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Wish you were here: Drivers’ postcards from the F1 summer break
Posted By: Editor   |  09 Aug 2017   |  4:00 pm GMT  |  18 comments

The Formula 1 summer break is well under way with drivers taking time to rest and recuperate before the Belgian Grand Prix on August 27. One is tucking into tuna-topped pizzas, some are training hard for the rest of the season another is playing computer games at home. JA on F1 scrolled through their social media profiles to bring you a rundown of the F1 drivers’ summer break.


Lewis Hamilton is in a self-proclaimed ‘Megazone’, according to his Twitter account. By that, he means that he’s been reclining with his bulldog Roscoe while also fulfilling his sponsors’ demands. Hamilton, like the other drivers, has kept his location under wraps so as to avoid the hounding paparazzi but the general consensus is America. Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, claimed to the F1 website that his favourite activity (apart from driving) is “Swimming in an ice lake! Typically Finnish!” Bottas’ recent Tweets suggest he is actually doing exactly that. The interview also suggested that Bottas is plotting either world domination or planning world peace. When asked who, living or dead, he would invite to dinner, Bottas replied, “Ha! Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. Would be nice to ask some questions!”


Sebastian Vettel has a low-key social media presence and so the drivers’ standings leader has no discernible footprint to follow. At the Hungaroring in-season test, he said, “As for my holidays… I haven’t done much planning, I think I’ll just be getting some rest, after all those flights!” Having completed just 40 laps in the test, it seems that some R&R is indeed the sole priority for Vettel. Kimi Raikkonen has been duly quiet on the social media front. The Ice Man said in an interview in January that his ideal holiday destination would be “Home. Who needs a holiday destination?” He also listed his favourite pizza topping as “tuna”, his favourite colour as “black” and his favourite drink as “water.”

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo is in Beverly Hills, California, for some promotional work, while Max Verstappen has been on holiday with his family. However, Red Bull also posted a video of Verstappen taking an Aston Martin filled with pool inflatables, snorkelling gear and a towel with Vettel’s face on it to an unknown location. Ricciardo, equipped with a giant inflatable watermelon, had to walk.

Force India

Sergio Perez recently said, “I just hope that…after the summer break I can have a new contract,” which is probably his main worry during the F1 summer break. Clearly, preparation for the Belgian GP has commenced early at Force India as Esteban Ocon recently posted a video of himself playing a racing game, in which he was driving a Mercedes AMG GT3 at Spa-Francorchamps.


Felipe Massa has been training with his brother as he recovers from the illness that took him out of the Hungarian GP and prepares to wrestle his seat back from Paul di Resta. Other than that, he’s been spending time with his son and his dog during the F1 summer break. Lance Stroll has been playing golf in the Turks and Caicos, according to his Instagram. The rookie Canadian captioned his photo: “She’s on the dance floor, but she ain’t home yet. Slight break to the left bro..?” Formula E and Super Formula driver Felix Rosenqvist also holidayed in the same location, but the two haven’t crossed paths yet.

Toro Rosso 

Carlos Sainz Jr posted a photo of himself playing ping-pong after the Hungarian GP, with the hashtag, “ciao for now,” giving exactly nothing about his holiday plans away. Sainz said in May that he lives in London as he “cannot stand” the fame that he has in Spain. He was also asked: “What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked?” and replied, “It was a bit dirty – so I will not say!” which paints a better picture of his holidays. Daniil Kvyat has a book out about his junior career, with the prologue available online, and apart from that he’s been brushing up on his boxing skills, as seen on Instagram.


Romain Grosjean has (clearly) been on a road trip with Kevin Magnussen with some terrifying photos having resulted from it. In reality, Grosjean spent some time in Vienna with his wife while Magnussen has kept off social media and said in Hungary: “I’m going to relax as much as I can, recharge the batteries. I have no plans so I will see what I do.”


Nico Hulkenberg hasn’t given away much about his holiday plans, apart from an Instagram photo in which he is looking at a blank screen on his phone on the beach, with the caption: “Relaxing and checking f1-news with the new BILD Sport App.” Jolyon Palmer has been on holiday in Macedonia with some friends, as per his social media, then moving on to Greece, and then Tanzania in a possible bid to rack up some additional air miles.

