Mercedes-AMG Project One: F1 car for the road revealed as AMG celebrates 50 years
Posted By: Editor   |  12 Sep 2017   |  12:53 pm GMT  |  181 comments

Mercedes-AMG has released the Project One hypercar show car to celebrate 50 years of AMG and bring Formula 1 technology to the road.

The 1.6 litre V6-hybrid-powered machine was revealed on Monday (Sept. 11) as a road-going cousin of its F1 counterpart, with a top speed of over 217 miles per hour and a power output of over 1000 horsepower.

Produced closely with the F1 engineers at AMG’s powertrain facility in Brixworth, UK and the engineers at the F1 team’s headquarters in Brackley, the Project One is a concept for now, but Mercedes seems determined to bring it to the road.

A production run of 275 cars is planned, with a price of over £2 million (€2.275m) quoted.

The plug-in hybrid set-up includes one hybrid, turbocharged ICE with four electric motors supplying additional power. One electric motor is in the turbo, another on the ICE and the other two drive the front wheels, reaching 50,000 rpm.

The electric motor on the turbo drives the compressor, using heat energy to provide even more power – just like the MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit) in an F1 car. Surplus energy from the exhaust is stored in the battery or used instantly, as with other hybrids on the market.

The ICE itself is a 1.6l hybrid petrol engine (mounted in the middle of the car) with direct injection and the same turbo technology as the F1 car, revving up to 11,000 rpm.

Mercedes says that because the engine uses readily available petrol instead of racing fuel, and is expected to run for a higher distance over a lifetime, its performance won’t quite match that of its F1 car.

As a result of all of this turbo technology, Mercedes claims that turbo lag has been eliminated and the response time from the throttle is better than that of a naturally-aspirated V8 engine.

The power output is quoted as 1000hp with the front electric motors producing around 160 of that, and the rear wheels getting more than 670hp themselves. The extra heat-generated power brings around 170hp to the power unit.

The Project One has an eight-speed manual transmission, developed from scratch, and it’s a four-wheel-drive machine, with hybrid power on the rear axle and electric power on the front. Acceleration figures from 0-124mph are quoted as less than six seconds if Mercedes’ own launch control system is used.

The Koenigsegg Agera R quotes a 0-124mph time of 6.6s, for reference.

The tyres this show car has are Michelin Pilot Sports, not Pirellis, which keep the carbon-fibre chassis to the road.

A fully kitted-out interior includes with the usual sat-nav, entertainment systems, air-conditioning and power windows as Mercedes has opted not to make this a stripped-down track car. Its rear-view mirror has been replaced by a screen as rear visibility is hampered.

“Motorsport is not an end in itself for us,” said Dr Dieter Zetsche, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“Faced with intense competition, we develop technologies from which our production vehicles also subsequently benefit.

“We are drawing on our experiences and successes from three constructors’ and drivers’ world championships to bring Formula 1 technology to the road for the first time.

Mercedes-AMG Head of Management, Tobias Moers, said: “The hypercar is the most ambitious project we have every undertaken.

“It marks yet another pinnacle of the successful, strategic development of Mercedes-AMG towards a performance and sports car brand.

“Project One raises the bar in terms of what is currently technologically feasible and thanks to its combination of efficiency and performance it represents an absolute benchmark.

“At the same time, Project One provides an outlook on how AMG will define driving performance in the future.”

What do you think about the Project One hypercar, and what are your memories of AMG’s 50 years in motorsport? Have your say in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page.

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Mercedes leaving DTM and joining Formula E to be more ‘clean’ and ‘green’.

Same Mercedes choosing to use a more oil burning engine to win F1 races.
Same Mercedes which has a sponsor which pollutes the water in South Sudan so that 100000 people suffer from poisoning. When Mercedes was asked to intervene they did nothing.


Nice retirement present for Lewis. 😉

Also, bring back the nostalgia of his first team with its McLaren F1 copycat looks.


Hi guys, wrong forum I know but I hear JAF1 is migrating. Is it to Thanks for answering, I’m just curious..


Yes JA on F1 will gradually move over the coming months onto the platform – on its English language and foreign languages editions.


Following his F1 retirement, i nominate Lewis to replace Bernd Maylander as the F1 safety car driver and put him in one of these cars. See if any of the new hot shoes moan that the safety car is too slow.

I take exception to the M-B statement that they are bringing F1 technology to the road for the first time. Ettore Bugatti and the lads at ALFA were doing just that back in the 1930’s. OK, to be pedantic, that was GP racing, not F1 racing but the lineage from GP to F1 is seamless in my opinion.


I like your style..:)


I watched that youtube video 5 minutes ago and I’m still drooling


Nice picture of a McLaren…


I’m still not getting the economics?
-Spend billions hijacking the control and development direction of a global sport?
-to sell 275 cars @ 2m each?
-How do i short their shares?


Wonderful piece of art & technology. Mercedes is reaping the benefits of successes over the years in F1. Anyone remember ‘ win on Sunday, sell on Monday’ . what an analogy!


