For the fans: British duo win F1 crowdsourcing competition
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 Nov 2017   |  1:11 pm GMT  |  16 comments

A pair of app developers from London were presented by Lewis Hamilton and Ross Brawn with the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize and a cheque for $50,000 at a ceremony in Abu Dhabi today.

The due also won the bonus prize which is the opportunity to spend a weekend behind the scenes with F1’s technical team throughout a Grand Prix weekend of their choice next season.

The FCIP, now in its fourth year, has been well supported by tech savvy fans and readers of JA on F1 have had a strong record in the competition.

The winning pair this year are JA on F1 readers.

The challenge this season was all around the Internet of Things and harnessing it for greater fan connectivity in one challenge and for improving efficiency within an F1 team in another.

Ben Lambert and Alex Gibson’s winning idea is a solution that could enhance the fan experience at each Grand Prix through the IoT, mobile technologies and embedded connectivity. Their idea was that from the moment fans arrive at the circuit until the end of the race weekend, they could use their mobile phone to connect to dozens of sensors at the circuit to access data in a wide variety of topics and interest areas – including insights from their favourite team or driver, the opportunity to analyse a mixed reality view of drivers’ racing lines and braking zones on the surface of the race track, or simply to order refreshments and souvenirs.

“This competition has given us the unique opportunity to share our vision for the future of the sport with the biggest names in F1,” they said. “We are delighted that the judges saw how a creative combination of the IoT, mobile technologies and embedded connectivity could revolutionise the Grand Prix™ experience for fans.”

Lewis Hamilton was one of the judges once again and noted how much more quickly the digital transformation the sport is happening under the new owners, something of which – he noted – the F1 drivers are well aware and able to take full advantage.

“The best thing about this competition is that it gives the power to the fans – it’s a way for them to imagine what they’d want the sport to be like in the future and share their vision with us,” said Hamilton. “The winning idea shows how fans could get closer to the action and access new kinds of data and insights on each driver, team and turn on the circuit. It’s incredible to think what a difference this could make to the sport.”

What do you make of the winning idea? What experiences have you had at races this year that could lead to improvements in the fan experience? Leave your comments in the section below

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F1 fans want live action from all views around the circuit, hence that’s why I had proposed “Ultimate Viewing”, live video action via the F1 app!


I think having a camera on front of the halo so fans could see any drivers view in real time would really let fans connect with the sport and drivers. Like an “ar” view.


Another idea a couple stoners can come up with overnight. Gotta say last year and now greatly dissapointed. They write the entry conditions like you need an engineering degree just get a foot in the door then the winner is just another app which already exists in many other sports? wtf?


What I would like is an app that connects to cameras located on each corner linked with the ability to track any car. The feed would be coming to my smartphone or tablet via the app. I would pay access fees for that.
… and to hell with TV producers who show footage of the cars they are interested in – or the manufacturers who have “contributed “ towards the so called cost of providing coverage of a F1 race. TV coverage is for the most part diabolical. You never get to see consistent images – just a hodgepodge of national interests. It always reminds me of the 1980’s Olympics – you could watch any competitor as long as they were American.


I get enough info from the Official F1 App. Also…Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it) to all of F1 fans and of course James Allen who would take every opportunity to celebrate any holiday, even if its somebody else’s!


Hmm…a bit ‘wishy-washy’…

I can get all the info I need at Silverstone from something called “Google” and the “Internet”…


This connectivity at the track reminds me of my little nephews visiting Yellowstone National Park – riding along in the backseat eyes glued to a little screen in their hands while the rest of us were marveling at the scenery. Hot geysers, buffalo and bear out the car windows for the adults – but those little nephews were connected!

How about there minute one arrives at the track, experiencing the visions of exotic racing cars and sounds and smells of speed. Find your snacks on your own. Explore and discover things! Watch the pretty pit girls!


While I agree with you in principle at the end of the day no harm in providing the ‘option’ to have this information. Its up to you whether you want to be glued to your screen or not. Kids have parents – they also have a choice to say no screen time at that moment.


Your right, but times have changed, and we’re getting old.
I spent a lot of time at brands hatch ( I don’t know which country your from, or if you know the track) as a kid.
The hours I spent just walking around the track, watching the racing from different areas, taking in the atmosphere, exploring the pit areas. Just basically being a motor racing nerd. Most probably some of my best memories as a kid…but that was way back in the 70”s….😱



Could it be because the exotic sounds are long gone?
Could it be because the smells of speed is just PUs burning oil?
Could it be that when you say “hybrid” the last thing you think about is exotic?

The real intent is clearly to optimize revenue and extract as much as possible from those attending the event. Of course provide yet another marketing vehicle corporations can be charged for sponsoring at each event. And if you think this will not be used to track location, time spent and purchases of those fans attending, that’s just wishful thinking on your part.

Right about now you’re saying to yourself, what about the pretty pit girls Gene mentioned? Well…


What country was that picture taken at sebee??!!!!
No one can deny, wherever it is, they must have the ugliest girls in the world😱😱😱


Monaco 🇲🇨 .


I enjoy looking at the grid girls as much as anyone, but I think we have to be realistic and say the time has passed for this. I am sure some will say this is another example of political correctness taken too far in the “New F1” . And perhaps political correctness may be at the heart of some other changes in F1 recently such as environmentally sensitive engines. But I think the new F1 is going the right direction in having young, fit people more conservatively dressed on the grid as opposed to young girls in ridiculously tacky outfits. The latter truly do make many people feel excluded and/or uncomfortable. Please have a look at the link below for a brilliant commentary on this topic by Shea Adam who is well known and respected by many who follow motorsports.


The start of the Gearboxgirl’s story was true, & I too would have asked her to move out of the way of the Corvette for a picture.

But I would also have asked anybody to move & not spoil a picture of a sexy car.

Grid Girls, Grid Boys, Grid Kids, Grid bloody antelopes. Get rid of the lot!!!

The grid oozes sex appeal when it’s only full of Racing Machinery.


I’m all for equality Sebee, but…nope 😐


Agreed – At one time it was actually possible to live without a phone glued to your face 🙂

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