Super Thursday as Ferrari rolls out the F1 car it hopes will go one better than 2017
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Feb 2018   |  5:29 pm GMT  |  155 comments

After Mercedes’ theatrical launch at Silverstone, Ferrari rolled out its challenger online on Thursday afternoon, meaning that the three leading teams’ cars are now out in the open.

They will all now travel to Barcelona for testing starting on Monday, although conditions in Europe are set to be very cold in the next week and there is also some rain forecast which will make the testing of the new Pirelli tyre compounds quite challenging.

The Ferrari builds on the car that narrowly missed out on winning the world championship last season. The 2017 car was a huge step forward for Maranello with not only more wins than for many years, but also pole positions. This has been Ferrari’s Achilles heel for a while and certainly in the hybrid turbo era, as it was unable to match the high regime setting on the engine which Mercedes can access for extra power on the final qualifying runs.

Last season we saw Ferrari getting close to that and also finding a way to make the tyres work better than Mercedes in hot conditions and on tight tracks, especially the street circuits.

The Mercedes has maintained the same longer wheelbase and the Ferrari has also grown a little, if still not as long as the Mercedes.

The rear view mirrors are innovative, playing a clear aerodynamic role in what looks a very sleek car. The rear end of the car is also narrower and according to the technical chief Mattia Binotto there has been even more emphasis on the qualifying performance of the car both from a power init and packaging point of view.

Ferrari clearly feel emboldened by last season and feel that by developing what was already a good car they can go one better in 2018 and challenge Mercedes to the end.

There has been considerable push back from fans on the halo so far with the new cars launched and it has to be said that on the Ferrari it looks particularly bad, even though they have painted it red.

Motorsport fans always look to the launch of a new Ferrari F1 car and expect to see something beautiful to stir the soul, but this one will take some getting used to.

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Sounds good, looks bad.


Maybe someone can explain. If the halos (haloes sp.?) are all the same (as I expect they should be) how can one design be worse than another? Paint? Or, is it it’s placing relative to the air box intake? I’m inherently stupid and artistically challenged so please help me. I don’t expect James will answer, so perhaps another expert. Seeebee, GasBoy?


Anyone else here stoked for the upcoming season? Or is it all just negative as I have read in the first few posts. Didn’t get any further. Couldn’t. Roll on Australia!


This is the problem with Halo. Thongs aren’t built for comfort or speed. Just the beach!


Ugliest Cars Ever… A Brick would look prettier with paint and wheels. If this is the new product from the new MGT then bring back Bernie. OMG. Ugly All of them. Not looking forward to watching this lot on my TV.


I expect a Ferrari to be beautiful.

This one fails my expectation.

A couple of wins might help it look better, but not much.

Tornillo Amarillo

RIC should choose Ferrari… they are really “on track.”


There is a huge real estate available on the back wing, after the exit of Santander. Curious to know, to which high profile brand, this will be sold to.


So far Red Bull is the car it impressed me the most. Merc and Ferrari are evolution of their previous year concepts. RB , Ferrari and McLaren (but RB most of all) seem they were able to integrate best the halo in the car. When the car sits the engine intake is clearer from halo turbulence than a Merc… but as always track will talk.


Serious comment/question: this doesn’t even look like photos of a real car to me!? It looks like a total photoshop, no?!

Tornillo Amarillo

IMO Best looking car: FERRARI !

2nd best looking car: RENAULT

Ugliest car: McLAREN…


@Tornillo Amarillo you do know that the Renault is only a livery showcar ?

Tornillo Amarillo

Yes, but I’m talking about looking… 🙂


The only aesthetically pleasing element on the Ferrari is the halo.

Nevertheless, I really wish it wasn’t there.


Disagree, Alfa looks better – and it’s not even in my favourite Neapolitan cake livery…………..

Having a bit of contrast always makes any livery look better – Black and Gold on the Lotus 79, the white and blue of Williams and now the Strawberries and Cream of Alfa.

All red looks a bit like giant Chinese flag on wheels………


So according to James its ugly. Ugly usually means functional which usually means fast.

So an ugly car my ght win the championship this year.


@Marius. JA sees it ugly not for any reason but ‘cuz not made in England.


Either is a Torro Rosso, Sauber or Haase.

Do you think that maybe James called it ugly because it is?


