Mercedes offers F1 fans chance to design Valtteri Bottas’ 2018 helmet
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Mercedes has opened up an exciting competition for fans to get involved with ahead of the 2018 Formula 1 season, offering the chance to submit a new design for Valtteri Bottas’ helmet this year.

Largely sticking to the same helmet design for the duration of his F1 career, Bottas has decided to go for something completely different for this coming season – and will select the winning entry himself to use for the vast majority of 2018 grands prix.

More information is available from Mercedes’ website, linked below, including competition terms and conditions should you decide to submit your own design.

If you win, you not only get the pleasure of watching the product of your creativity hurtle around at over 200mph, but you’ll also receive a replica of your design.

To enter, you’ll have to sign up with Mercedes online, where you’ll get the template and associated information needed to put your entry together.

Dig out your dusty box of crayons, pens or copy of Photoshop, and get creative – you’ve got until the 12th January to get your entries submitted!

Further information on the competition and entry restrictions are all available here.

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how many of the current drivers has won 5 or more races at 5 different racetracks?


a photo of Seb Vettel on the helmet would be a nice gesture


Who cares.


Williams fans?
Kubica fans?
F1 fans?


We care 🙂


I knew you cared Random!

I thought he replied to me because of mobile page layout. Turns out he doesn’t care about the design competition, which is fair.


@ Random…There once was time when i would’ve thought the same but Williams are, IMO,now just an afterthought. There have been heaps of conjecture for years about where they are headed and it’s all become terribly dreary. For too long they have traded on their history and starry eyed followers who persist with the Bull Dog Drummond caricature and the hackneyed cliche, “we only exist to go racing’!!! Well that’s all history and is part and parcel of a bygone era. Williams are also rans and have been for a very long time. They became too arrogant for their own good and it came back to haunt them. I supported/followed this team for over 20 years and finally pulled the plug when they did Mark Webber over. His treatment was abysmal and i’m so glad that he took his chances and got the hell out when he did. With Paddy Lowe now firmly esconced maybe they’ll do a better job but i can’t really see that happening in the short term.


Because of what Williams have become, the documentary and some of the priorities highlighted as heroic by Sir Frank ring very hallow by today’s standards.

I couldn’t stop thinking….OK, you’ve made all the sacrifices and you put your family second, and…was it worth it to arrive where the team is now?


Sad to say I agree kenneth


Like there was any doubt. Hopefully this Russian driver gets a fair go at it vs. what happened to Kvyat.

Russian Sirotkin, backed heavily by the Vladimir Putin-linked SMP Bank, appears to have won the day with a two-year deal now being reported by Auto Bild.

Tornillo Amarillo

The Tsar got all the Christma’s presents. No comeback fairy-tale.

Tornillo Amarillo

The competition follows a similar call in 2017 when more than 8,000 entries were received when Lewis Hamilton asked for a new look for his helmet. While some of the suggestions were better than others… the winning entry … came from 41-year-old Brazilian, Rai Caldato.

Caldato is no ordinary fan however, he is a professional designer who has not only worked with Alan Mosca, son of Sid Mosca, the creator of Ayrton Senna’s iconic helmet, but has previously won competitions including that to design the helmet worn by Bruno Senna in the 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix to commemorate his Uncle in what would have been his 50th year.


Yeah, they should grant mainly a Money Prize, to be honest.
James, are professional designers banned from the competition?


So in 2017 the competition was for Lewis, and he won WDC.

Let’s see if there is a trend to the competition!


That would be the best conspiracy theory ever!

…If Michael is actually fine and chilling with a changed hair cut and a beard and he planned this whole thing just so that everyone would leave him alone. How awesome would that be? I mean…what’s needed? A Helicopter? A Doctor friend of the family? One can only hope!

>>Meanwhile, as the four year anniversary of his skiing crash passes, Michael’s manager Sabine Kehm has explained why she is so coy about the seven time world champion’s health today.

“Before the accident, he told me ‘Don’t call me to plan things, I would like to disappear. It was his secret wish. That’s why I do not say anything now,” she told L’Equipe.


It’s a nice thought Sebee, wish it could be true


If he ever comes out and says he pulled this off to kill off his fame, it will EASILY surpass his 7 WDCs!


