Insight: ‘The Art of Passing’ featuring F1 star Fernando Alonso on the double bluff
Posted By: Editor   |  16 Jun 2018   |  5:13 pm GMT  |  23 comments

“Sometimes you try to confuse the guy in front by taking the slipstream, going to the outside, going to the inside, and then suddenly change to the other side. Then you commit to that line.”

Two-time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso has joined other drivers in offering tips on double-bluffing and other effective techniques when overtaking.

The advice comes on the latest release from, a website aimed at tutoring young drivers and set up by the Road Racing Drivers’ Club.

Other drivers appearing on this release include Simon Pagenaud, Le Mans winner Earl Bamber and Graham Rahal.

In the video, a host of drivers from single-seaters and touring cars explain the factors involved in setting up and executing overtakes in a variety of scenarios.

IndyCar champion Pagenaud emphasised the importance of planning ahead in order to not lose time behind an opponent.

“It’s important to know where you’re going to pass, where you’re not going to lose too much time passing,” said Pagenaud.

“Sometimes, rushing a pass might lose you more time than the doing it straight away after that. It’s very important to think ahead.

“But quite frankly when you have an opportunity to pass, you’ve got to seize it.”

Daytona 24 winner Graham Rahal added:

“You’ve always got to be patient, you’ve got to be smart. When you’re young, it’s hard to understand that.

“When you’re young, you’re fast and aggressive, it’s hard to take that mindset, but it’s important.”

DTM driver Antonio Felix da Costa went through some of the compromises required to overtake a car.

“Ideally, you would overtake them on the exit of the corner,” he said.

Sometimes you have to commit to overtaking them on the entry, if you can catch them on a banking, then that’s even better because you can get a massive slipstream and that helps your straight line speed and there’s less risk.”

Posted by: Luke Murphy

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Alonso is the greatest gift in F1 that keeps on giving.

Whenever traffic is slow.. write about Alonso

During a lull in a season.. write and quote Alonso.

When writers don’t have anything to write but have to justify their salaries…

Write about Alonso.

From TV and newsprint Alonso is the greatest gift.


Dear Editor (is that you Luke?),

Your last article did not have the effect of jinxing Alonso (which I had feared).

Congratulations to Alonso and Buemi and Nakajimo and Toyota)


Contrats to Toyota for at last winning LeMans, and I’m very pleased for Alonso, Buemi and especially Kuzaki Nakajima after his cruel mechanical failure on the very last lap in 2016.


Excellent article JAF1 Top Draw👍.

What the micro double triple defensive feign by MaxV and how to really get away with this disguised move, when 9bserved by racing stewards?



Now leading the WEC championship too

Best livery Pink Peppa Porsche 🤙

Tornillo Amarillo

Great video!


Have there been any overtakes this season? All I recall are late-braking, unexciting passes – no overtakes.

Wilma the Great

The talking is done by Alonso, but the F1 action shown is a pass by Vettel on Bottas in Spain ’17.


Max… Max! … Are you listening?



His Dads got him locked away in a hermetically sealed SAFE room so he can’t hear you.

He has all the seasons of Family Guy and American Dad to get through.

He ain’t listening. Joss is making his favourite food… Fries with mayonnaise and nutella pancakes. Then its a bedtime story about Mr Angry from MR MEN series😂🤣


Ha, ha! Also, you didn’t mention a TV, an Xbox and a copy of F1 2017!

Well done Alonso on his Le Mans 24hr win. It’s been a while.


The F1 way: overtake them in the pits! Every single time.


According to Steiner at Haas, everything about passing is changing next year with the new front wing aero. Alonso will probably have to perfect a triple-double-froop pass technique.


There is one thing here that is conspicous in its absence: Alonso’s failure to mention the DRS in the art of overtaking. Also he did not mention blowing past a guy half way down the straight because the guy being overtaken has a 50 bhp power deficit.


alonso didn’t mention this either.


This was real racing when watching a guy trying to get past was absolutely riveting. And in the event that he did manage to get it was pure “wow”.

Also the first comment in that video is: “I miss these motor sounds.” This one vid pretty much sums up the fundamentals problems with f1.


“Sometimes you try to confuse the guy in front by taking the slipstream, going to the outside, going to the inside, and then suddenly change to the other side. Then you commit to that line.”

I hope Hamilton is reading this. It might help him avoid a repetition of his groundskeeping episode at Barcelona 2016.


What do I think🤔

Takes a bit more than this piece to get me away from the footie VM.

I’ll try again in a few days😳


Are Red Bull going to make Max read this?


If the company I work for was in a effective crisis and I or anyone said right I’m off to do something else while things are a bit s#!t there wouldn’t be a position to return to.

Is anyone else at Mclaren being allowed to do this……whether Alonso realises it or not,it’s this attitude that creates a lack of team spirit.

Zack Brown……..really,close your eyes when he talks and it’s like listening to Don Trumpet


Can’t agree with you.

Alonso always gives maximum effort and paired with his driving skills and ability to avoid mistakes (unlike Max and Vettel), he is still producing results far beyond the car’s capability.

As long as Alonso keeps getting good results for McLaren, how can running LeMans which didn’t even conflict with the F1 schedule, have a negative effect?

After yet another 2 DNFs in the last 2 races, I would think his team is behind him 100% knowing how much grief he has had in the last 3.5 years.

Zak did the right thing knowing chances of McLaren winning anything this year is all but impossible. Without Alonso McLaren would be in dire shape – think Williams.

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