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JA on F1 Guest Blog: Zak Brown – Five things I’m excited about for 2018
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Jan 2018   |  9:20 am GMT  |  76 comments

Continuing our occasional series of guest blogs from figures in the motorsport world, McLaren F1 boss Zak Brown blogs about some things going on behind the scenes in our sport.

Zak Brown writes: The start of a new year, new season is always exciting and there’s a lot going in world motorsports at the moment – so here are five areas that I’m looking out for in 2018

Formula 1 – Off track

Before Christmas Sean Bratches presented the new F1 commercial strategy to us, the teams.

There is a huge emphasis on digital, as we know, but last year was about testing things out. For this year there are products in place, like a new F1 App, OTT platforms (Over The Top/streaming) and they have brought in David Hill, one of the great TV sports innovators, to oversee the graphics package and the way the race is televised. You’ll see significant changes there on the broadcast, on the graphics and the storytelling.

Then on-event we’ll see more fan engagement, building on last year and there will be new media properties to help fans get closer to the teams. I think the big impacts of 2018 will be on the media side, showing F1 in a way that it’s never been shown before. It will give us a younger and bigger audience and they will be more engaged.

I think we will see new race announcements for 2019 and beyond – one or two new hosting venues, which excites me.

That said, the honeymoon period is over.

Chase Carey Jean Todt
Some senior team executives have been openly critical of Liberty. I prefer we’re constructive.

They’ve only really had their feet under the desk for the last six to 12 months having inherited a sport previously operated pretty uniquely. They’ve had to put infrastructure in place, learn the environment and prioritise where to invest – all at the same time. I know from my McLaren experience, I’m on top of things now, but it takes you a year minimum to get on top of things and it’s the same for them. F1 is a fast-moving, impatient and unforgiving sport but the teams can’t rely solely on Liberty and F1 to solve all the problems. Yes, there are several challenges but the key is turn these into opportunities.

There will be some big negotiations going on through 2018 with the teams on contract renewal and I predict that there will be public fireworks; we are already starting to see that. I do not think it’s going to be quiet. Will Ferrari really leave if they don’t like the new rules?

I have my opinion but we’ll see how this plays out.

Formula 1 – On Track

I think we will see more convergence; every time you have rules stability things start to close up together and I think the grid will tighten up some in 2018.

Early predictions from me would be a top five in no particular order of Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault. We saw things tighten up towards the end of last year already.

I think that the Renault team and McLaren will both drive further forward so hopefully there should be another team or two in the mix. The midfield will tighten up even further.

With Sauber getting a current Ferrari engine and more funding I think we can expect them to no longer be the team that always qualifies at the back.

World Endurance – a real opportunity to make sportscars great again

On many levels endurance racing is fantastic; GT and LMP2 have never been healthier, big grids, great racing, great manufacturer involvement. Obviously LMP1 has effectively come to an end, although great to see Toyota staying in, but looking forward they (WEC) want to land on new rules – they haven’t landed on a name yet – but the concept is the silhouette/GT1 car and I think that is of interest to a lot of manufacturers.

If they can get budgets down and people can race competitively with cars that look like the supercars of all these great companies then World Endurance Championship has a great opportunity, along with Daytona, to converge on a common set of rules, which could make endurance racing great again. And what IMSA has developed as DPi is not very far off; certainly the Daytona 24 hours paddock was pretty impressive last weekend at official practice and qualifying, with Acura, Cadillac, Mazda and Nissan all well represented.

I think it’s realistic. It’s going to take compromise by WEC and IMSA; WEC wants to be more technical, IMSA wants to be more economical. It will need some compromise but they got there with LMP2 and GTE ultimately. I hope they pull it off, because it would be a great shame not to have a common set of rules. For me sportscar racing, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Daytona, it’s about man and machine and endurance. It’s not overly technical. That’s F1. Yes, technology but not technology-led.

We’re getting ready for the Daytona 24 hours race later in January with Fernando Alonso and it’s very cool; any one of 14 cars could win this race by my reckoning. I’m super excited about the next couple of weeks.

Formula E – A new phase but beware the danger

It’s all about season five. Formula E was always about helping extend the range and performance of electric cars and in season five they are going to be able to do a race on a single battery, a single car. With that you now have some new teams coming in like Porsche and Mercedes.

As a business and as a sport Formula E is transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2 now. It’s in business, it has a full grid, plenty of sponsors including a new series title partner, ABB, so now they can evolve to the next stage of the development of this sport. So that’s exciting.

