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Giovinazzi fastest as 2019-spec front wings debut – Hungary Test Day One
Posted By: Editor   |  31 Jul 2018   |  6:18 pm GMT  |  111 comments

Ferrari development driver Antonio Giovinazzi set an unofficial lap record on the first day of the Hungary in-season test with a hypersoft-assisted lap, but attentions were very much on the aesthetics of the 2019-specification front wings, which were being trialled by Williams, Red Bull and Force India.

Formula One has been looking at methods of improving wheel-to-wheel racing and are looking to address that problem with changes to the technical regulations, which are being introduced for 2019.

Their primary focus is on the front wing and improving the air flow over the car, which will allow cars to run closer together and, in turn, increase the chances of overtaking.

With three teams testing out initial front wing designs, Force India’s Nicolas Latifi, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Williams’ Oliver Rowland completed sporadic running of the concept designs, alongside their regular testing programmes.

The Williams FW41 equipped with a 2019-specification front wing and using blue flow vis paint .

Giovinazzi, who will be hoping to impress enough to earn himself a drive at one of Ferrari’s customer team for next season, put together an impressive test day.

Registering 96 laps, the Italian lead the morning session with a 1m19.648s on the soft tyre, before making big jumps in lap time as the day went on.

Equipped with supersofts later on, he lowered his own benchmark to a 1m16.887s. When comparing to the lap record set by Sebastian Vettel in FP3, he was 0.7s off the pace, albeit on a compound that was one step harder.

With around two hours to go, Giovinazzi then set an unofficial lap record at the Hungaroring by setting a 1m15.648s on the hypersoft tyres, around half-a-second faster than Vettel’s best FP3 lap. This was set in similar track conditions to FP3, but this time on a tyre that was one step softer than Vettel’s.

Opportunities for the remaining drivers to improve on their times after that were limited.

Toro Rosso were using two cars for today’s test, one run by Brendon Hartley for their usual testing duties and the other used by Sean Gelael for Pirelli tyre testing. It was the latter that crashed at turn eleven and caused a 20-minute stoppage whilst the car was retrieved.

After this stoppage, only Hartley and Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson made attempts on the hypersoft tyre, with Ericsson taking second (2.5 seconds off the pace) and Hartley going third (3.6 seconds off the pace).

Rain then interrupted the final 90 minutes of the session, meaning no further improvements were made. Only Ricciardo and McLaren’s Lando Norris ran in the intermediate conditions.

Norris ended the day as the fourth-fastest driver with a soft-tyre time of 1m19.294s, ahead of Formula Two championship rival George Russell, who completed the fewest laps of the day with Mercedes.

Russell set his best time on supersoft tyres, and was one tenth ahead of Ricciardo, who looked set to improve with an afternoon run on the supersoft tyre before pitting.

Force India development driver Nicolas Latifi was a further tenth of a second behind the Red Bull, whilst the testing programmes for Nico Hulkenberg (Renault), Oliver Rowland (Williams) and Gelael resulted in them not troubling the top times.

Haas elected not to participate in this in-season test.

1 Antonio Giovinazzi Ferrari 1m15.648s, 96 laps
2 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 1m18.155s 2.507s, 95 laps
3 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso/Honda 1m19.251s 3.603s, 126 laps
4 Lando Norris McLaren/Renault 1m19.294s 3.646s, 106 laps
5 George Russell Mercedes 1m19.781s 4.133s, 49 laps
6 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 1:19.854s 4.206s, 125 laps
7 Nicolas Latifi Force India/Mercedes 1m19.994s 4.346s, 103 laps
8 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1m20.826s 5.178s, 63 laps
9 Oliver Rowland Williams/Mercedes 1m20.970s 5.322s, 65 laps
10 Sean Gelael Toro Rosso/Honda 1m21.451s 5.803s, 109 laps

By: Luke Murphy

All images: Motorsport Images

What do you think of the 2019-specification front wings? Leave your comments in the section below.

