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Important update on the next steps for James Allen on F1 blog
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Aug 2017   |  12:19 pm GMT  |  251 comments

It is with great pleasure that we can announce today that this James Allen on F1.com blog will be moving onto the Motorsport Network, becoming part of the titles Motorsport.com, Autosport.com and Motor1.com.

Although the reach will greatly increase worldwide, nothing will change about the core values of the site which have always been providing authoritative insight and analysis from the inside of F1 to help fans get closer to the sport.

And we will maintain our other vital DNA; interactivity with the audience. Just this week we had over 1,000 comments in a single day from readers, who love the informed discussion and debate in the comments section.

We are proud of what we have achieved with this blog since 2009; we created the first FOTA Fans Forum and over the last eight years have done many things to connect the fans with the sport. Now the sport is finally moving in that direction itself, which is to be applauded.

And JAonF1 needs to evolve too. I’m really excited to be making this move at this time.

I’ve always been one to embrace change and with so much movement and change in our industry at present, this is the right moment and the right partner.

For the past 18 months I have been working in parallel with the Motorsport Network team on a number of video projects. In that time I have seen an organization consolidating its prodigious assets, acquiring others of importance and setting a clear vision for the future; a vision that spans motorsport and automotive, gaming, events, commerce and technology.

My experience over 28 years as a commentator and journalist in F1 has been with media organisations like BBC, ITV, ESPN and the Financial Times.

At the same time, building my own web site, James Allen on F1, and social media presence has taught me a lot about how to engage fans using the new digital tools and platforms.

I’m delighted to be bringing JA on F1 and my digital content business into the Motorsport Network and look forward to developing it with the new management team.

Thanks for your support.

And I hope you will continue to support JAonF1 and to send in your comments.

About Motorsport Network
Motorsport.com and its parent company, Motorsport Network, have experienced rapid growth in the past two years to become the world’s largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform connecting hundreds of millions of people that love motorsport and cars.

In total, Motorsport Network offers 28 global editions of websites – including the automotive site, Motor1.com – social media channels and magazines edited by local experts. The network has more than 160 million monthly page views across 81 countries in 17 different languages.

Motorsport.tv reaches 31 million homes in 42 different countries throughout Europe via cable and satellite and showcases more than 125 different motor racing championships.

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Congratulations....you worked you butt off for this late hours millions of miles and built your dream...very cool


Thanks. Appreciate it


Dear James, so privileged to be back as a fan after a hiatus of more than 10 years. But it is through the emergence of new exciting stars like Verstappen supported by some fantastic journalists like you and Martin Brundle that I have found my enthusiasm again. Have bought your books and hope to buy more.


Hmm. Nice maybe?

However, first hick-ups clear. Trying to play the YouTube video gave me the message: 'This video contains content from Motorsport, LLC, who has blocked it from display on this website or application'....

Hope this is not a look into the future on your insightful blog James....


Congrats James, great move !


The only negative about Motorsport TV
Chat room is the lack of monitoring or the water down attempt to monitor .
Swearing and verbal attacks on fellow posters , I'd say is on a par with Euro sport F1 monitoring. ... dire.
So you may get those idiots dumping on a prestigious site like JAF1. Which will be a shame. Hopefully it'll maintained on JAF1 and not diluted.


Comments are always monitored on JA on F1 and moderated

The odd baddy gets through when we are busy but on the whole it seems to have worked

Tornillo Amarillo

Bravo! With the big guns!
JA is the best site in F1, thank you for your excellent work.
The blog has an excellent insight and I found that the other fans contribute with amazing comments. The whole package is here.


Great news JAoF1 team! This site has been remarkably stable for the 8+ years I've been following, which must be pretty rare in the current media environment. However change is inevitable and it sounds like this is a move towards more stability of this endeavour as well as reaching a wider audience. Along with the new Liberty Media regime I feel there are positive times ahead in the world of F1!


James Congratulations on your new role but please keep posting your analysis on the races. they are just awesome.


Don't worry, the service will remain the same - just on a different & larger platform


Clarifications, please, James -- will there be a new address, and if so, what will it be and when will it happen?

Will your blog become a subscription (pay) service?

Being somewhat isolated over here in the New World and having read a lot of comments and responses with no knowledge of this new company you will be involved with (which is unfamiliar) it would seem best to ask directly.

Thank you.


It will not be behind a paywall

The idea is to keep it as close to this format as possible within their CMS and format structure


If your happy I'm happy! From a personal point of view I'm not a good sharer and enjoy the site as it feels comforting to be amongst this crowd. However I shall follow ....


and please, please, please! don't have them stick content behind a paywall

My heart just won't take it. 🙁




Well done James. Onwards and upwards 🙂

Alexander Supertramp

I have been following motorsport's acquisitions and I knew it was a matter of time before they poached your site James. Congratulations on building this legacy and best of luck on this thrilling endeavour. A very potent partnership indeed!


