Mercedes F1 team to support Mercedes EQ Formula E assault
Posted By: Editor   |  18 May 2018   |  5:16 pm GMT  |  79 comments

Following the news that the Mercedes EQ Formula E Team will join the all-electric racing series from season six onward, Mercedes have confirmed that their new venture will be supported by their Formula One team.

The current Formula One constructors’ champions will enter the Formula E championship for the start of the 2019-2020 season (season six), joining the likes of Jaguar, Audi, BMW, and fellow season six entrants Porsche.

As things stand, a total of twelve teams will be competing in the series in the sixth season, eleven of which are confirmed as official powertrain manufacturers.

With teams given the same chassis to work with, the main competition is in the parts which are allowed to be developed such as the motor, the gearbox and the inverter.

Despite starting several years behind many of their rivals, Mercedes will be able to call on the knowledge gained from their other automotive and motorsport arms.

In the marques’ bid to be competitive straightaway, they will be able to use the knowledge gained at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in the UK, which has been responsible for delivering the hybrid power units used in their Formula One outfit.

After having huge success in developing motors and energy recovery systems for race and road cars, Mercedes HPP will now devote time to developing their own electric motors for the Formula E championship.

Alongside their technical prowess, the part of the Mercedes family which will be in charge of their trackside operations, HWA, has already been getting up to speed in Formula E.

Founded in 1998, HWA has been responsible for running the AMG Mercedes team in the DTM, and joined up with the Venturi Formula E team for the start of the 2017-2018 season to provide technical support and gain knowledge of the championship. This link-up has already seen Mercedes DTM drivers Maro Engel and Edoardo Mortara join the Venturi team and continue to get up-to-speed in the series.

With Mercedes pulling the plug on their DTM programme at the end of 2018, HWA will increase their involvement in Formula E for the 2018-2019 by fielding their own entry.

Their season five entry (which will be the first season of the second generation Formula E chassis) will be under the HWA name, and their powertrains will be supplied by Venturi.

This entry will then become the full works Mercedes team for season six, using Mercedes powertrains.

Speaking of the arsenal of expertise Mercedes can lean on prior to their entry into the championship, head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Toto Wolff said that their extensive preparation was no guarantee of success.

“The combined know-how of the Mercedes family at Affalterbach, Brixworth and Brackley provides the perfect foundations for our new Mercedes EQ Formula E Team. I cannot imagine a better combination to take on this kind of project,” said Wolff.

“Formula E is a unique series with some very specific challenges for its teams. We know the level of competition is extremely high and we will approach the challenge with energy and humility. There can be no other approach when we are up against ten competitive manufacturers, many of whom have years of experience in the series.”

All images: Motorsport Images

What do you think of the increasing number of manufacturers becoming involved in Formula E? Do you think Mercedes can replicate their Formula One success in the all-electric championship? Leave your comments below.

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Mercedes’ biggest secret revealed. Please don’t reveal oyher super secrets like Mercedes team having a daily cup of Petronas superfuel with Monster for breakfast, that they print everything in Epson to get supersecret information and they are happy because their money is safe at UBS bank


Sort of puts the lie to their attitude that they’re not interested in racing unless it’s with an overly complicated hybrid engine doesn’t it?


Apologies if someone posted this before (as I’m sure someone probably did, but I didn’t see it), but just want to highlight this vid:

Ricciardo previews the Chinese GP

Hilarious stuff! The great Scalextric track just tops it off.


Lol….nice one!


So just to set the record straight, Mercedes is in F1 now advertising their upcoming 100% electric cars since first EQ Power brandes cars coming will be 100% electric models?

So, we got hybrid F1 from Mercedes push, so they can advertise AMG V8s and V12 with it first few years and now 100% electric?

And for the record, is it true that Mercedes is also to blame for the halo desing? I read this (below) and it would really make that whole Wolff chainsaw suck-up statement quite fake if this Halo was their idea.


Last season Mercedes introduced the Halo, debuting their concept of cockpit protection.

And that, Horner says, backed the FIA even further into a corner.

“Mercedes came out with that concept (Halo) and it put the FIA in a difficult position,” he said.

