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Official: Carlos Sainz replaces Fernando Alonso at McLaren F1 for 2019
Posted By: Editor   |  16 Aug 2018   |  2:32 pm GMT  |  328 comments

Just days after Fernando Alonso’s decision to leave F1 at the end of the season, McLaren have announced that Carlos Sainz has joined the team in a mulit-year deal from 2019.

With Renault confirming Nico Hulkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo for 2019, the Spanish driver had been forced into looking elsewhere for Formula One seat.

A friend and compatriot of Alonso, Sainz had been linked to the McLaren team throughout the summer, either alongside or as a replacement for the two-time champion.

“I’ve been a McLaren fan for as long as I can remember,” said Sainz.

“It’s a great name in the sport with an incredible heritage, and the list of drivers that have raced for McLaren over the years are among the heroes of Formula 1.

“Fernando is of course one of them, so it’s particularly special that I’ll be taking his seat as part of the next generation of Spanish racing drivers behind the wheel of a McLaren.”

He was also a candidate for the second Red Bull seat alongside Max Verstappen, but the Milton Keynes team are believed to be favouring their standout Toro Rosso driver, Pierre Gasly, who has now become the firm favourite for the seat.

The state of the driver market

A long-time member of the Red Bull driver academy, Sainz made his Formula One debut in 2015, racing at Toro Rosso alongside fellow debutante Max Verstappen.

He compared relatively well to the Dutchman, but when Daniil Kvyat was demoted by Red Bull it was Verstappen who got the nod and was promoted to the senior team.

Sainz had the upper hand throughout his time against Kvyat, and a strong 2017 season resulted in him switching to Renault on loan.

He might have initially been the number one choice for a Red Bull drive if either Ricciardo or Verstappen left the team, but his inability to assert any dominance over Hulkenberg – along with some stellar performances from Gasly – appear to have hindered his chances of a drive at the senior team.

Given Red Bull’s tendency to promote from within, Gasly is now the firm favourite to take the vacant Red Bull drive.

This could be the lifeline for Brendon Hartley, who has been under pressure at Toro Rosso for most of the season. The New Zealander could stay on as the slightly more experienced driver whilst the team assess another development driver. Formula Three racer Dan Ticktum is linked with the seat and Jake Dennis has tested for the team during this season.

As for McLaren, at the moment their choice seems to be between Stoffel Vandoorne and Lando Norris.

Vandoorne has struggled to match Alonso this season and his job security might depend on how well he competes over the second half of the season. A chassis change brought race pace improvements in Hungary, but the Belgian will be looking to start beating his team-mate in the final nine races of the season.

McLaren development driver Norris is currently in second place in Formula Two championship, but McLaren have been cautious about the idea of promoting the Briton to a race seat next year. A deal to give him Friday practice sessions in 2019 has been talked about.

By: Luke Murphy

All Images: Motorsport Images

What do you think of McLaren’s signing? Do you think Vandoorne should keep the second seat? Leave your thoughts in the section below.

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Sainz is bang average.


It is, a little bit, interesting seeing the wide ranging comments, many seemingly scantly related to the topic of the article?!

Nonetheless, upon review, it seems Sainz jr. has, certainly as much as at least half the field, earned a spot with a team with at least as much potential as McZak; he probably has earned a ride with a better team.

It is likely, according to our host, (https://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2018/08/official-carlos-sainz-replaces-fernando-alonso-at-mclaren-f1-for-2019/#comment-3831798), that he will be lining up along side Lando Norris, who comes with many superlatives attached to his name, but no F1 race results to meaningfully qualify him against the F1 stables.

McLaren will be in the wilderness until they get a competent executive team, which will never happen as long as the (for a formula one team top executive leadership) incompetent person, which they have now.

So, this will be a trying time for Sainz, and he will grow stronger, or fade away and be abandoned.

The life of an F1 driver.

Good luck Carlos, besides the ingratiating puppy-like supplications to the ‘complete samauri’ you’ve acquitted yourself well; people continue to underestimate Hulkenberg, in my opinion, and it will also be interesting to see how PR Smileyman does against his benchmark.


