Spotlight on Valtteri Bottas: Pleased with 2018 F1 performances, not results
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Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas believes that he has been eliminating the poor performances that hampered his 2017 season.

The Finn joined Mercedes for the start of 2017 and, after taking three wins and four pole positions in his first season with the team, earned himself a one-year extension to his contract, taking him into 2018.

Despite the flashes of pace, Bottas rarely threatened in last year’s championship challenge, something which he is hoping to address through executing a more consistent season.

Speaking after the Spanish Grand Prix, Bottas said that he believed he has so far eliminated the weekends where he was “way off the pace”.

“I think this year I have been meeting more or less my targets with the performance for the beginning of the year,” said Bottas.

“I think I’ve been able to really continue good performances from the end of last year.

“And there have been no weekends that I have been way off the pace, like there were a few last year. So I feel I have learned from those, and need to continue my development.

“There are never things that you can’t learn more, so I still hope I keep improving. I think there’s been quite mixed races, and the end results haven’t been really I feel sometimes quite there, that I feel would have been possible with the pace we’ve had.”

On face value, Bottas’ first five races of this season could be viewed as being less successful than his first five from 2017; at this stage last year, he had one win and 63 points to his name, whereas this year he has 58 points and is yet to win a race.

As is often the case in Formula One, the results don’t tell the full story.

Questions may have been asked following his self-inflicted crash (and subsequent gearbox change) during qualifying for the first race in Australia, but since then his performances have generally been the match of his reigning world champion team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

In Bahrain he gave a much-needed display of speed. He out-qualified and out-raced Hamilton – although the latter was aided by Hamilton’s gearbox penalty – but some critics still had question marks over his performance due to his inability to make a late-race overtaking attempt on Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

He was then hit by by some poor fortune that potentially denied him two victories.

The timing of the safety car in the Chinese Grand Prix mean that Red Bull were able to make the switch onto the faster tyres and fight through to take the win in Shanghai, with Bottas finishing second despite completing arguably his strongest race of the year so far.

Whilst the virtual safety car initially gave Bottas the chance to win in Baku, a cruel puncture eliminated him from the race lead with just a handful of kilometres to go.

He might’ve been out-performed by Hamilton in Spain, but his time deficit is partly-attributed to the high levels of wear experienced on a mammoth 47-lap stint on the medium tyres.

After Spain, Bottas is 37 points behind current championship leader Hamilton, but he insists that his approach is very much “race-by-race”.

“It’s pretty much the same. We’re so early on in the season, and I hope that I have had my bad luck for the year. At least for us we got a good edge on Ferrari this weekend with the points, but also early days.

“And at least I got closer to Sebastian [Vettel] in the points, ahead of Kimi [Raikkonen], so that’s good. But it’s still early on, so I don’t really want to think about the points, I just really want to focus race-by-race.”

Bottas will be well aware that a challenge for the championship – as well as maintaining a good relationship with the team – would do wonders for his efforts to secure another contract extension with Mercedes.

He refused to rule out accepting another one-year deal, but he stated that his preference would be for “at least” a two-year deal.

“I would like to stay with this team, hopefully for a long time,” he told Motorsport. “That is my target. As long as I keep performing like I’ve been performing this year so far, naturally it should be OK, all good.”

“I always kind of had one-year deals, so I would naturally like to know at least for the next two years what I’m going to do.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff added that he had seen a noticeable improvement from Bottas over the first few races of the season, which he believes is vindicating the decision to keep him for 2018.

“Valtteri has been upping his game through the last races and has been very solid indeed,” said Wolff.

“And that proves us right with our decision back in the day. And having the two drivers close to each other in terms of performance levels, and equally respecting each other and racing each other fair is the best case.”

All images: Motorsport Images

What do you think of Bottas’ performances so far? On his current form, do you think Mercedes should keep him for 2019? Leave your comments below.

