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Latest: F1 abandons practice of Grid Girls
Posted By: James Allen  |  31 Jan 2018   |  2:19 pm GMT  |  681 comments

There will be no more grid girls in Formula 1 with immediate effect. F1 described the practice of glamorous women holding drivers’ grid boards as “at odds with modern day societal norms.”

And the same will apply to all the support categories on the F1 race programme like F2 and GP3.

Announcing the move, Formula 1 noted that “Formula 1 considers the time spent by teams and drivers on the grid before a race as one of celebration, where guests and various performers can add to the glamour and spectacle of the Grand Prix, enabling promoters and partners to showcase their countries and products.”

With a growing international response to gender equality and the rise of the #metoo movement, F1 has been held up as a bad example for its use of glamour models on the grid. This was clearly something that did not sit well with the new management team.

There have long been calls from many women working in F1 for the practice to be stopped. The idea of grid boys was trialled once in an attempt to find balance, but it was widely ridiculed by drivers.

Sean Bratches, Managing Director, Commercial Operations at Formula 1 made the additional comment:

“Over the last year we have looked at a number of areas which we felt needed updating so as to be more in tune with our vision for this great sport.

“While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grands Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.

“We don’t believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world.”

It remains to be seen whether this will start a chain reaction in other FIA sanctioned series and events, such as WEC and the Macau Grand Prix (below) and whether MotorGP will also follow suit.

All photos: LAT Images

What do you think of this move to ban grid girls? Was it an idea well past its sell by date? Leave your comments below

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Formula 1 is getting increasingly boring !!! One Moto GP race is much better than an entire Formula 1 season, and we still have beatiful grid girls !!! Sorry F1 fans !!!! hahahahaha


How about having Grid Fans – same job but made up from contest winners drawn out of a barrel (or slightly more modern selection method) – you want to engage fans – that’s 4 days worth of fans getting closer to the action. Its a winner!!


Take away some cylinders, the noise, the danger, the glamour, driver involvement, “free to air” TV and finally the petrol … and there’ll be no more F1 racing, and no one left to care.


Has anyone bothered to ask the grid girls what they think? Or is it just the rage/hate fuelled twitteratiwhose opinion counts?


Good luck F1, this is the last straw. I am no longer interested in watching F1 in the slightest.


Well at least the NFL Superbowl has cheerleader’s….and lots of them.


So Liberty have placed a blanket ban on grid girls for the 2018 season, so how will the pit boxes be marked? will a team mechanic be used to hold the board? or will the teams be free to use any team member? what is to stop say, Mercedes employing a 2017 grid girl and using her services for each race?


The more I read of Liberty’s intentions the more I despair.

Get a grip Liberty! Tinkering around the edges appeasing Snowflakes and advertisers is not the priority.
The current Liberty agenda doesn’t exactly create an incentive to ‘Pay-to-Watch’.


Here are 2018 entry fees paid to FIA. Some racing series are looking at this and saying….that’s our annual team budget right there. 🙂

Mercedes – $4,653,720 (£3,295,159)
Ferrari – $3,210,170 (£2,273,025)
Red Bull – $2,415,376 (£1,710,255)
Force India – $1,481,235 (£1,048,818)
Williams – $944,491 (£668,765)
Renault  – $810,305 (£573,752)
Toro Rosso – $789,661 (£559,135)
Haas – $758,695 (£537,209)
McLaren – $670,958 (£475,085)
Sauber – $541,933 (£383,726)


Has anyone asked the Grid Girls?


What I’d really like to see instead of the Grid Girls is a $1000 check paid to each of the volunteer corner workers at every race. It’s about time they get paid. Make the teams each pay a share of the total cost, with the FIA coughing-up too.


This is a continuation of the world’s stupidity of political correctness out of control. I do not know any F1 fan who agrees with this, male female of any age.


Another article that highlights the issues in this discussion and gives some more perspective into the issues at large.

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

I’ve read most of the 500+ comments this story generated, and I’m shocked at how many of my fellow F1 enthusiasts are apparently Daily Mail reading types, probably still sore about Robinson’s Jam getting rid of the golliwogs. Maybe readers of this website aren’t representative of F1 enthusiasts.


@ GarethTPO…How condescending can you get? Remember that we are all equal when it comes to expressing an opinion….whether you like it or not is immaterial.


#gareth ..maybe they are representative and it is you that is out of step. For example they support an elitist non environmentally correct sport that pours millions of £ into events in some countreis that are not politically correct. Hence I think their support for grid girls is a natural given.

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

Good point Jon. We’re all car racing enthusiasts, but delve a little deeper and oh boy…

If the majority opinion expressed *is* the typical F1 enthusiast, it’s only going to hasten the sports disappearance up its own exhaust pipe. I’m especially surprised Mercedes haven’t publicly spoken up about the grid girls before, around here Mercedes sell a lot of cars to women who aren’t 20 year old bikini models.


@ Gareth [TPO] Remind me which GP’s, out of all 20, where the grid girls/women wore bikinis?


So let me see… We have cars that sound like they’re constipated because it’s no longer cool to actually enjoy the sound of a race car. We have power units instead of and engine because we want to rely on batteries to run the cars because of global warming. We want to eleiminate the ‘specticlal’ of F1 because, according to Liberty Media, I’m only there to see Hamilton and Vettel. (Being a guy, that doesn’t do much for me, I don’t find them very attractive). I, together with the other 95% of the worlds population is sick and tired of putting up with this PC BS. You’ve lost me for good F1.


Just want to give a shout out to James and the staff at JAonF1 for actually letting this conversation take place, and allowing a very wide spectrum of opinions to be posted. It’s sad to say, but in 2018, there are many platforms where this discussion would have been moderated and censored, so I take my toque off (it’s cold in my house) to the team here for allowing the discussion to happen.


Talk about over thinking stuff……
Equal representation provides a simple solution to this problem.
A 50/50 split with men and women dressed in traditional clothing representative of the GP’s country. No need for excess flesh to be displayed by either sex.
Another solution could be to use engineering students, again a 50/50 split.
This could be a better way to help remove the perception of women being subordinate to men whilst also encouraging women to get into F1.


l wonder why they never ask the fans for their opinion before they make stupid decisions like this. The ladies perform essential tasks like shading the drivers from the sun or rain. I think the teams should supply their own grid girls wearing some sort of branding to identify who they are from now on. They can’t ban team members from the grid can they?


F1 have been doing a lot of surveying, it seems. If they’d ask me, I’d have actually commented on this nonsense of having women clap men onto the podium. They’re going to get a big cheer anyway. Why do we need women clapping on order as the drivers make their way along the tunnel? It’s a bit 50 years ago, isn’t it?

Not a hanging offence, sure, but it does bother me. It’s a bit of a reductive role for them to play, isn’t it? Little women, clapping for those very important men, and doing so on instruction. You didn’t see Bernie getting all his staff lined up: quick, chaps! We’ve got to clap the top 3 onto the podium. No. That’s a woman’s job.



I just had a bit of fun re-reading your article and substituting the words or phrases meaning “grid girls” with “open cockpits”. And the one instance of “grid boys” with “closed canopies”

And you pretty much get the two stupidest decisions the new F1 has made pretty well explained with the same pathetic words from those making these awful choices 😄


Long overdue- and I recall JA poopoing the idea in one of my missives a few years back. As a women’s health care worker & a father of 2 adult women & a long term (25+ years) F1 fan, I thoroughly applaud this decision.


For all of us, if we came to work and there were two women there to indicate where to work hired purely on looks, this would quite rightly be called out, but because they’re in front of a car and a driver that’s better?! Glad to see them go, there are better examples of women in motorsport like Claire Williams and formerly Monisha Kaltenborn.


I just read where Niki Lauda has called on F1 to reverse its decision on eliminating grid girls. Also Bernie Ecclestone has said it is a bad decision. I agree with these opinions.
And the idea of eliminating the grid girls IS a politically correct idea, contrary to a lot of babbling on this comment page.


Bernie and Niki are just a couple old white men who, in the words of future POTUS Oprah, “just need to die.” Their opinions are irrelevant.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Sean Bratches the same guy who gave us the interminable ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’ driver introductions in Austin. So now he wants F1 to become PC so as not to offend anyone’s sensibilities. Let’s hope someone at Liberty wakes up and fires this dandy before he completely destroys our sport.


Who cares about the grid girl change? I don’t. What I do care about is the decision to stuff over Australian viewers with the start times with the European rounds. US company takes over and the first thing they do is swap West Coast US viewership for East Coast Australian ones. That’s what Australia gets for 30 years of hosting a GP? Really is all about money isn’t it? The joke will be on them. F1 will never be popular in the US. They may as well face it. It will never be more than a sideline compared to Nascar.


Grid girls are irrelevant to a Grand Prix weekend. By eliminating them, F1 helps (only a little) to clear the perception that women are just there to be seen rather than to be part of the sport. If you want to see a pretty girl in tight clothes just standing around for no reason, there are plenty of other sources for you.


I’m finished with F1 now. If they’re not going to have any lookers on the grid I’m just not interested.


I am with PurpleOZ in that I am surprised by the type of comments here as I expected more of the fans on this site. Glamour girls are not an essential part of F1 and I have never tuned in to watch them and in most instances found them to be misplaced because they aren’t into the sport really. Glad they are gone and hopefully to be replaced but enthusiasts. Now if only FIA and Liberty can make as swift as a decision in getting the racing better then I my enjoyment will increase.


I actually think the grid girl thing is a bit anachronistic and irrelevant, but I am only interested in the racing so it doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other.


No comments yet James, about how Liberty Media also will change the time for the races?
All race starts to be delayed by 10 mins past the hour, so as to enable the tv channels to broadcast the ‘excitement and tension’ that is building up in the last minutes before the race start… Which otherwise they deem is missed out of the show today? What bull is that. All to accommodate the commercial tv stations to make easier scheduling their advertising blocks and sitcoms to fit in nicely with cuts at the full hours. All European races to start minimum 1+ hour later in 2018. The French GP even 2+ hours later, so the English F1 fans can watch the England-Panama WC Soccer match first. ‘Sun-downs and other sponsorship considerations’ mentioned as reason for rescheduling all other starts and off the hour race starts.

What is next for this silly circus?
America First – Budweiser Prohibition PC non-alcoholic beers on the Podium instead of Champagne?
All drivers to be clean-shaven androgens?


I’m sure we’ll soon get an article on the change in time, though surely quarter past would have been more sensible than ten past the hour. But I suspect the real reason for these changes are to better suit the USA as instead of an 08:00 ET, it’ll be 09:00 ET the downside it hurts one of F1 other markets Asia and Oceania with races starting even later at night (or very early hours)


They can move the start time to what ever they want, the general public switch off after 5minutes anyway.

I wonder when champagne spraying on the podium will be banned


For sure you need grid girls, its a glamour sport, everything is visual. And the drivers girlfriends for sure always wear sunglasses and have long brown hair. Are they also going to ban drivers girlfriends?


It’s definitely a step in the right direction in terms of making F1 more welcome to females. Even if breaking tradition. You don’t see this in Soccer, Rugby, etc.

An idea would be to have young local children brought in on race day as a mascot to wear t-shirts that have their driver’s number for the national anthem and they get to hang out in the garage and paddock for the race. Leading to more events like Kimi and the kid in Spain.


Come feast thine eyes on my field of fucks, and see that it is barren.


#gridgirls and dropping them. Don’t understand the logic that observers outside this sport have come up with – did you bother to ask why there is a shortage of engineers, drivers, and mechanics in general? It’s down to piss poor education from peers.