Does anyone here where the current motorsport.* organization came from? I was one of the founder of the original motorsport.com (the logo was the same except the accent was red) and covered US west coast CART/Champ Car races (still have my set of three (so i would have a clean shirt for each day of a race weekend) logo'ed m.com shirts). motorsport.com was bought out and the logo changed to the current one with the yellow accent> I was out of the loop at the time, so I don't know anything about the buyers.

The original motorsport.com started as Motorsports New International (MNI), which began as a group of motorsports fans who posted race reports to the Usenet Newsgroup rec.autos.sport.info and administered the newsgroup in the early 90s. The organization was created to request media credentials to the races and then we tried to make a business out of it during the .com boom.


Congrats James for bringing the sport closer to the fans and also on your next move.

By the way, I guess you won't be pulling the article / comments history to Motorsport? And will our comment ratings have to start over again?


Yes I believe the plan is to pull it all over

Comment ratings are up for discussion. What do you think we should do?


Firstly, congratulations; we all benefit from your hard work and I trust that the commercial deal is worthy of your efforts.

A star rating system, from purely a 'management theory' perspective designed principally to encourage and embolden users, would be normally considered a little 'old hat' now. Such systems tend to reward quantity rather than quality. On the other hand, a system geared to the same ends that rewards quality could be a useful device to promote engagement, possibly even with modest rewards.

In any event, well done!


Please bin the star ratings. I'm convinced some posters believe having more stars gives them some authority in the world of words on a screen, written by keyboard warriors.


I don't disagree that this happens but at least it shows that you have been loyal to the site for a while and made an effort to contribute?


Please preserve the comment ratings. Its quaint and nice and is one of the USPs. Also its easier to locate other users I have followed here for years in the sea of comments that will surely come in if they make it more mainstream using facebook comments etc. 🙂


Best if the stars were based on 'appreciation by other readers' and not just because some are flooding the forum with a high volume of postings.


good for you, but bad I suspect for your readers.

not a fan of the all-devouring Motorsport site & I don't see how it could improve upon what you do now.
Fun while it lasted...


All good things come to an end. Funny how that always holds up.

Hey, we enjoyed it while it lasted....9 or 10 years has it been? Is that how long we had V10s? 🙂


"Comment ratings are up for discussion. What do you think we should do?"
We would like to have a 5 star rating like yours, James! ))

Truly deserved announcement, a very few blog in F1 world where one can read & discuss unbiased & objective analysis.


Please keep the present rating system,James!And congratulations.


JA, Congrats on the amalgamation. I would bin the start ratings and the up votes. I'm not sure what purpose do they serve other than to make prolific posters feel authoritative. More isn't always better! I can't tell you how many times i've had to change my email address....just ensure that I don't become a Five Star General! 😉
I'm also curious about how the motorsport network operates? To me Motorsport and Autosport have identical content, but Autosport sits behind a paywall -so whats the point?
I'm also hoping for some improved functionality -my response via email never works?


The current system works fine, much better than the old up/down vote system - I say stick with what works 🙂


I do not like the star rating system please go back to a plus minus system.

Thanks James. Looking forward to the paywall being implemented.


Good grief, and just when you thought he was gone...


Your obnoxious twin brother? ;o)


Keep 'em. They help to prevent the list of comments looking homogeneous. But please change the platform the comments run on. The present one is very slow and a little buggy on mobile phone.


FWIW, the ratings are good to have. Not sure how they are achieved, but do know they, for some reason, get lost when an email address is changed. Not a big issue, but it is noticed. Thanks again for all you do.


They are achieved by leaving comments, but since they seem to be linked to the email you use if you switch to another email naturally you will lose whatever stars you had.


That's what seemed to be the case -- there was no choice on this end -- our local ISP discontinued email service and had to find another provider.


Leave it as is James ...


James, great news for you, so unconditional congradulations on that; you've earned it.
But ... of course, I'm wary of corporate infringement on our little bit of F1/blogsphere paradise.But the only other site I've been following for... I guess a couple of years now, is in fact, motorsport.com, so we'll see how it goes.
Again, congradulations and thanks for all the chuckles.


A reverse take-over, perhaps?!?!
Loving the little patch of F1 blog sphere paradise, that you so attentively built up James.


Congratulations James, well done. I have followed your website from the beginning and always use it for insightful analysis and opinion. I also increasingly this year have followed the motorsport.com website too.

hope your site does not change too much and your still post your great insights and opinions on matters!

Thanks again


Congratulations James! Your work is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of detail and I thoroughly enjoy reading all your posts.


You're much more advanced than Joe Saward's dinosaur online offering...you should be his 'Digital mentor'


I have no idea why I agree with this so much. Oh, so much.


James, congrats on the pay day mate.


Will you still maintain the position of moderator for your site? The civility and decency standard on motorsport.com is not at the level seen here.

Not sure how this will work ... will I be going to JAonF1.motorsport.com?


Definitely - that is one of the key pillars of this site - civilised debate. Not always easy to maintain!


