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WEC Moves race date to accommodate F1 star Fernando Alonso
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Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Feb 2018   |  2:44 pm GMT  |  185 comments

When Fernando Alonso made his announcement recently that he would compete in the World Endurance Championship with Toyota as well as F1 with McLaren, there was a clash in the calendar.

Today the organisers of WEC removed the clash to accommodate Alonso.

The round in October at Fuji was scheduled for the same weekend as the US Grand Prix at Austin, but it has now been moved. That has introduced a clash with a round of the IMSA Petit Le Mans SportsCar Championship finale.

It is a sign of the pulling power of Alonso to the series that they have moved a date to work around the two time champion.

Fuji requested the date change. The track is owned by Toyota, for whom Alonso will be racing and it hosted F1 Grands Prix in the days when Toyota was competing. Suzuka is owned by its main rival, Honda.

Toyota has some clout as it is the only remaining manufacturer team running hybrid turbo engines in the LMP1 class after Audi and more recently Porsche pulled out.

The Japanese date was moved originally to avoid the Petit Le Mans clash, but after Alonso signed for Toyota WEC team, there was pressure to revert to the original date so the Japanese fans could see the Spaniard in action.

WEC has seen a real spike of interest since Alonso made his announcement – unlike Nico Hulkenberg in 2015, who only competed at Le Mans, Alonso is embracing the WEC series and audiences on track and on TV are expected to be boosted significantly as a result.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport this week former F1 driver Jean Alesi praised Alonso’s initiative and even said that he hopes more top line F1 drivers will follow the lead and compete outside F1.

“It’s great,” Alesi said. “Fernando is not only brave but is setting a good example. I hope that many others will copy him.”

Alonso is aiming to win the Triple Crown of Monaco GP, Indy 500 and Le Mans 24 hours. He has won Monaco and competed at Indy last season.

Williams driver Lance Stroll competed at the Daytona 24 hours last month, finishing 15th.

All Photos: LAT Images

What do you think of WEC moving the date for an F1 driver? Leave your comment below

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Shows lack of respect for all those who are already participating.

If Alonso is so keen to join then let him miss F1 races.

Too much attention is given to Alonso…he has not achieved anything in his extra-curricular races as yet.


they only moved to accomadate alonso because they know that alonso brings a lot more attention than they normally get.


@ Shri…so he shouldn’t even try?


He should absolute try if that he is what Alonso wants to do.
That includes missing F1 races if dates clash.


@ Shri…you should really be more up to date…..


Well, he’s only had 2 so far.


I’m surprised that Alonso has such pulling power. He was a hit at Indy last year before the racing actually started, and no doubt bought a considerable audience to that race. My local station hadn’t been carrying Indy, and had no plans for the 500, but when Alonso signed up to race there we got that race. This year we have the entire Indy season.

Now WEC actually change a date to give him an extra race. With, I’m sure, a little nudging from Toyota. But still…


I have no problem with the WEC moving the race to accommodate a world champion driver, it will fill seats because people want to see the best. The Canadian GP should be moved to allow F1 drivers to race at Le Mans for the same reason, and there should be no conflict with the Indy 500 either.
For me the best drivers are capable of racing in different categories without compromise.


Just shows the benefit to WEC series, rather than benefit for Alonso.

This is great and will help motorsport overal, just as Alonso did in the Indy 500.

Nice to be complemented on bravery by someone like Alesi. I like how Alonso is throwing it back, like the drivers of yesteryear, such as Jim Clark giving it some in F1, non-championship races and touring cars like three wheeling it round corners in the Lotus Cortinas.

It would be cool, in a few years time, to be able to see Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel racing each other in other events, after dabbling in them before moving on from F1.


hamilton has other interests..


@ Clarkes4WD well said. Good comment. Should be more of it.


Drivers stuck in one series, such as F1, for life is abnormal. In 1973 you had Emerson Fittipaldi/Jackie Stewart in Ford Capris in the ETCC/BTCC versus Niki Lauda/Chris Amon/Jackie Ickx in BMW CSLs. Fangio won the Carerra
Panamericana, Le Mans and the Mille Miglia. Clark, Hill, Mario, Fittipaldi and Villeneuve have won the Indy 500. The Can-Am in 1971 had Hulme, Amon, Revson, Siffert, Stewart and Andretti. Drivers need variety for honing their skills.

Alonso is skewered for his age making him too old to win anymore in F1. Andretti and Prost were F1 champs at 38, Hill and Mansell were 39, Brabham was 40. Fangio won his first championship at 40 and his last at 46. Fagioli was 53 when he won the 1951 French GP.

Alonso still has plenty of time to achieve new heights.


Fangio didn’t win Le Mans, or the Mille Miglia.


the year is 2018.


Which means what? In 2018 older drivers are less fit than they were in the past? Hamilton and Vettel are on the downslope?


F1 was a different series back then though. The average age of the grid has been steadily going down since 1960. Alonso is the second oldest on the grid, likely the oldest next year after Kimi retires or is retired.


What about the guys who also race in the IMSA championship? They are going to have to lose a race from one series or the other, just so they can get Fernando on the grid at Fuji… Seems a little disrespectful to several drivers to me.


They have time to move it.


Alonso needs to decide if he is an F1 driver or not. I don’t care how good he is I’d tell him straight F1 or WEC not both. If McLaren keep pandering to Alonso they’ll get nowhere. The first season with Renault engines they need Alonso’s experience for development of the car and engine. Alonso is too mercuial for his own good.


…except how many eyeballs were laid on that orange Indycar last year? McLaren are going nowhere quickly in F1 (thanks largely in part to Honda these last three seasons) and this way they can claim some success with their driver. Alonso would probably have walked before now if this hadn’t been the case. It also sends a message to broader F1 that their driver can be competitive in another format, and is being held back by regulation.


@ Christopher Fox..maybe you should have a chat with McLaren, they can put you straight.


I wish Alonso all the best, but I’m afraid he is going to win none of the aspired championships. It has nothing to do with his talent, but character.


Interesting perspective Enoch… but there are a couple of multiple world champions on the grid that I would say have a worse character than Alonso, that hold so much sway their teams wouldn’t dare do anything to them despite their poor conduct on and off the track.


Bighaydo, struggling to understand who these mysterious multiple world champions might be? Can’t be Lewis, as we know from the mechanic swap and the team’s repeated hiring of Nico Rosberg that he doesn’t hold that kind of sway within Mercedes.


It’s truly incredible that an entire series would change an event date to accommodate one man!

