Payback for glory: Red Bull expecting Ricciardo grid penalties for Canadian F1 Grand Prix
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Posted By: Editor   |  06 Jun 2018   |  2:24 am GMT  |  156 comments

He pulled off one of the ‘saves’ of the century, managing to win the Monaco Grand Prix without a vital part of his hybrid power system, but now comes the payback for Daniel Ricciardo.

The Aussie will “definitely” be receiving grid penalties for changing power unit components, according to Red Bull’s technical chief Adrian Newey.

En route to taking his second win of the season at the previous race in Monaco, Ricciardo was forced to fend off Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel without the use of his MGU-K in his power unit.

The component failed early in the race, meaning he was down on power, and it was not known if the part could be saved.

However, speaking ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Newey revealed that he will need a new MGU-K for the upcoming event. The saving grace is that it could have been worse.

“He will definitely be taking some penalties in Montreal, we haven’t heard at the moment just how many,” Newey told Reuters. “One of things there is whether the battery was damaged or not in Monaco, so until we know that from Renault we don’t know exactly what we’re facing.

“The [MGU-K] is definitely a penalty. I rather doubt it [can be reused], considering it caught fire and was a burnt out, charred wreck,” he said. “I would be somewhat surprised at that one…”

Under the current power unit regulations, drivers are only permitted to use three internal combustion engines, MGU-Hs and turbochargers, and can only use two MGU-Ks, control electronics and energy stores.

As Ricciardo has already used two MGU-Ks, control electronics and energy stores this season, meaning that if he has to change any of these components again, he will receive a ten-place grid penalty.

Red Bull – along with all Renault-powered teams – will be able to use an updated power unit from this weekend, but Newey doesn’t believe that the projected power increase will be that noticeable.

“It’s about 1% (more power), which is a tenth of a second so it’s worth having but it’s not a make or break,” he said.

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How do you think Red Bull will perform this weekend? Leave your comments below.

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Tornillo Amarillo

Oh, it looks like Red Bull and FIA have discovered there was a spare used component to avoid the penalty!

Show must go on!! 🙂


The Bulls will go ok, with new components & a fresh Renault.

I think they’ll qualify between P4 & P6, because the red & silver handle better in a straight line, but the RB will race better.

Hopefully Max can pull a blinder & get amongst it enough to get some good points, while slowing up the pack behind to allow Ricciardo to catch up quickly, after starting the race close to Sirotkin.

So my pick for the race is;

Mercedes are just too quick for everybody & Hamilton leads Bottas in a 1-2. Vettel keeps them in sight all race, but is worn down by relentless pressure from Verstappen, who pips him at the last hairpin, for a well needed third.

8th or better will be considered a good day for Ricciardo.

Stroll will get points at home, Hulk to beat Sainz, Gasly finishes behind Ricciardo, & Alonso gets a drive through penalty for punting Kimi on lap 1. . . . . sorry Kimi.


Max went from last to P9 at Monaco, whatever penalties Ricciardo has if he finishes lower than P6 it will be a bad weekend for whatever reason.


Max wont try anything ‘risky’, his aim will be to put in a good qualifying, stay away from the wall and finish where he started. But again risky means something different in Max’s dictionary!

I don’t see Alonso being anywhere close to Kimi on lap 1. But Hamilton winning is a good bet


Stupid engines governed by stupidly tight rules. Only one third of the season in the books and already one major contender in both championships is about to be out of the game. F1 is becoming suffering and surviving sport.


Blimey even in an article that doesn’t mention Hamilton, the poor lad still manages to get a pasting.


Lewis’ mate. Standard.


Even though the gaps between the front runners seem to finally be narrowing…RIC’s situation highlights that there is still a gapping chasm to Mercedes considering that Lewis hasn’t changed a single part since practice 1 in Australia…


LKfe, neither has Bottas, Vettel, Perez, Occon, Hulkenberg, Sainz, Stroll, Sirotkin or Vandoorne.


So I guess there was a “gapping (sic) chasm” between the cars of Lewis and Nico in 2016 then too, right?


Still smarting…

I thought it was long established that it was the “someone” that was responsible for that…


Nope, just trying to keep us all on the same page. Either it’s “just a part of motor racing” all of the time, and ya just gotta lump it, or else we do get to wonder how uneven unreliability has affected this present and past championships.

We can’t (or shouldn’t) look at it one way for one competitor, and the other way for a different competitor, no matter if one has had great success, and the other not as much.