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Formula 1 is repeating a mistake. Don’t take me wrong – simplifying the front wing is a good measure, but making the wings larger is a mistake.

a) it will lead to more slit tires and broken front wings

b) it exaggerates the importance of the wing in downforce creation. Actually had they kept the current wing size, while still simplifying it, teams would have had a challenge to get the aerodynamics to work right, as the possibilities to get the airflow around the tires would be less. Means that the cars would already have some dirty air from the get go and additional dirty air would not have such a big impact on the overall performance.


I like the width. Its much better. The problem is still too many cascade elements. Its ugly with 5. Please make 2 the max.


If it indeed has taken Brawn a year or so to come up with this front wing-job, as the best aero solution, one wonders what kind of box he was kept in.

The car format has become frozen by a series of unrelated objects that beg to be related to each other, by someone thinking outside the box. Creative designers needed!!

The addition of the halo contraption points this up more than ever. Ferrari was not even allowed to hang a mirror off it. Talk about provincialism.

The F1 car is beginning to remind me a a World of Outlaws sprint car – by the way – has anyone tried to hang a wing midway, centered on the airbox above the halo? Does Brawn know if that would produce enough downforce without screwing up the air behind – ha ! It could even revolutionize aesthetics ! No, he is assigned the front wing. Don’t even think about bargeboards !


Yep replace the halo with Lexan aviation parts. I can’t see the drivers anyhow so just enclose the cockpit.

A P51 mustang from WW2 looks good and was good the D model.

Tornillo Amarillo

Why Formula 1 don’t use a simple nose like IndyCar?


Why indeed?


Because they don’t want to be as slow as Indycars….


Indycars are not slow even with a less powerful engine. I don’t see F1 cars running ovals.

The racing is different. F1 cars would really be dangerous on an oval track. There is this new NASCAR track that’s banked oval and road race. That might be interesting for an F1 car.


#TimW….struggling to find an argument with that comment…….no still struggling😁


Look at top speed and the fact IndyCar runs a lot of ovals. F1 couldn’t race Texas because the speed of an IndyCar is really too dangerous on that track. F1 would be suicide.

They are different.

With that being said 1 element on a front F1 wing could provide as much or more down force if its larger. It would look cool like days gone by too.


and not even a lap of one car closely following another to see if it works?


To promote more overtaking they should stop racing at tracks like Hungary, which by their very nature promote little overtaking.


I think the new wings are bigger to add drag & slow a car in clean air, but be able to catch more turbulent air so that a trailing car doesn’t suffer as much understeer, & can therefore get onto a straight much closer to the car in front.

If nothing else, they look a lot cheaper to manufacture.

Giovinazzi 0.7 behind on the super soft, & 0.5 ahead on the Hyper soft, averages out at 0.1 behind Seb.

If I was Arrivebene, I’d seriously consider sacking Vettel & saving $20M for the cost of 0.1 seconds, which would balance out as Antonio gains more experience.

I wonder what the new wing does to the balance of the unbalanced Williams.


It covers the front tires which should help a lot.


“If I was Arrivebene, I’d seriously consider sacking Vettel…” <– Fortunately Arrivabene is a bit smarter than that…


Has there been a team other than the top 3 win a race since these current engine regs have been in?


Um No! No good.


Nope. The last winner outside of the current top 3 teams was “Lotus” Renault winning a race in 2013, a year before the current engine formula came in.


Yeah wasn’t that Kimi that said shut up I know what I’m doing?


New wings…well they still look complicated…doubt they’ll make much difference to the racing!

Tornillo Amarillo

Excellent to have Norris and Russel on board! With them maybe next year with Giovinazzi, and Leclerc already here, it feels awesome replacing some drivers (the boring ones) 🙂

I think with them and already with Max, Ocon, and Sainz, the field gains new energy.