Don’t use me as an “example” of a woman who “made it”, my sport is full of plenty of women who “made it” in a male dominated arena, and weren’t put off “by the sexualization of women”. We got here because of our passion and because we saw and believed in a function we wanted to do.

#gridgirls represent brands, sponsors, and teams, they are product aware and get paid to inform prospective customers of opportunities. Many use the money they earn to supplement their income and education. They dress as requested, in many series demurely and with class.

The semi-naked era was over long ago and even if it existed when I was aspiring to be in motorsport it wouldn’t have changed my mind – behind me were savvy parents and teachers who supported my choice. Banning these women from earning their living is equality.

Stop thinking for those of us in the sport, ask school girls if they’d choose Motorsport and bother to ask why girls are brought up to believe spanners, engineering, PR, team management, marketing, and driving aren’t for them. I bet it boils down to peers telling them it’s impossible.

Banning grid girls is politically correct, and will be about as effective as playboy getting rid of nuedity

– Leena Gade

Excerpt from conversation between Leena Gade and Shae Adam (Radio Lemans Pitlane reporter, live from #Bathurst12hr this weekend!)

Literally bored of this debate now. You and I both know what we did to get here so we don’t need miseducated, politically correct know it alls telling us what future generations will do. Seriously, there are much bigger problems to shout about.


Hello everyone, its my first post here. Thank you James for a wonderful site and everyone else for your comments. Its been a great source of entertainment, whether or not I agree with them!

My take is the allure of F1 over numerous other motorsports was its very ‘edginess’, being a bit naughty – the noise, the speed, money, danger, big personalities, politics and yes, the ‘glamour’. In isolation, many of these attributes would be seen as quite negative, but together add to something quite special. Similar to the ‘unPC’ appeal of James Bond if you like. You nip away at those elements in the pursuit of appealing to a wider audience and you’re left with a bunch of fast cars racing like any other series, neutering the very elements that make F1 so special and different. Stealing from another poster the line ‘don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle’ is I think apt.

F1 has far more important things to get right to create a compelling product and address dwindling interest – better racing, more exciting cars being just a couple. This feels like a misplaced, knee jerk reaction, and not something the majority of fans, the people that really matter here agree with going by the poll here and elsewhere.

To the opposing view that this is about the bigger picture of encouraging more women in motorsports. I think many rational people would agree that this is indeed a good thing. However, let’s examine why there aren’t any women F1 drivers. Is it really because they’re put off by models and grid girls? Or is a bigger factor that there just aren’t many girls getting into karting in the first place?

You visit any serious kart track, and its very common to see the majority (not all but mostly) of the kids in junior classes are boys. Statistically, very very few of these kids will make it as a professional race driver, let alone get into F1. Therefore, if girls are in the minority in cadets, the chance of them making it into F1 is even smaller statistically than boys. I believe if a driver is good enough, they will attract the sponsors and support to get in. Which team boss will willfully not sign up a star driver? Ironically, I think evidence suggests the opposite – women getting preferential treatment over men because of the sponsorship draw of women in F1 (Carmen Jorda, Suzie Wolff anyone?). The way to address this has to be to get more girls in karting. However, for whatever reason, little boys more than girls (usually) seem to be attracted to fast things that go vroom vroom vroom, eventually leading up to them wanting to kart. Perhaps there is an inherent ‘thing’ between genders that encourages males to be more attracted to mechanical things and danger? Do we accept that car racing naturally appeals to more boys? If however, we have equal interest from girls and therefore equal representation in karts between genders, then I think it follows that female participation in F1 will take care of itself. If this can’t happen then I think we need a reasoned, fact-based debate on whether F1 should continue to be a dual gender sport.

For it to be dual gender of course assumes that all things being equal, men and women can compete on equal terms. On the one hand it’s claimed (quite often by drivers) that F1 drivers have to be as physically fit and strong in places as top level athletes. Well these other sports (football, rugby, triathlon?) are segregated, simply in recognition that most men would have a physical advantage over most women, and in recognition of the physical demands of that sport, deems it unfair to women to have them compete against men. Either that or you say that in F1, women can indeed compete against men, but that must logically mean that its not that physically demanding enough to give men an advantage. They both can’t be true, you can’t have it both ways. If F1 is as physically demanding as it is claimed, then it must follow that a women’s series is the rational answer to seeing more women in top line motorsports.


You raise valid points. In my karting days, one of the quickest adversaries was a female racer who had speed through perfect balance and touch. I loved racing behind her to learn from her lines on the track.

In the US there was/is a racer named Danica Patrick. Regardless of her talent she exploited her sex to gain sponsorship , even posing in bikinis and topless to make the point stick that not only is she a woman but she’s sexy as well.

So if F1 was to ever get a serious female driver, I assume somehow Liberty Media would exploit her sexuality as much as possible.

This makes these idiots exactly what they are – mindless hypocrites – and what makes us all angry here in this post is that they assume we are as stupid as they are in accepting their spin. Well almost all.


I agree with most of this, except the bit about women not being physically capable of competing against men in car racing; or that if they can, it’s an indication car racing is not physically demanding.

Just look at fighter pilots from across the world. Incredibly fit, undergo tremendous g-forces, while being overloaded with stimuli….and the female pilots can hang with the male pilots no problem.

The type of physical fitness required to do something like drive an F1 car, or fly a fighter jet, is not the same type of physical fitness required to be a wide receiver in the NFL. I realize that sounds a little dumb, I don’t know how else to word it – but it’s not comparing apples to apples.


one of the best comments I have read on this site…


Thanks for your comment


Must admit I am quite surprised by the generally negative comments here. I always thought this site is more sophisticated than other F1 sites…
Anyhow, my two cents:
– If this is not objectification of women, why do they all have to be attractive? Surely a bloke from the construction site down the road can also hold up a grid sign? (Apologies to all the construction workers out there.)
– I don’t really follow soccer that much, but I always love seeing the beaming kids (boys and girls) who lead their idols down the tunnel onto the pitch for the big games. I am sure we can find a few (young-ish) F1 fans who genuinely want to be there next to their heroes, instead of having to pay someone to look excited.
– And please please please get rid of the applauding girls lining up the passage to the podium. It is not even a gender thing – just cringeworthy. We all know they are only clapping – mechanically – because they are paid to do so. Even North Korean TV has more genuine celebrations. Again, how about some real F1 fans cheering (OK maybe behind a fence) the victors up to the podium?
– No ‘real’ F1 fans will really stop watching the races just because there are no grid girls. And anyone who just wants to look at pretty girls will probably find better (and cheaper?) ways to do that apart from F1. Same for the sponsors. Those targeting a predominantly male audience will still see F1 as one of the more attractive options. But this probably makes the sport more ‘acceptable’ (for want of a better word) to some sponsors who may not even consider F1 in the first place. Pretty safe bet by Liberty actually.
– This sport has some of the fastest, most expensive, most technologically advanced machines ever built, piloted by the world’s best athletes (plus Marcus Ericsson), on the best racing tracks (plus the Yas Marina Circuit), at the most desirable locations (plus Baku), attended by the richest and most(ly) famous, sponsored by the world’s top brands, paid for by the world’s most expensive tickets… and we worry that it won’t be ‘glamourous’ enough? There are many problems in F1, but this is not even close to being one of them.


So instead of having a beautiful grid girl distract us from the monstrosity that is the halo. We’re now forced to stare at it.


Bratches, the old fart with the long, weird, “fly away” eye brows which look like Nike symbols (missed sponsorship opportunity there hehehe) has said that they are chasing the younger audience to ensure the healthy future of F1. First step on that journey is that he’ll be pushing to replace the grid girls with young kids … in the exact same manner as soccer / football does.
(btw … what’s with all the wild, weird and wonderful facial hair at Liberty anyway? Next we’ll see Brawn with a braided beard down to his navel!)
So kids, (and pushy parents) start writing to FOM for your chance to hold your favourite driver’s hand as he walks onto the grid and then you can stand like a stale bottle of urine in front of the car, bored senseless, kicking the ground, looking the wrong way while holding a sign with his name on it. But don’t dare turn around to see what your fave driver is doing as he gets in the car because the TV cameras wont be able to see who the driver is and you’ll cop a verbal spray from the FOM TV Director for making the show look amateurish!

Are kids actually allowed on the grid? I can’t remember ever seeing one.
Imagine the outcry if one gets run over by a team as they boisterously push their car through the crowd on their way to their grid slot.
Or worse, a kid breaks a precious $20,000 winglet off a barge board or $250,000 front wing through curiosity and the need to touch everything they see.
I can imagine an outraged Toto or Arrivabene footing a kid fair up the backside for all the world to see. Hilarious!!! (oops sorry, I mean shameful) 😉


Let’s see …. they add the hideous Halo and take away grid girls.


The halos are for themselves.


“guests and various performers can add to the glamour and spectacle of Formula One Grand Prix”

Let me translate this. It means that in future we will have to watch the antics of, and listen to the inane natterings of various “celebrities” who will no doubt be glamorous and equally no doubt be wearing eye-catching skimpy outfits, most likely adorned with a #metoo or #timesup pin. What we won’t be told are the eye-watering sums that Liberty will pay them to be there, plus all their expenses paid of course. Jobs for the girls then – the right ones of course. Perhaps this was the end game.

Liberty should be ashamed of themselves and they are fooling no-one.


On the subject of interesting jobs at the track, How does the marshals at the track work? Volunteering I believe? I always wondered if that experience would be better than general admission or grandstand seating. Going home with a front wing, end plate or some other bit lost in a crash. Or possibly giving your hero a ride on those scooters. Some marshals also get to stand right by the track and watch the whole race from an awesome position. Any one here have experience with this? I ask because the grid girls I am sure were able to have a unique experience on the grid/track that most cannot whilst being paid to boot.


James Hunt would turn in his grave!

So, what’s next?
No more beauty, male or female, in public?
No more make up in public?

Hell, lets go ‘burka style’ all the way.


So Liberty (Americans) are going to get rid of the grid girls some of which are very tastefully dressed holding the driver number at grid place when in the USA they have scantily clad cheer leaders at most sporting events dancing and prancing about! Can Liberty explain why they feel F1 grid girls are inappropriate but American cheerleaders are acceptable!!


It would appear that the polldaddy poll allows at least two votes. Try it.


If Liberty Media wants to make each F1 race like the Superbowl, then the space above the pit garages should be dedicated to each F1 team for their cheerleading sqaud. Liberty Media would be praised for creating new jobs for women.


Naturally we won’t be seeing cheerleaders at the USGP this year, after all it’s no different than Gird girls.


What nonsense. Men have always chased and looked at women and always will. Women look at men too. It’s in our DNA just like the entire animal kingdom. I’m happily married and look at other women everyday and I’m sure my wife looks at other men, that’s the way it is. F1 has a largely male audience but not exclusively so grid girls fit, if it were predominantly a female sport maybe the Chippendales would be at the front of the grid and I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Grid girls are mixing with famous people, getting well paid and want to do it. Again we are pandering to the PC minority. Where will it end?


Cow tow to the liberals, the SJW’s, the BLM’s of this world and you’ll go the way of the NFL. Real people ain’t interested in that sh*t.


I’d be banished for life from F1 for what I did just before the cars arrived on the formation lap at the Queen’s Hairpin at the 1980 Long Beach GP. That’s me in the first frame with the girl’s hand on my shoulder. Maurice left out the part about me removing her top.

This link is NSFW:

From Maurice Hamilton’s blog, “Long Beach used a tough and reasonably quick street circuit which was good enough to regularly pull 80,000 spectators, mainly from nearby Los Angeles. The weather in April was usually perfect; the crowd good humoured – particularly when, during a lull before the start in 1980, a well-endowed woman in tight shorts stepped onto the track at Queens Hairpin and pulled up her tee-shirt for the benefit of an appreciative grandstand fuelled by Budweiser and overheated by the sun.”