Come off it Andretti. James is no homer, and appreciates the place that Ferrari holds in the sport.

Might the simpler explanation be that he actually found the Ferrari halo uglier? Personally I think it looks worst on the Mercedes, but this is like choosing the least rotten apple.


sir, you are slighting a man who’s reputation for fair-minded and un-biased reporting is peerless. lay off James, pal!


You are going to have a hard time convincing me that Mr. Allen has some kind of personal bias against Ferrari in light of the fact that he wrote an excellent biography of Ferrari’s most famous driver, and also named his son after Ferrari founder Enzo.


It’s almost pointless discussing the aesthetics of the halo, as no matter what colour it is, it’s ugly. So ignoring that, I’m liking this year’s Ferrari, especially as it’s almost 100% red. Not sure if it’s just the lighting, but is it a slightly darker red too?

Other than that, all the cars are suffering from the stunted fin (just get rid of it entirely and give us a lovely swooping curve of engine cover) and the proboscis on the tip of the nose. I almost typed “nose cone”, but of course the front of the cars haven’t been shaped that way for a while (which for me is a shame).


As for the new Ferrari, Terruzzi said the tone of red is expected to be darker, thanks in part to the departure of sponsor Santander.

He said the 2018 livery, to also feature less white, is similar to the shade of red seen on the 312 car of 1969.


Bye bye Santander, but could the less white mean Ferrari are finally starting to run out of Marlboro money?


Has anyone done a comparison of the cars run so far on their filming day or do we really have to wait till Monday to have any sense of the cars? Excited for the new season already and hoping for a little more balance atleast among last years top three teams.


I disagree about the halo – Ferrari’s version seems to me the best integrated one so far.

I have always felt that the halo is in any case far less ugly than the rear fins that appeared last year. I had understood that these would be banned for 2018, but it appears that smaller versions are still permitted, even though most designers are painting them a different colour to try to disguise them. They are still very ugly though and, all in all, the rear end of the Ferrari looks particularly inelegant to me, and by comparison the halo is a much smaller blemish on the looks of the car.


I don’t mind how the cars look this year l must say. Sure they would look even better without the halo but it is what it is so l will live with it. As long as the cars are fast and we have great racing, they could drive the ugliest car around l would not care. I particulary like the Sauber and the toro Rosso so far and of course this gorgeous Ferrari. Marc


That’s the problem people assume halo is just appalling aesthetically. It also adds significant weight to the cars which are already overweight and on track to morbid obesity at the current rate. The center of gravity is significantly higher and the handling is reduced further. F1 was the pinnacle of motorsport because it was a purpose build racecar with the minimal amount of weight/ necessary components to race. The drivers sits on the track for a reason, to be as low as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce a new regulation to increase the height underneath the cars for the safety of drivers to prevent a Kimi in Singapore’13 incident. After all if it can save one drivers back then its worth it init. The DNA is being lost its no longer a go kart with a racing engine attached to the back and suspension. The trend seems to be more road car like. No one talks about power to weight ratio. Yeah they might be close to 1000HP but the weight went up as well so don’t think the cars will get much faster if at all unless the tires can make up the difference. I wouldn’t hold my breath on fast cars and great racing. Look at the promise of Max v Lewis v Vettel in Mexico all over in first two corners instead of laps of battling between them dicing for the lead all taking the lead at one point.


I love this time of the year when all of us can dream that the team we favor built a championship car. Next week will give us a bit more of a window opening on where each team is a the present but we will have to wait another month or so to get a clearer picture. I hope that Ferrari will have a great all-around package finally and that they can give Mercedes a great fight. Hopefully Red Bull will be there as well for a three way season long battle. Marc


Of the new cars. The Mclaren looks the best then the Ferrari (even with the halo). The rest of the cars are below par. Too much black on all the cars. Even the Mercedes is going to a dark silver. They should move to a chrome look that Mclaren pulled off so well!

I said it before I miss the colour of the mid 00’s. Unfortunately teams paint the wings and barge boards black so other teams cannot see all the detail.