However, the one watch-out is that the manufacturers don’t turn it onto a spending arms race, as they have with other series, which led to their demise. What have we learned from manufacturers spending and spending in DTM and LMP1? We love manufacturers but we can’t have unlimited cheque-book racing. It hurts the sport. How is Formula E going to control costs?

The US racing scene

For my money, IndyCar has been for many years the most competitive high-level racing series. You don’t know who is going to win the races and the championship always goes down to fine margins on the final event. Formula 1 can learn a lot from this, even though it is an elite series. Unpredictability of racing, the possibility for fairy tales to happen like a midfield team getting a win; it’s clear that competitive balance is something to aspire to. 10 drivers could have won the Indy 500 last year.

For 2018 they have a new car which looks great and a broadcast presentation that F1 could learn from and the ratings are coming up, even if it is from a low base.

I think there are two big questions for NASCAR in 2018. How will things settle out now the Race Teams Association has a bigger and more unified voice in the sport? And how will the loss of the star power of Dale Earnhardt Jr and Danica Patrick impact things?

On the second question, we’ve been here before: NASCAR has lost big names synonymous with the sport like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr, and Jeff Gordon. But NASCAR has always been great in having strength in numbers so the next superstars are always around the corner.

This comes from their constant focus on making the driver the centre of attention – playing up their characters and rivalries; F1 can learn something from that. Except Formula 1 is about both the cars and the stars – so getting that balance right is the key.

Anyway those are the things I’m watching out for in 2018. Hope you enjoy the season.

What do you think of the things that Zak has picked out here? What are you looking forward to in 2018? Leave your comments in the section below

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Here’s what I’m hoping for.
Cut the crap. Give us light nimble cars.
Sort out ridiculous 3 engines per season nonsense.
Simplify front wing.


Not sure any of that is in Zak Brown’s power….


Nice piece. It’s great to get a perspective beyond F1 and Zak is a ‘racer’ through and through (in the sense Frank Williams uses the word). It’s going to be interesting to see McLaren’s culture evolve over the next few years, with the kind of clinical, obsessive passion instilled by Ron Dennis potentially subsiding and something more emotional emerging in combination with it.

The sportscar scene looks interesting. The demise of LMP1 is sad, but you have to acknowledge that despite some great battles it never really broke out of its traditional and rather small audience of true enthusiasts. I think Zak is right that something a bit cheaper and with a more obvious manufacturer connection is needed. I’ve been really impressed with the IMSA series, so it would be great if they could hook up.

Formula E, I think, is over the hump, now. The first few years were always going to be the trickiest, with the cars relatively slow and the awkwardness of changing cars midway. Now the cars can do an entire race, they’re only going to get faster. The series has found an audience and I think it will go from strength to strength, though it will be interesting to see whether they can sustain the crowd numbers they’ve managed up to now.

Across the pond, I think NASCAR will be just fine. I don’t think there’s a series that has a better handle on what it needs to be, though I think they could try a little harder to break out of their traditional audience. It’s an important year for Indycar, though, but hopefully their new, more attractive car will help capitalise on the increased interest Alonso brought to the series last year.


if they can make the product a little bit better they should be okay. the passing/following issue needs to be addressed before anything else. that alone would improve the product on the track immensely. as for formula e, why even bother? tried watching it a couple of times and all i kept seeing in my head was cartoon figures racing around a track on electric drills because of the sounds. i understand people saying it is the future, but that does not mean they have to ruin F1 in the process. make F1 what it should be again, the pinnacle of racing with great power and difficult cars to drive. keep the cordless drills driving in FE.


As member of the American audience, I am skeptical about F1 in 2018. Mostly because I fear the 3 engine quota is going to have a very large influence on the championship next year. In addition, Sean Bratches once said he wanted each F1 race to be a mini Superbowl experience! Well Sean, that requires TV localization and immersion. Moving F1 to a generic ESPN broadcast with no Americanization (no studio and trackside crew) will hurt not grow F1 in America. I doubt adding more global digital content without local broadcast context will help make F1 more relevant and popular in the US. I hope I am wrong, but I suspect ESPN will see a decline in audience in 2018 compared to NBC Sports Network even with the help of the vaunted SkySportsF1 team.


ESPN is in a death spiral having lost 13 million subscribers in a matter of years…..sounds like the perfect broadcast partner for another dead man walking F1 which is also in a death spiral. #nohalo


Well spoken and a good summary from Mr. Brown. The key observation above, methinks: “. . .their constant focus on making the driver the centre of attention – playing up their characters and rivalries; F1 can learn something from that.”