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“I would like to stay with this team, hopefully for a long time,” – yeah, a true winner. What if Mercedes will not be comfortably quickest team anymore? This guy is not looking for a quickest car to be a champion.


Bottas is pretty good. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t win in Baku. Even Hamilton didn’t like it I don’t think. He sure didn’t seem happy.

The first time that happens was in Spain. It might just be karma for Australia but when will Bottas get some karma?


I think Bottas is good enough to hold onto that Mercedes drive on merit. When you already have Hamilton in the other car you don’t necessarily want another virtuoso driver, you just want one who is consistently strong and always brings the car home.


I don’t think he has improved, think it was more Lewis off the boil and the gap is the same as ever. Nico said Lewis has 3 or 4 duff races a years and you’ll need to take advantage. I think Valtteris face said it all, he looked more gutted with second than he did losing the win, I think it dawned on him that Lewis might be untouchable again.


I think this is right. Bottas has shown well against Hamilton until Spain. Then the car was working and the real Hamilton showed up and he was untouchable. Hamilton doesn’t deliver that performance every single time, but we’ve yet to see Bottas perform at that level.

So I agree. It’s a bit that Bottas has improved and a bit that Hamilton has been off his stride a bit.


“As is often the case in Formula One, the results don’t tell the full story.”

So, so true. Bottas has done better over the first 5 races this year than last. With no puncture in Baku or SC in China, he would be 32 pts higher, and leading the championship. The Australia crash in Q3 has been his only notable mistake. That was bad, but not as bad as his spin out behind the SC at China 2017.

“… and having the two drivers close to each other in terms of performance levels, and equally respecting each other and racing each other fair is the best case.”

SO MUCH to extrapolate from that! 😃


He’s good and even Hamilton has put it into the wall in q3.

Hamilton winning points in over 30 races is something but it’s even time for a dnf from him.


Mt. Heidfeld has stymied many a chaser (33 consecutive finishes; 41 races consecutively classified) over the years.

Garrett Bruce

VB has clearly upped his game from the learning year and will continue to grow into the team. Best of luck going forward !

To answer a question posed below, there are plenty of folks out here who are fans of Bottas as well as many other drivers on the grid who perform quite well even if they aren’t winning all the races. They are certainly doing better jobs than those people who are nasty and critical and certainly couldn’t come close if they had an opportunity to drive on any of the teams.


I like Bottas as he is like Kimi who gets his head down and does what he needs to do when he needs to do it. No drama. Solid fast driver. However…..I would love to see Ric in the sister car to Ham….that would definitely be fireworks of the good and possibly bad kind…..So while I think Bottas has earned his 1 yr (only) extension….I would be evil and give it to Ric if he was available for the entertainment side of things. Not fair I know but alas….


To answer the question; Yes. This year though there has been no driver that has been consistently impressive. It’s easier to find drivers who has been inconsistent or not up to par with his A-game. Maybe that has to to with how close the top three teams are now, and the pressure is mounting. Of the three top team drivers so far Verstappen has been the one cracking most under that pressure. Bottas has been fairly consistent except Australia. The trouble with him might be that he drives under the radar, he don’t put in those spectacular moves most of the time. Vettel should probably lead the championship after a lucky win to start with. Under the top teams I believed that Ocon would step up his game to the next level, but it’s been the other way around. Ricciardo of course many good races. But this is also good for the sport, one can only hope it continues, and gets even closer between the teams.


Up to now, Bottas has been very consistent. Let’s see how he’s doing at the end of the year.

But I do believe he lacks that killer instinct, a bit like Rosberg imo. He’s fast, but I haven’t seen anything more than that.

I’m really hoping Danny Ric ends up at Merc next year, but if Bottas keeps on being as consistent as he is now, then that would be a little harsh on him if he loses his seat.

But at the end of the day, I do like to see the best drivers in the best cars, and I don’t think Bottas is a complete driver.