I think he's having a go at you KRB! ;0


à moi? The most civil and decent of them all? Surely not! 😀


I think ALEX who was a Moderator on JAonF1 who recently shifted away, went to motorsport.com right? Perhaps we shall see his presence again! 😀


He's assistant Editor of Autosport now. So yes in the same orbit but he has his own responsibilities


You'll have to be signed in with Facebook probably. A sample of the highest voted comments on the motorsport.com site so far on the article announcing that they acquired JamesAllenonF1.com.

Sad day for his readers.

Disappointing. Monopolies are always bad, but with Motorsport being particularly awful, this is really bad to see. No matter how many writers you acquire, GPUpdate will always trounce you on everything.


Not always agreed with you Sebee, but this time I think you have it right. I know James needs to move on/up but I fear the result will be a very watered down version with little of intelligent debate remaining. I hope I'm wrong and would wish James all the best but I fear I cannot go down the Motorsport route - it's just too trashy.


Give it a chance Sebee!


We will. We have no say in the matter.

...But I don't see how the site isn't moved to their platform and template for management and administration. If I bought it I'd have it moved because clearly I'd feel, as the buyer, my platform is better. And you know how things work...it is the little details that make all the difference.


@Sebee.. The HORROR.. My user name Nomad is unavailable on Motorsport.com

Since I do not use fb, i signed up with a motorsport.com login id of NomaDemon.

I guess it is not only this blog that is transforming!! 😀
Anyway shiny new id registered, i thought I was all set to comment and nope. I click on comment and it doesnt work :/ I hope its a temporary problem.

Also, i noticed the motorsport.com website is country specific for many regions and I had to locate the article on James on the Global platform. I wonder if in the future I will only see comments from whichever country I end up posting from.


Every coin has two sides.

On one hand, I'm very happy for you, you'll be distributed in many outlets they service as well probably, including old school print Cars sections. It's always tough to turn down money too.

You are however now governed by certain standards, which will be imposed upon you vs. self imposed ones before. I'm sure there are plenty of common sense alignments there, but there will be times you won't see eye to eye. Motorsport Networks will also want to get ROI, meaning I expect the lovely clean layout of this site to be impacted by ads, soon. How long before there is an ad in the middle of the story text? 🙂

I just hope you hold ownership URL, etc, so that if the link up happens to dissolve, we don't have to learn to type a whole new URL into the browser. We've already been forced to listen to these PUs, man has limits!

P.S. How about some fresh Ferrari V12 F1 sounds for everyone from the 2017 Historic Minardi Day? Enjoy!


I agree with your comments. I hope that it does not become ad ridden like Motorsport.com I can no longer read It at work without it crashing the browser because of the ads. The clean and awesome layout hopefully stays. They are buying out all the F1 news sites to create a monopoly and force you to pay for content that was once free it seems.


Hey, did they buy the email list too? 🙂


They got it all with this deal, body and soul.
And when we post here providing our email address, we already accepted those terms, so there you go. We have all become a monetised commodity...


ps lol


Well, I guess I should have gone to motorsport.com before commenting with hopes. Their headline calls it a bit differently.

"Motorsport Network acquires JamesAllenonF1.com, commentator joins team:

So...that's that.


JA gets some money. They bought all the rights incl the name. They can do exactly as they please. Fasten your seatbelts, it might become a rough ride when the transition period nears its date of completion.


No, I think you are reading that a bit wrong.

The JA on F1 blog will now appear on the Motorsport.com platform. Not behind a paywall and will be replicated with the Innovation page and Strategy page etc and comments section.


So it is day one and already there are miscommunications? 🙂

To me that reads like they bought it and own it, and you are an employee now. Nothing wrong with that, except you were rather free and not accountable to anyone else except to your standards. I know...wait and see.

We don't hold it against you James, we enjoy what you provided here for nearly a decade. It was special and fun. It was never promised that tomorrow same was guaranteed. Just for a while there, this was one of the few places where "The Man" was not welcome.

Anyhow, we care too much about F1. Like anything else, passion is long gone. It is now a clean polished marketing machine, not much else.


A business as usual acquisition, with all its pitfalls? ;o)


It's not quite like that, but I don't want to go into details

Important thing is I have editorial control over my content


Congratulations James! Hoping that DNA of this site stays the same 🙂

All the best for your next chapter!!



I've been with you since post #1 when you announced the site on the old ITV-F1 website and I've read every post you've ever made. Usually when I should be working! Congratulations! I sure I speak for many though that we'd be worried about the site disappearing behind a paywall or, even worse, losing your impartiality. Your stories on the background machinations of F1 are, for me, the most fascinating and I've not seen anything similar and so well informed elsewhere. Hopefully you can convince us neither of these will come true?

All the best for the future adventure though of course


Congratulations and good luck.

Moving forward I hope that the team can keep the respect and behaviour of contributors in check as the raised profile will bring in more users.

The mutual respect and knowledge of contributors is what makes this work.

Good luck 😀


Hi James,
a heartfelt congratulations to you. you are truly a leading authority on the dynamics of F1. I wish you every success. keep up the great work.


Congrats on this exciting opportunity. It's always great when you realize a goal.