Just what is the power behind the pull of Alonso?!

Don’t get me wrong, I was calling for Alonso to ‘spread his wings‘ to alternative series, i.e. Indycar and WEC, quite some time ago, in this hallowed forum; so he could demonstrate his “complete samurai package“.

But what the ʄµ©ç!?
Who are the backers of this guy? Some global collective with unusual control of the media et al.?!

Anyways, I think it is a win-win scenario.
Win for the complete samurai to ‘be able to show his complete package off, outside of F1, where, for some reason, he can’t.
Win for WEC bringing cross-over fans to a series with some (small) competition, better than the hybrid/turbo era of F1 ,certainly.

Interesting Alonso again (like Indy) gets into a contending package, right away!

The best thing Alonso has going for him are his incredibly and apparently widely placed … advocates.


@ Dean Cassady…’the best thing Alonso has going for him is…..his driving and his will to win’.


alonso can best demonstrate his driving ability in f1, not wec. after all a team of 3 drivers take turn in the car.


Wouldnt have done it for Lewis…


You must hate it when those pesky Lewis fans make everything about their idol Sars……


Of course they would have! Are you serious?!? I remember an article around Indy last year, on the heightened interest because of Alonso’s involvement, and it made a point to mention that if Hamilton came the interest would be even greater.

Hamilton is a bigger worldwide motorsports star than Alonso. Silly to even suggest otherwise.

“He is an unbelievable driver. There isn’t a team in the pit lane that would not be interested in having Lewis drive for them, us included.

“If anyone got Lewis, it would be great for the team.”

Alonso’s boss just said that yesterday.


Richard, that’s a load. First off, the article I mentioned was penned by an American, one that isn’t blind to the facts of the motorsports world. I thought it was in the Indy 500’s in-house publication, and while there is a piece by them saying that if Hamilton came that it would be a “global sensation”, that wasn’t the article I was talking about. I’m trying to find it.

As for Hamilton saying that Indy drivers suck, he said nothing of the sort. He said that Fernando would be the best driver there, but that he would need to catch up to those with all the experience of oval racing. Of course his comments were torqued and taken out of context, which is par for the course with Hamilton.

Hamilton doesn’t have the stones? Give me a break! A silly statement.


Pure Brit hype tha HAM would have been more popular.
Alonso’s popularity firstly was due to his admitting Indy was difficult and the drivet’s skilled. He was humble.
Hamilton meanwhile was literally mocking both the drivers as unskilled and the race as easy.
I cannot think of another F1 driver present or past who would make such a statement. Classless to say the least.
Alonso was down to earth with the fans and media and it was obvious he was truly enjoying the experience. He was witty and quite charming and the fans took to him.
Hamilton doesn’t possess these characteristics and never will.
I’d say his chances of racing Indy are slim and none.
Firstly, it takes massive stones to run 230 mph surrounded by hard walls. Alonso has them, Ham not so much.
Secondly, Ham would have to back up his claim that Indy drivers suck by winning the race, which he most likely wouldn’t. He’d be eating crow for a long time.
But I truly hope he decides to give it a try. I think his notions about Indy drivers would change in a hurry.


My 2 bobs worth on the Alonso WEC thing is that it is a bit strange that a superstar of F1 is giving a leg up to a rival series. Never would have been allowed in the Bernie era.
WEC probably needs a bit of a boost I guess. Nice of Alonso to give them his time but
its a bit of a distraction from his main job.
Maybe mclaren are building bridges for a future that brings Toyota into F1 once the
new regs are made but we already saw with Honda thats a massive gamble.
Those cheap WEC tickets for silverstone may sell well now as you should get lots of Alonso time no matter what happens in the race as they generally limp the car back to the pits for 30mins of repair and then you’re back in the race.


The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many to invert an old Star Trek adage. It used to be said that the individual is not bigger than the sport so either that is wrong or F1 is no longer a ‘sport’!


To paraphrase a Tom Cruise Character (and this applies to all “sports” these days: “Show them the $$$ Money”


Fernando isn’t bigger than F1; he is bigger than WEC though.


What great news. A racer’s racer doing what he does best…..hope that he does well despite all those who regularly diss on him. Get in there Fernando.


Yeah, Fred’s a legend. Love him to death. Good luck mate.


Alonso is aiming to win the Triple Crown of Monaco GP, Indy 500 and Le Mans 24 hours

I’m currently reading Damon Hill’s ‘Watching The Wheels’. He refers to his Fathers Triple Crown as the WDC, Indy 500 and Le Mans – not that it really matters either way I suppose, as Alonso is still in the running, but does anyone know what constitutes the TC for 100% definite?


The original of the “Triple Crown of Motorsport” (which is an unofficial motorsport achievement) is regarded as winning three of the most prestigious and destinct motor races in the world, them being:
The Indianapolis 500
The 24 Hours of Le Mans
The Monaco F1 Grand Prix.
Later some have come up with alternatives to this, aka exchanging the Monaco F1 race with the F1 WDC. Graham Hill will in any case still be the only driver to ever having completed this, so his son is still right. Though personally I prefer to stay with the old classic definition being winning the 3 spectacular races. ;o)
Only 6 other racing drivers have completed 2 of the classic race wins. And only Montoya is still active of these 6 and having a chance to win the triple if he signs up for the Le Mans. (Montoya though never won the F1 WDC, so wouldnt qualify if going with the alternative definition)


There is no official definition. It’s an unofficial title, and there only seems to be interest in right now because Alonso has got a bee in his bonnet about it. Nobody’s given it a serious go for years now, and nobody thinks the one driver who has achieved it is an all time great. Very good, yes, but great in the way that Clark or Schumacher or Senna were, no.


You’re correct about Graham Hill not being regarded as an all-time great. Certainly nowhere near Clark.


It’s a funny old world – Graham Hill not being regarded as an all time great. Yet he’s the only driver to hold the Triple Crown and he also won Monaco 5 times. When you think about it, he can’t have been too shabby 🙂


If you read contemporaneous reports of Graham Hill’s Le Mans victory, the ‘triple crown’ was veiwed as being the F1 WDC, Le Mans and Indy. It was only referred to in passing, however. The current interest in it looks more like a diversionary technique on Alonso’s part.


but does anyone know what constitutes the TC for 100% definite?

There’s no official definition of it. It’s just something Alonso picked up on that Graham Hill managed and wants to emulate. Maybe if he manages it, then it will become accepted as some kind of standard definition and we might see more drivers aiming for it in the future. I really don’t see how, right now, it can be worthy of a name as only one driver has achieved it and until now, at least as far as I know, nobody else has ever attempted it.