“If we have an accident now and we don’t have Halo on the car, but it might have saved a life, then from a legal standpoint it will be difficult to argue why it wasn’t there if it was available.”

“That’s why we set off to have a look at the Aeroscreen to look at a more aesthetically Formula One-type introduction rather than the flip-flop you see as the Halo.

“Then out of that came the latest Shield that was quite immature but aesthetically was more pleasing than the Halo but has not had enough investment into it or enough time.

“The FIA have sort of been backed into a corner where the Halo is the only thing available to them.

He added: “My concern is that every racing formula down to karts will have to have this thing – where does it stop?

“I think that at a certain point, as a driver, you have to accept certain risks.”


Yes I read that and saw interviews where it was said Mercedes invented the halo. Who asked them to invent it is anybody’s guess. I also saw that Jean Todt has a stake in one of the three manufactures making the halo. Of course it is the one making the majority of them.


Here is a new quote…from Niki! Where does he work?

“The Halo system is the worst thing ever done to Formula One,” he said of the cockpit protection device.


Can you take anything this Toto guy says or does seriously?

I mean, Mercedes invent the halo, and here is he sucking up to the fans start of the season about how he wants to put a chainsaw to it?

About as honest as pushing F1 into Hybrids, while selling people V8 AMG cars for 3 years and then advertising upcoming 100% electrics for the next 2 of the hybrid era conveniently skipping the whole hybrid product mistake all together.

With hybrid PUs and Halos both clearly and firmly attributable to Mercedes, can we agree on this statement: “Mercedes has destroyed the DNA of Formula 1.”

You’re kidding about Todt having a stake in the halo manufacturer…surely it is a Monday joke, right J? More info please.


Stretching of the mind pool can only be a good thing.

Hopefully, eventually, this sort of thing can advance the kind of technology that the planet needs, so good on Mercedes for giving it a go.

However, there is still no safe, clean, reliable & constantly renewable way to make electricity, so Formula E is still just a novelty, as is the electric car for now.

The challenge to contain & store electricity is the holy grail, & adding more players to a technological race will accelerate the endless search for a better power cell, which is needed before any serious take up of EV’s can be considered.

But being slow & short races, with only 12 teams on tiny tracks, makes FE a bit of a side show.

Perhaps the EU can mandate all vehicle manufacturers must enter FE, so that soon we could have a decent race with 30 teams on a proper track, & then Mercedes will have a real challenge on their hands.


I have a question for those in the know re FE. I would like to know what the actual costs are for the battery that powers these ‘cars’.? Are they recyclable and how do the ’emissions’ created in making said batteries compare with those of a like for like ICE. Also what is the life of an FE battery, how many cycles can one battery withstand?. One further bit of information would be welcomed…what is the weight comparison to the ‘ICE’ mentioned above? Hope someone has some answers…..


I remember when the very first season of Fe started they did a comparison on batteries used and how many times it could be recharged and also the recycling of these batteries.

They compared it to a price household lightbulb switched on for 5 years.

Assume it’s on their website or somewhere on another site.

McNish and Franchitti explained it when they were the commentators. McNish as you know now team boss for Audi now.

The recharge on Fe batteries has come along way and next season its just one car per driver with the battery lasting the whole race. But it has its limitations, drivers will be charge saving and coasting. Pretty much like F1 cars are fuel saving on long circuits such as Spa.


Answers to those questions would be of great interest to many but I suspect are closely guarded ‘commercial secrets’!


In order:
They are recyclable
They produce around 8% of the emissions of an ICE
Each battery can withstand 9 cycles
It weighs around 72% of an ICE


with so many young drivers in their stable and only 2 f1 seats, mercedes will have another 2 seats to offload them to..


Yet will lose 6 seats for them in DTM.


F1 would be so much better if Merc left


Formula E is more of a demonstration than a sport. Let’s face it. Changing cars mid race is just one example of the series’ lack of genuine competition ( the vehicles can’t make the distance). Also, the synthetic sound track played during the event is another non- authentic characteristic which renders the entire activity only “demonstration” status.

