Haas F1 team need to get going – promising “significant” aero updates for Canada
Posted By: Editor   |  03 Jun 2018   |  2:47 am GMT  |  31 comments

The Haas F1 team have had a mixed start to the season, but are set to introduce their first major aerodynamic package of the season as they bid to challenge for points in Montreal.

With the majority of teams introducing their first big performance updates two races ago in Spain, Haas elected to delay their potential upgrades until the Canadian Grand Prix.

The battle in the midfield is typically intense this season, with Renault and McLaren starting stronger than last year, while Williams have gone backwards. There’s been a lot of frustration for Haas; despite frequently showing enough pace to lead the midfield battle – and causing some rumblings of discontent among rivals about their technical share with Ferrari – they’ve struggled to execute clean race weekend and to maximise their points-scoring opportunities. As a consequence they currently sit a surprising eighth in the constructors’ championship.

Team principal Guenther Steiner said that Haas made the decision to wait until Canada in order to optimise the car that they had, and that there was no initial delay.

“We’ve got quite significant changes,” he said. “Front wing, floor, and all the bargeboard area, we’ve made those updates.

“Obviously, the aim [of the updates] is to go faster, to gain us speed.

“A lot of people brought their upgrades to Spain. We decided to bring them to Canada to have a little bit more time, because we’re still a small team and cannot react as quickly as the big ones.

“Sometimes just getting everything out of what you’ve got is better than to keep on upgrading. And sometimes with the upgrades, you need a little bit of time to make them work. Our upgrades will be coming, so we’re in a good spot.”

Steiner added that he was satisfied with the updates from the Ferrari power unit, which were trialled in Monaco.

“The upgrades in the engines are small because they are so highly developed. To find big gains is very difficult but, for sure, every time Ferrari gives us an upgrade, it is for a good reason, as it has more power.”

Drivers expecting fewer tyre difficulties in Montreal

Everyone was struggling with the tyres in Monaco; Haas endured a difficult weekend, with Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean starting towards the back of the grid and only finishing the race in thirteenth and fifteenth respectively.

Their problems mostly stemmed from being unable to get the new hypersoft tyres into the correct operating window.

“I think it worked as expected in qualifying, even though I don’t think we got the best of them,” said Grosjean.

“We’ve got to get a bit more understanding of them before heading to Canada.

“In the race [in Monaco], I’ve got to be honest, the three different compounds just didn’t work for us. We were just cruising around, not driving, not pushing as hard as we wanted.

“Tire compounds are going to be the number one priority for us to understand with the new package. The circuit is very different. It is much more high speed with much more curb riding, so the setups are quite different.”

Whilst Magnussen agreed that the hypersoft tyre was difficult to ‘switch on’ in Monaco, he believes that the higher-speed nature of the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve will allow the team to use the tyres more effectively.

“I think the hypersoft tire is a good tire, though in Monaco I think it was still too hard – it was difficult to switch on,” said Magnussen.

“Hopefully, in Canada it will be a little bit easier. You’ve got longer straights to put load on the tires at high speed to switch them on.”

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How well do you think Haas will do in Montreal? Can they keep up with the other teams in the development race? Leave your comments below.

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Set all this brilliant correct-knowledge talk of the day; as my old coach used to tell us, “they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you.” Steiner and drivers should just go out there and qualify good and drive for a win. Each and every race.

Just, Win Baby Win.


It all depends on Fer I think, this being their main supplier for a lot of vital parts. But seriously, they also might be needing an update for Gro, that might be most beneficial for the team in the end 🙂


Did they find the upgrade parts in the skip behind Maranello? 😀


Curb? Tire? Ye gods!!

Even when you cut-and-paste, please proofread. Thanks.

Garrett Bruce

Seems the folks who post are very quick to judge and criticize teams and drivers, but does anyone of those with such strong opinions could be doing as well if they were wearing the others’ shoes ?

Tornillo Amarillo

Can they keep up with the other teams in the development race?

Yeah, Ferrari helps a lot, it is like Haas has a great replica car… but team and drivers need consistency, looks like they don’t understand the tyres.

How could a small team upgrade with so many aero devices at the same time?


Monaco to Canada almost full wing to no wing. If the first upgrades are meant for more speed, then Haas should have a good showing in Canada & be within striking distance for a podium, if there is trouble up front.

Having speed based aero upgrades will suit a lot of tracks before the end of the year, but if they don’t work in a place like Canada, Haas will be squabbling over P.18 at Hungary.

Right now, If I were Haas, I’d just try to make sure the whole car suits COTA.



I believe many fans do care, and would think it’s exiting, with tyre strats. The crux in this matter is that the intensions of making races more exiting, with tyre options and other means so often backfires and sometimes even destroys their initial intentions. What you propose would certainly give commentators a need to talk tyres endlessly, since there would be so many options. Why is it though, that the people put in place, to come up whit ideas to enhance racing, so often makes so fatal and bad decisions? Over and over again.


We really need to see the team bounce back from what’s been a disastrous start to the season even if they aren’t saying so. They’re a great team and I like the approach they use of not just following the crowd . Delaying upgrades for whatever reason is good. There is no point in adding downforce unless you’ve optimised the current package.

Roman……your jobs on the line dude so don’t mess up.

