Lewis Hamilton considering Michael Schumacher’s win record as he hits 60
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Sep 2017   |  6:14 pm GMT  |  259 comments

“I feel the most whole I’ve been as a driver and I’m enjoying driving more than at any stage of my career. I have a five year plan and at the end of every year I think about the future.

“I have no desire to chase Michael’s (Schumacher) seven world championships, but his win record could be something to chase.”

Lewis Hamilton drove well in a variety of conditions in Singapore as the track went slowly from went to dry, much as he did in Monaco 2008 and 2016, with a similar outcome.

It was a suitable way to notch up his 60th career Grand Prix win. At an average of 10 wins a season, which he has managed the last few years, he will catch Michael Schumacher’s record 91 wins in 2020. With closer competition he may have to wait longer and that may exceed the number of years he has left. But it’s interesting to hear that he thinks it could be a target.

Hamilton couldn’t believe his luck after the start of the Singapore Grand Prix, where he found himself leading from fifth on the grid after the two Ferraris tangled with Max Verstappen’s Red Bull on the sprint to Turn 1.

What won the race for him, according to the engineers in the Mercedes garage, was Turn 1. It was the first time the F1 drivers had taken the start in wet conditions and the chaos going on added uncertainty.

But Hamilton found the grip in Turn 1, committing to an outside line and that set up the track position advantage over Ricciardo, who started two places ahead of him and whom he had been following after the launch and avoiding Vettel’s damaged car.

It was a day on which it was easy to make mistakes. The first time that they had raced here in wet conditions, meant learning on the job where the grip was on the painted lines and on the racing line of this street track.

Hamilton admitted that “last year I made a lot of mistakes” and spoke about eliminating mistakes, using Ayrton Senna’s accident in Monaco 1988, where he hit the wall due to a loss of concentration when leading by almost a minute, as a reminder.

That’s interesting as he’s previously not beeb as open as that about errors in 2016; he previously suggested that he lost the championship mainly due to reliability issues, rather than mistakes and this marks a new shift.

It was damage limitation for Mercedes in Singapore, outpaced as they were in both qualifying and the long runs in practice. Instead they now have control of the Constructors’ championship and a points lead in the drivers which should be enough to see him across the line unless he has a technical retirement.

Ricciardo lacks pace when it counts

Hamilton was lucky too that Daniel Ricciardo seemed to be struggling with an upshift problem on his gearbox, which took the edge off his challenge, but the Australian didn’t blame that for the lack of pace.

Rather he identified a set up change he would like to have made with hindsight. It was a missed opportunity for a number of people today.

Hamilton had to work for it at several points, such as when Red Bull pitted Ricciardo for new intermediates at the second Safety Car. Hamilton questioned why he hadn’t done that, but had he done so, Ricciardo would have done the opposite and Hamilton would have been in second place. But it was uncomfortable for the championship leader with a rival on 11 lap fresher intermediates at the restart.

Despite that he couldn’t get on Hamilton’s tail, as the intermediate tyres held on even though worn. There wasn’t much else Ricciardo could have done strategically. He rolled the dice, expecting a performance boost from new tyres but it didn’t come.

Ferrari feeling low as both championships start to look difficult
For Ferrari this is a second body blow after the embarrassment of Monza; Singapore was a race that should have had 25 points pencilled against it on the schedule, even more so after Vettel’s sublime pole position.

Raikkonen’s launch was perfect and had the squeeze not happened from Vettel to the right, Raikkonen would probably have held the lead after Turn 1. He was penalised for doing a good start, as was Alonso, who was collected by Raikkonen and Verstappen on the second impact on the outside of Turn 1.

Verstappen this time appeared to have nowhere to go, as Vettel came across to cover him. Verstappen’s launch had been better than Vettel’s and he was minded to go for it.