Good for young Sainz, quite deserving. Hopefully, he’ll make mclaren more competitive than his hero.


no pease loving team wanted to sign alonso because they all witnessed his demonstration of bad temper over the 2007 season.


peace Bro, not pease but your right the guys’ acid and intolerable no matter how quick he could be.


Let’s see Artem Markelov from F2 make the step up to F1. He’s got the warrior spirit we all love to see.

Bendor Grosvenor

Good for Sainz. But one does have to really wonder about McLaren now; no major driver, customer engines. The greatness has really gone.


McLaren will ultimately leave F1 and join the land of McD if Zac gets his way… in Indy cars.


No matter how much money one spends training a boxer, very few Muhammed Alis emerge. On the other hand “how much money do you want to spend – how fast do you want to go?” – in motor racing, seems to bear out. Now we are offered some shiny objects and given the opportunity to choose which one is shinier . . Best drivers command the most money? Hopefully, as that would be the logical outcome. But there are so many v. good drivers as well as other components to F1 that in order for Lewis to become Muhammed, he must be a v. good driver and one lucky guy.

Once heard a non-racing wag describe Formula One as the “greatest capitalist sport.” At the time I thought – right on. However nowadays, that is not politically correct, and everyone connected with the sport sheepishly cow-tows to the politics of socialism. Hence we have testing caps, spec. engines, no competition with tire manufacturers, Ross Brawn writing the rules, etc. etc.. The money advantage may still win out, it is just not publicized. . . Lamenting the bigger picture in F1 where, with all the machinery equal (supposedly) it comes down only to a driver.


If it was Socialist, everyone would dumb down to the level which is Mclaren and Williams these days.



All the machinery has never been equal.

Building a better mouse trap, is the point.

Please don’t desire F1 to become a spec. series.


Don’t like mousetraps. Like actual F1 machinery.

If these mousetraps are the way to go, let them prove themselves.

Remember when turbos hard to prove themselves against the carburetor?

Let’s race the battery against a non battery deal, say 3.0 litre displacement.

Return to capitalist competitive system. . A ‘spec series’ it has now become.


Thats the great irony of capitalism Gene…

It’s not actually a free market!


There is an article on ESPN this morning about Lando Norris being a candidate for the “vacant seat” alongside Sainz. What has happened there ? THX


I’d say very likely


James, you really think Lando is ready for F1? 14 F2 races, only 1 win, 1 pole, 1 fastest lap. Last round at Hungary, he coughed up a 12 second lead, on pure lack of pace in changing conditions.

He has his moments, but this year in F2, he’s been very inconsistent, and shown many holes in his game. I still think he’s F1 material, but I don’t know if he’s ready for F1 quite yet, let alone being thrown into the shark tank at Mclaren for his first season.


Why would Vandoorne be kept on at McLaren? He’s been outqualified 12-0 by the Bearded Spaniard! The Mr Burns treatment awaits……..

Harsh, but if the Belgian was any good, he’d been giving Alonso something to think about every other weekend, but that hasn’t happened – and never will happen.


one can never be sure about the results/capability against the complete samauri, as, I reckon, you know


@ Deancassady If you are going to continue, ‘ad nauseam’ ,with your repetitive, negative description of Alonso, at least learn to spell it correctly.


I just have the urge to reiterate how this obsession with numbers are getting silly.

How will it be in like a decade from now if F1 is still a important thing in this universe. The old champions had “only” 7 WDC’s. This new chosen one has 20, he must be so much better than Lewis, Senna and all of the rest.

In my book It’s not that important, and you can’t really compare old and new achivements, however fun it might be to argue with someone about it, but you seldom reach an agreement about these things, and rightly so.

MV already has a nummer of wins in his head, Vettel is said to be obsessed with stats, like many others.

This might be because they are pretty certain they will be in a dominant team for a forseeable future with little or no competition.


Formula one is 68 years old with only one 7x wdc, and three 4x wdc. Are you of the opinion in the next 10 years, we’ll have a 20x champion? How is that even possible?

