Behind the scenes with F1 star Lewis Hamilton: Keeping the focus ahead of a big weekend
Posted By: Editor   |  03 Jul 2018   |  10:13 am GMT  |  44 comments

Leaving the disappointment of Austria behind, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport star Lewis Hamilton goes into this weekend aiming for a record fifth straight British GP win.

With just a few days until the Silverstone weekend starts, Lewis Hamilton stands on the cusp of equalling a record set by his racing idol, Ayrton Senna.

Senna is the only driver to have won five consecutive editions of the same grand prix: Monaco from 1989-1993. But Hamilton, who has won the past four British Grands Prix –  2014-17 (as well as the 2008 race on his way to his first world title) – could equal that record if he wins at Silverstone on July 8.

No-one has ever won the British GP five times consecutively.

For Hamilton, not surprisingly, the British Grand Prix remains the highlight of his season and the prospect of winning in front of his home fans makes him strive to achieve peak performance: “The Silverstone Grand Prix is the best race of the whole year,” he says, “being that it’s my home grand prix and the British fans are better than anywhere else in the world. And it’s such a huge concentration of positive energy.

“Maintaining focus is the key. You want to make sure you’re focused; you want to make sure you can really hit it with a big bang.”

Hamilton’s love affair with the race is shared by his legion of fans, who have turned out in their thousands to cheer him on as he follows in the footsteps of drivers like Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill, who enjoyed rapturous receptions for winning the British GP in front of an adoring home crowd.

In a behind the scenes interview on the set of a Bose shoot, Hamilton also reveals how he’s able to channel his creative impulses into delivering at the highest level.

Drivers need to find a quiet space to gather their thoughts in the hubbub of the race weekend; Hamilton reveals how he channels his creative impulses and why he is able to use noise cancellation headphones to listen to the music that helps him keep focussed in the white-hot intensity of his quest for a fifth world title.

But to match the total of the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio, Hamilton will be looking to extend his phenomenal record at Silverstone – the last person to beat him there was erstwhile Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in 2013.

The video that accompanies the interview goes behind the scenes with Bose on the set for an upcoming short film, offering a unique insight into the world of one of sport’s true global superstars.

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Is there a London Live event this year? Is Lewis going?


That’s one heck of a ‘blue steel’ pose in the Bose ad.


Can’t wait for Silverstone.

It’s going to be one heck of a weekend.

Thursday kicks off with interviews with team and drivers. Plus Media events and most important grab for best campsite area for The Glampers.

FP1 and FP2 on Friday.

FP3 and Qualifying (Come on Lewis😎) then





All in all one heck of weekend.

Watching Football at Silverstone with a load of home F1 fans will be awesome.

The weather also is kick ass😎👍

It’s definitely coming home 👍….hopefully 😱👍


Have a great time BKF!


Cheers LKFE.👍

First one without my Dad PKara (R.I.P) with his merry old codger crew here. (Though some have joined our crew for this weekend).

So the lads will be having a few alcoholic Sherberts in his name 🍺👌


BKF, I remember your Dad on here. An inciteful commentator! My condolences to you and your family.

I’m sure a Lewis win will be bittersweet for you and his old mates!

Soak up the atmosphere, and a few sherbs for me as well!


There is no normal reason that Lewis shouldn’t win this weekend, but this season has proved to be not normal.

So far this season, the only normality is the top 3 teams lapping the rest of the field, so I guess it will be done by lap 35.

Silverstone is usually a good race for showing the drivers talent. I just hope the Renault PUs hold together, but the old 80’s style turbo smoke adds drama.

I doubt we will see all 6 Ferrari engines in the top 10 again.

All 6 Mercedes engines in the top 10 would be nice.


only if the truth be told. rosberg inherited victory in 2013 after hamilton suffered a puncture while leading the race.



sounds like a whatif scenario!


Does Lewis listen to Mozart in those Bose headphones?

I would recommend it.


Bose are great 👌


Gene Herbert

Try listening to 🎶Carmen Lundy🎶🎷🥁🎺 on them too.

You’ll be amazed . Thats what I’m listening too. The early to mid 90s tunes.