I don’t care what it seems to look like, it’s still a beauty!
This is what dreams are made of!!…. most of us can only dream of what it must be like to own/drive one of these works of art.
If we haven’t got anything to look up to, you just stand still.
The unreachable will not stop you from reaching.
Look, admire, enjoy, appreciate…strive🍻
Well done Merc…. and roll on Singapore 😊


Well said James – plus 1.


Thanks C63😊
Deep thoughts after a few glasses of wine😄


@ jamesK…Is that a paid for motivational homily ? hahaha


Looks good. Looks Mercedes. It took a while if you compare it to the holy trinity, P1, 918 and La Ferrari but it will probably be quite a lot faster. Presumably commuting with it will be cheaper than using my 1.7l diesel?


Funny how merc don’t have their World Champion driving the car 🙂


He drove it onto the stage didn’t he?


I assume he means Rosberg.


What is the weight of this thing?
Also it says there are 2 electric motors on the front axle producing 160bhp. I know they have tuned the ice down but I was hoping for 1100bhp plus.
Think the Aston Martin will be faster than this


I like it – great looking car.
On a related note:
Have a watch of the Monza to Singapore 7 part series on youtube and get an idea of the size and scale of the Mercedes AMG F1 team. They are building an extra 150 car parking spaces and have a 2 year re-furbishment plan underway at the factory – so anyone hoping that Mercedes was going away anytime soon is likely to be disappointed 🙂


Honda & Toyota spent a Billion in F1 and before ’09 Honda walked away without thinking twice.

So if the Daimler board decide F1 is not for them anymore it’s goodbye F1.


No doubt you’re right Rockie. But it’s hardly likely they would be spending all that money and planning to leave simultaneously – imo.

Is anyone else receiving email notifications of replies? Mine have stopped.


Yeah mine have gone. Some nice odds flying around for this weekend, C63.


Nice odds….

Where’s the smart money going this weekend Nick? 🙂


Mine too. James has been notified😊


@ C63M4…are you sorry now that you switched allegiance?


I’ve looked at many photos on different websites, and it’s still not growing on me.

It doesnt look, futuristic enough for my taste. It looks very much like a car of the “now”. By the time it reaches production, I think it will look outdated for what it’s supposed to be.

Personally, I much prefer the AMG Vision GT concept from Gran Turismo


To me, the Vision GT looks more futuristic than the ONE, yet it still has massive amount of traditional Merc styling ques.


Uhh guess that didn’t work 🙁


This is something only for the .01%. Even if I were in that category, the hideous shark fin alone would lead me elsewhere.

Tornillo Amarillo

For that money, you got a shark fin and hair dryer on the top!


Some buyers who may not want to spend this on a small displacement v6 may want to check out the new 1,500 hp Bugatti Chiron which Juan Pablo Montoya just drove zero to 249 mph and back to zero in 41 sec. – said it was a blast


chiron looks like the veyron. not very exciting.


that car looks good from all angles except the bottom left and right corners of the front bumper, ugly ugly that is. cover them and the car looks sensational..


Perfection with at least 1% imperfection is always better than outright perfection (unless it’s in surgery that needs to be 100%) .
True craftsman always leave a flaw in their work. You only have to look at King’s College in Cambridge where the designer left a flaw on purpose. Trouble with that is he never told anyone where he left it. He just told the Head of the College. Centuries on nobody has found it it yet.
Unlike you Aveli on the new Merc. So that means it’s not a flaw but your own taste.


you’re right there. the rest of the car is well thought out and executed. that sharks fin just puts the icing on the cake!


Mixed metaphors?


‘Shark Fins’ look bad enough on F1 cars, but on a road car……… thank you

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I know, but I think the (old) McLaren f1 and the (new) Aston Martin AM-RB 001 Valkyrie show how it should be done.


That gurning mouth makes it look like stupid and for the kind of money the AMG Project One is too slow in terms of top speed. If I had millions to spend which I don’t sadly I’d rather buy a Bugatti Chiron instead.

Harrison Vrbanjac

Manual transmission?


Nope it’s a paddle shift automated manual .Oh dear


Meh, doesn’t really do much for me. Styling ques robbed from the McLaren F1, Konegsegg, and 918. The front end actually looks like a McLaren F1 with its mouth open in very high wind conditions.

Anyone know why in the hell they put a shark fin on it, after rules have been rewritten to ban them because of aesthetics? Kind of goes to show, put a high price tag on an ugly pig, suddenly people with covet it (fancy plates an all that jazz).

Who’s going to fix this thing? Your local Merc mechanic?

I dunno, maybe I’m old, but this just doesn’t get me hard the way a McLaren F1 or Ferrari F40 do.

Now I want Newey to finish his Aston so these two things can race!!!


Great car, joke engine

Seriously, no doubt all sold, mainly to collectors, nobody is going to really run them are they.

If only they had stuck a fantastic AMG v8 or v12 in there and made an exciting car that could actually be used.


Despite the handle, I was curious as to what Merc would come up with for this, Unfortunately I think it looks like the front end of a McLaren F1 bolted on to the back end of a Porsche 918 and smoothed over, I suspect the driving might be a bit more adventurous though


I wonder what kind of gas mileage it gets?
( Or maybe one shouldn’t ask that question when spending so much money in the first place?)

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