Hamilton dominates Japanese F1 GP as Vettel challenge grinds to a halt
Posted By: Editor   |  08 Oct 2017   |  7:56 am GMT  |  349 comments

Lewis Hamilton took his fourth Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix victory as Sebastian Vettel’s championship challenge all but ended at Suzuka. After a faulty spark plug retired Vettel from the race, Hamilton’s win at Suzuka has given him a 59-point lead in the drivers’ championship.

Max Verstappen briefly challenged for the lead, but second place was his at the finish with team-mate Daniel Ricciardo third, on the podium for the first time at Suzuka. All were greeted on the podium by Indianapolis 500 winner Takuma Sato.

Hamilton tried on the Indy 500 winner’s ring in jest. “I need that ring!” he said before Toto Wolff went up to the Ferrari pitwall to offer his sympathy.

The spark plug slowed Vettel as he fell down the order on lap two, having tested Hamilton’s lead through Turn 1 to no avail. Carlos Sainz Jr went off at Degner 2 soon after, in his last race for Toro Rosso, and the Safety Car was summoned.

“Sad to close the race like this,” said his engineers after Sainz apologised to the team.

Hamilton mastered the restart as Vettel tried every combination on his steering wheel, but there was no solution and the Ferrari retired as the Mercedes pulled ahead.

Meanwhile, Raikkonen was pushed to 14th having been bumped off by Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg; Ferrari’s woes showed no signs of ending.

The recovery drive was on for Raikkonen and he jumped up to eighth by lap 10, after a Virtual Safety Car was pulled out for Marcus Ericsson’s crash at the second Degner curve.

There was no sign that Verstappen could have threatened Hamilton’s pace and it was only until Verstappen pitted midway through the race when that lead was challenged. He emerged with a marginal lead over Raikkonen.

Hamilton pitted on lap 28 but emerged behind team-mate Bottas. “Hope he’s not out for much not longer as I’m getting compromised,” said Hamilton down the radio, as he was slowed down with Verstappen right behind.

Verstappen made a move through the final chicane but Hamilton blocked successfully, and on the following straight, the grunt of the Mercedes engine showed its might as the Red Bull was left in the dust.

The Red Bull desperately hung onto the slipstream of Hamilton but on lap 31, Bottas was pitted for super-softs (to emerge in fourth) and Hamilton took advantage of the clean air in front.

However, a few laps later, Hamilton said that his rear tyres were dropping off, but he continued to lead by around two seconds and the Mercedes revelled in clean air to stretch its legs through the final laps of the race.

Bottas was catching up to Ricciardo late on for third, with Raikkonen nowhere to be seen in a distant fifth.

The Virtual Safety Car, borne out of tragedy at this grand prix where Jules Bianchi lost his life in 2014, was imposed with five laps remaining, leaving three laps to go for Verstappen to catch Hamilton for the lead, and for Bottas to catch Ricciardo for third.

Verstappen was right behind Hamilton through the Degners with two laps remaining, though backmarker Fernando Alonso slowed the Red Bull briefly in his own attempts to win a point.

Hamilton hung on, though hampered by vibrations which he blamed on the power unit. By a margin of 1.211 seconds, victory was his. Red Bull took another double-podium finish, with Ricciardo holding off Bottas by 0.901s at the chequered flag.

The Force Indias were in a battle of their own at the end of the race, but they didn’t challenge each other, as Perez was eager to attack Ocon in front. Team orders, after numerous collisions between the two this season, prevented him from doing so. Ocon took sixth behind Raikkonen, and Perez seventh.

Having finished eighth or better at Suzuka for the last five years, Hulkenberg was furious having retired on lap 42 as his DRS setting was stuck-on, and the pit crew failed to fix his rear wing.

The Haas drivers, lurking mid-pack, were pushing hard for points and the door was open through Turn 1 on lap 43. Both shoved their way past Massa who was struggling on softs.

Massa did shut the door with some wheel-to-wheel contact but Magnussen found his way ahead, eventually finishing eighth ahead of his team-mate, leaving Massa to take the last point.

