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Bottas beats Vettel to pole as Hamilton crashes out of Brazilian GP qualifying
Posted By:   |  11 Nov 2017   |  6:47 pm GMT  |  246 comments

Valtteri Bottas snatched pole position for tomorrow’s Brazilian Grand Prix from Sebastian Vettel, as newly-crowned Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton sensationally crashed into the wall on his first flying lap in the first qualifying session.

Vettel had provisional pole going into the final run, but he braked too early for Turn 1 and left the door open. Bottas gratefully took the opportunity and managed a 1m08.322s on his final run – a new track record and 2.4secs inside the 2016 pole – edging Vettel by 0.038s to secure his first pole since the Austrian Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen will lead the second row for Sunday’s race, alongside last weekend’s winner Max Verstappen.

Having threatened to be in the fight for pole, Hamilton lost control of his Mercedes on the exit of Ferradura in Q1, collecting the tyre barrier to bring out the red flag.

Hamilton will start from the pit lane, taking a new engine, turbo and MGU-H unit.

His comeback and that of Daniel Ricciardo from 15th on the grid, will be highlights of the race. Strategically Ferrari has the clear upper hand as they can go short with one car and long with the other and Bottas cannot cover both.

It should be an excellent race.


Raikkonen led the way in the first session, setting a 1m09.405s on the soft compound tyres. The two Ferraris were split by Mercedes’ Bottas, who had led the third free practice session earlier in the day.

Setting a 1m09.643s, Vettel also did his best time on soft tyres to save a set of supersofts to give Ferrari more options with regards to tyre strategy in the race.

Home favourite Felipe Massa was perilously close to the drop zone throughout the session, but rocketed up to fourth with a late lap to edge in front of both Red Bulls, who were separated by just eight-thousandths of a second.

Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and Esteban Ocon all completed the top 10, separated by just 0.1s.

Alongside Hamilton’s first Q1 exit since last year’s Belgian Grand Prix, both Saubers were unable to escape the drop-zone – Pascal Wehrlein outpacing Marcus Ericsson, while Pierre Gasly and Lance Stroll qualified in between the two – the latter having missed running in FP3 with a power unit failure.]

There was a welcome boost for Brendon Hartley who made the cut for Q2 in the Toro Rosso. As he has a substantial engine penalty he didn’t set a time in Q2, but did some short runs and practice starts.


The beginning of the second session was peppered with light drizzle, but could not stop the times around the Interlagos circuit from tumbling, with Vettel emerging at the head of the field

Bottas became the first driver to break the 1m08s barrier with a 1m08.901s lap, but managed to take a further two tenths out of his best lap in the dying stages of the session.

Vettel went even faster, raising the bar with a 1m08.494s to set up a showdown with Bottas for pole in Q3.

Verstappen was third fastest, falling four tenths behind Bottas and beating Raikkonen to fourth – who was 0.622s slower than his team-mate.

Daniel Ricciardo bucked the trend by becoming the only driver to run in Q2 on soft tyres, meaning he will be starting tomorrow’s race on a different compound to those around him.

Fernando Alonso snatched sixth late on, dumping Ocon into the drop-zone and emerging ahead of Massa who continued to show strong form at his home race.

Hulkenberg, Perez and Sainz also progressed to Q3 as Stoffel Vandoorne, Brendon Hartley and both Haas drivers joined Ocon in being eliminated.


Vettel set the early pace on the first runs, edging Bottas’ benchmark by 0.082s before the field regrouped in the pits to prepare for their final laps.

Raikkonen was just behind the pair, asserting Ferrari’s dominance over Red Bull by keeping both Verstappen and Ricciardo at arm’s length.

With two minutes left on the clock, the field returned to the track with the threat of rain looming, but thankfully the battle for pole remained unspoiled.

Vettel’s final lap was altogether slower than his first effort, allowing Bottas to step up. Setting the best first sector time of the session en route to pole, the Finnish driver has crucial track position in tomorrow’s race as he and Vettel battle for second in the drivers’ championship.

Raikkonen and Verstappen occupy row two, Perez and Alonso lining up behind them thanks to Ricciardo’s grid penalty.

Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos, Qualifying

What did you think of the Qualifying session and what did you make of Hamilton’s crash? Leave your comments in the section below

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Ha ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha, what a champion! There are not many drivers that crashed on the first lap of the qualifying. I think if Ayrton Senna would know that LH likes to compare himself to him, he would be insulted. Seriously insulted. Good that VB took the pole. I hope either him or KR wins tomorrow.


@ John
The Championship is over!


Dear Mr Allen,
This is not the sort of puerile commentary that i come to this site for. I’m referring to @John ** and many of the replies, both supporting his view and arguing against it.
Is it possible for either you or your fellow moderators to block/censor/remove such inflammatory posts so that the dignity and high standard of your blog is maintained. The childish, tit for tat replies are beneath this highly regarded site.
Regards A Knutt


@ Axel
Of course, everyone can have his own opinion on certain matter. You think that my comments were insulting? Fine. Were you actually insulted when LH said this about you: “I've decided to move to Switzerland. You really struggle to live a normal life. I've not been able to spend a lot of time with my friends, my family. You come home and everyone knows you, it makes it so much harder to do normal things. I go to the bathroom in a petrol station and people come in there for autographs. It's tough …”. (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/hamilton-has-a-street-in-stevenage-named-after-him-but-hes-off-to-switzerland-398269.html) Also: “People don't come up to you there (talking about Switzerland)," Hamilton said. "They leave you, they give you your space.” Meaning they are civilised or considered, whatever, and you are not, Axel. Sorry, his words. Later he admitted to moving to Switzerland to reduce the tax. He is actually quite good at that. Were you happy with his comments? Did you complain about his comments? I guess not. Has he ever apologised for these comments to his fans? The answer is NO. He may be a great F1 driver, but his personality could be better. And for that reason, I don’t feel bad about my comments. Another thing. I guess it is ok to have derogatory comments towards other drives on this website, but not towards LH. Have you ever complained about derogatory comments towards other drivers? I don’t think so.


And where do Button and Vettel live for instance? You got it, Monaco and Switzerland respectively. Another desperation rant and useless inquest into the character of a driver who chooses to live in a Tax haven like most of the drivers before him and presently. And he talked about getting some privacy as well ; ego, that's evidence of his dislike for the viewing public who voted for him as their driver of the day at this Brazilian GP. Someone has really got their work cut out😨😨.



I'm far from a LH fan boy, but from my perspective, I greatly appreciate someone who continues to push despite the season effectively being over with the WDC and WCC already in the bag.

