Mercedes-AMG Project One: F1 car for the road revealed as AMG celebrates 50 years
Posted By: Editor   |  12 Sep 2017   |  12:53 pm GMT  |  181 comments

Mercedes-AMG has released the Project One hypercar show car to celebrate 50 years of AMG and bring Formula 1 technology to the road.

The 1.6 litre V6-hybrid-powered machine was revealed on Monday (Sept. 11) as a road-going cousin of its F1 counterpart, with a top speed of over 217 miles per hour and a power output of over 1000 horsepower.

Produced closely with the F1 engineers at AMG’s powertrain facility in Brixworth, UK and the engineers at the F1 team’s headquarters in Brackley, the Project One is a concept for now, but Mercedes seems determined to bring it to the road.

A production run of 275 cars is planned, with a price of over £2 million (€2.275m) quoted.

The plug-in hybrid set-up includes one hybrid, turbocharged ICE with four electric motors supplying additional power. One electric motor is in the turbo, another on the ICE and the other two drive the front wheels, reaching 50,000 rpm.

The electric motor on the turbo drives the compressor, using heat energy to provide even more power – just like the MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit) in an F1 car. Surplus energy from the exhaust is stored in the battery or used instantly, as with other hybrids on the market.

The ICE itself is a 1.6l hybrid petrol engine (mounted in the middle of the car) with direct injection and the same turbo technology as the F1 car, revving up to 11,000 rpm.

Mercedes says that because the engine uses readily available petrol instead of racing fuel, and is expected to run for a higher distance over a lifetime, its performance won’t quite match that of its F1 car.

As a result of all of this turbo technology, Mercedes claims that turbo lag has been eliminated and the response time from the throttle is better than that of a naturally-aspirated V8 engine.

The power output is quoted as 1000hp with the front electric motors producing around 160 of that, and the rear wheels getting more than 670hp themselves. The extra heat-generated power brings around 170hp to the power unit.

The Project One has an eight-speed manual transmission, developed from scratch, and it’s a four-wheel-drive machine, with hybrid power on the rear axle and electric power on the front. Acceleration figures from 0-124mph are quoted as less than six seconds if Mercedes’ own launch control system is used.

The Koenigsegg Agera R quotes a 0-124mph time of 6.6s, for reference.

The tyres this show car has are Michelin Pilot Sports, not Pirellis, which keep the carbon-fibre chassis to the road.

A fully kitted-out interior includes with the usual sat-nav, entertainment systems, air-conditioning and power windows as Mercedes has opted not to make this a stripped-down track car. Its rear-view mirror has been replaced by a screen as rear visibility is hampered.

“Motorsport is not an end in itself for us,” said Dr Dieter Zetsche, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“Faced with intense competition, we develop technologies from which our production vehicles also subsequently benefit.

“We are drawing on our experiences and successes from three constructors’ and drivers’ world championships to bring Formula 1 technology to the road for the first time.

Mercedes-AMG Head of Management, Tobias Moers, said: “The hypercar is the most ambitious project we have every undertaken.

“It marks yet another pinnacle of the successful, strategic development of Mercedes-AMG towards a performance and sports car brand.

“Project One raises the bar in terms of what is currently technologically feasible and thanks to its combination of efficiency and performance it represents an absolute benchmark.

“At the same time, Project One provides an outlook on how AMG will define driving performance in the future.”

What do you think about the Project One hypercar, and what are your memories of AMG’s 50 years in motorsport? Have your say in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page.

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Ricciardo Aficionado

Yeah... I don't care about the noise or the death of F1 because if it's PU need for existence.... I just want to drive one of these.
Btw... 1.7million litres of fuel leaked into the ecosystem after hurricane Harvey is a good reason to stop burning fuel for transport.


So...I read more on this thing. 520HP is made by the V6. 483 is made by the there 161HP electric motors. Isn't that interesting! AWD, torque vectoring to help with cornering - all that electronic stuff.

Mercedes has applied "F1 Technology" where out of the claimed 900HP or whatever it is, 160HP os electric and rest is ICE. But here they delivered a basically a 50% electric car to the market. Isn't that something! It is true...Mercedes is in F1 with this EQ Power+ to really sell electric cars. Funny and concerning.


Also, the PU era Formula 1 weakness remains. In that PU car can sustain full power only for 33s, then it's ICE only. Meaning, you have to hit the brakes hard to recharge batteries and regain ERS.

With 50% of the Project One car electric, for how long can it sustain the 1000HP output before batteries fall off and it's a 520HP car? Considering the battery is apparently same as in F1, but it now runs 3 motors at 483HP, I'm thinking Project One doesn't sustain the full 1000HP for even the same 33s. Of course, these are things you should pay no attention to when dropping 3million.

Hey, McLaren F1 with N/A V12 sustains full power for how long? Yeah...that's a question no one ever had to ask.