I meant to ask in my previous post, but which side of motorsports.com will you be on? They have their open site but they also have their paid content. Will this site be integrated with their site and if so, under the premium service or free part?


Congratulations James.


Congratulations! A good move I think, new opportunities ahead 🙂


Undoubtedly a good deal for James and for the Motorsport Network

I'm unclear on the detail though. Will JAonF1 cease to exist and be subsumed into the Motorsport.com site? Or will it continue to exist, but with Motorsport.com branding?

What are the pracitical implications for the readers and commenters on this website?


From the context of the article above, it would appear that this site will remain in production with the same address, but a confirmation would be appreciated.

A result of the various media explosions has fostered some good developments but a significant downside is that there are now so many outlets and formats out there that it can also be daunting to track and benefit from something like JA's blog if it moves to some other outlet/format/website. Thanks in advance.


I suspect it will end up like Giorgio Piola's blog which still has it s own identity but sits within the Motorsport.com navigation and frame template.

Just my two cents worth


Congratulations James!

Will this put you behind a paywall?

Andrew Halliday

I think this is great news for you James, probably worth a couple of £££!

Does this mean that the site will no longer exist in the current format or will the content simply be available throught the Motorsport Network as well?


I'd say the motorsport network has joined the James Allen network.
I use every type of website, social media and magazine there is and in terms of quality only Joe Saward comes close.
I only hope that you don't start loosing quality over quantity and the site starts bombarding me with adverts for tat that I don't want. Good luck with this most exciting next phase of your career James and the team.


Happy for you James, but i fear more and more quality content disappearing behind the pay wall !


No it will stay outside


@ james...is that a promise?


Answering this will tell you where this site is heading (and we with it?):
- Why did the new owners buy this 'website'?
- Why did they employ the journalist staff to move over?
- How are the new owners going to make money on it to pay back their investment?


Ads or paywall.

There maybe also a strange thing about value of email addresses as we are qualified motorsports fans. Probably good piece of the value.


We all move forward and evolve with the changing times. Can't believe it's been eight years already, I remember the early days. Nice move James and good luck!


Congratulations James, you really deserve much recognition for the amazing job you have doing all these years helping to bring the sport closer to the fans away from sensationalism.

Nevertheless I am a bit worried James, your blog is so great, with so many insights, it is a true gem filled with independence, interaction, good values and deep analysis that I fear we can lose some of that because, in theory, being owned by one organisation that is adquiring its competition (Autosport, F1 Racing, ...) is worrying for motorsport journalism and fans.

I really look forward to you proving me wrong and that as you say "nothing will change about the core values of the site"

Wish you the best of luck James!


Yep will done James and team, thoroughly deserved. Remember a link from the beebs gossip section bringing me here many years ago and have never looked back. First site I come to for news, it's always impartial and pretty much the news you want to be reading about with an added honest inside take to boost.


James congratulations on the big news. I have been a US fan of your work and this site. I like the way you have managed the discussion on this site and hope the Motorsports Network comes to respect that moderation as one of the reason why this site is different from others out there. It appears, motorsports reporting is going through the same consolidation that is occurring globally. I hope, over the long term, the new owners continue to respect and build on the unique brand of reporting you have created here.


Welll done. You deserve the recognition for your years of work providing this platform.
Please continue to keep the high standards of your moderation. Don't lower your standards to increase viewership.
Thanks for the best F1 site.


Congratulations James, please keep up the good work and best wishes for the new venture.


Many congratulations, James.


James, first of all, congratulations!! For last 6 years , you replaced the official formula 1 site for me in terms of authenticity of any news. This site has been a great source of providing insight to fans about nitty gritty of the sport. I am sure with time, this can just get better.

Would just like to know if there is a possibility of you limiting the number views per month for members?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Congrats James! Was it a RonScale buyout?
So details missing....
Who's your master now?
Did you sell to Liberty too?
How much did you get?
Is the login format the same or are we switching to an info vacuum kind of deal?
Does this mean that the real Daniel Ricciardo will read your blog?

And then this...

Just this week we had over 1,000 comments in a single day from readers, who love the informed discussion and debate in the comments section.

I can't believe there are a thousand readers who LOVE the informed and civilised discussion. It's barely either of those things.

NOT TRUE... There are a lot of informed posters here. And apart from sky's hobbled together web presence it's the only place I go to get my news. Apart from, occasionally, Motorsport.com funnily enough, but that site loads slow!!
Yep, plenty of F1 insight here in this comments section... I like the spread of ages. It's good to hear fans of Moss and Fangio occasionally. Cos those guys are pretty old and I'm impressed they're using the interweb at all.
Not too much dross either. Some people go on and on a bit. And there's probably a few with questionable credibility amongst their claims, but usually entertaining.
I worry for some of the posters here... Might be a couple who are taking it all just a bit too seriously.

And this...
"If this ups the amount of spam I get... I'm leaving"
The Real Ricciardo


Well done james. Hope that the sites integrity is maintained. If so then i guess we'll all still be here.


