Haas F1 breaks cover showing its Ferrari roots – 90% made in Italy
Posted By: James Allen  |  15 Feb 2018   |  6:06 am GMT  |  118 comments

The Haas F1 team was the first to release images of its 2018 car yesterday, which shows a strong connection with last year’s successful Ferrari SF70-H, as one would expect.

Team principal Gunter Steiner has said that “90% of the components of our car are made in Italy” and the team has a unit near Dallara where it is being assembled, with staff shipped over from the base in Banbury, UK to complete the car build. The car will transfer to the Barcelona test from Italy on February 21.

Last year was excellent for Ferrari, even if they didn’t manage to hold onto the championship lead when it really mattered in the closing stages.

The car was fast and innovative and some of those cues appear on the new Haas, particularly around the front of the floor and sidepod area.

“We’ve concentrated on refining some areas and cancelling out some of our weaknesses,” Steiner told Gazette dello Sport. We’ve tried to make the car as light as possible so we can play with ballast and in that respect we’ve made great progress.

“The Halo has given the engineers a real challenge to deal with the weight. The centre of gravity is higher but all teams are in the same boat there.”

Ferrari’s prodigal son
Haas has a technical collaboration with Ferrari, even if its status as favoured son has been challenged somewhat by the decision by Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne to collaborate closely with Sauber; with Alfa Romeo branding, Ferrari junior driver Charles Leclerc at the wheel and a technical partnership that includes the latest engine.

So Haas is up against it in 2018. Although they scored 19 points more in 2017 than in 2016 (47 in total in a very tight midfield scrap), they managed to finish eighth; ahead of only McLaren and Sauber. Just ten points separated Renault in 6th and Haas in 8th.

McLaren will surely move ahead this year with the Renault engine, while Toro Rosso may slip back with the Honda.

So Haas needs to pick up every scrappy point it can to keep momentum going this year, with drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

One senses that this could be a defining year for the careers of both as Grosjean needs to stand out in order to extend his contract beyond its initial three year term and Magnussen needs to become known for more than hard-man tactics and strong words with other drivers.

What do you think of the new Haas F1 design? Where do you think they will finish this year’s championship? Leave your comments below

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James, let’s look back on this poll when the season ends.


I really hate to say this, but it looks like Haase & Williams have fed a picture of Ferrari’s SF70-H Barge Boards into their 3D printers, then applied paint.

So who’s got the slippery paint?

Tornillo Amarillo

James “comments are closed” in the next post about Williams, something wrong?




Looking at the halos I’m expecting Ferrari to have a micro tile lcd halo on the outside with mini cameras behind, tracking and pointing away from the curcuit cameras, filming the background and relaying it to the lcd panels on the other side.

Basically an invisible halo.

(I should have just said a halo like the James Bond Aston Martin camoflague in that bad Bond movie with Brosnan and Halle Berry)

Hopefully they’ll be replaced with a better solution soon.

Also, hopefully Dan Ric will turn up to the grid in Oz with a group of gorgeous Red Bull girls, crucial for his race prep, you know:

a carrier of the balaclava

a carrier of his crash helmet

a dresser to put on the balaclava

another to put on the helmet

a helmet strap tightener

a seatbelt tightening expert

…six would do, wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of anyone now…


Full Constructor or Nil Points (pronounced a la Francais). No, seriously, they need to get on the same playing field as the other 9 teams, 7 of which need to be very concerned about this level of “involvement” in F1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Haas is not already a full Ferrari proxy team anyway, never mind a ‘B’ team despite protestations to the contrary.


I think they’ll finish 7th or 8th. The should be clear of Sauber and Toro Rosso, and I reckon they could beat Williams, depending on what kind of car comes out of Grove and how effectively its two drivers pick up points. I suspect Sirotkin will prove reasonably capable, but how Lance Stroll goes is anyone’s guess.