But I like him, he’s your typical Fin, very dry, amiable, and doesn’t show to much emotion.


But….maybe Danny Ric is better but there might just be a double dnf with that combo but then Hamilton might retire and Danny Ric would be in then.


DR is much better jdr !

But yes, could be to much of a handful for Merc with LH and DR. Especially now things are a lot tighter at the top end.


The last thing Hamilton wants is to have DR breathing down his neck!!!


Bottas will be in the Merc next year, I have no doubt at all. Frankly I think he is doing what is expected from him and the ‘star’ of the team seems kk with him. He was lucky to get into the team and he performs satisfactory from a Merc point of view I guess. So if he deserves it or not is really not the question here, the real question is if Merc is happy with him.


He is doing a stella job. Deserves a contrelact renewal.

Reckon they’ll keep the Hamilton and Bottas partnership for a few seasons to come.


What I think of Bottas performance so far is that he has settled in the team thanks to his work to help the team develop a car that suits his style

In 2017, Bottas had some difficult races as he was still new in the team therefore was working with a car not designed for him

The good thing about Bottas is that he is almost as strong as Rosberg in that he can score points for the team should Lewis have an off weekend

And from what I have seen, Bottas defensive skills maybe his strongest trait as he has the ability to keep faster cars behind him whilst keeping cool under the collar e.g. Kimi at China 2018, Vettel at Austria 2017 and Lewis at Abu-Dhabi 2017

Overall, I agree that Bottas should get a long contract preferably 3 years because it’s always a feel good story to see nice guys do well

Ashish Sharma

On his current form, do you think Mercedes should keep him for 2019

On his current form where he has barely matched a struggling Hamilton, the only reason Mercedes can justify keeping him is because they have now come round to a No. 1/ No. 2 driver policy ( Bottas is more a Barichello/Coulthard than a Rosberg).

It is a strange world where the only team willing to put two equal drivers in their cars and let them race is just a “soft-drinks” company.

From the outside it looks like:

Red Bull – Equal drivers + Let them race

Mercedes – No.1/No.2 drivers + Let them race

Ferrari – No.1/No.2 drivers + Better Strategy to No.1

I wonder if there are any Bottas fans on this forum. In his 5 years in Formula One, I cannot recall one drive that showed any extraordinary talent…


Where does this idea the Red Bull has a ‘let them race’ policy come from?

It was trotted out at Baku so that they could exonerate their favourite (Mad Max). Vettel was clearly No.1 when Webber was in the team. And even when the rules forbade team orders, RBR used code to stop them racing each other (remember Multi 21?)


I think Merc do let their drivers race. They certainly did when they had Hamilton and Rosberg. But letting them race is a notional thing unless they both have the pace to be racing with each other.

If you’ve got Senna in one car and Sirotkin in the other, a “let them race” policy is a very easy thing to have.

For me the main thing that Bottas proves is that Rosberg was actually pretty good.


I think this has changed post the bitterness all round between Hamilton/Rosberg/Wolff in 2016.

Mercedes now are looking for a No.2 driver (like Sirotkin as you mentioned), which is why there is so much talk about Bottas. If Mercedes has gotten on top of its tyre issues and is going to be the car to beat, I think even Hamilton fans are not going to be excited about a Hamilton vs. Bottas match-up. This does not bode well for the next two years till the rule change happens in 2021.


Bottas has been poor this season. He luckboxed into a winning position in Azerbaijan. His pace was woeful for the first 30 laps.


It’s very hard to form an opinion as to whether or not Mercedes should keep Bottas. For me he is almost invisible. By that i mean, he’s just there. Yes, he’s a very good driver and he has upped his game somewhat but, is a ‘safe; pair of hands what’s wanted? Who knows. My drivers come in a different package…I like drivers with an outgoing and adventurous spirit..Alonso, Ocon, Ricciardo and even Verstappen to a degree although he’s played dirty and that i don’t like in any driver. Bottas on the other hand is just bland and he certainly doesn’t bring any real excitement. To others he may be the greatest thing in F1 and maybe that’s what Mercedes want? If Hamilton was to up stix [extremely unlikely ] could Bottas lead the team? That is a question that is almost impossible to answer with any conviction but if i was to hazard a guess i’d say no, as IMO he lacks the dynamics of what i deem to be a team leader. I’m sure others have totally different ideas.