I miss Montoya in F1.


Hey, with Project One claiming 1000HP, but having 3 electric motors delivering 483 HP of that, and battery that is same as F1, which in F1 delivers 33s max power, after how long in a straight line does the Project One no longer have 1000HP, but just the 520HP of the ICE?

Does it even have enough to reach the 217MPH speed? And once it gets there, how long can you keep going 217MPH? 5 seconds? 10 seconds?

I think digging deeper into the Project One has revealed some serious flaws in this car, and by extension PU. McLaren F1, when you hit 240MPH - does it sustain that speed until you're out of fuel? Yes, because full power is available full time, always.


RA, I think we still have to choose our poison. The fuel may have leaked, but the alternative may be that a battery plant was hit by the hurricane with similar environmental impacts. It's not a zero sum game on the electrical power front.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Would we need 1.7million litres of your poison?
Efficient conversion of energy is the answer. The world can handle a little bit of pollution. But the automotive industry and power generation produces toxins on a calamitous level.


Go for Bugatti Chiron, 1500 HP, Montoya broke recently world record for 400km in 42s. In fact he reached 420km/h. Mercedes is nowhere.


Agreed. At this level, no one cares whether a car is hybrid or not. Just a shame it looks a bit bloated on the outside, just like the Veyron.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Can you imagine that PU fully turned up, without a flow limit? Add an F1 spec chassis.
I think I would reach my limit of ability noooo problem.


But but but...did Montoya's fuel flow at 100kg/hr? Actually, I wonder if Project One has a fuel flow limit! 🙂


The Chiron is out there on it's own, still believe it's the one and only hypercar the rest are just pretenders.

Everything about the Chiron is ludicrous.


Bugatti has the small issue of being unable to turn corners. Bugatti is nowhere versus Benz must be what you meant..


I think you'll find it now has the handling to match its power, according to reviews.


Here is the car and the movie with Montoya's record. Watched it at least ten times. Fantastic.


Ricciardo, death of F1? A bit melodramatic....

Ricciardo Aficionado

According to some, the current PU has already eviscerated the beast of F1.


RA, people said that about, Kers, they said it when the V10s went, they said it when the turbos were banned, they said it when seatbelts were made compulsory, melodrama, every single time....

Ricciardo Aficionado

Don't forget the HALO...


If you think that's bad - and it is if you live on the Texan coast, sure - but in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India "industrial discharge" is on a truly biblical scale. And in some African and South American countries, there's a reason why the rivers are brown-black and why you don't want to look at what's floating on top...........

Incidentally, I actually think the above photo looks like a Noble! Well they are based just up the road from AMG-Merc [Brixworth] in Leicestershire........

Ricciardo Aficionado

For once we are on the same page...


How is industrial discharge on a biblical scale? Wasn't the Bible pre industrial revolution?


So you drive an electric car charged completely via renewable energy sources and run your home completely from the same source correct?


So at long last we see the much vaunted 'trickle down/ road relevance' that the FIA et al have been pushing for so long. Great, the only drawback is that you have to spend $3,000,000.00 to get involved. Good one.


New stuff is always expensive. The Tesla was a ridiculous price when it came out. Now it's more affordable. That's how new stuff works.

How much were the first mobile phones? The first sat-phones? The first SatNavs? The first PCs?


@ Jim.... So we are just around the corner where Joe Bloggs will be able to pick up an F1 engined daily drive for a price that is competitive to current cars? You can't have it both ways. Either we are witnessing the genesis of a motorists dream car or it's all a bit of Flim Flam to make Mercedes look good. What price do think this F1 tech style car will be in the future for us all to be able to afford?


@kenneth. No, I didn't say that it or even imply it. You're just trying to put words in my mouth so you can argue against them. Is a straw man argument all you've got?


Considering F1 tech should be for the man on the streets as is being touted.

I guess Bernie was right then, the younger gen can't afford what F1 is selling.


Hey Ken,

Put this thing on the Nallabor Plain, say Norseman to Euclar or Norseman to Ceduna - how many hours at close to top speed do you recon?


@ Adrian...Good question. I have no idea but i would dare say that it would need a hefty support team/fuel tanker to even attempt it. I do know that the Bugatti [at full chat] drinks 78litres per 100kms. and can only run for some 12 mins until the tank is empty.


...and you only go through 4 power units a year!
...and you can still get them serviced at "Riley's Garage"!!


I wonder what percentage of F1 fans are excited about this so called "F1 car for the road". If this blog is a benchmark for pole taking, I can't see that number in double figure.


Pretty much the same response I've seen on multiple sites.

General consensus on looks is that it's bland / boardline ugly, and this website isn't the only one making styling comparisons to the F1, 918, Hyuara, and Konegsegg.

Performance wise, not many seem impressed: It's just another overpriced hypercar with average hypercar numbers.


