Insight: How F1 and Moto GP are working to create the cameras of the future
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Aug 2018   |  5:32 pm GMT  |  94 comments

“I’m a great fan of MotoGP and one of the things we have done is to introduce our technical team with the MotoGP technical team, to see what we can both learn. Because if we can both lift the fan experience, we both gain.

“For instance, camera work, we have got our camera specialists and their camera specialists now working together to see what the cameras of the future should be.”

The words of Ross Brawn, F1’s managing director Motorsports, showing an interesting level of collaboration between F1 and Moto GP.

Behind the scenes, there are learnings from F1 going the other way, with Tata Communications enabling the digital transformation of that sport, as it’s done in F1.

At every MotoGP race, a group of technicians arrives before anyone else to set-up the state-of-the-art system which allows the global television broadcast.

This essential group of experts normally arrives at the circuit the Sunday before race day, spending a couple of days (usually Monday and Tuesday) organising the TV compound ready for broadcasting the race.

Most important to prepare is the international feed; the TV signal sent by Dorna to different broadcasters showcasing the on-track action to homes in their respective countries.

For the past two years, Dorna has been using POD; portable and deployable structures nicknamed ‘plug and plays’, designed specially to fit in the holds of cargo aircrafts.

Since their introduction, the lengthy process of assembling and dismantling the TV compound at each race has been reduced by 24h.

For each MotoGP race, Dorna has around 3,000 people working hard to optimise resources and deliver its broadcasting to fans around the world.

“What we do is to organise races and show them at their exhilarating, fascinating best. Then, we try to deliver them to our fans’ screens in the best format possible,” explains Manel Arroyo, Managing Director of the company and Chief Executive of TV and Media.

When it comes to increasing efficiency, the agreement between MotoGP and TATA Communications which enables a group of five remote production technicians to work from the Barcelona HQ has been pivotal to enhancing the fans’ viewing experience.

“What TATA Communications allows us to do is to have graphic technicians and onboard camera management, which enhances the signal with some additions applied from Spain,” clarifies Sergi Sendra, Dorna’s Television Department Director.

The work done by the technicians in Barcelona allows viewers to use Dorna’s multi-screen function to choose their preferred camera angle for the race – and switch between them.

“Everything is possible thanks to the Ultra-Low Delay Technology developed by TATA Communications which ensures that the signal arrives in Barcelona almost in real time,” concludes Sendra.

Bandwidth has been scaled up from the 600MB Dorna had previously to over 1GB, which means that now Dorna has the ability to do far more exciting things with on board cameras, including 360 action.

By mid 2018 there were a record 131 on bike cameras in the three MotoGP classes, streaming live content; so the director can switch between riders to show the visceral excitement of the sport.

By: Oriol Puigdemont

All Images: Motorsport Images

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I think Ross needs to rethink his priorities.


Just sayin, really?! The guy is doing everything he can to improve every aspect of F1, do really think you might have come up with something that he hasn’t thought of already?


I have been complaining about the camerawork in F1 for a long time, it seems the only shots we see that portray the speed of these cars are taken by accident. The tv directors just love the long shot where the camera pans through the corner with the car, this keeps the car in frame, but totally removes any sensation of speed! The best shot of F1 cars in action I have seen recently was taken at this years Monaco GP during Martin Brundle’s walk around the track during practice. Martin stood at the edge of the track in the gap between the barriers where the service vehicles park at the entry to the harbour front chicane. Not only did it look like MB was going to get run over at any moment, but the shot of the cars flying down the short straight after the chicane and heading towards what looked like a wall was truly spectacular! The best shot I have seen less recently was at Spa several years ago, the camera was following Massa’s Ferrari through LaSource in the usual way, but in the background you could see the whole of Eau Rouge in the distance. Because the whole corner was in view, you got to see the cars going through the whole sequence from a fixed position, the effect was incredible, the speed of the cars really came through in a way that the usual panning shot totalky fails to capture.

In my view someone who knows about these things should take a walk around each circuit during practice and just watch the cars going round, there will be points where they look stunningly fast, so get a camera there and capture that so we can all enjoy it. Failing that, every now and again, just keep the camera still and let the car pass through the shot please?


Easy helmet cams and one inside showing them working those dials that they don’t want you to see.


