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Sebastian Vettel takes championship lead in milestone 50th F1 win in Montreal
Posted By: Editor   |  10 Jun 2018   |  10:05 pm GMT  |  401 comments

A comprehensive 50th Grand Prix victory for Sebastian Vettel gave Ferrari their first Canadian Grand Prix win since Michael Schumacher in 2004.

The four-time champion kept the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas at arm’s length to secure a win which takes him back to the top of the drivers’ championship by just one point.

It was one of the least entertaining Canadian Grands Prix on record; short on overtaking and action beyond the opening lap. But Vettel will not mind that.

It also underlined the open nature of this season, and circuit dependency; the last three races gave each been dominated by different drivers and teams. Hamilton dominated Spain, Ricciardo Monaco and now Vettel in Canada.

“Perfect is probably a good way to describe it. Unbelievable,” said Vettel. “I said yesterday how much this place means to Ferrari.

“To come here and have a race like we did today is unbelievable. I think after a long time, a long stretch that Ferrari didn’t win here, I saw everybody around and they were super happy.”

Any threat from Red Bull’s alternate pit strategy starting in hyper soft tyres, was quelled in the first half of the race, but Max Verstappen took the final podium place in a much-needed clean race for the Dutchman.

The second Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo held off a late challenge from Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton – who struggled with temperature issues early in the race – to take fourth place, with Kimi Raikkonen finishing in sixth in the second Ferrari.

Despite their shaky start to the weekend, Renault looked like the fastest midfield team throughout the race, and duly finished the race with Nico Hukenberg in seventh and Carlos Sainz in eighth. But they were a lap down, even to the Renault powered Red Bulls.

Force India’s Esteban Ocon took ninth ahead of another strong display by the Sauber of Charles Leclerc.

At lights out it was an even start between Vettel and Bottas, but an even better start for Verstappen allowed the Dutchman to attack the Mercedes into turn one, but the Finn defended firmly around the outside of turn one and had the inside line for two turn, defending the position.

Hamilton held fourth whilst Ricciardo swept past Raikkonen on the inside of turn two. Hulkenberg lost out to Force India’s Esteban Ocon at the commencement of the midfield battle.

Further back, the fast-starting Lance Stroll came together with Brendon Hartley on the opening lap. With the Toro Rosso sticking with the Williams around the outside of turn five, a moment of oversteer meant Stroll collected Hartley, who hit the concrete wall. Both skated off the track and were out of the race, sending out the safety car.

At the restart, Vettel backed the field up and successfully launched clear of the field, followed by Bottas, Verstappen, Hamilton, Ricciardo and Raikkonen.

On turn one of the restart, Perez was challenging Sainz for P9, but the two came together and the Force India was sent across turn one, demoting him to fourteenth.

With those on the hypersoft tyre pitting in the early stages of the race, both Hulkenberg and Sainz were able to pass Ocon through the pit stop phase after the Force India was held in the pit box for longer than usual.

With the Red Bulls also equipped with the higher-degradation hypersofts, they were the first of the front-running teams to complete their pit stops. Surprisingly they were joined by Hamilton, who was brought in early to allow the Mercedes team to alter some bodywork on his overheating car.

The slightly longer pit stop whilst Mercedes worked on the car, coupled with a small error at the pit exit from Hamilton, allowed Ricciardo to get the jump on the reigning champion to move up into fourth place.

Raikkonen was struggling to keep the same pace as Vettel or Bottas, and fell eighteen seconds away from his team-mate. He made his pit stop some fifteen laps after Hamilton, but was unable to profit from any kind of ‘overcut’ and returned to the track behind the Briton in sixth place.

Bottas’ deficit to Vettel was around four seconds when he made his one-and-only pit stop, but an equally-swift stop for the Ferrari driver one lap later prevented any slim chance of an undercut.

Following the pit stops, Vettel remained in control of the race lead, and the closest contest was between Ricciardo and Hamilton for fourth place.

Any threat of Bottas catching up to Vettel via the negotiation of back-markers was nullified when the Mercedes man made a mistake at turn one, allowing Vettel to extend his gap by a couple of seconds.

From there, Vettel remained unchallenged and he was able to cruise to his 50th Formula One win ahead of Bottas and Verstappen.

Despite the pressure, Ricciardo kept enough of a gap to fend off Hamilton, whilst Raikkonen finished in sixth.

The Renault’s seemed mostly comfortable in securing their best points haul since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, ahead of Ocon and Leclerc.

Fernando Alonso’s 300th Grand Prix weekend could’ve ended in a hard-fought point, but a late-race retirement summed up a difficult weekend for the McLaren team.

By: Luke Murphy

1 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari – 70 Laps
2 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 7.376s
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull/Renault 8.360s
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull/Renault 20.892s
5 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 21.559s
6 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 27.184s
7 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 1 Lap
8 Carlos Sainz Renault 1 Lap
9 Esteban Ocon Force India/Mercedes 1 Lap
10 Charles Leclerc Sauber/Ferrari 1 Lap
11 Pierre Gasly Toro Rosso/Honda 1 Lap
12 Romain Grosjean Haas/Ferrari 1 Lap
13 Kevin Magnussen Haas/Ferrari 1 Lap
14 Sergio Perez Force India/Mercedes 1 Lap
15 Marcus Ericsson Sauber/Ferrari 2 Lap
16 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren/Renault 2 Lap
17 Sergey Sirotkin Williams/Mercedes 2 Lap
18 Fernando Alonso McLaren/Renault DNF
19 Lance Stroll Williams/Mercedes DNF
20 Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso/Honda DNF

All images: Motorsport Images

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This says “70 laps”? Wasn’t it ruled that the race was complete after 68 laps?

Not a good stretch for having celebrities involved in staging a premium racing event. While I was waiting for the Montreal race to start, I was watching my recording of the 2nd Indycar Detroit race. That was the one where a ‘celebrity’, in this case a GM executive, was driving the pace car on the warmup laps. He didn’t make it through the 2nd corner before he spun and hit the wall.