Congratulations James, I have enjoyed this site since 2010, I seem to remember discovering it reading about Mark Webbers flip at Valencia! I enjoy the in depth and unbiased analysis that gets the entertaining / anorak balance just right.

The thing that sets this site apart though is the comments section, it is (generally) civilised and informed without the WUMs, trolls and horribly one eyed people that plague other forums and other sports. I think most die hard F1 fans while probably supporting one driver / team are respectful of a good performance from others and give credit and criticism where it's due regardless of who it is. I hope this move will maintain that, there's plenty of other slanging match forums out there.

p.s. I miss the books, I had a nice little collection of signed ones going! I realise you can read all the old posts anyway but I found it hilarious reading articles from earlier in a season and all the speculation with the benefit of hindsight.



Maybe we should revive the books?


Please, please, please, revive them, I miss them very much


Same here


Congrats James, this site has been one of the few gems on the internet of accurate, meaningful, entertaining, educational, and reliable sources of information. Thank you and well done!


Congratulations James.
I've been reading it almost from the beginning and it's my first choice when I want to know about F1.
I'm happy for your sake and I hope this will mean that the site can continue to develop and bring value to us who love F1.
Personally I love the chance to comment and I enjoy the rating of the comments.
Love the analyzis of the races!
Never stop your commenting some of the comments.
But one thing I miss is that in the beginning you had more of a personal view in your articles, what would happen next and you predicting the future. I really miss that, sometimes the articles are more like a regular article that I can read at another forum. Maybe that is your intention but I personally think that what gives us (all of your fans) the pleasure to read your site is the awareness of someone inside the business discuss with all us nerds. And by that we feel that we're also insiders in this amazing world of F1. Keep doing that!


Thanks James, for all you do to with the DNA you have developed. it is appreciated. The information provided, for example the comprehensive round-up of F-1 testing these last couple of days is a solid example of those efforts. Lots of new names in the cars, impressive performances by Robert K., in the Renault; and by McLaren with Norris at the sharp end of the order with balanced observations down the field.

Compared with the "old days" when about all we had over here on this side of the Pond were the Sports Car Graphic month-old summaries of F-1 events. Later on, the advent of Autoweek was a giant step forward in timeliness. Now we have near-instant communications, thanks to the 'www' and this blog is a fine example.



As a F1 fan I have had the wonderful experience of attending one of the fan forums in Montreal and participated on your website through contests and a daily reader. I note Peter Windsor has also moved to the Motorsport family who is also a favourite news source. Congratulations and keep knocking down the F1 wall between teams and the fans!


Ah cool. That was a great event in Montreal


Hi James
I was one of your first ever commenters, and have two of your signed books as prizes.
Things have changed, I am aware that it is often others running things, not you. So If this new move is good for you than great and good luck. Goodbye.


Still me and will stay me, so keep the faith!


James, great move.
Please don't make me join Facebook, or I will be leaving.


I second this. Keep it away from having to sign in with facebook! Facebook is too in your face these days.


Me too. You can create your own user signup if you will. Which also would enable your user base to change email address etc with you loose them or they loose their credentials/seniority. But don't force us to signup to be members of a 3rd party social media venture (Facebook, Twitter, GoogleMail...), to be able to participate here.


Congratulations James.

Please, please, please stay impartial! As a follower of F1 for many decades I've always loved your totally objective reports and analysis despite false accusations to the contrary in some of your comments section. Those comments always raise a wry smile when I read them.

As an avid subscriber to Autosport (now part of the family) for almost 30 years, I've recently noticed that that particular publication's race reports have become more of a Hamilton centric/publicity machine. Awful! I'm far from a Hamilton 'hater' he's an amazing driver but he's not the only one! If anyone doubts my observation, I would invite them to read the recent Austrian race report. The first 8 paragraphs are all about Lewis and he finished 4th!! Bottas won that race!

I digress, my main point is that you've been fantastically objective and impartial (which Autosport used to be!) and I dearly hope that remains like that which, I'm sure you will.

All the very best for your exciting (& impartial) future! 🙂


Why would I change my style? That's what was in demand - so why change?


Why exactly, keep up the excellent work.


So I just get out of prison and what's the first thing I see when I get my phone back and charged up for an hour in my hotel room...?
You know how when yer phones been dead for a month or two and it takes forever to get that initial charge??
I have to tell you, Bangkok is beautiful at this time of year... The smog is hazy, the humidity below 80 for a change, the streets, forty floors below, quiet and busy... comforting. Much more so than that four man cot I had to share with ten other chicos! for a week before sentencing. At least the penitentiary had a veggie patch in the courtyard.