Numbers do matter, more importantly – context. It is the metric by which we quantify performance. Hulkenberg remains podiumless but no one with sense would proclaim Stroll a superior driver.

The very best, the generational defining drivers all have the number to back up that assertion. The cream always rises to the top and anyone saying differently usually has ulterior motives – namely their favourite driver’s accomplishments isn’t reflected in it.


You cannot seriously believe that every driver in F1’s 68 year history had the same opportunity to win races and championchips.

And of course I have my motives, not so ulterior though, just expressing my personal opinion, just like you do.


No Chris D not every driver has the chance to win, only the best. The winning teams build the best cars and seek out the best drivers to drive them. Therefore, it isn’t a coincidence the vettel’s, lewis, fangio, MSC of the world exist. Is it really surprising teams aren’t chasing the pastors or will “the lad” stevens of the world.


This is where I agree with you. But with all respect to your opinion I still dont think all the top drivers in top teams get the same opportunity always and in different times. There are so many factors involved, in how much a driver will end up winning. No matter how good he is. Of course the chance of winning will increase and the possibility to get a top team seat, for those drivers.


Well I guess they’ll have to start giving 2 WDC per year. Be creative, that’s how the best evolve.


With cars being easier to drive – relatively speaking – and so dependable on aero – teams are willing to sign up younger racers who give more value in terms of their “aggressive” performance in these cars than do veterans, who by all accounts with the exception of the few talented ones, seem to be asleep at the wheel for most of the season.

Next year even Max will seem a veteran to some of these “fans”.

Mix this up with has-been stewards who seem hell bent on destroying what little is left of a racers spirit, at this level, with penalties and what have you, we will soon end up with the only excitement being two young guns at the mid field battling it out.

Teams know this and they need young aggressive talent – to make up for the shortcomings of the rest of what we now call F1.

Look at the camera time given to the leaders of the race when they are pacing their tires for 30 laps? Who cares to watch this.

Alonso is moving on, as should many others including Carlos. His move to McLaren is a dead end especially if they sign Norris who will undoubtedly outperform him.


How on earth are the cars easier to drive??? They are way more complicated than they ever have been. Look at the steering wheels now compared to how they use to be in the past. With so many different variables to adjust on the car and minus certain other technological break threw’s they had in the past ie traction control, active suspension etc. Plus the cars are physically the fastest they have ever been which means they are physically much harder to drive.


They are easier to drive.

They do not scare the driver anymore.

Turning a few buttons is not difficult unless you get confused easily.


Toe clipper, 1000bhp no traction control and the fastest lap times in history doesn’t scare the drivers? What would?


Anyone remember when a team other than Merc, Ferrari or RBR won a race?


Kimi in a Lotus, Australia ’13. 4 different teams won that year.

It’s not often that you see 5 or more teams winning in a single season. 2012 had it, as did 2008 & 2003. 1982 saw 7 different teams win, the most ever. 1982 was likely the strangest year ever in F1 though.


About the 82 season obviously:)


With Keke Rosberg WDC with only one win. No driver I believe won more than two. According to Wiki 11 drivers won a race, also citing Nigel Roebuck “an ugly year, pock-marked by tragedy, by dissension, by greed, and yet, paradoxically, it produced some of the most memorable racing ever seen”


Yes, the year was 2013 and some guy called Kimi Raikkonen was driving a black and gold Lotus to victory in Australia. F1 is in the same kind of doldrums Moto GP spent the first half of this decade in, when Honda and Yamaha won every race from 2011 to the mid point of 2016.


“I really believe that the complexity of the engine is such that I would not want to have myself to police it. So, I think we need to figure that out.

“I really believe that some elements of standardisation are not just useful but absolutely necessary if we want to retain some confidence between all the participants.”

C. Abiteboul


Sebee, well Cyrille would say that wouldn’t he…..



Again: Sebee?! ‘F1 Quotes’ = Sebee?

Any other Sebee aliases I should know of?