The fact that Vettel was unaware Raikkonen was on the inside of Verstappen was reminiscent of the same trio tangling at the start in Spa last year, that time it was Verstappen trying to force the issue having got a poor launch and Vettel didn’t realise that Raikkonen had nowhere to go as the Dutchman was on his inside.

The stewards decided that there was no case to answer and chalked it up as a “racing incident.”

The 102 points in the Constructors is impossible to bridge now, the Drivers’ hangs by a thread and will need a retirement for Hamilton, like the engine failure in Malaysia last season, for Vettel to get back on terms.

What did you think of Hamilton’s drive in Singapore and what did you think about the start line accident with the Ferraris and Verstappen? Leave your comment below

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All Hamilton needs is for Merc to be as strong for the next three years as they have for the past four and he’ll beat Schu’s race wins and titles record. He could easily (and probably will) win the title for the next four years after this year so if he wants to keep going until 2021 at least all the records will be his


James, quite astonishing that Hamilton is still considered to have made errors last year. Spain was not his error as Rosberg was in the wrong mode. He did lose it due to reliability issues though. Belgium and of course Malaysia. These are the facts. Why do you and the rest of the media try to belittle Hamilton’s achievements? He doesn’t swear at people etc etc and still he just can’t get an objective without some sort of character assassination. Despite his loss last year he had the most wins and lost by 4 points. 25 lost in Malaysia.



This poster doesn’t know anything about racing/F1. Lewis’ season was the funnest tempt of a top driver trying to win a championship. The only thing he did right was, when he realised he was out of the race in Spain, to take Nico with him.


Hello, doesn’t winning eleven races count as “doing something right”?


Points Timothy,………… Points (not race wins) is what this games about.


How much DO YOU know about F1? Its a your “funnest” attempt at F1 knowledge? You may hate Hamilton, but his records and achievements speak for themselves. Ad hominem responses clearly shows your inability to be balanced and critical. May be he doesn’t fit in your image of an F1 driver. Probably one of the many people claim they can’t exactly put a reason as to why you don’t like him. Rosberg jumped ship didn’t he? So if him winning 11 races last year was “funnest” as you put it, then I am sure the majority of drivers on the grid will take that. Enjoy your “funnest” attempt at being a critical thinker.


He came second in a 2 car championship.


Please define a “2 car championship”. What does it really mean? Other teams failed to perform as they should have? When Ferrari were winning and they were 1st and 2nd in the Schumacher era, what was that? a “2 car championship”? When Mclaren won 15 out 16 races with Senna and Prost, what was that? Please give me a new understanding of a “2 car championship”, maybe its when Damon Hill won with his team mate behind him. We could go on and on. Try a better narrative. Don’t let the hate and discrimination take over. Also I am sure you’ll no doubt come out with the so called gangsta. Can you define his gang and where he is committing crime and getting funds from? Is he a Mercedes gangsta, is he holding Daimler to ransom with his fellow “gangstas”? I’ve yet to see him with a weapon however you may see differently.


His weapon is dummy throwing.

When Toto was phoning the head of Daimler to tell him that Nico was retiring. His first thought when he saw that it was Toto ringing him was. “Oh not another Lewis thing”. The guy was fed up with having to deal with Lewis’ dummy throwing.


That’s funny!



He said it himself. Hamilton brought it up and admitted many efforts last year like Baku, Singapore, Japan

Not necessarily all driving mistakes, but preparation, distraction, wrong mindset etc

I saw it all first hand and agree they were mistakes


Whilst I agree with some points, he did however lose it due to the blow out in Malaysia. Its quite perplexing that a 3 times champion with the highest pole record and and 2nd with the most wins is being questioned about “mindset” and “distractions”. That is the narrative that seems to have been pushed by the media. He won the most races last year. We can all agree at times drivers just don’t get dialled in at times and Lewis is no different. A much more objective approach would be very much appreciated.


The blow up at Sepang was not in his control. The Snapchat weekend in Japan was within his control.