Performance wise, not many seem impressed: It's just another overpriced hypercar with average hypercar numbers.

I haven't seen any other data than these numbers James is presenting, did you manage to find anything else?
Because from this info I can't form an opinion regarding performance - that 0-124mph, is fast, but for a sports car handling, times on circuits and drivability are more important to present a full picture of the performance.
Top speed is important but where we can drive a car at 400km/h in the real world?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Oh man you must be so hard to impress. This thing has one of THE most iconic engines ever made. It's got the Merc PU in it which has jut rewritten the book on dominance in F1.
But hey, I get a thrill out of driving my work ute sideways on gravel roads so maybe my automotive tastes are just somewhat rural...


Formula Zero, this blog seems to be more "whingers corner" than representative sample of F1 fans....


Hahaha Ken, exactly my thoughts. It was all so worth it.


Project One is a concept for now, but Mercedes seems determined to bring it to the road.

If they don't bring it to the road and cancel it quietly they would have gotten tons of free marketing for Mercedes and AMG from all these articles on their 50th anniversary. 🙂


Yeah, but if your name is, I dunno, Mr Sugar, Mr Lineker, Mr Abramovich, Mr Cowell, or even Mr E, then UK £2 million is just loose change down the sofa.........

Not Mr Rooney though - he's probably been blacklisted from buying any cars for the minute...........


So do you think Lewis asked for Bieber to get one too so that they can race them around L.A.? 🙂


Gazboy, in the high end classic car eorld, a two million pound transaction wouldn't raise an eyebrow.


You're not wrong TimW. A 1954 F1 W196 Merc driven by Fangio was sold for over UK £17.7 Million!


Gazboy, new cars are cheap in comparison, 10m plus road cars are commonplace. Nearly got run over by a 250gt california walking out of Le Mans at the classic a couple of years ago. An eight figure car being driven into the usual traffic chaos in Arnage village, the owner must have been seriously minted to be so unconcerned about the paintwork!


@ James...any chance you can check out the 'system' as there are no more inbox alerts coming through. make contributing dodgy. Thanks


same here..


Ah thanks. There was a reset on server may have something to do with it

Will check


Nothing coming through here either.


Yes we know the problem

It was due to a reset of the server and we will fix it asap



@ James....situation seems to be getting better as there have been a trickle of responses.


@ James, thanks for that. Nothing has changed as yet....


I'm not getting any emails either, just assumed everyone agreed with everything I had written.....


No response to that one...I bet!


Haha. Nice one Tim.


Yeah same here.


Wonderful article James. It will interesting to see how much of this and the F1 tech actually filters its way down to the cars that mortals can afford.

The "TV Screen" rear view mirror is interesting - I wonder why the F1 cars don't do this. Brundle in commentary is always going on about how little the drivers can see in their mirrors at 200mph. I know the rules mandate mirrors, but the aero benefits of getting rid of these in favour of a screen in the cockpit would be significant even if there was no net weight saving.


I have thought about why mirrors can't be replaced with a small screen/screens. I suppose with all electronic systems a failure would make the driver rear view "blind". Or some debris (tyre marble/oil) obstructs the view of the rearward camera could also be an issue with this system. I have wondered if Samsung's mirror LED TV screens (, could be shrunk down to replace normal mirrors as a fail-safe if the electronic system goes. I suppose the issue of vibration at high speed will still occur, on the mirror/screens and/or the rear camera.


There's probably a greater likelihood of a rear view camera breaking on an F1 car (think first corner touches etc) than there is of an existing side mirror falling off. Do we really want drivers black flagged because their 'mirrors' have broken? Keeping things simple as they currently are makes more sense to me.


Not if you mount the camera up on the T bar. Only way you are going to break them there is if you roll, then not really a big issue if you are upside down.


Beautiful car and at a price that means I'll have to wait for a rollover week on the lotto before ordering one. However this does show how cost control in F1 is going to be impossible to police with the technology ( R&D) crossover between F1 and hypercar budgets.


Brilliant point. I wonder if AMG could use this car as a test bed for their engines to test outside the rules. It could almost be financially worth it to them if it gives them room to test engine upgrades freely in a 'road car' and basically have Johnny customer pay for it. I'm curious to see what the FIA would have to say about this if anything at all.


Im sure Honda will be first on line to buy one.


and no surprise Mercedes opted for Michelin tyres, as Pirelli gives them only a narrow operating window. No disgruntled customers complaining about lack of grip 🙂


Seebee will take 2.....


It uses a F1 engine huh...does that mean you have to swap the ICE every 3,000 kilometers?


No, full engine rebuild every 50k km.


Yes, but you have four a year, 12000 a year is good for a supercar.


no f1 fuel or oil. built for everyday use without laptop wielding engineers..


The article also forgot to mention how much oil it burns / 100km 😉


@ Twitch... 60litres by the time you get to the first 5000klm service.


