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Vettel beats Bottas to Brazilian F1 GP victory as Hamilton recovers to fourth
Posted By:   |  12 Nov 2017   |  6:34 pm GMT  |  798 comments

Sebastian Vettel took his fifth Formula 1 victory of 2017 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, finishing ahead of polesitter Valtteri Bottas having taken the lead on the opening corner.

Vettel produced a well-managed race to put second in the World Drivers’ Championship almost out of Bottas’ reach, the German now holding a 22-point advantage over his rival.

The race was boosted by a pair of thrilling recovery drives from Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo, with Hamilton working his way from a pit lane start to fourth, battling with Kimi Raikkonen for third in the dying stages of the race. Hamilton had crashed in qualifying, but made up for it with a thrilling race on Sunday.

Ricciardo, who had to take another engine penalty, managed to come home behind his team mate in 6th place after starting 14th on the grid.

Race won at the start
Off the line, Vettel dived down the inside of Bottas at the first corner, emerging from the Senna S in control of the race. Although the Ferrari driver tried to build a gap, Bottas hit back with a number of quick laps to close the gap to within two seconds.

“The start, initially I had a very good launch and thought ‘I’ve got this’ then I was maybe a bit too greedy with the throttle, spinning up the wheel a little bit and losing a bit of the momentum on Valtteri,” said Vettel.

“But then I looked over and saw that he was still struggling and then I sort of gained a little bit again on the second phase, which was just enough to give me momentum to hang in there into the first corner. Yeah, I knew I had to go for it.”

Bottas and Mercedes then tried to wrestle back control of the race by pitting before Vettel at the end of lap 27 for soft tyres, attempting to snatch the undercut – and the lead. It was a long shot, as the undercut margin was very small here this weekend with these tyres. A car needed to be within 0.7s as it peeled off to the pitlane to make it work

Ferrari knew this and brought Vettel in on the following lap to cover the move and he returned to the track marginally ahead of Bottas. Although the Mercedes driver attempted to take advantage of Vettel’s cold soft tyres, the German held on and ultimately maintained a gap of over two seconds to put victory beyond Bottas’ reach.

An incident-packed first lap triggered the safety car almost immediately; for a collision between Stoffel Vandoorne and Kevin Magnussen’s Haas, which pitched Daniel Ricciardo into a spin. Vandoorne and Magnussen retired on the spot, but Ricciardo was able to keep going.

Moments later, a collision that spelled the end of Esteban Ocon’s 27-GP finishing streak (in fact his first retirement since 2014). The Force India driver was collected by an oversteering Romain Grosjean at Ferradura corner – Grosjean receiving a 10-second time penalty and points on his licence for his part in the incident.

Hamilton on the attack with fresh engine
Having started from the pitlane with a new spec power unit that he could run at an aggressive regime for more of the race than his rivals, Hamilton took advantage of the early incidents in front to line up in 14th as the safety car hit the track, before making short work of the field in front to ease into the top five within the first 20 laps.

Rising to the lead of the race after the cars in front of him pitted, Hamilton stayed out until lap 43 before switching to a set of super-soft tyres to drop back down to fifth, 11.5s behind Max Verstappen. Hamilton was clocked at 347km/h with DRS and tow along the straight into Turn 1, at times up to 25km/h faster than the cars he was passing.

Vettel returned to the lead, boasting a steady 2.6s advantage over Bottas. Hamilton, meanwhile, ignited his bid for a podium by rapidly catching Verstappen, breezing past the Red Bull on lap 60 before going after Raikkonen.

Attempting to launch an attack on the Finn at the start of lap 67, Hamilton snatched the brakes and locked up – Raikkonen proving characteristically unflappable in his defence of third place – and had to be content with fourth position. “I wasn’t worried,” remarked Raikkonen after the race.

Verstappen finished fifth, setting a blistering new lap record in the process – a 1m11.044s after stopping for fresh tyres. This beat Juan Pablo Montoya’s Interlagos lap record from 2004 by over 0.4s.