Japan was a total meltdown caused by him claiming sabotage after Singapore (in a TV interview with Sky) and then after the Sepang race. Japan was his embarrassment at himself trying to be political/play mind games with Nico and the team.

At least we all know now why he tries to do his talking on track. When he tries to do it off track, it’s about as good as his poetry.

Japan last year was when the F1 padock realised what Lewis is. https://youtu.be/Mc59_SXmZzw


So you had an insight to how the F1 paddocks thinks? You really are clutching on straws. What di the paddock really think oracle? Still a 3 times champ. What did the F1 paddock think when Renault cheated for Alonso to win in that infamous Singapore race? When Alonso moans about the car and rebukes the team publicly, is that “passion”? I bet if it was Hamilton, you’d saying he needs to be “grateful” for being in F1. Probably where you think he doesn’t belong. What did the paddock think of the Vettel meltdown in Baku, crashing deliberately into Lewis and of course last year swearing at Charlie Whiting? What of that? Or when he crashed in to Webber? What does the paddock think of that? Nico lost twice, so doing simple arithmetic 2 is great than 1. We can agree on that can’t we? What of the Belgium penalty? came from last to 2nd. Lets forget all that of course. I suppose its the fault of Lewis too Alonso left Ferrari to join a team not performing. I bet you were one of those who laughed at his decision to join Mercedes. Only to be proven wrong but you prejudice can’t take it. HAHAHA. 60 wins. 2nd on all time list. Twice as much as Mansell. Get the pins and voodoo dolls out and burn some effigies.


You mention discrimination, hate and prejudice. Could you elaborate on what type? How does pointing out deficiencies come under “discrimination, hate and prejudice”.

Pointing out that he posted setup data on the internet (in a fit of dummy throwing) doesn’t come under discrimination, hate and prejudice.

Pointing out that he did a TV interview with Sky implying sabotage (in a fit of dummy throwing) after he got beat by his teammate doesn’t come under discrimination, hate and prejudice.

Pointing out he accused the team of sabotage (in a fit of dummy throwing) then back tracked blaming God doesn’t come under discrimination, hate and prejudice.

Pointing out he had a meltdown in Japan from the embarrassment of his dummy throwing doesn’t come under discrimination, hate and prejudice.

The Snapchat weekend in Japan (whispered).

Oh and please what type of discrimination, hate and prejudice are to referring to?


Now why would I think the fastest driver in F1 doesn’t belong in F1?

I’m just saying his fragility out of the car has cost him 1 or 2 more championships already. He should have 5 by now and about to put the 6th to bed but that’s not our Lewis. He’s gangsta/lone-wolf/already signed the film deal and has to check himself in every live interview because he’s thinking how it will sound on the big screen.


So you’re hear listing his shortcomings and by trying to assainate his character with statements of a “meltdown”. Yeah he was on snapchat so what? What of Ricardo’s flatulance during the press conference. I bet if it was Lewis you’d really have a go wouldn’t you. Isn’t that a “meltdown” and him saying “he can’t win the bloody thing”? Look Alonso has sonapped formany years but the excuse is that “he’s passionate”. Vettel swears at the race director. Either way, their records on the track are what matters. Whether they have short comings, or don’t the fit the paddock culture as you like it, or background, or gangsta as some of you say etc etc. i mean the gangsta thing is rather idiotic but the same point stands. Record books will have his name etched there for a very long time. That is all that matters. You may hate him all you want and say “his employers are fed up”. Well I somehow doubt that but they’re paying him a pretty penny and want to extend his contract. If he gets this title, he will be for certain the greatest British driver of all time and amongst the greats of all time. All these conjectures and moot points don’t change the history and facts. Indeed he may not rock your boat etc. Probably should have had more championships but ifs and buts don’t change racing facts and results.


Not sabotage in Singapore. He arrived there from Los Angeles….(!)