There is no alias. Them be quotes. Not my comments, so they are left as such.


Lemwill, I wouldn’t know if he has any others, but I am as certain as I can be that F1 quotes is Sebee.


Carlos generates as much interest in my mind, as Marcus. Super Dull, but its on the top (latest) news item on JAonF1.com, so here were are. Yawn. An Alonso he never will be just because he is also Spanish.

What I am hoping for some news on is the likes of Ocon and Leclerc signing up somewhere at the top of the mid-field, say at HAAS. Definitely an upgrade over Sauber. Grosjean is the weakest link in that team now and for sure its fair to switch Charles with Grosjean? Although, Ocon to Haas seems difficult. Please keep your ears open James! 😀

Max, Charles and Esteban -even though young- show a lot of personality along with their palpable yet under-honed potential. Next 10 years for F1 seems sorted while Hamilton, Vettel and Daniel Slowly ease out.


Stick with only 1st names, or only last names, or only initials with your comments, otherwise it reads like gibberish when your using last names & first names in the same sentence or paragraph. Pro tip 😉


Stick with only 1st names, or only last names, or only initials with your comments,


haha! That was exactly that was going through my mind after editing and checking for errors. Editing is my weak point and by then I was itching to hit “Submit”.


Mark Hughes has a good article on all the mudfield machinations triggered by Fernando quitting, Dan going to Renault and Lance’s daddy buying him a team. A possible scenario is Lance at FI and Kubica to take his place for the next race! This leaves Occon out on his ear, and with his Renault move now scuppered by Dan the man, potentially without s seat for next year. McLaren is Toto’s preffered option for Esteban, but that might not be possible. You can read it for yourself here, https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/opinion/f1/mph-how-robert-kubica-could-return-williams-f1


Yes, nice link. Makes it plausible Mercedes are at present pulling all kinds of levers to prevent Stroll from going to race for FI right away, just to ensure Ocon’s FI seat for the remainder of 2018. Otherwise Esteban might end up with no seat, or a Williams ‘non-seat’ if Kubica is not considered. Looks like Toto and Mercedes now have to finally step in and help Williams with some improvements. From a Merc point of view it’s been pretty embarassing of course to watch how awfully bad Williams have been doing with a Mercedes engine. If they don’t assist, Ocon may end up driving a sorry P19 Williams for the next one and a half years. I imagine Toto’s influence does not stretch to the point where he can persuade McLaren to hire Ocon, the only other option.


Is Toto the most influential man in F1?

It’s a sad endictment on the sport if he is!


Lkfe, Lemwil says that he imagines Toto’s influence wouldn’t be powerful enough to convince McLaren to take his driver, so it doesn’t seem as though anyone thinks he is the most influential man in F1 does it?


“The action on track is not the one I dreamed of when I joined F1, or when I was in different series, or the action on track that I experienced in other years,”

“I stopped because the action on track, in my opinion, is very poor. In fact, what we talk about more in F1, is off-track.”

“We talk about polemics, we talk about radio messages, we talk about all these things, and when we talk so many times about those things, it is a bad sign.”

“In 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011, I was not winning many races in those years, but it was difficult to predict what could happen in Spa and Monza. Now, we can write down what is going to happen at Spa and at Monza.”

“We can put the first fifteen positions with maybe one or two mistakes. How predictable everything became is tough.”

“We go to Barcelona and we test the first day of winter testing and you know what you will do until November in Abu Dhabi and it is tough.”

F. Alonso


Shall we all play Fernando’s game? He says we can write down the first 15 positions at Spa and Monza, anyone fancy a go at it?


Funny how he doesn’t mention 2005, when only two teams won all year (Indy aside). Or 2006 when two teams won 17 of 18 rounds. Or 2007 when only two teams made it to the *podium* all year.


I don’t know why I said that thing about 2007, it’s clearly wrong. I meant wins, not podiums. Bad me.


How will one read this is a good question indeed. Does he think 05-06 was predictible (he won, had all the reason to believe he would), 07 could have been, if only Ron would have indulgded him into running Lewis out of fuel. And then that ever so confusing thing about WEC. So much information to process.


