What you’ve been waiting for? F1 TV launches live streaming OTT platform
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Feb 2018   |  4:32 pm GMT  |  349 comments

Formula 1 has today confirmed that its new live streaming product – an OTT platform called F1 TV -will be online before the start of the new F1 season. Access will cost users between US$8 and US$12 a month. There will also be a non-live OTT platform at reduced fee.

Perhaps timed to co-incide with the influential Mobile World Congress event, currently taking place in Barcelona, this new online platform will take F1 direct to the fans for the first time, by-passing broadcasters, hence the name OTT (Over The Top).

For the pilot season the service will be available in Germany, France, USA, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and much of Latin America. The service will be available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Access will initially be available through desktop and web, with mobile apps and TV apps being phased in on Amazon, Apple and Android, enabling users to watch on a range of different devices at no additional cost.

Fans in the UK will not be covered by the plan and nor will those in Italy – this season F1 will be exclusively live behind a paywall on SKY TV in Ferrari’s home country and next year the same will apply in the UK.

How will F1 TV work?

According to a Formula 1 statement:

“Formula 1 fans will get commercial-free live streams of each race with multi language commentary. In addition, the service will provide exclusive access to all 20 driver on-board cameras throughout every race session. F1 TV Pro will have unique feeds not available on any other platform with the capability of multi-level personalisation.

“Subscribers will be able to choose the content they view and how and when they access it. All of practice, qualifying and races, will be offered live, along with press conferences and pre and post-race interviews. Subscribers will be able to watch live races of the main support series, the FIA Formula 2 Championship, GP3 Series and Porsche Supercup, among others.”

The cheaper F1 TV Access service will provide live race timing data and radio commentary, as well as extended highlights of each session from the race weekend. F1 is also delving into its rich video archive to provide lots of historic footage of great moments from the past.

“Live streaming video is an exciting space changing almost daily,” said F1’s head of Digital Frank Arthofer.

”F1 TV subscription products are clearly and centrally aimed at our hardest core fans, and we are firm believers that while we are bringing a new audience to the sport, we must always remain focused on delivering products and experiences that serve the most avid F1 fans.”

This is the game changer that we wrote about in 2012 when Bernie Ecclestone concluded a connectivity deal with Tata Communications (a sponsor of JA on F1.com) which provides fibre optic real time connectivity. They will provide the CDN and connectivity services to distribute F1 TV globally.

It means that F1 can have a direct relationship with its fans and once developed it can upsell the product, giving Ferrari fans access to more exclusive Ferrari content, for example. This is not something that is mentioned in the release information, but it is a natural direction to go to next, with a revenue sharing model with teams.

What do you think of this development? Would you be interested in paying $8 a month to access the F1 OTT service? Leave your comments in the section below

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Yes but I am in the UK :((((((


Yes, I’m interested for$8-12/month, it’s a no brainer.

When is it actually launching though!? Australia is coming up…

PS most of Netflix is junk and presumably F1 tv will allow more than 1 sign-on so share with a friend


So for the same money I can watch Netflix every day all month OR two F1 races??


Completely welcome it and I’d pay more than that to have proper HD feeds with the multiple views etc. Am in Australia, like many here, and am paying Foxtel about $50/month. While we get all practices and quite a bit of pre-race, the on-demand follow-up is very limited. I’d not bother with Foxtel but for F1; it’s a rubbish service for my tastes.


For die-hard F1 fans in the US, this is both encouraging and perplexing. Encouraging, because previous F1 attempts to be digitally relevant were pitifully inadequate — and this should remedy that, while catering to the hard-core fan. Perplexing, because Liberty say they want more races in the US — but they just killed the great US broadcast team of Matchett, Hobbs, and Diffey. Giving die-hard US fans the Sky feed isn’t a problem. Giving it to people who might, with the right introduction and guidance, learn to understand the sport, it’s fantastic history, and it’s level of innovation and engineering expertise — well, that’s just not going to build the fan base in the USofA. Perhaps this will play out differently as the season progresses, but I am confused by some of the mixed messages that Liberty seem to be sending…


I would pay that in Britain but it p**send me off that next year all us British fans will have to pay sky for the sports package just to watch f1. Can’t watch it any other way. Why oh why.


F1 has done an excellent job of dissuading British fans from watching and interacting with the sport. Ten years ago I watched all available races and sessions on TV, attended races regularly, subscribed to F1 magazines, bought the T-shirts and contributed (and even hosted for a time) a popular Fantasy F1 league. Over the years FoM have found new and increasingly inventive ways of persuading me not to do any of the above – TV put behind a pay-wall, racing which has become both mundane and unspectacular, even the FF1 league was sent a cease and desist letter! I have kept up to date with my Autosport subscription (online at least), I suppose old habits die hard… and of course there are other forms of motorsport whose popularity is heading in the opposite direction to F1’s.



I want to subscribe


The only way to get full f1 in the UK is to subscribe to Sky sports, which is basically football. Any deal to get F1 only is a great deal.


Sky now offer just the f1 channel for 18 quid a month.

So no football………..


which is a BS deal


This so Awesome, to believe it could actually happen this year. I have registered but have had no response as yet from the F1 TV Pro gurus. I am very happy about this. I watched a lot of the 24 of Daytona this year from the in car cameras. It was very good to watch , switch view and watch from a different car. It is just fitting that the Tops in Racing Sports should have the Tops in access to content for the Fans. Thank you



Sure would. Coverage has sucked since the major networks took over.


It’s a shame it’s taken them so long to do this, and frustrating that we aren’t going to get it in the UK for several more years. Until OTT comes through, I’m either going to stick to highlights (if they’re still available FTA), use a portable dish to get the RTL coverage or look into some kind of illegal streaming setup. It’s not just the money, although that is a lot considering I won’t watch much other sport. The issue for me is that the Sky is a badly managed company with terrible customer service and shoddy customer-side infrastructure they demand you to pay to fix when it goes wrong. Not only is Virgin a lot cheaper, but their customer experience is much better. The services are far more reliable and they own the equipment, so you aren’t liable when it breaks.

And of course, all that’s before you get to the political ramifications of giving money to the Murdoch’s. Sorry, F1, but you’ve hitched your wagon to the wrong horse in the UK and I think you’re going to suffer for it.


I would buy it. I now pay a lot more for a Malaysian cable subscription of 200 channels and I only want F1. The service is flakey and full of adds, so I would be a certain starter.


For the first time I watched a big fight live streamed but can’t stop and back up to re-watch bits nor record to watch again. What I’m getting up at 4am to watch? I’ve got a bad feeling that I’m not going to like this but hope I’m wrong. Been a race fan over sixty years now including a trip from US to Brands in 1984.


and as per usual, Australia gets bupkiss ….!!!!!


Does anyone know if the F1 TV Access highlights will be available in the UK at launch?


They have missed a trick in the UK. I would happily pay their subscription for this but I won’t pay a penny to Sky so from next year I won’t be watching F1 anymore and probably won’t attend any more races as I will be out of touch with it all. It has been a great 30+ years but all good things must come to an end.


Couldn’t agree more. There’s a whole world of motor sport out there, F1 has done me a huge favour.


I feel exactly the same way…they keep wondering why interest in F1 is dying is because it’s not free to air live…Don’t they realise that by making it free and thus building a considerably larger (& younger fan base) that they would probably make more money through merchandising, advertising & actual race attendance….makes me SO damn cross…I’ve been watching F1 since I was 7 and am now 52. 🙁


I dont understand in a world where is it so easy to fake your computer location, why you simply couldn’t purchase this option regardless of where you live. Just like you watch the iPlayer when your ‘on vacation’ from the UK.


Compared to what we spent for a race weekend at COTA it’s pretty economical.


“All of practice, qualifying and races, will be offered live…, + “…live races of the main support series, the FIA Formula 2 Championship, GP3 Series and Porsche Supercup…”,

I wonder what the total monthly tab will be for the typical F1 consumer who cannot go without practice and qualy. Being an F2 fan, I bet that is extra perhaps as well. I see they use the word “upsell” in their communiqué.


Definitely interested but what about the African and Asian markets?


Definitely be interested but what about the African and Asian markets?