Everybody in F1 is complaining that the sound is not exciting enough and the halo is ugly but the teams cannot be bothered to even give the cars a decent paint job, apart of Red bull. Now we’ve also seen the Mclaren, it is the dullest thing in F1 since the introduction of advertisement in the seventies or so. I know they have no title sponsor but they could at least try to make the car look nice. The Ferrari is also more or less a solid color. They don’t do that even to their road cars any more. I was so looking forward to see the Sauber and it looks like they spent exactly 5 minutes deciding how to paint it. Come on F1 teams, if you are so bothered by the aesthetics of the cars that you cannot say 2 sentences without spitting on the halo, you can at least spent more than 5 minutes on their paint job. Red bull is the only team that seems to have put some effort in it, and maybe Renault. Toro roso just cannot be bothered to change it.


The Red Bull livery is the worst looking one by far. Looks like it’s the primer and not the real paint.


I would like to say I am a bit disappointed with the halo. They tried hard to decorate it however it still looks like as sebee says like an puma slipper. I wish it won’t effect aerodynamics too much……… this season I feel more depends on engine than ever.


Posting after a long long time….

I’m quite surprised by James’ assertion that the Ferrari’s halo “looks particularly bad”.

On the contrary, I feel that’s the ONLY halo which has not been an eyesore.

All the other halo concepts seen so far, indeed makes one want to grab a chainsaw (as Toto Wolff pointed out) to do the needful.


So far, Redbull’s new livery probably stands out.

And sadly, they are mad enough, not to keep that livery. (Can you believe that !!)

So, what was the purpose of showcasing a one-off livery ?

I find it hard to digest the camouflage theory. If indeed livery can serve the purpose of camouflaging aero tricks so efficiently, then why not retain it for the entire year?..


I agree that this car is not as pretty as last year’s Ferrari. But I don’t believe that’s because of the halo.

The problem is that much larger piece of bodywork going rearwards from the air intake above the driver’s head.

It’s also the most interesting car we’ve seen thus far, with the clever use of the mirror housings, and the (gasp!) t-wing.

But pretty it ain’t. Unless it secures the championship, in which case loads of fans will have a scale model on their shelves and declare it to be one of the prettiest Ferraris ever


The problem is that much larger piece of bodywork going rearwards from the air intake above the driver’s head.

This is the Shark Fin, and, per the regulations, it is much smaller than last year’s were so i’m not sure what exactly you’re on about here.


Well Ferrari seems to be the only manufacturer who is not trying to hide their halo using a dark background or dim lightning. Surprisingly I like the halo on the Ferrari. Either that or I am already getting used to the halo.


Quite simply the best looking Ferrari of the Hybrid era. The halo looks well integrated and does not stand out very badly as a sore add on. But what really matters is whether it is fast enough to have moved ahead of the W09 EQ Power+, a car whose name is as long as it’s wheelbase 🙂




Everybody needs to give an impression that Ferrari is good and competitive to keep in a interest in F1. The whole economy including media runs on keeping the fans interest till the end…

Another year of promises and disappointment


Put this side by side with last years Ferrari (from front on) and the new side pods are massively narrower…i didn’t think they could go any smaller than last year, but they have! Also from above the packaging at the rear is very tight!

So much for over heating?


@ James…Of all people, you are the last one i would’ve picked to make those comments re Ferrari and their halo integration! Of all the new cars so far released Ferrari are the only ones who have reduced the visual assault of such an ugly piece of hardware ever to grace an F1 car. For that alone they are worthy of some positive recognition.


Seconded. Absolutely.


I think this Ferrari might be a very competitive car. The question: is it competitive enough since they have the slowest driver line-up of the top 3 teams?


Roll on Q3 at Alberta Park, when everyone will have to put all their cards on the table.

From an ecstatic perspective, glad to see more red on the car, and less white as was becoming the case in previous years.


“There has been considerable push back from fans on the halo so far with the new cars launched and it has to be said that on the Ferrari it looks particularly bad, even though they have painted it red. “

James, is that you or a typical Brit jurno-bot who can’t finish a piece about Ferrari without such a petty and personal observation? Of all the cars revealed I think Ferrari did an excellent job with the halo. It don’t look just stuck on there and left OEM black. I would like to think that you do fair work but seriously, either we are looking at different cars or you need to check your tastes and buy some hip looking turtle-shell glasses. You never tell a mother that her baby would be beautiful if it wasn’t for the mole on its forehead.


@Bob. Not only James. Read other British media comments non any Italian team. Disquieting in best picture


I agree with James. This is the worst looking car of the lot. The halo looks horrible on it.