It’s been quite inconsistent though when it comes to the directing. Sonetimes it’s been fairly good, sometimes terrible. For exempel they captured the shenanigans that Max V did when entering the sport, meandering and so on, in fights against Kimi, Seb and others. That probably helped propel his ascendance into the phanteon of F1. However not really accepted yet among many fans at least. This coverage might not be altogheter coincedental.

Sometimes we see a shot fixated at some cars in the midfield that are not involved in any battle nor have any significance to the race in general or something else of no significant importance. It’s important to give all teams some coverage, but often they just get it totally wrong.


I don’t mind him just DR should have got the same offer.


Back in the fifties I lived in the Isle of Man and went to the TT Races every year. I only occasionally watch Moto GP these days…..the start is exciting and usually the last few laps, otherwise it is just like F1 for me in the last few years…….though F1 this year has had some great races, hopefully it will continue after the break.


I hope you are kidding liking motogp races to f1? If not you need to watch more motogp. Prob every 2nd race is awesome – can’t say the same of f1.


@ mansell….I don’t know how old you are but i’ve been watching Bike racing for a very very long time and whilst it has had some ups and downs the racing has been mainly excellent. Todays racing is as good if not better that ever. You should try it sometime. If F1 was half as exciting the stands would be buckling under the weight of fans.


Kenneth, the grandstands already are buckling under the weight of happy F1 fans enjoying the racing. Track attendances are at record levels with many events sold out.


Yeah I like TT races.


I think the TT should be banned. It destroys all other forms of motorsport. Speed, danger, listening to the crackly intercom or more recently streaming the commentary to a smart phone, then a couple of bikes come hammering past 6 feet away and make your testicles tingle. Is just isn’t fair to sanitised motorsports.

p.s. – I’m up early to head up to Ulster GP at Dundrod. It is like TT with a bit of touring car wheel bashing.


The problem with the coverage is pretty simple, they use professional Directors and Cameramen (should that be Camerapersons?) almost all of whom have zero motor racing experience. They produce nice artistic looking pictures that miss the action, drama, danger and speed of motorsport. There look good, nicely framed, in focus, vibration free, no distortion, beautiful colours, not loud, in fact silence is good so the commentators can be clearly heard etc etc. That’s what they are trained to do, that is the limit of their experience, that’s the extent of their qualifications for the job.

Which is of course totally wrong, the viewers of motorsport don’t want arty farty nicely framed pictures with perfectly audible commentary. We want vibration, engine noise, tyre squeal, brake smoke, lock up howls and most of all some representation of the speed, the drama and the danger. Far too often a 300 kph F1 car looks like it’s standing still, in absolute silence. The losses are all too obvious when we stand by the side of the track, look and listen to real action. We don’t want sanitised motor racing, what attracts us to it is that it’s fast, frighteningly fast, its noisy, very noisy and its dirty, there’s dust, gravel, bits of rubber and brake dust flying around.

We don’t want “Paddock Club” racing, sipping champagne and eating canope’s in almost silence, uninterrupted socialising, remote control viewing, all at a safe distance. We want it down and dirty, I want to finish watching an F1 race and have to scrape the melted rubber off my face.

Get some real live motor racing enthusiasts as assistant directors, camera persons, spotters and please let some of the sounds get past the commentator’s sound proof booth. Stop looking for that perfectly framed shot, instead get an imperfectly framed shot that shows the speed and the dynamics of the sport. Stop editing out the action, no more cropping the picture, don’t get so close up on the car that we can’t see the scenery flying past at 300 kph.


Try directing your own race. See how compelling that is. It’s easy to sit around & complain that you’re not being fed the shots you want when you want so do it yourself for a couple of races & see what you prefer. Also, I’d say it’s more likely than not the directors and camera people have some understanding and passion of Motorsport. I’ve seen enough real-time directors in action to understand the skill involved. Sure they get it wrong sometimes but so might you with 20 cars at speed & 100s of cameras to choose from


I hang around with a lot of camera crew, they work with friends of mine who are riggers. Plus my daughter has a Masters Degree in Applied Theatre, she is a stage manager and director. So I think I have a pretty good idea.

In a live sports shoot the Technical Director is one who chooses which cameras shot to broadcast. They are the people who have to make the instantaneous decisions you describe,”20 cars, 100 ‘s of camera angles”. They job is extremely difficult and as you posted, they are unlikely to get it right every time.