Did he push too hard? Looks like it. Did he take responsibility for it. Kinda.

At least he didn't blame his team. Or Vettel. Or God.

Enjoy the race,



Now you are just being silly John. All former champions (or near champions) have made major elementary mistakes one even switched his motor off in sight of the chequer! Why is Hamilton different? He put his hands up straight away and didn’t try to weasel out of responsibility unlike many other former champions who had an embarrassing oops moment. I guess you plain just don’t like the guy.


I mean you are so right...

Senna would just torpedo himself into championship rivals to ensure he won, not like crashing out on your first flying lap at all...

Some dude called Schumacher also crashed at the exact same corner after winning the title in 2004....and that was in Practice!


I am fairly certain LH looked up to Senna as more of a hero than a comparison.....but you appear to know both AS and LH well, so I will assume you are totally correct with your intelligent and well thought out comment! Ha ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha ha … ha ha ha!!!!


What do you drink John? My shout!


Yes, he’s certainly been drinking sars, give him more of that!


Just like MS did in 2004, at the same track, after having clinched the WDC at the revious race


"Get in there Lewis"

Team may have informed him over the radio the tax office is investigating other bank accounts...


The wealthiest British sports star, ouch ouch ouch.All lawful as used by millions other people, companies and even local authorities. He ain't giving back a penny 😁😁.


@ Janjajanjajja
Please! You would do the same thing!


That'd be the same Ayrton Senna who was way in the lead at Monaco 88 then crashed his car into the barriers when he lost concentration for no good reason. There isn't a champion in the history of F1 who hasn't made the odd mistake here and there, in quali, or in the race. I'm sure Ham won't lose much sleep over it, since he's already sealed his fourth WDC title and is well placed to negotiate another three year contract for a hundred million should that be what he wants. Mind you if he read your post I suspect "ha ha ha ha ha" would probably some up his reaction as he thought of his acheivemments compared to chronic underacheivers sitting in a bedroom at their moms house trying to raise their own self-esteem by pathetically wallowing in a tiny bit of schadenfreude to briefly make them feel better about their own sorry lives. Can you hear his laughter ringing in your ears?


Rudy mac, boom.


Hush now Rudy mac. Facts and reason have no place in a Lewis Hamilton debate. 😀
Bad error from Lewis but he holds his hands up and I think he's allowed to make an error every now and then. Lewis C A Hamilton MBE: 4 x F1 WDC....that's all that matters this year.


Dont be ridiculous even the best make mistakes and since you want to be over dramatic senna killed himself trying to keep up with Schumacher. Ps I dont believe that but the posters comment is idiotic


That’s not nice thing to say David. It is still not clear what exactly happened, but I doubt it was a driver error. If you look at the slow motion of the onboard camera, you will see that the wheels do not change direction as the car continues straight into the wall. Senna would have reacted to this and you can see his body (helmet) move to the left as he is desperately trying to steer away from the wall. If you would put your hands forward as if gripping the steering wheel and steer in a mild left corner, then suddenly realise that the car is not turning, you would suddenly turn to the left the steering wheel, and I guess you will notice your head moving to the left as well. I did this several times and every time the same thing happened. This is my interpretation, if someone knows better please share. Perhaps you should watch this video as well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_64k44_pm_M). I do not necessarily agree with everything in the video, but most of it is good. The most likely cause was the steering column that broke. However, Williams claimed that the column broke during the impact. Also, there is no continuous recording to the impact, which is very convenient for Williams. Perhaps the transmission was lost in that part of the track, but I think this helped Williams as it would have been very obvious that the wheels do not turn away from the wall, which Senna would have desperately tried to do. Having said all this, it was a freak accident where in a 100 such incidents, most likely nobody would have been seriously hurt. This was perhaps one in a million tragedy.


Great post John, you got real class!


I can think of 72 occasions when he was a bit more Ayrton like.....


TimW, i dont doubt that for a second, it wouldnt suprise me at all if you had an LH44 shrine in your house


Jimothy, no shrines here, do you have an effigy of him to stick pins in? A photo of him stuck to your dart board perhaps? You seem to only be interested in commenting about one driver, perhaps you are becoming an obsessive....


Beware of the one trying to win arguments by volume. If it quarks like a duck 😁.


Maybe you forgot about my posts about Max being at fault for singapore? or you only remember when there's anything negative about Lewis?
I dont really follow drivers, i just love the sport, first started watching in the 80's, but Kimi is the best when im in fanboy mode


Jimothy, so Singapore was the last time you commented about a driver other than Lewis? And that was just to stick the boot in to Max by incorrectly blaming him for the first lap incident? Well I take it all back, clearly you are a well balanced poster after all.....


Thank you, yes i do try to keep my posts balanced, not just praise one driver and make excuses for my favourites.
I am actually a MV fan, would love to see him as a team mate to SV and LH, or even Alonso, i think he would blow all of them away once he learns to calm down and stop with the win or bust mentality.
But he is great to watch.


He he he, you only blamed Vastappen because Vettel, whom you want to beat Hamilton was affected.


Like he rearended KR waiting for greenlight in pitlane at the Canadian GP 08? Or throwing his helmet in the wall, just to find out there was a camera filiming and threw on a smile and waved to the cam? Yeah, a real champ, LH...


At least Lewis did not claim track, car, or supernatural flaws for the crunch - I am beginning to find the man more likeable over time. Said something like, it must have been his error.


Yeah, a real champ he is.... 4 times the last time I counted.


Jacob, wow, you have come up with one incident from nine years ago, and another that I don't remember ever taking place at all! What a champ you are!!


How 'bout Senna clipping the backmarker Schlesser at Monza '88, throwing away an easy win?


He he he... he he he.. he he he. Someone is in need of some pain soothing therapy after such devastating outcome in Mexico.
Another misfire. Senna was found sobbing after crashing out of the Monaco GP of 1988 while leading by over 50 seconds.


Interlagos - it catches out even the top uns. Here's a list of those who have spun/crashed in the swampy lakes:

Schumi (crashed 2003/2004 quali)
Alonso (crashed 2003)
Webbo (crashed 2003)
Button (crashed 2003)
Prost (crashed 1993)
Hamilton (crashed quali 2017)
Montoya (crashed 2003)
Rubihno (spun out 1996)
Brundle/Jos the Boss/Irvo (crashed 1994)
Senna (spun out 1994)
Trulli train (crash 2009)


Hi Gazboy,
And how many of those crashes were on the Outlap in Qualifying, as was the case here for Hamilton!?

The track was a bit damp.
But it was on the Outlap, where you don't even push it hard !!


Cyber, first flying lap, not out lap.