So wasn’t on his A game there last year, that was the mistake. Rosberg had his strongest weekend in F1 and smashed it, so Hamilton arrived in Japan in a strange mood and again didn’t perform. Then when he straightened himself out and dominated Malaysia his engine blew.


James between Singapore and Sepang he did a proper TV interview with Sky, (In a nice apartment setting, not the media pen). In it in implied that the team wasn’t giving him the same equipment as Nico. He didn’t like getting beat bad in Singapore by Nico so this was the defense I guess. Then the next race the engine blows and out blurts the same narrative from the interview after Singapore. Then we got the Snapchat weekend.

I seem to be the only one who saw the interview but not to worry, keep up the good work.


Here’s one for the tinfoil hat brigade on here.

I know there was no sabotage in Singapore but after that TV interview with Sky. Merc had motive to blow the engine in Sepang. (Oh I’m a naughty boy)


Immature maybe 🤕


I’m afraid most of you miss the start of the point: Vettel’s move is risky already even if there are only 2 cars. That’s the kind of start I make on videogames because… it’s only videogames. I don’t care if he didn’t see Raikkonen, he should know there is a risk.
Funny thing is Vettel could lose the championship because of this, whereas Rosberg won it last year because he did the same mistake in Barcelona.


RE: Sienna inside Lewis’s head.

It wasn’t raining in Monaco. Sienna was driving on another level. A supernatural level.
It was a your drive Lewis. It was a great drive. Don’t think about Sienna or Schumacher, would be my advice.


Gene, Sienna Miller?


There was another potential collision-avoiding scenario which I think points to Verstappen not being squeaky clean in this incident.

If he had some awareness of Kimi, or considered the possibility that he had left a wide open gap to his left by his initial move to the right, then he might have considered holding his line, then the initial collision would not have occurred.

Then the way I read it was that Vettel had not cleared Verstappen and should have been watching his mirrors as he moved across and realised that Verstappen was holding his line. A wise driver might then consider why that might be – either knowing that Verstappen was super-aggressive to the point of collision based on experience and secondly that he could not be entirely aware of what was around. So if Verstappen drove a solid line, Vettel would have had to back out of the squeeze (and would be consistent with his entitled approach to driving).

So, I think that Verstappen’s inexperience in simply reacting to Vettel without considering what else was around him continues his magnetic attraction to incidents – he can’t complain about Vettel pulling that move for being unaware of what was going on around him without accepting that he also should have been considering what else might be occurring.

I’m happy that it was 50% racing incident with 40% for Vettel not really considering Verstappen’s racing approach and inexperience, and 10% for Verstappen’s failure to mirror, signal, manoeuvre.


All the talk of titles being lost already is far too premature. We have had many races this season with large swings in the points balance among the contenders. Red Bull are in the mix at most races now and will add to the swing effect one way or another in several races. This season will still go down to the wire, and if it’s only a five point gap I would suggest Vettel would be in the stronger position for Abu Dhabi.


Eventho he has won 4 times wdc, the pressure was there to be seen. Risky move to squeeze vestappen esp under slippery condition. Its christmas for hamilton.


Mercedes won 51 out of 59 races from 2014-2016. They have won 9 out of 14 this year. That is 60/73 from 2014. Not even Ferrari displayed dominance like this. From 2000-2004 Ferrari won 57/85 races (67% Rate). Mercedes are currently on a 82% rate. A lot of F1 is about being in the right place at the right time. Look at Alonso. I rate him as one of the greatest of all time but his career has been plagued by being in horrible cars.


We should say regarding nando, these have been all his decisions.


Alonso has been plagued by himself and he’s EGO. He made he’s deck chair now he is sleeping in it.


Hamilton was recipient of luck, however he took advantage of it. A great drive Lewis. However the drive of this day was Martin Truex Jr. in NASCAR.

Tornillo Amarillo

Hamilton, in December 2020, could break with Merc this record of Schumacher’s 91 wins.

Then, he could have his 3 final years in Ferrari. I will cheer for him.