“The british fans are better than anywhere else in the world.” Did he really say that? If he did, it sounds unlike him. He usually says that sort of thing on the podium whenever and wherever he wins. Sorry could not help it.

If we are to believe just about every experts, Mercedes aka Hamilton have this one in the bag, same as Canada, China and Austria, and yet… This year seems to be going against the grain so far though, so maybe this race will follow the trend. Marc


are the british fans different elsewhere?


Mercedes will have sorted out the (upgrade?) related issues from Austria, and come to Silverstone with a solid package, which will be aided by the thinner Pirelli tires for this race. Add Hamilton to that (he’s obviously been supreme at this track), and I don’t see him not winning the GP, barring misfortune.


only for the fuel pressure to fail again.


I am saying it now….because of all the expectation for him to win and break this record… wont happen. Not trying to be negative but we have seen Merc beaten pretty much at every track they were supposed to walk away with this year so far. I don’t see this as any different sadly enough and lump on the expectations/records…well….


The race is shared by his legion of fans, who have turned out in their thousands to cheer him

Interestingly, certain types of drivers have the ability to bring out the fans in big numbers such as Schumi, Mansell, Senna, Max, Gills and the thing they have in common is they all have the aggressive driving style which is entertaining to the fans


I thought he prepared for Silverstone by clearing off on holiday with his mates. Never mind , his adhoring fan base will be cheering him on and I wish them all an exciting and memorable British GP.


his fan base is the biggest in the history of f1.


Says who/what?


When he says in history, he means since he started watching F1 in 2008.


Is that a fact or speculation? I am curious.


everything he says is fact…did’ntyaknow!


I think Lewis has a good chance to add another win at Silverstone which would be fitting because forever, Prost had been the most successful driver at Silverstone with 5 wins (Clark won 5 times too at the British grand prix but not all at Silverstone)

The thing is Lewis has the record of having gone the longest between wins at Silverstone i.e. 6 years. As for Vettel it’s 8 years since his last win, while Kimi is at 10 years

As for Red Bull, only once in the hybrid era has the team won back to back races because they lack a Q3 mode i.e. Hungary – Belgium 2014

Speaking of Senna and Fangio, interestingly, Silverstone wasn’t kind to them as they only notched one win

Overall, it’s true in most sports that home advantage gives athletes an advantage because there is power in positive energy


Isn’t Lewis taking his annual Greek holiday before Silverstone?


No holiday this year and it has nothing to do with there not being a London fan event this year.


Did Lewis not turning up last year ruin it for everyone?

Torchwood Five


From the backlash, you would think so, wouldn’t you?


“the last person to beat him there was erstwhile Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in 2013.”

And that’s wasn’t exactly a clean victory…

The last time I would argue he was outperformed in the race was…2007? He’s been out qualified but always finished ahead in a race, he’s never finished behind someone since then apart for 2013. Button didn’t have a wheel fitted in 2011 and Heikki retired in 2009, I can;t remember if they would have had a chance to beat him or not.


I suspect yours and TimW’s will be the only positive comments on here in a short while.

As for 2009, Hamilton was caught out by a red flag in the final minute of Q1. In the race, he was ahead of Heikki on lap 1, despite starting 6 spots back of him. So little chance for Heikki that day.

2011 Button started P5 and Hamilton P10. It was a wet-dry track at the start, which usually was great for Jenson, but not that day. Hamilton was past him by the end of the 2nd lap. So don’t believe Jenson had a chance of beating Lewis. I remember that race for Lewis’ great defensive driving with Vettel hounding him, after Seb’s stop. He couldn’t find a way past, and bailed out with an early 3rd stop, which pretty much cost him the win. Also I think it was there that Button and Massa had a good fight, with Button getting him in the end.

Just read that race report, and see that Schumacher got a stop-go for turning around Kobayashi, while breaking his nose.


A shame he got the puncture while leading in 2013, he would be on five already.


Tim, He got a puncture whilst leading on lap 7. That hardly constitutes a probable victory. Especially given the number of other punctures and DNF’s in the race. Anything could happen. Even as it stands, if the race went one lap longer, Webber would have caught and passes Rosberg.