In its final home race, McLaren-Honda’s torrid time was punctuated by a lack of pace throughout and the team’s decision to pit Stoffel Vandoorne and Alonso earlier than its rivals didn’t pay off – both were stuck behind Williams’ Lance Stroll as they emerged around lap 33.

Capping off an unceremonious homecoming, Alonso’s late chase of Massa didn’t stick and he finished 11th, with Vandoorne 14th.

Stroll went off late on through the Esses, nearly hitting Ricciardo in the process, to become the final retiree of the race, with his first failure to finish in 13 races.

Jolyon Palmer finished 12th in his final race for Renault before Sainz takes his seat beginning with the USA GP.

Will Hamilton seal the title at Austin in two weeks’ time? Have your say in the comment section below.

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It would have been different if there had been 2 proper safety cars out instead of the VSC’S because the pack would have caught Lewis and Max could probably won the race


Very dull race.


So when Mercedes keep repeating publicly that they are struggling, are they referring to both cars or just Bottas’s car?


So, it is game over. We knew this before this race, right? However, we also knew what a great showman LH is. “It was a very difficult race …”, “…I’ve got make sure I kind of man up and show my age and make sure that I stay ahead…”. What are you talking about LH? Ah … you … such a drama queen.


Four more races to the end of the season, how many first lap crashes can Sainz manage? If I were Renault, I’d be worried about having enough parts for him to break. Palmer might have the last laff.

Before the season started, several journalists wondered if Ferrari would be able to keep up the development of their car. They’ve failed before and it’s happened again. The Ferrari engine isn’t strong enough to be reliable through the season, if they had the qualifying mode of the Mercedes, they’d probably blow up every other race. Both Renault and Ferrari have had over 3 years to improve their engines and catch up with Mercedes, they have both failed. It’s their problem to solve, it’s time to stop moaning about Mercedes who got it right from the start.

At the beginning of the week, Daniel Ricciardo received a boot in the family jewels from Motivator Marko, when he told the world RB didn’t want him. Danny then picks up a podium and still people are on his back. He might have picked up a win or second place, if Verstappen had done something daft. Which teams will be in the queue to sign Danny up for 2019, probably all of them. If McLaren had any sense, he could replace Alonso next year. He’s just as good a driver, without the massive ego.

What more could Lewis Hamilton do today? Once again he’s won at the slowest speed, ensuring his tyres and engine were not overstressed. It’s become absolutely pointless running off at the front and building a massive lead, because the poor quality of some drivers all but guarantees there will be a safety car in practically every race. That we saw 2 virtual safety cars this time was very unusual, in fact probably unique this year. Did Whiting see the ghost of Jules Bianchi ?

Ocon continues to impress. Bottas needs to up his game next year.


ok its over, see you next year.


Congratulations to Hamilton.
I told everyone after the Australian GP victory that we are still a work-in-progress and Mercedes will manage this WDC & WCC easily. Everyone tried to spice it up, especially the media that this year it is going to be close blah blah blah. Merc tried to manage nicely, but their arrogance got the better of them at Monza and showed their true pace, finishing 30 seconds ahead and calling their own bluff. They have 3 tenths in qualifying and 5-7 tenths in race pace ahead of us.
Anyways, we need to stop moaning about reliability, Vettel mistakes, threw away the championship etc… We have made good progress over last winter and competed till this far, compared to the horror show last season. Our aim for next season is around 6 wins and challenge for the title as long as possible, Merc will win it easily anyways. Focus should be on development and secure Max contract.
P.S: Let’s hope Halo won’t be as bad as it looks next year.


Pos Team Points
6 Toro Rosso 52
7 Renault 42

Err, did anyone else find Sainz crashing near the start somewhat suspicious?

Gives his new team that little bit more chance to overtake his old one before the end of the season…


If was Ironic that Palmer drove a much better race that his erstwhile replacement and might have got a point or two but for his grid penalty. Palmer left with his head held high and Sainz left with his tail between his legs.