Shouldn’t top-level racing be professionally staged events run by professionals?

The really funny part was listening to the American network TV commentators bend over backwards to avoid saying even that it was a GM executive who crashed the pace car. They mentioned it during the long delay to clean up the track and finally get the race started, but after that, it was a steady stream of Orwellina euphemisms to avoid having to mention that a corporate exec from a key sponser (who provides half the engines) had so badly screwed up.

This stuff adds nothing to the racing. I know they say the super-model lady wasn’t at fault. Of course they do. But, maybe if the focus was on the racing and being professional, this wouldn’t happen? The top race teams know that its important to keep focus on what’s important. Maybe the race series could learn from them.

If a year from now, there was not a focus on having super-models wave the flags or excutives from sponser drive the pace car, would anyone notice the differance? Would anyone sit in front of their TVs and say “wow, I really miss having the celebrities wave the flag.”


I’m way too late offering a comment on this story but gonna do it anyway!

Most one stop races are conducive to limited overtaking and processional racing. This was the situation in Montreal.

Different and perhaps radical tire options would seem to be an obvious and simple fix. For example, a choice of Hyper, Soft and Medium would likely have forced a two stop race (2 stints on hyper and probably 1 on soft). Multiple stops with the opportunity to use different tire at different stages of the race at least creates some strategy options. Has to be better than the inevitability of a 1 stop.

From an entertainment perspective, when a race is this predictable at the front the pressure is on the tv feed/coverage to look for action across the whole field for, not just the frontrunners. However, even with the frontrunners there might be opportunity to do better, at least around the pit stops? For example, When Ric got Ham at the stop I learned after the race that his in-lap was HOT! A full one second faster than Ham. In the post race interview Rosberg mentioned Ric’s in lap included two purple sectors. Surely the tv teams can see sector times, know a pit stop is imminent and can focus on these things instead of just catch the end result when the 2nd car emerges from the pits either in front or behind. There’s lots of talk about how the midfield is competitive but not a lot of coverage of them racing?


Like your idea of using radical tyre options. James, do you know why Pirelli always offer adjacent compounds?


They don’t always. At least one race this year had a step between compound. China had US, S & M (no SS).


What have you made of Charles Leclerc’s performances with Sauber so far this season?


Slow start but since then outstanding

You don’t even see him in the same. I context as Ericsson any more you look at where he is relative to Haas or Mclaren etc


Try again

Since sometime in 1992, I haven’t missed a race or qually session, but I have decided to give up on f1, I’ll read about, and suspect Joe’s race report is more interesting than the race. Why f1 doesn’t work for me.

* The cars, they maybe amazing bits of science, but they’re ugly and dull to watch in real life and on tv.

* These aren’t races anymore, just processions, they can’t even get close with 3 drs zones, you know its bad when they have keep playing a lap incident all through the race cause there is nothing else going.

* The tyres, for whatever reason journalists won’t call out Pirelli on their poor race tyres, they can’t even race when its wet anymore. To put it in perspective, Michelin/Bridgestone tyres displaced about 90litres a second, Pirelli, just 60. When the drivers spoke up few years ago, they were quickly silenced, its only when drivers retire now do they comment.

* Lack of competition, unless you’re a big team, you just can’t win or at least get close anymore, gone at days when a Sauber or a Force India might cause an upset.

* The cost, its just too much now, I don’t think I can justify cost of sky anymore.

Its gonna seem weird not watching it anymore.

Richard Mortimer


Are you serious? 1992 was one of the most boring years ever! The Williams was light-years ahead of anything else, and R Patrese did not have the same guts as Nigel to pitch the car into the corners! Apart from the usual ‘Mansell’ histrionics, there was not much action. Was the last GP I watched live (British and Silverstone)! The gaps in qualifying were massive….

Think the current cars look great with their wide tyres.

Yes, Monaco and Canada have been very processional. They are doing something about that (go see the latest G Piola / M Hughes video on F1 . com)! That will come in in 2019.

OK, they need to do more…. peg back the aero even more and get the cars using mechanical grip (tyres to tarmac). That will mean slower cornering, longer braking distances and higher top-speed.

Before Canada we had 2 wins each for 3 drivers from 3 different teams. Who will be WC? Most likely Lewis or Seb. But, VB and DR are in with a shout….

This is the most competitive championship at the front (3 teams) since 2012, when McLaren were last competitive! Before that 2010. Maybe 2008, if you include Kubica in the BMW Sauber? Before that it was 2003! (Ferrari, Williams and McLaren)!

From 1992 onwards, it was often one team or maybe 2….

1992, 3, 6, 2001, 2, 4, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 = 1

1994, 5, 7, 8, 9, 2000, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 17 = 2

Suffering from a short memory (again)! (Perennial problem on this forum….)


Hi I think you read my opening comment and stopped. And it’s not just nostalgia re the cars. I went to London F1 show last, fans and more importantly non fans, the people f1 is trying to attract were blown away by the old cars, new ones came out and it was like when the dj puts on a duff track.


You can even go farther back and see the same in the 80’S but for a couple of seasons. You could go back to the beginning of F1 and see the same patern actually. We forget over time and remember only the best of each season, plus with time it gets better and better but sadly only in our minds. Marc


I’m the same. Been watching ever since a friend got me into it back in college. But now I keep wondering why I bother.

To me, the main problem is the way the top teams keep it rigged such that they are the only ones with a real chance. The racing would be better if teams like Red Bull and McLaren could get a decent engine, but Mercedes and Ferrari have decided they don’t want such a thing. Its a big error to have the teams have so much say in how the sport is run. It leads to boring races. I much prefer to watch the racing where any of 10 or so cars might win if they have a good day and the breaks go their way.