Hope it's not as bad as the Audi 2 litre engine.


@'re so right. They would be fighting for supremacy. The major difference is that the Audi didn't go any faster!


Can I borrow 2.7m?


Can't help feeling that it looks a bit too much like the Porsche 918.

Otherwise, the most thrilling car of the moment in terms of specs.


You know that the Valkyrie is coming out next year?


25 year old McLaren F1 has about 400HP less apparently, 2 less gears in the fully manual F1 gearbox, yet it went 23MPH faster. How do you spell "N/A V12 rules" again?


N E V. E. R. C. O. M. I. N. G. B. A. C. K


"The response time from the throttle is better than a naturally aspirated V8 Sebee... I mean engine? I find that hard to believe. 😉
Glad to see that they have fitted Michelins instead of Pirellis so performance won't drop off a cliff after a few corners.
This type of car is often called a 'halo project'. So much better than the other F1 halo project in 2018.


response time is instantaneous from an electric motor compared to v8 because fuel has to be let in, burnt, crankshafy moved to move the gears. hybrid is a lot more responsive..


Nice halo joke.

I bet the electric motors pick up where the V6 Turbo lags. Still, complex and overall heavier. We'll have to wait till someone at Road and Track gets their hands on one for some real actual numbers.


Que the Hamster and a twisting mountain road.
If you are going to test it, then test it to the max.


So boys and girls...

Seeing as this is mainly a marketing exercise, and none of us will likely get to drive this ever, and those who buy it will likely take it out to track once and then garage it, let us review this car on merit, function, performance (on paper) and why not on this car's contribution to the automotive world and overall importance.

Personally, McLaren F1 is the benchmark for me, and has not been surpassed. Let us remember first that the F1 is 25 years old as well. It has a NA V12, it puts out over 600HP and tips the scale at 2500lbs. It's simply timeless in design and looks as good today as it did on day one. It's also 23MPH faster at top speed than this Project One, even with 400HP less, so clearly weight and drag is an issue with this Project One vs. the nimble and light F1. It shows you that 1000HP is a nice marketing number, but it's clearly not everything. More can be done with less.

The CLK GTR is one of my favourite race cars, and it was basically a made-over McLaren F1. But it looks good. This Project One without doubt shows its origins in the F1 and evolves from the CLK GTR, with the long overhang in the back. I look at this Project One and I see so much of the CLK GTR proportions in it. Even the roof scoop. Of course the road going CLK GTR completely ruined the proportions of the car due to ride height.

What do you guys think?

...Was that bloody shark fin necessary? Is it removable?


What did u say about the Mclaren F1 is unsurpassed? Hope its not in performance, otherwise I show you a video where the Bugatti Veyron slaughters it. Not even talking about the supersports, or the outrageous chiron


Off the line the McLaren actually slaughters the Bugatti. Then once the big Bugatti is rolling and the 4 turbos do their thing the Bugatti takes off. A lot of extra weight for that straight line speed though. And a much worse sound.


Look, at some point we have to get practical.

Chiron features all type of automation. It is almost twice the weight of F1. Sure, it does something no other car has done, and it is fascinating to see it built and go. But F1 can go to 240mph - I hope we can agree that this is sufficient. It does so with a N/A V12 engine. Can you tell me how many Chirons or Veyrons ever reach that speed in their lifetime, beside maybe a demo run once at the VW track?

I have never had the pleasure of driving an F1. I've seen one! 🙂 But it is the only car I really dream of driving. Why? Because I don't believe there is anything that connects a driver to the experience of driving like that car does. Everything I have seen and read about that car confirms this. No electronics. No gadgets. Pure mechanical perfection.

Some people are impressed by all the techie junk, distractions, misdirection, to make up for lack of driver skill, confidence, ability. McLaren F1 does none of that.

You ever heard of a phrase "Musician's musician?" McLaren F1 is that.


Sebee, and despite all that, the era of F1 you refer to as "peak F1", and costantly tell us was so wonderful, featured traction control!


Did I ever say it was perfect? It needed a few things for perfection of highlighting driver skill. But undeniably it was closer to the truth than this PU thingamajig.

Can you explain to me how Mercedes can deliver the Project One and claim 1000HP when it's 1000HP for maybe 20 seconds or so?


Being slightly selective there.

Fuel economy? Acceleration figures? Emissions? All are equally valid "performance" measures, but I guess they don't support your fruitless crusade.


I what sense?