“Motorsport fans always look to the launch of a new Ferrari F1 car and expect to see something beautiful to stir the soul, but this one will take some getting used to.”

HALO aside, this Ferrari looks far better than, say 2014 one. That was the ugliest Ferrari F1 car ever. James I really think you’ll agree with me on this one.


No, he will not agree with you, because to do so would imply that Alain Prost is ugly.


Yes, I wish 2014 never happened. No PUs!


I agree that the halo looks particularly ugly on the Ferrari. I don’t know why. Is it because red is such a flashy colour?

Of course this is based on a few photos. We’ll see.

I wonder what Jackie Sewart, a pioneer of car safety, thinks of these halos.


@ Bobw

Is it not a matter of opinion??

James had every right to express how he sees it, as do you.

When I read your I post, it sounds like your opinion is all that matters, but I could be wrong.

The Halo is ugly, but I too think that Ferrari”s is the best so far.

But at the end of the day, most things tend to look good on a Ferrari, no matter how ugly they are. That’s the magic of the brand imo.


@ James K….In my post i noted that i was surprised by James comments. I still am. Ferrari have tried ti integrate the halo so that it is as unobstrusive as possible. That’s how color works because shades or alternate colors provide contrast by definition and that draws ones concentration. That’s why i was surprised when James pointed out that ‘ferrari was partciularly bad’.


BobW this is one of the worst Halo looks on any of the cars. What are you talking about “Brit” stuff. Have you read / translated any Italian messageboards? How do you know they are not up in arms about it too?


You hit the nail on the head there buddy……….absolutely bizarre (or perhaps typical) how anyone can judge degrees of unattractiveness of a standard component on formula designed cars……unless its personal bias of course.


“You never tell a mother that her baby would be beautiful if it wasn’t for the mole on its forehead”

Sure you could, but you might get bopped by uncle Bob 🙂

For what it’s worth I do agree that the halo looks worse on the Ferrari, but I tend to think that’s *because* they painted it red – it just looks garish somehow – but I still think the F2012 Lego Ferrari was worse…just.

Will it be a winner though? Well since I’m not actually watching F1 anymore I’m going to put that firmly in the “Who cares?” basket.

Undoubtedly someone will pop up and ask why I’m still commenting and giving an opinion on a site that follows a sport that I no longer watch, but that’s okay – That basket has plenty of space to spare 🙂



I knew it!! I always thought you were a basket case random😄


Yes beware of the aveli, Random. It’s always lurking 😆


Damn, someone’s feeling a little tight about James’ comments lol.

Personally, I agree with James that while all the halos look pretty aweful, the fezza is grating in its own unique way. To me, it’s the split red/black colouring of the halo on the Ferrari that makes it off-putting. The colour split makes the lines of the halo stand out like a sore thumb – and since none of the lines or shape of the halo match up to anything else on the car, it makes the line between the red and black really unpleasing to my eye.

And I’m not British…although, I do live in British Columbia lol.


I was also surprised by the same comment. I don’t mind the Halo in any car this year. For me it looks equally the best in Ferrari and RB. Everyone is entitled to their opinions mate. That’s why I don’t post here as much as I used to in the past. It’s a choice also we are all entitled to make.

In regards to the halo, what’s the bet no one (almost) will even talk about it a few races in.


Strongly disagree.

More likely pairing the most prevalent usage of their iconic colour with that eyesore has been done on purpose as a sort of dirty protest.

I wish they had just developed the aeroscreen past it’s weaknesses, and live in hope they’ll commit to a radical redesign incorporating a canopy sometime soon to stop all the faffing around.


Putting aside the halo (i have an app in my minds eye that allows me to block out the halo’s), i couldn’t disagree more with your last sentence JA.

IMO this is the best looking Ferrari livery in years. I’ve never like the “white bits”, and this scarlet lady looks good enough to kiss!

I wonder what her qualy mode is like….which is all that really matters…


Maybe they have finally finished with Marlboro, thus the lack of white.


The white was for Santander.


No the white was part of the Philip Morris brand


Maybe they have finally finished with Marlboro

On the contrary, they have recently extended their sponsorship deal through to 2021.


Yeah I agree. Much prefer the full red livery, like the 2007 & 2008 cars.