I would, not the live streaming firstly because my internet connection is terrible….secondly because of the timing of the races (I’m in Australia). All I want is to be able to do is download a decent broadcast of the race, with or without extra features, and no ads. I’d happily pay a modest fee for that. It beats paying for Sky or similar where I get 100 channels I don’t want


Nothing wrong with the timing of the races in Australia mate with most of the main ones being late on a Sunday evening. Sitting back at 10pm beats losing out on a whole afternoon, its perfect timing…oh except that F1 sold out to Sky (Thanks to the poison dwarf) and we don’t have it on FTA anymore…but at least the V8 cars are shaping up for a good season


And it is 11pm now


Great news to have another way to get coverage of f1 BUT NOT THROUGH SKY!!!

Thet have too much power already. We want direct access to f1 like other countries.


Even is F1 worked out a deal with Sky in the UK to ‘upsell’ the OTT package, logic would suggest that it would still be only available to SkyF1 customers, thus would not become available to a mainstream audience until 2025 at the earliest, once the current broadcast deal expires.

I guess I have two (open) questions.

1. What could an interim package look like? Surely, Sky will not agree to a cut of the F1 OTT service if it were opened up to the whole of market as they will cannibalise their own subscription (and advertising revenue) base, for a lower margin.

2. Between the end of 2018, when the terrestrial sharing deal expires, and the end of 2024 when the Sky deal expires what will happen to the popularity of F1 in the UK? Can F1 wait until 2025 to allow unfettered access to the OTT service in the UK.

A lot can happen in F1 (and usually does as Murray used to say), but the commercial reality is that Sky is in the driving seat for the next 5 years – a lot will depend on the FTA arrangements from 2019.

That said, one live race a year is unlikely to cut it with a large number of fans apparently willing to walk away from F1 due to the current model…


No Asia. Way to go F1 :/

Surely OTT format is most effective for niche audiences in large areas.


Australia PLEASE!



James when do you think it will be available in australia if at all


No idea. Best to email F1 on their FAQ page


No idea. Best to email F1


Yep . I would pay 10usd pm for a full access service. As long as I could watch a full replay on a Monday or Tuesday for ‘other side of the world’ races. Full on-board and audio options would sweeten the deal.


This is completely ridiculous!! Take my Canadian money!! Oh wait you wont because we’re not eligible. VPN here I come.


I just read they will make sure VPN won´t work. I´m cancelling my swedish satellite today and i´m out after all these years.


So I can register in Grenada but not canada…wtf?


I will pay it for sure, that is if us Aussie’s can get it. I’m paying $50 per month for Foxtel just so I can watch f1.


This would be worth the monthly cost to avoid poorly timed commercial breaks that NBC pulled on race coverage, and get good support race coverage too.


It will be near impossible to prevent true enthusiasts in the UK and Italy from viewing this interesting new streaming service. Readily-available apps are available to get round geographical restrictions imposed because of the short-sighted stitch-up Bernie signed with Sky.

I predict it will be very successful.

However, sponsors are going to be up in arms when they see the catastrophic drop in the television audience in F1’s two most enthusiastic countries.


Bloomberg news……”Comcast make bid for SKY TV”

……cue Americans offering sympathy.


All those who have mentioned VPN’s (Australians for example) you can forget it. With some new super duper tech, thry’re going to block them. Us in the UK of course, will just “follow orders” and not even try to circumvent the block. (Yeah, right). This’ll keep the hacker boys happy and they will come up with a solution quicker than you think. It’s a challenge..


I would pay the proposed $8 for sure if it gave me F1, F2 & F3 coverage and all on-board cameras, as long as I can record the race coverage or access it later when I’m (often) not able to watch it live.


Me too. Very happy to pay that as it’s pretty much what I begged for in a rant on here a couple of years ago.

Just hope you can roam countries with it, seems like you should be able to except for UK Italy etc with exclusive paywall deals (while they last) .

Also with catch-up mode I hope u can still select timing screens etc. As like you I don’t often get to watch them live.

Sounds like great progress.

I wonder what the journos make of it? Is it a threat to the large number of commentary teams or an opportunity?


I’m not at all sure that’s a reasonable expectation for just $8 per month. Some of us have to pay that daily over a Grand Prix weekend and I can’t see that Liberty would let all that out so cheaply, but good luck with the aspiration.


This is a fair price that I would happily pay, particularly if available when visiting other regions. When it eventually comes to the UK it will be too late for me and I suspect others.


lots of magic solutions an wishful thinking on what could be done in the uk but nobody shells out that sort of cash and then meekly looks on as people try various wizard plans and schemes to get around it. Especially when they blab it all out

on the internet 2 minutes later.

The only scenario that would make sense is sky deciding like the bbc that they want out of the deal but they would then lose all the F1 subscribers to their dish based circus of excess.

Obviously bbc didn’t give a monkeys about losing f1 as they gobble up your tv licence money whatever hidious skeleton is exposed from the past.

So its very not going to happen.


It strikes me as comical that the German comment will be taken from RTL, as RTL is probably the most hated and most hated comment on the German speaking TV (and this was not for Lauda or Danner, but mainly because of Florian König, Kai Ebel and Heiko Wasser). When the it was announced that there will be a new TV feed hopes were high that they would get Marc Surer from Sky for example. But they chose to send the German Muppet Show instead. Huge letdown. Charging money for RTL is like your target group were people who pay to get whipped by ugly fat warted women wearing brown wool socks and plastic kitchen aprons from the 70s with a flower print. There might actually people who like it, but they’re masochistic by nature.


Tor those who don’t understand German, I took the liberty to translate some reactions from the German audience:


Comment coming from RTL? Hardly laughed so much.

They can’t be serious, can they? Before I do this to myself I prefer drinking gasoline directly from the pump! […]

Pay extra, so Danner explains the undercut to me every race and his two sunbed-colleagues tell me about Hamilton’s dog’s birthday?

Bummer! I hoped for Jacques Schulz. So you create such a good concept and think so little about the fact that the commentators are extremely important for Formula 1 races. I’m sure had they informed themselves, they would have made a big detour around Christian Danner and Heiko Wasser.

Oh boy, the credit card was already pulled. But with RTL commentary? WHY? If I want to listen to them, I can watch RTL anyway and each commercial is a relaxing break compared to this nonsense […] Boys, that won’t work out this way. How about Surer and Schulz or Roos? I’ll miss Tanja too.. 🙁

Paying extra is for avoiding ads. I hope you can mute the commentary.


James, I requests…no scratch that I demand a Snow Day F1 Testing Report with the day’s best snow photos.

As hideous as these halos are, I don’t think I ever recall a testing day with snow around the track. We need a slide show and some top photographs of the day please.


Not even back in the V10 days Sebee?


Yeah, turns out only V10s and V8s faced the snow.

PUs, too scared to face the snow. No photos of them on the track with snow around. 🙂





Thank you very much!


About time, this would be great. I hope they get good commentators however, Martin and co. on Sky F1 are excellent imo – good insight, no bs or OTT dramatics (ie. David Valsecchi style)


F1’s director of digital and new business Frank Arthofer said they would block VPN Access and Sky could “upsell” the product in the UK. I interpret that as saying ‘Sky could give this to their customers and charge extra for it!

“In the markets where we haven’t carved the [digital] rights out, like the UK as an example, we’re very open to working with our partners to consider a path to up-selling this product to our broadcast partners’ customer base,”


Absolutely! I already watch other sports the same way. NHL. American television coverage is not the best, David jobs and Steve Matchett were great, but after that it’s just unintelligent noise and verbal diarrhea. Hopefully OTT will be intellectual versus “the show” what happened to pure racing! Treat the customer as educated not as an empty vessel. We have been watching, reading, researching, understanding for years. If people have not, they will catch up, but to talk about Lewis Hamilton’s dog, drivers social media, …..yawn.

If OTT is not very good, switch it off!


As a F1 fan of 30 years, I am willing to pay them $10/month, but it seems like they don’t want my money. Foxtel is not getting a single cent from me, let alone $60/month. I had missed very few races over the last 30 years, until the last couple of years. Free streaming options are too painful to watch,so I most like won’t bother watching any of the races at all from now on.


James please ask F1 management to make it available for Southern Africa (Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique etc.)

We suffer enough already down here!

Thank you!