Vettel Lost the WDC in Baku and in Singapore, just because his fault.


After reading every post i just want to say …….i cant stop laughing that peeps think ves is faster than lewis

Lewis had so much bad luck last year that he has been driving with all modes turned down, if he had a new engine in that merc today he would have been 30 seconds in front

Hes beaten alonso in the same car
Beaten rosberg every year only lost last year because of mechanical problems…..is the only driver that has won every year since he joined f1…..even won in the dog years off mclaren( kers year comes to mind)

I wasnt a lewis fan…i started watching f1 in 1995 supporting schumacher ……but god lewis has become a complete driver…he ticks every box

Everyone always say imagine this driver …that driver in a merc????

This merc is not the best car …….school of thought!!!! Lewis in this years ferrari would have won every race untill the sepand problems

And on that bomb shell…..vettle is average…ask daniel ric


P45, get real. I know you love your drama queen, LH. But, perhaps it is not as simple as your brain thinks it is. I am happy you mentioned 2007, as the only reason that McLaren, and FA as well, did not get the driver’s championship was LH. He went to the stewards of the Hungarian GP as a cry baby, accusing FA of blocking him during the qualifying. There was no other F1 driver ever, I repeat EVER, that went like that to the stewards accusing the team mate. All of them, before LH and after him, had sufficient dignity and integrity not to do this. Of course, FA was demoted 5 places and the points that he lost that day denied him, and McLaren, the title.


Maybe I’m just in a bit of an odd mood today, but that ranks as a pretty dull race.
Well done Alonso for hauling the Honda from last almost to points, Raikonnen put in a decent recovery.
Normally I’m delighted to see a Ferrari retire, but the race was just flat … Everyone managing tyres, HAM not doing anything wrong, but having made a decent start it was error-free rather than brilliance, VER did no more than keep him honest, RIC got beaten off the start and described his race as “lonely” in the interviews neither threatening VER nor under threat – BOT almost made a contest of it at the end. But yawn … basically. Whilst I don’t mind Lewis getting a bit of help from the gremlins getting at the Ferrari machinery (kind of makes up for what happened to him last year) , it does look like this championship which looked like it was going to be down to the wire excitement is going to peter out with a whimper.
Expect Ferrari to turn in on itself and people to be to pay with their jobs for some of the recent errors.


You’re right. It was dull.


@ james Encore…pretty much the same way as i saw it. Good post.


I’d like to see Seb’s spark plug. As they don’t have any moving parts, that plug has some explaining to do!


No moving parts but they do wear. Every time they spark a tiny amount of electrode gets vaporised. They can certainly fail. In this case I believe it was actually the coil that failed.


It will now take a miracle to deny Mercedes and Lewis their fourth titles. The only questions is where the celebration will be held. I suspect Mercedes will clinch in Austin, but Lewis may have to wait a bit longer as the race in Austin will be on the two softest compounds and Austin can be quite warm, even in November – although considering the freakish conditions in North America over the last month, there could also be hurricane floods and earthquakes. Mechanically, the Mercedes this year has been very fickle while being very reliable, and with the WCC all but secured, Mercedes may see little need to run their power units at risky levels for the last four races. This year should be a reminder to F1 fans, mechanical failures are part and parcel of the racing season and this year the luck is with Lewis, and the bad form is on Ferrari.

Mercedes still have their work cutout for them. Today, Lewis was appeared to be very comfortable on the supersoft which was supposed to be their Achilles heel, and then struggled on the soft which was their preferred compound, this weekend. Finally, Lewis and Mercedes come to America with a chance to win it all in their fourth titles in Mercedes biggest export market (NAFTA region). However, only one driver has ever beaten Lewis at Austin – Sebastian Vettel.


THe US Grand Prix has been kind to Lewis, he has won 5 of the 6 he has contested.


Strange you’ve totally missed the sacrifice of BOttas who was ordered to let HAM pass and effectively hold up Verstappen after his move,


Well done Lewis. Starting to feel sorry for Vettel. Karma has punished him enough now. He needs a breather.