The constant rumours about Norris to Toro Rosso are really weird, are Red Bull trying to poach him long term? I guess if you’re a McLaren young driver you can’t be looking at the future and thinking it’s all rosy at the moment…


Given the choice, l suspect he might see a better future in Toro Rosso at the moment. Marc


Redbull need someone to test Gasly against, especially now that he seems to be getting pretty good. RB needs to put him against a faster teammate to see if he has what it takes to go against Max.


The new wings look ok, hope they work!

Giovinazzi has to be in the Sauber next year, doesn’t he?


Fingers crossed! Ericsson has had his chance. Whilst he hasn’t been terrible, he is not exactly setting the world alight. These teams should have an “up or out” policy for young drivers, but of course its not really plausible if the driver in question comes with a bag full of $$$.


I thought Ericssons seat was the safest in F1?


Hamilton and Vettel maybe more so.


The new wings get a thumbs up from me. Looking forward to seeing the whole package for the first time now and (fingers crossed) the better racing it’ll assist. Now Pirelli need to design some tyres that don’t blister after 5 mins and Robert should be your mother’s brother… hopefully.


some say looks can be desieving.


The wing looks like a Five blade razor.

No doubt it’ll be just as expensive especially with the blue strip for less burn and an was it shave.

Well Done A.G. though it’s probably easier to do the times when you are not be chased down by another car.

Just hope these wings help in overtaking and not cause more problems for the driver attempting the overtake.


“Well Done A.G. though it’s probably easier to do the times when you are not be chased down by another car.”

Talk about a backhanded compliment…


Those front wings are still too complicated. They should be a main plane and two large flaps with straight trailing edges. Allowing them to keep their compound curved multi layer wings will change nothing, the top 3 will have 90% of the downforce back by next year and it will be just as vulnerable to disturbed airflow as ever.


Yeah, pretty much agree. There’s still too much going on with the wing…I’d prefer a single-plane shaped wing, maybe allow one ‘cut’ in it, and the end plates shaped to fit the wing. No big flat end plate, or extra curvy bits sticking out here and there.

Force it to be kept simple, then open up the space they can work in to create opportunity for some variety..


One big flat front wing would do it but still it covers the front tires completely which is a step forward.


Simpler, but wider? I hate these cowcatcher front wings. Go back to the thinner wings from 2008. The less downforce they generate, and the less they act to condition the airflow behind, the less they’ll be affected when following, and thus it should then help the racing. Unless of course they bring back driver-adjustable front wings.


Your smaller, simpler front wing would mean less rear wing would be necessary to balance the car. So there would be less need for every fraction of aero gain. This would slash development costs dramatically and would close the gap between the big 3 and the rest of the pack.

So clearly this will not be allowed to happen!


I suspect these wider front wings are going to get knocked off a lot more often so we might see more cars limping back to the pits for a new nose


Didn’t you know bigger is better maybe?


I think the 2008 cars were perhaps my favourite from a purely aesthetic perspective.


I really liked the ones from the late 80s. Senna and Prost cars. Nothing has looked better to me.


so long as they travel at current speeds, they will generate turbulence no matter the wingsize size.


Yes but the front wing covering the front tire should keep more of it on the road or at least that’s the theory.

We will see…..?


Bit like Toby from Thomas The Tank Engine with his Cow catcher front wing.

Or a snow plough?


I really really hope this front wing deal makes for better racing, Can’t get excited about more snoozefests like Hungary was.


i hope they make a difference and yet doubt they would.

multiple layers simply reduce the affect of turbulence on the car. the simpler the wing, the more it’ll be affected by turbulence.


I don’t get it. Those wings are still very big and complex, even compared to the wings of less than a decade ago, and so will not hugely affect either speeds or downforce levels.

So I assume the buzzwords “more overtaking” are meant to disguise the real intention of this regulation change, which is to reduce what must be a ridiculous amount of money spent to develop and manufacture the current wings.

Which may not be such a bad thing, less money spent on the front wings may indeed free up resources to make the cars more competitive…


it’s all a gimmick, teams will find ways to get more performance. they always have.