It certainly is a crunch year for both of Haas’s drivers. Grosjean just hasn’t been consistent since arriving – he’s had several great races and gotten the car to punch well above its weight at times, but at others he’s struggled to get to grips with it. Haas seem incapable of producing a car with driving characteristics that suit Grosjean and Grosjean seems incapable of expanding his operating window to meet them. It’s a shame, because in the right car he’s very fast indeed, but with so much young talent surging through, he’ll need to put himself right in the shop window if he wants to move back up the grid (or stay on it, even).

Magnussen, I’m just not sure about. He’s improved over the past two years and I’ve enjoyed his fightyness, but I look at him and wonder if he’s actually rocking a pay driver’s ability without the bank to back it up. Unless he really ups his game, I think he’ll drop off the grid for 2019.


Agree on your points about drivers. Would love to see this year’s Haas being a car they can really deliver in


Regarding Honda and Toro Rosso I’m not sure they will slip behind so much. Honda did make some considerable progress each year, even though reliability was bad. We could see that in 2015 Honda were lapped by the whole field, 2016 they were at the back and, occasionally sniffing at points and 2017 they were competing for Q3 on a regular basis, even though Renault and Ferrari (Toro Rosso) did improve their engines too. This happened even despite McLaren not trading downforce for top speed, so the speed trap comparisons looked even more daunting for the McLaren Honda. So with Honda progress being made, some oil- and air-pressure loop holes in the regulations closed, it might well be that the Honda engine will look better than widely expected.


A 3 way engine battle would be nice


There is not a lot to say about the design, I think. The most important parts, like barge boards and front wings, look like semi-functional mockups that will be replaced by the real parts after basic testing is done, so the team doesn’t give away too much to the competition early on. Having a black halo on pictures with a black background cannot hide the fact that it looks bog ugly. And since I’m missing any closeups from, say, the suspension, we can’t even see, if they followed the Mercedes route with the lifted mount point of the upper wishbone. The only thing I find interesting is the Ferrari-like solution for the sidepod that has a rather retreated entry and goggles in front to comply with the regulations. The long free section under the airbox with the open roll hoop you can also see on the 2018 Williams, which looks like it has copied the airbox from the 2017 Mercedes. Nothing out of the ordinary on the Haas, as far as I can see. Also no clever solution can be seen regarding the free area in front of the former monkey seat, where a t-wing could still sit. I don’t expect to see that on any car before testing begins either.


Dear James, I think there is something wrong with notifications. Over the last two days I started receiving notifications that somebody responded to my comment, however those are not replies to my comments but a random pists of people. Posts are old too. Very strange, but things are not working properly for sure


Dear James,

Ditto AlexD.

Sum Ting Wong

I thought at first I had a boat-load of people ticked off at me.


We are on the case. Apologies it’s a plugin


Are we going to see any golden-colored car?


So the Halo doesn’t look that grea so far but then we knew it wouldn’t. To me, it looks half finished. It’s begging to be turned into a full canopy and I don’t see what that’s not cool or popular? An F-16 style canopy would complete the flowing lines of the car and be bullet proof. I don’t buy the whole ‘takes too long for the driver to get out’ issue; WEC cars are surely way harder to escape from. Give it a few years and the canopy will be here, trust me, my mate’s a doctor.


After also seeing Williams 2018 challenger, i think the mirror position also effect whether the halo looks Hideous or just horrible.

Looking froward to the season starting


Actually hard to see the halo in both those photos!