My beef is with the actual Director, he is the one who sets up the shots at each race track, the camera locations, angles, the microphones that capture the sounds etc. That’s where the issues are, they choose the camera location based solely on capturing the best picture, the one that looks the nicest, perfectly framed etc. They don’t look at it from the aspect of how best to show the speed, the skill and the danger of motorsport. Lots of other sports use ex players, coaches etc to work with the directors and advise them on how to best show off their sport or game.

In general motorsport is lagging behind the other sports in that aspect, there are some exceptions however. But they are often promoted by someone with experience in motorsport, driving, team manager, engineering etc. So they have an appreciation of what appeals to the fans, the viewers and overrule the arty farty stuff that directors often prioritise.


One of my constant gripes is the angle they use to show the start of the race. It’s often a very low zoomed in camera… then later in the race when we see the replays there are these brilliant overhead shots which enable you to see what’s going on much better. Why can’t the live view be the overhead shot?


Yes Indeed! They should learn the names and some information about where they drive and the championchipstandings etc in other Worlds they should have a great picture of the grid. That would produce more value than the fancy shots. A good director and crew can then incorporate them aswell.


James off topic but..some time ago a post asked you how the stars system worked. You gave a vague answer about a program that looked at lenght of “ service” and posting frequency. Now being a data mining geek I have done a quick and dirty trawl back through the archive and can not find a correlation. Obviously I would need to dedicate some serious computer time to a real analysis and currently don’t have the time. So can you scratch an itch and give some more details of the star system that fits with the available evidence.?



Not James I’m afraid, sorry. However, you may find this helpful – there was an article that accompanied the launch of the star system. I’ve just searched under ‘new star rating on JAonF1’ and the article comes up – 4th on the list .

Basically the stars are accumulated through a combination of time and number of comments made by an individual poster (which must pass MOD), and it’s the email address for the poster which ‘earns’ the stars (if that’s the correct way to express it). For instance I could change my user name and so long as I used the original email address I would still have 5 stars, but if changed email address the stars would be gone.

Hope that helps.


OK so this reopens a can of worms. Some time ago a post was started complaing of multiple posting by the same person under different names. James stated that this did not happen as email was linked to name but obviously this is not the way it works and explains how some different posters with same rating have the same opinion and use the same language and grammer mistakes.

That is a shame as in a way it undermines the credibility of this site.


If this comes up with two stars then it does explain it ..cheers


Worth a try!



et voila 🙂


Why not look at Gran Turismo Sports which Hamilton is a part of on how their replay interface works. It could be used for the viewers to customize their viewing experience. It allows you to scroll through multiple camera angles, fast forward, rewind, pause, choose the information that is displayed on the screen, listen to music in background, just the exhaust notes of the cars, The option to have no data with just a clean screen displaying the action, all the information such as braking, throttle, deltas, etc… a graph of telemetry. The option to choose audio such as commentary could allow fans to choose the language they want to view it in or the commentators they enjoy more. I preferred the SKY coverage to NBC so to be able to choose which feed you got would be a nice feature instead of watching both. The ability to have split screen where you can have both drivers on board side to side with the outside view from corner or helicopter at the bottom. So look at video game replays consult directors, Actually have action to look at.

This video does a decent job at showing the intense speeds being travelled.

Could be due to the fact that you see the drivers hands and the amazing sound track.

Haven’t bothered watching a race this year just follow the results so not sure if the investment necessary for these innovations will provide ROI.


I’ll give credit where credit’s due. I have noticed much better coverage of F1 since Liberty’s take over. We get close ups of damaged cars (something BE would never countenance), better speed shots and some more “confrontational” camera angles all around. There’s still work to be done (lose the straight on long shots) but the right steps are being taken.

Personally I’d like to be able to select a “no Crofty” option though.


Agree that there are better angles, some great shots of the speed of direction changes, showing more track elevation changes, etc. Liberty are changing small things slowly, and we await the big changes. I would like an onboard camera that doesn’t have image stabilisation though – the cars are very physical to drive, yet look easy onboard with these cameras.

I’d like to shoot “Crofty”. The matey banter of Sky is getting way over the top this year. Am I really paying my subs to send Johnny Herbert around the world to behave like a 12 year old? I’m also more than fed up with the “Lights off and away we go” catchphrase at every start – change the record please folks, it’s not mindless repetitive chanting like darts.