The funny thing is thought that under different circumstances (say circa last year) there'd be a lot of "Hamilton cracks under pressure" going on.

Funnily enough though he actually human and will make the odd mistake all on his own for no obvious reason.

So in all seriousness and with zero criticism, I say good on him 🙂


That’s betting, this a very low risk one based on Bottas’ win rate this season. So far, got back $2900 back on $1000 preseason betting!! How about that!


You know what's funny? Bottas is not photogenic enough to be in the article about the pole sitter. 🙂


Tragic for Bottas of course, as its a reflection on that that pole lap was not something special. As reality is that many other drivers on the track could have made that pole lap if sitting in that same dominant car.


F1's answer to Shrek shall not be seen!


I hope he will make you happy by crashing out of every qualifying next season.


Bookies have LH on 50/1 to bin it again in Abu Dhabi and Melbourne 2018!


Despite my best intentions I think you might have slightly misinterpreted my comment John.

Would make the season interesting though, wouldn't it? 🙂


At least Hamilton delivers when he needs to....unlike another EX world champion who hit two cars in two corners when he was under pressure.


I hope he will make you happy by crashing out of every qualifying next season.


Are you 12


You mean the same Ayrton Senna who crashed out at Portier during the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix, when he was nearly a minute up on everyone??

Thanks for elevating the discussion John! 👍


Come on KRB, I don’t see any parallel here. Senna crashed in a race after leading for so long and at the end of the race, when his concentration may have been compromised. LH crashed on the FIRST LAP OF THE QUALIFYING. What is the similarity here that you would like to emphasise? Senna has proved beyond any doubt that he was the best driver in the race before crashing out. What exactly has LH proved in the qualifying before crashing out?


Now I’ve lost track, how many poles is it lewis has now??


You mean the same Hamilton who has dominated qualifying in 2017, driving arguably the 2nd best car on the grid? That one, dipshyt? LOL !!!


Surely calling someone a dipshit shouldnt get through mods James?
I can see we are dealing with a prepubescent Hamilton fan thats dealing out insults learnt in the school yard however thats hardly an excuse to feel sorry for him.


B..b..but John.. They both had yellow helmets.. the parallels are endless.


Yes, John ... qualifying. It's not the most important day of the weekend, is it? In 1988 at Monaco, Senna had the previous day set one of the great all-time pole laps, beating Prost in the same dominant McLaren by 1.43 secs! Yet it was Prost that walked away with the 9 points, while Senna got nothing. Senna crashed out because of a loss of concentration, after 66 of 78 laps. He had it in his hands; he could have literally cruised to the win. Instead he blew it.

I don't get how you can gloss over Senna's drop in concentration, on race day, but want to harp on Hamilton’s today. Both are clear mistakes, but Senna's was obviously more costly.


You know what KRB, I’m feeling rather sick at the moment. Find it amazing how some people seem to ooze out of the woodwork as soon as Hamilton makes a mistake, full of verbal trash.
It’s actually starting to put me i bit of this site and of F1 aswell. I’m having a bit of a problem loving a sport I have for so many years, when there seems to be real hate present in some posters comments. It’s sickening. I was hoping James would be a bit harder on these kind of posts. They are not posts for debate, they just spew hate.
This is Motorsport for gods sake.


John, I think the obvious similarity is they both made a mistake and crashed, just like every other racing driver in history.....


@ John....Can you imagine the 'merde' that would be flying if Verstappen/Raikonnen/Vettel or Ricciardo had done the same thing? Would anyone be simply wiping it clean by saying 'well that shows that he's human'. Not in a million years. hahaah


Kenneth, we could always look back to the Australian GP this year to see Danny Ric doing the same thing, as I remember it you were a bit more forgiving on that occasion...


The car was new, sharkfin and all Tim.
You know the difference!


Lkfe, oh I see, so it was the fist time he had driven it?!


Don't forget Baku...


Well Danny Ric is only human, not a 4xWDC racing god and the greatest racing car driver of all time who has more talent then the rest of the grid combined ( in his little finger mind you ) so its understandable he has less expectations held towards him.


Sars, it's nice that you think that about Lewis, but I would say he is a very good driver, but still human, and therefore should be expected to make the odd error.


Sars, has anyone acted like that was the case? Seems to me the haters elevate him far higher than any supporters do. Straw man creation.


Krb, the imagined Hamilton fan comments as dreamed up by the opposing camp, are always more fun to read than the real ones.....


I guess we could go back to the Australian GP qualifying, and look to see what was said about Ricciardo's spin off there.


You enjoyed it, didn’t you? Especially, after the misery he put you through by clinching the championship last race.


I'll bet that it was worse for John. When Hamilton was honored by the Senna family, and in tribute had received one of Ayrton's helmets.


Not really. It was clear that he has the fastest car and that he will win the championship. Ferrari was faster at some tracks but overall Mercedes had the advantage. Even without the mistakes from SV, I believe that LH would have won it. It is about who he is. That is all.


We can say this John...they are ticklish aren't they!


Lkfe, not as ticklish as the Aussie mob when someone takes a swipe at Danny Ric.....


And who is he????? Last time I looked, he was a racing driver.
Or maybe your one of those who seem to be more interested in what he does outside of the track??


Excuses excuses excuses. Vettel has the best car and a teammate incapable of taking a single point off him. He might now be beaten Bottas. The guy has been used to running away in his ferocious Newwey Redbulls and is unfamiliar with the pain of loosing tittles due to self inflicted wounds or a couple of avoidable mistakes. I can't see him fixing this weakness too soon. Yes it is about who he is. Those who don't like him are more obsessed with his activities off track than his fans are.' Why can't he go home like Vettel', he he he.


How spiteful.


The "best" part was his interview after. No explanation just a brief "We're all human..". I guess that line was for the Hamfosi. He's human guys, it's the first mistake he's ever made, you can finally see that he is indeed a human being. Gasp.


Watch out cheesy, you cannot tell then their god is human!
Gasp indeed, sir, you are the Charles Darwin of JAoF1.


Clarks. It's funny but the only people I see describing Lewis as some sort of racing god on this site, are the bashing community! His fans tend to be much more measured, but I guess that the truth isn't as much fun is it?


@Aveli, where are you? can you tell Tim who the mentally strongest racing god is, we have a non believer here


Cheesypoof, maybe he should have blamed the car instead? Plenty of the others would have, Strange you find it worthy of criticism when a driver owns up to his error! I wonder what Lewis would have to have said for you not to stick the boot in.....