He continues with a qualification: “. . .getting that balance right is the key.” A most significant observation to this observer. And @LukeC’s comments above add substance to that perspective.


Perhaps Mr. Brown can read this quote of his to himself, while looking into a mirror?

However, the one watch-out is that the manufacturers don’t turn it (Formula E) onto a spending arms race, as they have with other series, which led to their demise. What have we learned from manufacturers spending and spending in DTM and LMP1? We love manufacturers but we can’t have unlimited cheque-book racing. It hurts the sport. How is Formula E going to control costs?


That Zak is a very excited guy. Only a season ago the Grim Reaper was sitting on a Honda engine.
Toro Rosso now has the Reaper.
McLaren and Zak feel cleansed and he is being diplomatic regarding the Renault Team.
McLaren Renault will be way ahead of the Renault Team.
It’s all smelling of Roses for McLaren…But they have to remember the Renault engine 3 allocation for the season, is over reaching its reliability. I’d say at least 5 engines for the season is A Sure Thing (1980s movie).
Alonso doing the 24 hr LeMan or the Daytona though fantastic surely impedes his chances of a title run.
Red Bull Renaults final engine partenership must be preparing for a tight fight with McLaren Renault.
While the big boys Mercedes and Ferrari have their own battle.


Here are the 5 things I am excited about in 2018:
1. Trolley engine
2. Halo
3. Scream of the Trolley engine
4. 90 place grid penalties
5. Did I say Halo..?

It is going to be the best year in the history of F1


Yep these are the things I’m looking forward to as well!!! /sarc #nohalo


Time to dust off the old sarcasm detector 😉


Is this the detector you’re looking for?


Not quite, but nice one nonetheless Sebee 🙂


More great, honest insight from Zak Brown. Thank you for your candor. I hope he is right about the grid closing up with rules stability, however I fear the very stupid 3 PU limit is going to have a serious impact on the racing this season. I understand the OTT effort, but I fear it as well. I just hope F1 remembers not all of us have access to 50Mbps internet speeds. And is there a reason why we are a little more than 2 months away from Australia and we in the US have ZERO idea what F1 coverage will look like? Aside from it will be on ESPN (which is not a good change from the previous excellent coverage on NBCSN (Diffey, Matchett, Hobbs, & of course Buxton).


being from the US also i get what you are saying about espn. especially when you consider they never even give race results when they have their sporstcenter shows. the only races they ever give results for is monaco and the US GP. why should we fans think they will have good coverage. having watched F1 back in the 80’s on espn, a lot has changed in bristol CT since then.


With the exception of Diffey and the difficulty of being able to even find which of the several NBC channels they were switching among on any given weekend, the commenting from Hobbs and Machett was excellent and made the day – the 2 or 3 events Varsha sat in for Diffey were outstanding. Buxton was able to get the on-site information and make it relevant.

Am hoping that ESPN will measure up. Their F-1 blog seems, for the most part, to be fair and on top of the happenings.


car performance converging ? tell him he’s dreaming.


Well you would know!


Am I reading too much into it or is this full of coded messages?
Will Ferrari leave/ I have an opinion/ manufacturers are not slways good for the sport
Top racing can survive without the current superstars if new talent is around the corner/ Alonso is trying out other series with oursupport.
Great reading


Ferrari threatening to leave has been their opening gambit in every negotiation with F1 for about 40 years. At this point the thing I epxect least when they say it is for anyone to call their bluff.


Anyone know what this means for the UK market in terms of OTT? Many of us are unwilling to pay for Sky which goes exclusive from 2019. I believe I read somewhere that they wont be providing OTT to the UK as it would impact the deal they have with Sky?


Use the Now TV service and pay per race, +/- £10 per weekend. not paying does ask the questions about how much fans love the sport if you wont watch a race for the price of a cinema ticket…

Now thats an idea, live races at the cinema….


Yes, but if people aren’t prepared to watch F1 for the price of a cinema ticket (and there are many, including myself) then F1 has a real problem. It doesn’t matter what your definition of a true ‘fan’ is if the viewing numbers aren’t there. And can you really blame a market who has always enjoyed at least some free to air coverage from turning its back on the sport?


Now thats an idea, live races at the cinema….

They used to broadcast F1 races at the Vue Cinema a while back. I think it was around 2007/8 if I recall correctly. Unfortunately by the time I found out about it, they’d stopped running them.


