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Jolyon Palmer rubbishes reports of replacement at Malaysian F1 GP
Posted By: Editor   |  14 Sep 2017   |  3:36 pm GMT  |  64 comments

Jolyon Palmer says that reports that he will be replaced at Renault at the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix are false, as his contract lasts for the remainder of the season.

Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz Jr has been touted as Palmer’s replacement at Renault, the manufacturer which is expected to supply McLaren with engines from 2018, as Toro Rosso switches to Honda power units.

Palmer is yet to score a point this season, sitting 19th in the drivers’ standings above Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson and stand-in Antonio Giovinazzi while team-mate Nico Hulkenberg has scored 34 points in 10th place.

“I’ve got a contract for six or seven more races this year,” said Palmer during the Thursday press conference of the Singapore GP.

“There’s been suggestions running for about 35 races that I might not be in the next one. it’s nothing new to me it’s water off a duck’s back now and it’s the same for most races this year and nothing’s changed.

“I don’t care too much to talk about it,” said Palmer in response to a question asking whether he had a “Plan B” if he is to be replaced so soon.

“I know what’s happening. I think there’ll be an announcement at some point soon about what’s happening for me.

“I’m excited about the future. I haven’t thought too much but I’m excited about what’s to come.

“I’ll be in Malaysia, and I’ll be racing until Abu Dhabi. I’ve already said the same.”

Palmer is likely to be replaced for 2018, however, if not at the Malaysian GP, but the Renault driver stressed that he was committed to his current role at Renault with a view to scoring points.

“Well firstly I’m just focused on doing the job that I’m doing, so i try not to pay any attention to that sort of thing.

“I have seven races to try and do the best I can. Obviously it’s been quite a tough year but the last two races have been much better.

“Even if they didn’t show in the end, the performance has been there or thereabouts, so hopefully the car will be better on these tracks and we can finally get some points.”

This season his Renault has suffered five retirements and in four races Palmer has been the first driver to retire from the race. When asked whether this lack of reliability has hampered his ability to prove his talents and score points, Palmer agreed: “Clearly when the car’s not working you cant drive it, you can’t try to score some points.

“There’s been a few places: Silverstone for example I didn’t even start the race, that was a strong race for us; Baku,  I think 11 cars finished and the Sauber got the points and we broke down after five or six laps.

“It’s not ideal to have that level of reliability problems, also in practices it puts you on the back foot for the weekend.

“The team’s working quite hard to try and fix it.

“Every time something happens we’re finding out why, learning from it and we keep getting different problems, but hopefully we’ve put a stop to that now and, like i said, the car’s going to be strong, especially in these last few races.

“We’re going to have a good car, good reliability and good performance and hopefully I can show what I can do and score some points.”

Is Jolyon Palmer’s replacement at Renault a good move and has he been unfortunate this season? Have your say in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page.


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Poor kid, found out through Autosport that he lost his drive. Great job Renault.


Well joylion seemed to destroy everyone in his path in gp2. It seems a bit of a shame that he hasn’t as yet shined in F1. I guess it’s all this £ driver stuff ,but look at stroll. Hmmm


Yet 4 years to win the GP2? All the other years he was not even close…


He’s a goner

søren christensen

Poor Jolly Palmer has certainly been on the receiving end of a lot of flak, and has had an extremely hard time during all his F1 career. Since he started in F1 as regular driver, he has been mucked by (is my feeling) mostly his own Countrys fans. I remember, when he crashed at Monaco 16, many (also journalists) deemed him finished before the summerbreak. By all accounts, it has not been a mean feat, that he withstood such negativity for so long – and even seem to become better at driving lately.
Like KMag has done it, I am sure Palmer will fit much better personally at a smaller private team. Maybe at Williams?? Why not – Stroll sen. would like a 2. driver in the team, who (he thinks) his Son will be able to beat…


After Palmer left the press conference together with Alonso and Hamilton, he certainly tried to keep the face straight when meeting the tv journalists just after.
I guess by now he starts to be used to these type of questions, but his voice and facial expressions clearly indicated he knows very well what is coming next…
His F1 dream is essentially shattered!

