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Think pink: US GP promoter Bobby Epstein on why Austin F1 event will be special
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Oct 2017   |  9:31 pm GMT  |  80 comments

Next week Formula 1 will be in Austin, Texas for the sixth running of the United States Grand Prix at the purpose-built venue.

The US GP has slotted in well to the F1 calendar and is a popular event with F1 and with its fans, taking in music and a festival atmosphere that is also part of the game plan of Liberty Media going forward.

This year there is a new initiative, which will certainly catch the eye as the Circuit of the Americas, Formula 1 and the Texas-based Susan G Komen charity paint key parts of the race weekend pink, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The hashtag F1 teams, drivers and others will rally around for the weekend will be #driveforthecure.

JA on F1 spoke to Epstein about the upcoming weekend.

JA: Tell me about the 2017 race. How’s it all coming together?

“This being our sixth year – it’s much smoother and we’re able to focus on even adding more things for the fans. A big area of our focus is the fan experience, and while the F1 race itself is less than two hours, we have over 12 hours of entertainment each day. We will continue to grow the festival side of the experience.

“The concerts absolutely work. People, when they buy a ticket, they’re buying it for entertainment and whether you’re a fervent F1 fan, a racing fan or just a fan of a good time with friends and family, we try and create an experience that fits it all.”

Did you see F1’s audience breakdown into groups such as ‘Excitables’, ‘Purists’, ‘Sociables’, and so on? They’ve identified the US and China as two areas that need a lot of resources because that’s where they feel that the greatest growth is coming from. They’re mirroring your efforts and it’s like the sport has moved towards your approach.

“Well we took a lot of heat and criticism for it because the racing purists were a little resistant at first, but we found the people can only focus so much of their attention on the racing. However, we could still give them a lot more.

“The answer to your question is that it makes common sense to go where the money is.”

It definitely seems to be working. What have you experienced so far nine months into the new F1 management, with Chase Carey and Sean Bratches? What have you seen so far and what are the pros and cons of their changes?

“Well, we’ve seen an internal enthusiasm just explode within F1, employees and management which is encouraging to us. In terms of substantive changes, I think we’ll see those over time.

“I think everyone’s learning their roles. A lot of new roles, so we’ll see. They haven’t been here yet, into the circuit yet. So let’s wait and see. I don’t know if they fully realise what they have here.”

I see. Might Austin be an underexploited asset?

“Yep. I love the way you called it an ‘underexploited asset’, I wish I used that. That’s really well put because there are so many opportunities here and ways you could establish a real showcase ‘home-base’ for F1 in the US, and I think they’ll appreciate that much more after they experience it.

“If [F1 management] don’t leave the paddock area it’s very hard for them to really appreciate how much it’s grown this year.

“We’ve added two new huge areas, particularly the infield we’re opening a large infield in the track surrounds and this year fans will be able to go in there and there’s a whole party zone with everything from demonstrations, rides and sports bars to being able to be surrounded by the cars by almost 360 degrees.”

Like Turn 1 at Indianapolis: Chaos.

“The snakepit, we’ll take that.”

You’ve always said that you want more races in your timezone which help spread the word about your sport, so it certainly looks as though they’re going to put some sort of second race in the US into a “destination city”, like Miami or New York, presumably a street race. You’d welcome that?

“We do. I think absolutely anything that brings attention to the sport helps it grow. If it [a race in destination city] doesn’t add to the true growth of the fan base, then it just hurts the promoters.”

Where are you at with your relationship with them? How much longer are you on the hook for with thisor is it open-ended in terms of renewing a race at COTA. Where are we?

“Oh. I’ll keep that confidential.”

But you’ve got a few years ahead?

“We do.”

Well. Let’s hope you get that.

“I hope so.”

So now, the Breast Cancer Awareness event, tell me about how COTA is painting everything pink for the GP?

“So it’sI don’t know if its a campaign in other countries butin the US a pink ribbon, and the pink symbol and the pink theme, especially at sporting events have come to represent the cause of the campaign to raise both awareness and money for breast cancer research. And so this year at the US Grand Prix, there’ll be a lot of pink and the goal is simply to raise money.

“F1 is partnering with the Susan G Komen foundation to raise awareness for breast cancer research and I think using the global platform of F1 to raise awareness is of tremendous value to those people whose lives would be bettered by those advancements to breast cancer research.