“We just want some consistency!” ~ Ron Dennis


No, Lewis just isn’t as smart as Professor Rosberg to realise that he should have stopped breaking all those brand new engines.


Apart from a gearbox of course


Ohhh..this is an interesting twist in the Sebee conspiracy! For Ric and RB to have the audacity to carry over the fake engine issues into grid penalties in the next race….well it’s just next level machiavelianism. Surely there must be someone with photo’s from the BBQ party on the back of the redbull boat where they had the MGUK on a spit?


Or is there a conspiracy sequel this weekend where he drives through the mid-field, then one of the TR’s bin’s it on que and brings out the SC late in the race to bunch them up for RIC to launch it on the faster tyre for a China repeat??

Actually…this is fun!




Sebee fishing…….

…………….nice hook.

Nic Maennling

It’s hard to understand why the failure of a part that RedBull does not manufacture results in a driver losing grid places. It would make more sense for the team to lose constructors points.


F1 has some flaws …the winner of monaco gp will be starting close to the rear in canada…..its about the spectacle and fans….everyone was talking about a 3 way fight…aint happening in canada!!!!

Lets get rid off penalties and 3 engines per year….full power all through races and no coast and save!!!


He managed a win in monaco without this MGUK, why does he need it for montreal?

If he could repeat the heroics, his standing in the paddock would go ballistic, and it’s already very high.


@ Phil Glass..hahaha very good. The only problem is how does he get pole?


@ Kenneth: Max will get pole, then be asked to step aside for Dan…


Your level of knowledge is amazing

Monaco is a tight street circuit where power is not really important.

Canada is a power circuit, where loosing 200bhp because your fans now suddenly believe that you have previously unseeded superhero powers…?

His standing is not so high in the paddock, unless you are Australian.

Max if faster, and the future WDC, Ricardo can’t even beat him, he has been beaten by several mediocre team mates, Inc Kivyat, if you remember him.


Dave, your level of knowledge certainly is not amazing.

“Max if faster, and the future WDC, Ricardo can’t even beat him, he has been beaten by several mediocre team mates, Inc Kivyat, if you remember him.”

Context (and spelling) matter. Kvyat (who is quite fast but inconsistent) outscored DR because of poor reliability for DR, if you watched that season. DR also comprehensively outperformed a 4 time world champion teammate in Vettel, but I guess that doesn’t fit your narrative.

I guess you are in the paddock asking the team principals what they think of him? I can just as easily say that the standing for Max is not so high in the paddock after the disastrous start to the season he’s endured, unless you’re Dutch.

Anyway, time to drive up to Montreal to attend FP1 in a few hours.


Who is Ricardo? I know of a Ricciardo but haven’t heard of this other chap.


Thanks for the lesson Dave, so serious a response deserves thanks. OK I can’t claim it was the best joke ever cracked, but still…


Dave’s all in Phil!

Watch it!!


not ‘it’, ‘mine’….. oh never mind


After the knee jerk reaction of increasing the length of the DRS zone in Bahrain after the procession in Melbourne, I predicted that Monaco would be a procession, and as a result, they would monkey around with DRS in Canada. Low and behold, Circuit Gille Villeneuve now has 3 DRS zones. Great.


Punishing Drivers is ridiculous.

So Danny RIC pulls off a mega drive in Monaco with a knackered engine part, then let’s punish him for the next race??

It’s has to change…..

More better how about for every engine part changed deduct a single point from the Constructors points?

Up to a maximum of 8 points per weekend?

It would certainly spice things up!!

A strategists dream come true.

You’d have teams blatantly changing parts and losing the 8 points then turning everything up into party mode and going for the win!!

Knowing if they win they would still gain 18 points!!!

But these grid penalties need to stop.

Be good to see all the top 6 going for it every race.

On the marbles

It would just magnify the distance between the top teams and the lower ones. Eg in many years a dominant team such as merc or rbr before them could easily have afforded to sacrifice a handful of points to bring in new components, many lower teams could not. Look at the current standings 8 points is equivalent to 4.5% of mercedes current points, but for Williams it’s 200%! This would exacerbate inequality and allow relatively successful teams to effectively buy (or more accurately ‘insure’ points for their driver), what, in the name of ‘fairness’? Nah, think again.