That’s a pretty good assessment of Bottas. In my opinion he’s an above average driver who plays it ‘safe’ and lacks a killer instinct to engage in wheel-to-wheel combat, as evidenced by failing to take on Vettel for the win in Bahrain.

Toto Wolff has made it clear that he won’t be making a decision on who pairs with Hamilton for ’19 until the summer break. I think Bottas has a bit more work to do if he wants his contract renewed. Certainly waiting in the wings are Ricciardo and Ocon should Bottas fail to impress or if he gets swamped by Hamilton as happened last year.


First of all, Bottas has made a great season so far and could be leading the championship if not for bad luck, and I think even Ham could see that they have been level if not even Bottas with the upper hand thus far. That said, Where Bottas could step up his game is too take a little more risks maybe, not to play it too safe, altough not that easy in the current situation in Merc, with contracts and all. If he is up there for the championship, there needs to be risks taken but also avoid at times, he needs feel confident he can take them, within the team and also within himself. To become a champion you really have to have the team behind you 100 % and not just 99%. I think Merc is the team where he could get that though.


Chris, I think Valterri has done a goid job this season, but describing him as being level with Lewis is a bit strong. In Australia and Spain he was clearly behind, in Bahrain he did out qualify Lewis by just under a tenth, but he was only 6 seconds ahead at the flag, despite Lewis’ five place grid drop costing more than that. China was a good race for him, and while he was unlucky in Baku, the safety car went his way and he was outqualified by Lewis. Assuming Valterri would have won in Baku without the puncture gives him an extra 25 points (and Lewis 7 fewer) which would move him ahead of Seb, but not Lewis.



There’s been a lot of media speculation as to who hold the ‘key’ to the driver market for ’19. Personally I don’t think its Danny Ricc or Alonso but your man Lewis. Why so? Cos if Lewis completely outperforms Bottas like last year AND if he beats Vettel for the WDC these two scenarios may well determine who pairs with Lewis and Vettel in ’19.


Adrian, the chat about Dan’s future seems to have died down a bit doesn’t it? I wonder if that’s because a deal has been done somewhere, or a decision won’t be made until a certain date and therefore no further discussions are taking place?

I think Valterri’s future is in his own hands, Merc have a huge amount of data on him now and will know what he is capable of. The one year extension wasn’t a ringing endorsement from Toto, and you would have thought the only reason they didn’t give him the multi year deal he clearly wanted, was because they wanted to keep their options open because they knew there were better drivers out there.

I guess the Lewis thing could go both ways, if he beats Seb again, Merc might question the need to change anything, but I still think Dan will be there next year.

I also still think that Valterri could end up at Ferrari, Leclerc is doing a great job, but as Occon is showing this year, it takes a few years for a driver to get fully up to speed in F1, and Ferrari isn’t a finishing school! If VB does go there, it will need careful handling by Ferrari. They won’t want to be seen to be taking a driver deemed not good enough for Mercedes, so they would have to announce his signing before Mercedes say anything, that way they can be seen to be headhunting a valuable Merc asset.


Spot on ol’ mate…


Nothing against Bottas, he’s doing the job he’s paid to do, but I think most fans would love to see Ric and Ham going head to head in the same car.

Bruce Flagpole

Ric and Ham would be great….but not as good as seeing Alonso and Ham in the same car once again.


I agree, even a drover’s dog would be second in the WDC in that car.