If they play around with the mirror positions some more, maybe they will be able to downgrade the halo from hideous and just horrible to really, really bad 😉


Although Haas have done well relative to prior rookie F1 teams, I can’t help feeling they have under delivered their potential the last two years. I don’t think it helps, as Tornillo Amarillo points out, they aspire to be half a second slower then Ferrari, or that Gene Haas in the past has stated the intention for the team is to expose his machine tool company to a world wide audience, rather than compete for championships. I also question whether they have the bandwidth on the pit wall and back in the garage to sort out the car and deliver a package their drivers Kmag and RoGro can competitively exploit. Based on driver pairing It’s hard to find fault with Jeroen’s assesment where they are likely to end up this season. I wonder about the Ferrari political manouevering, and Gene Haas’ decision not to support Ferrari’s junior driver program. Ruth Buscombe a Ferrari strategist was at Haas and helped them score points in their first year, then moved to Sauber mid season, and now Sauber is the apple in Marchionne’s eye with Alfa Romeo support and Charles LeClerc ready to go, hmmm.


“Gene Haas in the past has stated the intention for the team is to expose his machine tool company to a world wide audience, rather than compete for championships.” Nothing like taking a comment out of context and present it as fact. You need to work for Fox or Breitbart! As for the rest of your comments, they are simply uninformed BS. I guess you are vying to become the world’s biggest Official Haas Hater.


No, that might be me. Actually not a hater exactly but the ‘team’ is not playing on the same field as the other 9 and that is probably by design. Haas are not a full Constructor within the spirit of the F1 rules so in my view, they do not deserve consideration. That’s not ‘hating’ (what a dreadful word, is it American?) just an opinion from a long time F1 enthusiast.


Hi BobW, maybe what you meant to say was, possibly my expectations for Haas F1 are a little too high, which would be far more accurate than the contents of your post.


Think Haas should push to be branded as Maserati, as was hinted at recently. Get on the same deal as Sauber. The problem with a sponsor brand is, you can’t sell it. You can sell Lotus, Brabham, or McLaren (as has happened in the past), but you can’t sell Benetton, Red Bull or Haas. In fact, you can’t sell a manufacturer brand, either, only run under licence or whatever!


HALO is absolutely brutal.


Wow they really worked hard with the lighting and camera angles to hide that halo!


Yes i noticed that too.

In the latest Auto sport magazine they have a photo of Indy Car using a similar shield developed by Red Bull. It looks awesome like a post WW1 open cockpit plane. Type used in air speed record competitions in the 1920s/30s.

I can’t believe the FIA didn’t go for this design.

Instead we have Peter Stringfellows Beach Thong on view. That’s just nasty 🤤😂 no wonder Haas is hiding it cheekly (pardon the pun) in the shadows.


Ahh, so the great American dream? All 10% of it? Not even!


Well, i am not pundit, to guess where a car will finish the season by looking at a press release photo of it. But, i assume, Haas can’t beat Merc, Ferrari, Redbull, McLaren, Force India, Renualt, Williams. So, its 7th or 8th based on the inefficiencies of Williams F1 team.


Ugliest F1 car ever so far


Bit of an overstatement.

Sure it’s not pretty, but for ugliest F1 car ever the Caterham still gets my vote…



Agreed in principle, but since all the cars will have them now it is what it is.

With the Caterham though, putting that god awful front end on it was not something they *had* to do, it was something that they *chose* to do, so it still gets my vote.

I’m still sort of hoping someone can find a way to make the halo look good. It’s a long shot, but just think of 2012 – When everyone was revealing cars with ugly stepped noses McLaren comes along and shows us the (arguably) beautiful MP4-27.


Caterham the worst looking F1 car? Yes, agree and by a very long way..


Any f1 car with a flip flop on top of it is worse than caterham

Tornillo Amarillo

Where will Haas finish the 2018 F1 championship?

For that you have to have an idea of the pecking order of all teams, this is mine for 2018:


2. Mercedes

3. McLaren

4. Red Bull

5. Renault

6. Williams

7. Force India

8. Haas

9. Toro Rosso

10. Sauber

I’m talking about best cars, not driver performances.


Mine for 2018:

1. Mercedes ( Because of Kimi, Vettel will take WDC)

2. Ferrari

3. Red Bull

4. Mc’Laren

5. Renault

6. Force India

7. Saubar

8. Toro Rosso

9. Williams

10. Haas

I’m talking about best cars, not driver performances.