Happens to all drivers HornershaftedWebber (totally on Webber thing). Thats racing. Ups and Downs. Drivers part of the Team the Team gets shafted so that trickles down to driver. It’s the way it is.


Each car gets X engines, once those engines ar egone, it can no longer score constructors points. Driver’s title isn’t affected in the slightest, mid field teams have the chance to up thei constructors position by not blowing stuff up, or running everything flat out and going solely for the driver’s crown.


Of course it would mean handing the constructors title to Mercedes for the next decade, but we’re already half way through doing that anyway.


So last week Cyril Aboutbull of Renault said that Dan’s MGU-K was OK and would be run in Canada. Now it is a charred wreck and is toast. You just dont know what is real and what is fake news these days.


I’ve generally learned to disregard Cyril. He either doesn’t know or bends the truth!


Confusion reigns supreme … or BS is rife … one of the two. It’s F1 – so those two scenarios go hand in hand!
Renault are protecting their brand by saying their component can withstand anything and RBR are saying the usual things … something like, “this snail-like, petulant Renault PU and it’s half-a$$ operating systems are a pile of steaming draught-horse poo”. 😉
The fact that Canada is a horsepower and top-speed circuit, with three DRS zones, the PUs are pushed harder for longer than 95% of all other tracks. That means the teams will need to decide whether to thrash a new PU and go for it, or conserve that new PU, or continue to thrash an old PU into the ground and hope it makes the full race distance.
Because Dan will be in a lose-lose situation, I’m guessing that RBR will offer to be the guinea pig for Renault in Canada and take the upgraded PU in Dan’s car with as many new components as they wish to use – because they know they can overtake in Montreal and the overall penalty will be far less punishing there than at a more “Red Bull friendly” track where overtaking is a nightmare.
Also, Dan and that incredibly “kind” chassis can manage tyres better than most. He will most likely opt for the 1 stop strategy, go as long in his first stint as possible on harder tyres, before stopping late for Hyper Softs and flying home over the last 15 odd laps like a fighter jet being piloted by a ravenous Honey Badger who’s an hour late for dinner.


Liked the honey badger late for dinner part 🙂


Made me laugh too

Tornillo Amarillo

Ric is down, so time to Maximize!


Sorry this has nothing to do with the thread, but I though a few of you might find this interesting from Nate Silvers 538 web site.


I did indeed see this, and while I’m a big fan of the site and attempts at more rigorous F1 data analysis, this is of limited value, as it doesn’t separate car performance from driver performance at all, and therefore the title “Who’s The Best Formula One Driver Of All Time?” is very misleading. It’s interesting to note the dominant periods of various car/driver combinations though.


If the driver stuffs it into the wall and needs new kit, then he takes the penalty. If the kit just packs up, loss of constructor points only.


Consider this: Driver drove rashly, spoils the gearbox or engine without crashing the car. Who gets the penalty?


@Colin Stone … I like the simplicity.
Great idea … except that RBR aren’t the “constructor” of the PU, they are a customer – so would they be happy with being slugged a penalty for a failure in something the “PU constructor” designed, built and sold to them in good faith?
Here’s another simple idea … Maybe Renault (and the other 3 manufacturers of the PUs) should be fined a hefty monetary fee for each failure and that money be refunded to the team which purchased it. A free replacement component should also be part of the penalty!
I’m sure the smaller teams would rush that idea through the rules & regs committee and have it implemented it at light-speed!

This well-meaning, yet idiotic, rule was flawed from it’s inception. As were the reasons for it being introduced. This system was never going to “hurt” the manufacturer teams as much as it was designed (hoped) to do. In fact, it only desecrates the smaller teams’ chances of climbing the championship ladder even more because they don’t qualify at the front so they suffer even more!!!
When we see amazing things like Dan’s heroic drive in Monaco and he’s instantly thrown to the wolves for no reason other than “equalisation with the big teams” it is obvious that, in it’s implementation, it is actually an ANTI-equalisation rule.
All it will do in Canada (all going normally) is ensure the top 2 teams will benefit even more from Dan suffering grid penalties … ludicrous!


I’ll be attending the Canadian GP. I was looking forward to seeing RIC near the front but will settle for him fighting his way through the field. Figure he’ll be fine if GRO doesn’t take him out at Lap 1 Turn 3.


@ Petrol Ted…I don’t think that it’s Grosjean he has to worry about. Verstappen has taken Dan out twice now!! That’s the biggest problem he faces.