I trying hard to think where Bot will end up if Ric does take his seat… not RBR, or Fezza … maybe Macca if Alonso retires. Maybe Haas if Grosjean gets the boot.

My money is that he’ll end up in the Merc FE.. that way they don’t sack him, just promote him sideways out of sight.


Simon, I’m still hoping that happens, all the Ferrari stuff has died down a bit hasn’t it?


Spot on ol’ mate…


Actually would prefer to see Fernando and Daniel in the same car. Not really interested in Hamilton and his roving theatre. Would even welcome Will Power and Scott Dixon from Indycar. less whinging less “entitled” and more fan friendly. And way better drivers than Hamilton!!


Show me one case in history where an Indycar driver has got into an F1 car and was in contention for a win one he’s debut race?

F1 is not Indycar. both of them would lose in a Merc against ALO/HAM/VET/RIC driving a Red Bull


Show me one case in history where an Indycar driver has got into an F1 car and was in contention for a win one he’s debut race?

Jacques Villeneuve – 1996


well, there’s Jacques Villeneuve who came in F1 with a bang and nearly won the championship in 1996.


Jacques Villeneuve of course. Got pole in his first GP.

Newgarden (“Jardineuve”?) would make the best fist of it in F1, out of the current crop of Indycar drivers.


Hmm, three Antipodeans in there … wonder where david is from? 😃

I don’t believe any of the four are better than Hamilton, but Power & Dixon are not close enough to even merit a discussion. I watch Indycar, and I respect both of them, they are great Indycar drivers (would put Dixon distinctly ahead of Power), but neither of them are near the talent level of a Hamilton.


@ KRB well you made the running, cop the response. You may think the comment was ‘nutty’ but so what?


@ KRB you may think that but you cannot be too sure. I would simply say this, don’t underestimate the talents of Power and Dixon. Indy car features many road courses these days and they are both top pilots.


Hmm, I think on that one I can be pretty sure. I’ve watched all of them through loads of races. What is 100% sure is that it’s ridiculous to say that all four are “way better” than Hamilton. That is the nutty comment, and yet you’re replying to me.


Thank you for your balanced and clearly accurate comment David, it really added to a discussion on Bottas in a mature and non-childish manner.

Back to the subject. Aside from the Australia accident Bottas has been immaculate this year, and has suffered from bad luck. Why replace him?

Ricciardo is fractionally slower than Max, but did show Vettel up in their season together so I would like to see him with Hamilton. Ocon is having a stinker this year so far. Wehrlein is done. Russell needs a season in F1 first. Give Alonso a swan song in a competitive car – I’d love that, but extremely unlikely? Left field – Raikonnen, a compliant teammate who may not have other options.

So getting off the fence I’d say Bottas with another one year contract as long as continues to perform until early summer. Merc will have a Hamilton succession plan, I’m sure that’ll require a superstar, and thats not Bottas.


Time for me to make my routine evaluation of Raikkonen: He’s not as fast as his legend.

He was only just able to beat Massa at Ferrari. Every time he’s had a top notch team mate – IE Alonso or Vettel – he’s been close but no cigar.


Way better drivers than Hamilton utter rubbish. But you are entitled to your dime of nonsense 🤣


Will Power and Scott Dixon are not in anyway F1 skill level. Fernando has shown the difference in standard of Indy Drivers to F1 drivers. They are miles apart in technical ability. Going around an oval taking a left turn/curve for 500 laps is almost comical in terms of going around Monaco at blistering speed. Those who don’t make the grade end up in Indy.

Besides the strict diet alone and fitness levels would put most Indy drivers running to nearest Taco place.


Robert Wickens came in from DTM, and he’s been doing well in his rookie Indycar year. He should have won in St. Pete’s (taken out by Rossi), and would then be amongst the leading trio in the standings.


I would say Wickens is the only one out there that would do well in a F1 car test. He was on the books at one of the big teams. But lost out.