Arguably, but then again if he did come out and say he did it to kill his fame it would make him famous all over again which would kind of defeat the purpose of the whole (very hypothetical) charade 😉

However he is right now and however he’s doing, let’s let him be 🙂



Wouldn’t it be nice if a famous person could just shut fame down like an application? Seems the only way to do it is a scandal.


@ Random…I don’t think it’s anything about ‘letting him be’ it’s more like just tell us how he really is. Why all the mystery? It seems as though this ‘news blackout’ has become greater than the actual incident and the results stemming from. All this nonsense about protecting his privacy is just that. Nonsense. A few words is all that’s needed to let his fans and followers know where it’s all at.


I remember this being debated at the time.

Protecting someone’s privacy is not nonsense. As far as I’m concerned he (and his family) are entitled to all privacy they want, no matter how much that might vex others.

To ask how he is understandable and to be expected.

To want answers is also understandable and to be expected, and I do agree that it would be nice to get some.

But to demand answers is another thing entirely, and I think to do so would be disrespectful.

Don’t take that too hard kenneth because I’m not having a go, but that’s just where I stand on it.


@ Random….Take it too hard!! I don’t even like the guy. I sometimes just get fed up with all the hoo har surrounding this issue.Yes, the guy had an unfortunate accident and as it happens there are millions of fans that have supported this guy during and after his sporting achievements. They would simply like to know how he is after a news blackout of four years. Why all the mystery…he’s just a bloke like all of us, in the end.


Just to reinforce to Vally the fact he’s a Number 2 driver to Lewis and a Ferrari blocker rather than a title contender, come along and design his helmet…

I’d go for a full wrap around photo of Nico Rosberg’s head on the helmet just to see how it looked when Lewis hugged Vally for doing his dirty work 😉


I wish drivers would be a bit smarter with their helmet designs. The last 10 years have seen them get needlessly complicated and they just don’t stand out as much anymore. If you look at the designs in the 80s and 90s and early 2000s there were so many memorable ones which were so easily identifiable.

You had Hill, Schumacher, DC, Prost, Mansell, Burger, Alesi, Piquet, Montoya, Kimi, Button all with really distinctive designs. Guys like Alonso and Hamilton came in with really distinctive designs but they have all been changed over the years and aren’t nearly as unique as when they started.

I’m not sure what the philosophy is, I know the change to unique driver numbers was to give the drivers their own brand, but their helmet design is their most visible “logo” and they really should be sticking to advertising 101 when it comes to creating a simple and memorable design.


Black background. Big ‘#2’ in white


It should feature a man wearing a dress. With blue hair.


Cool! Oh the design 2 white lightning bolts down the sides of a black helmet like US Air Force ones look cool.

Design it.


Looking forward to the “Merc-y mcMercFace” submissions!


James – on separate note, not linked to this article
I am from the UK but now live in the US. Coverage of F1 in the US has been dire, and that is an understatement! One annoying aspect was during the race there would be a commercial ad every 5 minutes and would last for 2 minutes which just killed the mood. I was in the UK in the summer and saw the Monza race on SkySports, their coverage was light years ahead compared to NBC, theres no comparison.

Recently ESPN won rights to show 2018 season in the US along with digital media rights. I read somewhere that liberty has been unimpressed with NBC’s coverage of F1, and looking to offer fans a streaming service similar to Netflix and Amazon. This excites me as I hope the coverage of F1 will be at a much better/watchable level for american viewers and others around the world.

Tornillo Amarillo

If you win, you not only get the pleasure of watching the product of your creativity hurtle around at over 200mph, but you’ll also receive a replica of your design


Offer money, mad-r-freakers!

Tornillo Amarillo

A Helmet as the photo in order to match the flip-flop style Halo around it,
but with this inscription:
“Number 2 driver – Wanna do a Rosberg”

Yeah, they need creatives.


Well it’s nice to see he’s positive of seeing out the whole season with Mercedes…


The “Design Valtteri’s P45” competition is now scheduled to open on August 31st. I’m going for a blue-and-white header in honour of his Finnish heritage, over a tasteful faded Mercedes watermark.


Ocon will be in that seat in 2019


how do you know?