Good thing he’s in WEC then…but won’t we miss his memorable quotes though.


@f1 Quotes. It never ceases to amaze me how past champions continually find ways to degrade current f1, while simultaneously bigging up their era. Some years ago, Mansel commented on how difficult/close the 90’s were. Bare in mind, he won his sole championship with possibly the most dominant car in history. With traction control, active suspension and to date possibly the most technically advance race car.

Fact is – Alonso’s attitude throughout his career is the reason he can’t get a ‘top’ drive. Horner doens’t want him. Wolff doesn’t want him and ferrari already fired him for vettel.


Oblah, I remember ‘our Nige’ trying to say that his championship was worth more than Lewis’ because there were more cars on the grid in 92!


TimW, quantity doesn’t equal quality. Who was Mansel fighting for the championship that year? Other than mechanical failure.


Oblah, well he had the mighty Patrese in the other car!

Tornillo Amarillo

Alonso, was Le Mans fun and unpredictable? BS.


Sebee, the thing with that quote is, in the same interview Fernando says he would have carried on if he had a title contending car, so surely that’s the real reason for him leaving?


But it doesn’t make what he says wrong. And that is why F1 has turned into such a tragedy.


You have to admit though Cyber, it’s quite Rich for Alonso to say this, then to go to WEC and LeMans with Toyota where the whole thing is stacked in Toyota’s favour and the domination is just as bad as it is in PU F1 right now. There he claims and basks in the glory.

Common thing between the two? Hybrid engines – the curse of motorsport. Be warned other series!


Sebee, Italy going to pay tv and no Brazillian driver on the grid (Brazil is F1’s biggest tv market).


Cyber, Chase just confirmed 2018 is down 3% this year.

Blame: Italy going to pay tv.


Oh yeah Sebee, I fully agree with you on Alonso’s hypocritical stands on this one. All complaining about one team dominance in F1 and then celebrating and thriving in his one team Le Mans win. ;o)

Common thing is also the ego maniacs the drivers truly are.

Winning at all costs despite it may kill competition (whatever may be left of it) and ultimately the sport and its audience in the same stroke.


Cyber, you think F1 is a tragedy, lots of people don’t.


Lkfe, my argument that a lot of people don’t think F1 is a tragedy? Have a look at Cyber’s tv ratings graph, 352.5 million people watching? Many of whom have to pay for the pleasure now, are they all Lewis fans? What about all those people attending GPs in record numbers? Are they all Lewis fans too?


Cyber, if those numbers had dropped by over 50%, then you could say that ‘most’ people think that the sport is a tragedy, but as the total fall is only a third, you aren’t at that point yet are you? Also worth remembering that while a certain number of those who have left the sport will have done so due to them not liking it anymore, a significant number were casual fans who were never interested enough to pay to watch, but would have it on when it was free.


Most people obviously do TimW, as you continue to have more people switching OFF than ON year over year now for a full 10 year period. That is a tragedy no matter how you try and spin it.


Whats your argument Tim? Other than the “your guy is winning” argument?




Oh…and let’s be real, this is Alonso.

Of course he skipped the 2 years he won WDCs in his example.

Of course he mentions 2008 and how “unpredictable” it was.

I bet he’s especially surprised about how unpredictable Singapore 2008 was.

I gotta be honest with you, it’s fascinating that his actions ended up handing Lewis his first, the 2008 championship – especially when you recall 2007 end result and their year together. There is something poetic about that, even I must admit it. Even if it comes at such a high price.

I mean…2008 not only does Alonso gift Lewis the WDC with his actions, he proves to all F1 fans that F1 and FIA don’t care about the actual results or integrity of F1 championship at all.


Sebee, remind me again, how alonso’s actions gifted lewis the 08 championship. Must’ve been asleep during that season. While you’re at it, explain spa race results. So much confusion in my tiny little mind. Thanks


Sebee, it’s funny that the only possible actions you would deem acceptable are the only two that cause Lewis to lose the championship. I can’t help thinking that if disqualifying the Renaults also left Felipe as the 2008 WDC, then you would deem that to be acceptable as well..