For some it could actually be WDC/WEC/NASCAR — not all in the same year, of course. Indy/Le Mans/Monaco might be considered the Relevant Jewels But of course then there’d be debate about the British GP/Hockenheim/Spa and so on and so forth. . . 🙂 Let the debate(s) begin !


In Australia the Triple Crown relates to 3 y.o horseracing.
The Randwick Guineas. The Rosehill Guineas & The Australian Derby.
Hope this helps mate 😉
Personally, I would think the F1 TC did not include Monaco. WDC definitely, Monaco nah…


LOL – thanks for that. In the UK the TC consists of beating all the home nations in the six nations rugby championship.


I see the TC as a somewhat abstract construct. It is whatever anyone needs it to be.


I don’t think there’s anything definitive, I always looked at it as the Monaco GP not the WDC. If JPM won Le Mans I think he’d qualify even without a WDC.


On the one hand, I would imagine the DH would know the qualifying criteria for the TC that his late father is the holder of. But, on the other, it does seem rather odd to have it consist of 2 races and and a championship – 3 races seems to make more sense.
I guess , as others have noted, you can call it what you want .


Yes for sure. It’s the 3 races. A class victory in Le Mans wouldn’t count; it has to be an overall win.


What if (bigest if of my life) Mc’Laren win the Australian gp will he continue for WEC?


he might, to become the first driver in the history of motorsport to win two championships simultaneously.


It will be interesting to see how he cops with two series in a year. Good luck to him.


Based on the excitement and interest I saw at Indy, it makes sense from a marketing and ticket sales standpoint. This year, with a (hopefully) more competitive car, it will be interesting to see if the aging star still has his diving chops intact. I think he’ll have some success and a lot of fun. It will be nice to see more F1 crossover into the other race disciplines.

Tornillo Amarillo

The track is owned by Toyota, for whom Alonso will be racing…

Yeah, not big deal really, eh? Toyota the only team with possibilities. Stroll better at Daytona 24 h.

I think Norris with this is closer to a 2019 drive at McLaren.


good luck fernando..I may start catching wec this year instead of f1…need to find though where it shows up on tv in mainland america 🙂


This link should be helpful:


Watching Alonso in Indy 500 was exhilarating. That being said, in general I am against drivers competing simultaneously in other championships. One-off events like Le Mans have always been an option but this WEC thing could get out of hand if it becomes a trend. Just imagine how odd it would be if Ronaldo or Messi were being granted the opportunity to appear in the FA Cup for Man United and Man City say.

F1 ought to have sufficient allure to exclusively retain its stars. (Of course, it hasn’t since half of the races are bore fests.)
Alonso having that much leverage is a bit disconcerting too.
However, IF this should happen with more drivers and one were to allow it then the best option is not to negotiate but return to a format where e.g. a driver’s worst 3 results do not count. I’m in favour of that anyway, would eliminate some of the impact engine failures can have on the WDC outcome (Hamilton Maleysia).


Yet when I started following F1, this is exactly how it was. Jackie Stewart was racing in touring cars for Ford. Ickx, Hailwood, Regazzoni, Cevert and several others were in WSC (or whatever it was called then). Revson and Andretti would do the 500. Niki Lauda had raced the Sunshine Series in South Africa for March-BMW.


You’re wrong. Le Mans, over the last 30 odd years, has been run on the same weekend as the Canafian GP.

It was designed this way by Bernie who did not want F1 drivers to compete at one of the most famous races in the world.

Your answer also reveals a newcomer to the sport. Having F1 drivers compete in other championships was a fundamental part of the sports history – sadly lost since the mid 80’s.

But I appreciate that most new fans ( i.e. The last 10-15 years) believe F1 only started in the 21st century.


did you ask those new fans or are you hallucinating?


Le Mans on the same weekend as the Canadian GP?? This is wrong, or do you mean the majority of the last 30 years? The Canadian GP has usually been in the 2nd week of June, while Le Mans was in the 3rd week (i.e. the weekend closest to the longest day of the year).

Bernie did cause scheduling conflicts, until the FIA made it so that Le Mans would have pride of place on the calendar, a few years back now.


You’re partly right. I’m no newcomer though, I’m a revenant. Used to be a fan in the 60s and 70s, having desperate luck with my favourites – Bandini, then Clark (both killed), later Lauda (burnt).
Then lost touch for just about the decades you mention. Not completely of course, but for a large part. Liked Hakkinen, totally disgusted with Schumacher who kept winning unfortunately.
My interest was never very technical (engines, tyres and the like), rather more racing- and driver-related.
That’s beginning to change since I came across JaonF1.


I hardly think watching since the mid 80s counts as being a “newcomer”.


Poor decision for the presumably several drivers who are going to be put-out by the new clash created.


Hats off to WEC for being really smart and seeing the opportunity to get more coverage, interest and attendance. As long as Alonso does not injure himself at a WEC event it is a win for F1 and McLaren as well. The media hype for “can he do it” will be very high! Now if we can just get the teams working together in F1 for the good of all concerned! Hear that Ferrari and Merc?


Ironic since, isn’t WEC suppose to be “better” than f1? Or so it’s fans keep saying. Why would they need one of f1’s biggest stars to promote their series?


If Toyota race hybrid engines is there a chance of them entering F1?


they left f1.


For the life of me why do we have to glorify yesterday bread,& I mean literally yesterdays, does anybody cares about Alonso who has been & I doubt he will ever be a Lazarus , however I do care about removal of gorgeous long legged ladies from the F1 grid , their looks silently saying this’s the place to be ” Buddy ” why don’t you come over, Liberty Media should think again of their action it could be the straw that broke Camel back.


I do care about Alonso, but I too care more about the now-removed ambassadors who added the glamour to F1.

Anyone know what the situation with them is at WEC?


Why? Because it’s clear that Fernando is still one of the top drivers out there. I do think it strange that he’s doing two series, and that it’s almost a tacit admission that another F1 title is a very remote possibility. Which I don’t understand … the McLaren was a very good chassis last year, so with the Renault PU it could be up there at the front.

It’s interesting to see how many seasons a WDC competed in after their last championship. Right now it reads as this:

11 Alonso
9 J.Villeneuve
8 Raikkonen
7 Button, Hulme, Surtees
6 G.Hill, E.Fittipaldi
5 Schumacher

A bunch at 4 …


alonso can go for more, so long as brown is at mclaren.