Encourage good racing and some action. Then just try to have at least one camera directed towards it.

Now all they have to do is to capture the safety car


Hahaha…. Plus the awesome views with Halo….

I remember Nascar, Cart, long time ago providing tons of info, motogp now, and wondering about the still dull F1 transmissions….they did change the logo and fonts though 🙂


The F1 dilemma. Bring new viewers/fans to an exclusive sport that currently is not representative of current environmental concurs or that people can relate to. I am a die-hard fan have been since Mansell days at Silverstone. I pitched a tent with my wife & kids. Rain or shine, we queued to get into the circuit at 04:30hrs on a Sunday. My wife joined us an hour-or-so later with the burnt sausages and bacon in tinfoil, all cooked on the barbecue. There we sat on a mound at Woodcote to munch away while waiting for the first races that morning. No TV screens, tannoy you could hardly hear. So, why did we put ourselves through this? Drivers were our heroes, they had all the things we try and aspire to but cant quite get there. Noise, battles, drama, danger, I could go on. Its inevitable as technology progresses and the public’s expectations are hiked to higher levels, we all want more. Feeding that is evermore difficult whist keeping the entrance fee reasonable. I don’t have the answers but F1 cars do sound odd these days, unlike the scream of yesteryear V10/12’s, that coupled with often processional viewing and Pit stops being the only way a team can pass another car, can leave one feeling deflated and disappointed. Danger is attractive, so is raw speed, talent and close racing by charismatic personalities. Today’s F1 cars are far quicker to the naked eye and based on the number of track records falling this year, clearly the fastest ever. Today’s F1 drivers are “fighter pilots” on the road. So, NOISE, SPECTACLE, DRAMA with close racing has to be the objective. Suggestion: why not bring the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to say 5 F1 GP’s in 2020. Why not have a 10 lap same-car shoot out with the same top 10 qualifiers for F1 Sundays race, using say Go-Carts or Caterham Seven’s. OR better still V10’s of yesteryears. Is F1 for the benefit of the fans or the teams. I get the impression its skidded towards the teams and vested interest’s have become more important than the spectacle. Anyway, that’s my opinion. I sincerely hope F1 flourishes.


F1 has always been for the benefit of the teams. Today the fans get so much more.


The FE cars would barely do a handful of laps at Silverstone (or any other GP circuit) before the batteries went flat. Then there is the speed differential, they would look ever so slow compared to an F1 car.

The more I think about the better idea it sounds, would kill off the stupid FE even faster when it’s true limitations are exposed.


Video direction of Moto GP is poor from race to race and i will give just 3 examples on last MGP Brno race: 1. no any video record of collision at race start with 3 riders involved 2. No video record when Lorenzo overtakes Rossi 3. No video record when Rossi overtakes Crutchlow in last chicane at the end of the race. Great event ,poor direction by Dorna and their partners.


If you have their video subscription you can direct your own race!


You are right with the direction, not just on the last race.

But live data, graphics and camera are well beyond F1… Direction is not, but again same issue in F1.

Despite the media hype, the races are dull as in the 2000s, only the cars lack all the thrill of those. I guess we have to wait till post 2020 as all a lost battle till then.


James, slightly off topic, but what is your opinion on current camera angles? Recently they are getting lower and lower in an effort to try and look faster and more dynamic, but couple that with the long focal lengths that compress the image, it is making the races confusing to follow on TV. Particularly the start, you’ve got no notion of what’s going on until they show replays. Even on normal overtakes you just can’t see the actual move being set up anymore, you only understand what happened after the move is completed and they change camera angles.


The current product is not worth watching let alone pay for it when the only chance for a top 4 car to pass another is an undercut in the pits.


How about showing action, rather than mindless “celebrities” we’ve never heard of gurning in the garages or wandering around on the grid knowing absolutely nothing, when true fans who would love to be there will never get the chance.


F1 apparently never heard of picture-in-picture.


They did. In fact, they pioneered picture in picture in the very early 80s, at Long Beach I believe.

Unfortunately both the small picture and large picture showed exactly the same thing. Oh well… At lest they tried something cutting-edge.