If the boxers changed mid match, and the only sounds were artificial contact noises, as the psyseudo -combatants were not really making any hard contact , we’d have only a demonstration, not a

true sport. Authenticity, is what comprises genuine competition. True, unfettered competition is what delineates genuine sport from only demonstration. I liken Formula E to WWE type scripted- wrestling . It’s merely a contrived drama, invented soley for entertainment or demonstration purposes. In short, Formula E lacks heart.

On the marbles

Well if some tinfoil hatters here were to be believed F1 is also a scripted contrived drama….. Fe certainly isn’t all the way yet, they haven’t got everything right, but they will get more right as it goes on, and Your characterisation of it as just a demonstration rather than a “true sport” probably says more about your predjudices than it does about Fe.


They swap bikes in MotoGP too once it rains, it doesn’t make that sport a mockery.


people actually pay to watch them. without anyone watching they’d fold up pretty sharpish..


“Synthetic sound track”. You have obviously never been to a formula e event. And I mean an event , based on giving the public a great family day out.

Sorry it does not live up to your exacting standards that you apply from your armchair.


This year the cars will be able to go a full race distance.

As I said in another thread, the core challenge is to complete the race distance as fast as possible. That doesn’t change for FE.

It IS a demonstration in as much as it becomes a showcase and a development ground for electric motor technology. But then the same can be said for F1, Le Mans, WRC … the manufacturers use them for a showcase.


This year the cars will be able to go a full race distance’…At what speed?


It’s the future. And the having to change car half way through the race is gone – the gen 2 cars can now make the distance.

And the cars look amazing – they make f1 cars look very old and dull.


You do realise that the gen 2 cars are about to be released this season and can last the entire race without switching cars. Give it 5-10 years these cars will be competing with F1 and will be able to race on proper road tracks. Weather you like it or not this series WILL be serious competition to F1


Not that I particularly follow FE but it is at least a genuine competition. Is the TdF less of a competition because the riders sometimes swap a bike for another one? Music doesn’t change the competition element either. Fan boost however….


According to some people here, Mercedes are just toying with the field and can just win at will whenever they get too far behind. Maybe having to do that in two series’ at once will be their undoing?


No problem, they’ll just throw another 3,000 people at it, same as they do for F1.

Ricciardo Aficionado

I am amazed at how effectively the halo has destroyed my passion for racing. I can’t even be bothered commenting. At least it isn’t the worlds most offensive waste of money anymore. Congratulations Miss Markles wedding gown.


“…I can’t even be bothered commenting ” 😃 oh the irony

On the marbles

One has to wonder at how passing your interest was in F1 that something merely aesthetic such as the halo could “destroy your passion”‘ perhaps you should continue to watch weddings and commenting on dresses on sites devoted to such things instead? F1 History is littered with things that could drive people away, not least the questionable behaviour of some drivers and teams, or weird dictats by those controlling it, but frankly the halo is a pretty minor one, if what a car looks like is the main determinate of whether one enjoys f1 then it’s clearly the wrong activity to be watching. I myself have always found F1 cars to be pretty ugly on a purely aesthetic basis, impressive from a design point of view and exciting to watch, but ugly all the same (some much more than others)’ hence the addition of halo bothers me very litle at all. Same goes for the noise, unless you’re at the track I couldn’t care less about the engine note. What I do care about is fair exciting racing and sensible rules that guide it, oh and I don’t want anyone to die just for my entertainent so if the drivers are happy with halo than fine by me, if they don’t want it then fine by me, honestly is what it looks like really that important???


and yet to go out of your way to post comments on motor racing sites?

did you not celebrate hamilton smashing the pole record in spain?


The current Formula One constructors’ champions will enter the Formula E championship for the start of the 2019-2020 season (season six), joining the likes of Jaguar, Audi, BMW, and fellow season six entrants Porsche.

Okay James….this is getting out of hand. 🙂

Even though you didn’t write this article, it is your site, so I think any article posted here should go through you, if nothing else, than for basic approval.

In one of my previous posts (here: you’re defending your position in being neutral towards every team and not (for some reason), ignoring Renault.

Time and time again you’re proving yourself wrong.

The quote listed above (for same reason) didn’t mention Mercedes joining likes of current, and for that matter, only champions in the series so far….yes again Renault.