Nice stat! Even more shocking when you apply it to multiple WDCs instead.


You mean the same Alonso that has been putting that Honda powered go cart into positions it shouldn’t even have been in the past few seasons?
Put him in that Merc and Nico Rosberg is still a zero WDC and he’d be a runaway 5x WDC himself.
Geez, people here say Lewis has haters…


Yeah because Fernando has battled against other top drivers in an equal opportunity team, and come out ahead more times than not?

vs Lewis 0-1
vs Button 1-1

That’s before even factoring in the reliability disadvantage that he’d have to overcome in 2016. There’s nothing in Fernando’s racing history that would suggest he could bridge that gap against a solid driver in an equal opportunity team.

Your comment is just another in the long line of comments borne of the frustration that things as they are in F1, are not the way you’d like them to be.


where on earth did you get that idea? alonso will not fit in any of those cars except mclaren.
why not just deal with reality rather than your hallucinations?


Sars, no way you could possibly know what would happen if Fernando was in that Merc. Worth remembering though that there is a reason Mercedes flat refuse to employ him.


that there is a reason Mercedes flat refuse to employ him.

Lol – a rather awkward fact for his fans. Why do Mercedes continue to deny themselves access to his talent? It would appear there is a flip side that they aren’t so keen on.


really? you’d stop watching F1 if they take away the grid girls? Surely there’s plenty of stuff to watch that has all pretty girls and no noisy race cars to spoil the view. Why bother with F1 at all?


Well, as one door closes, another one opens.

Probably coincidence, but I never noticed Netball Superleague was being televised, till I lost the grid girls.


Axel, do you remember anyone mentioning grid girls before last month? Me neither, and yet for some people they suddenly seem to have become of the upmost importance!


Wow! Fernando’s got some clout hasn’t he?


It’s Alonso on a Vendetta trip 🤺


@Tim w
And he loves it! I bet his ego is about to explode now😉


@ james K…’ego is not a dirty word’ hahaha


I don’t think that Alonso has any clout or any pull on this. It’s all Toyota and what a way to stick it up Honda having poached ALO from them.

Maybe the FIA could get some congruencey in the engine regs of F1 and WEC to spread the development costs which might encourage more manufacturers into both sports.


Toyota poached Alonso from Honda?

Sorry Axel, no matter how hard I try (which admittedly isn’t very hard) I can’t agree:

It’s more like if you and your co-worker were working for your boss, and day after day your co-worker was just kicking you in the nads, until your boss finally realised that this is not a productive environment for success and told your co-worker to take a hike, and then someone else came along and offered you a more enjoyable job, plus you could still keep your existing job, only with much less kicking of said nads.

I’m betting that was a tough choice for Alonso 🙂


Yep Alonso rubbing the nose of Honda into the dirt by crossing over to Honda.
“Spanish Bushido Code of the Alonso Spanurai” …against the deflated Honda Samurai.


@ BK Flamer…Yes Honda have a lot to answer for. They effectively stole three years of hard racing from one of the true racers on the grid.


I’m amazed at way everybody bows and scrapes for Alonso it’s as though he were a 12 time WDC and the King of Spain!


@BobW – In motor-racing terms, I’m fairly sure that I saw or read Carlos Sainz’ Dad being referred to as the “King of Spain” for his rallying successes.


Well he isn’t the king of Spain but he is one of the all times greats or he wouldn’t be receiving all the fanfare.
His popularity since the Indy race has skyrocketed to the point he is an international star and a race is being rescheduled because of him – not his fault.
His goal is to prove he is more than just a great racer in F1. How many past or present F1 drivers were/are willing to put their meat on the chopping block and possibly tarnish their image by racing in other series?
F1 may be the pinnacle of racing but that doesn’t mean the drivers are the best drivers because they win in F1.
Vettel is a good example. All those WDCs yet when his car was redesigned and handled differently he faltered and basically had his ass handed to him by Ricciardo.
Kudos to Alonso. hopefully Lewis will follow suit.


that is how the popularity of f1 stars were measured, not speculated on.


Not sure what your point is…


Alonso ! Although he might be one of the *stars* of the F1 drivers field, I think that the hype which continuously surrounds him is quit far of from reality. Yes he is a very, very good driver and at the same time he is very conscious of every marketing tool available to him, (remember the deck chair). Does this make him one of the greats, does this justify the move of the WEC to enable him to race? My answer is a clear NO. F1 has always been bigger then the participants, being it Michael or Lewis or others who made a real impression on the fans. So WEC remember, this one time move to the journalist hot spot is not going to last. Having said that, Alonso, step up your game in the coming season, prove to the F1 world that you are a real champion still and that only to your own bad choices, (who’s to blame for that), you are not even close to become one of the legendary.


Yes, F1 carries on after the drivers are gone, but the drivers are stars in their time. Imagine if Senna (who tested an Indy car and was very fast) or Schumacher had done the 500 (as Clark, Hill, Brabham and others had done). The interest in that would have been phenomenal.

It also says that even in America, F1 is still regarded as a big deal. Indy saw it as a major coup to have Alonso race the 500 when he was still in or near his prime.


Wow…what an indictment!!! And your claim to fame is exactly what?


Moving it for Alonso only is marginally justifiable because after all, there are a lot of people who make their money (and some, their livings) from major races and if Fernando’s presence helps, then do it. And just think – if, having seen the race date moved, some other ‘names’ work a deal to race too then all gain. It’s good to see any break in the tightly-bound world of the F1 – let them have their Liberty…sorry ’bout that.


Landon better be prepared. I’m betting this wears Alonso down and he will miss F1 Grand Prix this season due to health drain.


@ Sebee….see my earlier post as proof…..


You don’t find it funny how everyone is kissing Alonso’s butt like he’s the second coming?

IndyCar hype…TV rating drop.
WEC…in trouble…Toyota only manufacturer, moving races for Alonso at their track.
And look at this quote…reeks of suckupness and Delta Male serving Alpha Male…when Boullier is the team principal for crying out loud!

Will we work with a huge car manufacturer partner who’s put huge effort into this and out team? No…we’ll kill that relationship for…wait for it….driver on the way out of F1 soon.

After seeing what Alonso has done to legendary names, teams, even F1 integrity, it amazes me how people are so enchanted by him.

Yes Kenneth, you want a driver I don’t like on the grid? I give you Alonso. Mr. Scorched Earth…for me, me, me. How can so many people see he’s radioactive and what he’s done and how he’s done it and still risk their carriers for him?