This was my biggest concern for us in the UK. He says they’ll reach ‘a bigger and younger audience who will be more engaged’ – how’s that going to happen when they can’t watch it because it’s hidden behind a paywall? The Sky deal creates so many problems for this market surely the best thing would be to tear up the contract Bernie signed and start afresh?


That’s right.
But Channel 4 are assessing getting the one hour highlights prog off Sky. Which probably won’t happen as sky are so far up themselves they need an industrial drilling machine and then manually extract their own heads from their rears, before they offer anything.
Bernie and his dodgy deals.
F1 will be an obscure sport by 2021 in UK.
I’d rather not give anything to Sky so probably just read the race report on JAF1.
Moto GP and WRC in 2019 and SBK.
Unless F1 use their own platform to show the races Murdoch can do one !!


I was in Lisbon/Cascais/Estoril over the New Year (see video above), and while watching one of the open days at Estoril where the rich and prosperous of Lisbon thrashed their Lambo’s and Merc’s around the twists and turns of the splendid 2.7 mile circuit, thought “Why isn’t Formula 1 here or at Imola and Brands Hatch anymore?” Why indeed?

Swapping Estoril, Imola and Brands Hatch for Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai? Isn’t it time to admit Mr E’s Obama esque “pivot to Asia” was unmitigated disaster? Of course, Mr E used to say Formula 1 is a World Championship series that is not solely confined to European shores, but there has to be a reasonable compromise, no?


The Bahrain International Circuit is one of the best modern-ish circuits in F1, though. Furthermore, Imola never really was an overtaking-friendly nor close-racing friendly circuit when it was in F1.


The Bahrain International Circuit is one of the best modern-ish circuits, though. Furthermore, Imola was never really an overtaking-friendly nor close-racing friendly circuit most of the time.


@ Jerejj…You’re sure that you are not related to Janjjajajjja ?


Replying to your response Kenneth.

Though the lag between posts received and then appearing seem to be on “Narnia Timing” dependent on on whether the wardrobe door has been left open.🤔

That is unusual regarding the one star⭐
appearing instantly on some posts.

Perhaps you have opened a conspiracy can of Agent Provocateurs 🕵️‍♀️ amongst the old guard (pre Motorsport merger).
Keep the sleuthing 🔍going Kenneth ✊.


Is it the double Jays 🔍🙄that are prompting you to activate your deductive powers Kenneth 🤔?


@ BK Flamer…..hahaahah If only! It sometimes intrigues me that, as a daily participant on this site, that some names appear…with star/s when they haven’t appeared before, without any? Yes the ‘JJJJ’s ‘ were trigger as well. No response as yet…let’s see what happens, if anything.


Was waiting for someone to mention Sky being owned by the Murdochs’ when in fact Sky is being sold to Disney.

MotoGP used to be on Eurosport and BBC. Unfortunately that has also gone behind a paywall with BT.

Everyone complained that SKY had a majority with the football rights, now BT is has half the games everyone has to pay for two subscriptions…..


I was waiting for someone to reply to The Sky Question to which James has explained.
But RobertS you are incorrect regarding moto gp… BT sports may have the main events but a highlight package is on ITV.
of Moto GP and moto2 and moto3.
Also highlights of WRC on one of the terrestrial channels including SBK and WEC.
That’s different from Sky holding F1 by its dingle berries.


My apologies I see James has explained.

I’m aware of the highlights package on itv. I found it rubbish, it was on late at night or the next day (usually a Monday evening) and the actual highlights were so short and chopped it made watching it pointless as it struggled to give a story line of the race. That’s just my opinion though.


Remember SKY is now going to be owned by Disney, not Murdoch.


@ James…Does that mean then having two American entertainment giants at the helm that we are going to see further ‘Mickey Mouse-isation’ of F1?


Mickey Mouse isn’t exactly central to Disney’s global offering – or its success / today

So it’s a bit of an old concept


@ James…yes you’re quite correct but you well know what the ‘inference’ was, plastic gimmickry ala COTA.


Bernie still intends to freeze himself like Walt did though!


Walt Disney was cremated 2 days after he died of lung cancer. Yes, the Disney studio enquired Cryonics Society of California’s president about the cryogenic process, their facilities, experience etc before Walt died. But Walt himself never signed up for it, it was not listed in his will and his family did not believe in it. It was on tv when that president exclaimed that Walt wanted to have been frozen, that the myth started. But he also during same interview on tv expressed that Walt was not frozen and that their first person to be frozen came in like 2-3 weeks after Walt had died. And per the medical records then that first person to be frozen was James Bedford on 12 Jan 1967. Walt was cremated and laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, buried same place as his wife, daughter and son-in-law.