Oh brother! Every time I see those reaction videos, or girlfriend videos I instant-think – PinP that in the upper right damn it, and stay on track!


Sebee, I thought you barely watched the races anymore? What do you care if Kimi’s mrs pops up on the screen? Does it affect your treadmill session that badly?


Very interesting to see these articles as it makes you appreciate the immense effort that goes on “beyond the racing”. That said, and more to the point, I really like the different feeds, the onboard views, the telemetry etc. But why is it so hard to sync the audio with the video? Nearly every onboard display has about a 0.2 second delay between audio and video, so you see the driver braking but on audio they’re still going flat out.


Nice advert but someone should check up on bandwidth units. Should be 600Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s.


How much duct tape are they going to throw at this boat before it sinks?

New regs in 2020, I give it until 2030 before FE is the premier single seat catagory.


Agreed above on 2020 but FE will never have any success. Cheap marketing nowadays. An amateur kart race is far more entertaining!


FE has its own problems. Namely the sound (or lack of it) and the slowness.


Sounds like the opposite of car racing 🙂


“Ultra-Low Delay Technology developed by TATA Communications” Hahahaha. Yes, TATA is renowned as a hardware manufacturer, not! Seriously, why is it titled ‘Insight’ when it’s a PR piece.

Single biggest improvement they could make? Stop panning and zooming some of the trackside cameras, it removes all sensation of speed….


You want to know where to put the camera? Try placing it here Ross. Forgot already ?

Oh and by the way – the video may prompt you to understand (or feel) what made F1. This was the DNA of F1. Fear, raw speed and racers talent.

Today its very different. Its time we scared the crap out of kids once more. That’s F1.

That’s what I recall when my dad took me to my first F1, thats why I love the sport ( trying not to laugh too hard) and this is what attracted me to race.


How long before they put a camera on the front of the Halo?

Been trying for years to get drivers’ eye view, surely if anything good can come out of the Halo then this is it?


Why not do what Indy Car have and get some helmet camera’s on the drivers? I love seeing those and the it can give you a sense of the g forces they are exposed to as well as the fact they are often looking everywhere but straight ahead, particularly when defending overtaking from those behind.


@ Sars…great idea but i seem to think that a helmet cam would cop a full on halo image slap bang in the middle of the frame. Remove the halo and yes, great idea. I recently watched an Indycar practice session with helmet cams and it was superb. Fot the first time in a long time i actually felt like i was actually driving. Sensational….by comparison.


Some drivers like Leclerc wore cameras at eye level, on the helmet and it was very good indeed. He had it on in Monaco.


Right on!. Hearing Matthew Carter’s stories on the useless strategy group meetings sounds like nothing they’d be discussing.

PS would prefer to get rid of the halo first!


A rare race where Brundle beat Schumi. Great vid thanks and I think it shows that you can have a thousand great camera angles but a boring race is still a boring race.


placing the camera within the drivers eye level and allowing us – the “fan” to select an in-driver cam could just turn a boring race into something interesting.

good idea.


Sadly they can’t place the camera there due to the thong. It’s a shame because that was my favourite camera position, as I find it even more immersive than the t-cam.

Likewise with Moto GP; having the camera shaking like crazy behind the windshield was infinitely more immersive than what they’ve got now.

I’m absolutely astonished by the fact that both Moto GP and f1 managed to make zero progress in this area. And I’m even more astonished by the fact they they actually did the seemingly impossible — they made the onboards significantly less immersive and less exciting than before.

Indycar now has the best onboards hands down, and they will continue to have them if they go with the aeroscreen concept — which they most certainly will.

I don’t have high hopes for f1 unfortunately as they seem to have a knack for setting up unsolvable problems for themselves.


Formula 1, a billion dollar game of “paint yourself into a corner”.


That’s a good way of putting it.


@ LukeC yes, correct. recently i watched Indycar footage and it was excellent in comparison to what we get in F1. Indycar do get a lot of thing right these days.


the world moved on.


Today F1 is the one sacred. Scared of MotoGP.

Why do you think they pushed the F1 GP starts forward an hour? Not for US West coats (what a BS story that was!), but to resolve conflict with MotoGP starts. 100% without doubt.

Now you can watch MotoGP, and F1 rolls on after MotoGP ends. They were losing too many viewers to MotoGP.


Sebee. “100% without doubt”, you’re doing it again…..


