Ferrari celebrates 70 years of F1, road and sports car history at Fiorano
Scuderia Ferrari
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Ferrari marked its 70th anniversary this weekend at its Fiorano test track in Maranello, Italy, with a huge gathering machines from Formula 1 to endurance racing entries. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen were also present as the marque celebrated its F1 legends from past and present, with a Concours competition and auction as well.

This was the ninth leg of the celebration’s European tour, part of a larger worldwide tour which will reach more than 60 countries across the world. South Korea, the UK (at Silverstone on September 23-24), Australia, and Japan are the next legs on the tour with different events planned to mark 70 years of Ferrari.

A total of 500 Ferraris were driven from Milan to Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace in Modena, and then to Maranello for this event on Saturday (Sept. 9).

The party began as a squadron of Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons with the prancing horse emblazoned on their sides flew over the Fiorano complex, and Sotheby’s began auctioning £57 million worth of Ferraris, a record take for a single-make auction.

This haul included a camouflage-painted 458 (sold for £227,200), a 1994 333SP prototype (£2.3 million) and a 250 GT LWB California Spider from 1959 which sold for nearly £6.5 million.

Present at the auction were Jean Todt, Chase Carey, Sergio Marchionne and Maurizio Arrivabene, among others.

The auction’s highlight was the sale of a limited edition LaFerrari Aperta which made more than £7.5 million for Save The Children as the last LaFerrari ever produced.

At one point, Marchionne himself sat at the phones to help drive a bidding war, won by an anonymous bidder who had only seen a digital version of the car.

On Saturday Night, Vettel and Raikkonen presented an emotional tribute to Michael Schumacher which ended with the words ‘#KeepFightingMichael’ on a big screen and a demonstration of its F1 cars.

Fireworks which blazed the number 70, followed, to cap off a spectacular stage show which laid out the history of Ferrari in theatrical fashion.

120 Ferraris were parked on the Fiorano Test Track on Sunday, including Nigel Mansell’s 1990 641 and Chris Amon’s 1969 Tasman Series-winning Dino 246.

The 1956 250 GT Berlinetta, the 250 California and 1952 Mille-Miglia class-winning 225S were also present in that exhibition.

The event also included a Concours  d’Elegance competition: the Best of Show in the racing and road car categories was awarded to the 1953 340 MM Spider Vignale and the 1986 Testarossa Spider.

A crowd of Tifosi was huddled outside the gates of Fiorano over the weekend to catch a glimpse of the array of cars. Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary has inspired fans from around the world – not just those who own the sought-after machines – to share their memories and experiences of the manufacturer’s history of success in motorsport and style on the road.

What are your memories of Ferrari’s illustrious 70-year history? Have your say in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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Best Ferrari memory…
Gilles battling the Renault, Alesi’s delight at his win, Alonso’s hard fought win at Valencia, Berger escaping the shocking Imola 89 fire, Ferrari 12 at Monza after Enzo passed.

Senna not driving for them, and by far, learning what critically dead meant for Gilles.


The standout ferrari moment for me was Brazil 08. 😊 philippe massas father and brother along with the whole ferrari garage were wildly celebrating a WDC…that moment the ferrari mechanic tapped massas father on the shoulder to tell him…..PRICELESS! 😂 Nothing at all against Massa but boy I laugh everytime I see it. Hehehe


Ferrari 70 = Hamilton 70th pole. Nice that the red team is honouring his next goal!


Peak Ferrari for me came as a passenger for a fast mechanic’s test drive around a near empty paddock: in a 250P that the factory had rebuilt as a 330 P(I think I remember the history right). The engine sounded 😛 and felt effortlessly responsive, and the car agile even in tight quarters. It still has my “most like to drive” vote among machines – two wheels or four – that I haven’t driven. Just my style.


A crowd of tifosi was huddled outside the gates

Typical!! Keep the riff raff and peasants locked away.
True fans may not enter… ok, you can…. if you’ve got a few million in the bank.😳😄


@ jamesK…and rightly so. Can’t have their greasy fingerprints all over the cars. hahaah


Beautiful. Many will be at Silverstone on 23rd 24th September. Tickets start at only £16 I believe.


Ferrari…the name drips of history, passion for racing, and one man’s dogged desire to race.

My 1st memory of Ferrari is of a 328 GTS. We lived in a normal middle class suburb north of Cape Town, a little spot called Parow; the best car you’d see at the time in the area a was BMW or Mercedes…people got by, supercars were from a different planet and for rich people.

Then…one day, in our road, i saw it. A flat, wedge shape, travelling briskly and rasping like an angry hornet towards the house where an elderly gentleman had recently purchased a home so that his ailing wife was closer to a hospital.