“Over a half million people die every year due to breast cancer and tremendous strides are being made in the search for cures and treatments.

“I grew up less than two miles from the Susan Komen foundation as their headquarters are in Dallas and I watched them grow and it’s nice to see them making great strides towards treatment. People may not realise that but the research and research facility are in Houston as well as the Susan Komen facility in Dallas so it’s a great effort and Texas has been [important] to cancer research and breast cancer research.

“So that’s what we’ll try and do this year: help the cause.”

“The [Susan Komen foundation] believe that they could have the death rate halved in 10 years.

“And I think they’re well on their way, so people around the track or the drivers, they’ll be aware of it. So great strides are being made.”

[Note: there will be many highly visible aspects to this programme during the GP weekend as the Komen Foundation stages someting of a takeover on F1, which has not been done before. Even the microphones on the podium will be pink, we are told.]

ESPN is taking over from NBC to broadcast F1 in the USA. What are your thoughts on that?

“NBC was a very good partner to us but I can absolutely see what ESPN wants to do for the sport and Sean’s got a strong background there and I think he’ll know their strengths, make the most of them and know how best to use them.”

Finally the championship battle: We’ll saw what happened in Japan but it’s been a great championship with Ferrari vs Mercedes, Hamilton vs Vettel. Your thoughts on the sporting spectacle and the competition?

“It’s fantastic. I think the race, the battle has been even closer than the points show today. Hamilton’s dominated the last several years at our circuit but I think it’s been just clearly a result of the car. So this year, I’m excited to see what happens.

“But I don’t want to upset Lewis to say it’s just been the car! He’s been a good friend to us, but I think he’ll have a battle on his hands.”

Ferrari vs Mercedes is kind of exciting, two big names that everyone in America understands.

“Absolutely. Did you just automatically count Red Bull out?”

I’m talking about the championship battle this year.

“I know! But those guys did OK last week.”

Oh yeah they’re in the fight for the race win.

“You know what, I have to say we really focus on who’s gonna win the race and our fans are really focused on that, more so than thinking about what happens over the whole year.”

Are you excited about the US GP this year? Have your say in the comment section below.

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Its way better than Indy ever was and there’s always lots of action drama (smash at the start of the 2013 race) and overtaking. Often at the sharp end of the field. Looking forward to it!

Tornillo Amarillo

It’s not in COTA where Hamilton can win his 4th WDC,
but in Singapore where Vettel lost his… He got a 28 points deficit there with few races left. Vettel could only blame himself.


Too much pink
and a driver may think
. . here comes the red mist.


Great track. Yes, I’m excited. But, if LH gets pole again, unfortunately it’ll be a snore at the front.


Well did make a comment about what a great track I thought Austin (COTA) was but it seemed not to make it past the forum cops. I did wonder though how they will administer track limits here because I have seen some insane ‘off-piste’ manouvres during a recent LM/IMSA sports car race in which it was quite possible (it seemed) to be overtaken almost in the car park! Epstein’s comments regarding the infield entertainment reminds me of several years of attending the Talladega 500 (in Bill Elliott days), staying in the obligatory infield Winnebago. It was definitely an experience and one I learned to keep at arms length as midnight approached and the fireworks appeared. I guess Epstein’s “Sports Bars” will offer a similar level of denim clad mayhem. If you are an overseas visitor, then an All American Infield Motor Race Race Experience should be a bucket list item.


I really hope they have a race in the north east, anywhere from Boston to DC. Huge potential with the dense population. I wonder what happened to the street circuit in Jersey with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop.

I like the Austin track, and hope to catch a race there in the next couple of years. I think F1 is starting to catchup more in the US. Good to have 3 races in the same time zone. Lets hope for a cracker of a race!


COTA is a wonderful track that promotes great racing. The event promoters really put on an eventful weekend. They do it right! I think JT is headlining the concert along with Stevie Wonder.


I really like the COTA race, so I hope it does go from strength to strength. Any additional activities which boost the weekend can also be adopted by the other races to improve their viability, so it’s good for other great tracks, like Silverstone.


Interesting that it’s the race that they’re mostly focused on rather than the championship.
American driver needed perhaps?
As for the rest…..it’s all just bla bla bla.
Racing flat out,without DRS between several potential winners would fill every stadium across the globe and music concerts etc would give the family something to do too.


It’s the same with the 500 here in the States. People care about who wins that race but only the real true Indy fans (which there are few) care about who wins the championship.