Let me tell you, there was not a single complaint then.


Hello, James. I have an issue. It looks like your blog allows for more than one “AlexD” to be able to comment. How is it possible that somebody else has an identical name? It is consuding for people. The person is writing things that I would have never said. Any reaction from you?


We can cut that out by checking for your email address with each submission

We will delete bogus ones


Thank you


ok, look.
JA can you please, please, for the love of all that is good in the world, get in contact with ross brawn and tell him to.
1. undo the grid girls ban
2. undo the shark fin ban

this is stupid, on too many levels to attach words to.


To be replaced by grid boys? Or by grid gender neutrals? Or by grid nogenders? To be in line with current social trends.


I have always wondered why the grid girls were there in these days of so called equality and feminism, this last year they just looked out of place and adds nothing to the racing which is what I want to watch, this has nothing to do with class having a parade of scantily clad women, seems very awkward.


The world is getting sicker and sicker. Gender equality? Gender neutrality? 70+ types of genders on Facebook? The world is progressing when it comes to technology at a fast rate, but is degenerating when it comes to morality with an even faster rate. Gender are not equal, men and weman…we are different and created to glorify God. But humanity is completely corripted by sin.


Take it up with the manufacturer.


Next up, the Olympic committee declares that Women’s Olympic Soccer must be played in full length trousers. Female sprinters must start all races from a standing start, no ‘on your marks’ or ‘set’ positions will be tolerated unless curtains are provided to protect the athletes modesty from the rearward facing spectators. Ladies figure skaters will be forbidden from performing Salchow jumps, triple or otherwise. Finally, after much consideration, it has been decided that beach volleyball can only be played in the dark with a blind umpire.


I don’t know it this decision is right or not personally. I had no problem seeing these good looking ladies stand around for sure. Did they add anything to the sport? Probably not and I doubts that they would be missed much. People who say that they will stop following F1 because of F1 removing grid girls were probably watching the sport for the wrong reasons anyways. Give me good racing that is all l ask of this sport. Marc


So corporate alpha males are now putting women out of work, after women fought for the right to do whatever they wanted with their bodies through the feminist movement. Hmm! I’m waiting for the NFL to put all the Cheerleaders out of a job next and then… This hysteria is only going to end badly for both men and women down the line!


So they want add glamour to the show by removing one of the most glamourous parts of the show by taking grid girls away. What’s next? Increase driver safety by taking helmets away?


I’m glad they’re changing this. ‘Booth babes’ have been progressively phased out of conventions for several years and I think still having scantily-clad women draped around the place, really just for men to ogle, makes the sport look very behind the times and probably impacts on its ability to reach a wider audience. I’ve always thought the ‘staircase of skirt’ at the end of each race looks particularly bad, where the grid girls line the walls and unenthusiastically applaud the drivers on their way to the podium. It lends the whole spectacle a tacky air, and gives the impression that motorsport is only really catering to undersexed men. The series that’s cutting by far the most new ground audience-wise is Formula E, and I don’t think that has any grid girls.

Personally, I think they should switch to something more akin to mascots in football. It can’t be young children, because there’s a lot of standing around in hot sun or rain involved, but how about making it a prize for teenagers participating in F1 in Schools?



How can someone put the #metoo movement on the same bag as grid girls?
Did they asked the fans opinion? We’re not they claiming that they will hear fans?
And above all, did they asked the grid girls their opinion?
What a non-sense…very sad to hear that.


You’re personal opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is the opinion of the collective, and the collective has said no grid girls…end of story.


Every time something like this happens, you often get people using the term ‘PC gone mad’. The truth is though, PC already went mad 15 years ago, and nowadays it is so far gone, it’s sitting in the corner of a padded cell slowly rocking back and forth whilst listening to a perpetually looped CD of the Fast Food Rockers. Personally, i would have thought that F1 would have had bigger priorities to deal with such as the halo and crap TV coverage, but hey, if all they want to do is focus on silly things while the ship slowly sinks, then there’s nothing any of us can say or do that will stop them.


“Personally, i would have thought that F1 would have had bigger priorities to deal with such as the halo and crap TV coverage…”

False-choice logical fallacy: F1 is seeking to deal with those issues (not in the way I’d always choose, but still…)


I fully agree.


I agree with the decision. Get the racing good, that is the main thing, and how that issue is resolved remains to be seen.
But at the same time, I think each country or Grand Prix venue, should have some say in putting their particular ‘flavor’ to the race – whatever that may be. A bit of festival atmosphere or whatever. In the best light, thats what grid girls were, in the worst light, the objectification of good looking women. With the internet porn issue, best to ‘error’ on the side of prudence.


Gird ladies/men are the least of F1’s problems. So some questions

1.>Do these people get paid for the job?

2.>On the rare occasion when men are used are they paid the same as the ladies?

3.>Do these people object to the line of work.

They all appear to be aged 18 and are therfore adults fully capable of deciding of making a decision to do the job or object to it and not do it for moral/ethical reasons etc..

I would like to know what the people who did the job think about the decision, do they agree with it?

Ricciardo Aficionado

So sad that we’re not allowed to celebrate women’s beauty anymore. Kind of ironic because beauty is way more important to women than men. I guess that’s why the women are pushing for this.
Of course we don’t want grid boys. Men are ugly!
It’s another misstep by the new f1 management. They’re pushing the sport back into the prudish Victorian era when they really need to be moving on from the internal combustion era engine from the same time period.
You can try to ban women’s beauty but it’s actually everywhere so bad luck!!
Damn fundamentalist, Christian Right, neo-con dogma being foist upon us!


Bernie help……. Please come back all is forgiven


is Anthony Hamilton again walking around with his led displays ?

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

Here’s an idea…

We’re always hearing about how the F1 teams are hundreds of people, most back at the factory, seldom seen at race weekends. If I was a team manager (ha!) I’d look at this as an opportunity to reward excellent staff back at the factory – “Bob, those new end plates you fabricated are superb, you come out to the race next weekend and be the grid person”. An employee of the week incentive.


This decision seems like an over reaction. For me the girls were part of the glamour of F1. The trend in recent years at most races, seemed to be for the girls to be fairly conservatively/respectfully dressed. I agree that the after race part, when the girls are lined up and clapping the podium getters is a bit cringe-worthy, and could probably have gone.

To those who say bring kids onto the grid instead, I’m not so sure that is great idea from a safety point of view.


Shame for them to all loose their jobs, if it is about equality why can’t there be grid boys, girls, other?


@ James …great thread. This will make the mods work overtime hahahaha.


too right Kenneth, don’t envy the mods task on this one…


Good move. Let’s just have some good racing. Lots of girls on the net if you are desperate…


I absolutely agree.


Perfect example of a knee jerk reaction – the type Ross was rambling on about that others do.

Its typical of a culture that is uncomfortable with its sexuality – American/British cultural values have become the laughing stock of world when it comes to their hypocrisy.


The majority of the reactions here totally justify Liberty’s decision. The majority of the posts supporting keeping grid girls are typically sexist and focused on objectifying women. None of what I just wrote is opinion or political correctness run amok. It is fact. Read every response here and think about what these people are saying as if they were saying it about your mother, daughter or sister. It’s time to show a level of maturity as men that affords women a decent level of respect and equal treatment socially and legally.


What a sterile pile of rubbish F1 is becoming, everything which at heart forms its DNA is being ripped from it. So glad I experienced this sport on free to air TV during the good years (pun intended).

Barry Hearne, snooker and darts promoter has said that the pressure to remove the ‘Dartsgirls’ came solely from TV companies (BBC, Sky and ITV) so I’m guessing the same has happened in F1. The trouble being that within these organisations (and many public institutions) there are growing powerful ‘groups’ that are intent on creating division and not for the good.

Another nail is driven fully home on the coffin of F1.


“Another nail is driven fully home on the coffin of F1.”

A bit dramatic, that. I don’t know that grid girls are a “DNA” of the sport. Elaborate?


I was really surprised to find myself in the minority of voters in approving of the abolition of the grid girls. So I read through the comments to see if anyone was saying “this is the last straw!” and threatening to stop watching. Turns out nobody was tuning in just to look at the ladies after all.


First posting for me, and boy did I choose a subject to start with – having read some of the comments I am expecting a bit of a flaming, but I believe it takes more strength to stand up for what is right, than to go with populist convention.

F1 is a sport (we could debate that another time), it is not a Benny Hill TV show albeit that I accept that the names Benny and Bernie are quite similar sounding. All of us have a mother, and possibly aunties, daughters, sisters and of course female friends. The current ‘grid girls’ and ‘girl corridor’ to greet the winners is simple objectification of women, nothing less. What sort of message does this send to our daughters? Young girls are subjected to a constant media pressure to conform to an archetypal perfection which is unattainable. It is wrong to add to that barrage. The current roles fulfilled by the grid girls is to be a silent and subservient cheerleader for the ‘glorious petrol fulled gladiators’. And that is the point – it sends a message to women that they should be quiet, look pretty and not expect anything beyond that.

Some comments in the thread have conflated grid girls with ‘Snow Flakes’ or over the top liberalism. This offers nothing to the debate, it is simply an attempt to deflect from the very real issues. It is not acceptable to suggest that the objectification of women is something to do with political correctness. Women are capable of undertaking roles on an equal footing to men, it is not politically correct to suggest that a practice which is anachronistic to that notion is somehow ‘Politically correct’.

If you support the notion of grid girls and don’t see it as being somehow sexist, ask yourself one simple question ‘Would I be happy to see young fit half naked men standing next to the F1 cars and forming a tunnel to welcome the winners?’ If the answer is no, then you really need to think again about the stance you have taken.

As a white middle-aged man who has followed F1 since the late 70s and read this website and comments for quite a few years, I am happy to state that in my view a world in which men and women are treated equally would be a better world for us all.

Thank you James for the many hours of pleasure you have given me via your site, and thank you to all who comment, even those I don’t agree with – you make this the only F1 forum worth reading.


Very well written post. Totally agree with you.


Boom! Mic drop.


@ Papa Bear….I reject your notions entirely. Consider the fact that no one forced these young women to be grid girls. They participated because they chose to. That, as individuals, they are entitled to. You have no right to impose sanctions on what they, or anyone for that matter, can or can’t do. Individual choices is what is meaningful and correct. If all women rejected the positions there would be no argument or debate.


Welcome and thank you, PB.


Stunning debut!

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

“The current roles fulfilled by the grid girls is to be a silent and subservient cheerleader for the ‘glorious petrol fulled gladiators’. “

It’s worse than that, they are all glorious petrol fulled male gladiators. I have issues with cheerleaders in (American) football too – look pretty in a skimpy outfit on the sidelines while “the boys” do the serious stuff. I have no problem with competitive cheerleading competitions, and I have no problem with models, but neither have a place as a garnish for sport. To preempt the chorus of whataboutism – I don’t watch wrestling or drifiting or MMA so I don’t care if they think models are suitable decor for their sport.

Oh, and GO EAGLES!


Yeah, GO Eagles. Wonder if the Superbowl Sunday show will be toned down a bit…or if people feel it is ‘PC worse’ than current F1 girls?

Who cares, priority is to enjoy the game, just like Liberty’s F1 priority should be the wheel to wheel racing.


This is just men telling women what they can and can’t do with there bodies. This isn’t progress, this is just virtue signalling.


It will be interesting to see if BTCC and Moto GP join in the ban.