I don’t know why do you (or Luke Murpy) think Renault are not worth of mentioning in this article. Maybe you care to explain.


They are exiting the sport after this season…and their sister brand Nissan is coming in…

Should have mentioned Nissan though…


You won’t soon see FE racing on real tracks like Spa or Monza, it would demonstrate conclusively how useless the technology is.


But you won’t see f1 cars on exciting circuits but don’t give them good aero.

The reliance on aero’s killed any spark of interest in younger fans. There’s just no overtaking, competition or derring-do.

It’s got like soccer – i feel robbed of time after 90mins shows only a predictable result arrived at in a thoroughly dull manner.


Someone tell this Formula E lot to licence Tamiya to do RC Car versions. Kids have been asking, and…… OK, Im 45 but I want a couple too.


Would be hilarious of Tamiya sold a version with glow engine.


Formula 1 is a very expensive weekend trackside. It is extremely elitist and the general punters are kept at arms length.

Formula E is inexpensive, very family orientated and tries to be inclusive in so many ways..for example the meet the drivers area in Paris was in a public area so even those without tickets could queue up to get an autograph.

Racing wise.. F1 is better visually on TV but you need to be trackside to get all the noise especially the sound of tyres going over a saw tooth kerb at speed.

Formula E does not come across on TV but watching the racing trackside is exciting and easy to follow.

Now this year I went to Paris and have a ticket for Paul Ricard two totally different events but I can see how the electric series will continue to grow and how F1 needs to learn a bit more about how to get fans into seats.


If you go to the Canadian GP they host a free open house Thurday 09:00-12:00 for anyone who cares to go where you can walk down the pitlane and watch the mechanics work and get autographs.


I would rather watch bowling and Formula E.


@ James….This will be my third attempt to post! Are inbox alerts a thing of the past? Are they gone forever? It takes up so much time responding that it is becoming tedious. Also i asked a question re ‘team radio’ comments. Are they banned from being published and if not where do i find them. One other site used to publish but they don’t any more!!! As for FE well i’ve tried three times to watch a race and have never got past 10/15 mins. I cannot understand what people see in it. If F1 is somewhat boring what do you call FE? My daily drive is faster in a straight line than these cars.


“My daily drive is faster in a straight line than these cars.”

Impressive. The 2018 cars have an estimated top speed of 175mph plus and 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. What do you drive?


Yep, with you on this one Kenneth.

Made myself sit through the whole Rome race. It just looked slow. The track is so tight that getting tangled with other cars is pretty much guaranteed… I assume that this is deliberate to spice up the race.

The barriers are so close, there is no run off areas, advertising signs are strategically placed so there is no view of the iconic locations – sure Monaco has barrriers bordering the track but you get to see the ocean/yachts and casino sq etc.

Even they tyres on my Hyundai are wider than on FE.

Rudy says anyone can get up close to the drivers for an autograph… the surprising thing is that anyone would want the scribbles of washed up, never made it ex F1 drivers.

Overall, I rate FE up there with FFord. It’s a race, it has its challenges and own skill set, but it’s no where near equall to F1.

On the marbles

The tyres on my tractor are wider than an f1 car, what is your point? Do you judge a race cars quality by tyre width, that’s a new one on me I confess!


@ On the Marbles…. You are hot to trot aren’t you? Different examples of what some people like or conversely dislike is fine by me. It all goes into the mix. I intensely dislike the look of the Halo, I do not like the sound of these cars, I certainly don’t think that they are in any way anything other than another category amongst many. I simply don’t understand all the hoo har that is being generated. But there you go, one mans meat is etc etc etc.


@ Axel Knutt…..Yes i agree with your comments. FE may go on to become a leading series but it will always be ‘F E’. It may well be that FE replaces F1 and that is something that no one can really say with certainty. However F1 is unique and it always will be, irrespective of any other series. The push to make out that it is somehow snapping at the heels of F1 is quite ludicrous as there is no true comparison. ATM it is tedious and i find it hard to take it seriously. Yes, it will make technical advances and maybe someday it will provide even similar performance to an F1 car but it will still be F E. What FE can’t do is replicate some of the core benefits of F1. Sound is big marker…for me and i believe many many others. Listen to the soundtrack of some of the pre ‘vanilla’ engines introduced in 2014 and see just what i mean. Sorry but AFAIC FE is not on my list to be followed, i’ve tried it and i don’t like it. Best of luck to those who differ.