McLaren Honda

Fernando Alonso has, of course, been spotted on the beach in Hungary. Apart from that, the Spaniard has been mountain biking in Italy and plugging his museum on social media, which also includes a kart track and a golf course. On Facebook, he recently spoke out about gender-related violence in a brief video. Stoffel Vandoorne said in Hungary, “I’m going to Montenegro with a few friends and then the rest of the time I’ll just chill out in Monaco,” going on to provide evidence on his Instagram profile.


Pascal Wehrlein’s Instagram photo from his holiday is captioned “Eat, sleep, train, fun, repeat” and it’s safe to bet that he has been in Mauritius for the summer break. Marcus Ericsson said on Twitter that he intends to “relax and recharge,” though his Twitter likes also suggest that he has been voting in Autosport’s World Cup of F1 cars.

Have your say on the F1 drivers’ summer break in the comment section below.


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I just see (on the internet only, alas) Romain’s family being in Corsica, guess they’re together 🙂


Expecting Kimi to give his deck chair under The Palm Trees to Vettel as ordered by Ferrari.😥

Expecting Kimi to hand his “Sex on a Beach Cocktail ” to Vettel after Ferrari order him too.😑

Expecting Kimi to move hotels as Vettel wants every room and whole beach to himself.

Poor Kimi has to sing “ME and my Shadow ” by Flanagan and Allen all summer as directed by Ferrari 🤔

Expecting the FIA to send a fruit bowl to Vettel with a card saying “we have your back” & for “Just being zee German in Zee red red car ja ” 😂

Meanwhile Marchionne try to practice a smile and fails. 🤐

Jock Clear waiting till 2018 before he is re-united with Lewis at Ferrari 😎

Can’t see Mercedes playing kiss rear to Vettel.
It’ll be all fair and square for the British/German Team based in Brackley. Can see him experience what Alonso experienced in Mclaren.


LEW intends to ‘play tennis’ with Valentino Rossi xD
Hamilton plans to go to Rossi’s ranch to ride MotoGP and Dirty Track bikes.
* Rossi: at the end of the year.


Kimi is cool.


Raikkonen sounds like a boring guy. Sort of like Lauda in the day. Serious driver.


The guy travels all over the world for racing and probably has a sweet house with a bbq and a pool he never uses. He doesn’t need to go anywhere.


He may not be the most media friendly guy in F1, but that doesn’t mean that he’s boring.

Try Googling “Raikkonen gorilla suit” or “Raikkonen boat” and then take it from there – You might be surprised 🙂


Lauda was wound up like a 10 day clock all the time back in the day.


Jolyon Palmer should grab those airmiles whilst they’re available, he’ll have plenty of time to use them up next year.

I’m greatly surprised that Kimi likes water, after that dreadful experience he had when he swallowed gallons of it – after falling off his boat…

Stroll playing golf. Is his retirement that close already?


” The Ice Man said in an interview in January that his ideal holiday destination would be “Home. Who needs a holiday destination?” He also listed his favourite pizza topping as “tuna”, his favourite colour as “black” and his favourite drink as “water.””

He added that his favourite clothes are sackcloth, his ideal meal is dry bread and mumbled something about “best birthday ever”.


A few weeks off, thats normal, why would an F1 driver be so special? It´s a job!
I’m so tired of hearing Alonso: my best year, never run so well! While he complains when he drives! Missing genuine F1 drivers in character! Now that we have teens knock on the door, where does F1 go? Do we want 17-20 year olds taking over F1? Imagine the interviews, which must be customized, they are just children !?


I record all F1 footage and hammer the mute button when interviews come up.
Never was so much time wasted saying nothing useful!


Hey James follow Minttu on instagram and you will see what Kimi has been up to. I expect better detective work.




James what are YOU up to?


At least there resting


Get well Felipe Massa……………….a grand prix without a Brazilian just doesn’t feel right. Brazilians are magical, exotic people. I’ve always loved the hypnotic, sultry trance beats of the Samba drumming in the Interlagos grandstands or even the soft, sweet groove of the Paulista accent (contrast that to the nasal, adenoidal whiny accent of other colonials).

Ordem progresso Felipe Baby!


Your a clown. That’d be you poms with the whiny accent.

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