Mentioned on a DTM interview pre race few years back. Rossi was a waste of space in F1. His idiotic overtake and slip on some tarmac lines was mad. A legend in his own Laundry room.


Alonso is one case – a high profile one. Mansell went to Indy and won, but didn’t dominate. And in his second season he didn’t win a race.

I think a lot of Indy drivers are very talented race drivers who have just taken a different career path.

I do agree on preparation and intensity. This worked for Alonso in the 500. He was well prepared. Made sure he got a lot of time in the car. And in the race – remember he was being coached, and by the team boss – he was doing right all the small things that buy you fractions of a second that add up. EG in the pit stops he was stopping on his marks every time – something some drivers in F1 can’t always get right.


I think Mansell dominated in 1993. He won it with a race to spare, and that’s with having missed an earlier race.


“Will Power and Scott Dixon are not in anyway F1 skill level.”
I thought everyone here was saying F1 cars are too easy to drive now. That means that I should be able to jump into an Indy car and start winning!!


The 2018 Indycar series is held 70% of the time on road and dedicated tracks with only 5 out of 16 races held on ovals.


You do realize Indy has road courses, right? They just ran the only Indy F1 road course a little over a week ago. Power won.


Dren, you mean he beat Chilton, Bourdais and Sato? I wonder how those guys would get on in F1…..


State the obvious Dren.

Yes I realise they have road circuits and I’m afraid there not on a par with Monaco or Baku.

(I’ve watched alot of Indy Car racing & It’s rather sedentary at times).

F1 is the pinnacle. The main event.

F1 and its drivers are on a different level.

Indy car is a mish mash of half decent drivers and down right amateurs.


From what I can see Hamilton is one of the better drivers at engaging fans, even if it’s all rather cheesy and not my cup of tea. Power and Dixon ‘way’ better drivers than Hamilton?!


#david. How can you possibly say that about Lewis? I used to think he was a self centred egotistical whinging child but then I read this



It may be an old piece, but I would agree with everything Lewis said.


Jon, yeah because how they come across in interviews is clearly the most important thing when rating the drivers…..


Wow, an article from over two years ago! You really do have your finger on the pulse of F1!


@ David…It’s my guess that one of the reasons that Hamilton hasn’t signed a contract is that he possibly wants to know who will be in the other seat for the next couple of years. He wants to ensure that he doesn’t get his a$$ whupped and given the Vettel treatment! Consider this, if you put Hamilton in to the Force India car and Ocon into the Mercedes would Hamilton be so great? Would Mercedes performances suffer greatly…the same example could be made with Ricciardo. Personally i don’t see Hamilton being missed from the grid whatsoever apart from ‘the legions’ of his followers.


Most likely is that he wants to know what Merc’s plans are for 2021 and beyond. Will they commit?


@ Bobster….no, evidently he has just said in the pre race presser that the only thing holding it up is ‘i haven’t got time’ to sit down and sign it. My BS meter just went off scale!! hahaah


Oh puh-leez! kenny baby, I know you’re only saying that because it doesn’t look likely atm that Ricciardo will be going to Mercedes. I get that you’re worried that Ricciardo will be left needing to re-sign at Red Bull, and that Max will then “get all the treats”, in your words. I think he’s got a good shot at Ferrari, but we’ll see.

I don’t think any reasonable person could begrudge Bottas getting an extension. Mercedes are leading the Constructors’ standings and the drivers are 1-3 in the WDC standings. All without the drama that Rosberg felt he needed to bring, in order to destabilise his teammate.


@ KRB…Bang right on time.Yes your petticoats are showing. If you care to recall i’ve always held out that the chances of a Mercedes/Ferrari drive for DR was tenuous. Nothing new there. Yes, i don’t like the idea that he may have to re sign with Red Bull for those very reasons that i’ve stated…so what? I still don’t think he’ll go to Ferrari. The timing for one doesn’t fit the deadlines imposed. Anyway keep on looking for the edges of my posts as it seems to keep you busy.