At the moment it’s very frustrating when it comes to the championship, you can take Dan out now unless Lewis and Seb have a few PU issues

Again it’s a calling card fr Dan to move on if any of the non Renault teams need a pilot

Is Dan better thN Ocon or Perez with a Merc PU

We will never know

It seems sad that a driver suffers points and penalties due to a PU issue

F1 needs to fix this

Penalise the team not the driver


If the driver would gain no advantage then the FIA only penalises the team such as McLaren spygate. But in many instances if you did not penalise the driver a team might push the envelope a bit too far. Would a car shown to be burning too much oil and gaining a power advantage and hence earning it’s driver extra points be a case where you would only punish the team?


Thank god for the PUs and endurance style regulations.

It was so dull when we had N/A engines, no talking points about penalties to endlessly discuss. And a virtually level playing field in terms of power. How boring.


NickH. Ahh the good old days, when there were no complaints about anything, when no teams dominated and when we had equality on engines! Actually I don’t remember those days at all, but then I’ve only been watching since the early eighties……


I’m talking purely about engines and I think you know that.

Who was complaining about engine power disparity and penalties in 2006, 2007 and 2008??

Do you honestly think it’s better now than then?? Weird if you do.


Nick. Plenty of people, there are always complaints, there are always power disparities. There was an engine freeze in those days, which the FIA allowed Renault to circumvent, and people complained about that too!

Just out of interest, what sort of power advantage do you think Mercedes has over Ferrari?


2005 saw a load of engine penalties hit Kimi.


Well it’s not surprising that the penalties caught up now. It’s SO unfair that a driver had to be penalized for a car fault. Give the penalty to the constructors points, or just get rid off it. Hungary, Monaco, Mexico are coming – and I hope the points balance out for Ricci soon these tracks. I also hope Vers keeps out of the way; I mean, not to crash on Danny. Will be thrilling watching them race on Montreal, but it won’t happen now with these dumb penalties.


I think you meant Hungary, Singapore and Mexico


Ha ha! Yep! Man, wrote this really late at night – I must have been tired. Hungary, Singapore and Mexico. Canada predictions – Danny will come 6th.


Also, I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise that some of the components only had two units for the whole season…who thought that was a good idea again? We may actually see every driver on the grid take a penalty at some point…


I don’t mean to drag this up again, but the whole “drive of the century” thing is wearing a little thin – Vettel wasn’t exactly on Ricciardo’s gearbox lap after lap, it was hardly Senna vs Mansell (hell, it wasn’t even Trulli vs Button).


Oh, you poor fella’s.

Don’t worry, there’s enough limelight to go around…Lewis will be back…


Andrew, James says it “one of the saves of the century”. So in other words it was one of the best wins with a tech fault of the last 18 years, he doesn’t say it was ‘the drive of the century’ anywhere.


As I say elsewhere, I was commenting on the coverage at large as opposed to this specific article, although I don’t think it changes the substance of my post a whole lot – I’d rank it equivalent to Vettel’s drive at Hungary last year, and I didn’t that that was “save of the century” either.


Andrew, I thought he did a great job, winning at Monaco is always difficult, and we don’t know what he was having to do in order to mitigate the issue. I did think Horner got a bit carried away on the slow down lap though.


Nauseating isn’t it? I can understand it from the fans, but from a supposedly objective pundit….?!


Andrew M

Why do you keep banging on about this when I’m not aware of one Danny Ricc supporter on JA’s Forum who has labelled his drive as the “drive of the century”. In a previous thread I actually said it wasn’t but perhaps “memorable”.


It’s mentioned in this article, Horner’s comments after the race, Marko’s comments after the race, the BBC did an article tag lined “Schumacher, Senna, Ricciardo – who’s was the best drive” or something like that. I didn’t realise that things had to be commented on in this comments section before I was allowed to disagree with them.


Andrew, mate you should well know how the press likes to exaggerate things to get a headline. And as far as the issues Ricciardo was faced with to salvage his race can I suggest that you read Mark Hughes’ very incisive report on the race.

It seems to me given the number of your posts on this thread to defend your position you have taken this matter far too seriously. As I said no Danny Ricc fan (as biased as some might seem) would claim that his race was the race of the century (your words). However, what he achieved over the whole Monaco weekend might be considered as “memorable”.