So what do I see? James AllonF1, my favourite, homegrown, garagista kind of F1 fan forum has sold it's soul to the devil and gone all god dammed corporate on its loyal and appreciative readership.
Goodbye C63
Seeya KRB
Arrividerci Sebee
Laters Kenneth
Cüs Aveli
Ciao Laker5Eyes
Bubbeye Rudy Pyatt
BonVoyage AndrewM
Catch yer round Garrett Bruce
Good Riddance TW
Nice to know ya GazBoy

I will give anyone here 250:1 that when GazBoy goes to login at his new inconglomerated JAonF1onMotorsport.com fan forum website, he will be told, uneventfully, that that name has already been taken, please choose another.
Will Sebee's cries now just be whimpers amongst a roaring crowd rather than 367 of 890 comments eschewing a wise-arsed hankering for the past.
Will C63 become C63_24567?
Will Tim find ANYONE with a greater man love for Hamilton?
Who knows? Who cares? You got sold people. I'm catching a flight out tonight, 1:30am... Flying into Alicante to meet my squad for that Volvo Ocean thingy.
I won't have reception for some time so I'll miss how this all works out.
Sure was nice knowing ya'll.


Nice one,
What were you inside for 😉


LOL, what a comment!!! "So I just get out of prison ..." at the start just set the tone perfectly! 🙂

So you and Riccardo Aficionado, you're like Michael and Latoya were, back in the day, right? The "it's" for "its" gives it away.

Ok have fun, and remember, no getting married!


Will C63 become C63_24567?

Very good! Hopefully this comment gets through as most appear to disappear into the ether lately.
Congratulations James - as others have said, your efforts are much appreciated.


Now that would have to be one of the most interesting posts i have read in many a year!!! It's what is not said that raises the bar.


Indeed, like what did he do and experience in Bangkok BEFORE he got into the prison there??? ;o)


He's not Gary Glitter is he?


Rightly so Kenneth, I really enjoy this kind of digression, I wish the guy would talk more about his adventures, it seems an interesting guy.
I also enjoyed yours lately that deviated more or less from f1 saga, that has given me a bit of perspective about your personality.


@ AlanF1...Merci mon ami for your kind words. Re Sir tease's comments. Living in Thailand can be onerous/problematic for some. My eldest son lived there for 10 years and and my grandson has dual nationality, Thai and Aussie so i know a little about living in Thailand. Getting into trouble is quite easy if you don't know how to live within the system and play by the rules! Knowing who to pay, how much and when is a key to enjoying a riotous lifestyle, if that's what you are seeking, hahaha.


Thats one of the most endearing qualities you find within the walls of this site is the fact people felt comfortable to divulge little tidbits of personal information and thus reminded others that we are actual people and not just merely a username.
I worry that the change this site is about to undertake will change the direction and feel of these threads and make it just like every other site with posters having a complete disconnect from those they are interacting with.
This site has been like family to me for the past six years, a rather dis-functional one at times, although one you knew you could find a mate to talk and discuss all things, not just F1.

James, I'm happy for you however I pray you don't lose control of what made your site so unique compared to those of others and these threads are a big part of why many of us stayed loyal to your site for as long as we have.
" If it ain't broke, don't fix it"......


I understand that and have no desire to change the core values that make the site what it is and made Motorsport want to have it on their platform


Sir, we had our fun, it was nice, all things end or change. We shared some views, F1 has been heavily monetized and it is only reasonable for James to get a sliver for himself. I think we have to accept that fan is just another name for customer and this is a product and the name of the game is extract as much revenue out of the customer, excuse me, fan, as possible. like the bumper sticker says, we'll always have the memories.


I guess it won't be long now Sebee till we refer to these past years on here as "the good ole days'..


It's been real


So jelly you get to go see the Volvo...best sporting event on the planets. Those men and women put the boys in F1 to shame.


Wow! Not sure what happened but keep the faith and see how this plays out

Thanks for your comments and support


They own your URL James, right? Basically your name. Here is how I think it will play out. No changes for 90 days, some slight requests for change at 180, and at 2 years we won't recognize the place. Standard acquisition playbook.


"Wow! Not sure what happened...".
Really? You sold to a multi-national corporation that is working towards monopolizing motorsport news, but I guess that is the way of the world. Think Murdoch, I did.
Congratulations on the sale though, great windfall for you. For me it's just another example of corporations grabbing control of what we read.


Cynical but true!
I though wish that JA would have been able to get more money out of it compared to the modest amount he did (will) get. All those years and time put into it and now it's all sold out and no return. It's gone. But I guess it's always better to get some money out of it compared to nothing at all.


Hi James,

Well done and all the best. Please know the value of the site as is with in-depth articles and behind the scenes stories compared to most other sites (including motorsport.com and autosport.com) publishing articles on articles on stuff we already know or could see in the briefings or interviews in the TV or online coverage.

I would also like to add (would be great if you could mention this to the owners!): before I would read Autosport & Motorsport as well as JAonF1. With the acquisition there is no need to visit both of those and it would be great if your content could stay true to its essence. I have noted with the same story shared on both sides the growing need to change the article title which made me chuckle at times at the almost "clickbait" titles on one of the sides.

One example:
Russell says Halo actually helped visibility at times
Halo visibility shocks Mercedes tester Russell

I have also noted Motorsport.com's spelling mistakes creeping into the Autosport articles.

Again, all the best and hope to read many more worthwhile insights from you and your team


Lol. I've noticed the spelling mistakes in Autosport as well. 🙂


Well done James! Quality is always in demand. Good luck with this new phase in your work.