James, will it be available to UK residents while they are “visiting” one of the covered territories? If a VPN connection to The States gets around the restrictions, this could be a great option for replacing my SKY account at a quarter of the price!


With a small person in tow and an outdoors lifestyle, I rarely get to sit and watch the races these days so it makes no odds to me. Usually, it’s Radio 5 Live to the rescue and actually, the tension/action comes across well.


And on the radio you don’t have to put up with the thong. Also I assume the sound of the PUs is not as audible.

Funny (translation: tragic) how what was once the most visual and aural sporting experience in the world is now more suited to the radio.


I absolutely would subscribe. I’d use a VPN to bypass the UK restriction and say goodbye to Sky TV. F1 was the only reason I stayed with them.


Bring it to Australia STAT!


Yes i would love to pay for it, is it true the UK won’t have it until 2025?


Neither Liberty nor FIA will ever get my money again until HALO is gone, engine grid penalties are gone, turbos and hybrid is gone, fuel flow restrictions are gone, tires last more than 3 laps. I have had it with lousy reading, stupid busy front wings preventing close following. After 35 years I am done with F1, and no streaming or TV service of any kind at any cost can get me to watch. Goodbye F1


Yes please


This news is arousing


Will the UK version use the Sky F1 commentary?


James, do you think there will come a day when on F1 TV you’ll be able to almost direct your own coverage of the race, selecting which track-side camera you watch from when you want?

Another cool thing would be to select any trackside camera and then command F1 TV to follow that car/battle – so that it automatically switches to the next cameras along the circuit based on a pre-programmed setting whereby it knows how long cars spend on each section of the circuit.


F1+ Tata using white labeled version of Syntonic CSP 🙂


This is good news and the price point if perfect. I really hope the trial goes well as we need it in the UK by 2019 so we can still watch it without paying the Murdoch Empire


I am hoping that the 80% reduction in the UK audience when the ill judged Sky exclusive deal comes in in 2019, will be a sufficient wake up for Liberty to find a loophole and offer the OTT package in the UK and Italy. We await the eruptions In Italy when the season starts.

Also of course Sky will have a new owner very soon, either Fox or Comcast.


This is brilliant. A great sign of things to come I hope. And the fact you have all the support races live is the icing on the cake


This sounds excellent! Absolutely happy to pay $8 per month for that access.


Excellent!! Shame it’s not available in my country yet but I’ll be patient. This is great news.


This is good news, more options are always good. It might not be something for everyone in the beginning but the technology is there already to have it available in every country. It can be broadcasted at the most important languages, and for those that can’t speak them can remain with their local options. The technology is also available to have the capability to see what you want when you want, making the timing of the race irrelevant. Pricing looks fine 8 dollars per month, given that we have 8 months of races sounds very reasonable. Multi platform support is also critical, I can imagine myself watching the streaming via smart TV capabilities while checking race timing in my tablet. A final point is that it can allow for a better alignment between sponsors, teams and broadcasting.


And get Cromecast to stream it to your main TV


Yes! I’ve wanted this kind of access since the late 90’s. I’m super happy. (:


Dissapointing Australia isn’t getting this straight up. The pay tv arrangement here is too much given its literally only use it for F1. This is the solution I’ve been waiting for


Google VPN services. 🙂


VPN services( almost all) are not completely invulnerable. It all depends on whether F1 management will choose to keep a blind eye on the VPN usage.


I wonder if a VPN will solve our problems…


About time.


Any plans to make this service available in South Aftica?


Hallelujah! Finally they have decided to do what MotoGP/Dorna have done. The product that MGP offers is fantastic and well worth the money. I am fully invested in watching the ugly thong cars drive around in a parade if it means full access with no commercials.


Australia not on the list…. renewing that VPN service now 😉


This is an essential step in the right direction!! Well done F1 and Liberty. Any news on access in Australia???


Hi James, any insight as to Liberty’s plan for countries where PayTV providers currently hold the rights? Are Liberty looking to walk away when those current deals expire and move everyone to this new platform? Do they make more money this way or through the archaic deals like we see in Australia with Foxtel?

Have to be honest and say I was a little disappointed to see that your article did not mention Australia at all, given your previous involvements in the Ten/One coverage.


There’s no information at this stage regarding Australia

It looks from the outside as though there is a non compete against the paywall rights holders as it says in the article

But I’ll find out more in the coming weeks

thomas adelaide

Thanks James, that would be just great.

Any news on your involvement in coverage/commentary?


seriously, halo is so ridiculous…I really dont see how f1 can be termed sexy anymore..its insane they went that way!


Grow up, if you worry about cars not being “sexy” then you should possibly consider seeing a therapist. If you want sexy, watch babestation, f1 is motor racing.


Been waiting for this for so long! US coverage has always been interrupted by too many ads and a certain amount of switching channels from race to race. $10 per month is a no-brainer!

Hope the excellent Will Buxton will appear on the team.


I will gladly pay the money if it means i can get the sound of the car without having to listen to David Hobbes.


I was wondering if this was an option on this new service. Just F1 sounds of the track, commentary off. Is it?

I always wanted this when V10s and even V8s were here. Sometimes the commentary feed would get lost during transmission and you’d get the treat of just engine and track sound. It’s a little less desirable now with PUs, but it would be a nice option.


Just shut up and take my money finally something I can watch on line in public


A few things strike me:

* It never ceases to astound me how many people jump to comments without reading the article fully.

* Folks, this is a pilot, they’re trialling it to see if it works. If it does then they’ll roll it out as and when broadcast deals and economics allow.

* Whilst the concept of being able to select your own vision is theoretically awesome, 99.98% of the time I want the curated version. If I ever want to look at something specific, it will usually be to go back and look at a specific incident in forensic detail, but the F1 website has been pretty good since LM took control at providing the edited highlights of incidents in the day or two after the race.

* I’m in Australia and I’d love to cut the Foxtel cord because I pretty much only use it for F1 these days.

* People seem to forget that as much as they want F1 to be a sport, it is a business that needs to have an economic argument to exist. This applies to both the teams and LM. LM is trying to figure out where they can make maximum revenue and how they ensure the financial wellbeing of the teams. Is it by closing the windows behind a paywall that someone pays a lot of money for, or is it by opening it up and hoping it increases eyeballs and revenue?

No one knows the answer yet, and LM is experimenting. You can see it happening with sports rights around the globe as the web and streaming take hold, and advertisers desperately try and figure out how to get the attention of a new generation who flip through content at an alarming rate without ever absorbing anything (source: I have an 18 and 15yo at home).

By putting things behind a paywall, Bernie guaranteed revenue for F1, and transferred risk to the PayTV providers, but if that risk doesn’t pay off, then it’s only a short term win.

I genuinely think that LM has arrived at the right time and that they have as good a chance as any of figuring out the best way forward. That doesn’t mean they will succeed (and they’ll most certainly make mistakes along the way), but it’s not exactly an easy problem to solve.

* As a side note, the delayed start to races is a pure economic issue, which is why even though it negatively impacts me (11pm race starts!!), I’m not grumbling because I understand.


The race starts change are B.S. peak F1 in early 2000s happened with 1pm local fixed race start time always, and more people then ever watched. It’s not race start time that are an issue but the product F1 puts on the track.

Hey, since that Singapore accident is in this article again and you say you do forensic review of video, did you see that precise double left steering input by Max after Kimi’s front right passes him and gives him necessary width reference? What did you think of the anchor move Max put on Kimi? 🙂


Revenue was presumably guaranteed to f1regardless of paywall, because someone was paying to show it, wether it was a free to air broadcaster or a subscription service. All bernie did by giving for example sky exclusive rights was guarantee more money because sky paid through the nose for it. However in th uk at least one has to question at what cost to f1? It has been free to air here for over three decades, how many viewers will be lost, and more critcally, how many viewers will it fail to gain in the future, and what impact will have on general interest in f1 and on people wanting to get involved in the industry. F1 is an important part of the uk motorsport ibdustry and the uk is important to f1 bernies deal has done nobody any favours except sky shareholders, 40percent of whom are the murdochs.


The UK audience is predicted to drop to between 10% and 20% of its former FTA level.

F1 Team Sponsors will really kick off when they see an audience reduced to such miniscule levels.


Take all my money. Give me this now.