I read Mark Hughes’ report, and I’m sorry there’s nothing in there that makes me change my mind – I think he sums it up well when he says “But it was only because this was Monaco that he was able to lose so much performance but still retain the lead.”

And saying that I’m commenting too much is just a bit weird – I made one comment on the subject and got half a dozen replies, surely I’m entitled to respond? The responses have ranged from reasoned debate to outright nonsense, and I’ve responded in kind. It’s not like I flooded the thread from the off (like some people do).

And just to be clear, because some of the more partisan posters on this board seem to think it’s the case, I’m not doing it to somehow slam Ricciardo; I bear him no ill will at all. Out of any of the (realistic) contenders for best driver on the grid I like him more than any of the others besides Hamilton, it really is such a shame some of his fans on here are just, well, so awful.


Oh but if was Lewis you would be singing a different tune. Should probably get used to the attention being on others drivers Andrew as this year will be Hamiltons last chance to win another WDC as he is soon to be yesterday’s news.


That’s it, don’t try and argue your case at all, just fling random irrelevances and comment on things that I haven’t actually said.

I know Hamilton won’t be around forever, but this dream people seem to have that he’ll leave the sport tomorrow and suddenly everyone will forget about him and his achievements is just that – a dream.


Sars, and if it was Lewis you would be far more dismissive than Andrew M. Your responses would be full of the usual ‘sycophantic biased British media’ nonsense that you trot out every time anyone says anything positive about Hamilton.


You keep saying that (that we’d be singing a different tune), but I really don’t think so. Like I’ve said before, it was a very good drive from Ricciardo.

As for the last sentence, not sure why you’d think that.


A hardcore cadre seem to have this fantasy whereby Ricciardo shows up at Mercedes and somehow “exposes” Hamilton, even though either one of those things are very unlikely in my humble, humble, humble opinion.


@AndrewM, regarding Sainz & Hulkenburg, in terms of the F1Metrics analysis, Grosjean taking out Hulkenburg in Spain will have the effect of penalizing Hulk and aiding Sainz’s ranking. In a sample of only 20-24 races by the end of the year, that effect is significant.


Oh we’re still calling the Mercedes “the very best car” are we? Fair enough.


Jon, there is no constant car ranking, across the entire season. In Monaco, the Red Bull was clearly the best car, and Ricciardo – like any top driver – used that fact to good effect by sticking it on pole.

No one can say that this year’s Mercedes is the “very best car” (well they can but the facts don’t bear that out).

As for Senna or Schumi, they’re different drivers in different eras. Many adult fans idolize those two as their heroes during their teen/young adult years, and will never consider any contemporary driver as comparable.

Yet with Hamilton’s numbers and sustained success over many seasons, he simply has to be in that conversation. 4 titles, 64 wins, 74 poles, 122 podiums, 12 straight seasons with at least one win and pole in each, etc. He’s been up against some tough customers as teammates, yet in the same cars their totals of wins/poles has been roughly half those of Hamilton. Slice it any way you want, he’s easily one of the sport’s greats.


I can assume your my dear LKFE that in spite of the popular refrain that Hamilton and his fan club are “running scared” of Ricciardo, I for one am not. I’d certainly give Ricciardo a shot against Hamilton (say, 1 in 4?), but I think it’s more likely that the Red Bull cadre are overrated, due to them living in a fairly isolated bubble away from the rest of the field. Sainz has stepped outside that bubble and isn’t matching Hulkenberg, who I don’t think these days is considered amongst the top drivers. I genuinely expect Hamilton vs Rosberg Mark 2.


Good grief. Can we please admit that:

Hamilton is a good driver in the very best car that at times makes him look better than he is and at times he uses it to it’s extreme. Despite a different opinion from his adoring fans he is not another Senna

Ricciardo is a good driver in a not so good car that he used to it’s extreme in Monaco quali to show how good he is. On Sunday he headed up a Trulli Train on a track that suited that tactic. Despite claims in the press he is not another Schumi.

Now if you want to debate their respective personalities out of the car then that is a different matter.


…yet, you’re still experiencing the night sweats….


You know I’m in total agreement AM. Part of me wants Ricciardo at Mercedes, so Hamilton can do his thing, and clear yet another arbitrary hurdle set up by the detractors. Lewis ain’t Max. Lewis is quick and measured. Ricciardo is driving comfortably this year, because he knows that Max is imploding. Lewis would get him out of that comfort zone sharpish, and that’s when the mistakes happen.