There are only 6 weekends that they clash.


More than, enough to make an impact.

What’s key again is that F1 yielded. It says a lot.


Look at this tripe they tried to feed us as the reason for the time change! When the truth is “We’re losing viewers to MotoGP, so we’re yielding to MotoGP.” …that’s right boys and girls, F1 YIELDED to MotoGP!

>> From Sky, repeating what they’ve been asked to no doubt….

Why have the start times changed?

F1’s new owners, Liberty Media, believe moving the start-time of races to 10 minutes past the hour will improve experience of TV viewers.

According to the Formula 1 authorities: ‘Some broadcasters usually go on air precisely on the hour, hence missing the tension and emotion that characterize the minutes before the start of each Grand Prix. Thanks to this change, television viewers will be brought closer to the teams and the drivers and fully enjoy the spectacle offered just before the red lights go out.’

Additionally, the hope is that the later starts in Europe and Brazil will increase TV audiences by making the sport more accommodating.

‘Research has indicated that a wider TV audience is reachable later in the afternoons, especially in the summer months,’ Liberty stated. ‘Consequently, it has been decided to move the schedule of every session back by one hour across the whole weekend for each of the above-mentioned Grands Prix.’


Sebee, and none of that sounds more likely to be true to you than “we are terrified of MotoGp, despite there being very little competition between the two series, the small number of races where there is a clash and the comparatively tiny audience that MotoGp attracts”.


“Everything is possible thanks to the Ultra-Low Delay Technology developed by TATA Communications which ensures that the signal arrives in Barcelona almost in real time,”

F1 TV Pro doesn’t have that. It runs with 30+ sec delay and it’s pretty useless if you use it in combination with F1 App. Give this Ultra-Low Delay Technology to Liberty Media, please!


Liberty could care less.

You should call Ross up and get this sorted for them. Nice informative post.


What bothers me is that the F1 guys don’t even seem to be able to position the onboard camera in the housing correctly. So often it’s pointed too high so you can’t see the drivers helmet in the frame.

Reminds me of the old days, where they seemed to always get the audio was often played from the wrong onboard camera – you would hear thr car ‘flat in sixth’ when it was going around a hairpin.


What angle can get halo out of the frame?


Probably easier to get a chainsaw and get the “halo” out of the way.


That post should be headlined “advertorial”.


It’s not covert enough


Yes, filed with Bose a few weeks back! It’s bad enough with compounding sidebars ….


I haven’t posted since that story, as my comment seemed to be censored and never appeared. I didn’t say anything offensive, but along the lines of my feeling disappointment that the Bose advertorial appeared among genuine JA news stories under the heading “news”. I don’t mind that you have these articles, but if I’m ever to seriously consider subscribing to (or continue contributing to its affiliate JAF1) as a place to read motorsport “news”, I would like to know what is “news” and what is paid content (necessary to fund the great news articles)

This TATA piece (which I read a few days ago on the parent site) reads more like a press release. While I think it’s fine to use this info, I would expect that the author would take the information and add some independent value to it. That would qualify it as genuine”insight” to me.

While this article reads ok, I would also like to see a lot less grammatical errors and spelling mistakes from the shared stories copied and pasted here from the parent website (If you’ve read my comments you would know that I’m no poet laureate, but I’m also not being paid to write motorsport articles that you want people to pay for and take seriously)

JA is a brilliant writer, commentator and all round F1 nice guy with great access and connections. These are the reasons I originally sought out his insights through this website (and I’m sure the same reasons the parent company bought the site)

This site is great because of the community that enjoys coming here to discuss this amazing sport that is F1 (even if we often disagree or are pushing to make the sport better, it’s always entertaining and interesting discussions from fans across all age demographics) The drawback of other sites is the lack of an insightful comment section. I would hate to see this space disappear.

Please address the concerns I’ve mentioned and fix the site so that the author is clearly noted at the head of the article (and, not that you haven’t heard this a million times before, but upgrading the commenting system would also be a massive win if you get the chance)

I hope this doesn’t come across negatively, I’m writing this passionately as a fan of the site and the F1 community. I really hope that you will see it as I intend it to be, constructive criticism.

Thank you.


The authors on this site are getting more and more renowed. Perhaps a conection to Charles Puigdemont?


They should finally employ a decent director.

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