With the Mercedes being now built under James Allison from the start, and Ferrari not having any major changes in their team and looking like they’ve finally got their team sorted. I think you might be on to something.


That is going to be hard to distinguish – ” I’m talking about best cars, not driver performances. ” Haas maybe a poorer car but it’ll probably take more points than the Williams. If Ferrari is lining up for an Alfa Romeo entry, then the Sauber should also be a much better car, though i’m not sure about the points it will take home…

Also in the head-to-heads expected next year, i was surprised to see that we went completely opposite. I’d back Merc over Ferrari, Red Bull over McLaren, FI over Williams, Haas over Williams, Sauber over Torro Rosso. Let’s see at the end of the year how this one turns out…

I’d go…

1. Mercedes

2. Ferrari

3. Red Bull

4. Mclaren

5. Renault

6. Force India

7. Haas

8. Williams

9. Sauber

10. Torro Rosso…


Williams 8th? With Paddy Lowe on-board? Can’t see Haas beating them.


Nice T A

But reckon

In 2018


Red Bull

Mclaren/Ferrari (depends on engine penalities)

Force India


Toro Rosso




2018 Mercs on Top.

If you add the drivers

Ferrari are basing their whole season on one driver that’s going to have its disadvantages especially if Vettel has his road rage and side swipe moments.


Ferrari do not have a sturdy engine. Especially for whole season. 3 engines. Not going to happen. Quality control not on same level as Mercedes.

Red Bull seem to make a lower powered Renault work with the car and chassis developed by Newys Design and Engineering Team.

Mclaren are biting at the bit to come out swinging. They’ll be hot to trot.


Richard Mortimer

The Boss of Renault said they haven’t got the same development in chassis and aero as Red Bull and Mclaren. They are ahead in these areas. So he said they will aim high but it will be a struggle to be on the same level as their engine supply teams, stated in Autosport magazine article.


So, what happened to Renault? Looks like you forgot them, and added them in at the end. You obviously believe the Renault engine will be strong, hence putting RB 2nd and McL joint 3rd with Ferrari!

So, what happened there, do you think? (Causing Renault to slump)!

søren christensen

You are a bit unfair to Kmag, James Allen. “Strong words with other drivers” – hm. Yes, Kevin is a fighter, very difficult to pass, and gives it all, when passing others. But, I do not recall him uttering strong words to anybody on track – the opposite is the case, but that is other drivers, playing silly games. In fact, you hear very little moaning from KMag during races. That he had an exchange of opinion with Hulkenberg after a race, was all to blame on the smug Hulk, as he obstructed and tried bulling Kevin during a TV session. Too which Kevin gave an appropriate answer to the Germans antics….


Agreed Søren, KMag is a racer not a moaner. And most folks in the Paddock agreed with his response and found it refreshing and desired more were direct like that instead all the political bs typically going on in front of the cameras/microphones.


Come on The Kmag tantrums on track are now legendary 😄 “Mr I Never Saw The Blue Flags Waving”😄



Appropriate answer? He said “suck my balls mate”! Great role model for all those kids watching F1 at home. Such a bias view you have.

And on the subject of Kevin’s skills in an F1 car…he won’t be here next year.


Sorry to double dip, but on your second point that KMag won’t be around next year. There’s some pretty strong rumours that a street race in Copenhagen will be announced (Red Bull have been out there already doing a demo). Now the powers that be might be happy to see one of the Danish superstars disappear from the grid just as a race is announced in their home country but somehow I doubt they’ll that one slide too easily. Time will tell…..