Or maybe we could create a world where women didn’t feel that the only way to earn decent money was to pander to men’s needs to sexualise, control and exploit them? It’s all very well saying that these women are losing well paid work but if the recent expose of the hostess industry shows anything it’s that many of these women feel threatened and abused which is not acceptable. F1 grid girls probably aren’t in that class but who knows how much sexual harrassment they actually get? As the #metoo movement has shown these things can get covered up successfully for decades.


Some of the comments I’ve read here are have been the most poorly justified, inflammatory and baseless BS ever to clog up the Internet. Gainful employment for poor working class girls? Nobody forced them to do that job – how is this an argument?
The grid girls were a perfect example of the objectification of women. I know that it’s been in the sport for years and part of it’s history but that’s just the point. It’s normal for women to be seen as decoration and be judged so. Still, in 2018 (where are my flying cars please?). Ask yourself how many women prominent in public life are beautiful women, even though they may well be intelligent and articulate too? There are plenty of normal looking male role models but very few females who aren’t model material. Society still primarily judges women on their appearance first. This needs to change and the only way it will happen is children growing up today don’t see things like grid girls as normal. Those of you who are choosing to see this as some sort of left wing conspiracy theory to take away your petrol engines and casual sexism, just put down your Daily Mail and try consider that you might just be wrong about this one. It’s got nothing to do with Pirelli tyres or DRS, it’s much more important.


You find Hillary clinton, Angella Merkel, Nancy Pelosie, Margerat Thatcher, Oprah…attractive? Ok, each to their own I guess.


Here’s my take. I know two women who were models in their 20s, both now in very successful jobs in engineering and finance. Both absolutely loved the experience, it seems to have been a great exercise in building confidence, and they have definitely benefitted in terms of their career.

They would have been absolutely devastated to have that experience taken away from them. They were proud of their looks, worked hard to achieve a healthy diet and remain fit, and learn about some aspects the beauty industry, built lots of contacts and have some absolutely amazing memories.

So you have to wonder who is pushing for this kind of cultural change? Who is calling for women to be unable to pursue careers or jobs that they want to do? For what reason do people feel this is a career women should not be free to pursue? Who is pushing this conservatism, the likes we probably haven’t seen since the Victorian era?

The end result is that a number of women will now be prevented from having a truly exhilarating experience, brushing shoulders with the rich and famous, being paid to attend a Grand Prix and get onto the grid and be a part of the show, speaking to some of the richest business people in the world and building a global list of contacts and experience. People call it sexism or objectivisng, but women also enjoy looking at glamorous women, hence the insane success of people like Beyoncé, the Kardashians, Katie Price, Total Divas, Girls of the Playboy Mansion etc. Those are all people/shows with extreme skews towards the female demographic.

So F1 becomes a bit less glamorous, a bit less risqué, a bit more corporate and less in touch with the vast majority of the fanbase. I doubt we will notice much difference initially, but this will not help revive the sports fortunes and is yet another hindrance on the lines of the Halo.


Good post…

backed up by some girls who actually did it:

Charlotte Gash: “Essentially we’ve been made redundant. I’m rather disgusted that F1 has given in to the minority to be politically correct.”

Kelly Brook:”It’s a well paid job. It’s one of the best jobs I ever had. You dress glamorously and obviously it’s about being presentable but I never felt I was taken advantage of.”

It’s the panic jumping on the bangwagon, quick must do what the minority PC police are after that is annoying.

Bosses frightened to come to an improved common sense solution or to discuss the grey areas rather than it has to be black or white and no grey or no middle ground balance.

So why not discuss moving away from the page 3 Jordan style bikini dumb girl spread over an F1 car image crassness, that to be fair to F1 recently I’ve only noticed at the Liberty razamatazz cheerleader skimpy outfits big fake boobs
beside old dude…oops Liberty.
but…the pretty Austrian girl, in local traditional Alpine dress, waving the flag of her country, or singing, or a parade of local girls dancing like an Olympic games opening ceremony etc… why ban them, no need to put every pretty girl in her 20s and 30s into the banned bracket in a PC panic.

It’s like Bratches having a gun and Brawn comes over to discuss and he believes the only two options are to either shoot him or shoot himself.
Whatever to please the PC marketing, no middle ground.

It’s this sort of stuff that dilutes the #metoo message of the importance of dealing with powerful people that abuse that power and molest, intimidate, rape, or take advantage of frightened young girls.

I imagine the F1 circuit security training will have to be revamped to make sure they don’t kick out driver girlfriends and wives, mistaking them for grid girls trying to sneak into the paddock! 😉


I fully concur with you. Thus far I have refrained myself from following moto GP but I promise I will start looking at it. I Just Don’t Want people To Tell Me what I Can And What i Can’t Watch.


Allow not nature more than nature needs, man’s life is as cheap as beasts. Let’s be honest. There is nothing about F1 that makes sense in our great, progressive society that fashions itself a step above the poor fools who created it.


Ridiculous grid penalties, haemorrhaging TV figures, unfair team payments, a lack of competition throughout the grid and teams using substandard pay drivers. These are the issues that need addressing. And all we get from the new owners is a ban on grid girls. Disappointing liberty.


@ Driftwood..Partially incorrect., you missed the major point…we got a new logo.


Boo hoo hoo.
So all the men children can’t objectify women at the same time as watching F1 anymore? Tough.
But these “girls” are making good money for nothing and will have to earn a pittance now as waitresses and cleaners! No, no they won’t, and anyway that’s not the point.
Just because some women allow themselves to be objectified as sex objects for cash doesn’t make it ok. What they do has an effect on other women who don’t want to be seen as objects by men who can’t control even the simplest instinct and keep thier hands and innuendos to themselves.
Oh, but that’s just a bit of fun, the girls at work don’t mind , lighten up!
Really? Would you get all handsy and flirty with male colleagues? Would you be ok with someone acting that way with your partner or daughter in front of you? I doubt it.
If your daughter was a grid girl would you be comfortable knowing that all the blokes looking at her were rating her on wether they’d like to get physical with her or not? I doubt that too.


Why do people with ‘simian’ sigs make such silly comments. It must be endemic. You’re like the others, making it up as you go. Let the ladies make up their own minds. You’re like all the minorities trying to force an unwanted agenda on others. Grid girls do no harm……


So you think women shouldn’t have the choice as to whether or not they want to be a model, because of how Makes other women feel?

So, you’re saying you don’t support a women’s right to choose??

You’re also making some very broad assumptions about men. Either you’re a wamyn, or a male feminist ally with some skeletons in your closet.


At last. I am quite surprised to see the results of the poll: grid girls were adding nothing to the show, felt out of the place on the grid between the mechanics, and had an obviously sexist innuendo. It seemed like an anachronism coming out from the old ages.
Although there are certainly bigger fish to fry, this was clearly a low hanging fruit that should have been addressed long ago.


They missed a big opportunity here.

Should have auctioned the rights to ‘dress’ the grid girls (and/or grid boys) to the fashion and clothing manufacturers industry.
They don’t ‘have’ to be just girls in bikinis.
Dress them well, and perhaps have a girl and boy together, showing off the current trends in fashion.
If successful, the rights would bring in more cash to Liberty (and perhaps to the local organisers as well), and would also continue to offer some employment opportunities for grid girls (and/or grid boys).



@ Jako…Which GP had girls in bikinis?


Like Vettel and many others, I was hoping we would see Grid Boys in 2018.

Now we get nothing! Just halo? That is a disappointing start to the season.


WoW Change really is in for 2018 and whilst I will miss looking at how the various races dress the Grid board holders I expect they are just removing the label and maybe the roll of holding the grid board can be visited in a different way.

Maybe Teenagers from local schools, competition winners, team sponsored positions, Charities can provide people. The options are huge.

The problem is not the function but the name…. Grid Girls could become Car Position Holders and the role expanded to increase more awareness of the sport.
Change happens just like we see Children being the Football mascots at the start of a game.

Wait-Wait… maybe a sponsor pays for their logo to be on the Grid position holder and Liberty can charge for it….. nearly missed that one.


It’s funny. Out of all the grid girls world wide, the US outfits weere bar far the most tacky and exploitative. The rest of the worlds out fits where nice and mostly cultural. Tacky and exploitative are great worlds for American culture. They are swinging blind at anything now. All trying to blame something other than themselves for Trump.

That’s what you are!

All those poor America boys died in other peoples countries so you could end up with Trump.


The Trumpster would never have banned grid girls… Bratches or Trump, i’ll take the latter, at least he’s no puritan out to spoil peoples simple pleasure.


I remember seeing Bratches interviewed by CH4 and a more depressing and frustrating event I’ve yet to witness.
He stood alongside Brawn in a paddock somewhere and in my opinion said nothing of worth. Corporate speak, pr gobbledygook, empty catchphrases.
That was the entire content.
That was the day F1 died.


This is just madness, no one gets harmed, everyone involved gets paid, the girls don’t get sexually harassed, and no one wins when they get dumped because F1 is petrified of the PC Police. If Mr Bratches really believes ” the practice is not now appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world.”” then he needs to find another job. The girls who started all this in Hollywood did have a case and even thats’s debateable (they’ll still sign up to do unnecessary sex scenes in any modern film and thus objectify women) but who did grid girls ever offend?


By outright banning the girls from each country F1 visits it can give the impression that either:

a) The new boss is so weak to be swayed to an extreme decision rather than debating the options or discuss changes.


b) An admission that bad things happened like girls were being exploited or abused at an event?


A few years ago, Shea Adam, the current Radio Le Mans pit reporter, recalled a story of some grid girls in an ACO series. The daughter of sportscar racer Bill, she recalls a time doing public relations for Corvette Racing and since Chevrolet did not use grid girls, she was the jill of all trades and carried the flag, while wearing a Corvette tee-shirt under her team firesuit she had to wear working pit lane during the race.

She notes next to her were paid models by Tequila Patron in skintight clothing that allowed cleavage to show, and Falken Tyre with a band top and short shorts with thigh-high boots representing those sponsors. Once the race starts they weren’t working pit lane. Everyone it seemed preferred to show off with the scantily-clad women. Near the end, a father with his daughters applauded Adam, saying, “I just wanted to thank you for choosing to not be half naked on the grid. It sends a good message to my girls.”

Note how NFL Films glorified Leena Gade, now with Schmidt Peterson’s Honda INDYCAR programme, during her time with Audi, in Truth in 24 II. Using their signature techniques used for coaches, they wired her for the entire Le Mans, and like Howden Haynes in the first, she became a breakout star as the Sabols’ way of storytelling allowed her to shine as viewers watched every move she made as clockwork.

Public relations women in firesuits, notepads, and headsets, along with the Leena Gade types in F1, are the future. A woman who is an executive at a sponsor can now be shown more respect.

Certain sponsors want the more provocatively dressed women (energy drinks and alcohol, but motorcycle sponsors are just as guilty), but it’s clear many are tired of the half-naked women in an era where women are working in the paddock in both public relations and engineering, the rules have changed.

The schoolgirl with a programme saying “Get your programmes,” selling them to race fans to raise money for her sports team or academic studies, will now be crucial since fans will buy them to have a guide on the cars and drivers. It’s no different than other sporting events where you need one to know the players.


Instead of totally doing away with it, why not use it as an opportunity for the grid girls to something more worthwhile to the community or to the sport?
Get the grid girls to do community work, joined by one or two F1 drivers. Bring some glamour to community or charity work and i’m sure that will do wonders for fund raising.
Or, how about giving local engineering students, both male and female, a chance at experiencing the glamour of F1, as the grid persons?
It seems to me that F1 took the easy way out and in doing so they have totally missed what the actual problem statement is.


It’s not exactly the most important change, but still, I’m glad to see this happen. It may turn off a few grey dinosaurs who’ll dribble on about “political correctness,” but normal people might appreciate the sport moving away from overt and silly sexism.


where does one draw the line here ? i could mention a leading f1 team that massively profited unde the hitler regime by using concentration camp slave labour. this corporation along with other major companies relentlessly pushed the nsdap into power.