Haha..why not Hamilton’s helmet? Do you think Toto has an idea of where that one might go. Shame as mine would be based around the LGBT multi colour flag with perhaps an image of a boy in a dress. The gift that never stops giving.


Maybe it will be something to remember Bottas by after the season is finished.


God, don’t give them ideas!!!


Hamilton done this for last year if I recall correctly. Now it’s Valterri”s turn😉


Hamilton did this last year, not that the winner designed anything very different to his previous lids.


Lewis was 100% right on that one. Every father would say exactly those words to his son, should that unfortunate scenario occur. Political correctness is out of control.


Sebee . What every father says in private to his son is different to what someone with a mega following tweets about his nephew. To some that difference is political correctness gone mad to others it is bullying on social media.


Social media is a perverted platform that turns everyone into 24/7 performing monkeys. It is about bragging, evoking envy and over sharing. What is this urge to be followed?

Lewis is already famous, which makes his addiction to performing on social media a function if his age and demands placed in him by his management and perhaps his ego. And also a source of revenue for him.

It all starts with this societal urge to over share and perform. That is the real issue – lack of boundaries. On that I agree with you.

Don’t you find it interesting that we have those two faces? A private one and one we perform in front of others? Considering someone Lewis’ age was born surrounded by it and has a general understanding of privacy that’s too open, isn’t that just manifesting itself in what is shared on social media and twitter in general? That definition of what would be private is the issue.

But don’t underestimate our desire and need to be offended like delicate flowers and create a storm and of course demand apologies from our performers. Bow down beneath me you performing monkey, for I am a sensitive righteous person!


Sebee….that’s hate speech!!!! You’re such an oppressor, check your privilage! Stop committing violence and perpetuating the evil patriarchy! You’re such a [mod]ist and [mod]phobe.

Didn’t you know, Autosport’s twitter feed (believe Autosport and Motorsport are the same? And also both associated with JAonF1) that Lewis’s comments were “stupid” (direct quote). Juries out Sebee, there’s no debate.

Evolutionary biologists, social and evolutionary psychologists, physicist, athletes, YouTube feminists, and Hollywood celebrities all over the world agree that the scientific consensus for the last 40 years is that there is no biological difference between the sexes, and any concepts of “boy” and “girl” are merely social constructs.

Get with the program Sebee, time to get enlightened ;). Simply put, the world will be a better place when more men wear dresses.

Here’s a question for the floor. How come no one who partakes in a dangerous profession, from F1 driver to firefighter, high-tension powerline tech, astronaught….none of them wear dresses or skirts on the job? Anyone know why??


You would change your tune if you were to lift that dress up after a few too many shandies. You would probably be faced with the glaring difference 🙂



As for your question to the floor Twitch, women have driven race cars, worked on high-tension powerlines, flown into space. Indeed, they don’t wear dresses, for practical reasons really. Dress is not a good garment choice when hovering in a helicopter over a power line. Also, it doesn’t offer much fire protection in a race car. We must differentiate the two. Clearly there are women who have the ability to do tough demanding jobs where as some don’t. Exactly like men. There are many jobs men do that I would not desire to do, even if I have the ability as well. Starting with some deep sea diving welding jobs for example. There are just as many soft men as there are women if you ask me. And just as many women willing to do difficult jobs as men. We really should stop differentiating this point. Neither should we stop a woman from doing a job she wishes to do. And we should certainly pay the same amount for the same job.

It’s interesting that F1 insists that a woman cannot drive in F1 for example. Especially with these PUs. Given seat time and investment, it could easily happen. Like a Stroll who has the cash to spend on his daughter for example. I bet you the conversation has happened, and daughter probably said “Daddy, don’t waste your money on that crap, let’s invest it wisely somewhere else.”, and the father also knew that the men in charge of the sport would ensure she would not succeed. But if Toto decided that the team will stop at nothing to deliver a WDC to a woman, it could and would happen without a doubt.