Despite the good performances from Hamilton and Bottas, the race itself didn’t seem as well managed by the Merc team as it could have been.

Hamilton lost far too much time behind Bottas and then, when finally let through, they didn’t keep Bottas out for as long as they could have done to keep Verstappen behind. In all of that, Verstappen was able to close up on Hamilton, and when Merc then had the chance to re-build the gap, they chose to pit Bottas very quickly (it didn’t look like getting past would be easy) Didn’t seem to make sense, especially given that Bottas was nowhere near to making up a place by pitting so early.

Good result for the team, but only builds (at least my) the view that they’ve not been as operationally and technically strong as they should have been. The fact Ferrari have shot themselves in the foot with poor reliabailty and RBR only got up to speed in the autumn will have saved them, but they won’t be so lucky next year.


Found tactics odd as well.


Verstappen was right behind Hamilton through the Degners with two laps remaining, though backmarker Fernando Alonso slowed the Red Bull briefly in his own attempts to win a point.

It appears Alonso was summoned to the stewards for blocking Hamilton, not Verstappen. Still, whether they blocked or not, it was refreshing to not here the disrespectful outbursts or frenzied “Blue flags” shouting that typically accompanies Vettel in situations like that.


Great weekend by Lewis. With Seb’s retirement, Lewis is knocking on the door of wrapping it up. Austin is another favorable circuit and conditions pairing for Mercedes and is a track where Lewis has won all but one of the races run there, and a win there would mean he could close out the championship by finishing 7th or worst in each of the remaining races- which Lewis should be able to do with ease even if Mercedes turned down the engine. I suspect Lewis will make it official in Mexico City barring any problems for the next couple of races.

However, the story for me is Red Bull. They are there and ready to challenge for a championship. Verstappen was right with Hamilton in race pace on the soft stint, and RB had enough of a margin in the corners to make up for getting destroyed on the flat out sections- and they were able to hang with Mercedes on their turf in terms of temperatures. I suspect the three teams will be very evenly matched the rest of the year and it will be a very intense fight for victories- and I wouldn’t be surprised if all three teams get wins in the closing four races. In any event, this bodes well for a very close three-way championship fight in 2018- especially with the resurgence of Verstappen, who is looking ominous at the moment.


If they can’t qualify at the front with certain engine modes, they can’t win a championship.


Even to salvage some face saving Ferrari needs an act of god.


It looks like Alonso and Massa are mistaking blue lights for heavy traffic motorway admission lights: allowing just one car at a time to pass.
But if the overtakers (Lewis and Max) are this close to each other you really are supposed to make way for the both of them, barring one or two tight corners.
Way too many corners and straights before Max finally was let through. Without penalties this behaviour will definitely not change and racing at the front will suffer.


Thought it was all okay, just regular situation on a narrow circuit and not on the straights.


Ferrari…. *shakes head*. What a mess 🙁 A LOT has to go wrong now for Lewis… Congrats to him, great drive. Looks like he had a better car in the first stint but the second one was a lot closer between him and Max. I thought he was managing the pace more or less (also because of the comments his engineer made in the cool down lap) but it looks like both he and Max were really pushing each other (both drivers admitted that post race interviews). Renault really need to come up with something for qualy!

Though for Bottas. Clearly 2nd driver, had to give up a podium position to ensure a Lewis race win. And what on earth happened to that poor Ferrari press lady? I wasn’t watching UK coverage so only heard about it from the Dutch commentators but it didn’t sound very pleasant.


Nice with for Mercedes. That car looks like its on rails compared to the others.
Hamilton should thank himself lucky to have the most dominant car in F1 history at his disposal that enables him to knock off records as easily as he has.
Would love to see Max in the Merc for we would really see just how much faster it could be, especially considering what hes donw with that underpowered Redbull these past two races.


hamilton was so lucky to have the same car as alonso in the 2007 season. if it wasn’t for that season, everyone would say hamilton’s successes are due to the car. he destroyed alonso so it can’t be the car. it’s got to be the man!