You’d think theyd use this opportunity to discuss what they are replacing them with. But they dont know. A common theme.

Personally i am saddened by it. What is the new vision for F1? It seems like several other racing series are now more interesting and exciting than F1 these days.


How ridiculous. I guess we can’t expect anything more when yanks now run the circus. Expect plenty more PC changes. What gets me though, you have taken the jobs off plenty of young women. Instead of this why didn’t they just add a male grid bloke to each car as well?


This is just another of Liberty’s swipes at Bernie and the “bad old days” of F1 … after all, they’re only things that made it the most popular annual sporting series in the world. One which Liberty had to pay over 9 Billion for, because that’s what it was worth when they bought it!!! If it was such a bad product and didn’t work, why wasn’t it sold for 40 cents worth of 3 day old half rotten soup bones???
This “change for change’s sake” attitude stinks of … if you have piles of money and a gripe with someone or something that pisses you off, simply rewrite the rules and impose your own ideologies on the world around you to satisfy yourself with a feeling of power and worth. Let’s just force our ways upon those we wish to control … ultimately for our own financial gain. To hell with pleasing the masses by implementing what is enjoyable, entertaining, popular and sought after … “we’re gunna do it our way whether you like it or not! Get stuffed!!!”
Does that sound typically American to anyone … ???

It seems that no matter what we the people say, want, write or do … it’s the politically correct wowsers who seem to kick, bite and scream the loudest until they get their way … even if they are the glaring minority.
How have we allowed this petulant, idiotic, self-serving minority to overpower the once almighty diplomatic decision making processes of the Western world and open the doors to minority groups with big mouths so they can call the shots?

No matter what it is, stand up and fight for what you believe in now people … scream louder than the wowsers and naysayers … before it’s too late!


@ Jack…you are quite correct in many cases. the new term for what Liberty are doing is called ‘virtue signalling’ and i detest it as well.


In darts they have ‘walk on girls’. Not for the underfoot comfort of the ‘athletes’ but merely arm candy, so that the visual shock of (mostly) looking ugly fat men is counteracted by a beautiful woman.
A fair balance, totally wrecked by the PC brigade. And the girls themselves are not happy about being out of a job.
If the PC brigade really meant business they’d take on the porn industry, which is objectification of women by men, for men, They’d have my support on that.
This is just attractive girls losing their livelihoods.


Well said F1ONA……multi 180!


@ Fiona…I agree with your initial statement. However your comment re the porn industry is wide of the mark. All women have the opportunity to walk away from that if they are in any way offended or feel exploited. I think that you’d be surprised at just how many women access pornography. Some figures are as high as 35%. Interesting statistic.


PDC axed walk-on girls just last week and plenty of people campaign against the porn industry.


Hi James, any idea why the decision makers didn’t elect to employ half male and half female models as pre race “grid persons”? Also did they take into account the views of modeling advocates (i.e groups looking out for the interests of those in the industry)? What of what other major sports are doing (e.g. nfl, nba)?

I won’t miss grid girls (though of course I didn’t mind seeing them) and I also note premier league, baseball, hockey, etc don’t seem to employ grid girls of their equivalent. However, it’ll be interesting to see what’s done to replace their presence on the grid, podium, and on the way to podium drivers’ holding room.


What…shemales? C’mon…..


While on topic, I think it’s the opportune time to illustrate the lack of visible minorities in the paddock. As a fan of Afro-Caribbean decent I find it appalling that a global sport hasn’t found a way to hire more minorities.

Lewis is entering the tail end of his career and with his retire, the black representation will drop from half to zero. With the exception of Moko friend of the notebook. Liberty, please do something to address this serious, dire situation.


Hey Liberty, why F1 so white???? I call unconscious bias!!!


Well!!! Incredable!!! I must admit I allways thouht there was something wrong/different about Seen Britches and Charley Carry, but I was prepared to give them a chance, but they’ve just s–t in there own nest as far as I’m concerned!


Any ‘slightly pretty’ national anthem singer better start eating the cakes now if they want to be sure to keep their singing job at the start of their F1 race.

Hand on, we have Brawn, Bratches and Carey, all men!

One should stay as is,
One of them needs to become a woman,
and the final one should become transgender…

Liberty must set the equality example by starting with its own bosses.

Right so who should be who, and would one in trousers, one in a dress and one in drag do for the opening Oz gp or is that maybe a bit politically incorrect (and disturbing – I mean those eyebrows or that moustache in full dragqueen getup)?

Can next weeks politically incorrect thing that needs sorted please be PUengine qually modes 😉


Exactly. Brawn, Bratches, and Carey are the epitome of the oppressive, white-male patriarchy. The only correct thing for all 3 to do is to step down and be replaced by visible minorities, wamyn, and non-binary / non cis-gendered LGBTQ+. They should probably take all of their collective wealth and donate it to ANTIFA or some community organization.


About time. I can’t believe the amount of backlash Liberty Media is getting due to this. I thought we watch F1 because of the race itself and not because of Grid “girls”. I’ve seen many times in the comment section that we rather watch the race instead of seeing celebrities that don’t know anything about F1 or add anything to the show. How’s this any different? The concept of Grid Girls is very archaic and adds nothing to the show. I actually applaud Liberty Media for doing this.


For someone who posts under that sig i find it difficult to take you seriously.


Lol.. Internet comment gold right here. But thank-you Kenneth for your concern. I totally agree, I myself fail to take myself seriously at the best of times.


What’s wrong with what has happened is that that they have been BANNED. If they were made non-mandatory, but up to a team/driver/sponsor to decide, and those entities chose to not have grid girls, then fine. But to ban them outright, that’s childish authoritarianism.

I agree that cutaways to celebrities add nothing to the race….but should those cutaways be BANNED? Or should attractive female celebrities be BANNED from attending F1 events, because they “distract” from the show.


Twitch_6 the problem Liberty Media is trying to address is that the concept of Grid girls objectifies women, and other genders who partake in this activity, men included. That’s why you can’t just say “Oh let’s have men parade around in skimpy outfits as well and all is good with the world”. Liberty Media owns the commercial rights to the sport, and if they want to direct the sport a certain way they should go for it. Our race times just changed by 10 min so that broadcasters have more time to advertise and have a short pre-race show, should LM be asking all the teams and everyone involved about their opinions?

Its also quite possible that you fail to see how grid girls objectifies women, in that case, this whole argument is a waste of time.


I don’t really see how grid girls objectifies women more than any role of a person standing ceremoniously in a position objectifies the sex of said person. Do the guards outside Buckingham Palace objectify men? I mean, it’s purely for show, they’re not really guarding anything, and if they were, could be replaced by techy gizmos.

If you’re saying that grid people, men, woman, other, all objectify their respective sex, then I guess you’re just saying you don’t want a human holding the sign? Is that a fair conclusion for me to come to?

If that’s the case, and it’s a reasonable position to take, then i just ask, why “anti-human-sign-holder”?

I’m guessing it’s not the sign itself you take issue with, and I assume you would be ok with an inanimate object holding the sign, like say a weighted plastic base?

Ok, so then some questions:

– what shape is the base? How humanoid looking, or how sexual, can the base be before it is deemed to be “objectifying a person/sex/body part/etc”?

– would a cardboard cutout holding up the sign be ok? Could I take a picture of a grid girl, make a life size cardboard cutout, and have that hold up the sign? How human is the cutout allowed to look before it is offensive?

– what about a robot? Could a robot hold up the sign? Again, how human is the robot allowed to look? I would presume a sexbot from Vegas would not be ok? So again, I assume there is a limit as to how human looking/behaving a sign holding grid robot would be allowed to be….I’m Just looking for an indication or clarification of where that limit is.


Lets go and fix problems that dont exist, while ignoring ones that do.

Tornillo Amarillo

Grid girls are not aligned with F1 management values… Why a nice girl could not be seen as positive? A sporty and beautiful girl. We value their beauty.
War planes -fighters- flying over the circuit, are they OK with their values, I mean war?
Non sense about values. It’s just about money.
So put the same girls with the Heineken uniform and voilà, beer for everyone and nobody will complain! Somebody will do it and they will do it better.


Haha that’s a really interesting point about the fly overs and celebration of the military.

To be clear, I’m not anti military, but as someone who’s actually been in the armed forces, I see a fighter plane for what it is – the most advanced instrument of death that mankind has ever created. It’s something I respect, but not something I exactly cheer for in a hooting and hollering, cap waving kind of way.

So, F1 doesn’t want to celebrate the beauty of the human form, something western culture has been doing for a few thousand years…..buuut, they’re perfectly fine with celebrating our capability to kill one another from long distances.


Here comes the gender equality police. How long before gender equality is enforced in the actual competition aspect of F1? Hamilton and Suzie wolf at Mercedes anyone? Vettel and Simona De Silvestro at Ferrari? Verstappen and Renee Gracie at Red bull etc.

Oh yeah, plus Bottas, Raikkonen, and Ricciardo, and many other men, would be out of a job despite being better qualified to race than their female replacements. Maybe that would be desireable as it would mirror what’s happening in the real world at the moment and we know that F1 is striving to be real world relevant.


Susie Wolfe should be banned from F1, she’s been part of the problem all along!


@ Luke C…I want to see Kate Moss on the grid, anytime anywhere preferably alongside Daniel Ricciardo…now that i’d like to see.


James, as a member of the British media, what are your thoughts on the CH4 interview with Cathy Newman and Dr Jordan Peterson?

Would it be fair to say that Cathy’s position is reflective of most of British media (it must be, judging by the stories ran by the Gaurdian and the like in the days following the interview).

Would love to hear your opinion on that interview.


Wow, Jordan Peterson being mentioned on hear. I never thought I’d see the day. Great, smart (and all the rest) man.

All of what’s happening now is just our version of the baby boomers. In the 60’s we got the Hippys waiting around for their inheritance. Now we have the “Whatevers” waiting around for their inheritance. The only problem is, they are having to wait longer than before and the frustration is trickling down to the next generation.

“Hurry up and die already!”


Everyone seems to be talking about Jordan Peterson at the moment. And deservedly so, since he exposed Cathy Newman for the rigid, vapid feminist biggot that she is. The backlash against the feminist nonsense is well and truly working its way towards critical mass.


Well, after the man goes on CH4 and blatantly equates all women to lobsters, how could people not be talking about it?!?!


Good move I say! If desperate male F1 fans need a scantily clad girl standing awkwardly in front of HAM’s car to get them excited about a F1 race then its sad times indeed. There are lots of places on the internet to feed that desire if that’s what your after. I think the grid girls alienated more potential female F1 fans. As for the ‘jobs’ and ‘class’ argument ……please!


PC gone mad. Pathetic.

A savvy F1 marketing team will simply bring their own grid girls and have them hanging around the garage and grid all weekend. And the free media exposure will be worth every cent. Come on RBR..don’t let us down.


I’m very glad to see F1 dropping this sexist anachronism. It’s long overdue the sport saw how negative it was. It’s not exactly hard to see that if you present women as mere sex objects, then it encourages them being viewed as such and treated as such.

If it wants to broaden its audience as well as encouraging female participation in the sport in all kinds of roles, then this is a start.


“It remains to be seen whether this will start a chain reaction in other FIA sanctioned series and events, such as WEC and the Macau Grand Prix (below) and whether MotorGP will also follow suit.“

WEC got rid of them years ago. F1 is the knock on here, not the leader.


They made the right decision.


How about robotic sex bots, like the kind they have in Vegas…could they hold the grid signs?