Yes performance is everything, agreed. Whether or not you disagree with the livery comment, it’s your choice and irrelevant.


So you admit F1 is now all about the software mode to get you to the front row?

I agree this is the least offensive halo car so far, but I wouldn’t betray my slim slender F2004 wife for it, ever. You should hear the sounds she makes when excited too!



She is smokin’ hot! So hot she’s not allowed on the grid anymore. P.C. police chased her away. They couldn’t sustain the tempo required to keep up with her. Old dudes in charge…concerned about heart giving up pushed for efficiency and not pushing to red line…because youth apparently can’t resist efficiency.

Look at those hips! You know you want to hold them, you don’t have to lie to me. She’s my Mrs. though. You can look, but don’t touch!


We all fancied your Mrs Sebee. Up until Spa 2004, that is, when a certain Mr Kimi left her breathless in his wake. God the legs on that McLaren won out easy…


You need help Sebee 🤣

So one assimes she has a wide front end too?

Jeez stop with the Sexual simile and stick with the thong at hand 🤣


Good luck Ferrari, you’ll need it.

People still think you came “close” in 2017…

Yeah right!

Mercedes took three quarters of poles over the season.

Only letting Mercedes take 15/20 poles is nowhere near close. 5 Ferrari wins to 12 Mercedes wins is nowhere near close.

Toto mocks you with the “diva” bull$%!t.

Lewis could run so conservatively his Mercedes was 100% reliable! This year you have less PUs over the season…

Hope you can at least race the Mercedes at tracks like Silverstone and Monza for once.

Hope you stop the 2018 title being won at a canter. I don’t care how the halo looks as long as the cars can compete against each other when the No2’s are so lame and race wheel to wheel.


well said sir!

I don’t care how the cars really look, just so long as it is close racing.

One day I hope…..



They did come close!!……

Well, closer than before 😊


Actually need a number 3 to take points away from no 1 occasionally. To keep the competition


Only a portion of Hamilton fans think Ferrari came close to the Mercs just to make it sound competitive. They need constant reminders of how many races were still left before both championships were over. Until tests are over I personally won’t put my $1000 anywhere yet. Watch this space.



And who”s thought was it that Merc didn’t get chased right to the end?? I don’t believe it was Mercs😉


Formula zero. Why don’t you give us all a reminder of how many races Seb lead the championship for…..


Red always makes Ferrari recognizable — and this one looks like my Vacuum Cleaner.


Has your vacuum cleaner also undergone a slimming regime from the much narrower sidepods through to the rear wheels as per the red cars? They certainly look sleek for mine.


I guess that you’ll just have to ‘suck it up’ !!!!


Love it apart from the ungainly engine cover profile, and of course the halo.


Maybe we will get used to the halo? I certainly hope so. Wonder if they would be better painted like the drivers helmet? Surprised how much they seem to hide the driver! Maybe we need windows in the cockpit sides, like the 1976 Tyrrell six-wheeler!


I’m convinced they’ll be out after a year or so, replaced by a canopy so hopefully we won’t have to get used to them. Bloody awful eh?!


I know for certain that I’ll never get used to halo, just like I never got used to the terrible PU sound, and just like I never got used to the rear wings looking like vaginas between 2009 and 2016.

For those who favour the “get used to it” approach, here is a revolutionary concept: get it right, then you won’t have to get used to anything.

It’s absolutely astonishing that a fantasy car sport like F1, which can be absolutely anything and where imagination is the only limitation, is full of things that simply do not work and which we have to get used to.


I think it’s the best lookin Halo from the bunch.


No white like last year, which would help to distract from the halo. The Sauber is far better looking.


Sauber? With the toilet seat halo?


this ferrari looks dangerous. mercedes better watch out.

painting the halo white would improve the looks of the car a great deal.


Oh boy. All these appendages; the halo and the side pod/intake excess wingage plays havoc with the flowing lines. Function over form, it has to be…but I wish it wasn’t so.


It’s not an aesthetically looking car and what ever happened to blood red.


Bravo Ferrari, for mimicking the inspiration for the halo colors.


Never gets old Sebee 🙂


Everyone knows, I bleed LH – but that ferrari looks gorgeous. That color though. That deep dark red with the black and grey highlights – MERCY!

Unlike James, I think the halo painted red looks good. The novel mirrors and sidepods are great.