Hamilton owned up to his error for just 1 day: "I take full responsibilty for what happened".
Then he changed it: now apparently God was responsible, giving him an opportunity to aggrandise himself:
[not verbatim]
"Maybe it [Q1 crash] was meant to be. Now I am grateful [sic!] I got the opportunity to shine on race day."


Oh he should have blamed the car that has dominated for the last for years? "Plenty of others have"? I guess you'll now name all the drivers who've had the most dominant cars in history, crashed immediately in qualifying and then blamed the championship winning car for it? Or are you just talking?


Cheesypoof, another diatribe from you! The point I was making was, there is nothing Lewis could have said in that interview that would have met with your approval is there? If you think I'm being unfair, why not tell us all what words Lewis could have chosen that would have generated a positive response from you?


Maybe you should look up the meaning of the word diatribe. You didn't give examples like i asked.. Then try looking up the word silence for a change?


Cheesypoof, because you are always so good at answering questions!! I can't, off the top of my head think of a driver who satisfies your rather narrow criteria, but the list of drivers who have crashed in qualifying is extremely long!
I don't doubt you would just love to drop your customary half dozen comments on each article rubbishing Lewis, and for all that bile to go unchallenged, but guess what? That simply isn't how an open forum works.


I'm not sure that Cheesypoof was criticising Hamilton Tim


@Random I wasn't outrightly criticising but as usual the Hamfosi came out in full force and I had to elaborate...i appreciate the benefit of the doubt ☺


Random, really? First time for everything I suppose! I would point out that his further comments kind of disprove your point though.....


I was looking at that comment on it's own merit Tim and I'd still like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but now I think that the best course of action might be for me to step to the side, whistle innocently, and hope no-one notices 🙂


Random, it's nice that you gave him the benefit of the doubt, and just looking at that comment in isolation, I see what you mean. Reading it again having also read the several hundred Lewis posts that Cheesypoof has written on this site - all of them unrelentingly negative, will give you another perspective!


Apologies. He's the lead supervisor of the LHFC so a touch sensitive.


Rockman, no sensitivity here, say whatever you like, but expect to be challenged if wildly innacurate


He he he, the mickey mouse punches that will sink Hamilton once and for all have come out swinging some more, just as they did after his poor races in sorchi and Monaco. There was celebration galore when Bottas showed great form at the beginning of the season because they thought he could impede or stop Hamilton. Then they turned against Bottas, dubbing him the most ' incompetent' driver Mercedes has ever signed because he couldn't impede Hamilton enough to help Vettel win the Tittle for their happiness. And now the most ' incompetent driver ' has delivered a sucker punch to Vettel. What suckers for punishment the Hamilton antis are. Get your pain relief however you can. Come on Bottas 😁😁😁.


Fancy binning it on your outlap in Q1! Let's see who else has ever done that.......

Nope. Can't think of anyone. It's a first Lewis.

Not much hope of a great win from last place. That Merc just don't like following in dirty air too much.


David Coulthard binned his Williams on the parade lap once, can’t remember where or when but it might have been one of the 2 Italian races. I think it was his first race for Williams. I remember a long camera shot of the grid coming around roughly 2x2 warming their tyres, and there was Coulthard, completely sideways heading for the gravel..And didn’t a pace car driver bin it in the wet trying to keep ahead of the pack? F1 history is full of such indiscretions. I don’t think true followers of F1 would take any pleasure out of such incidents as has been displayed here. It’s all rather juvenile and off putting..


You can keep running but sooner or later the taxman comes to collect. 🙂

Disclaimer: I couldn't care less about LH tax dealings but these things simply write themselves. It's too easy. Since the LHFC has had an emergency meeting to strike anyone down that deems speak ill of his highness.


Phil glass, first flying lap, not out lap.


Oh OK Tim,
My local commentary also placed it as being on Hamilton's Outlap?


Cyber, he had completed his out lap (first lap out of the pits), and was on his first competitive lap.


Ah, thanks for that. It was based on the commentary from radio 5 bbc, not that good at the best of times.


Phil, to be fair he didn't manage much more!


TimW, i counted Bottas won same amount of race as the 5th best car this season (Verstappen). Must have slipped your mind somehow. Understandable.


F zero, not very good at this whole 'replying to the right comment' thing are you? Explain to me how the Red Bull is the "5th best car"?! It is third in the constructors, but certainly wasn't third best in Mexico, and maybe it slipped your mind that Lewis let him go and Vettel started from the back in Malaysia.......


Tell me you were joking when you asked to explain how Max on the 5th best car! Anyone with bare minimum analytical ability can figure out what we have seen (let alone the numbers) how the pecking order works this season.


F zero, it is convention to describe both examples of the car in p3 in the wcc as "the third best car", I assume you are trying to claim that four drivers had faster cars than Max in the races he has won this season? Not correct, look at the times and expert opinion from Malaysia and Mexico again.


Wasn't the out lap. It was his first flying lap. He put in a 17.800 in the first sector.

He's starting from the pit lane, so he'll start on the softs obviously. Time to have some fun, and see how far up you can get.


I thought you were laughing at how Bottas suddenly has the engine modes to grab pole.

Doesn't Lewis have the sniffles? That's enough of an excuse to yield to his #2 in a plausible way.


Ah - a conspiracy theory from Sebee! Quelle suprise.


Isn't it A-ha? Take me on! Rain tomorrow? Because The sun always shines on TV.


Nice 80's reference. 0% chance of rain in the forecast.


That is funny Sebee. 😂

With all honesty, based on the FP pace, Bottas should’ve been 3/10ths ahead in that machine.

In regards to number 1&2 driver, I did feel sorry for him when he said he can’t see himself as number 2 driver. I felt sorry because he won’t be number one driver with Ham as teammate, plain and simple. A lot of it his own doing of course. Particularly when it’s rare seeing him beating the 3rd or 4th fastest car, let alone his own teammate.


F zero "rare seeing him beat the 3rd or 4th fastest car", you must have missed Valterri's eleven podiums this season....


Maybe that's how Lewis helped Bottas. Crashing out of Q1, Mercedes had no choice but to give Bottas the modes for Q3. He's their only chance.


I'm sure you are correct Sebee, Lewis would definitely agree to that plan wouldn't he....


100% Lewis stays at Mercedes for 2019? Because if not Wolff could unleash a 2016 repeat on Lewis. 🙂


I like Wolff, even though his interviews are textbook politically correct ones most of the time. Hamilton stays as long as Mercedes has extra horsepower, engine mode and the best car next year. Also I don’t think Wolff has the guts to upset his star driver. He is no Marchionne or Dennis by a long shot.