What about when I want to watch F1 in my own virtual reality. Will the thought police come into my virtual realty and ban the grid girls that I insert?

Grid girls = bad

Having a sexual relationship with a game of Tetris = completely normal.

Sex bots = normal

Virtual reality to live out every sick and twisted fantasy ever conceived = normal.


Sex bots is the natural result of the phenomenon of systematic criminalisation of maleness and masculinity, as currently practised in our matriarchal and gynocentric society.


Honest question. If the average grid person looked like Rosie O’Donald, would people want them banned? Or does the average, relative atteictiveness of these grid girls have anything to do with banning them?

Attractive people are so oppressive. Same with men with muscles, very oppressive to bearded beta males in skinny jeans and skirts.


And the earnings of those bearded beta males are oppressive to the meatheads. Everyone’s oppressed!


No-ones gonna be watching F1 soon anyway, so does it really matter?


Just another manifestation of the double standards America inflicts on the rest of the world with their ‘Holier Then’ attitudes.


America? In case you hadn’t noticed, Murkel and Corbin are leading the charge of the politically correct authoritarian left. Europe is so much more “progressed” than America.

This nonsense of banning grid girls started last year in MotoGP in Spain. America is playing catchup to Europe in this regard, trying to see who can be first to make us all equally dead lol.


Corbyn’s not exactly progressive and Merkel is a Christian Democrat. Try harder.


I actually think F1 should not go light on this very serious issue. Fashion and Glamour models are extemely oppressive, and should be banned entirely.

If F1 wants to take a stand against the objectification of humans (or do they only care about women?), then anyone participating in glamour modelling should be banned from F1. This includes L’Oréal model, topless photo shoot participant, Lewis Hamilton.

I mean, they guy takes his shirt off and puts on his “blue steel” look to sell some shirts or cologne or whatever it is, using his sexed up body to sell a product. It’s disgusting, and F1 should take a firm stance against this patriarchle behavior. Glamour and F1 have nothing to do with one another. Fashion model Lewis (who also doesn’t think boys wear dresses) is a disgrace to F1, and a poor example to young people everywhere. I certainly don’t want more young people growing up thinking they can make money by taking their clothes off. To quote the man himself, “what about the children.” Why is it ok for Lewis to take a sexy photo that is aimed at getting teenage girls hot and bothered? BAN HIM!!!!!!!


Finally! In particular, the clapping girls lined up on the way to the podium is one of the most stupid sides of F1. A couple of thousand years ago in Rome, maybe, but in 21st century this is just plain stupid.


I think it speaks volumes that the most vociforous comments about this are all from men. And indeed why would women bother to engage with our sport if the predominant representative of their gender was (until today) grid girls? I for one applaud this move. It is not political correctness gone mad. It is simply F1 catching up with the 21st century.


Don’t know what a “voiciforous” comment is…but since we are making unsubstantiated judgments on the sexes of who is writing comments (based on user names that are not gender specific) I’d bet the most stupid, incorrectly spelled comments come from soy boys.


Will Cheerleaders be banned from the Super Bowl because of #MeToo too?


Oh dear, I was disappointed to see 55% vote no…

F1 has an ageing audience. I’m 34 this wknd, and when I go to GPs around Europe I often feel young. There is usually a lot of grey hair around me!

Most of my friends don’t like F1 and find it strange I save up most of the year to go on holidays to Spa Monaco Monza Hungaroring Hockenheim etc.

People holding the flags / umbrellas for drivers is one thing, but when I see rows of young girls clapping drivers to the podium, I cringe.

I would not be suprised if the majority of older fans disagree with me.


It’s a bit of a generation gap, isn’t it? Liberty are rightly concerned that F1 still isn’t’ really getting through to a younger audience, and a big part of that is in the presentation that appears, on a very visible level, to be appealing to pervy old men. If you don’t feel you’re a pervy old man, you’re not going to want to associate with something that’s associated with pervy old men. This limits the growth of F1’s audience. What has made good inroads into a younger audience is Formula E, and that has no grid girls.


Interesting point about the age – I’ve felt similar. Anecdotally, I feel people watching professional sport as a form of entertainment generally is on the decline slightly. I’m 35, and I feel that less of the younger folks I know really care about following sport – or if they do it’s in a much more casual way (not having a lifelong team, only tuning in for the big events). As a side point, it will be interesting to see how F1 caters to that with the move away from FTA coverage.

I think it’s way overdue that F1 gets rid of grid girls. The vote and comments on this site, has made me realise that many others disagree. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s political correctness gone mad. We have to stop promoting women as only good for looking pretty, not wearing much, and holding a sign, while the men get on with the “real business” of racing, strategising, politicking, and engineering (all the stuff I love about F1).

Then again, I also love the hybrid-turbo engines (50% thermal efficiency… amazing!), so I’m probably an a-typical F1 fan.


You’re only old when you stop looking. Grid girls are like Ferraris and Bugattis, diamonds among the dross.


Interestingly the bulk of the audience on this site is similar split in the various brackets: 25-34 35-44, 45-54.

Slight emphasis towards the older two.


Do you know my age from my curmudgeonly comments?


@ James…hahaha are you discriminating against those who exceed the 54 range?


James, How can you possible get that information from web stats? According to that you have no 55-64 visitors. Well I know many who are in that bracket that visit this site including myself.


Bear in mind web stats won’t track anyone with the requisite technical know-how. Assuming tech know-how = ‘the young’ that could easily skew the stats.


I’m going to admit it, I liked looking at the grid girls, I like admiring a beautiful woman. From my own side she doesn’t have to be scantily clad, I just appreciate beauty (which is subjective to the person looking anyway). I used to laugh at the grid cameras who did their very best to avoid showing the grid girls anyway.

Kind of a strange move by F1. I’d imagine the audience split is heavily in favour of men, and that most men would like to retain the grid girls.

My son is 6, and I worry for how he’ll find a partner when he grows up, in 10 years time or so he’ll probably have to fill in many forms to be allowed to even look at a girl, and then have to go to a lawyer to ask her on a date. Or maybe women should just wear a kind of coverall in public (tongue firmly in cheek for that one).


That appreciation of beauty is part of going to a car show as well. To admire the beauty, engineering etc… of all the different cars that are there.


Admiring something a human made, that’s good!

Admiring the natural human form…that’s bad!

Things we make = good
Us = bad

It’s like we have a god-complex and massive insecurity issues at the same time.


WEC actually already beat F1 to the punch on this one.


Yes, I believe they banned grid girls around three years ago…
James, maybe you could update the article with this information ? Thanks.


Bring back V10s, Bridgestone, Michelin, third cars, unlimited testing. All can be paid for with tobacco sponsorship. Oh and grid girls too. All to be shown on FTA television.

Get rid of halo, Pirelli, current power units, rubbish race tracks.

This will be my 26th season of F1 and I can only see things getting worse from here. The only thing that has kept me hanging on is seeing LH fight for wins and championships.

Torchwood Mobile

Now we see Liberty Media’s true colours.


NOBODY mentioned reviewing grid girls until F1 fans went and trashed the Austin pre-show, which by the way, included cheerleaders completely separate from the grid girl contingent.

So they went after what little we did have.


robert christian

i feel sorry for the girls who want to do this work. now with 20 male drivers on the grid i suppose there will come a point when half the drivers on the grid must be female. it has to happen its as politically correct as getting rid of grid girls


You’re correct, but these leftists have no principles that they stick to, so that may be our saving grace…..not likely though.


As usual most the posts here are missing the point. We simply don’t need grid girls any more because the cars are wearing the thongs now.
We often read that it’s becoming harder to get younger people interested in F1 and one thing that’s always got the attention of young boys is sexy girls. This isn’t objectifying women or degrading then,it’s simply the way our species has managed to continue evolving.
Still I’m sure the middle aged man wearing a high VIZ vest will look loads better next to what is essentially a 100 million dollar advertising board on wheels.


Please remember that F1, Football, and any televised event of any nature whatsoever are dependent upon advertisers. Thus, the organizers of such events (entirely properly) chiefly value the thoughts and feelings of their target advertisers which, in turn, succeed or fail based largely on how appealing they can make their good/product/service appear to the public. Apparently, F1 has determined that its target advertisers don’t think scantily clad women fit with the impression they would prefer the buying public have of their good/product/service. None of this has to do with “totalitarianism”, “Americanism”, “liberalism”, or anything else other than capitalism….and if you don’t like it, you can turn the channel.


In all of these discussions did any one ask the ladies (or men) who actually do the job, if they had any objections to it?


If you speak to models, you find they very often hate this kind of gig but money is money. They aren’t likely to vote away three days of reliable pay per year though, are they? Ultimately, if Liberty want to update the sport’s image it’s their choice.


@ Kenny Carwash…are you by any chance a fashion photographer, casting agent, human resources agent whatever that regularly discusses the ‘grid girls’ placement in paid work for F1 and the unwanted attention paid to them by annoying males who are also on the grid? Would love to hear your verbatim responses…


Just as this debate on here shows, I suspect that you’ll find some support the ban whilst others oppose it.


@ KC…How often do you converse with models?


In my best Cathy Newman voice, “So what you’re saying is, women have no place on a F1 grid…”

On a serious note, brilliant move by F1. Now we can really focus on the top shelf wheel to wheel action.

Personally I think we need more women in F1. I think every team should be required to have at least 1 female driver on the grid, and at least half the crew should be female. More female than male is ok, but males should not be a majority. End the patriarchy!!!


Do we also need more women in the coal mines, on construction sites and in sewers? They are massively underrepresented there.

Or do we just need more women in the high paying positions of power? because if that is the case, then I’m afraid creating female privilege and therefore inequality.


@ Twitch 6 you haven’t gone far enough..wimp. All LGBTQ etc etc etc must be given equal opportunity and specific numerical allocations made otherwise no entry to the F1 series.


Well at least F1 is following the times, if they can’t show outright leadership…

Grid girls are the very emblem of the objectification of women. I know few women who would defend the idea that a grid girl is a forward-looking and egalitarian concept. I suggest you try talking to a few real women to hear their opinion on the matter.


What is a ‘real’ woman? Who decides this?


The same committee of people who decide if the latest up and coming rapper is a real ***** or not. Real recognize real, yo!


I see the feminists have taught you well, Rob. I’ll see you at the next feminist rally, except I’ll be on the other side watching in dismay.

Don’t forget your “pussy hat”.


I have and they all say the same…it’s the girls choice to do whatever they decide. Show me a beautiful woman who wants to wear a burka to avoid ‘objectification’ ?


Women objectify men as much as men objectify women. It’s just nature doing its thing to propagate the species, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Its all going down the carsey. No free to air viewing for much longer, the cars sound shite, the grid girls gone, the grey haired munchkin running the circus gone, missing Muddly Walker and his commentary, but I suppose he had to hang up his microphone eventually, they will be asking us to hand over any beer we are carrying on the way into Silverstone next and examining our dress code I should think. FFS! Its all going down the carsey. Bye, bye Formula 1. Off to B&Q to buy some paint so that we can all gather round and watch it dry.


I’ve been following F1 since 1976, the Hunt vs. Lauda battle. This year, for the first time in 42 years, I’m not just totally unexcited by the start of the season I’m actually thinking that I just might not even bother.

With ESPN taking the rights, meaning that they’ll totally screw up coverage, the current regulations (how many grid penalties we can impose THIS race) , no grid girls (was anyone actually forcing them to do that job?), zero overtaking, having to drive slower than a Reliant Robin because we’re saving tyres, saving fuel, saving engine parts or all of the above and so many more “things” it just isn’t worth watching anymore.

The WEC/enduro season is going to be way more interesting!