With the monopolising monster soon no longer being in charge, there may just be some light at the end of the dark tunnels he and Bernie created for this and other sport in more than Britain alone.


Some light at the end of the tunnel implies that Ecclestone and Murdoch eat a lot of Bran for breakfast these days.


That I did not know. Disney seems to own everything these days. Maybe Liberty should just sell to them.

Pay TV is crazy when you pay for cable anyhow unless that market is very small.

If you pay for sky and get more than just F1 from them like no commercials fine but to pay twice?

You can watch any NBA game you want if you want to pay extra but there is one on somewhere every night.

If F1 wants to get somewhere media wise they should look at them. BTW Their best players get a lot of money.

The thing with F1 tho is there is no where as many races as NBA games. Many in the UK must like F1 so they should get them all with commercials. In the US it’s like that but there aren’t enough that watch it to even have one channel without commercials.

You do get them tho but I don’t get IMSA or some of the other series over here.


Oh goodie! Does that means the opening F1 theme will now be changed to some over-pronounced and exaggerated singer trying too hard to shriek at the top of their voices to a badly penned song with painfully bad and overbearing lyrics that has a pointless but moralistic story to it? How about let it blow? Or, Hes a Ch(tr)amp?? Any more??


#ubique. Let it go


@ Jon….Wrong, it’s called ‘Let it Be’ Beatles.


Right. And if memory serves me correctly, Disney also owns ABC and ESPN. And ESPN now has the U.S. contract for F1…

It’s routine for ESPN to broadcast some content on ABC (i.e., free to air). While the structure in the U.K. would obviously be different, I suspect that Sky and ESPN’s U.K. arm may work out something with Channel 4 to get at least some races (the British and French GPs being the obvious candidates) FTA.


The way things are going James pretty soon *everything* is going to be owned by Disney, and that’s not necessarily a good thing 😐


Yeah, though I may be able to pick up F1 packed lunch boxes, for the kids and and F1 Lewis Ham plush soft toy for the dog to chew on 😉


Then F1’s television future hinges on Disney’s level of interest. In the last decade Disney spents billions building a videogame publishing empire, then they abruptly threw the whole thing out the window. The reason they did it had nothing to do with finances, Disney simply decided that they didn’t want to ‘do’ videogames after all. If they make that kind of decision about F1 and/or sports broadcasting in general there is going to be a huge hole in F1’s TV coverage.


Great…here come the mouse ears on the halos!

Disney is now going into their own streaming service to try and take on Netflix. They could add F1 to that service perhaps.

And now with basically closed F1 cockpits, perhaps Lightening McQueen could “put on some shorts” by ripping off his fenders, and put a thong over his head to take on the whole F1 grid in Cars 4: The Haloing?


Having the choice between the two, I would then prefer F1 to go with Nintendo and get Mario Kart racing-style instead! ;o)
Drivers could then pass certain points to get power-ups like mushrooms for speed boost, Koopa Shells to be thrown at opponents, and of course the all time favorite the banana peels that can be laid on the tarmac as hazards. The type of weapon received from an item box will be random, though sometimes influenced by the player’s current position in the race. E.g. drivers further behind the race leader receive more powerful items while the leader will only receive small defensive items. This race mechanism allows other drivers a realistic chance to catch up to the leading driver. Mercedes might still have the most dominant car but at least it will be more entertaining to watch. And entertainment is what Liberty Media and Disney are all about.




@ Sebee…I’m surprised that you didn’t get a rap for using ‘somewhat outdated analogies’ vis a vis the ‘mouse ears’. Micky Mouse is still rated as Disney’s most popular character despite being ‘somewhat dated’.


Ouch kenneth. I’m “only” 40!


Find a DNS service to make it look like you’re in the USA.


I thought about doing that for the UK since the BBC wouldn’t let me access everything on the UK site.

Yes you could do that or get a hacked Amazon box that lets you get everything for free. Not exactly right to steal but……


No OTT in UK for now, indeed due to contract with Sky. Germany, Netherlands, France, US to name a few will have it from the start of season. For clarity, this is a contract negotiated by Bernie as one of his last acts (to F*** Liberty) and runs till 2024, demonstrating his total and utter lack of interest in what was good for fans or even understanding of how the world now works.


Yeah I’m pretty sure Liberty didn’t do that. Bernie was ahead of his time thinking TV would mean lots of $$ for F1 but far behind as to the internet.