I actually think there's 2 sides to Toto. The tv side and the boardroom side. Obviously we never see that other side but to be able to operate such a successful machine such as Merc F1 team, you'd need some serious authority and control. That includes putting the drivers to a halt if needed be.


There are two, sometimes more sides to everyone for sure. Not in the context of how Wolff is as a leader, but generally speaking success is not always the reflection of good leadership. Look at Trump for example. The guy was born wealthy, maintained being wealthy, still wealthy and at the same time he has the lowest approval rating than any other American president in the history.

Now Wolff certainly can’t be compared to Trump literally, but we can only judge him by the way he comes across on camera, which is like another mainstream “politically correct” leader.


Knew Senna well did you?


Everyone knows about Senna in F1. He had a very high opinion about himself. And this was justified. I don’t think he would have been happy to be compared to LH on this, or maybe even any other occasion. The question is, why does LH feel the need to be compared to another F1 driver?


No, that’s fair. Clearly you’re a better judge than the Senna family, who presented Hamilton with a rare replica and a congratulatory message earlier in the season when Hamilton equalled Senna’s pole total. They were probably thinking “Yeah, Ayrton will be really insulted by this, but **** it, let’s do it anyway.”


He he he, senna's family, the guardians of his name are honouring Hamilton, but a nobody to the name is upset about it. Well if your sole endeavour is to see Hamilton diminished, you will be upset about anything you think might further elevate him. For instance, the upset about the sky F1 team praising him. This tone is sounding very very familiar 😎😎


Senna knew from the start that Schumacher was better than him thats why he tried to bully him


John, does Lewis compare himself to Ayrton?


Not sure about that but he did idolize him and have a yellow helmet just like him, and i have read many times where he was happy about matching his WDC`s.
But i think Ayrton is old news, after getting 3 titles, he was more worried about matching Vettel after that i think


Why would Hamilton want to be compared to Senna?

It's simple really: Senna was a role model for Hamilton, so naturally he would be the standard by which Hamilton judges himself.

Bet you in a decade or two there'll be an F1 driver who compares himself to Hamilton.


Bottas has a great opportunity. Can he capitalise on it?

The answer is, he has to. With Lewis Hamilton having an off day (no pun intended) the Finn has to prove he can pick up the baton for Merc, otherwise his contract for 2018 seems a total waste of a brilliant car..........and the Mr Burns treatment if he loses.

One driver who 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 capitalises on any opportunity is Fernando Alonso, and yet the Spaniard despite being hampered by a beard and a woeful Honda engine proves yet again why he is the most motivated, consistent and determined driver on the grid. Despite very trying circumstances, the Matador's driving in 2017 has been as brilliant as ever. How else could he have qualified that down on power Macca an amazing 7th on the grid? For a driver in his 15th 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘤𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦 season that is quite remarkable.

Alonso may be a grizzled bearded old veteran, but credit where it's due, every time he is strapped in the cockpit he always tries his absolute hardest. And often with outstanding lap times too. He is the 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 driver on the grid who gets the absolute best out of his machinery every single corner, every apex, every braking phrase, every traction zone, every lap. If I was the AUTOCOURSE editor, I would be temped to put Alonso at least 2ndor 3rd in the Top 10 rankings............


All the way to Comment No.76 until the first sensible comment that’s not calling a fellow commenter childish names for either defending or attacking Hamilton’s driving ability!


I'm sure many people would agree that Alonso is among the top three with Hamilton and Verstappen. I'm looking forward to the way the stuck door of the Honda engine suddenly opens when it turns into a Renault and Alonso goes flying through it after pushing with all his might.


Can he capitalize on it? I wonder how many readers here will put $100 on “yes”. I just put $50 on Max and Vet each.


"I just put $50 on Max and Vet each"

The very definition of a self defeating bet, but best of luck to you 😉


Random, just put 50 on everyone, guaranteed winner!


"𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 capitalises" hehehe.... Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull. They all could have hired your beloved Alonso.

They didn't. Maybe you should email them or something.


Performance counts.


Absolutely - and the corollary to that statement is - can Bottas put in a 𝘴𝘶𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘥 performance from pole? Can he drove his gonads off for 71 laps? If he 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵, then Merc F1 really should ditch him for someone who 𝘤𝘢𝘯......


"He is the 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 driver on the grid who gets the absolute best out of his machinery every single corner, every apex, every braking phrase, every traction zone, every lap"

You forgot to add "every Gutierrez" - That one was a keeper too 🙂


Like I said yesterday anything can happen here. I still haven't got to see this yet but I did see Hamilton carrying a lot of speed into that turn. It happens.

Now can Bottas finish the job? If he could then he will cut down on that 15 points Vettel has over him. Expect Hamilton to keep taking chances because he can. It didn't work this time but you never know about rain here.


...Alonso 2nd to Verstappen in the top 10 Autocourse 2017, Lewis 3rd.


Want to have a glory bet? I bet Hamilton will be #1 in pretty much every poll out there this season. Great performances with no title race pressure do not rate the same as great performances with accompanying title race pressure.

In the team principals poll, not sure who will come 2nd. It could still be Vettel, but I think it could be Max too.


Hamilton number 1 in every poll? didnt MV beat him in a slower car this year?
His team mate was a number 2 driver before half way through the season.
Vettel was leading the WDC most of the season in a slower car.
Are you sure you meant to say Hamilton?


The Red Bull was clearly faster in Malaysia, but nice try.

The Ferrari and Mercedes were very even this year. It's just that Hamilton made the difference, compared to Seb, whose teammate was a no. 2 long before the season even started. Hamilton would have won the title this year in either car.

So yes, guaranteed that those in the know will install Hamilton as the #1 driver in their polls for 2017. GUARANTEED.


I dont think Red bull was faster in Malaysia, It was MV's skills that made it appear that way, Lewis himself said he let MV past, even LH has his off days.


Verstappen has been the best this year


Max has done well, but he is 6th in the table, in one of the top 3 cars. He was behind Perez for a spell too ... yes because of reliability, but still.

Max has scored the most points in the last 4 races, but that's only 20% of the season. Over the entire season, Hamilton has been clearly better.


Well done Bottas.
Unlucky Lewis but will be good watching you fight your way up.
Awesome lap by Bottas.
Max will go for Vettel but I reckon Kimi will get into 2nd. Leaving Vettel cramping up knowing Max will be pounding his exhaust👍😄...for the overtake.
Another sad point about Mercedes engineers being held at gun point . Maybe it's time to move to a safer venue.


Could it be the taxman coming for payment?

Ok I'm done with these now. That's the last one.