Let me get this straight: You don’t like tire and fuel saving and you moan a lack of overtaking, but you dig WEC? Talking about double standards..
Should Formula 1 throw a few Formula 2 and 3’s on the track, so you get more overtaking and a bit more thrill from inexperienced F3 drivers crossing the lines of F1 cars? Is it just me, or am I the only one who thinks WEC is something between one and three Manufacturers with 3 cars each plus a field of backmarkers to pupulate the track with noisy rolling chicanes?


You’ve reminded me of James Hunt. Imagine what he would say about this grid girl ban if he were still alive today. I think a guy like him wouod get lynched by feminists today. The “toxic masculinity” would be too much for them.


Are you serious ? I love WEC and Le Mans, but with Porsche and Audi having pulled out, the season is not looking good for the LMP1 category…
The LMGTE Pro category is more promising as we will have more competitors with BMW entering, however many races before Le Mans often end up as an exercise of teabagging/BoP rules tuning.


re teabagging, I don’t think that word means what you think it does 😉

I got a laugh tho.


Well, it seems I learned an expression today ! Although I’m not sure I’ll be able to use it often…
Tea, sand… it’s all alike isn’t it ?


Yes I am definitely serious! F1 has become a joke. Go find some old video on YouTube, like René Arnoux vs. Gilles Villeneuve at Dijon in ’79. Real racers driving real cars with real commitment. Basically watch anything with Gilles Villeneuve. I remember him hauling that dog of a Ferrari 312 around Jacarepaguá until he just ran the tyres off it.

What purports to be F1 today is a sanitized piece of cr@p in comparison to those days.

No-one was more sad than I when Audi pulled out but the WEC show is still miles better than F1!


Go find some old video on YouTube, like René Arnoux vs. Gilles Villeneuve at Dijon in ’79.

Gosh have you actually watched a whole season from BITD? The races are boring as hell, gaos of 14 seconds to one lap between drivers have been commonplace and Dijon ’79 was an iconic and epic finish for a reason: It stood out. How many finishes like that can you remember? Mansell vs. Senna at Monaco, Arnoux vs. Villeneuve at Dijon and …? Yep, the list becomes sparse very quickly.


Way overdue. Should have done this years ago. Ridiculous sexism and relic of a bygone era. Would love to see more women in F1 but want to see them wearing overalls, holding clipboards, writing code, and running departments rather than standing around in hot pants waiting for a car to show up.


Have you actually met the women lined up outside F1, just waiting to get in…but a darn man took their job. Are these women real?

Or do you plan or creating job openings in F1, and then recruiting a bunch of nurses, doctors, or teachers who chose their occupation as a second choice because they couldn’t get into F1 engineering…because of that gosh darned ole’boys club?

While we’re balancing things out, what about garbage collectors? That’s quite an unbalanced trade, where is your cry of “we need more female garbage collectors.”

Male to female suicide rates are 3:1. If it’s not possible to lower male rates (in today’s climat, good luck), is it then fair to say we must increase female suicide to balance things out?

How many men died in WWI and WWII vs how many women died. I realize it’ll be different from country to country…but as a North American, I think I’ll sit out the next world war. I’ll stay at home, take care of the kids, make the bombs, while Susie and Jill can take one for the team this time around.

How far do you want to take this game? I can go all day.


Surely a combination of all that, including grid girls, would be a better outcome?


I think with all the money they are pumping into F1. They are cutting cost and using political correctness as the scape goat. Most teams were not happy with the loss in revenue due to investments made into F1. This allows them to cut the cost to something that did not really add much value. I think its wrong to take their jobs and justify it with being correct they had the freedom to choose that as an option. Some women cant even drive or expose more than their eyes who wish they had the freedom to choose a profession. Its all a façade If they truly cared about women they would find ways to make them continue work in F1. A board of all white men why not fire some of them to create more diversity and be more with modern times as well? I guess this is just the slow death of F1. Continue to lose hope that it will be anywhere near its former glory. I used to wish for a broader reach so that other could experience the awesomeness of F1 now I no longer have the enthusiasm for others to experience it.


The world is tying itself in knots at the moment.
F1 seems dead set on destroying itself by pandering to this weeks outrage.
The only safe option will soon be trans gender people.


Welcome to the PC top-down orchestrated bottom-up sold egalitarian 21st century rewriting of society. The transgenders you mention are the reason (read pretext) Dutch railroad changed their announcements from the civilised ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to trendy, irreverend ‘dear people’. Not even ‘dear travellers’ or ‘estimated travellers’. London Underground was even more shameless by adopting ‘hello everyone’.
The parallel with the grid girls is, no transgender ever protested – the protesting was done for them in a big campaign of public indignation. Another parallel may be that what ensued in both discussions mainly appears to be lots of arguing about male/female/sex differences. In the case of station announcements the issue should really be why we are abandoning formal and decent adressing of people. So, why do we allow good manners to slip? Should we adhere to good manners if there’s a tiny discriminatory speck hidden in them? In the case of grid girls it’s the other way around: should we retain some 70s ‘bad manners’ just for fun’s sake?
In both discussions the unequivocal new guideline is: no you should not. Soon to be replaced with: no you shall not.


Why are there no trans gender drivers? Discrimination surely.


How do you know there’s not? You don’t; you can’t.


@ KRB….possibly there are! Any ideas who might be behind the masquerade? If there were TGD then keeping that one behind a paywall would be more than difficult…


Or maybe they could have kept the half the grid girls and replaced the other half with men in bikinis. Or something similar to the thong that Borat seems to be so fond of.

Or they could have replaced the grid girls with non-binary humans.


To this day I don’t understand a single thing Sean Bratches has ever said. Do you think he and Ron Dennis would get along?


@ ASB007…Likewise. he talks a language of the few, Just a cacophony of meaningless buzz words that when analysed mean zip.


Let’s get this right. We won’t be seeing this at F1 again?

Michael Buffer flanked by cheerleaders as he makes his way onto the starting grid at the American GP.

I hope that’s a promise.


@ Jonno…that the exact same response that i posted earlier. Hopefully we’ll never see that clown again. Grid girls pale in comparison to this farce.


will they be deployed some where else or will be completely out of formula 1? If its latter, then I dont think it is right move..this was may be one of the avenue to get gig into glamorous world for some of them plus adding some what to their paycheck and contacts..


While I get the historical nature, this issue is about as important and relevant as what kind of socks the teams wear. Liberty has far larger fish to fry. To me just another sign of corporate political correctness and the gradual smoothing of the sharp edges that have made F1 what it is. Someday soon when F1 looks and behaves like NASCAR or the NFL the days of Bernie will be looked back on with rose colored glasses.


I find the idea of grid girls slightly cringe, but at least they’re not in bikinis. However, modelling is about exposure (no pun intended, I swear), and I wonder how many grid girls have landed contracts as a result of appearing in the mad marketing machine that is F1?


Let the grid girls decide!


At last! But we will only know that sexual equality has reached F1 when we have a truly competitive female on the grid.


@ Owen…not strictly true. Only when 50% of the grid are females, for gender balance to be meaningful.


We won’t because men and women are not equal. Men are stronger and faster and even though on average men and women have similar IQ the top 1 percentile is occupied almost exclusive it by men. These are scintifically demostrated facts, so I hope nobody gets offended by these facts and they won’t be censored.


@ Luke C…my wife wouldn’t agree with you!!!


I’m sure she wouldn’t. But that’s fine because I’ve got the scientific method on my side.


@ Luke C ….. so when has scientific evidence of anything ever been able to change a woman’s mind ? Convince me.


LukeC, you’re not doing science any justice with your posts.

ON AVERAGE!!!!! Key word AVERAGE, men are stronger/faster/etc than women. That’s important, because it’s not the same as your claim that “men are stronger than women”. Not ALL men are stronger than ALL women.

Because this is the case, it is possible that a non-average female, ie an extraordinary female, could compete against men in F1.

Because of the averages, the proverbial deck is stacked against a female competing against a man, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and it also doesn’t mean that effort should not be made to find/develop that extraordinary female.

To me, it’s important to a) acknowledge that fact, so you come to grips with the parameters that you’re working within, and b) let it happen naturally – that is to say, make efforts to encourage women to give it a try in hopes of finding “the one”, but don’t force it through based on the idea that “no woman will make it unless we make rules which mandate their presence.”


Yes I will concede that there are some exceptions and that men are only stronger, fastest and have more endurance than women on average.

However, it’s also true that the very top percentile of the males in any sporting endeavour are faster, stronger and more competitive than their female counterparts — almost without exception.

That’s why if you look at sports in general ie tennis, football, boxing etc. you will find that women do not directly compete with men. Nor do they want to.

Furthermore, do you know that the undisputed #1 ,Venus Williams, recently played a male player ranked 420 in the world and got beaten in straight sets? That’s the reality.

Having said all that, I do believe that its desireable that women and men should be given the same opportunities to succeed. I just don’t believe that equal outcomes should be enforced, because the equal outcomes philosophy harms both men and women.


You know that pesky science you keep quoting only really works if you use actual facts? Like Venus WIlliams is NOT the undisputed #1 and hasnt been for quite a while as far as I know, she’s currently ranked 8th

ALthough to be fair to you if what you say above did happen and even 8th she was beaten in straight sets by mens 420th rank your point sitll holds water.

However I’d want to double check your point on endurance, Ive been an ultra – endurance athlete and while elite women are as you say above always slower than elite male athletes, most of us noticed the gap narrowed the longer the race. Men still were overall faster but the gap instead of being say 12-15% dropped to 5-10%. (off a small sample size, and just quoting personal experience)


I confess, I didn’t double check my facts but the fact remains that she was #1 for many years and she played a relatively low-ranking male player and there was no contest, so the gist of what I said still holds water.


LukeC, I agree with what you’ve be said, and I am aware of the Venus Williams vs Mr 420 match (started with John Macenroe comments, no?).

That said, all the sports you’re talking about, require physical power…an area where the averages are not the same, and the peaks are not the same.

Operating a machine, however, requires different type of fitness. It’s less about strength and power, and more about endurance. If women were unable to physically control machines at the same level as men, their wouldn’t be female pilots flying fighter jets.

If anything, and this is just my personal take, the mental aspect of motoracing (the confronting danger and risk) are more likely to keep more females out of driving than the actual physical aspects of it.

Look at Danica Patrick. Do you think if she magically recieved “man strength” that shed morph into a hall of fame racer? I doubt it.


James, I’ve always thought the corridor of applauding girls after the race is far more ridiculous than grid girls. Will this still happen?


You’re right there, it was ridiculous and a bit wierd




@ james…and your personal opinion on all this?

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

Good, both are (were!) anachronisms.

When at university I lived for 2 years with 2 girls who worked this PR circuit part time, although never the British Grand Prix. Why did they do it? For the money, the pay was much much better than working a shift at Tesco. Did they like it? Nope. The number of times I listened to them to complain about the disgusting creeps they had to smile at…

The argument that this is a good employment for uneducated working class girls is nonsense. One of my friends is a dentist today, the other in PR management, they just both happened to look good in a short shirt and push-up bra when they were 20. They smiled and kept their mouths shut for the money.

F1 is better than that.


You think they wouldn’t have to smile at ugly creeps if they worked at Tesco?

Name me one occupation where people dont smile and keep their mouth shut for the money. Clearly you’ve never worked in customer service, or sales, or run your own business. You think hotel staff prance around the rooms cleaning with smiles on their faces while singing tralalalalala?

The utopia must pay you well.

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

I assume not too many women working at Tesco get a camera stuck up their skirt, or get their arse slapped, or have punters assuming that since they’re dressed like that and smiling they must be available to rent for sex so I’ll ask the rate…?