“…teams will find ways to get more performance.”

Obviously. What I was actually referring to was Formula 1’s seeming reluctance to accept that it can’t have its cake and eat it too.

The most recent rules makes the cars faster than ever. Those higher speeds are in large part created by more downforce, but those speeds also create a bigger “wake” of dirty air that will disrupt much of that juicy downforce for cars following closely.

I am no aerodynamicist, but unless it is possible to create a car that leaves little to no dirty air in its wake then the only ways to get cars closer to each other is to lower their dependence on downforce, lower speeds to reduce the amount of air they disrupt, or a combination of the two. Not an easy task when you’re also trying to maintain your position as being the fastest, most advanced racing series on the planet.


now you’re talking!


At least it got Seebee off our backs complainning about how F1 cars were faster 10 years ago than…The good old days. Marc



Of course they always have. What do you think smart engineers do? Polish side pods & hope the car gets faster!!


oh and respond to stimuli.


you need a few more stars before attempting to be cheeky..


cometef1…my comment about the stars is a joke..wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.


Is that how it works? Can l with 3 stars or not yet? Oh sorry got cheeky here for a minutes. Seriously though and l am not pointing at you Aveli in this case, but some people here take the star rating a bit too seriously. I have been following Allenonf1 since it first started as a reader. I finally join in the conversations 4 or 5 years ago or so. I feel my view is as valid of any of the 5 stars contributors as well as the no star ones for that matter. Actually some of fivers hardly bring anything of interest to this site. Marc


Going back to the “ illegal “ Mercedes test where the accusation from the other teams was that “ any extra testing gives an advantage” .So why would a team (vying for a place in the mid field and all the extra cash that brings ) not take part in testing?


Probably because Ferrari give them all their test data anyway.


Is that legal? We’ll have to ask Ron Dennis on that one 😂😂


Haas reported out that they don’t have the extra staff, production capacity and analytics range to be able to take part in this test this late in the season and still to turn it around quick enough to add further improvements to their current package and the updates they already have in the pipeline for this year.


Cyber, I’m surprised the master team doesn’t pay for the slave team(s) to attend?


#cyber. Cheers and I get all that except.

1) they can give other drivers a run out and even get big bucks for it

2) this is the summer break so testing should not interrupt any factory work

3) others are using it to test the new wing for next year. So it could be used as a 2019 ideas run out.

Haas obviously have very good reasons but as many times in F1 the public message sent does not always sit well with some of the public receiving it.

Jonathan Powell

I know its not relevant to this article but just watched good interview featuring Rich Energy drink owner William Storey with Peter Windsor regarding Force India…



When i first saw the intro i wondered what Windsor was doing interviewing the Sergeant at Arms of the London chapter of the Comancheros!!!!


hehe…Vijay lives at a 1 percenter too!


Very informative. He comes across as a major plus for the sport and if he can deliver on his words then let’s hope he does get into F1.


brilliant brilliant brilliant interview.

thanks for sharing.


Your welcome!

The motorsports.tv youtube channel regularly has good features,interviews and analysis.

Just waiting for James Allen himself to jump onboard….

Stephen Taylor

Well done Antonio for not doing much crashing . Just gives a hint at how quick Vettel might have been in qualifying last Saturday had it been dry . The 2019 spec front wings still have too many elements on them and won’t improve overtaking for a couple of years until they are combined with the proposed narrower 2021 front tyres with 18 inch rims which i’m told are likely to go ahead.

In fact in the new front wings could cause make contact like the one between Bottas-Vettel a race ending contact . I also think we are bound to more incidents in general at Monaco and Baku ( particularly the castle section)


they can fiddle with wings and tyres all the want. the outcome will be the same so long as lap times are at the current level.


Fiddling with wings & tyres will change things because they will affect the lap times.