Richard Mortimer


You are suffering from a short memory (again = like the majority on here)! LOL

We have 3 BIG teams gunning for victories now. That’s not been the case for many years. And, going back, that has not been a regular thing since the 70s! (Maybe early eighties sometimes). Mostly, it has been 2 teams at the front. Often, it has been one! Even a great year like 73 was only really 2 – Lotus and Tyrrell (McLaren weren’t quite there)!

You can’t blame Mercedes and Ferrari for not wanting to supply Red Bull. It’s not their fault the ‘frozen’ system, or, more recently, the ‘token’ system did not work.

From 1992 the Renault was the engine to have. Then, again, when Red Bull were cleaning up! In the 80s it was the Honda. The BMW years nearly got back the glory years for Williams.

You can’t make engine manufacturers come into F1. You can’t stop them leaving. What do you suggest?

I’ve said it before (too many times) but, we need a proper ‘frozen’ formula with a token system. Basically, the best engine is frozen for the year. Others are given tokens according to how far behind they are. When one overtakes another, that engine is then frozen.

I think that is the best way of slowing the development of the engines and allowing the others to catch up. It gives scope for improvement and development, whilst seeking to get the engines on ‘parity.’

Also, means the engine formula could be opened up. Personally, I think they could open the whole thing right up using that ‘frozen / token / parity’ formula, so, no restriction on number of cylinders, etc. Everyone works to the same car weight and tank size limit.


This quango that is the FIA has really excelled themselves this year. Not only content with forcing useless tree hugger engines on F1 with stupid engine penalties we now have the worst designed cars that cannot even follow one another. They were told by the drivers that they would not be able to overtake with this design but arrogance rules at the FIA and ignored those that knew better. The end result is that the Canadian grand prix was the worst I have ever seen for shear boredom and after already suffering the traditional Monaco disaster of more boredom I wonder why F1 bothers to waste their time travelling around the world to put on such a poor show. Do we really need to listen to commentators going on and on about tyres? The average viewer could not give a toss about what tyre they are using. It certainly is not entertainment any longer. Watching a repeat of Dad’s Army is more entertaining.


I’ve been a lifelong F1 fan, and the last few seasons have seen a slow inexorable decline into just not caring. It started with not being bothered to get up for the earlier starts to watch live. Then it was doing other things whilst the race was on in the background. That turned into recording the race and starting to watch it after forty minutes so I could fast forward the dull bits. The dull bits got longer and longer to the extent that I’d watch maybe 10 full laps, and spool through the rest at 10x speed. Then it became not watching qualifying, and finally, this weekend it turned into not set the box to record, tune in for the first five laps, wonder why I’m putting myself through this and just turning off the tv. F1 was the only sport I truly loved. I remember once, working at the BBC during the weekend of Silverstone, turning my phone after the studio and being devastated when a text alert came in telling me who’d won before I got a chance to watch the recording. Now, I just don’t care, without drastic change, this sport is dead to me.


That mirrors my situation exactly.

By the way, do you also resort to watching reruns from the 90s and 2000s to get your F1 fix?

Richard Mortimer

Simon, Luke

90s and 2000s? Great to love the history of F1. Those eras were some of the most boring ever! McLaren domination, Williams domination, Ferrari domination….

91 was exciting as the Williams was faster, but Nigel was playing catch up!

93 only due to Senna in the McLaren.

94 only due to Michael / Benetton being banned for a race!

96 only due to team mates battling

97 = Michael’s antics again!

98 was a true battle.

99 due to Michael’s accident at Silverstone.

2005 a true battle, as was 2006 = thank you Fernando!

2007 a great battle between both Ferraris and McLarens!

2009 would have been a runaway for Jenson without his mid-season dip due to tyre troubles.

10 was a great battle….

The best years are 58, 62, 64, 67, 70, 73 and 4, 77…. really mixed up fields with lots of different cars winning and championships going down to the wire.

Mind you, earlier domination years are well remembered too:

Fangio in the Maserati – 57

Clark in the Lotus – 63 & 5

Stewart in the Matra 69 and Tyrrell 71

Lauda in the Ferrari 74, 5 & 6

Like I say, short memories.


Nice try there Richard, but in my opinion the 90s and 2000s were infinitely more interesting than PU f1. That’s why I still watch it now instead of the PU F1.


I’ve thought of that. Might try it.

Mainly, I’ve been watching other racing series this year. MotoGP and Indycar are both having very entertaining races. Not this nonsense where there are only a few cars in the ‘top class’ who can win, and such a huge gap back to the rest where the top cars could take a free pit stop and probably give their driver a massage and still finish above the ‘second class’.


I could have written this. Been a die-hard fan since the early 70’s. I’ve only watched a couple of races this year and worked on other things while they were on, rarely raising my head to look at the race. I honestly find Indycar more exciting…which is sad. If things keep on in this vein when Hamilton retires I’ll probably just stop paying attention….and then I won’t be watching any sport.


Tuned out after Alonso retirement. Front of the field-the big 3 teams-was a snooze.


I was upset by the time i navigated traffic and reached home, to have missed the start but boy oh boy, what a snoozer! Montreal generally is an exciting race but the tires managed to kill it.

Teams have successfully managed to negate DRS, by throwing up even more dirty air. So we’re as far from overtaking as we’ve ever been and I don’t think Ross brawn can fix this. Qualifying is the new race now; they are smashing track records every weekend!


Boremeula Zero


This has become so incredibly contrived and fixed, not even Montreal can make it fun anymore!

I didn’t even want to stay at my hiding place on the bridge watching it!

Better fun walking around Montreal on a nice sunny June day, with all the beautiful and stylish Mademoiselles out.

It was pretty good around town afterwards. Montreal has a huge Italian-descent population, and has always been a Ferrari town.

But the show…


Hi, where my comment go, don’t think it was that controversial, it was getting lots of likes?