From 14th on the grid, Ricciardo managed to carve his way into sixth position, while Felipe Massa won out in a thrilling fight for seventh with Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez in the latter stages of the race.

It was an emotional home race for Massa, who spent the majority of the race duelling with former Ferrari team-mate Alonso, joining countryman Rubens Barrichello on the podium after the race to address the Brazilian crowd.

Nico Hulkenberg beat Renault team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr. for the final point, ahead of Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly who recorded his best finish in F1 with 12th.

Marcus Ericsson beat Sauber team-mate Pascal Wehrlein to 13th, as Sauber pushed back the announcement of their drivers for next season to at least  Abu Dhabi.

After his collision with Ocon, Romain Grosjean kept running in 15th, ahead of Stroll who suffered from a delaminating tyre after a heavy late lock-up.

Result – Brazilian GP 2017, Interlagos, 71 Laps

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Only 9 places? It wasn’t so much the places but the time. That was impressive.


It was an emotional home race for Massa, who spent the majority of the race duelling with former Ferrari team-mate Alonso, joining countryman Rubens Barrichello on the podium after the race to address the Brazilian crowd.

It’s a shame that Williams have not signed Massa for next year prior to this race.
Massa is significantly faster and more reliable than Lance Stroll and if there is one driver who needs to be replaced by Wehrlein, Kubica or someone else, it’s Stroll.
Stroll has had the best preparation of any newcomer in quite a while and still all he managed was one good race and one race where he had more luck than speed (and was beaten from the last corner to the finish line like an amateur).
Villeneuve is completely right in criticizing Stroll and Williams are acting like they need Stroll’s money more than they need good results.


Though both Massa and Kubica are among the most sympathetic drivers you can find, both of them are unfortunately just 2nd grade driver material at this late (long past due date) time of their careers. Williams need better than them to move up the grid. A shame really if they don’t, as the car is up to it !


Another reason to change the distribution of money to the teams in F1, allowing the results to be the greatest incentive for any team in getting the best driver they can get their hands on.
It would also mean that team that deliver great results with less money (see Force India’s run in 2017) would have a greater chance to get to the top of the grid, fighting for championship in the following year.


Does anyone know how Grosjean is still in F1?


Some ‘men’ likes his moaning?


Radio entertainment…


It was certainly entertaining when his TP told him to shut up.



Merc set Lewis’ car up for race trim after rebuilding it and then starting from the pit lane.

We have seen a couple of examples of this in the past. One that springs to mind is Vettel starting from the pitlane about 3 years ago and carving through the field and ending up 3rd or 4th I think. His car was set for race trim.

A car driven in race trim is obviously faster than a car set up for qualifying trim which is just used “just once”.

So why don’t more teams/drivers set up for race trim during qualifying? Yes they will start lower down the grid than they might normally do, but will have a much faster car.


Put it this way – do you think Hamilton would have finished higher than fourth if he’s started on pole?


Because it’s a compromise and you always favour grid position

There is a lot of risk in coming through getting held up or worse taken out


James – a related point. There have been lots of posts recently about “setting the cars up for the race as opposed to qualifying”, almost always to justify a driver being out qualified by their teammate. How possible/likely is this? Could one of your engineer insiders give us the scoop?


I was a BIG fan of VB coming to Merc. I had very high expectations for him getting into the best car on the grid. I am getting the feeling what ever that “IT” factor is, he may not have it. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good, quick driver. But drives like yesterday and Mexico in those circumstances are underwhelming at best. For LH and MB, he is probably the best driver they can put in that seat to help LH win WDCs.


Neo, VB came to a team thinking he could be WDC, it wasnt long before he realized he was a number 2, even in Brazil, Ham started last and still got the better strategy, even though he IS wdc.
Ham could have backed up Seb to give VB a shot for a win but…….
The WDC and WCC are both already won, hopefully VB knows better next year.


Best radio message during the race:
Lance Stroll: “There’s something on my tyre!??”