The other part of me would feel bad for Bottas if he was dumped. Bottas has driven very well this year … on the basis of just the first six races, he has earned an extension. He just needs to keep up that level for another 6-8 races. Have to remember that head-to-head Bottas beat Ricciardo in the 2008 Formula Renault Eurocup.

Personally I think the big to-do surrounding Ricciardo’s win is that the commentators are already fatigued by Hamilton vs Vettel II, and they need to big up any wins by anyone other than those two. A bit like if you give 3 kids each a slice of cake, and one is considerably less than the others, that you then go a bit overboard telling the kid with the thinnest slice how their slice is the best because of this, that, and the other.


Read the article again – it was ‘Save’ of the century. Quite different from drive of the century.


I appreciate the pedantry, but my point is pretty much unchanged – it wasn’t “anything” of the century.


AM, all this because you’ve taken offense that there are superlatives being handed out to anyone but Lewis?

Would you have complained if it was Lewis?

Rather, I suspect you would have been leading the superlative charge!


Whataboutery. If you believe my position is invalid, argue your case, like Jack did. Otherwise my point stands.


@Andrew …
At the risk of wearing your wrath as well, 😉 I will agree to disagree about your – “it wasn’t ‘anything’ of the century” – comment.

Dan had a serious loss of power. Some say up to 30%.
He had a major electrical component overheating and daring to catch fire at any second.
He had a serious lack of breaking assistance on track where walls are only millimetres away during every second of the race.
He could only use 6 gears.
His anxiety level was peaking higher than his heart rate.
He held his nerve and completely changed his driving style to suit the car’s needs as they constantly flipped and flopped from one fault to the next.
He was clever enough to harvest energy in a completely opposite way to normal and still hold at least a 1 sec advantage, keeping the Ferrari out of DRS range.
All of this for 50 odd laps with a ruthless 4 times WDC watching his every move from less than 2 secs behind him and waiting to pounce.
There’s probably more I haven’t remembered – and definitely more that RBR and Renault won’t disclose due to the secrecy of their operating procedures for their PU systems.

This century has only been going for 17.5 years … if you can describe a better “save” than that during those years, you win the prize for deepest digger into the archives and most artful hair-splitter of the century.


Do I come across as wrathful 😀

As counterpoint to that argument, I would say:

– I don’t want to go all Sebee here, but I think the raw power loss figures have been exaggerated – he lost one of the two hybrid parts, not the entire ERS, if he was really down that much power he would have been toast even at Monaco surely, or at the very least be under enormous, sustained pressure, and he wasn’t.

– The effect of changing driving style, withstanding pressure etc is in my mind massively diminished by the fact that the leaders were lapping so far off the pace.

– Vettel never really got close to any sort of sustained assault on Ricciardo, it’s not like he was holding him off into the Nouvelle Chicane lap after lap; that suggests to me that it was a function of the circuit, rather than he was driving around massive problems.

And like I’ve said earlier, I don’t think it’s splitting hairs to point out similar drives in the very recent past that didn’t get nearly as much credit, such as Vettel in Hungary last year (a track where it’s easier to overtake than Monaco).


@Jack – Mark Hughes has opined that the loss of MGU-K at Monaco “costs” about 1.5sec on laptime. Given the difficulty with overtaking around that circuit, and the tyre issues blighting the following cars, it would have been surprising if DR had been unable to defend his lead.

Ricciardo’s drive was good – he did what he had to do, with great poise and efficiency – but it was hardly as exceptional as some are making out.


if we look at this from another angle we can see enormous positives for DR. The failures occured before halfway though the Monaco race and a part of why so many called it a borefest. At any other circuit DR would have retired rather than sit and watch everyone fly past. The penalties for Canada would still be there – most of them at least. So DR was lucky and has more points than he expected at this point.


As predicted. Those grid penalties caused by engine (parts) failure will play a huge role in the rest of the season. It might even determine who will be champion.


Bahrain DNF due to mechanical issues, MGU-K failure in Monaco and now possibly a 10 place grid penalty for Canada. Ricciardo will be even more motivated to get on the podium on a circuit with good overtaking possibilities.


The engine allocation limits are silly. 10 spits for a first component, then 5, and then now it’s if you take over that, that you start at the back k regardless. If it was 5 & 3, instead of 10 & 5, that might be bearable.