I would say this too – but in a typical case of my home country being blocked from accessing the stream, I meet this proposal with haughty derision.


Jolly good show Nigel! I’m with you the way. We’ll show them, what? By the way, I’m guessing you may not be Italian 😉


I don’t see why it is available in the United States and not slightly further north here in Canada. I’d love this service.


It has to do with TV deals, the crap viewing figures in US (often Canada figures match or pass US from what I’ve seen) and that’s with 10% of the population. Bell owns 80% of TSN and RDS, and the ESPN guys at 20% won’t have as much say here. But if F1 manages to find a way to give a cut to Bell of the OTT in Canada, they will bring it. As usual it’s the consumer who gets screwed either way.


I’m not happy it’s not available in Australia too!!! I guess Liberty is also trying to increase the US market.


Canada gets the bum deal again. There’s not much if anything that would get me South of the border. But…


I believe fans in the UK have a “bummer” deal, and seeing how 3/4 of F1 logistics are based here motivating one of the traditionally strongestF1 fanbases anywhere, I think the existence of such a stream and the subsequent denial of access, plus being firmly behind a paywall, will break the back of F1 as a TV sport for British fans. Worse, it may eventually help dismantle one of the few industries we’re actually quite good at..Was it ever thus..


I guess the tsn/rds contract must have conditions not allowing the new service. I would certainly try it.


Bell has a way of sticking it’s nose into crazy exclusivity contracts, (I’m looking at you HBO) so I wouldn’t be surprised if Bell comes up with some new way to control any F1 streaming in Canada.


The price is very reasonable to me. What I will miss is the studio team from NBC. There was a lot of humor, good info and it was like watching it with old friends. As boring as some races can be they made it fun.


They never said who the announce team would be for the US Market now did they?


$10AU is a good price.


Finally. This is what F1 needs.

Soon as it’s available in Australia I’ll be subscribing, if they don’t bring it here…well I’ll continue to not watch it on Pay TV.


The Foxtel deal will be the reason it’s not available in Australia.


Absolutely. I refuse to pay $55 a month (with minimum subscription of 2 years) or whatever it is to Foxtel for a whole bunch of crap I have no interest in. The Foxtel business model has surely had its day. The likes of Netflix and Stan have clearly shown the way and given people the choice they deserve and the means to opt in and out as they see fit. Murdoch has been holding the public to ransom for far too long with his monopolisation of media outlets.


I’d be a customer in Germany but I really need an app for Amazon FireTV


Dear Liberty, I should add: I’d be a customer but only without the halo. With the halo, the RTL broadcast is good enough for me regardless of ads


I would definitely be interested in paying $8 a month. I’m not interested in paying the amount Sky want for access to F1 next year.

But sadly it’s more likely I won’t watch F1 next year as it will cost more than I’m prepared to pay.


James, do you think there will be more countries added soon? Sounds good & much better value than sky. I don’t have sky but don’t know what I’ll do in 2019 if it’s all that is available here. It’s around 60 euro a month, which I really can’t justify to watch the F1 (& I don’t even like their coverage!)


Sky saw this coming, hence they locked out streaming rights in the UK, which makes business sense for them. If the new F1 service is turns out to be very lucrative then Liberty may not renew Sky’s deal.


If it is broadcast via Internet, there must be a way for UK residents to gain access, i.e. sign up as a resident somewhere else…..?

BTW I won’t pay Murdoch / SKY !



Perhaps not, but Sky have the F1 rights until 2024, so we aren’t going to see this rolled out anytime soon in the UK unless someone is prepared to give Sky a bunch of cash by way of compensation.


As a British expat living in the USA this is great news! If I can get sky commentary high quality feed for that price then sign me up yesterday!


It looks promising, and I hope I’ll be able to try it out whenever I’m travelling in one of those countries. When I’m at home in the UK I’d be happy to have any alternative to Sky’s ‘Crofty’, so I hope F1 comes up with a commercial solution that gives us a choice of the two platforms. Why should we be stuck with a substandard offering?

The other issue is, if the live stream isn’t an app (yet), will it still be possible to have live timing on an app? I would find F1 utterly boring to watch without live timing and other input (such as tyre allocations) into strategy. I’m OK with that information being on different screens or devices, but I want to be able to synchronise it.


I need this today! NBCUniversal lost their contract for US coverage at end of 2017. F1 is now on ESPN/ABC broadcasting the SKY coverage for 2018. However I don’t have access to ESPN/ABC so I’m screwed! I haven’t missed a race since the start of 2009 season, and only missed a handful of FP/Q sessions in that time.


Yes I will pay this fee to circumvent all the rubbish that I don’t want to pay Sky the privilege to afford.


I will not pay a cent to watch F1 until it gets rid of the thong, and until it disassociates itself from the pseudo-green movement founded by liars and sheysters such as Al Gore.

Also I want the grid girls back, not because I particularly need them there, but purely on the principal that pathological man-hating movements such as feminism should have no influence on anything due to the fact that pathology should be neither celebrated nor deffered to.


Grrrr….its not like the old days is it?!



I stand with you. $0 until F1 gets back to what it needs to be. Engine modes have to go! Sound needs to come back. Halos…oh boy, there is no way to get around the ugliness.


Good man LukeC…..

The revolution will not be televised…..rather it will live streamed and available to view on multiple devices using an app.


And the number of subscribers will never be shared, because…well, I have a feeling it will be counted in maybe tens of thousands at most, most likely not even in tens but just in thousands.

Let’s do some math!

I would so like to hear how many subscribers are on it in US. Especially since cable box/pvr penetration is so deep, and ESPN offers time shift. Meaning, the only people they will capture here are die-hard fans in US.

Consider this – average viewing figures in US per GP are like 300,000 viewers range. FYI – NBC Sports penetration is 72%+ in US, and 84,000,000 homes have it. Let’s ignore average home occupancy, and even assume that each home has 1 person because we don’t know how many people in each home sit on the sofa while F1 is played, we’re talking about 0.36% of those who have access to F1, watch it. So what do you expect? Best case scenario 10% of those viewers/those few who don’t have cable in US subscribe to the F1 OTT, 30,000 subscriptions. At $10 USD average ($8-12 will be monthly cost), $300,000 USD per month. 3M per year. Nice, but in world of F1, that’s chump change. And remember, that bandwidth is not free. There will be costs to deliver this content to the subscribers.

Do you see now why Bernie didn’t bother and left it up to the TV networks to deal with web streaming in their regions?


Are they going to be bundling this with amazon prime?


Such a shame that Sky have this stranglehold over UK coverage. I’d definitely subscribe to this and I’ll never pay for Sky.

Hopefully the fact that Liberty will reap the rewards of this platform mean that they won’t be so keen to do any more exclusive deals in the future. In the meantime F1 slips further and further away from public consciousness.


Unbelievable – Bernie Ecclestone’s Sky deal has ruined the chances for Fans in Italy and the UK – I’m thinking that after this year I’m going to have to have a break from F1, as I will NOT give my money to Sky…


Bernie’s last 10 years were more harmful to F1 in my view than positive. Having said that, this is a much more affordable option for a lot of us. That’s a step forward I would’ve thought.


Deffinitely interested if this service could be made available in the Uk as keen F1 follower but not of Sky!! Seems unfair that F1 Uk fans are excluded from this deal!!


All races (including support races) on demand and you have yourself a subscriber as soon as available in the UK.


Wait, WHAT? US, Mexico and most of South/Latin America but NOT CANADA? WHY? It can’t possibly be such a technical or logistical challenge to offer the service here. I understand that expanding the US interest and fan base is a priority, but why exclude a country that’s its neighbor and already has a larger per-capita fan base?

Been waiting over a decade for a streaming service only to find our we’re excluded… This is such BS


Read the headline. Great news! Oh no hang on. I’m in Canada. Gave up on cable years ago. So looks like another year trying to find it on you tube before it gets blocked


“F1 TV subscription products are clearly and centrally aimed at our hardest core fans“

But if the only way of watching any live content what so ever is by subscribing to those products, how will new fans connect with the sport? This is clearly good news for the vast majority of us here but the paywall is a debate we’re going to be having for a long time. I see no mention of Spain, where i live, here. I can imagine that Sky, Movistar and Vodafone etc will have something to say about this when contract renewal time comes up. I would imagine that these conversations have all been had already and Liberty have done their sums. If anyone from Liberty is reading, may I suggest that they allow the app to connect to Google Cromecast/Apple TV etc so that we can watch it on our TVs?