Kevin…..keep on gently nigling roman,it’s great 😃


Maybe a new team mate to KMag is in order too?

Grosjean on sandwich duties and an aspiring driver in.


Bk flamer, Ferrari wanted them to run Giovinazzi as test and reserve with a few practice sessions, but Gene refused saying they had no room for him. I would just stick him in the car if I was Gene, he might turn out to be great, it would keep Ferrari on side, and he could hardly do a worse job than Romain.


Totally agree TimW.

Haas know at the end of the season. Constructor points mean bags of money. If its only one driver making the point whike the other os doing doughnuts or destroying his car. They need to dump doughnut Grosjean and get a young gun in thst seat.

The only experience Grosjean can bring to Haas, is the ability to throw his driving gloves against the pit garage wall, inches away from a crew member.


Bk, I don’t understand why they took him in the first place, he has never been anything better than solid, and often worse than tgat. France has some great young drivers in Gasly and Occon (and Leclerc too really), why not let Romain drift off to sportscars?


I’m willing to give RG a little more slack. I think the wind too his car out in Baku.

The double ding from tires not being attached was terrible. I hope they fired someone over that.

They have a fast car but just can’t seem to get the little things right and that’s not always on the drivers.


I’ll be honest, I’m not too upset Haas have found it tougher going than expected. I also think their pace advantage compared to the other midfield runners will reduce as they have to rely on in season development, and they don’t have the resources for it. They were still very good and were clear best of the rest at Spain though, so they’re still very much in the mix.


Listening to the Monaco race commentary was bad enough..every second comment was about tyres and here we are still talkng about tyres. Yes, i fully aware that they are important but i’m tired of the subject dominating F1 discourse. It is just so boring boring, boring. Why can’t we simply have two/three manufacturers each with a hard, med,soft range with no mid season changes. The teams are free to use whatever tyres THEY need for THEIR car with no manufacturer involved in what is used. Let the teams use different tyres for front and rear as THEY seem fit. This introduced complexity with tyre ‘bandwidth’ is just too ridiculous for words.The fans couldn’t give a monkeys about what tyres are being used.


Having different suppliers will most likely increase the performance gap between the teams. The last time we had different tyre suppliers, half the teams had no chance of winning.


@ Aaron and now only 12.5% of the teams have a chance of winning!!!


Kenneth, where did you go to school? Ten teams, three of them have already won races this season, so wouldn’t that be 30%?


Many teams had problems from the Hyper softs except Red Bull had the least.


I’m not worried one bit about Monaco. That race is very different to all of the rest.


totally agree with you Kenneth, the whole tyre situation from ‘start on you Q2 tyres’ to choose ‘at least 2 different compounds’ per race” is ALL about spicing up the racing… its as artificial as DRS. Which is symptomatic of a sport in urgent need of a complete review and overhaul rather than tinkering with individual aspects independently of other aspects.

Having said that, i’m not adverse to a compulsory pitstop as i quite enjoy the strategy aspect of the sport.


@ Axel Knutt….that’s easily solved. No one tyre is made of a compound that will last the full race distance. That can be done quite simply therefore there has to be at least one tyre stop and the teams can choose whatever tyre THEY want to finish the race on as well. Either that or no team can start on the tyre that they qualified on in Q3. It could be quite interesting if it was allowed. It would be better than what we have now.


Do you really think that introducing three manufactures with teams allowed to run different compounds per car would mean there would be *less* talk about tyres?



“The fans couldn’t give a monkeys about what tyres are being used.”

Not entirely True.

I love, & whole heartedly agree with, your premise of ‘Run watcha brung’ tyre selection, but by watching who’s on what & what condition are they in, I get a notion of how races will evolve.

. . . . . . . . . . . now, pass me that banana.


@ Mick…My comment re fans was directed to the occasional fan who turns up on the day or those fans that aren’t as dedicated as those who post here. Do the fans in the stands really know what tyres are on the cars and do they in turn sweat about the various strategies that may or may not be implemented ? I very doubt it but then again i may be completely wrong.


Kenneth you watch the Moto GP Kenneth.

You were right Petrucci moving to Ducati.

Seems Lorenzo off to satellite Yamaha bike.


@ BKF…yes, Lorenzo gave it the best and he rode a stupendous race. I was very disappointed to lose Marquez as i’m sure that he would’ve been right up there. My man Jack miller also had a dose of bad luck as well. Bike set up ruined his race.


Agree with you Kenneth.

We need at least another tyre manufacturer in place plus the teams given tge freedom to ude whatever tyre they want on which ever track.

This Pirelli monopoly hss to end.

They tyres need to be mid-durable and fast.

Make the teams have 2 or 3 mandotory pitstops in each race.

Throw in only a 4 man tyre team who have to jack the car front and back , then tyre change then unjack release car.

Throw in Dame Edna Everage instead of Charlie Whiting. Okay now I’ve gone too far South of Reality 😂


@ BKF…hahahaha Dame Edna should take over from Todt…then we’d see some interesting action eh? She’d have all the possums on the hop.


Please let it happen

Please🙏That would be surreal😂.

Todt has to go. I’ve seen more charisma in a broken pencil than in any of Todts interviews.

Bring on Edna plus her

alter ego The Australian Culture Attache/Ambassador to Europe.

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