‘He destroyed Alonso… ‘

It’s comments like this that makes everyone take you so seriously.


Totally agree with you but don’t let the long list of Lewis lovers drown you out. There’s a lot of them on here. They’ll whine that Lewis had all the bad luck last year, conveniently leaving out that every driver wanted the Mercedes seat. This is the most dominant car in history and in this era with so many races, if you have a dominant car, you’ll set many records. I’ve said it before, the real star is Mercedes.


@ Cheesy…Interesting that Bobby Epstein said exactly the same thing yesterday!!!!


if you can guide your engineers better than the rest of the field can, you’ll have a dominant car..


Cheesypoof. Do you think that this years Merc is the “most dominant in history”? Any actual numbers to back up your claim? Or did that one come from the usual place? Are you also suggesting that Lewis didn’t have any bad luck last year? A strange, and easily refutable claim to make isn’t it? You are correct that all the drivers wanted that seat, but Merc didn’t want any of them did they? Why do think this might be?


Hamilton had all the bad luck last year, which robbed him of a title. This year it’s gone the other way.

You really think Max would be any quicker?!? You are better than this Sars. Most neutrals would want to see the best driver crowned champion at the end of the year. Which is – barring a disaster – what will happen this year. Think about big mistakes made by the drivers through this season, and who’s made the least, and you’ll be left with your champion.


You are better than this Sars

I’m not so sure he is – this little ditty from Sars appeared in my inbox the other day (didn’t pass MOD)

New comment on comment. “Lewis Hamilton storms to first Suzuka F1 pole with lap record” post
Author: Sarsippious
And you cry when people troll your girl Lewis.
Classy as ever R2D2.

Kinda of ironic that he mentions classy so frequently.


Keeping my comments. Thats so cute.
Funny that for all the many ones posted on here that are far worse you make no mention of. Vettel has been slandered on this very thread by many well known Hamilton fans yet no mention of them?
The special treatment the LHFC members receive off you is spell binding.


Keeping my comments.

I wouldn’t get too excited if I were you – your comment was still in my deleted items folder (which I empty about once a year) Does that count as keeping it?
Anyway, at least your reply clears up one thing, namely ‘that you don’t care what other commenters say’. Yet here you are, trawling through a thread that is 4 days old replying to comments when they weren’t addressed to you. Doesn’t sound like you don’t care to me.

Finally, whilst I have you ear, perhaps I can save you any further trouble (and the MODs unnecessary effort). If your only intention is to try and insult me you might as well save your time and effort. I don’t know you and I never will, what you think about me is of no consequence whatsoever – it’s just words on a screen from a nobody from nowhere.


Interesting but have you considered that the car can’t be driven flat out all race? Lewis could have gone much faster if he could rag the tyres all race and use more engine power. But these current machines require A LOT of management.

You seem to be insinuating that a 3 time champion, who could easily already have 6 or 7 if it jist came down to the driver, is considerably slower than Verstappen. It’s possible but then that would make MV the fastest ever.

A bit early for such assumptions I feel.


Yawwwwwn😪 the better he drives the luckier he gets…. strange that.
Whoever wins it between VET and HAM this year will fully deserve it. This has not been a walk over. I’ll take it but I did feel for VET and his fans today… we have been there and know how gut wrenching it can be. That said… VET has made alot of errors this season… where Lewis hasn’t. This still isn’t over by the way….but it’s looking safer than ever. VES drove another great race today…. finally starting to put a more realistic slant on the RB intra team rivalry. .. he’s been the best driver at RB this year but has shot himself in the foot once or twice… just like VET.
Bring on USA….. oh…and….GET IN THERE LEWIS 😁 hehehe


Sars, you think this years Merc is the most doninant in history?! Not even close. Nice try though, I understand you have to have a dig….


Clueless Vettel has turned a Ferrari which should be the most dominant car ever created in the history of F1,into a car which Is only faster than the Mercedes ; and he is still losing. This is because of a combination of his limited talent as Ricardo exposed, and him hanging on to Raikkonen for dearlife as teammate ; a driver who is making Zero technical contribution to put the Ferrari where it should be. Enough of Schumacher type shenanigans. Time for drivers who loathe intra team competition start getting their comeuppance.Vastappen to Ferrari where he is guaranteed to destroy Vettel. Hamilton will destroy his young career if he goes to Mercedes.