By that theory everybody should leave UK and move to Dubai as Dubai has less terrorist attacks than UK!! Oh also F1 shouldn’t go to US as there are more gun violence in US than South Africa!! Do you understand how ridiculous it sounds?


In US you had 3.85 gun deaths per 100,000 people in 2016, while in Brazil you had 19.34. So yes indeed, a drastically more risky place to be compared to the US. Unfortunately FIA/organizers of the S.P. GP will probably not do much more until we get some seriously wounded or dead.


Maybe it's time to move to a safer venue.

God no. Interlagos is a great circuit, and we already have a lot of crappy ones. They should ramp up security instead, or camouflage the rich team's vans with Sauber colors.


"camouflage the rich team's vans with Sauber colors"

Brilliant jordanab 🙂


why not just build hotels on site for all teams to use?


They may be glad to spend an all nighter patching up Lewis's car if it means they don't have to do the track to hotel trip and back!


Well well... The "greatest" who would have grabbed all the headlines crashed immediately. Mercedes dominance doesn't require Lewis Hamilton because their second string emergency number 2 takes pole. Yawn. Guess the plaudits and preachers may have to take a break in their proclamations of grandeur... I'd rib them further but as I've said all along Mercedes is the true superstar.

Pretty muted from Red Bull. Strong showing from Ferrari. I think the intra team battles will be interesting. As for Mclaren Alonso trounced his team mate but is still a slow qualifier to some. I thought Honda would suffer so much here.. how'd they get one car into the top 8? I wonder if we'll have a feisty battle between Toro Rosso and Renault.


Cheesy, i am dissapointed in your lack of enthusiasm for Hamiltons success this year, i thought you could recognize talent when you seen it, its not just the car its the style also.


Anyone of the top 10 drivers could have been WDC in that car. Ham just got lucky as usual


More whining. Vettel was beaten fair and square by the most
' most incompetent driver' Mercedes has ever signed, with a slower car in his hand. Come on Bottas 😁😁.


Dont be so bitter im a vettel fan but everyone makes mistakes


I feel sorry for you as your pain will never be eased. Hamilton's legacy is already set and it must be upsetting that you can't influence it.

Especially when someone one like Alonso, considered by most to be the best driver on the grid, proclaims "that Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers in the sport."

Others, like Massa, Allison, Rosberg, Brawn, and many more respected F1 insiders, experts and professionals, have also chimed in with the same conclusions and these will be the only ones who will really matter when it comes to influencing what the next generation of F1 fans will think of Hamilton 50 years down the road. Not an anonymous poster on the internet. Especially one named cheesyproof. It will be all for naught except for a few upvotes. Pity.

It's alright. Lewis may have his trophies, championships, records, accolades and riches, you will always have your upvotes.



I find it hard to understand how grown men can lower themselves to sneering at someone whose talent and commitment they seem to ignore. Is it because he am black? Not only is Lewis Hamilton an excellent racing driver, from everything I've seen he seems to be a sane, good-hearted, honest and friendly person too (when he's out of the car, obviously - they're all bastards on track 🙂


Well said👍


Nicely said !!!


If I'm commenting for upvotes what are you commenting for, last place on the overcrowded and blinged out bandwagon? Congratulations.


Nah, that's you're forte. I just gave you another upvote, actually. Just to help you out.

You should really share that upvote with Alonso, he did say that "Lewis is one of the greatest drivers in our sport and he showed that, especially in McLaren times when they were struggling. For example in 2009 that car wasn't very good and he was still winning races. Those kind of performances put him at a very high level."

Who has more credibility? Cheesyproof, a collector of upvotes or a world champion driver like Alonso, a collector of wins and titles?

Hamilton is one of the greatest according to one of the best drivers on the grid. That's legacy, right there.

Endless pain. Ouch.


He he he, that is hamilton's off track amusements. You can't relate to, but you can't get enough of him. Are we interested? No, we are serious F1 fans 😁😁😁.


cheesypoof. Shut it. He isn't the first nor the last to have crashed. Vettel did much the same in mexico (2015). Alone I might add and during the race.

Regardless, we might be treated to an ole fashion charge through the field. Exciting!! Throw in a bit of rain and things are setup nicely for a classic.


🌞 ☁

🚜 🌾🌾🌾

Time to make hay cheesy. Hopefully it provides the necessary catharsis for you! Have at it ...


@KRB since I have your permission here's one I've seen making the rounds:

Hamilton's Engineer: "Get in there Lewis, P20!"
Hamilton: "I would like to thank the fans and the team. We really have the best fans here."


Well, that is a good one (for being an F1 joke). Hamilton does have a habit of never directly answering the first question, just going into the "look at this crowd, it's amazing!" spiel. It's odd, but whatever.

You can scratch that itch better than that though! Permission granted for more ...


I don't have that much of an itch to be honest. Just call it like i see it. Perhaps you could grant me deferment to a future date?


I will say it's nice to see bright emojis for a change ☺


Was it the tractor? You like tractors, perhaps?

When did I ever use non-bright icons?


mercedes know they need hamilton for their success. without hamilton, they have not dominant car, that's why they successfully competed against the mighty mclaren for his services.


I thought the he was 2-3/10ths slower than he should’ve been based on the performance of that Mercedes over the weekend so far.


F zero, here you are again popping up on the wrong thread! I guess you are talking about Bottas? I bet he is gutted to have missed out on those extra points for being further on pole....


Ocon would’ve been 3/10ths faster in that car.


F zero, so Perez would have been half a second faster? Silly Mercedes....


Guess Hamilton isn't great at delivering when the title battled is done and dusted...

Bottas juuuuuust did enough, I thought this track would lean Mercedes going into the weekend, but I think Vettel will be a treat during the race obviously. Hamilton will be aiming to get in amongst the top 5.


Kind of a shame that Lewis has already won the championship. If Vettel were still pursuing with a chance to catch him this would make for a much more interesting race.


hamilton is not concerned about ifs.


How could you possibly know what Hamilton is concerned about?
Unless you are of course Hamilton himself, it would explain all the praise you give him (yourself)
My advice to you Lewis, stop commenting here and focus on the race, it will be a tough one for you.


i am not hamilton but hamilton tells us a lot more about what’s on his mind than the entire field. that’s how i know that it doesn’t concern him..


And apparently he's not concerned about offs either... 🙂


People with Hamilton's amount of money are not concerned about ifs and offs, they only really worry about affs.
In case you're wondering, affidavits.


you’re right random 79..he’s not concerned about offs. look back at the season and find out how many of them he has had compared with poles and race wins..


Lewis going off with that camera position, on a proper track, actually gave a great sense of speed that these F1 cars are going and a proper loud noise with all 4 tyres screaming, louder than the PU!