“He’s going to say ‘you know what guys? Ciao bello (goodbye)’, he will not stay. I am 100 per cent sure he will not stay,” Boullier said.

“After this testing, obviously Fernando is quite p***** off. He is clearly saying ‘I may reconsider my position to race because I’m not going to survive another year like this’.

…whin cares if he doesn’t stay? You’ve wasted 150 million on Alonso last 3 years McLaren! It kinda makes it OK that Ron is now gone after making that mistake…a second time!


@ Sebee….You’re losing control. Single malt? It’s all very simple. Alonso is a racer. I like racers. Again…he’s doing what racers do,race. So what? His life, his career, his enjoyment and hopefully some great results. As a rider you might like to check out the salary details…IIRC it appeared that it was Honda who paid the most of, if not all, of Alonso’s salary.


@Sebee, Stop it. You’re turning me on with that post. Too many facts. Something his fans cannot see. Or more accurately, choose not to see. The guy is a fantastic driver, of that there is no doubt. But he isn’t worth all the hype everyone, the media included lumps on him.

To change an entire race calendar to facilitate a single driver who isn’t even fully committed to the category is a travesty. Especially when the change is to the detriment of other fully committed drivers.


@ Oblah… so Oblah thinks that Alonso is not worth all the hype? Interesting. The WEC seems to think he is and when i stand back and look at what is being proposed and actually done i find myself asking the question…what is it that Oblah knows that is totally elusive to the WEC management et al?


Btw I forgot, when these guys head out to test at the end of this month they’ll be running 100 plus laps of Barcelona.

Haven’t some run two GP distanced in a day? Not exactly taxing for them, is it?


Perhaps that’s an illustration of fitness.

Or it’s an illustration of how much easier on the driver these PU cars are. After all, the only time they go V10 F1 era lap speed most is quali. Engine modes take huge mental loads odd the driver. So perhaps you’re right…it’s all easier now a days.


drivers who experienced v10s and v8s said 2017 cars were most physical to drive. we witnessed several lap records being smashed too so what supports your claim about pus?


Are you serious? Most of the time Sebee I’m in agreement with you but you’ve missed a few points.

1) the current generation of drivers have access to cutting edge sports science. Their nutrition and fitness would be micro managed to a level that a generation ago would marvel at.

2) he will participate in 20 odd Grand Prix weekends this year? It wasn’t too long ago when these men would be testing every day of the week all year round. With testing banned they twiddle thumbs.

3) I don’t believe that F1 cars of the last 15 years have been any real challenge to these drivers. Most of them rejoiced that the 2017 were faster. But all the electronics neuter the actual challenge massively.

4) modern F1 is exceptionally well paid, its very restricted as a club and safety is almost taken for granted.

When the old guard raced in all categories, many times it was to earn a better living, an amateur driver or race outfit could buy a competitive engine off the shelf and run competively with minimal personnel or they could buy a Lotus or a March etc to race in F1 or a Porsche or Ferrari to run endurance races.

The downside was the dangers involved of that era. But considering travel and fitness were prehistoric – there was never any problem with drivers competing every weekend, sometimes more than one race at a meeting.


BK Flamer you make very good points. I think the distinction is between elite performers and elite athletes. I think they are different. Still it can be argued both ways.


Hero was Senna. Fast cars are difficult to frive, all the frivers I have heard talk on the subject say last years cars were much harder to drive than the previous generation. What electronics do you think the cars have that make them so much easier on the drivers? The only thing I can think of that would help them is traction control, but this was banned ten years ago.


More chances to see Alonso race is always welcomed. Wonder if he’ll talk to Hartley given his experience and success in WEC?


And F1 drivers are hardly elite athletes by any stretch of the imagination. They are elite drivers, nothing more.


Jenson Button was an elite athlete surely.


@HWS…IIRC it wasn’t all that long ago there were predictions concerning drivers suffering all kind of dramas with the ‘driver’s necks’ being subjected to such massive cornering G forces that some drivers wouldn’t even last for a race.


F1 drivers are elite athletes who just drive elite vehicles. They are on a par with elite fighter pilots who push the envelope.
This misconception that all they do is sit on their rears and just drive a car fast is outdated. F1 drivers have to take high levels of negative and positive G forces. The compression at braking is organ jarring. The gear changing and hand eye coordination and race management is on another level. Plus you have environmental factors impinging your performance such as weather , accident avoidance and avoiding hitting damaged cars on track or objects on track. After all that management on track …Elite Athletes they are LagunaSeca. Try saying the same about a Javelin Thrower.


Alonso is really sucking up to Toyota. He described the WEC car as a Rocket Ship, when it is slower than his McLaren-Honda, which he described as GP2. Some math isn’t adding up around here. Nothing against Toyota, it is the most reliable car manufacturer on the planet year after year either with Lexus or Toyota brand. It just doesn’t apply to the WEC LMP1 car their field, which has failed the reliability test 2 years in a row.

Would be nice if Alonso would free up the McLaren seat already and go drive WEC only. It’s time. He’s not winning anything else around here.


Who Wants to be a Millionaire Question:

“How many times have Toyota won Le Mans?”

A: Zero!
B: None!
C: Sod all!
D: Jack s***!

Phone a friend, ask the audience or ask the computer to take away two answers if you wish………..


That said, without Audi or Porsche to compete against, they do have a solid chance this year!


Why don’t you just go and drive a lap today. I’m quite certain you’ll get the pole, and tomorrow when the race starts, no one else will show up and you win by default.

That’s basically what’s happening with Toyota in WEC.


Their posh range isn’t that bad though GazBoy … Lexus seems to advertised on Channel 4 noir TV series all the time.
What about Rallying GazBoy . Think they were ok there.
But yep they haven’t won Jack on circuit. But their 80s Supra car is a Fast and Furious special 😎


@ Sebee.. That’s quite a silly comment. Of course he’s not winning anything given the Honda catastrophe. You simply cannot find anything positive about what he’s doing in another series as well as F1 so you just dump on him. He’s having a go……


Nicely put Kenneth 👍


Isn’t that what I said?

Go! …to WEC and enjoy it.

Leave F1 already. Nothing else for him to burn down around here. Renault. McLaren. Renault, because job wasn’t finished first time around, Ferrari, Ron Dennis, Honda.

The recipient of the P1 trophy from the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on F1 fans, and he kept the trophy once he found out about it! A true F1 Champion with real integrity and honor.