Hamilton would not destroy Verstappen’s career if they were team mates . Max would be one of the few able to live with him. Hamilton is great driver but not untouchable. Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg proved that.


I agree with that and it shows he can be unsettled – but would add that he is driving at an exceptionally high level at this point in his career

Webber said to me the other day that he now believes Hamilton is the best since Senna..

That’s a big thing to say.. a few have passed through F1 in between


@ james…I seem to have missed your post and would like to comment. Hamilton we all know is a top driver but for anyone to say that he is the ‘best since Senna’ is, IMO, wide of the mark. He owes his reputation to being in the very best car, bar none. Would this same attribute be made if he had been driving the Red Bull for the last four years? Obviously not…then one needs to ask the question why.


One could argue though that Hamilton feels able to drive at such a high level because there is no internal pressure from his team mate? I think if Lewis wins another 2 WDCs this and next season I think he will choose to retire from F1.


Certainly the competition is less ‘toxic’ than it was with Rosberg and that seemed to get under Hamilton’s skin.

I think he has learned a lot from that about himself – yes with Bottas the dynamic is different anyway, but I think Hamilton has moved on a lot mentally as a sportsman


Sars & kenneth will surely love that endorsement. 😂


Got any sleeping pills for me KRB?


Wha? I don’t follow.


+1 KRB – LOL.


How can you come here and make such a crass, and ill judged remark like that? Is vettel responsible for preparing the cars on race days, or are the mechanics, and the people Ferrari employ responsible. Yes, Riccardo did beat him for 1 season, but Vettel is 4 time world champion and that is done done by a slouch. The only error (and i admit it was a big one) vettel has made in the last few races, that he can be blamed for is Singapore. I would advise you calm down, and remember, there are still 4 more races to go. It not over yet. (until the sizeably proportioned lady sings)


As long as those rails aren’t anywhere near a car in front it is fine and in a world of it’s own. However, in dirty air it is far from perfect, nor best on grid.


Yes its amazing how Verstappen now with a working car shows that Ricciardo is just a #2 driver. =8-!


@Cyber Comments like that are just silly. Max has had two good races. He has had reliability issues but he has also made stupid mistakes. He’s talented but Daniel is all round a better driver at this stage because he crosses the finish line and gets on the podium.


i rate verstappen incredibly highly for being able to compete at that level at the age of 20 but that is no reason to disrespect ricciardo. disrespecting ricciardo only downgrades verstappen’s successes. ricciardo is a top driver, possibly heading to ferrari after next season..



Heading to Ferrari. Hope so aveli.


don’t you think ferrari made the wrong choice, signing vettel instead of ricciardo?



Well as a Danny Ricc fan I would of course yes they have made a mistake. Thing is Vettel got the gig to take Ferrari back to the promised land. If he doesn’t win the title next year (which he won’t IMO because Lewis will still be on the grid) the so-called Vettel ‘experiment’ will have failed. It will be time for Marchionne to rethink his approach to winning the WDC for Ferrari.


Daniel’s and Max’s race pace was the same in this race. I noticed Max was a bit quicker on fresher tyres than Daniel and vice versa as the tyres got older.

Daniel was 6.5sec behind Max when he got into clean air after getting past Ocon and then lost seconds because he stayed out longer on the first stint.

He finished 8.5sec behind Max – so therefore virtually identical over the 40 full face distance. Max beat Daniel in this race because of his better start than Daniel, fair play.


Thanks Sarsippious. The Hamfosi would like to thank you for the salty tears. They taste delicious. Feel free to donate anytime.

Funny how everytime lewis has a good race, a new teammate or a win – you lot always wonder how (x) would do in his car/team. Weren’t you of the opinion bottas would be more than a match? Apologies If I’m wrong, there are so many haters out there.