Despite his lack of results, its hard not to feel bad for him.
Renault didn’t want him, from the very first day when they bought Lotus. Jolyon has through his father brought with him a very attractive package, with a huge network within the British motorsport and sponsors around 10M UKP.
Don’t think Renault refused them…
Reality is however that Jolyon despite being prior GP2 Champ has been far from matching Hulkenberg. Not a single point to show so far. But he has had no luck whatsoever either and the willing support from Renault has been questionable at best. 5 times he ended due to technical problems with the car and all focus has been on Hulkenberg.

Expect confirmation on Sainz, Toro Rosso, the engines, McLaren, Honda and Renault here this Friday afternoon. The two FIA press conferences that are planned here today in Singapore are with:
1. Zak Brown (McLaren) and Cyril Abiteboul (Renault).
2. Yusuke Hasagawa (Honda), Christian Horner (Red Bull) og Franz Tost (Toro Rosso).  
It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out what they are going to tell us! ;o)


Hilarious to see the buzzards circling with their half-minded comments. Palmer has five years less F1 experience than his much vaunted, podium-free team mate. Renault F1 are still a bit of a shambles, unable to field two reliable cars to the same spec most of the time. If his driving style is what’s been causing the car’s persistent failures, I’m sure his engineere would have worked with him to rectify the problem, unless of course his engineer isn’t much cop. I doubt his dad’s money, aka the modest commercial sponsorship he brings, makes much difference to the overall picture.

All this talk of parachuting Kubica in, moving Sainz early, bringing Gasly in, etc., is just people day-dreaming. What Palmer must do is drive the last seven races for himself, drive the wheels off the car if it will let him, as he did at Spa until his weekend was scuppered by another failure, grid penalty and starting on used tyres among all the fresh tyred runners. As Abiteboul said, Jo’s future is in his hands but, like Sainz, he’s only a pawn in the game, to quote Bob Dylan.


Enjoy the last races of F1 Joylon


All that’s left is the crying!


We are all entitled to our opinions, but there are some downright immature and disrespectful comments on here that Palmer in no way deserves.


I think the only reason Palmer will continue running this season, its because its not smart from TR to lose Sainz coming points in behalf of a direct rival in the constructors championship… So yeah, I believe Palmer still has 7 races… but not because the contract or him deserving, its just a TR’s disposition.


He’s a kind of disappointment this year, expected better driving. The car ain’t perfect, it allows to finish around P10/P11, and Palmer did not squeeze anything more out of it, contrary to his team-mate.


Palmer or Kubica at Williams?
I am sure a lot would disagree, but I would prefer Palmer. Short memories out there forget how Jenson wasn’t exactly lighting it up in his first few seasons. No one is a lemon if they win the GP2 title.


@JSL – Is Williams considering Kubica? Woah? That would be very interesting! Is there any mention of it anywhere? Because for now the Hulk and Carlos seem to be the Renault drivers for next year.

@James ?? another update on Kubica please


“I’ll be in Malaysia, and I’ll be racing until Abu Dhabi. I’ve already said the same.”


Palmer can drive somewhere else but the point is Renault wants Sainz in his car now! Palmer is the weakest in this saga and he will be shown where to be, the door is open.


i think palmer is telling the truth. there is no reason why renault should cause any disruption especially after palmer put in such good performances in the last couple of races. he is good enough to complete the season with his head held up high.
hopefully he’ll keep improving.
the funny thing i’ve noticed about palmer is that he has not had that many amateurish crashes like some multiple champions. one excellent way of comparing drivers’ ability is to look at their crash compilations. it separates the very best from the rest.


Jolyon seems like a nice lad and he’s had more than his fair share of bad luck this season but I’m not sure he has the outright pace for F1. I wish him well but on pure performance terms you’d have to say he’s right up there with those who’ve struggled versus their team mates this season (Kvyat, Vandoorne etc.)



A passing thought for Kvyat. Redbull made him. Redbull broke him. Another year in Toro Rosso this year has not led to the steely determined comeback some of us expected.


He wasn’t just quick in GP2 he won the title. In F1 he never did shine, which if anything goes to show just how fast the fast guys really are.