Like Kenneth said…Go! Young blood needs the seat.


alonso is at a point in his career where he can make the most money per season and he’s doing it in style.


Sebee, first two lines, good advice…..


Naahhh… too much young blood in F1 at the moment. Alonso would spank most of them with a walking stick.


alonso will enjoy the same engine as ricciardo and verstappen this season. shall we see how well ‘he spanks then’?


I said *most* of them. Although I would expect him to give the RBR guys a headache if the McLaren chassis is up to it


He’s hogging the bench press mechine. Get off let the young blood work on their pecks.


He’s not winning anything in 2018 in F1 I mean.

Hulk went and won. It’s been done. Others went to WEC. Mark of course. It’s what you do after you’re done with F1. Big deal.

Seems people don’t care as much as they think as well. All that hype about Indy, and what happened? TV rating down for the race.

I don’t know what it is with people and Alonso. They look at him like he’s some second coming. He isn’t. He’s the guy who sleeps with the Singapore 2008 “winner’s” trophy in his house.


alonso knows how to raise his stock..


@ Sebee…’He’s not winning anything in 2018 in’F1′ i mean. That’s not what you said besides if you really meant 2018…how could you possibly know that? What you mean is that you hope that he does not win anything in 2018. That would be more like Sebee interminably venting about something that happened a long time ago about which Alonso was never legally challenged or found guilty of any misdemeanour. Surely, for the thousandenth time, let it go. As for leaving it to when a driver has resigned from F1 is just more silly comments. He could and he should do it whenever he and his team believe that it’s possible.


Just alonso being his typical political self.

I agree with mark webber. Alonso wouldn’t be interested in WEC, IMSA or any other discipline of the mchonda/mcrenault was competitive.


he doesn’t know how competitive he’ll be this season.


Oblah it’s all about creating a Alonso Legacy. He knows he has to look elsewhere while he also competes in F1. Hamilton and Vettel have secured a bigger championship tally in F1 , with Max being the next big thing and taking the Bull by the horns. Its the realisation that is putting Alonso in getting the big 3 races 24hr LeMans Indy 500 and Monaco . No F1 team is prepare to pay the huge sums to have him driving for them..especially as the old man of F1 now. He is stuck with McLaren who will be competitive in 2018. He will stay with McLaren as he has no where to go.


@ Oblah…i fail to understand how anyone could state that as a fact seeing as the new car hasn’t turned a wheel in testing let alone racing!! Perhaps you could explain your reasoning….


@Kenneth, WEC changed a race date to accommodate alonso, while hampering other drivers, who’d like to contest petite le-man. If that’s not being political, then what is.


@ Oblah….I simply cannot understand the attitude of some towards Alonso. You now claim that it is Alonso ‘being political’. The series race promoters made that decision not Alonso. ASFAIK Alonso does not make WEC decisions yet you claim it is all Alonso’s fault that some other drivers may be inconvenienced?


Fully agree. WEC is in trouble with Audi and Porsche gone. They would move all the races if they had to.


Button just came out and said it’s a shame they moved it for one driver, because others had a contract to race at IMSA race it clashed with and now they can’t. Those are WEC/IMSA drivers, here comes Alonso and they suck up to him and do that thing that people tend to do with Alonso.


Is it really in that much trouble though? They just announced a 12 car field for LMP1 for the entire WEC. LMP2 is as strong as ever. GTE is getting new cars from BMW and Aston Martin this year.


Offering fans a super season of going through the formalities with a single manufacturer.
Oh wow…we won against ourselves!


As Alonso parted the waves the F1 viewers moved towards WEC in 2019. As The SKY turned grey for Liberty’s F1 and Murdoch’s maybe Disney bound Dumbo of a channel stuck in No man’s land.


Paul D
When was the last time you saw flat out racing in F1?
Liberty with the FIA have only recently decided to reset the oil dumps in the engine by preventing the alleged engine oil burn . Tightened loop holes in air flow and exhaust gases.
Took away the FRIC system, then set the engine allocation from 5 to 4 and now to 3.
So engine conservation is prime and more important than WEC.
There is nothing flat out about certain circuits either. FIA trying to create engines that suppose to be relevant to commercial future cars. It’s sterilizing the whole sport.
You have Liberty and Ross Brawn saying it’s going to shake the sport up …
But instead it’s a commercial money maker Yank style. Mean while the FIA are doing their own thing.Both at odds with each other.
So F1 teams are using Bean Counters (statisticians) … doing exactly the same calculations as WEC teams compute for a 6 hour,12 hour or 24 hour race.
F1 teams calculate for a 2 hour race, fuel plus boost calculated, tyre calculated and engine conservation regulated (7 races engine) race .
What’s flat out about that? Half way through a race you have race engineers asking drivers to drive a set pace for fuel save…as they haven’t filled the car up, so the car is lighter and faster in the early stages. Then slower after the mid point hoping the light fuelled car will get to the end.
I’d prefer to watch F1 but I ain’t paying to watch it on SKY in 2019. I’d rather watch Lawn Mower racing ….flat out 🤣


Bk flamer, flat out racing in F1? Brazil, Spain, Spa etc


Spa Monza Silverstone are flat out in Qualifying.
But in the race it’s about fuel save mid race driving to set times on fuel save. Can you remember when Caterham or Manor wasn’t sure it could complete a full race at Spa. As it delayed it’s development due to skirting with bankruptcy. ( Yep they did fold in the end)


Bk Flamer, ‘All about fuel saving’, why do you think that’s true? Here’s a link to the stratey report from the Spanish GP.
Have a look at Lewis and Seb’s lines on the race history graph and tell me what laps you think they were cruising. You are aware that the teams are short filling the cars at some tracks right?
Not really sure what Caterham and Manor have got to do with anything, neither were on the grid last season.


BK Flamer. You missed my irony. Current F1 is so far from flat out it hurts. Refuelling years were as close as I’ve ever seen to flat out, and even if the racing wasn’t good at least the drivers were challenged.

There’s an article in Autosport about behind the scenes monitoring, strategy, back at factory, etc. Huge and expensive resource, needs to be severely restricted in new regs, just ridiculous spending like pit stops – make it a mandatory 4s minimum, and it would cut resource on endless practice and expensive tech such as argon or whatever gas they started using in air guns to save fractions.


It is really important to understand that regulatory things like oil burning, safety, halo etc are the domain of the FIA. They are the regulator

Liberty is the promoter, so matters commercial, TV, sponsorship, race hosting etc


Also that the current engine formula (and the Concorde) are entrenched until 2020.