It was a 328GTS. Magnum’s car!!!! this little boy was in love…i walked to the house, was firmly told not to touch, and just stared, took in the sharp nose at the front, the curves on the flanks rising to the rear, the top off, the Prancing Horse on the steering wheel…

It was the most beautiful car i had ever seen, and the fastest, and it was here…in MY street, where I lived!!! On my way from school I’d always walk slowly past the house to see if i could get a glimpse of it if the garage was open…

Since then, i have always had passion for the red cars. I see them as artworks, moving sculptures. I’ve always wanted one, alas, that privilege is not mine yet…maybe if an investment pays off some day…

say what you will, but few marques can evoke the passion or have the history that Ferrari has…

Happy Birthday Scuderia Ferrari

…..and at least TRY give ’em hell on Sunday!


…Magnum PI drove a 308GTS


Yet they still cheat at road tests, sending Magazines cars specifically tuned for the Dyno, then another car specifically set up for an agreed track to “test” it on.. Journalists are forced to comply without mentioning it and continue the charade.


Hi James, when will you do a feature on the Project One


Yesterday we the members of the Ferrari Club, Pacific Northwest Chapter, held a drive and event in downtown Portland, OR to commemorate 70 years of passion, history, and of course, incredible cars.


Woulda been there if had known — and then a burger at Stanich’s on Freemont. One of those beautiful early Indian Summer days like when we rallied way back when. Thanks, Eric.


So what model is your daily drive? Let me guess…488 California?


@ Garrett B… You response landed. Lovely car. The coupe 2008/9 430 was one of the best looking cars that ever left the factory. I see one of them regularly as it is garaged a few houses down from me. Stunning.


Nope. I drive a ruby metallic F430 spyder


My first Ferrari memory is of the 1974 Can-Am race at Mosport. Though it was not competitive, the gorgeous Ferrari 512 M Spyder, driven by Eppie Wietzes, made an absolutely glorious sound as it exited the Moss hairpin and accelerated up the hill. It is the only time I’ve heard the ear-splitting scream of a Ferrari 12-cylinder engine. I took a (poor) photo in the garage:

My last Ferrari memory is watching Schumi win the 2000 USGP at Indianapolis. The sound of the V10 on the pit straight was awesome.

– Jeff


Absolutely wonderful photo page(s) from the event. Nice reminder of way back when. Thanks, Jeff.


So…Project One is out.

Since CLK GTR is one of my favorite race cars, I still prefer it to this. CLK GTR was 400hp less and yet only gave up 12mph at top speed.

Of course Project One is still 23mph shy of 1998 McLaren F1, which seems to be copied quiet a bit by Mercedes, like the F1 was. Except for the ugly shark fin of course! Why did they bother with that ugly fin no one liked in F1?

What do you guys think of Project One?


Sebee, top speed is irrelevant, lap times are important as you used to be so fond of telling me when you were banging on about the Viper ACR. How did that Nurburgring effort pan out by the way? I assume your predicted trouncing of the McLaren P1 took place…..


Hi James, I love your blog which I’ve been reading on a daily base for years.

This time I must confess I’m slightly disapointed that few medias, including yours, noticed that Luca di Montezemolo wasn’t apparently part of the show.

How can Ferrari celebrate his past without the man who was the boss at keys area? If it’s Marchionne’s ago it’s something shamefull, and medias should remind him of that.


Good point but hardly surprising given the way Marchionne deposed him


I think I can guess the answer to this, but knowing him as well you did James do you think that there is there any chance that Luca might have actually received an invitation and declined?


And pass a chance to remind the whole lot about what he achieved vs. what Sergio has achieved? You don’t think the troops noticed that Luca is missing? You don’t think they whispered about it, and how little Sergio has achieved since?

Luca brought Ferrari out of near irrelevance. He built the foundation on which Sergio is riding and taking credit for. Luca delivered the most successful period in Ferrari history for F1 team, for growth, for brand. Sergio is delivering a Ferrari SUV…as I never miss a chance pointing out, Sergio calls is a Ferrari Utility Vehicle, FU-V for short. FU-V indeed Luca.


No arguments from me on this one Sebee, but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question 🙂


The event looked like an amazing success. I paid less for my house than most of these cars! I’m a massive supporter of Save The Children. So, I’m very pleased with £7.5m price. My memory of Ferrari is all about F1, my first ever race in Melbourne in 1999. Just the sound of the cars, the sea of reds around the track, the massive portraits of the Ferrari drivers were everything I expected as 16 year old. I was always a fan of the Ferrari team, no matter who the drivers were. So, Irvine winning was quite amazing to watch. Not sure how rich I have to become to own one though.


Sometime in the late 80’s – you know, the glory days of F1 when real racers were driving flat out for the whole race – Gerhard Berger was frustrated after a season of lift and coast because of the fuel consumption rules, and decided to actually drive his Ferrari flat out at the season finale in Australia. Passed both Senna and Prost and was stretching out his lead when a back marker took him out. He knew he was never going to make it to the end but he went out leading the race and showing what the Ferrari could actually do.