Kclark, that’s the thing with junior formulae, there might be a field full of average drivers in any given year. Sometimes there will be one or possibly two superstars, but they tend to move on after a season to the next step up the ladder. An average driver can have a stellar junior career by carefully avoiding the top guys in their generation, but when they get to F1 they find it full of all the superstar drivers from the past twenty years, and they don’t move on after a season!
Jolyon is a very good driver, just not quite F1 standard, Im sure he could do an excellent job in sportscars or Indycars, but F1 is just out of his reach. He has “former F1 driver” on his cv, which is valuable, and he has had two seasons in the top flight, so not all bad news for him.


I’d rather see a good (or better) driver in a poor car than a mediocre driver in a midfield car. Thanks for your contribution (or lack thereof) JP…


If i am Palmer, i wouldn’t waste a second in press relations. Would spend all my effort in searching for a seat in racing for 2018, and giving my best shot in whatever races are left in the F1.


Nice guy but not cutting it in the cut throat world of F1. He may have a contract but Renault will have a buy out clause / price and if push comes to shove then they will shove him and sort it out in court.


I really hope that Palmer’s luck changes and he can at last score a couple of points. As has been said some drivers just seem to be unlucky – older posters may remember Chris Amon back in the day – but these days, two seasons of ‘unluckyness’ is about all that will be tolereated before the driver is dropped. Still he has time to get a result if the car holds together – i mean who thought that Stroll could have got on the podium – so strange thinngs can happen.




@Tornillo Amarillo

I respect and Salute you ! 😀 Your bleeding passion for the underdog rookie must have made the difference!! If Stroll actually reads this blog, maybe he will express his gratitude for your undying support on his next podium 🙂

Tornillo Amarillo

Yeah thank you my friend, and a win is next!


Funny that when I call him Face-Palmer nobody complains, but when its about LEW-LEW…

I didn’t like him before, but since he had that spat with Jeannie Gow at Silverstone I dislike him even more.
Joly-off is still in F1 bcs his dad is very influential and owns several race tracks.
But I hope he sees the end of season with Renault bcs I hate contract breaks, just like the McLaren-Honda one.


Get a grip Debra


The explanation for your first point is that it’s vastly easier to be a passionate Hamilton fan than a passionate Palmer fan, for obvious reasons. So you hear from more Hamilton fans and they complain louder. As a quiet and only moderately passionate fan I don’t take disrespectful nicknames very seriously…if they were really offensive James wouldn’t allow them. The nicknames you use are simply disrespectful and I don’t like them, but then, I don’t have to come here to read them…!


The dance of the dying fly.
Upside down legs going hell for leather.
JP probably knows his fate and has to maintain the stiff upper lip.


Are we not talking about Bottas being confirmed for next year?


Bottas has already been confirmed for a one-year extension with Mercedes.
No big surprise really, as he has done well while Mercedes wants to keep their options open for the 2019 driver market that opens up for many.


It’s a no-brainer…


Hardly surprising news! With Maranello and Red Bull keeping their drivers under contract for 2018, there was as much chance as Bottas being kicked out of Merc F1 as Fernando Alonso shaving off his beard………….don’t forget he is managed by Mr Wollfus…………

Of course, next summer when contracts are up for grabs, that will be a different story, as the driver market will come alive as the likes of Kimi, Max, Dan Ric and Hulk will all be looking for gainful employment and a regular wage…………….


Gazboy, Toto is no longer Valterri’s manager, but it was the logical choice to retain him. Occon is impressing though, just a bit too soon for him to step up.


So, soon no more Jolyon Palmer. No big loss, although I will miss his father Jonathan, always swallowing his son’s disappointing results with a friendly smile in the paddock.
End for JoJo…
Palmer will need more than juju eyeballs to keep his seat.


How embarrassing! I’m just glad it’s all coming to an end!


Poor old Jo! He thinks he will be driving, because he has a contract!! Renault have agreed to pay him until the end of the season, and I don’t doubt they will honour that, but if he thinks they won’t replace him with Carlos if they get the opportunity, then he his sadly mistaken. It depends on what Torro Rosso’s plans are for next year really, if they are going with Ghasly and Kvyat, then they might as well run that line up now, but if they are going to run two rookies, then it makes sense to let Danil go and give Ghasly the seat time alongside Carlos. Looks like there could be two contracted drivers in the dole queue by Malaysia…


He is toast!


He’s obviously in denial! It’s over!


Palmer might practice one of Nigel’s old tricks – pushing the car over the finish line.

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