On the good side, it’s a track where you can overtake. Better here than Austria. Most importantly RBR will want no penalties for Hungary.



Actually will it be 10 places as suggested or mooted by the press? It could well be a start from the back of the grid depending upon what other components need to be replaced. It seems a strange anomaly that the driver gets penalised for mechanical problems which are completely out of his control. But it is what it is. Assuming that DR starts from P14 or P15 It’ll be interesting to see what he can do to get near the podium with the all mighty 1% power upgrade……hmmm!

Hey mate, what do you think of that call reversal against James in game one? Within the two minute period my understanding is that the refs can review things were they can make a definitive decision like who touched the ball last before it goes out of bounds or whether a shot is a two or three pointer but not things where “judgement” is required because the element of “subjectivity” comes into play. So Durant gets called for a charge on James and the refs go to the monitor to see if he was in or outside the restricted area. They determine that he was outside (Cavs ball) but then further determine that it was a block on James and reverse the call (Warriors ball). So we have one of the three refs call it a charge and the guy in the review centre in NYC call it a charge and then the call is reversed. Whaat? Ok, the replay showed that James was leaning to his left albeit with his feet stationary but nevertheless to exercise judgement and subjectivity to reverse the call at such a critical time in the game is problamatical to me. Stephen A Smith went off his face about it. To have any chance of getting the series to a game seven the Cavs needed to have split the first two games in my opinion and now they could find themselves 3 zip down from which they won’t come back. Your thoughts?


If Stephen A Smith went off his face, relative to his usual, then that must have been REALLY bad! Yeah that call irked. James was nowhere near the restricted area, so to me it was a total cop out them using that as justification to then review a totally unrelated call.

It is 0-3 now, which is lights out. No team has ever come back from that in the NBA (0-131 all-time). Of course no team had come back from 1-3 down in the Finals until 2016, but that was with Kyrie still on the Cavs against a Durant-less GSW team. So not gonna happen.

Houston actually put a scare into GSW, and might have taken it with a healthy Chris Paul. The NBA needs a team to match up against GSW. I like Curry, Durant, and Thompson. Great players all of them. Can’t stand Green though; he’s just a dirty player all around. Just riding the big 3’s coattails.


Adrian, KRB and TimW

Thank you for your kind words – I see not much has changed during my absence ; KC is still creaming his jeans if he hears anyone humming the first couple of bars of Advance Australia Fair and Sars exhibiting all the charm and grace of a junk jard dog 😊

Still, at least LH heads the WDC despite not having the best car – maybe he’s actually quite good and the bashbois have got it wrong……just a thought 🤔



Welcome back mate we were just about to send out the search party. Did you get lost in the Ossie Out Back?


Hey C63, long time no read. You’re not an ISS astronaut perchance? 🚀 I heard in the news that some just returned to Earth last week.


Welcome back C63, we’ve been holding the fort in your absence!


@KRB and Adrian

“Restricted area”,”Cavs”, “Durrant charging James”……

I have a short sabatical and this is what I find when I return 🤓 😂What on earth are you two talking about ?



Thanks mate. It would have been interesting if the monitor review had picked up something that had occured simultaneously to Durant barrelling into James, like Green giving one to the mid section of Thompson. What would the refs have done then?


I’m very much a fairweather NBA fan (I only watch the playoffs, the regular season is just on too late to follow consistently), but I really enjoyed the final four match-ups – they were two good match-ups of teams who had had strong regular seasons vs two teams with X-factor and championship experience, and championship experience won in both cases.

I also think the Warriors and to some extent the Patriots as an argument against budget caps – if you set them at the wrong level you just get a coalescence of the best players and support staff in one or two teams.


Ha ha hilariously off topic, but yes indeed an important sporting quandry.

Quite clearly it should have remained a call on the floor. Thats Bron brons ball all day. Im rooting for GSW but think on this occasion the Cavs deserved the Win.


It’s a shame about the dentist’s ensuing grid penalty however, this pill will be less bitter because he bagged a major win at the previous race and also the Canada track is well known for it’s overtaking opportunities

But it’s true that heading into the season, Red Bull were worried about the 3 engine rule and this is the reason why Horner was against this new development

In the grand scheme of things, this means Red Bull team have no choice but to go with the Honda engines in 2019 because Honda have begun getting into their stride

As for how I think Red Bull will perform this weekend, well I expect at least a podium for the team more so after Max had a DNF in 2017 whilst running in P2

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