And it wasn’t daddies wallet😱😱😄


The only overtake Lewis had to execute on merit was Kimi…..and he couldn’t. Well recovered nonetheless.


Vettle was good but not great, he was flat out and could not really gap bottas who really is average tbh when you see the other benz with lewis flying

Shame lewis crashed as no way would he have been caught from the front


Was an entertaining race to say the least. Wasn’t surprised Bottas lost out to Vettel but he kept him honest the whole race. If the pit stop was slower for Vettel by 0.5sec Bottas would have gotten the undercut. Ham did great through the pack but I think they should have pitted him on lap 40 and given him the super soft. I know the moment he pitted that late he was gonna run out of laps to get the top but hey…woulda shoulda coulda and ifs. Was rooting for Massa to keep Alonso behind and he did. Entertaining till the end.


A sincere request from an English F1 viewer James. Can you put in a word to sky sports that they don’t only represent British F1 fans… It’s really insulting to see them commentating as if everyone supports British teams and British drivers…


as if everyone supports British teams and British drivers…

I’m not having a dig, but do you really believe that Sky don’t know that ? They will, I can assure you, be very well aware of their audience make up. Whatever they do someone will get the hump – so given that they cannot please everyone all the time, they just try and please the majority.


@ C63…they could for starters get rid of Crofty/Hill and that annoying Herbert gggrrrrrr. Those three are so blatantly cringeworthy that it is embarrassing to watch especially whenever Herbert gets to chat to Wolff. Only a deep sense of propriety prevents me from saying more.


they could for starters get rid of Crofty/Hill and that annoying Herbert gggrrrrrr

Get rid of Crofty and Herbert (not Hill, I like him) – you wouldn’t find me complaining. But I would wager that for as many people like us that don’t like them there are 10 that do. You cannot please everyone all the time so they just try and please as many as they can.


Yep, we are all different, as Hill would be first thrown off my commentary bus. Like DIR on the team, so selfishly hope that he doesn’t get the Williams drive.


I don’t mind Paul D but he’s not a patch on Ant Davidson (unfortunately he is away on driving duties most of the time). I also like Karun Chandhok on C4 (don’t know if you get to see that channel).


@ C63…Many years ago i followed and supported Hill when he drove for Williams. When he re appeared as a TV pundit i quickly recognised his slavish and sometimes downright supplication to all things Hamilton. Sometimes it is just so cringeworthy that it induces a feeling of imminent regurgitation. He is incapable of delivering anything other that a seriously flawed, non objective, comment. Surely he’s not indispensable.


followed and supported Hill when he drove for Williams

I’m pretty much the exact opposite – I didn’t really care for Hill as a driver as I always thought he was a bit of a wuss. I can still remember how easily he let Senna past in Brazil after the SC went in and the disappointment I felt. But as a pundit I reckon he’s pretty good. As I said before – this is exactly the problem broadcasters have trying to please everyone.


@ C63…We do agree here as i also thought he was a ‘wuss’ but he was the face of Williams and i was supporting them as a team ATPIT.


It is. We get their broadcast in Asia too now. When Hamilton crashed in qualifying you could feel Crofty clutching his belly in pregnant pause.. ohhh the humanity.


He he he, you are posting from Asia? ‘Kingsley Onwucheka’? Remember trying to get this name past me on YouTube?Remember using one of your aliases hear
‘ Hello ‘, to make reference to your inability to hoodwink me on YouTube? You know that I know that you are
‘ cheesypoof ‘and also the poster who calls himself
‘ Hello ‘ for instance😊😊.


Cheesypoof, I doubt any commentary team would satisfy your desire for zero positive remarks about Lewis, and 100% blame given to him for any incident he is involved in.


There you go again Tim…taking it to the “Nth”!


Lkfe, having read Cheesypoof’s unendingly negative comments surrounding Lewis, I think it is a fair point. Have you ever read him say anything positive about Hamilton?


He dosent need to say anything positive about Hamilton, you and Aveli have that covered.


The moment Seb blew it. One of those immortal moments in F1 history.