One at a time. Singapore and Spa are not one and the same.

Singapore is a total 100% fraud. Confirmed.

Spa is a stewards decision. You may agree with it. I may disagree. It doesn’t matter, as they looked at the data, interviewed the drivers and made the decision. Did Lewis go off track? 100%.

Did he get an advantage? 100%. Did he give back the position? He did not. That was not a give back. Worse thing is, he would have gotten Kimi a lap later, if he just was patient.

So once you establish that we’re comparing an on track event deemed to be illegal pass by stewards, to complete and 100% proven fraud, we can hopefully agree the two are absolutely not the same and not to be in the same discussion.

Now the math.

There are only 2 fair ways to correct for the 2008 WDC fraud.

1. Exclude the event.

Lewis loses the 6 points gained as result of fraud, WDC changes hands. (Massa 97, Lewis 92 points)

2. Classify event at 1 lap before fraud and award 1/2 points for incomplete race.

Massa gets 5 points. Lewis gets 4 points. WDC changes hands.

(Massa 102, Lewis 96 points)

And before TimW starts telling you that Lewis would have drove 2008 Brazil differently…yeah, right. It’s another race ran completely legit and without fraud.

First, his team mate qualified right behind him, confirming pace of car. Second, Lewis had absolutely no control over that race. He did what he did, he did best he could, he limped home 4th. There was no strategy, and no ability to change anything in that Grand Prix by Lewis. And most importantly it was run correctly, no fraud, no cheating. It’s your job to go out there and do the best you can each time. If he didn’t…well, that’s why drivers don’t win WDCs.


Oblah, NO! Don’t ask him that!!! ABORT ABORT!!



Stop. Think. Then reply.

If F1 was more balances and a fair competitionn in the first place, most drivers would have a chance to compete. It wouldn’t be this contrived/skewed/bought championship.


Sebee. F1 is a fair competition, there is nothing to stop Renault doing a better job with their engines, if they had done that then there would be close racing.

What season did you watch where ‘most drivers had a chance to compete’?


Sebee, Stop, think then reply. Did you see how many billions Renault make each and every tear? Did you notice that those figures are increasing every year? Properly funding their F1 programme would cost a tiny fraction of their overall profits, not all of them.


Yeah TimW, Renault exists to waste their entire profit on F1.


Lkfe. Have a look at these results for the Renault car company https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=renault+profits+2017&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari

The company is making record profits, billions of Euros, more than enough to spare another 100m or so to put their F1 team on a level footing with Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. There is nothing at all to stop them doing this other than their own tight fisted nature.


“Fair”? “Nothing to stop…”

Now you’re getting funny!

You know about the budget discrepancies don’t you? You know where the money comes from don’t you?

You know who leverages the entire sport with “we’ll quit” everytime a proposed rule change that doesn’t suit the commercial agenda?

Who supported the inseason developement ban?

Remind me never to play Monopoly with you mate. You’d be the banker and own the entire second half of the board!


The obvious thing in all of this is that Sainz Jr is afraid of Max. Not the opposite.


How do you arrive at that conclusion?

You’re suggesting a conversation along the lines of :

Marko: Hey Carlos, I know we chose Max over you to replace Kvyat and I know we “loaned” you to Renault because we were contractually obligated to give you a seat in F1 but didn’t want you in one of our cars. But we really want to to drive a RBR next year.

Sainz: Thanks Helmut, but I’m scared people would notice that I’m slower than Max, so I’d much rather join one of the has-been teams down the bottom of the ladder. At least at McLaren, everyone could see that I’m the team’s #1 driver and will see how much faster I am than Stoffel.

Helmut: you mean Lando?

Sainz: oh $#!t

It’s just not going to happen


Problem is effectively sainz got droped by renault….the best dnt get dropped in the pinnacle of motorsports

Next year macca will have 2 vandoornes


Thank you Fernando, for stepping aside for Carlos.