So does this just mean you sold out???


Uhh wtf happened to my comment?? It was here this morning, now it's fine. Are we really doing this now, censoring comments which don't speak favorably of Motorsport.com??

One foot out the door already here.


Don't know. Got this one. This post only went up at 12-20 so not sure how you commented in the morning on this post..


Seee....I rewrote it, and it's still not up, even though the page has updated.

Not a good look James, not a good look at all.

Your mod team will allow Gazboy to go on any rant he wants, belittling and insulting all American people at will....when I make a retort about Europeans, it gets modded and censored (yes my actual writing was altered in one occasion before the post was posted).

Now I'm not allowed to speak ill of your new bosses. All I'm doing is pointing out that they plagerized material off Wikipedia, and that the general quality of the writing is trash at best.

Really no reason to not allow that to be posted, unless the bosses don't want opinions like that to be spread about.

Take care James.


The mods on this site have also changed my words on comments as well. That never sat well with me.


That is completely untrue

We've modded out words. Frequently deleted your uglier posts but never changed words

That is a red line


I can assure you that it is true, if only I kept screenshots. Secondly, I've never posted ugly or inappropriate comments and I've never had a comment deleted. Look at your server logs if you don't believe me, they don't lie and I'm not the only one saying it. You must be thinking of someone else. Stay classy!


I don't want to get into a spat but you've had many comments deleted, so that's not true either (as Senna said to Jackie Stewart in the famous TV interview)


Not true

Your comment was posted I saw it myself


I'm PST, and I still haven't fully figured out how and when my comments get posted...sometimes they take a day.

However, I posted at about 7:30 this morning, and by 8:00, my comment was on the page. It actually had the wrong user name on it, I typed Twitch_5 instead of Twitch_6. It was on the site, fully remember seeing it here.

Come back around 10:00 my time to see if there's been updates, and my comment is now gone...

What my original comment said was that the main reason I come here is specifically because it is not Motorsport.com.

Motorsport.com is the supermarket tabloid of the Motorsport world, and autosport is a slightly more upscale version of the same drivle, like US Weekly or People.

The articles on Motorsport.com are poorly written, repetitive, and rehash the same 1 line quote - each rephrase of the quote is worth an article.

They have manditory daily stories about McLaren because Zak Brown is a major player in owning Motorsport.com.

They "report" on rumours, and what normally would constitute nothing more than a dilutions fans rant on a forum somewhere gets passed off as professional "opinion pieces".

The comment section is nothing more than an extension of the bullsh** (I'll let you guys mod that one) that takes place on Facebook and twatter. We get a little silly at times here, but the pure garbage that is the Motorsport.com comment section is only worth reading so you can laugh at the fanboys battling each other's opinions over who is the best driver ever.

A couple years back, someone pointed out that Motorsport.com had fully plagerized their F1 driver profiles straight off Wikipedia. Is that the kind of quality we can expect now?

You guys think Tim is biased towards HAM, wait until you meet SennaP1 and his opinion of Verstappen lol. Not a single constructive convo will take place from here on out lmao.

James, all that said, congrats on your hard work paying off. It's just sad that the people you sold out to (don't think you had a choice if you wanted to grow) are the absolute worst journalists on the planet right now. Journalism in motorsports is basically like the armpit of the journalism world, and Motorsport.com is the asshole of the Motorsport world.

Best of luck, I'll follow the changes for a few weeks...if I see any influence from that trash pile on this very reputable site, I'm out.


Not sure that's right on several count
For started Jon Noble is the No. 1 journo writing in English in F1, he breaks more stories than the rest put together !


Hi James

This was always the first site I went to for my regular F1 fix. As a Brit I was fortunate to have followed your career in the various tv and radio roles and always appreciated your honesty and expert analysis on all things F1.

All the best in the new venture and shall look forward to following you on motorsport.com as well as twitter.

søren christensen

Congrats James Allen. And welcome to the Motorsport empire! This will be good, I am sure. Not only for You, but also us fans around the World.
It is great, via your blog, to have the possibility discussing with other likeminded and be able to give a personal view on things in the F1. Views - which clearly can be very different from person to person.
I will keep on giving my (partly DK biased) views...


Congratulations I hope!
One thing I like about this blog is it is mostly text based - I cant sit watching vids at work whereas I can read the odd article. Hope to still read your insight in the future.


Congratulations, James! As someone following this blog from its inception, I'm very happy to see that the great content will move to an even larger audience. Thoroughly deserved!


Congratulations, and many thanks, you deserve it James!


Dear James,

A few years ago my favorite site was autosport.com but eventually thier website went behind a paywall and the quality of the free section news became very basic.

Slowly Motorsport.com became my favorite platform and combined with that JAonF1 was the best place for "interaction" with other fans.

I was surprised when motorsport.com acquired autosport.com. Thankfully they did not seem to go all paywall and their main site is still superb. The youtube videos they post are the best on the internet and if those are the videos that you have been involved with off late, thumbs up to you for adding to the awesomeness.