The moment Max realized he lost the place so lets knock that Kimi pest out of the way, how dare he out drag me


@ LKFE….. You’re a sucker for punishment hahaha. Keep up the good work.


@ james…a very small point but one that looms large in my ambit. You place very little credit for DR’s stonking drive by downplaying his achievement. Yes, technically he drove from 14th to 6th…but you neglect to say that after lap one he was DEAD last, 17th! Why not give him at least the same space as Hamilton? Ricciardo did that with a car that was massively deficient in comparison to Hamilton’s Mercedes which was one upgrade ahead of all other Mercedes engines on the grid? Im not saying that Hamilton didn’t deserve a ‘mention in despatches’ but Ricciardo drove a more difficult race at the end of the day in a seriously deficient car.


If it were the other way around a mob of Hamfosi would be hammering away on their keyboards at James.


And if Lewis had been involved in that first corner incident, you would have been banging that keyboard to blame him for it…..


Agree Ken, JA possibly saving superlatives and column inches for when Danny spanks the local hero in the same car!


I want to see them in the same car to avail us of a reasonable comparison of the current field. With RIC having already been paired with VET and MAX, he is the only driver that can be used as a benchmark.


I very much doubt that there will be a response but at least someone, one at least, has seen and acknowledged the same thing as i have.

Tornillo Amarillo

Vettel lost the WDC, Bottas lost the race, and the real winner is… Kimi, who beat Hamilton. Kimi is not politic, not doing noise, don’t mind anything, not young, not a prodigy like Max, and still he is on the podium.


this new power unit… the limit of oil is 0.9L, the older one was 1.2L…
do you think Merc have more efficiency with this PU… since your report of 25km/h faster then other cars…
Abu dhabi should get the picture more clear..but i think with the oil limitation…merc is more or less equal to the ferrari Pu…hamilton on supersofts was lapping .200-300 better then kimi in softs..kimi was in the 12.5xxx…in the final stages…with a slower tire and worse tire life…


Fantastic send off for Felipe!!
Holding off his old teammate down the final straight would have been special for him and his fans.
Good form from Nando to be waiting for him applauding as he entered the pit lane, and a fantastic touch having Rubens and Nando up on the podium with him at the end, and getting his bubba in the team radio at the end even had Crofty choking up…

A true moment to remember!

Well done F1!
(I haven’t said that for a while!)


Awww!! How graceful of Mercs to allow Ferrari to win a race. Probably Chase told them that viewership is down to hundreds of thousands from millions already and his investment looks like a dud every passing day.
So next year teams can run Only 3 engines, so no chance for any team to catch the Mercs. Get out of F1 Marchionne, this is the right time. Rules are completely rigged in favour of MMC.
Also keep an eye on the British spy James Allen to come up with some insider news now that Ferrari has won a race.


Rules rigged in favour of MMC.?.. please… It is Ferrari that have the veto vote and it is they that agreed to these engine rules. It is Ferrari that had the $100m head start and it is them that has failed to control how spark plugs are tested. As Bernie said in 2008 “ don’t expect to win the championship if you throw it away by driving away from the pits with the fuel hose still connected”


Pointless qualifying really. Today showed that the top three teams and Merc in particular, are miles ahead of everyone else. It’s a 6 car race…


What I seen this weekend was the prelude to what we can expect to see from Merc in 2018. Their car was absolutely mind blowing in the hands of Hamilton. I don’t think he even got to it’s limits as the tyres were buggered well before the end. Bottas not so much he just did not fire during the race or was his setup that different?
Verstappen after an OK start was no match for the top three except for his one lap dash on new tyres he went backwards. If Ricciardo had not been hit at the start he could have finished in front of his team mate.
Again Alonso shows his class as a driver.


Hamilton did have a different setup. All the rest were set for qualifying but since he didn’t turn a lap Mercedes could change it to suit the track temp better.


Max wouldn’t have made the last pitstop, so I doubt it. The RB was crazy slow today btw due to tuned down engines and probs the track layout.