With you in that one Kenneth.


I have no insight on radio comments but I can imagine that F1 clamped down on it as it’s a valuable asset

Notifications will return don’t worry


@ James, thank you for the response. Things are a bit clearer. Re ‘notifications’ that can’t come quick enough. As for the ‘team radio’ comments being a valuable asset! In what way would they be valuable unless you sell them to the mainstream sites. They are the main link to what actually transpires ‘in the moment’. and shed light on the teams and their individual strategies via driver dialogue. Within a week or so so post race they would be largely irrelevant unless we are looking at a meaningful analysis of say, the Ricciardo/Verstappen crash. That incident could well have an effect on the WDC/WCC insofar as the drivers and the team lost a shedful of points. It seems strange that all of last year, LM were owners and they let the comments [selectively] be published but this year there has been zip. It’s a small point, i know, but nevertheless it is an important one. Might i suggest that you ask around and see what goes down. I would love to see JAonF1 publish these comments in tandem with your Tuesday race report.


I count this A Good Thing.

As James has pointed out in other contexts (see especially the extent to which Honda has, or hasn’t) lured engineering talent from other F1 teams. More generally, I would say that F1 partakes of equal parts incestuousness and insularity. Lots of “not invented here” syndrome coupled with “but there are only a few people who know how to invent things and they are already here.”

Pretty limited gene pool. Why not ensure survival of the sport with some diversity, with participation in other areas of motorsport from which you can pick up fresh ideas? (And before anyone says F1 has no need to learn from “lesser” series, recall that such as Ross Brawn and Adrian Newey brought a lot of expertise with them from CART and Group C to F1…).

In any case, just philosophically, and from the perspective of corporate marketing, I think this move fits with a move toward diversification by multiple teams. Ferrari, for reasons other than F1 bargaining leverage, continues to move toward factory involvement in the WEC. McLaren likewise, and their desire to return to Indianapolis remains palpable.

I say the more the merrier. F1, FE, WEC, Indycar. Let’s see someone else take up the old “Total Performance” approach that Ford did. They competed in EVERYTHING from drag racing to Indy to NASCAR to F1 to rallying and touring cars to LeMans. No company or team has tried such breadth since. And they won everywhere.

Can M-B take up that challenge? Maybe this announcement takes the first step in that direction.

Tornillo Amarillo

I was skeptical with FE and I asked at least for an awesome car… well, they made GEN2 and I really like it!

Hope they don’t use retired formula 1 drivers anymore… I would like to watch but if there are Wherleins and Massas, etc. it is non-sense, not attractive to watch a lower level of drivers or a “retirement series”.


Mercedes take Hamilton & Ricciardo to Formula E next year?


Maybe Alonso will go for the quadruple crown?


Tesla will dominate the sport, as soon as they build that circuit on Mars;))


It is very funny that Tasla is not part of this. About as funny as Toyota owning 70%+ of hybrid sales and not caring the slightest bit about being part of Hybrid F1.


They’re in WEC where they’re in a class of one this season. I’m sure they’re still burned by their last go ’round in F1.


Tesla will be used to wipe the floor by Mercedes, BMW, Audi, WV and the Japanese .

This year some of them are beginning to roll out their EV models, by 2020 they will be going in full force.

All brands that know how to build cars by the millions and will show Tesla how it is done.

On the marbles

The way Tesla’s finances are going the most likely scenario is that they get bought out by one of the big manufacturers for their technology and just become a subbrand like so many conventional manus before them…..



I know where Tesla gets their batteries. Where do you think these competitors will get theirs?

I think you underestimate Tesla. Classic mistake. It’s about the batteries. And those other guys you name just don’t have access to the type of supply that Tesla has to make 500,000+ cars.