As a Ferrari fan it was horrible to watch, but I’m still glad they didn’t start the race under a SC.
It was also painful that it was 100% Vettel’s fault, he just squeezed to soon.
ALL Kimi had to do was stay in front of Mercedes and let Seb get away, but he decided to take a massive risk and put himself between Max and a wall and win the race on the first lap. This was a gimme for Ferrari and they blew it.
I expected more from the 4 time World Champion and his trusty sidekick.


Funny how Dutch media frame froze Max turning away from Kimi as proof of Max’s innocence when few frames later he’s driving toward Kimi, having seen Kimi’s tire along side his a second earlier. Max hits Kimi first.

I still don’t think Vettel was fully aware he was dealing with 2 cars not 1.

But that’s all irrelevant. Let’s say nothing happened to Vettel in turn 1. Fact is that Lewis was right in Vettel’s tail after turn 1. If Lewis didn’t pass Vettel for P1 in this Mercedes here, I’d have some questions.


Your statement is beyond odd Sebee. Max moved towards Kimi he was squeezed late by Vettel. Once the squeeze happened contact was inevitable.


This was was because Vettel starts to squeeze Max further. Max is not to blame get over it.


“in this Mercedes here” was the third best car in Singapore.

I think you meant “If Lewis didn’t pass Vettel for P1 in the wet, I’d have some questions.”


Hamilton admitted that “last year I made a lot of mistakes”.

Just thought I’d repeat that for the Hamilton fans who had nightmares over conspiracy theories about Rosberg getting better equipment, being favoured by Mercedes ’cause he was German, swapping inferior mechanics, etc etc. Let’s consider all of that rubbish disproved shall we.


Not that I believe any of them, but how exactly does Hamilton admitting he made mistakes disprove any of those?


Gary, I do hope that we don’t hear any of that rubbish ever again, although I’m not sure it was Hamilton’s fans who kept bringing it up….


These records are being broken as much if not more simply because of Mercedes dominance. The ten wins a season only come because of that, and it’s an extreme level of dominance over several years that hopefully we don’t see any more of in future. When Hamilton was tying the pole record a former F1 aerodynamicist was asked about the record and while he acknowledged it he said but don’t forget if you look at Vettel he’s already got a large number himself, primarily from the Red Bull dominance which was nowhere as strong as Mercedes, and his opinion was that the records are more reflective of dominant teams. Michael of course had more than his fair share of dominance.

As for the incident I believe Max isn’t blameless. He jinks to the left just before. Clearly he sees Vettel but he doesn’t give any room to Kimi. Now he can then go on TV and criticise Vettel for risking by squeezing when leading the championship, but that’s Vettel’s right. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. What would he have said if the reporter asked back… do you feel you should have been more careful considering you’re getting trashed by your team mate on points? If we’re going to judge everyone on reflection of championship position then both should be judged.


In the same exact cars as Hamilton has had in F1, his teammates have scored 35 poles to his 69. Nearly half. In those same cars he’s had 60 wins while his teammates have scored 37. Just over 60% of his haul. It’s not like he’s had Taki Inoue or Alex Yoong beside him either. He’s had WDC calibre drivers for teammates for 8 of 10.5 seasons, and always in an equal opportunity setup.

As for Max, if the Red Bull is dominant next year and he then wins the title over Ricciardo, the points difference this year will mean absolutely nothing.


I am pretty much done with F1 for the season and maybe for good. This weekend clearly demonstrates just how crazy F1 has got. The one person who did not play a role in this incident is being crucified by the Britt press and fan-base. The only cure is to not take either seriously. However, that doesn’t erase the whole F1 debacle of erratic regulation changes, extremely poor judgement in the use or lack thereof, of the safety car, and allowing kids who are hardly old enough to shave to earn a F1 license before they are mature enough to be trusted. The venues are turning into profit centers and the viewers or people attending the races have to pay through the nose. F1 is starting to look more like NASCAR every weekend. I don’t know, but I think this is about it for me.