Point taken James 👍


They can’t each work in a vacuum. There must be some co-ordination and alignment between them, with the common goal of growing the sports popularity. If Liberty don’t at least express their opinion with regards to rule changes, they are doing something wrong…!


Redline, of course they are doing that, there have been numerous articles on this site about Liberty’s plans for engines etc. But the truth is there is nothing that can be done untill 2021.


@TimW – yes, that is understood. But James raises a good point – as the FIA is the regulator, how is it that Liberty is leading the development of post-2020 technical regulations?

I assume the promoter probably has some mandate from the FIA, but it would be interesting to know how is it defined, and what are the responsibilities of the various parties involved.


Vacuum………………nice little pun there redline! Another phrase for vacuum is ground effect!

Ground effects = no need for front wings as the aero balance/aero centre of pressure is much more forward than the current 45/55 downforce distribution on a venturi tunnels based design. No dirty air problems in other words. It’s a no brainer. Are you listening Liberty Media??


@ James..Given that that is the case then who is paying for Ross Brawn and his bunch of merrymen? Furthermore, why is Brawn actually heading up this team, ostensibly for Liberty, if it is the FIA who will make all the decisions? I may have the cart before the horse here so could you clarify the situation?


It is a fair point – Brawn’s team is doing research work for 2021 regs. But it will be written into FIA regs. It’s a consultation

Liberty has no involvement in 2018 regs like halo etc


@ James, thanks for the response…however i’m still unclear on the structure. If Liberty is financing Brawn’s consulting services what influence do they have on the outcome? If Brawn persists with engine simplification and this inflames the relationships with the big three it would be Liberty that is exposed to taking a massive revenue hit if the big three withdrew!. Is Brawn’s group totally at arm length?. Conversely Brawn and Todt have a history and they could be seen to be acting in tandem in order to redraw the current order. I guess that it will all shake out eventually but the impact could be massive….


Pertinent questions for F1’s present and future Kenneth! Here’s another burning question in the same vein …
Are we seeing the first signs of a company (Liberty) with enough power and money to finally transition F1 away from the FIA and the motor industry?
I have been a great defender of F1’s glorious past years and will continue to do so because I love the entire F1 show over the entire weekend … not watching a boring economy based rally for 2 hours and then making a correlation to boring everyday road cars on Monday.

I crave the likes of F1 in the days when spectacular drivers like Senna, Mansell and Prost went flat out, wheel to wheel for 70 laps and got out of their cars elated & exhausted. Their cars were almost reduced to a pile of junk by the time they had finished thrashing them.
Those were the days when the show was bigger than the manufacturers. It was bigger than the FIA. It was spectacular and attracted the biggest TV audiences and circuit attendances by adoring fans that the sport has ever seen.
The main thing wrong with F1 today is the FIA and it’s insistence on keeping F1in line with road car manufacturing and safety. 90% of F1 fans want exhilaration and an adrenalin rush from F1, they don’t really care about road cars and safety. Those are the boring things we leave outside the gates when we enter. They are the “carbon fibre brakes” that instantly retard great racing and a dull-down the show.
Ever since those heady days of the late 80s, F1 has become a Sunday lounge room sport thanks to Bernie and his mammoth efforts to successfully bring F1 into our homes.
F1 totally changed back then. It grew into a stand-alone global spectacular which, if the powers-that-be are not very careful, will die a sad death due to not being allowed to grow into an adult and look after itself.
Liberty have the right overall idea – make the show great and make it stand alone from the motor industry.
This is why I think your questions regarding who is making the rules, who is going to implement them and who is going to uphold them is a very relevant question Kenneth.
It may seem like a silly thing to say but maybe … just maybe
… we are seeing the beginning of the end of the FIA’s involvement in F1. Bernie wanted to do it but he was hog-tied to the motor industry as well. He never took the step that Enzo Ferrari wanted to take and go it alone with the other supercar brands in a free-for-all F1 series with few boundaries for entering a car of your own design.
Instead, F1 has become an over-regulated, incestuous debacle, run by the FIA, which is only there for the good of the motor industry. Not motor sport!
For F1 to become truly great, it needs to become a sport which exists outside of the constriction of the motor industry.
Power-units (engines) for road cars are now heading in a direction which is anti-sport and totally “economy” based.
That’s not a sport – it’s science.
A sprint race is about explosive acceleration off the starting line, pushing everything to the outer limits and then a little more – for the entire race. Ultimately, you should have absolutely nothing left at the finish line.
Ask a sprinter to conserve energy for the finish and he will laugh at you .
Ask an audience if they want to watch the 100 metre race or the 5,000 metre race at the Olympics … no answer required!
It’s all about the spectacular show, NOW, not running around in circles at half speed, conserving energy for sometime later in the day after you’ve had a nap and cup of tea.
If the FIA stays in charge of the rules and regs … F1 dies the same sad death as road cars eventually will … they will become boring, electronic, driverless, computerised shuttles.
That’s great for engineers, electronics boffins, the motor industry and the FIA … but it’s a disaster of epic proportions for most F1 fans.


Does anyone know who the members in Brawns team are? Nigel Mansell ?
The FIA have serious clout, so if Brawn wanted new changes to be ratified into regs.
Is it a straight forward “add ons” process?
could the FIA reject their findings and simply pencil in their own rulings?
Plus the teams would have a big say in what is hot or cold in the 2021 regs.
So then it becomes complicated … I hate to use this analogy but it sounds abit “Brexit” you the EU verses Dear ol’Blighty jabbing and hooking away taking body shots from EU head Juncker. Both giving nothing away.


Pat Symonds, Jason Somerville etc


It appears the FIA and LM are doing each others jobs. Brawn is messing with sporting regs and Martin Whitmarsh is working with the FIA to restrict team finances. The FIA should have no influence over the money side of any motorsport.


Change from F1 to WEC viewing? If I want fuel economy, tyre preservation, and eeking out things to the next pit stop I’ll watch F1. 😂

Bring back flat out F1 please Liberty and Ross.


PaulD, when do you think that F1 didn’t feature fuel economy and tyre preservation?


Stop being serious and ridiculous at the same time.

Are you wondering why Mercedes EQ Power is being advertised in F1 with no Mercedes EQ products available or even AMG Hybrid for that matter? Here is what they are prepping you for. Oh look…100% electric and autonomous. What does this have to do with F1? About as much as that Mercedes EQ Power SUV that’s coming in 2019…100% electric as well.