I will say though, I’ve often wondered what lewis could do in that ferrari, it looks a peach to drive.


Right about now in a Ferrari? Lewis would be blaming outside forces for affecting his car, or point to his team mates side of the garage and say something strange was happening. He might even tweet about it if you were lucky, then you’d get to rub your little hands together in joyous reception of his tid bits of wisdom.


“…wondered what lewis could do in that ferrari”

Easy, in that Ferrari, I’d suspect that Lewis would have had a PU issue or DNS at the last race and an early retirement at this race, another PU issue… 😉


Clarkes, maybe, but having won the Belgian, Spanish and Singapore Grand Prix, he would still be leading the championship, leading you to describe this years Ferrari as the ‘most dominant car in history’….


You forgot the Russian and Austrian GP wins too, which Seb let slip away through a bad start and a bad final corner in qualifying, respectively.

This reminds me of Seb’s 2009 season, where a catalogue of driving errors prevented him from mounting a serious title challenge. As I said before the season, Seb needs a car comfortably quicker to beat someone like Hamilton.


Sour gRRRRRR…apes sour puss 😁


I liked his start, that set him up for a strong result. Then that move on Vettel! Sure he was struggling but it was an awesome move altogether especially since he would have lost so much otherwise. Same with that pit exit with Kimi, if he would have been behind the Ferrari he would have lost 5 seconds easily judging by how quick he dissapeared in the distance.


Measured drive to the flag and victory for Lewis. Good for him.
Unfortunate for Vettel. Ferrari have gifted the championship, or did they really? Reliability is part of the game.
Max is definitely showing is mettle, one for the future.


Luck didn’t get him the car. Proven ability did. Obviously, you can’t help but take a dig at the man’s ability. manSuch poor taste!


Luck didn’t get him the car

Spot on – luck hasn’t helped him keep his seat either.


hamilton is set to be crowned champion in brazil. senna’s turf.


No, Mexico.


A bit of rain would make things interesting


Agreed! Sad for the remaining races this season but cant see it goes otherwise…


Pretty good race, horrible luck for Seb, but Lewis could have a similar run of reliability issues. Some good scraps down the field, but apart from a couple of nervy laps at the end, not much happened up front. Driver of the day? Lewis didn’t have much to do but couldn’t have done any more, same goes for Max, I think Occon gets the nod this time, ran third at the start and beat his team mate to sixth, good job.


horrible luck for Seb

Relax Tim – it’s all part of the script/conspiracy 😉


C63, I think Ferrari are looking at the wrong page…


Yeah DOD must be Ocon!
Must give those Dutch Verstappen fans some credit though, as they certainly get their votes in, as he again took the official DOD title!
Overtake of the race was not among the front runners as that was essentially a bore fest.
Overtaker of the race was Magnussen for that ballsy move around Massa, who is a well-known pain to pass!


Cyber, yes KMag did well there, he doesn’t always keep it clean, but just about managed it today! I thought Kimi was extremely clumsy with Hulkenberg at the start, he should have backed out of it.


Don’t think there is too much to worry about….planets would have to line up in a very spectacular fashion for Lewis to lose it from here.

Ocon is really starting to look the goods isn’t he?


still slower than Perez though at that race…great qually and start but hardly dotd


Clarkes, let me guess who you voted for…..


Jungle, he really has forced his way passed Wehrlein in the Merc pecking order, as well as Perez in the Force India one!


Lewis drove a masterful race TimW.
Pity about P.U. gremlins. Hopefully he won’t end up with a problem in USA GP.
Did anyone watch the Bathurst race also. Wet wet and more rain.
Congrats to David Reynolds in his Holden👏


Bkf, well managed from Lewis, but Seb’s absence made it a bit more straightforward than it would otherwise have been. Didn’t see the Bathurst race, might try and find it.


The delay for the lights to go out are random, this prevents the drivers predicting the start and gaining an advantage.


not for prevention but a test.


On BT sports channel 3. They will have a 1-2 hours condensed show on its website or channels in a few days.

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