Close the door and switch off the light after you leave. No one will stop you. F1 stopped been a sport a long time ago, when bernie got invloved. As for kids been involved, (max, sainz, ocon) some of the most exciting yougsters the sport has had in years. They are a breath of fresh air.


I hear you Bob, but hang in there. I have faith in Ross B, but it will take some time to unwind Bernie and CVC’s monetising campaign.


Aw c’mon Wheeler, if Seb won Singapore and he was leading the championship, you would be saying it’s the greatest show on earth.


Dear Lewis, I hope you found my services useful. Your’s, Max.
P.S. By the way that contribution you made to my racing fund will keep my old man in booze for the next 20 years.


Bob, Booze?
…or to post bail?


Lkfe, Jos has certainly had his share of run ins with the rozzers, a bit worrying really….


Some of Lewis’ 60 victories have been straightforward, but many have not. Many said over the 14,15 and 16 seasons that Mercedes didn’t need Lewis, and they were right. With a slower driver in the other car, Rosberg would still have won those titles, and Merc would still have won the constructors championships, this year however, they really need a driver of Hamilton’s calibre. Barcelona, Spa and Singapore are three races lesser drivers would not have won. Lewis is earning his money this year, and it is worth remembering that if he does eclipse Michael’s record, it will have been done without the soft team mates and contracted number one status that Michael enjoyed throughout his career.


We are forgetting one important thing about this race, big Kudos to Charlie for not starting this race behind the safety car.

There is hope for F1 yet.


That stating under the SC was a consideration makes me fear for f1. The start crash is only going to help those who want to run f1 from the Health and Safety Executive HQ


How strange ! In hindsight, may be this was the race that should have started behind the safety car. No rain all weekend, never a wet race in Singapore – first ever night race in the wet – no safety car start and then we lost 3 of the top 4 by T1. Hindsight is 20-20 🙂


I clicked Vettel for the pole question. To me Vettel wasn’t to blame, but it was his mistake, maybe very little will blame will go to Kimi as well. My analysis, “Vettel had a bad start and veered left to cover Ves. He didn’t see Kimi in the process. Kimi on the other had a great start and wanted to take the space from Max. In the process he kept going straight rather than moving to the left, he might not have seen Vettel either. Max on the other had had no choice but move left a little which caused the collision.”

So it was a racing incident as the stewards judged. But it was instigated by Vettel’s move to cover Ves. Championship can change in 30 seconds and that’s what happened this weekend in Singapore.


Max didnt move to the left. Raikkonen veered slightly to the right. In any case, there was plenty of gap between Verstappen and Vettel and Vettel was ahead.
Raikkonen started behind. So there is no excuse for him to say he didnt see Vettel.


Credit to Jolyon for driving a really solid race.


Please James, what should have happened if Vettel had continued a straight line not merging Verstappen-Kimi?
Should Kimi crashed anyway to Verstappen or Vettel ahead in the corner, braked, locked…?


I think they all make it through in that scenario and Raikkonen gets the hole-shot. He had the most momentum


Vettel mostly at fault by being overly aggressive, but it warrants no further action.


Vettal at fault 100%

He does not deserve the championship and hopefully this is the race that will decide the outcome in the end and he will roux the move he made.

Stupid just stupid.


Ferrari lost the WCC long time ago. They have to accept the fact that they are also out developed by Mercedes. As far as WDC is concerned, Vettel & Ferrari made a few mistakes that he couldn’t afford to this season. Niki Laura’s comment at the beginning of the season comes to mind, “if Vet doesn’t have dnfs, the championship is over.” I thought he was out of his mind with the fastest car, very good number two driver and a triple WDC on board his comments didn’t make sense. Having said that, it’s refreshing to see a different team taking the fights to the Mercs. Qualifying performance says it all about how good the Mercs are. 10-4 isn’t a stat goes with the championship winning team if you are on 4. So, now Vettel can pray fire miracles like Ham did in Singapore. Ferrari should now go all out as there’s nothing to lose.