If it was available in the UK 2019 season I would definitely use this service rather than paying money to Sky. I do not think I would pay for every live race (early morning starts etc) .


$8 per month is a reasonable cost and I would not hesitate on that price, however I DO NOT want to watch F1 on my computer nor tablet nor phone. I want to watch on my TV with a big screen and big speakers and a comfy chair. I am looking forward to the SKY coverage on ESPN (US), but my biggest F1 fear is that we will eventually lose quality (pay) broadcast because they think we all want to watch on alternative devices.


Cast your phone or PC to your TV and you’ll be sorted.


All modern large screen TVs have a web browser and app store connected, so expect we can either stream directly from their webserver hosting this service or you will have a small app you download to watch it through.
Actually, I would enjoy to have several of my screens sat up just next to each other, so as to enable one with the overview picture of the race leaders, while at the same time have a couple of screens next to with pilot views from e.g. Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen POV cam feeds!


If you gave a farly new TV you can connect it to your computer via the HDMI port.


New TVs have their own Ethernet line with both a web browser and app store directly. No need for HDMI connection to a PC. You want to keep your PC as second screen with a separate feed! ;o)


@BPG – If the kids, or you, have a PS4, then hey presto, instant smart tv!


Agreed John- I have a 65 inch TV to watch F1, not a laptop. As long as both have a HDMI connection and the coverage is good quality just hook up the laptop to the TV and its all good.

I have noticed some negative comments on Sky, I actually like it, but its the option I have so have no choice.


Why not stream it from your device to your TV?


@MartinW – because I bought it just before the smart TV’s come out- I need one of the kids to smash it ‘accidently’ so I can get a new one- I think the boy will do it for $20 lol …… unless I am missing a better way to stream it with out a smart TV?? (I am not great here- any help appreciated)


I think …… this is what I have been waiting for.


At last! I’m interested to see how strongly they police the national boundaries. Also it is ridiculous to only launch with a desktop version. The whole point is to have it on mobile platforms. Still, baby steps and all that. I’ll take it, especially as I didn’t expect them to get anything sorted for this season.


It might work at home on good wi fi (until you get bandwidth limited) but if you had to stream this with 4G you night run out of data mid race! Also public Wi-Fi is not always fast enough for good streaming. With have a dozen F1 fans in your average Starbucks coffee shop on the free wifi things could grind to a halt!


THIS is why Liberty spent all of that money to buy F1…I was already working on my cord-cutter setup before this announcement. Having this option makes the choice of a streaming service for the other TV channels much easier. Here comes the future…


What about Australia , if you going to do it make it available to all


Feel your pain mate.


Agreed, I hate having to pay a minimum of $50 a month for foxtel when all I want to watch is F1.


It’s not like they aren’t trying to get it everywhere. You can’t just rip up existing broadcast rights contracts.


Foxtel deal will be preventing it in the short term I’m sure.


Agreed – International shafting aside, how many will bother with it once we’ve already missed a season or two?

Regardless, just from reading what James wrote, when (and if) we do get it it’s either live or highlights. Will there be no option to record a full race and/or stream it later?


The only thing keeping me with sky is the f1 and £12 quid is a lot, LOT cheaper. Bye bye sky as soon as I can get it in the UK.


Engage sarcasm mode:

Ahhh sounds good, but with Sky you pay a massive price for quality production, like in their first programme of the year, a short testing overview which kept cutting out with a ‘Sorry for the Fault’ message, had no nationality for Hartley unless he disavowed his country, and has Ericsson driving for Williams… you pay for what you get with Sky…

Actually £5 per race weekend would be a fair price and a better starting point if Liberty are serious about growing the audience… otherwise will people bother paying when they already get loads of stuff for their whole family for a lot less from Spotify/Amazon Prime/Netflix etc.


I actually think that they tried to sell it to netflix and this whole thing is an evaluation of the market value of the streaming after netflix refuse to pay their asking price.

After all, Liberty think F1 is worth as much as Netflix or Amazon service each month, and when looked at in this way, I think we can agree, it certainly isn’t worth that much. Especially considering there is really just 2 hours of new content every 2 weeks. The rest is just a trailer for that 2 hours.


Sky F1 struggle like a ’15, ’16, ’17 Honda in first test… £40 please.


That would be 2025 then… a long wait..


James, having seen that Martini have decided to discontinue their sponsorship with Williams at the end of 2018, do you think there is a link between this and the shift to pay TV? I can certainly understand why the company wish to move away from F1, as at the rate things are going, there’ll be hardly any viewers seeing their logo on the cars anyways.


How much screen time do you think Martini got with their Williams in focus during the entire 2017 season?
Not much and therefore questionable value versus the money they poured into Williams. Both McLaren and Williams are not top teams anymore and can therefore not command the high sponsorship fees they used to.


More that the performance isn’t there, and Williams seemingly ignored them by putting Sirotkin in there rather than a driver over 25, which Martini wanted for promotional purposes.

If they were smart, Sauber should go after Martini and put Kubica in the car in place of Ericsson, use him as a mentor for the Ferrari Young Drivers they’ll use and bring back the Alfa Romeo-Martini partnership of old


Could it be Liberty removing the pretty girls thing that Martini doesn’t go with…


Haha genuinely wouldn’t surprise me.


I mean I doubt Martini think they’re terribly sexist or anti-feminist by promoting and associating smartly dressed pretty girls with their drink, like Liberty do.

Are Liberty thinking of banning all those girls who interview the drivers from Italian or Spanish TV, Has Natalie Pinkham been discouraged from SkyF1, have driver’s girlfriends been given passes, has Tanya from German TV been told to come back in 30 years time, has Victoria from Force India PR been told to get frumpy and grumpy, has Seb’s Press Officer ‘the lovely’ Britta been instructed to not look so attractive? Ooops, do I now have a lifetime ban by referring to her as ‘the lovely’ 😉

Anyway, I’ll miss the Martini colours, the livery looks good on Williams.


There is certainly a link between this and selecting Sirotkin instead of Kubica. Now it is becoming clear


Fair play to Williams then making their own decisions. We don’t know how much money Martini brought to the table but I’ll bet it wasn’t as much as you think. Still, it’s a shame to lose the iconic livery, but I believe Martini just didn’t perceive F1 as added value to its brand any more and perhaps losing the grid girls was a bigger part of it than the choice of Sirotkin, after all, Martini is about glamour & lifestyle, yes?


I cannot see large numbers of people being sufficiently hooked on F1 to be prepared to subscribe to this but then I’d never consider PPV TV so I’m biased i suppose. Putting it bluntly F1 is not that good or that important in my opinion. The Liberty Media share price in a couple of years will show if I am wrong.


MotoGP have been running a similar subscription service for several years now and it seems quite popular. I think it is a good investment for the future.


So the two countries that provide the F1 with the cars for Libertys events are prohibitive of seeing them in action on the OTT streaming. How stupid is that? I believe this prohibitive action also undermines the F1 engineers working in those establishments. Their engineering skills will be seen as less useful in the UK and Italy by employers as their achievements will be less obvious in the two countries.


You can almost hear BCE chuckling to himself!


Unfortunately James, even if this system was available in the UK, it just won’t cut it compared to a proper free to air live broadcast that we all used to know and love. I obviously can’t speak for the other folk here, but all i want to do is sit down in front of the TV on a sunday afternoon and watch (as James Hunt used to say) a jolly good motor race. No nonsense, no paywalls, no streaming, no gimmicks, and no fuss, is that really so much to ask?


@vermillion…you can still do all that whilst streaming…time to catch up mate!


Unfortunately my internet isn’t fast enough to provide streaming at a decent resolution, so all i’d get is endless buffering.


I almost thought I’d have a way of watching F1 again, aside from searching YouTue. But, no Australia on the list. Oh well, there is a big fan base just getting more and more disconnected each year.


Just an FYI – if you Google “F1 stream” about 10 mins before any race, you can watch.

This is the stupid thing about the current situation. The races ARE being streamed, and they are free. I watched all of last season in Australia for free. Now i want to pay and they won’t let me. Mindbogglingly stupid.