Ricciardo, Hamilton and Räikkönen had a less potent cars than their teammates. Why? Well, Räikkönen is irrelevant to the business philosophy of Ferrari. Hamilton and Ricciardo, after their respective dominant wins in Barcelona and Monaco, they are shown that they should abide by the contract conditions of their respective teams. No pain no gain — no contract no good car!


Ooh, a ridiculous conspiracy theory! Good job!




Must be an age thing, i believe…


Well done Bottas ! Seems the Sky mouthpieces could be a lot more measured regarding their “editorial” yammering assigning “blame” for the first lap crash. You’d think they were part of “the major media” here in the states bashing others about before they know what’s going on – or is that intentional spinning intended to discredit someone, eh?


“It was one of the least entertaining Canadian Grands Prix on record; short on overtaking and action beyond the opening lap. But Vettel will not mind that.”

Maybe not a clasic, but not THAT bad. I’m starting to think reporting like this and the live feed editor should take some blame for F1’s current reputation.

As an example: Alonso battle Leclerc for quite a hilw which was showed. He jumped him in the pitstops, but keeping an eye on timing (and not the live feed!) it was clear that Leclerc reeled Alonso back in to within DRS, dropping back, reeling him back in, etc. None of that was shown on the Sky feed.

They also showed Ham / Ric and not anything of Ver cutting Bottas’ advantage. There were other battles and passes that weren’t showed or even mentioned.

Nothing on screen of Ham’s pitstop where bodywork was removed, only mentioned MUCH later when Di Resta picked it up. Etc, etc, etc.

Sky mostly only cuts to Horner on the pitwall – is there no one else willing to chat to the commentators during the race. Is there NOTHING else that can be done from that side as well?

Question is: how can THAT be fixed. Can’t be only up to F1 to fix THAT.


@ Iwan — one thing they could do to improve the situation you mention is to stop all of the idle chit-chat, much of which is irrelevant to what’s happening on track, amongst 6 or 7 people with microphones. If they cut that out, then maybe, just maybe, some of the (relevant to fans) items you touch on could find some air time. Simply sayin’ that the “Euro-model” doesn’t play well with some folks and tryin’ to explain why. Some of the information Sky provides is worthwhile, but on balance. . . ! ! !


Owen, you’re kidding right? Your highlight is a battle (not even a pass, just as battle) for 10th/11th place! And you’re saying that knowing there was nothing more interesting going on further up the field! Come on, man, wake up and smell the coffee.


As a Ferrari fan i am happy that they have finally won in Canada after a long time. But the race was another Monaco. But saying this, its only clear that fans really do not know how to improve the spectacle. We have all been clamoring for closer competition. Now that top 3 teams are 0.3 to 0.4 seconds to each other they are no longer able to pass each other.

Vettel had clear air and he did what he had to do. Kimi I can no longer justify supporting him. Hamilton is happy only if he is winning, else out comes the formula one direction is wrong comments. However it is interesting that Bottas is closer to Hamilton than ever before. Max might not like the media hounding him, but he did show restraint.

Alonso, please go to Toyota, its a pain to watch you in that Mclaren. Mclaren has shot themselves on their foot so many times that its not even fun to troll them anymore. Ocon, Leclerc and Gasly are the future and would love to see them in better cars. Hulk has been so underrated for so long that it is sad no other teams are interested him. If Sainz and Max were equal in TR, Hulk is absolutely schooling Sainz in Renault.


If Sainz and Max were equal in TR, Hulk is absolutely schooling Sainz in Renault.

Hulk is almost 31 years old now, and perhaps at the pinnacle of his career. Sainz at 23 has just started his.


Hamilton calling the cars crap coz he couldn’t overtake is pathetic.


Hamilton is calling cars crap because the stupid PU rules mean that in a sport that spends billions, current WDC is held back by some mickey mouse excuse about engine life/turning down. Lewis basically had to take part in an obvious surrender.

Vettel and Lewis have been quite vocal about these cars, and let’s at least agree they know what they speak about.

The car sound sucks.

The cars are heavy.

And the cars are too software dependent/controlled and impacted by factors outside of driver control – like stretching out engine use.

PU cars are indeed crap. A mockery to F1. 100% agreed with Lewis there. Obviously, my agreement is from a fan perspective. But since customer is always right…. 🙂


No comment on the actual problems with the race then? The tyres. Pirelli cannot make a racing tyre to save their lives. This whole thermal management conservation so they’ll get by on a one-stop that we’ve seen in the last couple of races is the true problem, coupled with the fact the aero regs make it impossible to follow closely enough to have a go. Hopefully they’re starting to see sense on the aero, but still no indication they’ll get rid of Pirelli.

The engines are fine – I do acknowledge a 2 or 3 more in the pool would be better so they’re able to turn it up to absolute max even more often in a race situation – 3 in a season is too few, but there’s no actual reason to get them changed now they’ve equalled up in performance that would make the racing any better. In fact the ability to change modes about adds an extra layer of tactics for the drivers in trying to get past the car in front which you wouldn’t get in the olden days. Quit moaning about those, and start campaigning to get some other tyre manufacturer in who might do a half decent job.


JRG, for sure, it’s a s#!+show. You won’t get a fight from me

They are not equal in performance by the way. You’ll see that soon when Mercedes let the ponies really dance. No need to drop it this early in the season. Keep the hope alive that there is competition, even if it is a 2 dog race, and 1 dog isn’t even trying that hard (Lewis). Hit them hard in the later rounds and make them get dizzy. Say around Spa/Monza perhaps?

Between this pseudo fuel-savings, the engine restrictions, the penalties, the aero and tire width, which I believe they did solely to level up to V10 lap times, the lack of noise, the tires of course…the balance is way out of whack with this track product.

The issue is, there is no calibration device. They’ve lost their way on the product and F1 is the thing that is what it is because some manufacturer marketing department says it has to be that. Change for change sake. Actually, change for marketing sake – which is the worse kind of change, no?