Austin is clearly the best of the new teacks, (in the regrettable absence of Turkey) and I always look forward to the race. The first sector is especially impressive, the elevation change into t1 always seems to create incidents, and the single file fast sweepers following it really show the speed of the cars.
It seems the Americans are showing the way in terms of making the whole race weekend a more attractive package, although progress has been made at some of the traditional tracks, clearly they still have a long way to go. Taylor Swift was a master stroke last year, Austin is very much on my “must go there one day” list.


It’s definitely on my go to list as well, probably not next year but the year after (assuming it hasn’t collapsed under its own weight by then…)


Andrew, might see you there! Was thinking of back to backing it with Mexico, but not sure Im brave enough…


I think Epstein is in step with Liberty and i expect the promotion of F1 will be exponential. Each race weekend needs to be a carnival or Entertainment.


Time is a great healer. Long forgotten the ugly 6 cars race in indy


Cause-related marketing – using marketing strategies in a partnership to benefit both a social cause and an enterprise. The cause receives attention and funds. The enterprises’ public image is enhanced, which ultimately leads to more profits.

The United States Virtue Signalling Grand Prix lol. How much of the NFL’s “pink money” makes it to breast cancer research?


The interview turned out more interesting than I expected. I’m glad Bobby is excited about Liberty. But hasn’t the state funding cut this year? I thought the Austin race is on the verge of collapse until I read this report.

Looking st the pictures I thought it was Italy lol.

Tornillo Amarillo

the Komen Foundation stages someting of a takeover on F1, which has not been done before. Even the microphones on the podium will be pink, we are told.]


But the only pink I like is Pink Floyd.


Good taste my man👍


@TA…you have my 100% agreement. The ‘Floyd’ are, IMO, the greatest band ever. I never tire of listening to them and my old boss was the guy who worked to get ‘The Wall’ into production as the best live concert ever. He also was instrumental in getting Sid Barnes ‘the original Crazy diamond’ into the studios. I have attended only one Floyd concert but it remain as one of my lifetime ‘best experiences’.


Sid Barnes? – I think you meant Syd Barrett


@ Warley…Of course i meant Barrett..how silly of me to make such a basic error. I knew when i typed it that it was wrong but didn’t bother to check!!!! Win some lose some…but at least you were on to it quick smart.


The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think,
Oh, by the way, which one’s Pink?

Tornillo Amarillo

The name is derived from the given names of two blues musicians whose Piedmont blues records Barrett had in his collection, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.


Floyd is the pink one


I am more of a Pink Panther fan….surprised he isn’t used with the cancer awareness promotions….


Maybe Penelope Pitstop will make an appearance!


Shine on Tornilo….


I’m glad we (US) have the Austin race. Excited… only if there is competition from multiple teams for the win.


An interesting interview James. I fully understand the focus being directed on the ‘experience’ but to followers like us/me who are restricted to the TV presentation the ‘experience’ matters little in the grand scheme of things such as, racing. The COTA is one of the very best layouts we get to see ‘racing’ on and it is, IMO, a ‘New World Spa’. The flowing nature of the circuit has provided some great racing over the years and hopefully we’ll see more of this next weekend. A damp track would be even better!. Epstein’s comments re the series leader will no doubt seriously upset the HSG and we can expect to hear/see vehement denials from them but then that is the benefit of open discussion and free speech. This track should be right up the Mercedes alley as in previous years. Hopefully this year may prove to be the exception but i’m not at all confident that this will be the case. With luck i’ll be proved wrong…….


I don’t see pink at Austin but we could see Ferrari Red. In the end Hammy only needs 42 points in 4 races even with Vettel getting 100 points it won’t matter now.

There is lots other stuff to do at Austin like listening to some popular music stars of some sort.

Hamilton can even win if it’s cool but alas it will probably be hot and then rain or the other way around.

Yeah I think we should wait and see but Silver also looks good here. Tire temps and reliability will be key


Austin is a great track as Kenneth mentions below to add a bit of fizz to the spectacle like Jordan’s approach mid to late 90’s…..hey its Texas perhaps a bit of Gas Monkey?


We have been to many Formula 1 circuits around the world and have to say we thoroughly enjoyed the race at COTA. Like SPA and Silverstone, every F1 fan should do this one at least once.


Supporting and raising breast cancer awareness is a great task for the COTA and F1 to take on. I look forward to the pink podium microphones!