Ditto Canada.

Huge turn out at Montreal and as in Australia always provides a good race weekend. But the fans get shut out. You tube it is.

Or perhaps Someone could post how we can all get around country boundaries and watch OTT


Use a proxy VPN line and you can appear as if you are located in any other country than what you physically are. Plenty of websites and services available online to explain you how this is done. Truly very simple and not technical complicated either.


Can the races only be watched live or can you watch them whenever you want? If the race is on at 3am in my timezone then I probably won’t be staying up for it. I may also want to watch F2 on Tuesday and F3 on Wednesday for example. And when will be available? What content will be available on non-race weekends or over the summer break? Who will be commentating (perhaps yourself James)? I am interested, providing it is closer to the lower price point, but many more question rather than answers at the moment.


I would definitely be interested, from South Africa.


Me too. Though I suspect DSTV have exclusivity, just as Sky will have in the UK from next year


$8/month is much more like it. I’d be willing to pay £6/month to watch F1 coverage without commercials. I think they’re going to have a big audience at that price.

So when can we expect it in the UK?


Probably when the Sky contract is over. In 2024 🙁


James, if Liberty insist on this being available in the UK in 2025 what do you think the impact will be on the TV deal? Do you think Sky would leave? If people can watch for $8 a month (plus inflation) why would they pay much more for Sky.

Do you think it would lead to a big reduction in the value of the TV contract, Sky paying a lot less, or Sky quitting altogether and F1 returning to BBC/ITV?


I think this will ultimate replace paywall live TV

A combination of OTT live plus TV mass market highlights could work


Now you’re talkin’!


James by the time this service come into effect -F1 in the UK will be long past caring . Hamilton will be retired and the British GP possibly no more . British Interest took a bit of hit after after Nigel and Damon retired and Schumacher began to dominate but that will in comparison small compared to what will happen when F1 is behind a Sky paywall exclusively for the next 6 seasons from 2019-24(inclusive). Football (Soccer to those you who are American on here) interesting enough seems to be resisting internet streaming subscription services shown by the fact that two packages offered by the Premier League for their next TV deal remain unsold as of when I type this.


So will we in the USA be able to access complete races a few hours after the original broadcast? I can’t watch F1 at 2:00 am…I don’t have the guts.


Come on Daniel, have a go. I’ve been late to work on a Monday heaps of times.

I watch your race at 3:30 Monday morning (& Canada, Mexico & Brazil).

The only other race at a decent time slot for me is Suzuka, & that usually starts before Bathurst is finished.

Now that’s a problem.


“I can’t watch F1 at 2:00 am…I don’t have the guts”

Not to worry Daniel, just stick a giant G-string on your head – You’ll suddenly feel much safer 🙂


Not in the UK aaaggghhhh! Damn Ecclestone and Sky.


I’ll consider it when more information is available and if live races go behind a pay wall where I live (not yet the case). I see it as a pay-TV replacement. Pure OTT won’t cut it.


Hey Joe.

Avid reader of your blog. I have eagerly been anticipating the release of f1s ott streaming. Will this be available in limited territories only? By that I mean will it be restricted only to the handful of countries listed?

I want to know when and if this will be available in Pakistan.


Hey Joe

Where you goin wi’ that gun in your hand!

With apologies to James Marshall Hendrix


“🏈Hey Mean Joe do want my Coke🏈?” 😄


Nice one Roz.


Joe?? !


Just curious… Does anyone call you Jim/Jimmy?


You win Joe’s Award!


Raza is posting from Joelalabad, James!


…Smokin’ Joe Allen!!


Must be a Hendrix fan James 🙂


It’s the right price, but enough with all these silly country restrictions.

Will I be able to watch the live stream later if I sign up for the live stream option? Or do I have to get up at a silly time for those races on the other side of the planet.

Who are the commentators going to be? It needs to be someone knowledgeable who won’t have me screaming at the TV in frustration.


I’d happily pay $12 per month, which is sensibly priced compared to Sky wanting £18 (not taking into account being forced to have a Sky TV package as well). There isn’t much technical detail about the OTT package though. Will HD and UHD be options, will races and other sessions be available on demand, what will be available during the off season etc.


It looks awesome and would definitely get me watching F1 again… if it was available in New Zealand. Once again it looks like the archaic SkyTV monopolist has managed to secure a blocking right of some sort to prevent access in NZ.

SkyTV and their rubbish overpriced offering in our country are the reason I stopped watching F1 over 3 years ago. It’s a shame that there’s still not a genuine alternative for us Kiwi F1 fans. Obviously the tech-minded have an option to set up a VPN to get around this, but it’s ridiculous that we even need to.


Similarly frustrated kiwi. Funny to see on the same day as this announcement that Sky have cut their prices. Number one news story said Sky are rearranging their deck chairs on the Titanic. This ain’t over yet friends!


This is great news. Oh I hope they manage to negotiate an option to bring this to the UK soon.


Is 2025 ‘SOON’ in your book ?

It’s SKY or nothing till then !


I’m searching for the best “Take My Money Please!!!” graphic…..

I wonder who will commentate?


What about Canada?!


In Canada, TSN has the exclusive rights to F1 until the end of 2019. Hopefully in 2020 we’ll get the OTT option!


I can’t wait! Oh, I have to because I’m based in London. But in March and April I base myself on Spain which isn’t mentioned… Movistar monopoly?


$8 dollars a month……….YES,YES,YES,YES,YES, and 1 more YES!!!!!!!!


Unfortunately we’re stuck with Sky until 2025


Excellent, this is long overdue and I’ve asked for it in the F1 surveys for the last 3 years. Luckily I live in the US so I’ll definately be subscribing for the F1 Pro!!


Finally! I can cut my sport channels subscription or maybe even the whole cable tv package.


What do I think? I think Liberty Media has chosen to give the USA a lousy TV package so viewers will be forced to chose (pay) for their OTT service. So now I can’t watch decent F1 coverage unless I pay them a monthly fee? I have been a devoted F1 fan since 1978 but between this and the halo, I have almost no interest in the new season.


How is Sky showing all the races live on ESPN and ABC a crap deal package? Nothing bad to say about NBC sports but they don’t have anywhere near the reach that ESPN does.


The ESPN deal was designed to promote F1’s OTT service. No rights fees, no promotion of drivers (NBC would bring F1 drivers to New York for the Austin and Montreal rounds on their morning breakfast show), and no F1 promotions needed. ESPN’s Nicole Briscoe (presenter; wife of Ford GT driver Ryan) and Ricky Craven (motorsport analyst on SportsCenter) would not be involved in any F1 broadcast work.

Under the previous NBC deal, fans that had NBCSN and NBC Sports Live could catch FP1 and FP3 on the NBC Sports site and then watch FP2, qualifying, and the race on NBCSN except for Monaco, Montreal, Austin, and Mexico City (which aired on the broadcast network instead). This looks to be a “race only”. Add the new paywall for radio and live timing and scoring monitors, and F1 is looking lame compared to INDYCAR, NASCAR, and IMSA, which all carry live timing and scoring plus radio free. (And radio, unlike F1’s radio, is not commentators watching through a screen; the commentators are positioned across the circuit calling the action station to station, the commentary positions create action for the sectional guys to work)

Virtually no programming for F1 or promotion in a motorsport daily programme. NBCSN’s “NASCAR America” will do an INDYCAR or in the past F1 promo because the programme, which airs at 5 PM ET, is their daily motorsport programme. ESPN has no daily motorsport programme.


First off, Sky coverage itself is very good. I have watched races in England and enjoyed it a lot. However, It is a crap package for here in the states for the following reasons. a) it would appear that ESPN has only set aside a two hour slot when means they are only going to show the races. There will be no pre-show nor post-show which would seem to indicate that if I want to see the podium or driver interviews, I will have to subscribe. b) it would appear there will be no broadcast of practice and qualifying. I will have to subscribe it I want to see that, and c) while a fan of the Sky team, that two hour window will be broken up by endless commercials which will break up the flow of the race along with the fact that when we return to the race, the commentators won’t know we’ve been away. The effect is rather like joining a conversation in mid-talk with nobody bringing you up to speed on what you missed. The Formula E telecasts on Fox Sports are just like that now. I cannot believe Liberty thinks this is the way to win over fans here in the states.