Polite correction, he said ‘suck my b*lls honey’.


that he had an exchange of opinion with Hulkenberg after a race

I thought that exchange was priceless and that KMag handled the situation brilliantly. Wasn’t he being interviewed in Danish , broke off to answer Hulk in that rather inimitable manner in English, then seamlessly moved back to Danish. Top man and fantastic stuff 🙂


Indeed C63 and so thought most of all others also in the Paddock that day!
Current and retired racers agreed that Hulk had broken their own code of conduct and he got a response as deserved. And so did many principles and media folks also. All of course except Hulk and his own base…


Based on the other comments here, it appears the halo is accepted by all and will soon be a fan favorite. “Hoorah for the halo!” shout all F1 fans everywhere. [The preceding message is suspected of containing sarcasm.]


*beep beep beep*

Sarcasm confirmed.



Whats wrong with the new site? I seem to be getting everybody’s posts in my mail, my post box is getting extremely full up, very quickly.

Anybody else having this problem?


Yep, same here now, but I’ve just read the reply by JA to who says that they’re on to it, so no worries, but while we’re on the subject why can we no longer reply to comments that are nested three deep?


Yep James k / Kenneth

It’s like a roller deck of replies.

There is also a mega delay on posts being updated. Plus

The roller deck of replies from everyone is under a motorsport banner.

Are we being siphoned off to another site now?

It’s like Santander and Abbey National all over again. Who’s In charge? I bet its Northern Rock…jeez help us 😄


Hello James, not had the problem to quite that extent! Have had a few that are not connected with my posts.

Coming back to our previous (and very enjoyable conversation) you asked about Johnny Herbert. My brother shares the same birthday (exactly – June 27th 1964). So, that gave us an extra interest in him.

We were there at Clay Pigeon in 1980, when Kevin Warner won the Junior National GB champs. His chain broke as he went over the line! But, something happened to Herbert in a heat. He had to drive back up through the field. Finished second! Amazing drive!

I got to know Kevin some years later. I bought some engines off him and his old Dart chassis, which I ran in 100 Britain in 1987. I did so, as he was tall like me, and the chassis was extended at the front.

We did a session at Rye House in 1984, and later did a race together at Little Rissington. I was helping him break into motor-racing.

When I was negotiating with BRK to race in 100 Britain for 1988, they replied that they were interested in Kevin. And, sure enough, he got a works drive for 1988. When they were taking about engines, I said they should check out the French RKD motor, which they started running! Should have gone for the Rotax though.



I was at Clay in 1980! My first ever British championship race. I had only been racing for 7/8 months in junior Britain. Started in the C final, finished in the C final😄. If I remember rightly, Lee Cramner won the JB final.

I remember Warner too. Bloody tall! Now there was a driver who could really put a kart sideways, looked really strange imo. Herbert was a good driver, although he irritates me now on TV😄.


@ James K….My junk file had 25 posts in there from all and sundry!!!! Weird happenings and i’ve asked James to look at it.


It’s Putin Kenneth

They’ve entered the Hexagon.

Now they taking into the JAF1 Matrix.

Watch out for all the positive comments about Sirotkin and Williams.

Time to do a big clean on your devices chaps and chapettes


We have a problem with the site mail, which is linked to something that happened yesterday.

We are looking into it, please bear with us.


Yes, same here James. I don’t get notifications of a reply to my comment like I used to, but instead get notifications of all comments. Something to do with the move over to Motorsport.com perhaps???



Have you actually subscribed to the site? I haven’t, so it’s possible that may be the difference.


Does my monitor deceive me or does the red in the 2018 Haas have a bit more blue to it than 2017? The red on last year’s car was awfully close to Ferrari’s rosso corsa; but this is a bit cooler, just the least little bit toward the violet/mauve/purple section of your color wheel…if you’re following along at home.

It’s decided: I like it!

Will we see that color on the podium? No.


7240….is that a color code? 😉


I thing both there drivers aren’t consistent to score enough points. Maybe the car is rather good, but they have two aggressive and inconsistent drivers that struggle to score points on a regular basis


To be fair this is also what you get, if a car is hard to drive. A predictable car is much easier to manage. In the hands of aggressive driver such a car will for sure cause some inconsistent results.


Nice looking car, without big fin and halo minimized in black.

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