But the real and ever-so-slightly uncomfortable question is will Lewis take a knee? I admire Lewis for the strength of his convictions and his independence of thought. But has he got the kahunas of, say, Colin Kaepernick?

And what would Toto, Niki and Mercedes have to say about it?


Doesn’t it all lose its impact if a sportsperson is ‘shamed’ (read Blackmailed) into it by people like you?
With races in Russia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain etc, it’s quite clear that politics has no place in F1


Huh? I think he would be ill advised protesting.

Lewis himself said he was ‘considering’ taking a knee.

Do you really think he could be persuaded (shamed – very odd choice of words) by posts from members of the F1 loving public?

I think you misjudge him immensely…


As he is not a US citizen it would be an odd gesture

US is a critical market for Mercedes so I would imagine that whole scenario has been talked through and the plan is in place


Not sure why it would seem like an “odd gesture”, if he’s doing it to show support for those who are peacefully protesting the way things are currently going in America?

I’m not sure it’d be such a wise move, from a commercial perspective, but I’m not sure it would equate to “odd”. There are a lot of people around the world that are upset about the way racial and political issues are being dealt with by America, and America seeks to portray itself as a world leader or influencer on so many topics. What would be wrong with peacefully protesting the way things are done and/or supporting those that are doing the same?


The whole kneeling during the anthem thing has turned into a huge farce. The guy that started the whole thing was adopted and raised in a comfortable home by middle class Caucasians. It is widely suspected that he started the whole protest thing as a way to distract from the fact that he had been benched on his sports team because of poor play over several seasons.


I’d rather see Lewis in a #Blacklivesmatter t shirt…maybe remind people what taking a knee is all about.


Mercedes politics aside it entirely inappropriate. Stay out of our internal matters that do not concern you and do not disrespect our flag our country and our servicemen! Show up, race and go home and be a social justice warrior in our own country. The UK has plenty of issues of its own for HAM to get involved in.


There are many people who would support that, including myself and everyone I know.


Those are my thoughts also, Lewis is very popular here at COTA, don’t give fans the excuse to boo you Lewis ..
We have enough to contend with at the moment ..


I agree it would appear odd James, but Lewis is a single minded character, with a strong affinity to black American culture.
And he is in a unique position to make a point.
I hope common sense precludes him making an unwise choice.
I’d rather be reading about the rise of Red Bull, Ferrari’s reliability (please!) and the Championship battle.
But Lewis did hint he was ‘considering’ the knee..


Yes I’d rather be reading that too, but you started it and seemingly not satisfied with the lukewarm response you have repeated it, to, guess what? Even more lukewarm response. Time for a motor race. We can get all that stuff ad infinitum ad nauseum every time we turn on our TV sets.


As someone who is committed to exposing racial injustice, I appreciate the sentiment of Lewis, but he has too many corporate bosses to appease, even though theoretically he has more than enough power to do as he pleases.
The message and narrative has been significantly shifted so kneeling is look at as a flag protest and not an anti-injustice protest, so he has very little to gain by taking a knee.
Plus, he is not from here, and even though you are black everywhere, it doesn’t make much sense for him to do so, even though we over here know hes riding with and for us.
Just throw up the fist while standing on the car after the win in an ode to Carlos, Smith and Norman and that will resonate with many who get it, and shut up the many people trying to obfuscate the real issue.


Are you excited about the US GP this year?

Yes – I really like the track as well as all the razzmatazz that goes with the US GP.
Hurry up next weekend 🙂


@ C63……You sometimes amaze me. Not one comment about Epstein’s summary of Hamilton’s COTA performances? I simply can’t believe it…very very strange. I thought you’d be on to that like a starved pit bull with a couple of barbecued spareribs. It’s only Bobby Epstein and what would he know…..


You sometimes amaze me

I guess I’m just an amazing sort of person – or maybe you’re easily amazed. Who knows? Not you at any rate 🙂
Seriously though – who is Bobby Epstein (in this context)? Is he a noted judge of drivers abilities or his he just another promoter saying something marginally controversial in order to generate a bit of free publicity? Personally I’m amused (did you see what I did there?) at how you have just shrugged off Mark Webber’s comments regarding Hamilton – now there is a man who, without a shadow of a doubt, knows what he’s talking about when it comes to racing drivers, and you just say that you disagree. On what grounds do you disagree? How can you not bow to his clearly superior knowledge on the subject? Surely you just have to accept that he is right and that you are wrong.