I like what is being offered but I am not sure I want to pay for another add-on service on top of my cable bill. I assume that with this service being available ESPN is going to limit their coverage of practice and quali. NBCSN at least offered live in-moderated coverage of the practice sessions.


Exactly what i asked for and yes, i am willing to pay for.


Well, it’ll be $20 by the time we’ve all signed to a US VPN to watch from the UK…..


No doubt about it, I am already a subscriber to NFl’s Gamepass and it’s exactly what I want. You pay for what you want nothing more nothing less. I am not interested in Sky Sport’s other content such as golf and rugby, I simply don’t have the time.


$12 a month, I’d pay that in a heartbeat. Sky charges £6 per day through their NOW TV app. Not even £6 per race weekend, if you want to watch qualifying and the race that will be £12. I Iike the commentators, I like the team, but I’m not paying that anymore and, for anyone that has more than a passing interest in F1 the Channel 4 coverage is awful imo.

As a long time fan of this sport, I’m encouraged by what Liberty seem to be trying to do (as far as coverage is concerned anyway)., but for those of us in the UK and similar markets, getting shafted by pay tv, It’s an excercise in frustration. And frankly, at this point, I’m not sure I’ll still be around by the time sky’s contract is finally up -cheers Bernie!


NowTV offer a 7 day pass for £10.99!


Yep. Same here in Australia. Have been a fan for 40 years (first 30 in UK and last 10 here in Australia). The Murdoch / Sky / Foxtel control over so many sports is criminal. The people who used to run the sport took all the money they could and signed away the future without a single thought for the fan base. It looks like Liberty are trying to change things but there are so many long term contracts in place the majority of fans will continue to be left with no choice for years to come.


It certainly sounds better value than paying a Sky subscription. But I am against the principle of Pay TV and, as a pensioner, have to watch the pennies very carefully. I won’t pay for something I’ve been watching free-to-air for the past 40 years.


I would bet this will not be available in Brazil due to the contracts with TV Globo, which would be a shame. I would gladly pay for the service and not rely on the pathetic broadcast that TV Globo services these days. The commentary on Globo is extremely poor and I would love to get rid of it for good.


Yes, I most certainly would like to pay a reasonable fee for live access to Grands Prix – including the support races!! – if I could get Sky’s foot off my windpipe. Gah.


Exciting news but no mention for Canada 🇨🇦. Currently watching on Skyf1 by way of TSN here in Canada. Will that be still available?


I believe TSN/RDN have the exclusive rights until the end of 2019, so perhaps in 2020 we’ll get the OTT.


Sky will never get my money so some vague interest if this is a way of getting access (in the future). However, I just haven’t got the time or interest to immerse myself in face after race so the live stuff is of limited interest.

I think also that I am very averse to premium pricing – I’m happy enough to pay for Netflix as the price per hour watched is very low. I think any product I would be interested in for F1 would have to be below £5/month – I don’t rent movies unless I can get a 99p deal off Google Play.

So my point is that Amazon and Netflix have established a price point for monthly subscriptions covering films and TV for much less than £10/month. I will not pay for premium rentals and I only go to the cinema because I can get free tickets.

I did get excited once last year watching F1, otherwise I have descended into mild interest. Watching technology is not going to help.

I am optimistic that this season will be close – though I have a small suspicion that the highlight might be Alonso’s head exploding when Torro Rosso beat McLaren as I think Mercedes teams will romp home due to engine reliability at a higher power output than Ferrari and Renault can manage.


In a cold, hard business sense — you’re exactly the kind of viewer the sponsors won’t miss when F1 goes fully behind the paywall. Indeed, to anyone who refuses to pay to watch, you’re already too cheap for the sponsors to care about. The whole “less viewers, less sponsors, F1 is finished” thing commenters on here repeat over and over just doesn’t make sense when you realise a lot of people (it seems) watched F1 because they themselves were cheap and F1 was free.

I count myself in this bracket, btw.


I’ve always been intrigued that people are prepared to pay £1000/year to Sky for latest movie access. All that happens is that you shift the point you watch a movie forward by 12 months from cheaper platforms. You then run out of new stuff to watch in the same way. In other words, I’m not one of these people who values elapsed time from an event highly.

With F1, I’ve concluded that on a modern race I generally prefer a well edited highlight (not that many are well edited) to the full shebang. An F1 race works well when there is tension and build-up. Unfortunately, highlights are usually just a cut down live feed, whereas to do the job properly you need to start again from the full set of recordings to tell a story from the perspective of the result and the events that happened. I don’t think anyone is offering to put in that extra labour, so the premium product is actually pretty low cost to deliver – there is no real production costs, its all storage and bandwidth which are commodity elements these days.

I agree about me being too cheap – I am particular on what I spend my money on but I will spend. For example, I drive a Merc and I’d say that a good percentage of that decision is driven by brand image rather than it being spectacularly better than other cars.

I also disagree with the idea that premium brands don’t want the poverty stricken, never buy the product people to access their promotion because it is part of a premium brand’s image that the buyers know that the plebs recognise that they have something special (tap, tap, point, he’s wearing a Rolex).

I think Netflix etc. are highlighting that reasonable quality entertainment does not have to be at premium price and that is what will kill Sky. At the moment, sports still can maintain that pricing edge but eventually a new generation, with much less free money to fritter, will lose interest in high priced sporting events – better things to do than spend thousands to sit on a couch.


I agree but Liberty might not have enough Rolex wearers to make the sums work!


Quite simply . Yes I would be interested. But sadly I’m stuck with sky T.V. as my only option for the near future. May be I can Skype it from my grans laptop in France?


So here in the UK we’re still we’re stuck with Sky or nothing- that’s very disappointing indeed. I understand why F1 wants to monetise its broadcasts, but I still think having to Free-to-air access is going to harm F1 more in the long run. A shame.


Same as Aus but hopefully in the future we can give Murdock the flick.


You’ll feel so secure with that bar in your face the whole time, you’ll think you’re a baby again!

Here is what an imaginary long time F1 fan and now a subscriber to F1 OTT had to say: “Honey, can you hand me my sippy cup and change my nappy please when Lewis come in to pit? Or I’ll get cranky!”


F1 drivers used to be my hereos because they seemed to be doing something that was risky and dangerous.

Now I’m a bigger hero than F1 drivers, as almost every weekend I take bigger risks than F1 drivers when I take my Ducati for a spin through the hills — and I do it for free. Or rather for the pure enjoyment and thrill of doing something that’s a bit risky.

I remember seeing an exhibition of Francis Bacon paintings a while ago and there was something in the accompanying catalogue that stuck with me. It was a quote by Bacon which went something like this: “All great Art is about the vulnerability of the human condition”.

And that’s what F1 used to be about, and that’s what attracted so many fans and participants to it over the decades. It is also what elevated F1 above mere games such as football and made it into something that approached art.

Sadly all of that is now gone, replaced with contrivances and sterility.


It was about someone doing something that was dangerous, risky.

Why? Because the reward was exciting sebaation for the individual. And we got to watch them do it.

Yeah…yet another thing that they took away from us F1 fans. One of many now. One of many critical identifying things the F1 product has lost last few years.

It’s amazing that an adult of legal age who can sign up to die in the military if they so wished, is not allowed to accept the risk to drive an F1 car without a halo.

I could go right now to Clienti, they’d give me a release to sign and I could drive the F2004, sans halo no problem.


There are no words to express how hideous that is – Someone wasn’t thinking 😐


No argument there Random.

Our relationship wouldn’t be the same after that. Just like our relationship with F1 isn’t the same after halo.


Sure I’ll pass you your sippy cup Sebee, but you’re changing your own damn nappies 🙂


No words Random. No frikken words.

Pass me the damn sippy cup!


It certainly does not butter my parsnips!!!


I think a lot of people will be looking for good VPN services! If anyone asks, my computer is in Germany 🙂


I’ve been reading a little about VPNs and it seems that content owners are having some success in blocking access to some VPNs. The bottom line is that even if your VPN works at first for a particular service there is no guarantee that it won’t be blocked in the future. The only positive is that if you are paying your 8 dollars a week to liberty it is not necessarily in their interest to block you as you will stop paying them! They will however be under pressure from contract holders such as sky in the UK to block you. It all sounds a bit ‘cat and mouse’!