Hamilton DOTD? It’s a power hungry track with a long straight going uphill all the way. Mercedes has 30hp over Renault PU’s an even more over Honda PU’s. Nobody really devended him today and he flew by cause of the Merc power and DRS. He did good no doubt about it but DOTD I don’t think so. My vote goes to Alonso. If Redbull were losing half a sec on main straight alone because lack of power imagine having a Honda PU. You could tell Alonso had a blast. Also Think Daniel and Max were really strong too even though it didn’t look that way. They both seem to like and master extreme late braking.


Hmmmmm…..I think it’s the red Bull that allows that late braking. Taking nothing away from RIC or VER but that Red Bull is a top car. Those guys can really lean on that thing under braking and through the twisty stuff. The exact oposite of the merc. The bulls lack ultimate power but make no mistake that Red Bull is a very good car and allows those guys to show their stuff through the corners and under breaking. Take the merc sliding around and under steering all over the place on Sunday. …when you have tools at your disposal you use them. Lewis uses his and the RB guys use theirs.


That Merc looked to be showing it’s stuff when it cruised around in the marbles on the outside of the first corner to easily pass the Bull of Max, which as you say is no slouch.


The less power a car has, the better the brakes work would be part of it, give them the Merc PU at full power, they would probably look more unstable too


A decent analogy Deano.
It’s all in the setup. Merc’s extra power most likely means they have to dial off downforce to preserve the tyres.


Was it just me, or were the crowd chanting Senna after the race? I hope so, such a nice touch if so.

Fantastic drive by Lewis today. Bottas seriously needs to up his game in 2018, Rosberg would have nailed that race.


No they were chanting ‘Lewis!’ ‘Lewis!’

He is the Greatest Of All Time now, especially in Brasil.


How do you know? 2018 ain’t here yet and if Rossberg stays retired I don’t see it happening.


All decided at the first corner as usual. This season has been like watching paint dry most of the time.

Change the cars back to V8!


Now there’s a fake me? And sounding like Sebee, to throw off the scent presumably?

JA, are you making headway at shaking out the fakes?


Bizzaro KRB?

What’s interesting is that you always like something about a bad guy.

I hope you’re not implying that it’s me? Or that I’m the only one who feels like these PU F1 cars sound like they are stationary at a car-wash, getting vacuumed.


Have to be honest when I read it I thought hmm.. He sounds more fair than usual. Lo and behold apparently it wasn’t you!


@ CheesyP…I knew that it wasn’t the original..simply because it made sense!!!!….hahahaha


@kenneth. I laughed so hard. Well put Sir.


Good to know that you consider me fair. 😃

Or was that a “Paging Dr. Freud!” moment? 😷🏥


Allow me to rephrase. Hmm. He makes more sense than usual 🤔😜


Hmm … care to take another run at that? 😉


V12 twin turbo. These batteries are madness. FE is for that.


After reading the first word of your post, Marchionne would have gladly agreed. But after second and third would have sent his bodyguards to see you :P.


Not a classic race by any means but enjoyable enough, but that tends to happen when drivers are out of position such as Lewis and Ricciardio this time around. Perhaps a 7 out of 10.

Whilst Ferrari won today with Vettel against Bottas I think had it been Lewis battling Vettel the outcome might have been different. But it’s not eas to say how much PU management each driver had to do.


James I wonder if you could do a story on which engine manufacturer progressed the most this season, now that it’s coming to an end? This seems to be the determining factor of this generation, and interestingly Renault who are under a lot of criticism hold the key to providing a competitive season next year. If they can build a competitive PU then Red Bull and Mclaren are suddenly in the mix. If not, it’ll likely be a repeat of the last 4 years. Would be interesting to get the insider opinion as to me Mercedes look to have made a step in performance on engines here in Brazil.

Tornillo Amarillo

a. Honda went from DNFs to P8 today.
b. Renault the other way around
c. a and b are not true.


Good idea thanks


To add to the same story, if I may. Horner mentioned current Renault power lacks 25-30 HP to Mercedes power. How much of a gain can be made over one winter season? Where would Ferrari be with Mercedes at this stage? When would we see some convergence in power so we can have race between the top drivers on pure merit?