Oh and one last thing, unlike the naysayers – ferrari copied mercedes long wheelbase, not the other way around. Still waiting for my apology for the likes of Kenneth, sarang, sebee and co. Told you mercedes wasn’t gonna shorten their car.

Vindicated. 🙃🙃🙃

Methinks, the w09 will go like stink. James Allison is known for his compliant chassis design along with Mike Elliot. Those two are responsible for the 2012, 2013 Lotus’s.


@Oblah, I am happy for you. Incidently, I don’t recall trying to prove you wrong. About the wheelbase of both cars, it was my mere assumption and I am just a F1 fan, not an expert. It was also based on an article by Mark Hughes. Please read if you will.

We are by no means better than them and they also can get it wrong.

Anyway, I appreciate Mercedes for keeping faith in their philosophy and it will be interesting to see how they have got around their DIVA.


I had a feeling you were the same SARANG from there. I ghost read but never joined. Thoroughly enjoy the whining of Ray from toronto.


@ Oblah….Just a naysayer following up…If, as you so humbly say, “Ferrari have copied Mercedes long wheelbase’ which you amazingly foretold then one would assume them to now be identical in length. What i’ve been able to find suggests that things are not quite what you infer? The Mercedes 2017 had a wheelbase of 3666MM and the Ferrari a wheelbase of 3463MM…a difference of 203MM/20.3CM. Now it has been already stated that the increased wheelbase of the ’18 Ferrari has been increased between 40/50MM and that Mercedes have remained the same as 2017. If those figures are correct then they fall 75% short of the difference between the 2017 two cars and the 2018 cars. Once again i cannot be 100% certain of these numbers but they will be fully published very soon. IMHO i would think that to qualify as being a copy then the variance would have to be substantially higher than 25%, something like 85/90% . If you have dimensions that dispute the figures i have quoted then that’s fine. By all means lets see them then we can continue the debate.


Funny. I bleed SV – but I think the Mercedes looks the best and most dangerous of the whole bunch 🙂


People are talking about the tight back on the Merc, but it’s a straight angle in … no coke bottle curving like on the Ferrari. I thought that was the best shape in order to keep more air attachment as it funnels towards the rear wing? We’ll see I guess.

Ferrari have lengthened their floor, but anyone know if the rake is higher too? Merc have kept the same floor length and raised the rake only slightly. It’s those two factors which generate the downforce.


@ Oblah….’naysayers’? meaning what? Now, before i publically acknowledge your superior intellect and inside knowledge about the planned details of variances between both Mercedes and Ferrari wheelbase, you might like to refresh my memory. I really have no recollection of having actually said anything relative to the variable wheelbases of the ’18 cars nor accusing you of anything. That said i’m sure that you’ll be able to post those comments of mine as vindication of your position. Whilst i’ve not seen actual comparative measurements it is rumored across a couple of sites that Ferrari has extended their wheelbase by 40/50MM and that Allison has stated that they kept the same measurements. Now if you can find my dissenting posts for me i will support your elevation to the same level that i accord Aveli….No.2 ‘goto’ man in all things F1. That should appeal to your obvious forecasting abilities and your overwhelming humility.


@ Oblah….now why did i expect that response? You’re ready to fling the ‘merde’ but fall short when the acid is on. Either you front up or withdraw the comment…your call. You and Aveli are soulmates.


@kenneth. Honestly, I’ve been trying to find the comment but JAonf1 has been painfully slow. Not sure whats up with the site lately.

My comment is in reference to there being no indication from mercedes post 2017 of shorten their wheelbase. Fans and commenters blamed the ‘diva’ qualities on wheelbase/rake, when in fact it was suspension. Or more specifically the pre-season clarification.


The worse of the halos… no getting used to that.. . aesthetically that is an ugly car.


Well, this halo is going to be as good as it gets.

At least it doesn’t look like a toilet seat, which doesn’t say much.



Have you never seen a red toilet seat??


That Munich place was called Formula 1 Bistro, and it is now apparently closed. Wonder if it was trademark related. Some Bar Giornale is there now.