@ C63 [mr.amazing] There you go introducing straw issues. Why not simply address the point i made? Desperation stakes..no? I saw that you chose to ignore Epstein’s comments whereas if i or any other poster dared to suggest what Epstein has said you’d be at their throats in an instant. Never mind C63, your boy has got it in the bag and all your ‘faux’ protests about his remote chances of failure, like last year, will be dispensed with and replaced by joyous euphoria the likes we have not witnessed since ’15. [ Thankfully ]


Ha! Coming from you Kenny. .that’s more than a little rich. Still….you crack on. I enjoy all the comments from you, Sars etc . All that matters is that lewis keeps racking up those wins and championship’s. …because…when all is said and done, that is the only undisputable metric that exists in F1. As you were.


@ Dean….That’s our mission in life, to keep you amused. You must be super delighted that your ‘boy’ has got it in the bag so to speak. Bobby Epstein nailed it. Enjoy COTA.


dared to suggest what Epstein has said you’d be at their throats

First of all, that is simply untrue kenneth. I rarely get involved with other posters on such issues – I think you are confusing me with other Hamilton supporters. I tend to pick up on inconsistencies. For instance; someone who repeats comments from Mark Webber as if they were gospel one minute and then the next says that Mark Webber is wrong – despite having called him forward as the expert witness for the prosecution just the week before. Or perhaps someone who will lecture other posters repeatedly about how the stewards are all seeing and all wise, but as soon as a driver they don’t support gets the rub of the green they suggest the stewards don’t always get it right (check back over the comments if you don’t believe me).
Secondly, I did address your point – I asked you who is, or what qualifies, Bobby Epstein to judge a drivers abilities? You chose not to answer that question and headed off on a rambling tirade about how the WDC is in the bag and how I’m just pretending that I don’t agree. Well, I don’t know how to convince you – but the honest truth is I don’t believe it is over. Yes, I agree that it will be difficult for Vettel – but, as it is not yet impossible, it is a matter of fact that it is not yet in the bag. When (if) that happens I will indeed be joyous, although I’m not sure that will I be euphoric. I will keep you posted….


all the razzmatazz

It will be interesting to see how Michael Buffer does the introductions….


Have they really got the ‘leeeeeeeet’s get ready to rumblllllllllllle’ man doing the announcing. I hope so – he’s worth the Sky subscription on his own 🙂


Michael Buffer is well-known. Bruton Smith, the man whom I think can meld his club circuit and sportscar experience circuits with some car parks to make a USGP West at his Las Vegas megaplex, has hired him to be part of NASCAR introductions at Las Vegas and most notably Bristol (where the drivers are treated similar to baseball players’ turn at bat, Buffer announces the position the driver starts, the walkup music plays, then the driver introduces himself). Buffer does his schtick about seven minutes before the race starts, then introduces the grand marshal.

Typically the NASCAR and INDYCAR race procedure has a portable stage where dignitaries are positioned stage left, the driver walks out of a door, and as he is introduced, the driver then proceeds to meet the dignitaries, then is ridden across the track in a truck (two at a time, often with a commentator assigned).

Buffer is arguably boxing’s most well known ring announcer.

The change to ESPN has a concern — broadcast starts at 7:55 AM Charlotte (Haas F1 headquarters) time, and ends at 10:00 AM Charlotte time for European races, no pre or post race.


Why is all this necessary? Seems like standard US ‘fluff and candy’.


That’s completely unfair. Rosberg bettered 7 times WDC Schumacher when they were partnered, the only one ever to do so. Ok, Michael may have been winding down, but he was no slouch and a decent benchmark.


Thanks for the update/info. I always look forward to the race at the COTA as I think the track layout is great – as Kenneth mentions below, it’s reminiscent of Spa with the elevation changes – but my anticipation of the race has gone up a notch or two now that I know Mr Buffer will be doing the announcing 🙂


ESPN have announced it. The pre-race activities have been preponed by 15 minutes to allow for this.

External Link: http://www.espn.in/f1/story/_/id/20990122/legendary-boxing-announcer-michael-buffer-introduce-f1-drivers-us-grand-prix


Excellent news 🙂


Is he the American equivalent of Eddie Jordan?


@ C63…You ‘expect that i won’t like him’ ? I’ve never heard of him but anyone who’s claim to fame is some silly vanilla ‘catchcry’ doesn’t get me excited at all. As i originally asked…is he the US’s version of Eddie jordan who apes WWF intros which are patently ‘passe’ in the 21st century ?