I mean…people paid $450+ per weekend ticket to sit in those stands, and some MGU-K garbage took out a fan favourite in RIC and some bull about 0.2mm tolerance took out Lewis from the running. Two top fan draws taken out of the running before anyone turns an angry lap because of these PU rules. Pathetic! Pre-order your tickets now for upcoming GPs and for 2019 by the way. NOW!

Yo, Mike Tyson, you’re in this fight. Here is how we want you to fight. Go hop around the ring in circles for 12 rounds. You’re allowed to throw 2 punches over the fight. Your trainer will tell you when you can do so.

F-that! I’ll tell you how this needs to work now. Each manufacturer of engines needs to take out fan ticket refund insurance. And if fans go to the GP and their driver is hit by penalties due to engine failure, ticket purchases are refunded by that manufacturer. If they are going to talk crap about efficiency and reliability, than I expect warranty on those promises. Fans make a purchase based on a show they expect to see. Most go to see the cars go by – and that’s not so impressive now. They can’t see the drivers behind the halos and the cars sound like a Porsche GT3 you can buy for $200K. It’s no longer that impressive or worth it, especially when 2 of the WDC contenders are taken out of it with some crap about PUs.

When you go to see U2, Bono isn’t taken out of the show, is he? If he can’t perform, what happens? That’s right. REFUND!


What’s up TimW? Maybe you’re going to tell me that there were no lawsuits for the Michelin 2005 USGP that eventually forced Michelin’s hand once enough people started filing suits, including their travel expenses?

Non-perform claims could be made here. Heck…I’d fire a shot at it, if I didn’t buy my Friday ticket for $20 from a scalper! Then I could take credit for denting these stupid PUs and PU rules. Only that seems to make FIA/FOG take notice. Risk of liabilities (halo) or financial liability (Ferrari pulling out). But imagine there would be liability to ticket buying fans (and thus hosting circuits) when made up and totally unnecessary penalties hit the driver who they paid to come see race?

Come to think of it, do the fans have any right to witnessing a fair competition? I wonder.

I think there are some claims here in this litigious era.


You shouldn’t dabble in the law Sebee, you clearly don’t understand it.


Yeah TimW, that’s how it should be again.

These engine use rules impact the product being delivered to fans. Sucks for anyone going to a GP in the second half of the season for example.

Do you think Michelin did that out of the goodness of their heart? You can be sure they did it because of lawsuits and liability for that decision, not because they love F1 fans so much.

I don’t see any reason why Lewis fans should not demand ticket refunds from Mercedes for Canadian Grand Prix. I think they have a case there to demand it. Same with RIC fans. Clearly Mercedes have publicly admitted fault here too, so it’s an easy case to pursue. All needed proof is available to make a claim.


Sebee, remember when Michelin had to give everyone a refund? Ahh the good old days…..


How is it crap if he is right and most ppl (fans included) have been saying the same thing?


Wonder if a rule change to use all tyre compounds in the race might stop all this tyre management crap. 3 engine need to go also, way too much backing off / turning setting down.


Fun fact – if Verstappen shaves three points a race off of Ricciardo’s lead he’s beat him in the standings by the year end.


Andrew, that being the case it would be a pretty good result for Dan considering many in the MVFC (not so much on JA’s Forum) were predicting that the wunderkind was going to wipe the floor with Dan this year. Realistically, I’m not cofident that updated versions of the Renault PU wIll enable either driver to compete for wins this year with the exception of Hungary and Singapore. Bleak!


People got caught up in the Max hype for sure, I certainly didn’t expect him to blow Ricciardo away; I still think he has more raw speed but there’s little chance of him coming back on Ricciardo on merit from here.

I think Red Bull will be contenders at Singapore and Hungary as you say, and they’re close enough to possibly win one or two other places if they maintain the gap they had in Canada.


Andrew, agree Max has “raw” speed and is a ‘little’ quicker than Dan who is no slouch himself. But Dan has the edge on race craft. Max is obviously quick but in terms of raw controlled race pace I have to admit that Lewis is king but hasn’t shown much of it this year. No doubt he’s looking forward to the PU upgrade.


I really hoped they would send Kimi on a two stopper. Nothing to loose but perhaps a chance to hunt with new hypersoft the cars with old softs on the final laps.


You would think, right?! Ferrari are so 1-dimensional it is ridiculous. They try nothing different apart from making Kimi a blocker. They missed an opportunity in China if i recall correctly and now in Canada. When there is nothing to lose why not roll the dice? They seem to forget about car #7 after the pit stop/half race.

If I were Kimi, i’d force the matter. Just flat spot your current set and go in for a new set of hypers and hunt Lewis down. Catching and/or overtaking Lewis even in a limping Merc raises is something people will remember


And who exactly was Kimi blocking back in 6th place? On current performance, Ferrari can’t even use him as a spoiler. Kimi out after this season. Thanks for everything, but its time for fresh blood.


The vapid celebrity culture that is permeating modern Formula One is a real turn off. I fell in love with this sport when race drivers pulled on their stone-chipped, oily helmets while mechanics in greasy overalls worked on the cars amongst tool boxes, gas cans and stacks of tires (1969). If there was a celebrity around they weren’t seen, at least not the center of attention. In fact the only two celebrities I remember at the races in those days were Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, and that’s because they were racing.

Honestly, I’m just about done with F1. The lovely Winnie Harlow being fawned over by Martin Brundle on his grid walk, the race director focusing the camera on Winnie while she sips champagne in the Paddock Club, followed by “guest starter” Winnie throwing the checkered flag two laps early (yeah, I know, “not her fault”).

And no, I’m not “jealous”. I’ve been in the Paddock Club myself many times over several years as a guest of three different teams (yes, I’m fortunate); it’s just that the sport is no longer what it was.


A lot has changed in almost 50 years, but even as far back as 1976 George Harrison was shown attending races.