We have now 🙂


Funny story James. Early 2000s, I’m driving back from Hungarian Grand Prix, filling some time between races, after some time in Budapest & Vienna, we got to Munich, and there was this F1/Ferrari themed restaurant there. I think it was actually called Formula 1 Restaurant, which was funny. Well, obviously we went for lunch and a beer, and eventually I had to recycle the beer, went to the WC and guess what I found?

I actually took a photo of it, but as I don’t want to dig through old photos right now, here is the product shot for you. That’s right…Ferrari toilet seat! AKA, Halo, circa 2018.


The car looks innovative but also evolutionary and I don´t think all details are finalised yet. Its all a show car in a way. I think the main question is how much development room the mercedes hybrid engine still had. Their development curve with the engine can not go up forever. As for the halo I would rather see a fully closed cockpit than this. I was hoping that the engineers would be able to somehow integrate it more into the body of the car, but it seems to be impossible. I do not want to see anyone hurt, but I just feel we lost some of the DNA of F1 and a lot of vow factor of the cars. If the zero % of risk is the target, than we should just let robotic cars race. Than I will go and watch motocross, cliff jumping, super G, cycle racing etc.


It was said Mercedes has the whole new engine fort this year – unlike Ferrari, Renault and Honda. So Mercedes could be even further ahead. Let’s hope not!


+1 on the closed cockpit. I was hoping it would swing that direction when I saw the RBR style halo design


For all the talk about the aesthetic horrors of the halo device they are still not as beauty destroying as those Cyril Sneer type noses. They really are pug ugly and I just can’t avert my eyes every time I look at a photo of these cars. It’s why the Merc and it’s sleek nose design will always be the attraction of the field in my opinion along with it’s other graces in design.

Tornillo Amarillo

there has been even more emphasis on the qualifying performance

Merc should be P1 in qualy to win Championships, but if Ferrari gets that… Merc hardly could follow another car based in what we saw in 2017.

FERRARI is the most beautiful car in 2018! Elegant and the halo is inserted as part of the car with harmony.

While Toto wants to saw the halo, Ferrari has integrated it very well and smartly put a moulding and peinted it in two colors (mainly red and with black in the lower part) adding its yellow logo to look more refined, well done for me!


Agree with you on that. Even Toto indirectly admitted that it was inherent problem with the aero philosophy they have been following and it can’t be solved completely. Mercedes may get better at following others but not as good as expected.

If Ferrari can challenge Mercedes in qualifying every weekend, then it’s really game on. Ferrari was already a better car in race mode.


Can’t lie, that ferrari looks special. Fav livery by far. Of course the king will beat it into submission but its a beautiful looking car. Love that tone of red with black highlights. Demonic.


I don’t care what anyone says, if Mr E was still in charge the halo would be gone before the first race. The amazing thing is that this was supposedly well thought through and researched.

However on a positive note,the Ferrari looks a lot less like its trying to hide it’s details. It looks great and I’m a Mclaren fan.

Mind you, it’s hard to see how good it looks because the halo gets in the way.

I can’t believe someone as smart as Paddy Lowe said that we’d get used to it after a couple of races.


Agree with your point about ‘stiring the soul’ James. I look forward to seeing the car but… yeah.

Couple of things I noticed:
– the aero effect in the mirrors – I guess it stands to reason, they do stick out so make them work for you as best as you can.
– it seems to me there is a small t-wing. Is this correct? I haven’t noticed it on any of the other cars so far but wasn’t really looking.

Also, what kind of engine development do you think they’ll have this year? If I’m correct, this will be Mr Binotto’s first real full pre-season in charge. Do you think they’ll get the mapping etc to have a quali competitive car?


It looks like everyone else is copying Ferrari’s sidepods from last year – yet Ferrari have pushed them even more this year. Cool. I’m getting used to the Halo already. It doesn’t look so bad when it’s not black, somehow.


Best flip flop so far! At least Ferrari have used their imagination and put a sticker on it


That sticker is worth 20hp, at least…


I’m not sure about the back of the engine cover (viewed from the side) – it looks a bit odd imo. Maybe it’s the colour scheme.


Beautiful Italian Design.



I don’t know that the Halo is any uglier on the Ferrari than other cars? Its the same device, and the mounting and area around the cockpit is prescriptively controlled by the rules, so there is not much latitude by the teams to do much, other than paint “trickery” to make it less obvious.