He’s much better than EJ – but each to his own I guess. I bet you the crowd will go wild when he does the announcements of the drivers over the PA.


@ C63…so, if that happens, what does that say about the crowd?


if that happens, what does that say about the crowd?

That they like it, approve or otherwise are enjoying themselves? What do you think it says about them?


Cheap superficial thrills. Like standard sight and sound gags delivered on nauseous sitcoms. Maybe we’ll get to see Mickey Mouse handing out the trophies….


I said you wouldn’t like him, and I was right. Tune in a bit later and spare yourself the pain or just go with the flow – what’s it matter? It’s one race out of 20 and a lot of people will enjoy it. It’s no big deal.
Ps – if they could get Mickey Mouse handing out the trophies I reckon that would be great 🙂


He’s the let’s get ready to rumble guy, who announces boxing/wrestling matches, even did the movies with Rocky and Creed….


He’s the guy who’s catch phrase is let’s get ready to rumble. I don’t suppose you like him 🙁


“…but I think it’s been just clearly a result of the car…”
Thank you Bobby. We all know that, add reliability and you get Mercedes the best F1 car ever. Even ‘lame’ Nico got a title. Over rated championships.
And thank Bobby. Again. Indeed the only good thing remaining is focusing on race wins till the end of this championship. Max, Ricci, Ocon, and Seb


When ROS who was nowhere in anyone’s say top 50 F1 driver walks away with a WDC indeed its the car… Don’t be ashamed to say it. Even ROS was smart enough to recognize it and left with his title. How could he improve?


I don’t see how even a detractor could ever accuse Rosberg of being ‘lame’. And how dare Hamilton win championships with the best car. I mean, that’s never happened before…


Oh brother, F1. You couldn’t let Force India be the only pink thing around here?

1. I recommend reading this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_G._Komen_for_the_Cure

2. Check those charity ratings!

3. Don’t be surprised to learn the CEO of this charity takes home $700,000+ – way more than CEO of Red Cross who manages vastly larger sums.

Personally, I can’t wait till the promising progress being made in cancer research makes this unnecessary. Reading some medical research, it seems we’ve made some serious progress recently.


$700,000+ Hmmmm, they say that Charity begins at home! Anyway it is good so see that COTA are involved in the awareness campaign. I expect it will be an excuse for some of the female fans do dust off their anti-Trump pink pussy hats from last year! I agree that progress is being made with treatment but there are political considerations associated with access. A big issue in the UK is the high cost of the new drugs. I know two people being treated, one aged 34 has inoperable and metastisized BC which is being kept at bay with some clever drugs that have a nominal cost of over £90,000UK a year. The other is older and her drugs, One of which is Everolimus are also costly but not as much as the first case. The UK national health service negotiates “access agreeements” with the drug companies – it seems they do not use the term ‘discount’! – but the reality iss that if the drugs are expensive the health ecomomists do some sort of ‘cost-benefit’ analysis with some black art statistics and decide if people han have the drugs or not. It is a difficult balancing act and there have been cases particularly over the drug Herceptin where UK government ministers have become involved in individual cases. It is not all about the medicine!


Don’t be surprised to learn the CEO of this charity takes home $700,000+

Where I am, In the Netherlands, Pink Ribbon has come under flak a few years ago when it was revealed on national television that, from all the millions, only 1.8% went into cancer research. In 2010 and 2011 they did not even manage to reach this goal, and no money at all went to cancer research. Pink Ribbon defended this by stating that the purpose of their campaigns was not to raise money, but to spread awareness.


its true, the charity is a farce, that’s why its being re-branded as an ” awareness campaign. It has no business in F1 like the silly military fly-by’s.

They can keep that crap in NASCAR where it all fits in nicely.


Awareness…to these practices is the problem.


I have to say if you are Ferrari you are desperately going to be hoping for a normal dry race because if its wet I don’t give Seb a prayer of getting anywhere near Mercedes number 44 or probably RBR number 33 for that matter . If it’s wet next Sunday it’s game over in my opinion. Vettel is good wet weather driver but the Ferrari is pretty average I have to say compared to the Mercedes and RBR in damp conditions. In dry conditions Merc have the qualifying edge for this circuit in my opinion but Ferrari’s general dry race setup is easier.

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