Does the fact that you gained speed my an automated paddle shifting gearbox impress you over the skill and speed and your ability to shift? What in McLaren F1 performance numbers leaves you wanting? You think your experience in that car will be improved because you shaved 0.5s off an acceleration number vs. the experience of your skill getting you there? You enjoy an engine mode and software taking your input of acceleration pedal as GO command and then doing all the magic of GO via software? Or do you enjoy knowing the experience and gaining the skill of getting the ideal result? What would give you more satisfaction, and automated programmed launch, or skill requiring manual launch? Are you a marksman when you fire an automated targeting system weapon, or when you fire a dumb bullet from 2km out to hit a target precisely? What sense of accomplishment do you get from these two things?


hamilton says history has been made because no one has done this ever! the only resemblance the mclaren f1 to the actual f1 car, is that the driver's seat is in the middle. apart from that, nothing else resembles an f1 car. that project one has its engine, right out of f1 along with f1electric motors and electronics and drs. even the steering and displays are similar. if i could afford it, i'll certainly by project one over f1 all day long..


aveli, Project One has an engine out of one of the most complex, expensive, automated, software controlled eras of F1. Time will show it to be irrelevant in automotive history or even history of F1. It may even show as the start of the downfall of F1.

McLaren F1 has nothing. No ABS. No power brakes. No power steering. No paddle shifters. It is considered one of the most pure, direct, involving performance driving experiences delivered to the driver. THAT is what F1 should be. Project One is not impressive because it has all that automation. Does it even have the official regulation 100kg/hr fuel flow limit? 🙂

McLaren F1 - pure direct driving experience.
Project One - automated, software modes AWD toy that will make you look like a much better driver than you are. Ali G would agree, that when you pay this type of coin for a car, it should big up the driver.

Now, I understand the purpose of both of these tools. However, in Formula 1, what are we looking for? Are we looking for and watching for? Best driver skill on the planet, or best software engineers on the planet? Answer to that question should dictate what type of tool is used, and in that respect clearly McLaren F1 separates the wheat from the chaff. It is reflective of the purer driving experience in F1 in the 80s and early 90s when the driver was 30% of the package and contribution to the performance of the car vs. the 10% or less the driver is today.


Bloody hell, you sound like you've driven both an can make a comparison!

It's about the experience in the end, and what everybody looks for at the end of a ride.
If someone's idea of a thrill ride involves also some ear splitting noise, hell, go for the V12; but that doesn't mean Fast and exciting can't be achieved with other (more distilled) technology.


you might be interested in this sebee..


@ Sebee...Yes, the F1 takes skill to get the ultimate performance. Just ask Mr Bean!


project one is current and it's popularity has grown exponentially in the past couple of days while f1remains in the dark ages...the moment sales of p1 started most f1 owners sold theirs to buy the p1 which is a lot more practical. look around you and tell me if you can see any cars with a similar, inefficient, seating arrangements as the f1. nothing from f1 has found its way into normal cars but it won't be long before normal cars have electric motor generator units in the turbos to keep them primed. hybrids are making strides while governments call for the banning of v8s and v12s...only if mercedes and mclaren could let james sample them and tell us about his experience..


.the moment sales of p1 started most f1 owners sold theirs to buy the p1

Any actual evidence to back that up or just a shot in the dark?

Also aren't F1's worth a hell of a lot more than P1? I'm pretty sure they are.

If you own an F1 I imagine you have some spare change lying around to buy a P1.


The ONE actually sums up a lot of what is wrong with F1.

-too automated, electronic gizmos make the driver look better than they actually are.
-too heavy
-too expensive
-not very attractive
-sound (anyone catch an exhaust note in that video? Lewis's scream seemed louder to my ears)
--obsession with gizmos and gadgets that all erode away at the pure driving experience


Well said. I Couldn't agree more.


@ Twitch6...i fully agree. yes, it would be great to own one for the sheer fun of it all...but is it a real template for the future? I very much doubt it. It's really a 'grown ups' toy, very very rich ones.


It really is a useless car, only thing it's good for is style points in front of the Monte Carlo casino.

FIA pushes road safety, yet Merc builds a car that when driven even at 50% of its max speed is fast enough to cause major accidents. In short, no one will push this to the limit on the street, if they do, they're a complete asshole.

So that leaves the track....umm, ya....Not gonna happen lol. I could see one or two owners taking them to a track once or twice, but not on a regular basis. Anyone with money who hits the track on a regular basis will buy an actual track day car...something with adjustable suspension, diff, aero, etc.

This car is a joke. It breaks no records, and fits no niche other than ultimate douchebaggery. Marketing excersise to the fullest.


From Wikipedia, in case you didn't read it. This type of stuff somewhat bothers me. It either IS an F1 engine, or it ISN'T. Also, regarding our discussion about AWD in Williams article a few days back, isn't it interesting that this was put on this car? Could it be to make it more easy to drive? I think that is a big part of the decision here.

The engine will be drastically changed in terms of RPM, areas like the idle speed and redline, as their current status is illegal for the road. The boss of Mercedes-AMG, Tobias Moers, says the engine will be at 1,280 rpm when idle, and 11,000 for the redline. However, the engine will only last for 31,068.5 mi (50,000 km) and the owners will have to return their cars for engine refurbishment. It is still unknown how the engine has met emission regulations.


