

Did VER get a penalty?

76% of whom?


I must say I missed that one, but I clearly saw how badly Ric took that not getting a tow in quali. That was not so long ago, after that the interwievs with him showed someone all the more downbeat race by race.


He took it hard, but in the end it was not for him to have it in the first place. And he later also said that VER was not at fault.

Being ‘downbeat’ had more to do with his ‘talks’ (interest) with other teams.


Germany? I was there. Ricciardo started from the back there on medium tyres and his car stopped. He never came even close to Max there. I think you’re referring to Silverstone where they were on a different strategy as Horner explained, but of course you wouldn’t believe Horner cause the whole team is geared towards Max…


Good luck Gasly . I’ve grown to really like Pierre this year even though I do worry sometimes because he sometimes sounds like he is about to cry on team radio even if he actually isn’t. The dominoes at he top seats have nearly all fallen into place now . Roll on the best news for Kimi fans this year- his inevitable contract extension


mmm . . . . . . the plot thickens, the future looks brighter.

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