Fastest looking and sounding moment of the year!

Brave man James, going straight up to Lewis as he sheepishly arrived back, nice try 😉


I thought it was in bad taste what James did. Nevertheless he has a job to do.


Eh?! Bad taste! Nope.

Is your Lewis too precious to explain how he binned it?!

It's Lewis who has a job to do and part of that job is speaking to the media,

...whether he has stuck the most glued down easy to driver car in F1 history and still put it in the tyre barriers because he has forgotton how to control a snap oversteer moment (as Massa did) because his works Mercedes has been so on-rails the last four years...

...or whether he has tottered round for an easy victory with the most expensive, dominant, reliable PU ever, detuned after the first three laps to preserve reliability and hide dominance, after being handed pole on a plate from his only rival a poor no2 driver, whilst Dan, Fernando, Max, Kimi, Sainz, Ocon etc show great racecraft, battle each other and actually have to overtake during the race. 😉

Nevermind, he should podium that car in the race, unless his mind is on the Isle of Man, or Guernsey, or Monaco, or the Virgin Islands or Jet leasing structures between multiple companies or whether to book that flight on EasyJet for his personal holiday this year 😉

Enjoy the race everyone, the Brazilian bowl is an excellent track.


Quite the rant Clarks, very imaginitive!!


Unconventional way for Hamilton to assist Botas. I would enjoy tomorrow's start if we could be able to see Singapore 2.0. I say to Felipe, please don't play the emotional game again, no more Massa farewell drama!


Will be nice if judgment might prevail during the start, but we have two V's in the mix and someone's going to try something, if history repeats itself, eh?


No time and position for Lewis from qualification but at least he will have pile of fresh tyres for tomorrow's race. And will have fresh engine too.


I asked this question yesterday. Now I got my answer.

Nice help without actually helping. Bottas still had to do his job and did so by outqualifying the driver he is trying to beat to 2nd place in the standings.

Way to go, Valterri! Let's see what happens tomorrow.


Lewis was a man on an isle in Paradise today. The only top driver who crashed out.
It makes you wonder, when rookie and 3rd rated driver Bottas gets poles and wins GPs with that Merc what Rosberg, Vettel or Verstappen could have done with it.

It's like you pay for something that is worth 20 bucks and you get 4 bucks back for no reason at all. Funny.


It makes you wonder, when rookie and 3rd rated driver Bottas gets poles and wins GPs with that Merc what Rosberg, Vettel or Verstappen could have done with it.

Too bad Verstappen decided he isn't ready yet to have a go at battling Hamilton in the same car, signing with Red Bull, and Vettel would better have a tired Raikonnen besides him than a top notch colleague.
Rookies, I won't comment on that, I can only say I would love to see another take of the 2007 season - between a World champion and a very fast rookie.


Vet bot ham top 3 tomorrow. And I'm not a ham fan.kimi the weakest link


Shame to see rbr back off the pace so much again. 6 tenths for max and a full second for ric even.

I hope it rains tomorrow and that kimi finds some pace to beat seb.


All the Lewis bashing is very childish. Nobody can ever take away his record as much as the wailers would wish.
I just hope Bottas does the job and Verstappen 2nd.


Tbh it's only that way because the LHFC is hilariously touchy and sensitive to anything that involves the word Lewis and not followed by "his highness.


Rockman, you may care to look again at the original comments on this thread, are you sure that they are all fair and even handed? Does anyone over react to a pretty run of the mill error from a driver?


I agree with the bashing. Who cares. It will be a cracking race tomorrow. No rain forecasted but we've got some fast cars coming through the field and the battle at front should be interesting as well. I heard the RBR race pace especially in hands of Max is very strong unlike their qualifying pace. I expect some fireworks between Seb and Max there as well. Bring it on!


Sky gave you a shout out, James! I think it was Crofty when Hamilton got back to the pits after his crash.


Get in there Valterri, great lap from him, I really thought Seb was going to get pole, but Bottas just pipped him. Good job from Massa and Alonso, amusing spat between the Renault and Torro Rosso bosses, did anything else happen? I'm struggling to remember.....


Seb should have had pole, he said it himself. He lost too much time into turn 1.


Krb, they did a side by side comparison on the Sky coverage, it was a big difference. Maybe Lewis should start all the races from the pit lane until the end of the season, will be fun for him, and us.


Was following qualifying on the F1 official lap. During the final run , Ricciardo who was behind Vettel as they left the pits overtook and Vettel appeared to back off to create a gap to Ricciardo.

Did it affect his tyre temperature and compromise his final run ?


It’s obvious Lewis wasn’t gonna be in a talking mood after what happened, but what did you try to ask him when he arrived back at the paddock?


James clearly confused him for DR James as we know he would've done the right thing and said a few words .


I dunno sars, I remember Dan blanking a kid who wanted his autograph after Dan had had a bad day at the office. Totally fine with me, these are top sportsman we’re talking about. But if we’re gonna put it on a scale, what’s worst, blanking a kid or blanking JA.
I’m sure it’s not the first time Mr Allen has been blanked by a driver. Not sure about the kid🍻


Sars, I'm sure your idol would have done exactly that....


Unlike your fine self Tim I dont idolize anyone. .


Hmm, I recall after Ricciardo binned it in Australia qualifying, as he walking back in the paddock, a kid approached him and DR totally blanked him.

Not really the right thing to do, but understandable in the circumstances.

Of course people always remember it more if it's Hamilton doing it.


I dont remember RIC saying much about how much he loves his fans, and how the fans are the most important part, he dosent talk himself up to epic proportions.
So DR doing it dosent make him a hypocrite, its the main reason people bring it up about LH i guess


That kids had a Hawks jersey on...
Nuff said!


Clearly the kid shouldnt have said "Hey Lewis, can I have an autograph."


Before Spa, Bottas was only 17 points behind Hamilton.
Something happened.

Tornillo Amarillo

Did you all see Hamilton on TV, he was angry with himself and so fast going around to our loved journalist James Allen!

Tornillo Amarillo

To show greatness tomorrow Hamilton should win this... I hope, nothing to lose.

A Merc 1-2 even VB winning would be great.


Not what we wanted. These things happen, all to play for tomorrow. Lewis on a charge tomorrow should be exciting. Excellent pole, Mr Robottas.


Its great to see Lewis finally helping his team mate, i was wrong about him, but deliberately crashing his car is an extreme way to do it, though he would have been better off in P2 so he could back up the Ferraris.
Just like our lord and savior, Hamilton works in mysterious ways.


The LHFC would like to submit a correction.