Richard Mortimer


Totally agree with you. F1 lives in this ridiculous ‘bubble’ as if there is no motor-racing outside it. Time for a change after 2 dull races in a row…

It’s bad if the only excitement is cars crashing into each other and poor Fernando retiring again! With that long straight and DRS, yet still no passing to speak of. A world away from Monza 1969 or 71!

Get rid of those front-wings! Back to mechanical grip and braking into corners. The speed Lewis was carrying into turn one in Melbourne was crazy!

I did bits of 5 years of karting, preparing my own chassis. That’s what racing should be. Goodwood is actually more of a spectacle for the racing nut!

F1 beware…!


What sport is? None id say. We can cry about lost halcyon days, look back with yearning nostalgia about greasy mechanics and cars rarely making a race distance yadda yadda OR… We can appreciate the sport for what it is. If you take the former option you will never be happy watching anything other than that which you yearn for. So youre probably right to call it a day.
From my perspective: We have a grid of superb drivers that compares to ANY era of F1 and while the cars don’t allow much wheel to wheel racing THIS YEAR, that has been the case many times in the past. If youre a fan of F1 you can find interest in many aspects of an F1 race. I dont want to beat up on people but this moaning really gets on my nerves. Just stop watching already if you’ve had enough. People bashing F1 is F1s BIGGEST problem. F1 is a great sport… that’s why we are all here, right?

Richard Mortimer

Well said Dean

I don’t like all the moaning going on here, there is nothing more boring than that! Sorry, if I was a bit ‘neg’ in what I said above.

F1 does have some problems which I don’t think are that hard to fix… which, it looks like they are doing, such as down-grading the aero for 2019.


mate its not a sport nowadays is the point you are missing


Dean, I understand where you’re coming from but even you, the loyalist of loyalists has to realise this formula is broken with the current tyres and aero.

I remember some races in 2007 where Hamilton / Raikkonen were stalking each other the whole race within 1 second, Hungary 2007 for example.

Raikkonen didn’t pass (Hungary) but it was still a tense race and both drivers were pushing the whole race. Raikkonen was never told on the radio to conserve his tyres. Fair enough he got front wing washout but at least we weren’t being cheated for a tyre conservation contest for the entire stint. It was still exciting that both drivers were pushing as hard as they could.

You know it Dean.


Some great action from the 2007 Canadian GP:


No DRS, and see how Sato is able to stay on Alonso’s back through the hairpin, and get the pass done into the chicane. Helps that a passing car doesn’t have to clear a car over 5m long … more like 4.5m. Those cars look the right length, the positioning of the tires looks right. Those cars were far more nimble. Put slicks on them and we’d be good.


Fully agree KRB. If only we had a time machine.


I wish we could “sticky” this post to the top of every thread…


Two sensible sundays in a row for Max. He is killing F1 this way.

On the other hand, it was rather soothing to “watch” this race on a blog, while my girlfriend was quietly reading a book. Very peaceful. Maybe these modern day F1 races just need a different approach?


Hyper/ultra/super soft. It all sounds like they driving on tires made from feathers, fur, silk and molten chocolate with an average lifetime of 5 corners to 3 laps max. Instead they can do a whole race on these tires. This means predictable boring 1 stop for all drivers who therefore need to manage there tires on an extreme level which all in all is the opposite of racing, especially in a race class called the pinicale of motorsport. They could easily fix this by making it mandatory to stop twice. They can keep everything else regarding tire compounds and regulations as it is now

Then the following problem related to managing. Battery management and using the electric energy to have a push to pass button to encourage overtaking. But it’s mainly used as an anti-DRS/Slipstream function. So two systems which should benefit overtaking are for the most part balancing each other out.

Then we have fuel management which doesn’t make any sense to me at all. It removes a lot of strategic options for teams, lap times a lot slower in race, less risk taken making everything, again, more predictable.

Then there’s the rest of all the managing including engine and drivetrain doing mostly more harm then good. F1 is a sprint cup not endurance. They need to stop mixing both into one big disaster. We don’t have that many years of gasoline racing left and look what they give us…


So glad that i opted [ again ] to watch the replay owing to the silly broadcast hour. I have never really liked Canada and i like it even less now. I thought that Monaco was going to be the borefest of the year but it was far better than this latest fiasco. I mean, what else could you say about it? As to event results i’m glad to see Ferrari back on track but Raikkonen really has lost his way. If only they’d put Ricciardo in there then we’d see some racing. As it is there is nothing there. He just seems to lose his way. As for Bottas, well he did what he had to do but he also messed up and could’ve possibly opened the door to Verstappen. As for Verstappen, all the hoo har about his clean drive and error free race is over the top. He only did what he should’ve done for the last six races!! When he actualy has an error free weekend people think that he’s on the road to glory. Ricciardo had a very mixed race and despite his engine problems did well. His fastest lap was at least something to take away from the race. We all know that it was deleted due to the ridiculous Chequered flag waving but despite that he still has the record in real numbers. Hamilton was out of his depth. He was schooled by Ricciardo who played him superbly. Finally the Stroll/Hartley incident just shows that Stroll should not be driving at this level. That incient could’ve been very nasty.


That’s a bit harsh isn’t it Kenneth? Lewis had a bad day, and he won’t be too pleased at being outperformed by his team mate… but “out of his depth” …?


@ Redline…. Maybe a bit harsh but the fact is that Hamilton has been endlessly portrayed as the equal of both Shumacher and Senna at various times by a pretty broad band of supporters. Montreal showed that he was not in the game. That’s my opinion and i don’t expect too many outside the 17 people who upticked my post, to agree. Of course all drivers have off days and cars that are not on the cusp of perfection. Ricciardo also had driveability issues and suffered badly for his downtime in race prep due to engine problems but he still managed to control Hamilton and everything that the great Mercedes juggernaut could throw at him. Hamilton is, as i’ve said on so many occasions, a very good driver. Is he the best…no and i would love to see him racing Ricciardo head to head over a full season and then we’d have a meaningful comparo. That will not happen and mores the pity. Roll on Paul Ricard…looks great on paper. Hopefully it will be less boring that the Canadian fiasco. On another note…am still boring into the ‘Black Swans’ but as well i have also bought a copy of ‘Fooled by Randomness’ by the same author. That’s even better and very opportune when looking at F1 results.