In any case the Ferrari is (in my eyes) by no means a pretty car. With the high rake and fin, it looks hunch-backed from side-on. Get rid of the Halo, fin and the many aero appendages, and suddenly we have something much sexier….


@ Redline….I think that the Ferrari treatment of the ‘halo’ is quite clever really. Red on the outside and black on the inner surfaces does, from some angles, make this abomination look slimmer than it actually is….and that can only be good. However the old adage about lipstick and pigs applies fully here. I do agree with you in part re ‘pretty car’. The over abundance of devices in and around the sidepods/barge boards etc shows just how mightily complex things have become. Looking at the car from the front reminds me of images of the power cable distribution messes seen on the streets of Mumbai!!!!! Where has simplicity and elegance gone?


If it’s fast, it’s beautiful.


James, I disagree with you. Halo in Ferrari looks the best of the lot. Nicely done in red colour with Ferrari logo on top. It is much better job than other teams sticking it on in black colour like an add on. Ferrari one is nicely integrated;looks to be a part of the car.


We don’t agree on much but I concur.


I don’t know what we don’t agree upon. But, no problem. Let’s keep our spirits high…cheers


Interesting that Ferrari has decided to go for an all red car in 2018 unlike 2017 when the car was red with splashes of white which I think is the better lively as white compliments red

Also interesting, that the team has decided to go for the longer wheel base considering F1 has more tracks with fast corners than street circuits.

Regards Ferrari achilles heel of qualifying, this was made worse with the team not having an out-right fast driver but with Vettel in the team, they can sure get back in the game

Having said that, the only worry is there aren’t positive sounds coming out of the drivers e.g. talk of equaling Fangio etc


James with the Big freeze setting in around Europe . The testing week could be a damp squib or a ice rink ?

Maybe it’s the only time you could say testing in Abu Dhabi might be better. But it’s such a dull track you might as well have it at Barcelona … Whatever the weather.

Hope Kimi gives Vettel a better challenge. Rather than be his wing man / patsy


Hi james, any comment on the blank engine cover and rear wing on the Ferrari? It looks like they’re missing some major backers.


Lost Santander.. Still getting a huge chunk from association with Philip Morris International too (though regulations mean they can’t advertise that)

Part of space going to be filled with driver numbers too..


Phillip Morris buys the whole car for about 100 million a year and sells the sponsorship out to other people with Ferraris approval. So No real money lost with Santander. Ferrari still have the highest budget in F1. Hence they can afford to send groups of people off to design and test new ideas like the mirrors that feed air into the side pods. Very cool.


Is it me or does look abit SF 15-T except for the wing.

Looks great it’s influence is very Mercedes in some respect. Maybe a Jock Clear influence ?

At least they’ve got The Thong the same colour as the car.


Jock clear is a performance engineer, not aero or chassis. maybe.


Cheers Oblah i would never had known what Jock Clear was 😄

I mean he was at Brawn before Mercedes-Benz and prior to that ?

I’m sure he knew alot more when everything started to fit together in car development and from all the data telemetry etctra while at Mercedes.


Am I the only F1 fan that is indifferent to the visual aspect of the halo?

Also for me, the nicest looking Ferrari for a while, I found the blocks of white on previous ones jarring


you are not alone


No you are not… the full red even the floor should be all red, the subtle Italian colours on the fin are ok with me too


I barely notice it either and agree the solid red is miles better.


Mein Gott this is one SWEET LADY. And so much red!

Vettel will have no trouble finding the right name for this baby!


Wonder what Vettel will name this sweat lady, who wears her thong so publicly.


Ruby Revelare!


Sweat lady? 🙂 I mean Sweet!

The names suggested so far are sweaty indeed.


– “Rosa The Red Dive Bomber” look out Max


Eva Brawn 😉



Its For eva Brawn 😉😄


Bad, bad, bad … though I did chuckle at that!


this one looks hideous!


It looks a lot redder than previous Ferraris, possibly due to the lack of sponsorship logos. It’s also the first Ferrari I’ve ever seen without any visible nod to their Marlboro sponsorship.


It’s a darker red than last year’s car.


Ferrari trying too hard to glamorize halo .


For sure every year its the same Ferrari colour red. Too predictable. Why not add green and white with the red thing. like the Italian flag colours For sure Ferrari own the red patent.
I think Mr Vettel will name his car MS Grid girl. hahahahaha

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