"Our lord and savior, Hamilton works in mysterious ways."

Kind Regards,


Its sad that the LHFC hysteria has gone so far that this kind of comment is even becoming funny!


I was amazed on Lewis's interview afterwards. Thinking how mature and graceful it was, . . . Then, Oh! Wait.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Hi James,
What did Vasseur say to make the Honda chief laugh in the principles presser? Must be the first time he laughed all year!


For few seconds, its kind of scary to see lewis motionless after the crash.


Mr Marmite strikes again Out of the car or just listening to his whining on the radio I just can’t stand him but watching him race under pressure is a joy. So hopefully the race with him cutting through from the back ( with the sound off) should be fun.


He is not the contestant in the big brother house. You can't vote him out. And do you really want to see him come through the fields 😁😁.


Good try getting a interview with Hamilton after he crashed James ha


Lance stroll is hopeless. I love williams but they had better get another good driver for next year, stupid deals they have got themselves into havent helped eg. MARTINI 26yr old plus requirement and canadian millions that come with an anchor in the seat.


I actually think the Willams car has been really really good this year. With the new hires of more serious people, especially now with Paddy Lowe as their CTO. Expect it to become even better next year. With long over-due Massa and then a rookie starting in F1 way too soon, no wonder they could not bring it further up the grid. With Strolls money they are stuck with him also next season and its challenging to see which really good lead driver Williams could hire to lead them through 2018 and back to glory. The team and car could be so much more, but they need better drivers!


Gaz Boy. I've never really rated Alonso as highly as some do, but your explanation of what makes him so good was enlightening. He's still not the best though.


A few silly comments about Hamilton I noticed, just because he spun out? A couple of things need to be taken into account. Firstly Merc have decisively won the manufacturers championship. Secondly Hamilton has done the same with the drivers championship, so the pressure is off. It is not uncommon for anyone in high pressure situations to make mistakes when the pressure is off. It's something we talk to employees in high risk work. People relax let their minds wander at the end of the job because they no longer see the need to put in 100%.
I think Merc have already said they are treating these last few races as testing. I'm not saying this is absolutely true but I think it is a possibility that Hamilton just relaxed a bit to much and made a simple mistake, that's all.
Also I'm not sure he will bust a gut tomorrow he has no need to. He may just enjoy the racing without any expectations of winning.


I am looking forward to the race. Bottas has an opportunity to shine and I hope he does. He did great at the start of the season so hopefully he finishes on a high and with renewed confidence. Unfortunate for Lewis but it happens - he has hardly made any mistakes this season so a major one like this after pressure is off is allowed. Doesn't seem like rain will be in the cards for the race but hopefully we get some good old fashion gloves off racing. Prediction hope: Bottas/Max/Vettel. However, more likely will be Vettel/Bottas/Max.


Normally the comments on this site are better than this.


Maybe just a reflection of a predictable (and thereby boring, little to write about-) Qualifier, except for Hamilton spinning off in Q1?


It would be nice to see Bottas win another one. Vettel will probably get him if it's hot and doesn't rain. If it does rain anything can happen. I would like to see someone that hasn't won one.

You know Hamilton's rear wheels locked too much. With those engines having generator/motors in the rear Hamilton had the settings wrong. Bottas didn't do that but the track is supposed to be hotter but that place is near a rain forest. He was fast in qualifying. He beat Vettel.

He is getting better.


A little bit of help and clarification of the rules needed here.
LH has had a new engine, turbo and MGU-H unit fitted so will he incur penalties for the final race?


The penalties are handed out for the race start where you use the new engine components. As Hamilton is starting from the pitlane, all in the back, then the penalties are already applied without you may obviously notice it. And not any pending either for the next races going forward.
Much as McLaren incurred a record 105-place grid penalty a few years back at Spa. But such penalties are ultimately meaningless following a rule change which means the maximum sanction is to go to the back of the grid and starting last and all is 'reset' from then onwards. ;o)


Just sayin, I think the penalties are all served in this race.


Did the steering column on that Mercedes, go?

For the ninety degree angles that Lewis was turning that steering wheel, the front wheels were not changing direction as much as I thought they should, if at all.


Hi James,
I fear that your blog is being dragged down into the gutter by the continual trolling by some commenters. Heaven help if a commenter states that they like/dislike a particular driver ... the bile and personal abuse is disgraceful. Many of the long-time commenters will respond with reasoned arguments to refute the initial comments but this just fuels the bigotry and venom of the replies. This is not why I visit your site.
Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way. Maybe you’re happy to get big numbers of comments to each article, regardless of their contents?? If so, that’s fine, i’ll have to go elsewhere, which is a real shame.
I’m not against a bit of banter and sarcasm, we’re not all going to feel the same way about a driver or an incident - i’m happy to hear a different side of the argument and i’ve even been persuaded to change my view on various matters by other comments, but the hate filled comments are getting to be too much.
But, if as i suspect, others feel this way too - can i please encourage you and your moderator team to implement some policies to get the blog back onto its original and preferred track.


Couldn’t have put it better myself Axel.


Ok please call out the culprits and we’ll put a closer watch On them



I’ll kick it off, it’s the childish people who are spoiling the site.... This happened to MCN and the forum is dead. A small handful of idiots turned it into a mud slinging contest between themselves over their favourite riders. Roughly half of forums turn into Hamilton vs anti-Hamilton on here now, and I’m close to switching off again for a while - last done when Sebee monopolised the forum.

On here, and in no particular order at the moment.

TimW, he keeps the trolls going rather than trolling himself I admit.
Avelii and Tornillo - for incomprehensible gibberish half the time, they seem like Beavis and Butthead most days.
Clarks4wheeldrift - he’s just offensive on most posts.
Cheesypoof - who should just be banned immediately to be honest, I think he’s an idiot, and his username is unacceptable nowadays even to a dinosaur like me.
John - the first post here should have been wiped immediately.
Sebee when he constantly repeats about V10s. He’s got a point, but give it a rest. Also when he puts inane drivel in the middle of posts irrelevant to the subject.

Is there no way to add a report as offensive option against posts? I realise it’s time consuming, and costs money to a site that’s free to us though. Or just create a specific place for the Hamilton and non Hamilton fans to have free reign so the rest of us can partake in some decent exchanges on the pertinent subjects.

Anyone who writes “Ha ha” etc or “end of”, or “just saying”. Or “get in there”, or “lights out and away we go”. It’s sheep mentality writing, akin to chanting the same old guff at darts tournaments like sheep.

A few direct emails saying that your contribution is not in keeping with a good forum’s spirit, without specifics, might be enough to modify people’s behaviour.

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