I think Sainz is taking a slight backward step for 2019, similar to Ricciardo’s move, & I think both of them will be targeting 7th position.

But as we all know, McLaren will get better, so Sainz could be challenging for podiums in 2020.

I think it is a good move.


Haven’t Mclaren been getting better and challenging for podiums next year every year since 2013?


We don’t all know that McLaren will get better… OK, maybe in five years. Maybe.

Richard Mortimer

It was good, but sad, news that Fernando was leaving F1, this is good news! I was kind of hoping that it would be Fernando and Carlos bringing major sponsorship from Santander to McLaren! (By the way, what happened to the Apple rumours)?

Think it is the right move for Fernando and a good one for Carlos and McLaren. Carlos compared well to Max V, and Max V compared well to Daniel R. Daniel R compared well to Seb V!

The problem is: McLaren and Williams have not been competitive since they lost works engine deals. Look at their history and when they dominated. Forgetting the Ford Cosworth era (which was much more simple and less costly).

McLaren when they had the Porsche TAG engine, then Honda, then Mercedes.

Williams when they had Honda, then Renault, then BMW.

What I would like to see is a Cosworth lead consortium producing a top-notch engine that could be branded as: Aston Martin (Red Bull); Jaguar (Williams) – they have links; maybe Ford (McLaren) – needs to be a non-sports car competitor, so Porsche or Jaguar or Aston does not fit!

I suppose Porsche could go with Williams. But, if they did, how long would that last? McLaren seem better at keeping engine partners happy (until Honda round 2).


Meanwhile, is it possible that Alonso sacrificed himself inorder to give Carlos a drive.

I mean Alonso made his decision after Ricciardo displaced Carlos at Renault and with Alonso being the bigger brother with 17 years under his belt as opposed to Charles’ 4 season, he possibly thought why not… moreso as he wasn’t fighting for the trophies.

Elsewhere, I think another driver who showed Christ-like brotherly love for his fellow driver was Rosberg who decided to sacrifice himself by leaving the team inorder for Lewis to get a clear path to the finish line.


Will McLaren give Alonso a McLaren Senna as a parting gift?

Will there ever be a McLaren Alonso? …I bet you there won’t be, unless it is a spied/copied Ferrari design!


Wait a minute. first of all if I do recall correctly it was Hamilton who lied as per Ron’s commands – it was Alonso who basically told Ron to shove it and held his ground.

The idea is that if Ron was around and for some weird reason Alonso was driving for him at McLaren then I would assume Ron would have given him a McLewis…


To the first paragraph: what?!?!!

It didn’t happen like that at all. Seems to me you’re mixing some Liegate in with your Spygate.


Hamilton sent his attorney to the hearings – actually Ron did for fear that Hamilton would screw up under pressure. Hamilton basically denied all and said he did not know anything which is absurd – but then again he’s never been good at setting up a car so who knows. It just seems odd that he’s so oblivious to his surroundings at the time.

Alonso did not attend but the emails admitted his acknowledgment. Damage was done.

Max threw the book at McLaren because he had no choice in the matter.


Other models could be:

McLaren Spygate F1

McLaren pitlanegate F1 etc.

The first one sound at least a bit James Bondish

To be fair others could have infamous models names after them. Some with gate in it also since F1 loves that word so much.


They will do a special one off car for Alonso with a Honda engine shoehorned into it ! It will be called the GP2.


Winner! ;o)


Good move for Carlos, but o-Gawd, when was the last time McLaren’s driver line up had no wins and no podiums on their resumes?

Redbull are now all in with Verstappen. Total comittment to the glory that is MAx, but now they have are waiving goodbye to Ric, Kyviat, Sainz, & Renault engines.

Max has just gotta come through for them, big time and very quickly. The pressure must be huge to perform, and he hasn’t normally responded to pressure by winning.

I’m really looking forward to Spa…..


There are still 9 races before the waving goodbye by Ric, and I’m sure that now his head is clear with the decision made, he’d go for it more results than the last few races. I hope there will be podiums or wins upcoming.