@Sebee - Whilst you're look at Wiki, take a gander at "concept". I assume you don't understand the difference between pump petrol and that used in F1.


Read about this Project One PU. You will learn it us 520HP ICR and 483HP three electric motors, 2 in front one in rear. It's basically a 50% electric car. Does that sound like an F1 PU to you?


Are you saying that changing the idle speed and redline make it a different engine? Suppose they had just changed the colour of the spark plug wires?


Take a moment to look at the lines of this silver McLaren F1 as compared to the silver Project One frontal photo at top of article.

Look at the bumper shape and cuts. Lights. Curves. Mirror position. Air Intake on roof. Notice how the doors open on both cars in exactly the same way. Interesting.

It's really almost disturbing how right McLaren got all of it on the first go with the F1, isn't it? Everything since has been a "wanna be". 🙂


I would take this over the Project one every day of the week, every week of the year. it seems that no real progress has been made in automotive technology since the mid-nineties. I mean, they're doing stuff that's different to what they were doing in the mid-nineties, but is what they're doing now better? Arguably not.


I was thinking the exact same thing. If I was Zak Brown I would be tapping Mercedes on the shoulder and asking why the hundreds of people involved in a design review never called this out. Wonder what the new McLaren f1 will look like.if it looks like this surely Merc can't say anything.

108 you don't have to scroll much.


Come to think of it, they even took a McLaren name. Project One....McLaren P1 anyone? 🙂


like the look of this?




Nope. That's not how these doors open. Look again, look at F1. Same.


mercedes gullwing was the first to have doors like that sebee..


These are not gullwing doors, they are butterfly doors, hinged on the A pillar. As you can see in the photo here and the one above in the article, it is yet another thing that the Project One copies off the McLaren F1.


Pretty sure the McLaren F1 has doors more like Lambo doors, as opposed to Merc style gull-wing doors.


Mercedes CLK-GTR and now Project One rip off the door design directly from the McLaren F1 they both reverse engineer for design. Nearly all Lambos have scissor doors, not A pillar mounted butterfly doors like the F1 and these Mercedes cars.


@Sebee - Everything on the McLaren is unique? I don't think so, not by a very long way.


Yes, it was clearly revolutionary, and I don't think the benchmark F1 set has been surpassed. I don't think this Project One surpasses it. Sure, it's techie and much more complex, but it's not faster, it's not more involving for the driver due to automation of gearbox and engine modes and AWD and all the assists.

In fact, on that front, the McLaren F1 and Mercedes Project One illustrate what has happened to the driver.

Let me ask you a simple question. If you could only chose one of these two to have, which one would you choose? 1 or One?


Neither car. I don't live in a fantasy world.


I was thinking this new Mercedes hypercar has NOTHING on the 25+ year old McLaren F1. It looks massive, bloated, heavy while the F1 is sexy, tidy and nimble.


Which really begs the question, when something so beautiful was made, why would we stop making it? There is no technological reason why the McLaren F1 cannot be made today, again. A tribute edition. A legends rerelease of 500 units every decade. It makes no sense to make something so perfect and then stop making it. It is simply a decision away from being made again. Do you doubt that all 500 would sell each decade? Exactly.


You mean how right Mclaren Mercedes got it ! Though the designer of that is still trying to get his bubble car up and running. He has gone from performance to creating economically eco-friendly hybrid town buggies.


he's still to get anything to market..he's a huge dreamer but too lazy to actually go to the public to find out what their transport needs are before dreaming up a solution to their problems..


Re the McLaren F1

".......Though the designer of that is still trying to get his bubble car up and running. He has gone from performance to creating economically eco-friendly hybrid town buggies........"

Gordon Murray Design is very heavily involved in the design and engineering of the new TVR Griffith.


is the griffith making a profit?


I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

But consider that Mercedes bought a McLaren F1 GRT to reverse engineer and make the Mercedes CLK GTR, by basically reskinning it with Mercedes facia and dropping an equivalent Mercedes engine in place of BMW V12, and then look to have continued the trend of reverse engineering the McLaren F1 here with Project One. And then of course who could forget the great pillaging of 2013 when Mercedes took their primo engines away from McLaren, bought Lewis and bunch of key McLaren people after McLaren handed the factory Mercedes team their tails 3 years straight (2010-2012)...I think you are correct. This Project One is indeed a McLaren Mercedes, in that exact order!


Please don't let the facts get in the way of your rant.
McLaren dropped Merc for Honda.
Lewis was looking around due to all the issue at McLaren. It was so bad at times there was a 50/50 chance his pit stop would be a disaster.
F1 people move around, it has always been thus, especially when they see the ship sinking.
I can bet you none of those people are wishing they had stayed at McLaren


WOW. Revisionist history and view by you. What ever happened before McLaren scrambled to put together Honda deal?