We’ve all had crappy jobs, but there’s a difference when it’s crappy because you’re getting sexually harassed. Sure you could quit, but that tuition bill isn’t going to get paid if you do.

It’s depressing how many men apparently can’t grasp this.


The corridor of applauding girls is indeed stupid… But if someone has to hold up signs or umbrellas, why not get those people via a modeling agency (and this could be a mix of men and women)? They have people that attend venues to do similar tasks. Does it mean the whole modeling agency business should be closed down?
Creepy behavior should not go without consequences, but getting rid of the girls does not get rid of the creeps; they will still be creepy elsewhere. Next we’ll be requiring women to weary fully covering outfits because men cannot behave in their presence otherwise…


Why did they do it? For the money, the pay was much much better than working a shift at Tesco. Did they like it? Nope. The number of times I listened to them to complain about the disgusting creeps they had to smile at…

If they didn’t like it, they could have stuck to their shift at Tesco. I didn’t like all of my jobs either. If you’ve got the choice, then it’s a matter of priorities. If these girls thought that this job was worth the money, then I’m fine with that. If these girls thought there wouldn’t be any creep around, I feel sorry for their naivety, but what were they thinking? I have to assume they pretty much should have known what doing the job meant. They could have bailed out, but if they didn’t like it. It’s not the industries fault, the girls valued their greed higher than their disgust. Stop treating women like children, they were old enough to decide on their own.


Probably because the modelling paid a lot more per hour than Tesco, which is a consideration when you want to earn a crust without taking too much time away from your studies.


So what’s the arguement here? That working at Tesco should pay the same as modelling? Or that modelling should be completely and utterly free of dealing with creeps, like working at Tesco?


Then if they were subjected to unwanted attention they always had the right to withdraw their labour? They chose not to…their choice.


Hmm, it’s not cut and dried like that. It’s hard as men to understand the unease that the leering would cause. Imagine some wholly unattractive women eyeing you up like a piece of meat … you’d like that? Imagine that these women were particularly clueless at reading signals, such that they continued to pester you after you gave them (what should have been) clear signs that you’re not interested? No job should entail such “workplace dangers”.


Happened to me one night KRB when I walked into a gay bar on Oxford St…..late at night many years ago and was still caught up in the festivities of the Sydney Mardi Gra!

Needless to say…well actually I won’t say any more than that.


KRB, that’s true…but do you think attractive young females who work at Tesco don’t also have to deal with the exact same thing? Should we remove attractive women from Tesco to stop this from happening?

To be clear, my arguement isnt “well it happens everywhere, so it’s ok.” Not at all. Just that removing the attractive women because they are being ogled at by SOME people (make no mistake, their women who ogle at attractive women, but in a judgemental way) is the wrong solution to the issue.


Burkas, mate, that’s what they need. For there own protection.


They might, but a cashier’s purpose is to ring through items. What’s a grid girl’s purpose? To hold a pole? The implicit purpose is to act as decoration. As such they will naturally get more of the creep treatment.

I don’t get why this is such a big deal for some. It’s not about the racing. It’s just fluff.


KRB…cashiers are as obsolete as grid girls.

We don’t NEED a person to hold the grid sign

Just like when I go to Walmart, I don’t no NEED a checkout person…I can go through the self checkout, do it myself. Hell, amazon is working on a new tech that will automatically charge your bank card as you take items off the shelf…people aren’t obsolete, period.

So, to me, grid girls are as equally useless has human cashiers, from a pure practicality standpoint.

From, I dunno, a “personal level,” I sometimes like to still go to a cashier, instead of the self checkout. Sometimes, it might be nice to see a beautiful woman hold the grid sign, instead of a weighted plastic base.

Or maybe we could have a robot hold the sign…but how human would the robot be allowed to look before it became “offensive”?


You might not need a cashier, but there is certainly a need for them still at the supermarket. There’s a business case for them, otherwise they would already be gone. It might be the older consumer segment that prefers them, and so the supermarkets are serving that particular demand.


@ KRB…you’re just making it up as you go. Total nonsense.


Whatever you say kenneth! Must say, you’re showing your age on this one. Civilization crumbling all around you, because of a grid girl ban? …. who’s talking nonsense again? 😃


I agree with you KRB.
I’m pretty amazed by how much some commentors on here seem to care to keep the grid girls when they have nothing to do with racing a car.
I find them embarrassing in a sport that I tell others is worth watching as its highly technical, skilfull and strategic, but wait oh yeah they have girls in short skirts in case you can’t understand the rest.


@ KRB…you’re still making it all up. My age has zip to do with it but your vicious little barb is noted. Whatever you say and conjure up in your fantasy…remember this. The grid girls/ladies made a choice to do what they do. It was their choice and i’ll support that anytime anywhere.


What is this “making it up” malarkey? You argue like a small child. It’s my opinion. Mine.

Pointing out that you are a product of your time is “vicious”? Nice to see you hopping on the “I’m so offended” bandwagon!

FOM also made a business choice, but you don’t support their right to. Pick ‘n’ choose where it suits you eh? Same as ever.


@ KRB…sometime comments go right over your head. Firstly why make any allusion to my age if it weren’t designed to be derogatory ? My comment was designed to highlight the silliness of you conjuring up scenes to try and validate your argument. let’s stay with the facts. Liberty cancelled out the grid girls apparently with no opportunity for the ‘girls/women/ladies being able to put their thoughts/arguments forward for consideration. This is validated by the poll that James has run here on this site. You may not like it, that is your prerogative but i will steadfastly maintain that people have the right to pursue their futures free of any political ideology that pidgeonholes them.


A whiff of gaslighting in your replies. But, even without glasses as you recommend, I can see the fallacy in your ‘facts’ – the poll does not validate whether the ‘grid girls’ were cancelled out by Liberty without any consulation. It simply asks whether we agree. For all we know they may have polled a wider segment of their market than the readership of this website, who knows.


My guess is that the age comment alludes to his interpretation of your views as a bit old fashioned, indicative of an older, more narrow minded generation. ‘Validated by the poll’ – where is the evidence that it validates that (your) your view? Perhaps it just validates that the majority of voters like eye candy? The ‘grid girls’ will just be redeployed elsewhere. It’s business. Why should Company A consult Company B’s employees when it no longer wants to buy its services.


@ MLB….Read the poll question again then apply figures again and if still unclear as to the message try Specsavers.


I comment on your age because I believe it colours your opinion here.

Conjuring up scenes? Which? Why put things out there that only amount to an inside joke with yourself?

You do not know if Liberty approached any grid girls, for their input. At any rate, since when does a business need to consult its employees when it’s considering ending their employment?

Not sure how the poll validates anything … it certainly is not a “grid girls only” poll.

The fact remain that grid girls are not about the racing.


@ KRB…who said that the grid girls are ‘about the racing’ ? You’re totally confused and out of your depth here. The debate basically is about the principle involved, especially from my perspective. As for your my age coloring my opinion….you have absolutely no idea. My opinions gell frequently with people less than half my age!!! You really need to shed your manchild persona.


Who’s a weird one?

Gel frequently with those half your age? The grandkids don’t count kenneth!! They’re just nodding and smiling, and praying that you’ll shut up sooner. 😃

Liberty have made a business call. If you’re so incensed by it, then you should vote with your feet or eyeballs. It’s a little much to expect them to shell out so you can have some grid girls to look at.


it’s not cut and dried like that.

Yet it is.

It’s hard as men to understand the unease that the leering would cause.

No it isn’t.

Imagine some wholly unattractive women eyeing you up like a piece of meat … you’d like that?

No I wouldn’t. But how is that affecting that the fact that you’re making a conscious choice?
You feel the money pays you well enough to bear this discomfort: You do the job and get the money.
You feel the money isn’t worth it: You go home and don’t get paid.
How is that different from any other job?
It’s not that these girls don’t have the choice. They’re not forced into it, they’re offered a job and they liberally take it and they may eventually walk away from it, because they see they don’t like it.

Actually just imagine to see, on live TV, a grid girl stand her ground by firing a slap into some creeps face who has just inapproriately felt her up, and to see him kicked out of the venue by security as a result. Now that would send a signal all over the world for women’s rights. Much more so than banning grid girls.


@ MOW…Good response. KRB is just fantasizing and creating evidence to support his POV. A bit silly really.


MOW just said the same things as you, just with more words.

Keith Collantine had some good comments:

Lastly, what’s your wife’s name kenneth?


@ KRB…you’re slow off the mark. Yes, i read Collantines comments…so what. james comments vis a vis the “moto GP’ discussion smacks of much the same. We all have opinions and we should be free to express them, just like we should all have the freedom to pursue what we want, when we want and where we want without the ‘left leaning, virtue signalling, thought police’ making those determination on our behalf. Especially where it entails a dodgy philosophy such as the one you are espousing.


You still have the freedom to hire your own grid girl entourage, to provide the necessary comfort whilst watching the races.


@ KRB…very weak response. Tilting at windmills now. Who said anything about comfort…talk about losing the plot!!!!


Totally agree but we sadly seem to be in the minority on this thread!


And rightfully so. Let the ladies make their own choices.


Assuming the employees were treated well and not subjected to abuse/hatrassment etc (and if they were its the perpetrators that should be thrown out)….i think its a shame.
Essential they have just made a certain role redundant….but also may lead to other organisations doing the same.

If women enjoyed this as a job then there are no winners here.

Personally i never noticed them at silverstone and certainly never really see them on tv.


Assuming the employees were treated well and not subjected to abuse/hatrassment etc (and if they were its the perpetrators that should be thrown out)….i think its a shame.
Essential they have just made a certain role redundant….but also may lead to other organisations doing the same.

If women enjoyed this as a job then there are no winners here.

Personally i never noticed them at silverstone and certainly never really see them on tv.


Did the no doubt male dominated committee that made this decision consult the Grid Girls?
Thought not.
I’m incensed to think that the hundreds of girls that no doubt volunteer for this job will be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy gainful employment on a race day.
Selfish shortsighted F1.


So are they volunteers or are they employed? Make your mind up.

(Here’s a hint – they’re employed and they aren’t going to starve because they’ve lost three days of work per year.)


Just a fine example of American know how and ‘can do’ policies to appease the followers of identity politics. It’s now called ‘virtue signalling’. hahaha What a joke these Liberty people are turning out to be.


To be replaced by grid boys….!?


We have grid boys – Monaco 2015


But only for that one race after many adverse comments from the drivers led by Vettel.


In skirts!


@ twitch 6 …hahaha as i said earlier ‘princess dresses’ as they are now OK for guys to wear. Then again how about guys in tartan pant suits and mohawks?


Boys in skirts, what would Lewis say…

(actually he should say what he wants and not be jumped on by the PC idiots and certainly not have to run an apologogetic PR exercise)


But at least 1inch below the knee and with a burkah.


Would of thought that Sean Bratches had more important things to worry about and implement than what type of female adorned garments are acceptable . Also noted that fans were once again not asked for their comments. Role on WEC, WRC, BTCC, SuperCup, NASCAR and MotoGP.


Political correctness gone mad. No glamour left in f1.


Perhaps the fact that we associate glamour with “female models hanging around” is part of the problem. Are you not able to look/be glamorous without a female model attached to you?


I get that people hate change, but this really is a step in the right direction. Make the grid and the drivers more accessible and no one will care about this decision. I was just at Daytona for the 24 hour race. The level of access you get as a “normal” fan there far exceeded what you can get in F1. I don’t think anyone gave a thought to the lack of “grid girls”. Anyone with the 4 day pass could get up close and personal with Alonso, Montoya, Castroneves, etc., get an autograph, photo, etc. That meant far more to me than some supermodel looking girl holding a signboard.


@ Dave CN…I think that you’re confused ?