James, what are your views on posters (well only one actually), who uses multiple aliases, in an attempt to conceal a fixation to denigrate one driver, and trying to dominate the exchanges by volume, which isn’t working as far as I can see. There will be a reply to a comment made by the same poster with one of his aliases ; and a support with multiple disguises at times, if any of the aliases are being challenged. I for one can never be deceived by this poster. I spotted about seven different names in the article about pole shootout for instance. Those of us who respect this site and post with a single name, but can spot this poster’s activities, and feel the need to reply should not be viewed as being overzealous . This poster is constantly creating and discarding names. Some are regular, some will disappear for a while and then reappear again. There have been hundreds over the years. This matter was raised many months ago. I think every poster should use a single name while using this site at any time. Be real and own your obsession.


Stop doing this, totally ridiculous. What are you hiding from???


This poster is constantly creating and discarding names.

I think you’ve convinced yourself of your own lie, you’re that deluded.


The police often talk about some offenders loitering near the scene of the crime.


Omg.. this is the same guy. What was his name before? Sarsp you called it! Kenneth do you remember? Ricc? It was a similar jargon of nickname too.


I think it was the handle ‘Inshallura’ that he used last time when a similar rant was produced for our amusement. It changes all the time. Desperation, insecurity, immaturity and a sense of delusion are traits you see in his comments regularly. Which makes the username irrevelant really when those traits are on display at the same time.


That’s the one! lol. I can’t believe he’s making the same theory again.. this time under a different name. If I remember correctly he said something like the same people were on another site too.


Yeah it happens everytime he gets called out in a thread. Hey Aveli.


Give me an example


Example couldn’t be better James.


We gave you examples in the past.


And now ‘Janjajanjajja’.

He previously accused about 15 of us being the same person because we called him out and this clearly flustered him.

It isn’t even subtle, he speaks with the same pigeon English.


Give me an example = aveli


I don’t think this decoy will work. Aveli is a very unique poster.


@ JJJJJJJJJJ….How is it that your previous post on Nov 13th carried a ‘one star’ yet two days later the star is missing? We see the same anomaly with the ‘Random’ posts which reads as an identifier.


Maybe he’s having trouble with his VPN – perhaps you could help him 🙂


I know the horse has already been beaten to death here, but man Stroll is not F1 capable. Others deserve a go at his seat.


How did Vettel do any differently from Singapore or the previous race? He didn’t have a crazy person starting next to him who would rather crash him into him than concede the lead. Yet commentators write articles about how Singapore cost him the championship.


If you are saying Verstappen would rather crash than concede the lead, surely Vettel knows that and would not put himself in such a position that might occur. Besides Vettel wasn’t racing Verstappen he was racing Lewis, all he had to do was finish ahead of Lewis. With a championship at stake was it a ncessary risk to take?


But Vettel is a real racer and dosent get intimidated easily, he races to win.
To say he should have taken the soft option like Hamilton in Malaysia is ridiculous, if Vettel let MV through, then MV will know he can do it every time.


Be prepared for plenty of contact with HAM as well if Renault can get a quali mode for next season allowing the Bulls to regularly get close to him on the grid. We will then see a very different attitude from many posters on here.


He doesn’t get intimidated. He just makes mistakes under pressure. As we’ve seen a few times this season.


We saw a mistake under pressure from Lewis too, when he locked up on his attempt to pass Kimi, even though the pressure was minimal, since he won the WDC already, it mattered to him obviously since he was unwilling to help his team mate get 2nd in the WDC.


True. He locked up a little. Seb drove into another car. A little difference in magnitude, methinks.

All drivers make mistakes. From what we’ve seen this year, when the pressure’s on, Seb makes BIG mistakes.


What BIG mistake, Mexico? it wasnt that big, LH was worse off after hitting Max rear tyre, then VET hit HAM.
If you are talking about Singapore, VET didnt hit anybody, Max hit kimi who hit VET.