The race had settled down, and he was leading comfortably. If you’re doing a what if, you’re doing it as if no further misfortune would have affected his race. He had the pace to keep Vettel at bay easily, so assuming all players stayed in the race it would’ve finished HAM-VET-ROS-WEB.


Hamilton winning was clearly the most probable outcome without the puncture, even with it he finished fourth. Webber was only so close because of a safety car towards the end of the race. The tyres were so unfit for purpose Pirelli changed the construction mid season.


We just might have a different interpretation of “clearly” and “probable” AM!

IMO Vettel was the probable winner, as he was in the much faster car. Before Ham had the blow out, Vet had already swept past Rosberg and was closing on Ham.

I probably don’t need to remind you that Vet in that RB won 13 races in that year. Other than Rosberg lucking out at Silverstone, the only other two races MB won that year were Monaco and Hungary (which i think says a lot about what Merc’s real prospects were in Silverstone, if it was incident free).

If you recall also…2013 was the year that Merc started to show promise, but they were still having tyre management issues (moreso than other teams).

Pesky details…aren’t they.. 🙂


My comrade-in-arms KRB has already pretty much answered, but just to double-underline my point with some more:

Vettel got past Rosberg at the start and maintained position, he didn’t overtake him due to superior tyre managament.

The gap between Vettel and Hamilton was pretty steady at 2 seconds, Vettel was marginally faster (under a tenth in both cases) the previous two laps, but hardly enough to suggest he was going to sweep past.

Red Bull did indeed win 13 races in 2013, but needless to say that paints a distorted picture of the competitve balance within the season. Up until Silverstone, Vettel won 3 of 8 races, probably the fastest car but hardly unbeatable. After that, when Pirelli changed the tyre compounds (partially in Germany and then totally in Hungary), he won 10 of 11. The only reason he didn’t win in Hungary was because he got bottled up in traffic, plus Hamilton got it on pole and managed to pull away. It was a season of two halves.

And yes, Mercedes had tyre issues at the start of 2013, but they’d clearly gotten on top of it by Silverstone. As KRB says, Rosberg maintained position fairly comfortably without losing any places, and Mercedes didn’t show any signs of their poor China-Spain form in falling through the field at a rate of knots. Hamilton even managed to get back up to fourth in the same race, pushing hard to overtake cars from the back of the field, in spite of doing an overly extended middle stint on the tyres due to stopping early.

So no, not really pesky at all.


Most probable, were the words used. Tire management was a definite problem for Mercedes in 2013, but there was no sign of it in that race (nor at the Hungaroring later on, where Hamilton won). Hamilton was gapping Vettel at will. Barring misfortune, a Hamilton win as “most probable” at that stage is correct. When Vettel retired, Rosberg was only 2 secs back, after 42 of the 52 laps. Hopefully it’s not a stretch to believe that Hamilton’s pace around Silverstone was better than Rosberg’s.


I think he’s already on 5!


what about the time he wasn’t as quick if he was he would have got another


What about this what about that.

Jeez you sound like someone in a Rocking Chair on a Porch whioe a mushroom cloud appears on the Horizon….knitting a ill fitting pullover with a hint off Wall Eye Vision (Hot Shots The Movie “Look Wendy I can Fly”).

Or Back to The Future

“Great Scotts… Marty I need a Gigowatt of negativity to get this Deloren to hit a wall any wall😱🔥”🤣


hamilton won silverstone five times already.







Thanks for clearing that up!


Prost also won 5 times at Silverstone.

I guess what makes the quest this weekend for Hamilton ‘interesting’ is if he will win it now 5 times consecutively?

I don’t know the exact numbers but tend to recall that also drivers like Brabham, Hill and Stewart may have won as many times also, but probably from the period when not all F1 races there were in the points counting races for the WDC, but they were f1 races never the less?

Hamilton has already won at some tracks 6 times, namely Canada and US, Last one btw he is currently at 4 in a row, so there also he has the chance of scoring 5 consecutives! ;o)

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