Hamilton admitted that “last year I made a lot of mistakes” and spoke about eliminating mistakes

Yes I was talking about his mistakes for a while and I think this is a “turning point”, now hi is going from living legend to greatness! Admirable! We will support his efforts.


The funniest thing I ever heard was that the opening incident was Verstappen’s fault !

One thing that F1 could do to improve the sport is to eliminate thost daft bloody baseball caps ! They are dorky to the max. Anyone agree ?


Yep, but they’re good for the sponsors and even better for hiding some of the driver’s haircuts so I expect they’ll stay.


Talking of haircuts, do you not think Danny and Lewis look very much like twins on the podium in Singapore? 😄


JamesK, they seemed to be chatting quite amiably as well, future team mates?


That’s a possibility Tim. JA seems to see him at Merc. That would be very interesting😉


JamesK, would love to see it happen. Valterri is good on his day, but I don’t think he has it in him to go wherl to wheel with Lewis on a regular basis. Dan is clearly a level up from Bottas, and while I don’t doubt he would give Lewis a hard time, it would be great to see. I think he would be a good fit for Mercedes, no way he would resort to the kind of underhand tactics they have had to put up with before….



Agreed Tim. I would very much like to see Dan go up against your guy. They do seem to be on good terms don’t they and I think they would trust each other on track. Actually the driver market will be very interesting in 2019. I read today that Renault will be targeting the best available and that may well include Max and Dan. My own thoughts are that if Vettel doesn’t deliver a WDC this year (which is just about out of reach) or next Marchionne will look to Dan. Toto and Jos seem to be on good terms that might see Max at Merc. No wonder RB want to hold onto Sainz because they fear that both Max and Dan will want out at the end of next year although I thought Max was contracted until the end of 2019.

Lewis and Max V Dan and Vettel – now I’d like to see that and so would F1 fans.


Adrian, it all depends on engines doesn’t it? Red Bull are a great team, if Honda come good, or a new partner can be brought in, then Dan and Max might be better off staying where they are. Failing that I think Jos will be pushing hard to get Max into Ferrari, they have a history of focusing on one driver, and although we don’t like that, the chosen driver just loves it! Dan has impressed me this year, he has an Alonso like ability to be there when the top teams slip up, and keep himself out of trouble! I think with Merc’s tendency to go for two quick guys, and there experience of how badly wrong that can go, Dan would be the better choice for them than Max.



Well I guess neither of us saw Max staying with RB until the end of 2020. Horner and Marko must have convinced Max (and Jos) of the benefits of staying with the team notwithstanding the concern at this stage that they don’t know who their engine supplier will be from 2019.

Interesting that Horner had been saying that they want to sign both drivers beyond their current contractual periods. So yesterday we learn that Max is signed but no word of Dan. I can only think that Dan has told them that he intends to assess his options for 2019 and beyond and doesn’t want to commit at this stage. I think this is a wise move because Max will now become the face of RB and any momentum or priority for the team to win a WDC will go through him. Indeed Dietrich Mateschitz has said that they want to make Max the youngest WDC in history. None of this goes well for Dan.

Given Brundle’s comments and the media’s comments in general it would appear that your prediction above (and in another post of yours) that Dan may end up at Merc may come to fruition. If true this will be his CHANCE to compete for a WDC and the best driver of the current generation of drivers will be in the other side of the garage. Not bad to measure yourself against.

I hope that Lewis puts Vettel out of his misery tomorrow.


Couldn’t say – I used to watch the podium ceremony, but ever since they started the podium interview nonsense I switch off as soon as the race is done.


I can understand why! Eddie Jordan makes me cringe.


Random, good choice this week, EJ did the interviews….


*shudder* 😐

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