Re Singapore – you realise it’s only Vettel fans saying that? Even Ferrari retracted their initial reaction that it was Max’s fault.

Vettel came swinging across, with Kimi coming up the inside Max had nowhere to go. I understand you don’t like it, but that’s what happened. A racing incident, for sure. Caused by Vettel.

Also deliberately driving into Lewis in Baku. If you need a clearer example of his volatile temperament, I don’t know where you’d find it.


you realise it’s only Vettel fans saying that?

Wrong, i am not a Vettel fan and i am saying it too.


Fair enough. I respect your right to an opinion even if I don’t agree with it. And neither do any of the expert commentators I’ve read – again, I’m happy to concede I may not have read them all.

Suggest we just leave this now, it’s not like either of us are going to convince the other and we’ve left the original topic way behind – like Vettel in Lewis’s mirrors 😀


Funny hahaha


Vettel drove straight at the start today. He didn’t in Singapore. Big difference, hard to believe you missed it.


You seem to have an imposter further down on this thread😄


Same way Lewis didn’t drive straight at Austin, but somehow that didn’t end in a crash.


I’m sure you will change your opinion on that when Max starts next to Lewis more often next season.


Rohind, the ‘crazy person’ wasn’t anywhere near him until Seb swerved across the track to mert him!


Not sure how you can blame VET looking at this pic, MV is already in KR sidepod, VET is miles away


Very true.


Jimothy, I can’t see a pic, but can guess which one you mean. Does Seb continue moving to his left after the pic was taken?


‘Mert’; adjective meaning to move aggressively towards another person or object without paying due care and attention to foreseeable negative consequences. Examples: I mert, we mert, she merts, Vettel foolishly merted towards Verstappen at the start of the 2017 Singaporean Grand Prix.


Aezy doc, ha ha! Yes, I see I invented a new word now! Wondered what you were on about for a while….


Great drive by vettel. He snatched the victory from Mercedes-Benz today with superlative drive. Bottas ended up short as usual. Bottas need to improve quite fast, he has failed big time this season and he also seem to be quite slower in contrast to Rosberg.

Excellent drive by Alonso, poor Honda PU hindered his passing options.


How can you tell. I haven’t seen Rossberg drive a 2017 car.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Rosberg would be quick. He is a WDC.


And he still is one until the end of the season. They do that because in the past points have been taken away or given back.


So is Kimi, and he’s not quick anymore.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Yes but Kimi is nearly forty. Rosberg would have been coming off three years of brutal, real world, sink or swim championship competition. Plus he would have all of hamiltin’s telemetry. It would have been fascinating to see Rosberg’s form this year. If he’d won the championship in the first or second year of the Merc PU era we might have seen him go round again. But by year three he realised the pecking order and also the effort required to beat hamiltun. I think in pure pace, Rosberg could match Hamilton. But Ham did it easily and more consistently. Plus he also had spare capacity for on-track action. (Apart from
Spain where his mind went elsewhere for a little while) So he invariably came out on top when the two were together on track. But make no bones, Ros was quick enough to be there for all those moments.


Hamilton coming through was good but lacked any real wheel to wheel combat, which is a shame as many will put his performance solely down to the car. Plus point is I watched it on German TV and they talk over a lot of the radio comms so did not have to put up with too much radio whinging


do you think it was a pretence?


It just happened so fast you missed it. No damage to his diffuser this time.


Jon, radio whinging? Surely Grosjean, Massa, Alonso Vettel and Raikkonen have Lewis beat hands down in that area?


Radio whingeing? He he he, you talking about Raikkonen? No, it is hamilton’s detested will to win he is whinging about 😊😊.


Sorry guys but I dislike the radio whinge from all the drivers. Unfortunately at a drivers briefing Charlie said that the stewards did not see everything and relied on the teams to report things to them. So add to this the messages challenging the team decisions ( why did you call me in and put me on the super soft?) or the down right rudeness to engineers and to me most of the radio comms is agrivating

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