2008 - Honda pulls out of F1 leaving Brawn in charge of team with no engine.
2009 - Brawn gets Mercedes engine to save the team. Wins championships.
2010 - Mercedes buys Brawn for this season. Brawn asks Schumi to come back to give team instant marketing appeal.
2010 to 2012 - Mercedes investment is not sufficient to win much. McLaren with Mercedes engine top Mercedes factory team these 3 years straight in standings. Lewis is in the championship battle in winning McLaren cars.
2013 - Lewis is snatched by a big offer by Mercedes away from McLaren. He goes but only after some key people are offered positions too. McLaren is raided, loses factory quality engine, staff, Lewis.
2013 - McLaren is no longer given factory like engines. What was a WDC/WCC contender in 2012 falls in line behind Mercedes factory team in 2013 after funding the factory Mercedes team 3 prior years. I suspect this was a yield by McLaren as part of deal to keep some sort of engine supply from Mercedes at all while they find another partner. Paddy Lowe also leaves of course. Talks of no more Mercedes supply circulate. McLaren find a Honda deal, but starting 2015. Mercedes agree to bridge supply gap for 2014 till they get their Honda. Of course the engine given is no where near factory spec.
2014 - Last year of Mercedes relationship. As 2014 was a hard year for others, they manage to stay 5th. Mercedes of course is WDC with their nightly PU advantage engineered over 7 prior years.

Since Mercedes pulled out from McLaren after they beat the factory team 3 straight years, and chocked off their primo engine supply, McLaren had to find another partner as there was no future with Mercedes after what they did to their long standing partnership. It could be argued that McLaren not winning WDC/WCC didn't help things, so there could be some cause for stopping continued factory support. Certainly, McLaren aren't blameless fully, but what Mercedes did to McLaren end of 2012 was very harsh.

I think you'll find that is closer to the truth of what really happened.


My first thoughts were actually Sauber C9...


C9 seems a bit "utilitarian". It's like a skinny super model, it has no curves!


F1 Safety Car ?


It should be. The F1 safety car should be a purpose built F1 car, not a road car with pillows and bunnies for suspension setup.


That would be cool-- has to happen!


Future Safety car for F1, that might stop Lewis Hamilton moaning about it being too slow.

Otherwise, we'll have to wait until the London Supercar season starts before we can see one on the road.


Much as I would like to marvel at this car, this is a vanity project for Daimler. I believe there will only be 275 units at $2.75 Million each. A great advertisement for the 50th anniversary of AMG, but I will be surprised if I ever see one of these beasts on the means streets of east coast USA.


They could replace the Safety car with this to stop so many complaints about it being to slow


One day....the guys in post production of the Project One launch video won't have to artificially enhance engine sounds to make the PU sound more exciting. 🙂

> 5 minute marker to experience what it really sounds like, at best, if 19 of your friends bring one to the track too.


I wonder what kind of gas mileage it gets?
( Or maybe one shouldn't ask that question when spending so much money in the first place?)


Despite the handle, I was curious as to what Merc would come up with for this, Unfortunately I think it looks like the front end of a McLaren F1 bolted on to the back end of a Porsche 918 and smoothed over, I suspect the driving might be a bit more adventurous though


Great car, joke engine

Seriously, no doubt all sold, mainly to collectors, nobody is going to really run them are they.

If only they had stuck a fantastic AMG v8 or v12 in there and made an exciting car that could actually be used.


Meh, doesn't really do much for me. Styling ques robbed from the McLaren F1, Konegsegg, and 918. The front end actually looks like a McLaren F1 with its mouth open in very high wind conditions.

Anyone know why in the hell they put a shark fin on it, after rules have been rewritten to ban them because of aesthetics? Kind of goes to show, put a high price tag on an ugly pig, suddenly people with covet it (fancy plates an all that jazz).

Who's going to fix this thing? Your local Merc mechanic?

I dunno, maybe I'm old, but this just doesn't get me hard the way a McLaren F1 or Ferrari F40 do.

Now I want Newey to finish his Aston so these two things can race!!!

Harrison Vrbanjac

Manual transmission?


Nope it's a paddle shift automated manual .Oh dear


That gurning mouth makes it look like stupid and for the kind of money the AMG Project One is too slow in terms of top speed. If I had millions to spend which I don't sadly I'd rather buy a Bugatti Chiron instead.


'Shark Fins' look bad enough on F1 cars, but on a road thank you

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I know, but I think the (old) McLaren f1 and the (new) Aston Martin AM-RB 001 Valkyrie show how it should be done.


that car looks good from all angles except the bottom left and right corners of the front bumper, ugly ugly that is. cover them and the car looks sensational..