I think they have done and they are doing an amazing job with their cars, congrats 70 years! I had the opportunity to drive one Ferrari in a circuit and it was really great fun.

Hope they get to the top of F1 again… but with the same tyres than the other teams, ha-ha!

American anarchist

To suggest that Merceds allowed Ferrari to win , is laughable !!! We will see in Singapore. Monza is a Mercedes track they should have won, the Germans. Ant build a light chassis to save their life , there is a difference in philosophy in what a race car should be between Ferrari and Mercedes it’s as obvious as the day is long. This hatred for Ferrari by some posters on this site is shameful and reeks of jeolousy, I say let’s race and STFU !!!


I’m not so sure it’s all hatred and jealousy. You could argue Mercedes rely on being at the forefront of technological advances for their cars while Ferrari rely on the myth of their marketing department.. FWIW it’s now impossible to get a meaningful wager on Mercedes for this year’s title such is their dominance as Twitch_6 alluded to..and LH is well on his way to another title…where have all those early season “just you wait and see how Ferrari/Vettel does this year” gone?


The current Mercedes F1 team was born out of Honda selling to Brawn selling to Daimler. I can argue that this Mercedes team is an evolution of a Honda… LOL!!!

At least Ferrari has always produced their own car and has stuck with F1 since the beginning… not in and out whenever it pleases their stuck up board of directors. If Ferrari left F1 it would cease to exist… if Merc left … I have historical proof that F1 would continue on!


F1 would cease to exist if Ferrari left?!? Really?? Not that we’ll ever find out. Ferrari would never leave F1.


It is very much so, many of the engineers like Andrew Shovlin, Pete Bonnington, Strategist James Vowles, were all there in Honda days, plus many back room guys and designers.


We suggest all kinds of things on this site, some probable, some very not probable.

It doesn’t mean that anyone hates Ferrari, just that we take them a little less seriously than they take themselves and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.


And the anonymous £7.5 bidder is revealed as ……….. Mr James Allen!!


That was silly. Just because it’s last it has such a premium? What makes it better than the regular priced one that rolled off the line before it?

This just shows how nutty people are.


70 years. Well done.
Wonder what Enzo would think of having a “Vogone” in charge of his brand of sports cars and racing team.
Congrats anyway
Maybe theMercs at Singapore will put another
Nail in their celebrations and twist the Vogones nuts 👍


So many great memories —
Villeneuve, for sure, as he represents all that is good about racing; Amon chasing Siffert around Brands in ’68; Lauda’s 312T was the car that sparked my affection for Ferrari; Prost’s 1990 win in Mexico was the best Grand Prix I ever saw.


I hate to rain on anyone’s parade…………………but I bet the footage from Felipe Massa’s Krusty the Clown-Keystone Cops comedy pit stop at Singapore 2008 wasn’t being played!

I know you shouldn’t laugh at other people’s misfortune…………..but as operational blunders go, that was a howler. I don’t think the Scuderia re-fueller who was dragged to the floor by Massa’s car was very impressed either!


Best memory: Gilles Villeneuve in his Scuderia Ferrari dragging the car back to the pits. To me that image reflects the fighting spirit of Ferrari, which you would never be able to associate with other teams like McLaren or Mercedes.


“Save the Children”. Smdh lmfao.

Thinking about the events of Monza even more, the formation flying on the cooldown lap by #44 and #77 was such a massive slap in the face to Ferrari.

This is old news to most, but I just recently learned that it was Ferrari who insisted on the V6 part of the current PU regulations. Originally, Merc wanted to go with a V4, but Ferrari insisted on V6, because “V4 has no relevance to the Ferrari lineup.”

My gut tells me that Honda would have preferred to go with an Inline-4, like what they run in Super GT. Straight 4 is right up Honda’s ally, lots of road relevance for them, and apparently they’ve got they’re inline-4 to make more power than their V6.

But no, Ferrari INSISTED on the V6.

So put yourself in Mercs shoes now. You played ball with Ferrari, accepted their V6 format, and have absolutely trounced them at their own game (Keep in mind that Merc is still using NA V8s in most other race cars, Ferrari have switched to V6 Turbos across the board).

After 3 years of total domination, Merc has allowed Ferrari to claim 5 wins this year, while still keeping the WCC firmly in the bag.

Now we arrive at Monza, the heart of Ferrari, the Temple of Speed. Completely out of the blue, Merc “find something extra in setup,” (as was predicted in Australia) and absolutely thrash the Fezzas in front of their home crowd. Embarrass them in front of the boss.

And the cooldown lap. My God. When was the last time we saw two teammates go side by side like that, preventing the entire field from getting through, for over 1/2 a lap. There was a massive message being sent there, and it wasn’t very subtle. Someone was either on the radio telling 44 and 77 to hold formation like that, or it was pre-planned before the race.