Kenneth. Schumacher had bad days, Senna had bad days, Ricciardo has bad days, the only difference is people didn’t massively over react when it happened to the other guys. Interesting that you immediately give Dan credit for his engine problems, but make no mention of Lewis’, pretty standard stuff for you of course, but still interesting. Another mistake you made is saying that Lewis isn’t the best guy out there, obviously you should have said that you don’t think he is, as none of us can answer that question with a definite.


Well all is nice Kenneth, as usual playing down Verstappens race and upping Ricciardo’s race. Fact is that Ricciardo couldn’t keep up with Max all weekend and finished the race 11,5 seconds behind Max.


@1Dijk…Obviously you haven’t read the race report. Ricciardo was beset by problems all weekend and the race was no different. yes, Verstappen managed to get through the weekend without crashing , so that’s one race out of seven. Does he need a medal for doing what he was supposed to be doing for the previous six races? Since when does third place herald the second coming? Verstappen drove an OK race, that’s about it in a nutshell…anything else if simply self delusional fluff…in a manner of speaking.


Problems or excuses? I’m pretty sure you would call it excuses if Verstappen came up with the fact that his car had problems.

Just a mediocre weekend for your man with a decent race. Did you hear me say that Verstappen deserves a medal for his race? Nope, just you who’s talking about medals.

And yep, did read the race report. What do you know, I actually watched the race myself! No different conclusion.


Hehehe good one Kenny. Let’s keep it real shall we…7 time race winner schools 4 x WDC. Only in Australia my friend, only in Australia xxx


@ Dean…Ah. you liked it i see. Well done.


Hamilton was out of his depth. He was schooled by Ricciardo who played him superbly.



Yeah, I totally agree, *totally* out of his depth, I mean what is Hamilton even doing in the sport? His track record clearly shows he doesn’t belong there at all. I mean, I think he’s the only driver in the history of the sport to ever lose a position in a race, I’m sure Mercedes will be looking around for a replacement as soon as possible.

(I failed 😕)


@ Andrew M…your flaccid attempt at satire just doesn’t cut the mustard. Every time Hamilton made a ‘soft’ attempt Ricciardo just upped his pace. A four time WDC didn’t even try to pass because he couldn’t. Obviously it was the car, ‘ la de la di la’.


Of course Dan pulled off some brilliant overtakes…..


I know right? In a race where track position didn’t matter at all and all the other cars were passing each other left, right and centre Hamilton couldn’t pull it off.

They should replace him with Kvyat as soon as possible imhhhhho.


Umm, so it’s ok when Ricciardo points out all the Aussie flags?

“Do as I say, not as I do” ~ The Gospel According to kenneth



@ Andrew m….yes, what a great idea. Best suggestion you’ve made in a very long time. At least we wouldn’t have to put up with, ‘gee look at all the British flags being waved by my fans who’ve come to this race to see me.I love you all’ yuk!!!!


Just a matter of track position. Had it been the other way around, Ricciardo would not have been able to pass Hamilton. Daniel made the best of the pitstop so i’ll give him credit for that.



Let’s say it is just an educated guess… speed difference wasn’t enough to allow for the top 6 to overtake. Hamilton would have easily fended him off.


Ha ha, “you don’t know what Ricciardo could have done”, but we do know what he couldn’t do. He couldn’t overtake Hamilton over the first 16 laps, despite having softer tyres and Lewis’ car suffering power drop outs, he couldn’t carch his team mate over the next 52 laps, let alone challenge him.


@ bonensoep…you might think that but you don’t know what Ricciardo could’ve done.


No, but is was RICs car that allowed him to school HAM by providing some extra pace anytime it was needed, even if it was so broke he couldn’t keep up with VER in any way, shape or form. De la die la di da. You clearly show who is delusional here.


I read his comments kenneth.

Better question is why anyone should listen to you, when you’re not willing to afford the same treatment to other drivers, that you afford to Ricciardo?


@ KRB…big enough deal to stop him making up time. you should read his comments.


Whose car was broken? Ricciardo’s?! He had some calibration issue with the new ICE, that affected the driveability. Not a huge deal. He didn’t have any engine overheating, or power drops, or the like, afaik.


I’m a bit surprised by the negative reaction of what was a dull race – including Kenneth’s.

I mean, what does everyone else expect? This is Liberty Media run motor sport! No hedonism, no debauchery, no enjoyment, just politically correct no offense tripe to appease the wooly pully and beards politically correct brigade. I mean, overtaking? That’s just way too decadent! Might hurt someone! Might raise a heartbeat to dangerous levels! No way!!!


@ Gaz Boy…I’m no different to the average Joe when it comes to being ripped off for a spectacularly bad race that even the garrulous commentators employed by Sky couldn’t find anything positive to say either. A dud race is a dud race.


Gaz boy, hedonism and debauchery? Did we have all that three years ago?!


Ricciardo had a very mixed race and despite his engine problems did well

I wouldn’t call it “engine problems”. More like he wasn’t as comfortable with the new package as Max was.


@ jordanab…If you listen to Ricciardo’s explanation it sort of makes sense. By engine problems i refer to ‘driveability’ and the pre race time spent in the garage trying to fix it whereby he lost valuable set up track time. Ricciardo is satisfied with his placing however and he also comments on Verstappen’s drive in a very positive way…all of which is commendable considering what Verstappen has done to so many of Ricciardo’s races in the past.