The issue is that mostly men watch F1 and men are the majority of Mercedes buyers. And just like drivers from certain countries aren’t getting WDCs, neither are women, not for ability reasons but marketability reasons and target audience. Add to this the fact that men don’t watch female sports in nearly the same numbers as men sports and men in certain markets watch the sport much more than other markets and want people from their countries to cheer for as well and you have barriers of entry everywhere as they deliver what we really “want”. There is now data behind this with drivers like Danica Patrick. She was quite marketable, and believe me, analysis was done on how much viewer bump and following she drew. And based on that a decision will be made if women drivers are a good thing for the sport or not. And the argument for is not convincing at this point to make it happen. So, on with the status quo.

As for your point that we’re softening men, there is no doubt. But part of that is the fact that we live soft lives now and don’t have to hunt to survive. Amazon hunts for us and delivers before 10:30 AM, or we complain and demand satisfaction. We do place additional expectation on boys to be tough as we want to prepare them for challenges of life and for the reality that they will have to provide for a family. But with more women working and contributing financially to the household, even that pressure and expectation is not entirely valid. I think deep inside we don’t want boys wearing dresses because we realize that man who are homosexual or transgender we associate with dress wearing don’t have it easy out there, and we certainly want to guide our kids toward choices that make things easier for them, not more difficult.

In times of war men kept women back home, away from danger. In times of risk we rescue them first. Why? Is something deep inside of us highlighting woman’s importance? If so, why only at those times?

Don’t ever say that discussion in the F1 comment gallery is not deep!


I realize this is a mostly male audience…but how many females out there are attracted to men who wear dresses (not togas, dresses)?

Sebee, I appreciate the point you make about parent making “suggestions” to their children so that the child has an “easier life”. That said, there’s nothing “easy” about raising a family.

So encouraging a boy to act in traditional male ways, in hopes that tbeyll grow up to find a female to start a relationship, and ultimately, a family with.

Hypothetically, someone on the internet will inform me that it’s possible for a man in a dress to also start a family. But I need examples. Show me the guy who wore a dress from youth, who grew up into a man who was able to get married to someone of the opposite sex and have a family.

Like, I really want to know where all these pant-suit wearing females just looking for a dude in a skirt are?

And that’s not to say that everyone has to follow the “traditional path.” If someone wants to wear dresses and do whatever, then that’s on them. But I won’t stand by and let people push the idea that standing by traditional values and practices…the bloody mating process that has let us survive until now…is considered “bullying” or “harassment”.

To be clear, I don’t really care about some little kid wearing a dress. I’m pretty sure i did at some point while playing dress up. I have equally as little problem with a grown adult telling a child, in a friendly way, “you know boys don’t really dress like that.”


@ twitch…why does the pope and all his men wear dresses [and silly hats] along with Buddhists and most middle eastern guys?


I’m not going to get into why the pope and his men wear dresses, I’ll leave that alone.

Some middle eastern men, far from most, wear traditional Arabic clothes. The reason for this is 2 fold. 1, it’s cooler in warm temps, 2, it’s more simple to make than stitching pants and suit jackets.

Couldn’t tell you why monks wear similar garb, guessing it’s because they didn’t have sewing machines.

Furthermore, there’s a difference between a man taking a long cloth and wrapping himself in it, as opposed to wearing a dress. A dress is clothing which is cut and designed to fit a female figure, to accentuate her physical features for purposes of sexually exciting men. Last I checked, that’s not what Arabs and Buddhist monks are wearing.

So I had a go at your questions Kenneth? Care to try mine? How come firefighters and astronaughts, or surgeons, or mechanics, or electricians…why don’t they wear dresses or skirts?


My understanding is that it is also practical. It offers sun protection, heat protection and it’s also easier to pinch a loaf in those loose garments, as public defection is still a common thing in some countries where that garment is preferred.

And dress are not worn in those professions because it is not a practical garment for the job at hand. Just as a dress is not a good garment for a race car driver as it does not offer fire protection and heat protection.


@ Twitch…Actually my response was meant to be TIC…. Nevertheless, grown men wearing ‘popish’ outfits does look decidedly odd. As for your questions, well dresses, in many situations, don’t provide protection and they are prone to entanglement as well. As for Hamilton’s comment, i support what he said, ‘boys don’t wear dresses’ .


Kenneth, if Toto decided that they will be first to deliver a WDC to a woman driver, what would be some of the conclusions and outcomes from that effort?