Ashish Sharma

Consider this, if you put Hamilton in to the Force India car and Ocon into the Mercedes would Hamilton be so great

It probably would. The true differentiators of the truly great are performances in middling cars or equal conditions. While Hamilton has never raced in a B-Team (Memorable drives like Alonso in Minardi, Vettel in TR), his performance in the 2009 McLaren, the 2013 Merc and his wet racing point to the fact that he would make a difference.

Which is why it is difficult to rate Bottas highly. There is no memorable drive in the Williams that comes to mind.

I also don’t understand why you would expect Hamilton to want an equal driver in the other car, especially after the bitterness with Rosberg in 2016. From his viewpoint, Team infighting/loss-of-focus/politics has cost him 2 titles (200 and 2016), so he should want to the team to focus on him.

He has raced Alonso and Button on equal terms and if Verstappen is given the chance to mould Red Bull, I think Hamilton more than deserves to make Mercedes his team.


@ Ashish Sharma….what a load of tosh. Ricciardo for one is a totally different person to Rosberg. Why would there be any infighting? You are looking for excuses that just aren’t realistic. If Hamilton doesn’t want anyone to challenge him, that’s fair enough from his point of view, but it hardly reeks of the ‘i’ll race anyone’ mantra of times past. Hamilton is flaky, that’s why Rosberg gave him so much grief.


Fun fact – under today’s scoring system Alonso would have lost to Marques 4-1 on points (as it was he lost on countback).


More wild speculation Kenneth? It’s a good job you are always so accepting when others do the same, or you might be seen as a bit of a hypocrite…..


Yeah, I’m sure Hamilton is quaking in his boots about being paired with the latest Red Bull cast off.


Needless to say I think it will be a long time coming before I feel a fool at your hands Kenneth. I wonder which will take the longest, you getting the upper hand with me in an argument or Ricciardo winning a race on merit?


@ Andrew m….you are smarting. learn what the word ‘guess’ actually means in the English language before making such a fool of yourself. I’m not going to do it for you.


Calling me out for a lack of substance in a post responding to a post of yours where you claim to know Hamilton’s most intimate thoughts and fears is pretty special, even for you.

I will enjoy Monaco thank you, I had to miss it last year so I am looking forward to it, I am entirely nonplussed about the grid girls though.

PS Have you just discovered quotation marks or something? Your recent posts seems to be littered with them almost at random.


@ Andrew M…are you really so sure about that? Some might even say that you are ‘guessing’ because there’s not one ‘fact’ to be seen in your post? I must admit though that you do ‘derogatory’ nicely. Enjoy Monaco and the grid ladies..for a change.


Okay Kenneth…

Even for you that is some ridiculously offensive rubbish.

Come on man – the guy is the only one on the grid that has had a number of in prime world champions as team mates, one considered the greatest ever if your nuts enough to believe F1 metrics… as a rookie!

Yet you somehow come up with how he is concerned about getting beaten by team mates that are so skilled and amazing they have not managed to win a single championship and have a few lucky races wins to their name. Yes of course. He must be completely worn out worrying about such threats to his legacy.

You know, most poles in history, second most wins in history and if there is any barometer of talent, the most wet wins in history.

No doubt your going to let us know how even your teams youngest, struggling with that difficult third album, least able chap could wipe the floor with him and how he must be bricking it at the thought…

I thought better of you.


@ DrG…you do ‘conciliatory’ in fine style hahaha


Don’t worry Ken – I still love you and your blinkers..

Hope your well.


Hi there Doc. Haven;t seen you round much lately? I am deeply concerned however that you no longer hold me so highly in your esteem! You certainly know how to cut deep man hahahaha. Will i sleep less knowing this? Not one bit, however in the grand scheme of things, i hope you enjoy Monaco. Your boy, with such an illustrious record will most likely triumph despite Wolffie’s denials. If he doesn’t you’ll still be fine as you can always fall back on the ‘car’ and not the driver.