Just not with it today, are you aveli. Go & have a coffee.


they’ll affect everybody’s laptime.

f1 cars and competition has advanced way beyond measure. some teams deliberately design disruptive turbulence into their cars so they need to take all variables into consideration. wingsize and complexity alone will not do it. they tried it in the past before introducing kers and drs. for a long time, f1 overtaking was carried out in the pitstops. the less they listen to those complaining the better.

things evolve and f1 has evolved.


Aveli, I have you nothing better to do? Re-read your comments on this thread. Virtually nothing useful contributed.


i hope you will eventually come to the realisation that there aren’t two people the same in this world.

after that you’ll progress to learning that it is a lot easier to learn to change your attitude towards others than trying to force others to change their’s to suite yours. after that you’ll be well on your way to civilisation..


@pauld…..if you really like reading and debating comments of others with different opinions, you will never find yourself complaining about what or how others post..being truthful may earn you a few more stars.


Nothing to do with modifying attitude to others, I like reading and debating comments with others with different opinions. Just your contributions are normally no better than spam.

Editor: Comment modified.


Get used to it, PaulD. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.


good advice nickh….it will help him cope with race result like you have done.


Thought this was expertise of wind tunnelers.

Haas evidently thought the same.

Glean what you can from this,

but have design your own !


true but it’s not just the wings which generate turbulence, the entire shape of the cars do yet they have only altered the wings.


@aveli I think the wings are being designed to be less sensitive to turbulence when following closely as opposed to just reducing it, meaning cars can follow each other more closely.

It’s probably the first step in slowly reducing the aero all over the car in the next 5 years.


first step? they haven’t just started…the overtaking working group was formed in 2008 and came up with the idea of raising and narrowing the rear wings while reducing the surface area of the front wings. they have since introduced kers and drs. they recently introduced wider tyres, bigger winds and larger cars to improve the challenge of driving the cars. they have now increased and simplified the front wings to help them follow closely into corners and produce less of a wake. i can assure you that so long as the cars travel at these speeds, they will generate enough of a wake to significantly influence performance of the car behind, preventing them from following closely into corners. the entire shape of the cars need to change in get them to follow each other closely enough to make overtaking easier. i think they should get rid of drs and give us the chance to enjoy differentiating the very best drivers from the best.


Wind Tunnelers have rears like wind socks and mouths like basking sharks…apparently 😱


Front wing developments of 2019.


I say bottom centre, so we can bring back the high nose cars.


Looks like Chase Carey has had some influence on those developments…wonder what the rear wings look like? Or do I want to know?


😂 liking it..


Bottom right would be the most effective.

The rest are on wanted posters in the wild wild west. Except the top middle…I’m sure I saw something similar on a Russian lady waiting at Heathrow airport smelling of a concentrated perfume called Eau De Novichok 🤣


The wings look good.

Now just get rid of 150kgs of weight and bring back Michelin tyres that don’t go off.


Oh No !

Yet another F1 half-baked unconsidered knee-jerk change.

That’s simplified ?

Looks just as complex and liable to dirty air DF degradation to me.

Why didn’t they just make it a single plane circa ’70-80s when a driver could sit with his nose under the gearbox of a leading car at 200mph and have a genuine chance of overtaking.

Better still, remove the front wing and bring back ground-effects, active suspension and other tech which can be applied in road cars.


Yet another half baked unconsidered knee jerk comment that is A-typical of the majority of doom and gloom F1 fans.

Has the OP even looked at the pictures of the new wings? They are pretty different and are way simpler. As we have not seen them in wheel to wheel anger then Terry’s ability to write this off as a complete disaster is very questionable. It is not like Ross Brawn got a team of F1 engineers together and spent two years researching into the topic and then got buy in from all the teams…. Oh wait


it’s not like ross brawn and that team of engineers are not human.

the overtaking working group have been working on this for about 10 years. wny do you think they are still making changes? why do you think it’s harder to follow a redbull than it is to follow a ferrari or mercedes?


Couldn’t have put it better myself Ben.