Twitch..sebee has a answered your question. If you are trying to deflect attention away from Lewis taking part in cyber bullying then perhaps we should all ask why. This is an F1 site let’s stick to Lewis and not what female surgeons wear.


Jon this just dawned on me.

You catagories Lewis’s comments as cyber bullying.

You want me to talk about something else, because “off topic”

You just really have a desire to control the conversation, have a say it what can come out of someone else’s mouth, when and where that should happen.


Cyber bullying? Really. You realize this isn’t buzzfeed, I don’t know if that rhetoric will fly here.

Jon, you shouldn’t wear dresses. You can if you want to, but in my opinion, you shouldn’t.

Did I just cyber bully you? The only people acting like bullies in this situation are the over sensitive SJWs who harassed Lewis to the point he turned off his social media accounts.

Let’s get a little silly here….what’s the diffence between me telling my nephew “boys don’t wear dresses”, or me telling my niece “ladies don’t belch”.


I don’t know why you keep on trying to drag the issue away from Hamilton and into what boys should wear. When someone with a major following puts out a post belittling a child then it is bullying.
An F1 champion , who has repeatedly talked about setting an example for the younger generation, has just set a very poor example. He took down the post and appologised admitting it was wrong but still you insist it was OK.


I think it just comes down to a time and a place Twitch if you feel the need to say such things.
There is also a difference to stating it and mocking it and certainly doing it on social media wasn’t too bright either.


Reckon the gift that doesn’t stop giving is Vettel and Ferrari and Arrivabene and
Marchionne. The most anti social miserable team in F1. Limited newsprint outs. Aloof noses upturned as if F1 owes them everything. Their pit crews bullying journalists and cameramen. The biggest bunch of anti-social num nuts in F1. Hopefully McLaren will kick ass this season . Though it’ll be Mercedeswith their 1000+bhp car driving off into the distance for both championships. That’s the gift that keeps on giving. The rest is just cold gravy for Ferrari.


Maybe that’s why Kimi has joined Instagram 🙂


Ouch, but funny


hamilton went through that process last season.
well ahead of the game.


Hamilton is well ahead of the game? Danny Ric had fans designing his helmet as far back as 2014 so yeah, no..


Ohh sars, now don’t go and burst his little bubble!


is that why he drinks out of his shoe?
i hope hamilton never does that if that’s what being ahead of the game is all about.


I’m sure if Lewis did start doing the schuey Aveli you’d claim he instigated that trend also.


only you can be sure of what someone else would do without them even knowing it.
i promise you that i do have never found that appealing and wouldn’t comment on it if hamilton started it..


i promise you that i do have never found that appealing

Tall poppy syndrome Aveli….Australians hate it! By drinking from his shoe Dan is acknowledging what he has accomplished but cutting himself down at the same time! Keeping in real…or in perspective!


about time, bottas’ helmet does look a bit boring actually. not much different from rosberg’s.


Write “Deputy” on the helmet, so it would be easy for fans to recognize that, its Bottas. /s


Well, if you want a “#2” Helmet design, here is the clear winner without a doubt.

Clearly this own’t pass FIA safety tests.


Is this a Fetish of yours ??
Are you spending a lot of time laying down on cow pastures hoping for a splat 🤣


is it soft touch?


Forget the coil Sebee, how about Devo”s red energy dome!


What need for safety tests when the rivers are protected by a G-string I mean halo 🙂

Would be an interesting one for the aerodynamicists though, working out what kind of vortices it would generate 😉


G String 😄😄


conical vortices i guess.


More like colonical vortices… 😉


What’s more s#!tty? Above helmet or the Halo? 🙂




They both reek!


Tough call Sebee, tough call…


Hey Legge,
Are you any relation to Kathryn, the 3-wheeled sports car and Indy driver?


It would have to have a Scandinavian
“Rocky” theme to it🤼‍♂️.
Bottas swinging a haymaker while Kimi attempting an uppercut 😉


Oh oh…this could end up being the 2018 Mercedes World Champion’s helmet? 🙂


Then he should have “MIRACLE” written somewhere on that helmet.


Pay attention Sebee – It says Bottas, not Ricciardo 😉


@random 79. He said “could”, which is fair. Ricciardo doesn’t drive a merc though. He’ll have his hand full keeping mighty max at bay.

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