Sebee, do you own Tesla stock or something? I have no idea which way it will go, but it’s the first time I’ve read a lot of “this could be the end” stories about Tesla. Musk is up against it, he’s constantly missing targets, QA is horrible, etc. It doesn’t look or sound good.


By the way KRB, that 600m represents 30B of revenue once backorder is clear.

Mercedes annual is what? 90? With Camry or Accord selling 500k+ a year in US alone, you think 30B of annual revenue from one model is out of the question for Tesla in a few years? You betting against Musk?


What is this, disclosure time? Figures the Treasurer would demand answers.

KRB, I tend to not hold individual company stocks, except for some that were granted. Are we good now on subject of Tesla? You’re not going to come at me with some put your money where your mouth is, are you? That would obligate me to buy F1 shares if they went back to V10 perhaps? Naaahh…I’d just support them with revenue again if they did. 🙂


So do you own Tesla stock, or no? I mean directly, not through mutual funds or the like.

$600m is a lot of money, but not for a multinational automaker.

The stock is down 28% from the end of September last year. Production is at around 3000 Model 3’s a week. So down to 200 weeks to meet the pre-orders. A plant shutdown next week won’t help.

It’s squeaky bum time for Tesla.


The guy sold $10m of flame throwers in a weekend.

Even with all the delays, there are 600,000 Model 3 worth of deposits, $600m. So those getting some press cancelling are few and far between, and easily replaced by new deposits.


Except that Tesla can’t produce 500,000 cars per year and never will. Mark this post. Tesla will enter administration in the next recession. Mark this post again.


Ahh…if I had a nickle for every time I read about how Musk will fail.

Even that hyperloop…aren’t you amazed at how far it’s come already?

Tesla will make 500,000 cars and more. Their battery infrastructure alone will underpin their finances easily. Look at how scared all the premium brands are already chasing 100% electric. No one has ever changed the car industry and captured the imagination like Tasla.

Even Formula E. Who was first? Tesla or Formula E?


So I’ll mark this post of yours, as one of many to laugh at in the near future. 🙂

Here is the fun point, even Tasla somehow fail, the change inflicted to the way we will commute in the near future would have changed the world. So, there is no way to lose here. Win-win if there ever was one.


From memory Williams made the first generations of the FE battery (200kgs) and now it’s McLaren (250 kgs). When does Tesla take over making the FE batteries? Wonder how the FE’s will go with one of Tesla S’s 540 kgs battery?


Is Tesla the VHS or the Betamax? Is it the BlueRay or HDDVD? Which way will it go?


@ Aezy…Neither. It’s the 8 track cassette.


Off topic but F1 is what matters right now. Now Merc admits they gambled on Bottas strat in Barca. It was really on the margins with the tyres. However it looked to me as a gamble to the extreme conservative end, not at the progressive or aggressive end of the spectrum. They had a bit luck with Vettel being held up also. Still Merc always seem to come up with better strats than Ferrari, no matter what direction they choose. Maybe it’s more like Ferrari screws things up. One factor , all eyes on Seb I suppose


Merc will be a mighty factor there. Formula E might not feel to exiting at the moment but in a few years they will or could be fast and furious. However quiet they will remain. If F1 and regs that are dictated by where road cars are heading, the big guns will disappear faster than oil is evaporating. Two options for a future F1, or preferably both, Make the show greater and get independent teams competitive. Furthermore make up the rules to make it happen, not for some other BS-


The irony of course is that electric PAS is banned in Formula 1, as is electric actuator controlled Active Suspension………………………

Having said that, in my experience electric power steering feels a bit vague and wooly, it lacks the sharpness and feedback of hydraulic pump PAS, and of course “feel” in terms of handling is absolutely paramount.


Well they’ve got an awesome energy recovering system. So they’ll use their F1 battery knowledge to great effect.

Just hope they don’t stick Werhlein in one of the cars.

Prefer to see someone from Formulae E filling the driver seats.


I think it is great to see so many of them showing interest even if it is starting to read like a German manufacturor’s championship. If they by then can race on better circuits, we might see this serie becoming the leading serie in the future. Marc


DFe instead of DTM 🤔

Don’t forget the Jaguar😎 (British Company owned by Indian Corporation TATA)

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