Once and for all: there was some (but never glaring) movement from Max so let’s assign 30% responsibility to him. However, Dan came surging like a rocket where the opportunity really wasn’t there, FOR SOME TIME. Should have lifted way before, 70% to him. He KNEW what he’d done because other than you he wasn’t furious the way we all know he can VERY convincingly be. No ingenious helmet stories can change that, plus he and Max are still pals (why aren’t we? ‘d be nice.) Now what’s delusional about that? I can just as well maintain you just stubbornly refuse to see the truth.


@kenneth, “so many races”? Don’t get carried away. In your perception I’ll grant you 2. In my view it’s 1.3. RIC knew he was mostly to blame in Baku.


KRB, turns out I was wrong (that was my mistake, I guess!): “My mistake” is by Split Enz, and they were from NZ, not Australia. But very very famous Oz/Kiwi wide.


Siding with Lemwil somewhat on this, despite the fact he cannot string a coherent sentence together.

IMO Baku was 60/40 VES fault. RIC can I’m no way claim to be blameless in that altercation.


Because in that instance, he didn’t! It’s quite simple. Anyone who knows the rules of racing, will know whose fault that was.

Don’t know your Aussie lyric, but here’s another one (Oz/Kiwi origin):

🎶 “And I know I’m right” 🎶

I am not anti-Max. Well, I may be a little right at the moment, because of how he’s driven so far this year. Yet at the outset of the year, I was expecting big things from Max. I believed that he outperformed Ricciardo last year, despite the points difference (though believe that Dan had him covered over 2016), so was expecting him to kick on from that. What’s happened instead has been pretty much a disaster. Hopefully Canada is a turning point for his season.

I’ll still call incidents as I see them, without bias (as much as can be striven for). A really simple one is that you can’t move twice in defending a position. Real simple.


Ken, KRB, can’t check you all of the time spreading your ‘obvious truth’ about Baku because that would be a day-time job. But occasional anti-venom must be applied.

I believe these lyrics are of Australian origin:

🎹🎵🎶 🎤  That was my mis-ta-ha-hake, 🎵🎶 🎹

📻🎵 📻🎵  that was my mistake!   🎹 🎶 🎶

So why is it so hard for you guys to admit Ricciardo made one?


LEMWIL…Anyone who maintains that the Baku incident was anything but Verstappen’s fault is not only delusional but guilty of pedalling alternative facts. You know as well as many others what the truth was so why try and cover it up?


Are you for real about Baku?!? That was Verstappen’s fault any day of the week. You cannot jink right, open up a gap on your left, then swerve over to cover that gap before a braking zone, and not expect to get crashed into. Ridiculous driving.


Net result: all of 0.6 of Dan’s races negatively affected by Max: 1 (Hungary) + 0.3 – 0.7 (Baku) = 0.6. Positively affected (mostly car problems while in front, accidents holding up others): huge number.


Okay, reading your post the second time, i kind of realize is missed your point…

With some imagination, i can think of 2 races and of those 2, only the first one you can blame Max for. The other one was a racing incident.


considering what Verstappen has done so many of Ricciardo’s races in the past.

Huh? I am kind of lost… What remarks did Max ever make on Ricciardo’s races that ruffled your feathers?


@ beansoup….Personally i couldn’t care less what Verstappen does, like nine incidents in the first six races, so long as he doesn’t ruin other drivers races. That’s when i get antsy.


Ken, you me and others may well ask what Danny Ricc could achieve in Kimi’s seat? Indeed, a lot more than what’s being achieved right now. And I’m pretty sure key people down Maranello way would be aware of that.


I guess that depends whether he is allowed to copy Vettel’s setup for sundays…


@ bs63…yes, just like he did in 2014? or weren’t you allowed to watch?


@bs63, that was the excuse from the excuse merchants, but it doesn’t hold up under any sort of serious scrutiny.


2014…. Wasn’t that the year Vettel needed to get out of his contract and deliberately underperformed to activate the performance clause in his contract that enabled him to make the switch to Ferrari ?


Important point being that they don’t need their drivers splitting whatever wins that are possible. As long as Vettel wins they are fine but would definitely like a more faster (but slower than Vettel) and compliant driver than Kimi, who are hard to find.



And if Vettel fails again this year?


Who’s to say that Ricci isn’t faster that Vettel, and why on earth wouldn’t Ferrari want that?




Kenneth, Ricciardo schooled Hamilton? You think Dan caused the cooling issue on Lewis’ car that caused him to stop early? That’s some claim, even by your standards, I don’t suppose you have any evidence to support it do you?


A wakeup call for F1. One of many. DRS is now neutralized, pit stops also, what we see is a synchronized, co-ordinated and directed march into boredom.


Honestly when is SkyF1’s obsession with Christian Horner going to end James?

I tune in to qualifying and surprise surprise its Christian again who theyve linked upto on the pitwall.Tune in to the race build up and what a surprise its Christian they are interviewing again!

Ive got nothing against the guy but as im paying for this coverage i want to hear from not just other team principals but personnel aswell!


Otmar gets a fair crack.

But at least Christian says what he’s thinking, not just cliche after cliche from Toto.

eg CH when asked how he knew Bot’s tyres were degrading replied “we just listen in to their radio” … can’t really imagine Toto admitting that.


Why was CH even asked how he knew about BOT tyres? School of stating the bleeding obvious. Why would TOTO not say that? Because he, obviously wrongly, thinks he’s talking to an informed audience. Guess not


They link up to CH on channel 4 too. I think he’s the only team boss who’s willing to do it


Zak Brown is but who wants to listen to him anyway!


Maybe Christian makes himself available and others don’t.


@ Gary…I don’t like Horner one little bit but if having him in a link gives us any information at all re the race and the action then that’s OK by me because when he’s talking i’m not listening in to Croft rabble babble.


Even 3 DRS zones couldnt help this dull race which is usually one of the best of the season.


I would love to see the confirmed number of overtakes for this race. Sky was saying they had about 27 last year.

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