When did we have flat out F1 races?


Back when you could have a fresh V10 each Grand Prix weekend (circa 2004 or before) and when you could use all the fuel you wanted.


Sebee, so no fuel saving in 2004? You sure?


In the early 1950s probably when in England GP the track was on a horse race course and the barriers were made from hay bales and Stirling Moss wore his sisters white Polo helmet for protection.
The crowds were behind the hay bales.
Think the BBC made a programme about it.
F1 the dangerous years , they did a similar one for the 80s B group car rallying era.
It’s truly amazing footage. Hay bales do not make good barriers.


Paul D
You are right. When they had refuelling pit stops , it was entertaining and also a time of mishaps .
Always remember when Massa driving for Ferrari took the refuelling gun and hose with him, still attached to his fuel slot., half way down the pit stop lane, in his rush to get out on circuit. The pit crew rushing after him. The look on the brake release sign guys face was a peach . Not to mention the Team Boss looking red faced.
They should bring back refuelling it was a game changer and at times you had a mid range car leading (for a while anyway).
No I didn’t miss the irony but it in fact said alot about how far F1 is setting to limit itself from being entertaining. Soon it’ll just be like watching a set of 20 drones just doing lap after lap without any surprises like in refuelling. I’m hoping this new tyre compound may bring some action into the fray. But that’s a big “if”.
Anyhow only a few weeks before testing and the big reveals.


The refuelling years were very processional. Hardly any overtaking on track, position changes only happened while cars were in the pits. I would not welcome the return of refuelling just because there was the possible excitement of someone setting themselves on fire. I guess your name sums up your insensitivity to the threat of immolation.


BK, are you speaking of the fixed 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, where a driver was told that he’d lose his seat if he didn’t crash just so and bring out the safety car? Thus creating danger to marshals, pit lane crews due to the chaos this fraudulent purposeful disregard for safety had? Let us not forget this completely ruined the integrity of the race and as it turns out 2008 F1 Championship. Alonso claimed he knew nothing of it, how could he know? It was his manager and team principal who set it up, and for him to win the race. But like an honorable champion of the sport he kept the P1 trophy even after the truth of the fix was out there.


I had a feeling you’d kick off so I didn’t mention the circuit Sebee 😄
You are correct 👏


On a commercial note it makes sense for everyone involved.
For Alonso it makes sense.
My only concern is that it suggests that maybe Mclaren won’t be winning the title this year and that’s no better that coming last.
However as Nico Rosberg proved,driving anything fast helps you to drive anything fast.


After the mass exodus of manufacturers from WEC, this doesn’t really come as a surprise (anything to keep it alive). That said, this move doesn’t make commercial sense for everyone involved (by a long shot). Every other driver that had other commitments on the newly agreed dates misses out badly.
Also, there is no linkage between the change of date for this WEC round with Mclaren’s potential for this season (that Alonso has been permitted to race the whole WEC season perhaps is more relevant).


@PB … Regarding the “mass exodus of manufacturers from WEC” (and F1 for that matter) it tells a great story of repetitive business acumen and how they all come and go to suit the tax deductible R&D and marketing of their latest road car agenda. An agenda fully supported by the FIA … that’s why it exists!!!
It’s where F1 has gone totally wrong over the past 6 years. It’s been caught between attracting road car manufacturers to remain relevant within the motor industry as a means to sell cars or allowing F1 to totally go out on it’s own as the pinnacle of spectacular motor SPORT – for fans of sport!
Liberty is going for the second one but doing it with blinkers on.
F1 has outgrown the motor industry, it’s now a global business of it’s own, a powerful stand-alone sporting event!!!
The road car manufacturers have all pulled back from all of the top echelon series’ because Hybrid Tech is almost done with. It was never meant to be the answer, just a bump on the road to all-electric road cars. Where-to from there? Mag-Lev tech?
Hybrid was only ever an extremely overpriced interim-technology to get us past the bad old days of air pollution and into the next phase where cars are full electric. That’s until they design technology which no longer needs roads to drive on!
Hybrid tech got everyone all juiced up and thinking it was the greatest thing since sliced bread – but it was never meant to hang around for long because it still burns fossil fuels. A huge no-no in the “green war” on carbon emissions.
Hybrid is merely a shuffle sideways, not a breakthrough step forwards.
The FIA was conned big time by Merc and Renault (and their millions of motor industry partners worldwide) to implement Hybrid PUs in WEC and F1 as a high profile platform to sell it to people who aren’t interested in it and truth be known, most simply can’t afford it.
If Hybrid was going to be as big and long lived as it was made out to be, why the hell didn’t the biggest and best manufacturer of Hybrid cars, Toyota, join F1 and dominate? It was cheaper and easier to do it in WEC, where they only stayed long enough to dominate for a few years until the others caught up and then hey presto … see ya, were going back to road cars.
Toyota had been building hybrid cars for 20 years, they had foreseen the end coming and knew it would die a sad death due to it’s extreme price-tag and ludicrous weight gains to race cars.
Merc and most likely Ferrari won’t stay in F1 for much longer now that engines are changing again for 2021. By default, Renault will inherit their domination for a few years after they go. It will be their time to shine and I believe that’s why they are hanging around wasting billions on running 7th and 8th placings at present … just like Merc did for many years before hybrid tech came in!
Once the next technology becomes the “latest and greatest” … then we’ll see interested manufacturers return for a few years to R&D it – until it’s no longer worth spending the money to sell cars again … and the road car manufacturer merry-go-round continues!

Once magnetism and levitation technology becomes the norm, (as superfast trains are already doing) we will see the beginnings of cars no longer needing engines at all. The drive and motion systems will come from an electrical source outside of the “cars”, which we won’t drive at all. They will be unpiloted, drone type shuttles run by computers on a grid of electro-magnetism from below. Push a button, sit back with your iPad and enjoy the ride.
Ultimately, that’s where the road car manufacturers want to invest their futures … not spending money on motor sport like F1 which allows them no return on investment!!!

This is why F1 should not follow road car tech at all. If it is to survive as a spectacular sport, it should be completely different from road cars and entice people to watch it for what it is. At present F1 has become a toy that 50 different entities with a stake in it want to twist and tear into something which suits their own agendas. That’s why it’s dying.


You don’t follow the WEC do you? The WEC is more than alive and well, without Audi and without Porsche. The ‘privateers’ will make for an exciting season in LMP1. LMP2 is massively oversubscribed and then there’s the GT category.

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