Ferrari, all of F1, is right in Merc’s wheel house.

Their recent defeat at Monza is very reminiscent of Ferrari in the 50s, when they insisted on adding chicanes to the Monza oval to slow down their British rivals. Guess some things never change >.<


Twitch you must have a real problem with Ferrari judging by your comments, I wish that they would just go and race in another series so they can keep you happy and you can have your British racing series to yourself. But wait! what would you winch about if not Ferrari? not much I guess.
Would Mercedes stay after all they are German not British, do they wish to race against Williams etc. maybe not.
As for the engine rule Ferrari never wanted to go to a turbo engine as was proposed they wanted to keep V8 or V10 not turbo 4 or 6. I don’t know how can say that, the simply said that it would be too expensive as it’s proved to be. Mercedes got it right since they have been developing from 2007 so they must have known something either way well done to them full credit.
There has never been the case to my knowledge where 2 F1 team mates did formation driving on cool down laps I suspect that in future this will happen again, what goes round comes around. some time you are giving and sometime receiving. In my opinion a very childish thing to do and it may be because he has been shut out of a drive he wanted that also relates to the childish comments on the podium. I could go on but what is the point, your comments have nothing to do with the storey or “save the children” fund, are you against Ferrari on this as well as, sounds like it.
Grow up and smell the roses, they are wonderful, get the hate out of your soul you will be better for it.


Wilee, Mercedes developing the PU since 2007?! Wow, it gets earlier and earlier every time someone comes up with the “Merc head start” conspiracy theory. Are you really suggesting that anything happens in F1 without Ferrari knowing all about it?


‘Oh what tangled webs. . .’ along with ‘what goes around. . .’


On a post about a celebration of Ferrari as a company, the 5 year old in you could not take a time out and just celebrate, no the need to get off on a win not worth more than 25pts is drooled over again.


Given how Red Bull were right on Ferrari’s tails, even despite starting near the back, would seem to back up that Ferrari got it wrong, more than Mercedes getting it right.


Coulda been SM dictating the setup which he then so roundly critized, suppose ?

On the other hand, could be the strategy is to spot ’em a few and then really stand on it for the upcoming fly-aways. Marketing, ya know.


Ferrari didn’t want this engine formula at all but if we had to have in F1 (with Mercedes threatening to quit the sport if it wasn’t introduced) Ferrari insisted on 6 instead of 4 cylinders.


Did I say Ferrari wanted this PU? No, I said they wanted the V6 part of the PU…which is exactly what you just said. Thanks for repeating me 🙂


Twitch. What Ferrari race cars use a V6 turbo other than F1?


Tim, the 488 uses a V8 Turbo, I was getting mixed up with the new Dino which is supposed to use a V6 Turbo. My bad.


Twitch, no worries, thought I had missed something. The old Dino was a V6, nice they are going with that layout again.


All V6 stuff does not make sense. Is a V6 motor idea a Ferrari game? A 4 cylinder engine would have been too much for the pinnacle of motor sport, but that is me.
And what would one think about somebody coming and hummilating in your own house? And if that was planned, see Lewis bite on podium too, boy, that was pretty dirty to say at least. The Big Guy Upstairs may have taken notice. Just think about Ferrari winning 2017 drivers championship…


Why is 4 cylinders too much for F1?? I really don’t follow. The 4 cylinder BMW motors from the 80s are amongst the most powerful F1 engines ever made.

The most powerful engine of all was the BMW M12/13, a turbocharged 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine fitted with KKK turbocharger and a Bosch digital electronic management system. A few remarkable stories surround this engine which was based on a production block: the well-proven M10 that was introduced in 1961 and used in various racing series and cars like the BMW 2002 and the 3 Series.


@ Twitch 6 In the late ’80’s i was invited to a BMW owners track day and dinner presentation review and they had an F1 engine on display in the foyer of their HO. It was amazingly compact, it was so small and it was incredulous to think that this engine, in all it’s simplicity, was able to punch out north of 1200HP. Has F1 really progressed all that far over all that time?


Kenneth. 1200 bhp for one lap only, the PUs knock out 1000 bhp using less than half the fuel and last for four race weekends. So yes, F1 has progressed by an astonishing amount.


Ferrari also took 4 of the 5 Mercedes non-wins, not all 5.


Sebee, where are with that prediction now Sebee? Five, six or seven? If Seb does win the championship, do you promise not to say “see, I told you so”?


We are at 3.25 non-Mercedes wins per season average over last 4 seasons.

When Mercedes win, will you admit that it was still a managed championship to make then look glorious on their 50th anniversary?


It’s only 50th anniversary for Mercedes AMG. Mercedes Benz is 91 years old.

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