I thought better of you.

You’ll learn.


You are stirring big time Kenneth 🤣

It’s almost impossible for you not to engage with the Orange Donald Trumpish bladder rubbish spouted by some Mullet haired red necks.

I just think there’s some crack in the floor boards that overfills with swamp water that brings the critters spilling out every full moon.🐗🐷🦎🐊🐍Crawl-fish Jumbolah time 🦐🤣

🎵Get the Banjos out and the Washboard scratching and Moonshine jar whistleing 🎶


@ BKF….Good one…love the illustrations although i don’t quite follow some of them. Enjoy Monaco and the ‘grid ladies’ hahaha



You do realize that there is an art to guessing😄😄😉

We say “ bring it on” ! 👍


@ James K…..Not according to Nessim Taleb…but bring it on anyway. hahaha Your boy with the ‘corn rows and tong’ will triumph.


@Kenneth to me the best driver is known in the rain. The great equaliser. Tell me when was the last time Lewis lost a rain affected race? Did you watch Silverstone 2008 where he lapped the entire field but 2? The following car was a minute behind. Did you watch Spa 2008? A stellar drive lost only because of a rule that would be introduced the following race. Ocon is at Force India and Lewis at Mercedes for a reason. Those teams only go for the best. Messi or Ronaldo wouldn’t be winning that many trophies if they played for Swansea. But they ended up where they are because they’re the best.


@ Jean – Christophe I was going to respond but the other poster has already done that. Was 2008 the last race that you watched?



Err I think it waa 3 seasons ago Japan. Mega rain and Lewis on full wets cleared water for 4 to 5 laps then overtook Rosberg from the outside coming around the first turn at Suzuka. Coulthard stated that took some big balls to do and Lewis had planned it a few laps prior to to overtake. Lewis had been clearing water on the outside line of the l9ng straight using his wet tyres & then made the move.

Visibilty was poor and Rosberg got a shock as Lewis made the pass around him.

Also last season in Singapore after the Vettel Kimi and Max incident he drove a safe race in the wet.

Plenty of examples.


@fdrtu, which one was that from Max? Hope you don’t mean Brazil 2016 … that’s the one where Lewis was faultless, while Max was sideways near pit entry and it was almost race over for him.

Lewis has won the last 8-9 wet races that there’s been. In crazy wet qualifying at Monza last year, he was over a second up on everyone!

Silverstone 2008 was just his greatest wet weather drive, among many.


You had to go back 10 years to find a stellar wet weather drive by Hamilton? Max had one not too many months ago


As this statement by Kenneth is based on zero facts and his own warped opinion it represents trolling of the highest order.


The more outlandish the younger he gets

Lol, nice one BK. While I’m 100% convinced there is a framed portrait of an aged Tom Cruise stored in a closet somewhere (likely on the Scientologists’ main compound), it also wouldn’t surprise me if kenneth has made some sordid deal with the Interweb god to shave off some of aging’s more deleterious effects. 😀


@ BKF….You’ve no red button attached? Regarding your last line. If that’s the key to the fountain of youth i’ll be right in there like a ‘rat up a drainpipe’. Expect more in the very same vein. Anything to delay the ‘Boatman’ crossing the Styx is more than welcome in my humble abode hahaha



@ Colin B …I’m going to help you out of a tricky situation that you have placed yourself in. The key is the 4th word in the beginning, now, when that’s registered, Google the meaning of the word then stop and have a rethink. With me so far? Cool. After you’ve done this you’ll realise that we all have opinions and that in a free democratic world we have a right to express them, just like you did just now. have a nice day.


He can’t help himself Colin B.

It’s an itch he needs to scratch.

Its the classic don’t touch the red button 👉🔴.

He just has to press it😂

It gets his endorphins going 😂

The more outlandish the younger he gets👴

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