Perfection with at least 1% imperfection is always better than outright perfection (unless it's in surgery that needs to be 100%) .
True craftsman always leave a flaw in their work. You only have to look at King's College in Cambridge where the designer left a flaw on purpose. Trouble with that is he never told anyone where he left it. He just told the Head of the College. Centuries on nobody has found it it yet.
Unlike you Aveli on the new Merc. So that means it's not a flaw but your own taste.


you're right there. the rest of the car is well thought out and executed. that sharks fin just puts the icing on the cake!


Mixed metaphors?


Some buyers who may not want to spend this on a small displacement v6 may want to check out the new 1,500 hp Bugatti Chiron which Juan Pablo Montoya just drove zero to 249 mph and back to zero in 41 sec. - said it was a blast


chiron looks like the veyron. not very exciting.

Tornillo Amarillo

For that money, you got a shark fin and hair dryer on the top!


This is something only for the .01%. Even if I were in that category, the hideous shark fin alone would lead me elsewhere.


I've looked at many photos on different websites, and it's still not growing on me.

It doesnt look, futuristic enough for my taste. It looks very much like a car of the "now". By the time it reaches production, I think it will look outdated for what it's supposed to be.

Personally, I much prefer the AMG Vision GT concept from Gran Turismo


To me, the Vision GT looks more futuristic than the ONE, yet it still has massive amount of traditional Merc styling ques.


Uhh guess that didn't work 🙁


I like it - great looking car.
On a related note:
Have a watch of the Monza to Singapore 7 part series on youtube and get an idea of the size and scale of the Mercedes AMG F1 team. They are building an extra 150 car parking spaces and have a 2 year re-furbishment plan underway at the factory - so anyone hoping that Mercedes was going away anytime soon is likely to be disappointed 🙂


Honda & Toyota spent a Billion in F1 and before '09 Honda walked away without thinking twice.

So if the Daimler board decide F1 is not for them anymore it's goodbye F1.


No doubt you're right Rockie. But it's hardly likely they would be spending all that money and planning to leave simultaneously - imo.

Is anyone else receiving email notifications of replies? Mine have stopped.


Yeah mine have gone. Some nice odds flying around for this weekend, C63.


Nice odds....

Where's the smart money going this weekend Nick? 🙂


Mine too. James has been notified😊


@ C63M4...are you sorry now that you switched allegiance?


What is the weight of this thing?
Also it says there are 2 electric motors on the front axle producing 160bhp. I know they have tuned the ice down but I was hoping for 1100bhp plus.
Think the Aston Martin will be faster than this


Funny how merc don't have their World Champion driving the car 🙂


He drove it onto the stage didn't he?


I assume he means Rosberg.


Looks good. Looks Mercedes. It took a while if you compare it to the holy trinity, P1, 918 and La Ferrari but it will probably be quite a lot faster. Presumably commuting with it will be cheaper than using my 1.7l diesel?


I don't care what it seems to look like, it's still a beauty!
This is what dreams are made of!!.... most of us can only dream of what it must be like to own/drive one of these works of art.
If we haven't got anything to look up to, you just stand still.
The unreachable will not stop you from reaching.
Look, admire, enjoy, appreciate...strive🍻
Well done Merc.... and roll on Singapore 😊


Well said James - plus 1.


Thanks C63😊
Deep thoughts after a few glasses of wine😄


@ jamesK...Is that a paid for motivational homily ? hahaha


Wonderful piece of art & technology. Mercedes is reaping the benefits of successes over the years in F1. Anyone remember ' win on Sunday, sell on Monday' . what an analogy!


I'm still not getting the economics?
-Spend billions hijacking the control and development direction of a global sport?
-to sell 275 cars @ 2m each?
-How do i short their shares?


Nice picture of a McLaren...


I watched that youtube video 5 minutes ago and I'm still drooling


Following his F1 retirement, i nominate Lewis to replace Bernd Maylander as the F1 safety car driver and put him in one of these cars. See if any of the new hot shoes moan that the safety car is too slow.

I take exception to the M-B statement that they are bringing F1 technology to the road for the first time. Ettore Bugatti and the lads at ALFA were doing just that back in the 1930's. OK, to be pedantic, that was GP racing, not F1 racing but the lineage from GP to F1 is seamless in my opinion.


I like your style..:)


Hi guys, wrong forum I know but I hear JAF1 is migrating. Is it to Thanks for answering, I'm just curious..


Yes JA on F1 will gradually move over the coming months onto the platform - on its English language and foreign languages editions.


Nice retirement present for Lewis. 😉

Also, bring back the nostalgia of his first team with its McLaren F1 copycat looks.


Mercedes leaving DTM and joining Formula E to be more 'clean' and 'green'.

Same Mercedes choosing to use a more oil burning engine to win F1 races.
Same Mercedes which has a sponsor which pollutes the water in South Sudan so that 100000 people suffer from poisoning. When Mercedes was asked to intervene they did nothing.

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