I’m looking forward to watching the coming races, and also to see how RB will manage the parity between the drivers for the rest of the season, or not.

Richard Mortimer

Red Bull should take Fernando, Kimi or Robert K. Gasly has time, and Max is not 100% yet. He’s already binned this year.


Gasley is the better choice for Red Bull. He brings a year’s experience working with Honda. Sainz can’t offer that. McLaren was his only viable option.


or Indy cars or the official trophy polisher for his fathers collection, about equally as important.


Gasley will be Verstappen’s doormat in the Red Bull stampede to elevate the chosen one to a WDC.


it’s getting old Kenneth…


Yes Ken…

but, “our drivers are free to race”!


@LKFE Yes, that’s true. they are free to race everyone else….but not with our No.1 hahaha


Nor with Ferrari, nor with Mercedes. 3 teams if near equal performance, 3 drivers competing. 2007 with only Ferrari and McLaren had four potential WDCs that year.


so far into the future, you look?


The “chosen one” has yet to show he can keep it together for a full season. Actually the rest of this season will be interesting at RB. with the politics and that Verstappen only has a few races left to show he can beat Ricciardo in the same car.

Could be some real fireworks.


But chosen ones at Red Bull have an unhappy history. Webber was usurped by Vettel, Vettel was usurped by Ricciardo, Ricciardo has been usurped by Verstappen. If Gasly keeps banging out the performances maybe history will repeat itself again.


Seems to me JNH, that the chosen ones always up and leave!


All the previous drivers were the (chosen one) when joining RB. Gasly is a replacement brought in in a hurry.

However, Gasly is pretty good, and talkative, so I suspect, if given the chance, would compete hard with Max.


At the moment I can’t see it happen but F1 would benefit of Macca fighting for wins. One can hope for a rebirth but it could go either way. Another thing that would be almost necessary, if the situation and direction of the F1 trajectory keeps the same, is to get another powerhouse (like vw) in and successful. But that could also lead to the end of Willianms and others.


Why would f1 benefit from mclaren winning? Williams has won since..*cough* Pastor in 2012. Ferrari went decades without a championship and when they started cleaning up, it became boring and processional.


You must learn how to separate between what you benefit from and what F1 could benefit from. This is rather basic


I think It’s normal for us (people) to have doubts about the future, that may be the reson why we tend to look with a certain hunger for the next big thing obsessively. Sainz was highly regarded because Max was suppossed (and might prove out) to be the next big thing. Now not so much when compared to a known but not too succesfull quality in Hulk. F1 and Liberty in particular are worried I’d imagine, and people in general sing along with that choir “where are the new bright stars”

One thing is for certain though. We will get new champions (perhaps even heroes) no matter what. The question is, in what kind of environment and against what kind of competition. And of course a good driver will always need a good car to achieve that.

What I would not want is a junior league, full of hyped teenagers just because there is a pr factor in it. Of course one always hope to see another great driver rise and do brilliant things as others have done in the past. But I’m not to worried about It, it will happen sooner or later. A reason for todays star drivers to have been around for so long, could be that they dont come in plenty.

One worry though could be that a very few drivers just keeps piling up WDC titles ad absurdum, since there is a pr quality to that also. That is not to say they are not extremely good drivers, just that it could be a lot closer with some other politics and a different formula.


I’m just worried about what seat a 60 year old Kimi will be in.


However it was a funny thought though. I dont know what seat it would be but F1 gone electric and he’s still on a one year extention. If he’s not now running the pr departement at Ferrari together with Maurizio going bwoah. Alonso has made a comeback and runs the pr departement at Honda, saying they are to good for F1. Bernie Ecclestone bought back the show and Max is still a teenager, but has not changed his driving style. Everything else is still the same. Still a brilliant show!


Everyone will have their worries, dont worry about it


Krb, Seb’s team mate at Sauber….


Not succesfull hulk? I think that Hulk is quite good. Very happy about next year, we will finally know how good he is.


He’s definitely good. Not so successful, without podiums or top team drive.

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