8 and no more!


Subscribe now to the F1 Halo channel.

If anything ever gets deflected from a halo (chances: 0.000000017%), you’ll see it here first, for only $8 a month!


@ Sebee

At least your Halo channel is offering the compromised view from every car in the race. The more pricey Sky chooses for you about 3 driver options .. and sometimes all 3 on boards are one and the same!! eg Hamilton, Hamilton and also Hamilton…


He has 3 cameras on the car! 🙂


First unique move by Liberty, that connects with the new world. Berney’s F1 would not even have thought something like this is a possibility.



Everyone craps on Bernie, but they forget about this one and how far ahead of everything else it was when it launched. The failure of this effort was why Bernie wasn’t willing to waste time and money on it again and gave the web rights in each country to the TV rights holder in that country.


It failed because the pricing structure was too greedy, though. On top of the cost of your Sky subscription, it was just too costly to find a viable audience when F1 was free to air at the time (albeit with ads).


Did you forget about the F1 pay TV digital channels before streaming was thing to do? Basically it was a streaming service for racing way ahead of its time. I think after that Bernie made his decision to not do that again, got his money from the TV stations and told them to handle Web in their regions. And they have. Many F1 channels have a paid streaming distribution option.


Hardly unique. MotoGP have been doing this for ages…


Watch your favourite halo for 2 hours with the OTT F1 access!


$8 per month please.


Ricciardo mentioned that on a flat track his vision seemed ok…what about on an undulating track? Namely going through Eau Rouge! Is a Webber/Alonso overtake still possible?


@ Sebee…based on an estimate i’d say that a good 20% of the image is obscured by that abominable fixture!


There is no way to have driver helmet in the shot and not have that thing block something you want to see.


I see they’re having to move the race start lights, the timing monitors in the pits and the pit stop lollipop stop/go lights because the drivers can’t fully see past the halo!!!



Get ready for some “I couldn’t see it” stuff happening.


That’s obviously a stupid place to put a camera.


We get your point, now a case of being a matter of see you next Tuesday…


$8 a month to drive an F1 car? I’ll take it!

I actually don’t mind it…it’s like have a shade sail over your beer garden!

I’m also think that some teams will be tempted to use that black triangle as an instrumentation panel…


Damn Sebee, you have gone above and beyond 🙂


Well, what do you think the on-board experience will be like from now on with this Halo?

Halo ruins the at-track fan’s ability to see the drivers and it will make on-board shots look ridiculous. Unless that is you want the front wing view. Certainly there is no way for you to see the driver’s helmet and hand and not have this atrocity in the shot. And let’s be honest, driver’s helmet and hand in the onboard shot is an absolute must. MUST!


Wow, surely they’ll put a camera in front bar of the halo to avoid this horrendous mess…

The “What The Driver Wishes He Could See Cam”

p.s. I take it the money grabbers will want $8 per month over the full 12 months, even when there are no races on.

(or is that me assuming it being rip-off Sky PPV TV cynical negativeness?)


Steve Rogers,

So you are telling me you want on-board shots without driver’s helmet and hands visible? Seriously?

What’s the point of an onboard then? To sit on the front wing? Is that what you want to watch for 2 hours?

You can’t install the camera in the halo triangle point because drilling holes in that section of halo will compromise the halo’s strength. You know…it has to hold up a double decker bus. Why? I’m assuming Liberty is planning to put new moving grandstands on the circuit in the form of…yup, double deckers. For ultimate fan experience and added on-track drama.

Driver’s helmet and hands in an on board shot are a MUST! They are not an option. An absolute MUST. If Liberty give you on-board shots without driver helmet and hands visible, we may as well turn on the automation robots now.

I’m not sure they really thought this halo through fully. It’s going to be ugly in more ways than we can count.


Drivers have two eyes, TV cameras only one. They can see fine past the Halo, we need our cameras somewhere else. Simples.


A camera at the front would weaken the structure of the halo


If available in Poland and if races and not boring, sure I will pay


Great news! Poland not on the list?


Yes, Yes, YES! Finally. Really hope they make it available in more countries (ahem.. Canada, India) soon as well. This is exactly what F1 fans have been waiting for the longest time. No need to subscribe to 100+ useless channels just to watch F1. Thanks Liberty!


From the look of things so far I doubt then can even give this current product away……


And speaking of onboard…

I’m sure it will be just a few minutes before we no longer notice a black holy pipe across our field of vision?

Is there any way to have an onboard with the driver’s helmet visible in the shot? Just look at the halo and tell me you can squeeze an angle out of that? It will be some halo cam probably. Look at the camera in the photo. Look at the halo. See the problem?


Wow, what a truly horrible photo.

They need to make the Halo bigger cause I can still see Vettel.


USA & Mexico, but not Canada?!?! Who should I blame for that??

On an aside, you’re getting good use of that Singapore start crash image!! 🚘💥🚘


As a North American fan I am pleased. A direct feed at $8/mo is way better than putting up with the expensive wasteland of cable tv in america…….


So what jumps out at me is that any country with a rich TV deal (looking at you UK) isn’t getting the service. Obviously.

Details need to be worked out there. Liberty is thinking…how do we keep the Sky deal intact, and squeeze some additional funds out of the customers. Answers obviously is, they can’t have their cake and eat it too. I bet you in the UK it will be Sky who will offer this with the supplemented channels available on top of what they broadcast. After all, F1 did sell the in-country web streaming rights along with the TV rights.

So how do you feel there UK fans? You get the shaft still, right?


You can add Australia to that list. Prices/costs in this country are the biggest rip off.


For sure we will still get shafted. Rip off Britain.

If Sky do offer an equivalent, it will probably use their piss poor streaming platform that stutters and chops whenever something moves on the screen. I’m not sure what the video streaming equivalent of 2 tin cans and a bit of string is, but Sky have implemented it.


Sky have pretty much halved the NowTV annual subs to F1 to £150. That’s getting close to acceptable, but not quite as cheap as the F1 streaming channel will be. Competition will force the prices down for once. Wonder what it’ll do to revenue model vs the cost of the exclusive F1 deal as I’m sure Sky didn’t factor in having to half the price before it even starts. Maybe there’s an avenue for Liberty to tear up the contract as Sky may struggle to make money from it. See also Premier League rights falling in value from Sky. The streaming companies are providing much needed value.

Sky are reacting, you just need to call them or use online messaging to threaten them to get 40% off typical subs. Full price for basic, sports, Skygo, box sets lists at £55 per month, and I got it for £27 by haggling online, you dint even have to call anyone.


I have 3 NowTV boxes and 1 app (bringing me to the maximum of 4 devices per account) and streaming is flawless, the picture is excellent. Maybe it’s your ISP?


That top photo is akin to a work of art – part Dali surrealism, part Pollock colour splatter via Waterfall and part Picasso Guenica-esque display of violence!


Disappointed it’s not available where I’m at. Oh well.


I’m in the US and at $8-$12 a month I’m intrigued. I no longer have cable so don’t have regular access to races so would be very interested in just paying for F1 at around $10 a month.


I am also in the US and I subscribe to SlingTV for just the months I am not traveling ($20/mon). So $8-$12/mon sounds very attractive.


Finally. Yes, I would happily pay 8 to 10 USD per month — and I’m in Canada! Here, TSN has been the sole carriage for a while and they have ZERO added value. No in house team whatsoever (like nbcsn had). All they do is pay for SkyF1’s feed and insert commercials in a window and mute the feed’s audio during commercials. This is a premium paid channel too! Goodbye Bell Media/ CTV / TSN, hello F1 TV!


“Fans in the UK will not be covered by the plan”… yeah well thanks guys. For the record, I would pay – its cheaper than the Dorna subscription, and way cheaper than Skysports


Absolutely. I’m totally happy to pay a reasonable subscription direct to F1 for the races. Just as soon as I can VPN or DNS spoof it to not know I’m in the UK.

First rule of internet sales that all media outlets should have learned by now. It’s all international. If you’re selling something people want, they shouldn’t be region limited. That’s so 1990s.


Please tell that to Apple and others as they are even country specific! ;o)