Did any of these people read about what they’re trying to do with the new wing? It’s to reduce the outwash around the front tyre and present the car behind with better air to work in. Blown wheel nuts are also being stopped too, and front brake ducts simplified. All to reduce the hole and dirty air presented to the car behind. A lot of smart people involved as you say, and the teams agreed after running aero simulations. Red Bull not happy, and I think it affects their design philosophy.

Why not just do nothing? Leave it to 2021! ??? That’s what some people seem to advocate on here. It’s rubbish, but let’s not try anything????


pauld, the size of the car affects the size “hole” so bigger wings will not reduce the size of the “hole”.

2. how the “hole” affects the car behind is positive on the straits but adverts in the corners hence the bigger wings. it’s not an easy task to achieve at those speeds.

humans are not perfect and ross brawn is human along with those engineers.


a single plane wing would be more affected by turbulence. that’s why front wings are as complex as they currently are. they need bigger, more complicated wings to reduce the effect of turbulence but to be honest, so long as the go round tracks at the current speeds, it will be harder to follow closely around corners..


Jeez. The front wings are complex to condition the airflow to the next parts of the car downstream. The primary purpose is not to add downforce to the front of the car anymore, that’s a minor part of its function. Wish you’d read the excellent stuff by Gary Anderson, Newey, etc before flapping away randomly at your keyboard – contributions are either inane drivel, or rubbish technical musings with wildly simplistic views. You can maybe sense my frustration with your posts – quantity and quality.


it doesn’t matter what they say, i can assure you that the primary function of the wings is downforce. directing air around the rest of the car is a secondary function and that has all to do with the vertical vanes and endplates. all horizontal surfaces add downforce just like aeroplane wings provide lift.


So Adrian Newey and Gary Anderson who are/have been actual successful F1 aerodynamasists are wrong Aveli? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Have you worked for an F1 team in aero? A first for me – Adrian Newey doesn’t know what he’s doing in F1 aero….. and Ross Brawn who is trying to reduce outwash is wrong too. Ross has been pretty poor in his career too like Newey? Neither of them know better than Mr 5 star Aveli. I think I need some Tena pads as I may have leaked while laughing.


I too would enjoy the Williams to get back to being a race winning team! 😀


Yeah yet to see wings like these on benz roadcars.Absolutely ludicrous are the people running this show.


the participants run the show for spectators’ entertainment.


Terry. The new front wings are the result of two years work by the team of aerodynamicists and engineers tasked by Ross Brawn with reducing the cars sensitivity to dirty air. So no, it isn’t a knee jerk reaction, unconsidered or half baked.



we’ll enjoy the outcome anyway, when the 2019 racing starts.

many will probably blame the wings for the results.


well said timw but i suspect the knee jerk statement refers to us posters, not brawn and his team..


#TimW. Wow two years work. Please as you are always willing to back up your facts with evidence please give the two years timeline bearing in mind when Ross joined Liberty. Or are you just exagerating to try and attack the poster?


that’s not the point being discussed. we all know that the team has been put together since liberty acquired f1.


As always, your are very correct Jon.

Autosport interviewed Ross Brawn 31st March 2018 about this very subject (on SiriusXM). In this interview Ross shared that they now had been working on this project for 6-9 months and started to have the first understanding and results. So by now they are like 10-14 months into this challenge.

Don’t know if you need Autosport subscription but you have it here:



Jon. Ross started working full time for Liberty media in January 2017, but had been consulting for them for several months before that. The group he put together was complete by March 2017, but Pat Symmonds was already on board by then. In short I can only apologise for daring to suggest that the new wings are the result of two years work, when in reality it was more like a year and a half, but the main point (that they are neither inconsidered, half baked or a knee jerk reaction) stands.


Jon, fair enough.


I agree 100% that the new wings are not a knee jerk reaction. I’ll hold off on the half baked until I see the results and you know I had to tease you over the obvious two years slip. 😁

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