In fact it probably wouldn’t be that hard for people to just watch US broadcasting in the UK.

Just look what has happened to the music industry when they got too greedy.


Yep, I agree the Sky bashing is looking at the wrong people.

Bernie sold the rights to the highest bidder after the BBC wanted to withdraw (so they could make more period dramas, and pay presenters ridiculous salaries it seems).

Sky won the rights, they pumped money into coverage, they’ve done a good job. They’re a business and need to make money, so it costs. No idea what Disney will be like, but they certainly aren’t going to reduce the cost to subscribers.

The issue was Bernie selling to pay for view, and not covering free to air in the long term. He sold F1 in the UK (and other countries) down the river, and fans and teams are suffering. We’ll have to wait for Liberty to ride out the Sky contract and develop the OTT streaming in the meantime to replace traditional broadcasters (or buy out the Sky contract if OTT looks like being successful). OTT will become the norm unless another format takes over. The biggest issue they’ll have is getting new and younger fans to follow F1 for the future to attract them into OTT.

I to believe there are ways to view OTT from other countries…

A very short summary of why Bernie (or more likely CVC demanding instant returns), and Jean Todt (lack of intervention and wrong PU direction) screwed F1. Liberty have a massive long term job on their hands. Content sharing, new regulations, and sprucing things up all seem to be in progress despite some people’s impatience (it’s been rushed before and screwed up, so why repeat previous haste?).


If there is one thing Bernie understood it was how the world works. That’s how he’s waltzed off with more money than King Solomon and everyone else gets to clean up the mess.


While we’re (sort of) on the subject of Disney:

Once there was a little old man named Bernie and he lived happily ever after.

The end.


Fernando Alonso competing at Le Mans one weekend and then at Paul Ricard the next – that’s my summer holiday plans sorted! And who knows, possibly, for the first time since 2013 he could be in a competitive package. He might even shave off his beard for a bet if he wins a race or gets a podium………….

I’ve just returned from a New Years break from……………………actually, I’ll let Gerhard “Cheese” Berger show you, despite jumping the red lights……The granite Sintra mountains, long fast neck sapping nip and tuck loopers, pit straight that runs parallel to the mighty Atlantic and the ancestral homeland of Senna, Piquet and Rubhino are clues (PS Turn up the sound and enjoy).



I thought you were sure that Alonso wasn’t going to win unless he shaved his beard. 🙂 . This might be a bad Catch-22


I think he has a point about the US racing scene. Indycar in particular have a very good product now with a car that looks very sexy. Combine this with the fact that there is a very good BoP and an aero kit that allows the cars to race closely even at 370 plus on the superspeedways and you have a recipe for questioning where all the money is going in F1.


One thing I hope for, perhaps in vain, but Zak Brown’s comments give me some hope, is a return to a more ecumenical approach to motor racing. It’s clear that Zak’s interests aren’t limited solely to F1. He follows and appreciates several forms of the sport, taking note of things F1 might benefit from in those series and vice versa. Certainly he is ideally placed, and indeed the post-Ron Dennis McLaren as well, to encourage that kind of thing.

I would love to see a new Race of Two Worlds or four-wheeled version of the Trans-Atlantic Match Races between top Indycar teams and the F1 brigade. Put them on the Daytona 24hr course (after all, even Formula Fords race there); set the feature race at 250 miles. Single car qualifying for the front row, with the rest of the grid decided by a pair of 25 mile heats. Entry for the top 5 teams in each series.

Get the France Family onboard to schedule it circa the annual Roar Before The 24 and have ESPN show it.

Pipe dream maybe; Zak, if you’re reading this, give it some thought.


@ Rudy….Many years ago i suggested that it woud be great to see a ‘Continental Challenge’ consisting of one tight and twisty circuit like Monaco, one like Silverstone and one banked circuit like Indy. Each side would have ten cars each giving us a grid of the top twenty, from both series. Now that is something that i would dearly love to see.


@ Kenneth
Totally with you on that one👍 what a spectacle that would be!


Nice idea, but wouldn’t be much of a race would it? The Indycars would get annihilated.


Nothing about they would be in there normal cars. Everyone should have the same cars. That would be great!


James, that appears to be what Kenny was suggesting. Using the same cars would be better, but would probably have to be f2 cars in order to remove a familiarity advantage for either side. It would be great to see, but problems would include the cost, the teams not releasing drivers, and the lack of time available to modern drivers.


That’s what the Race of Champions should be.

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