Now when they have acquired JAonF1, yes change is good. but the forum environment that has evolved here is unique and I cannot help but fear that perhaps you may change it to "facebook" based comments only because its probably easier tech wise. This website/blog has a unique thing going and I do not know why, but those websites running with facebook power only do not seem to foster the community environment very well.

Also somehow facebook is very distracting for some of us weak minded folks and I rarely log in to it as it wastes too much time diverting to "other" things. When I participate in this blog here, no such "diverted away to other distractions" happen. So please try and preserve the "login" user name platform alive on your site.

Things that would be awsome- if the motorsport.com videos pertaining to F1 start featuring on this platform. Motorsport.com covers all motorsport while JAonF1 while being hollistic -is still centralised around F1. I hope that never changes and this blog remains the Core of Motorsport.com's F1 focus.

Best of luck and thank you!


Thanks for that. The comments section is one of the USPs of this site and the plan is to maintain that interaction as is.


The thing I find on the comments sections of other such website is that its an all out slug fest of insulting each other. Some times I see and interesting view point and want to interact with it but as soon as I see the "view more responses", so often its a blood bath with facebook users.

I do not want to malign fb, it has more to do with the fact that vast number of people are always logged into it and it simply is conveniant when they find that they can quickly post a comment and never come back or take responsibility for it.

To your credit, the comments on this site does not really need a "Sign up" per say, but many casual users do not know that and this keeps many troll like comments.

Also the star system on this blog touches on very primal instincts of "building up on something good" - Reputation , aspiring for reputation ! 🙂

So even thought there is a bit of trolling that we do on this community, its done with full responsibility and even the disagreements have a certain degree of respect.

To be honest, I did not know that this site was close to a decade old now. Unsurprisingly, it has evolved to such nuanced levels where subconciously I sort of grasp some of the magic that lies in the method. Best time to acknowledge that before any many changes! 🙂

I understand that cross platformed with fb, the number of eyeballs goes up and with FB's awesome targetted adverts it makes huge sense.

So my RECOMENDATION is: can you maintain two platforms side by side, let this one exist in its current form with no overlap with FB and let there be a Grand New Version on the MOTORSPORT.com platform aswell with the the full works, FB integration and all.

Those who casually reach the Motorsport.com JA site can casually respond to the millions of comments that they manage to "See" (anything over five hundred comments, its no more a community participation anyway, but a jamboree of disconnected feelings and intellect)

On that same platform if they find that some comments are not from FB but by (what they do not initially realise) is by users from the OLD platform such as us.

Now if anyone tries to respond to these OLD users names.. they get taken to the old platform (this one) If its a person who is deeply interested in interacting.. he will quickly use the login here to respond to a OLD USER COMMENT.

New casual users may simply not have the patience to do a second login on a different page just to TROLL somebody 🙂

Over a period of time, many FB users who are seriously interested in interacting with the OLD USERS with STAR Ratings, will start using the second Login from the OLD platform to comment. For that they should not need to Log out of FB because that would be bad for revenues.. but just a secondary login page if they want to respond to the STAR Rated USER comments. 🙂

If you can trace this system with your new IT team it would be awesome JAMES. One of the Many ways that you can combine the quality of community participation along with the economic gains of a revenue platform like FB.

FOR THE OLD USERS: This is how I imagine how it could be for the old users.. they can still keep coming to this OLD PLATFORM like usual and comment on your awesome articles as usuals. all they will see is only the COMMENTS that are posted by the people who logged in from the OLD PLATFORM with the Login system here.

THESE COMMENTS are also shown (as per time of post) on the NEW PLATFORM which has FB intergration. So People on the new platform interacting on it using thier FB id can see these star rated comments pop up amongst their other Fb user comments, but the moment they want to respond to such a STAR RATED login id.. the comment button takes them to the secondary login page (OR THE OLD PLATFORM PAGE).

Hence SERIOUS new Users can also join the fray of having a STAR rated Commenting ID.

SO Condensing all that.. New casual users can comment using FB id, but to respond to a star rated id, they need the secondary login that makes them a star rated user. This extra action is abhorred by many who may not feel inclined to do so unless they really really want to become a part of the STAR RATED Comments community.

Sorry for the long rambling post as I was thinking while writing. For someof us, your blog is the most wholesome connect with the F1 world and for me atleast it is important to see the OLD DNA of it remain in some form integrated with the new.


Appreciate it, lots to think about.


Yes James, please don't go to Facebook. I don't think I'm the only person here who refuses to use Facebook. But of course, this is your baby😊


@ jamesK ...Yes, the classic Samuel Goldwyn quote will apply to me as well if this site goes to facebook....'include me out'.


On the Facebook thing, I have a Facebook log in, but that's it, it's just a log in, nothing else. A hidden profile, with no content in it anyway, blocked for all access, by anyone, blocked email address etc. It's just another way of logging in, just like a saved password, it doesn't do anything else.


You are not alone, Facebook stuff will be the end of the road for many


I agree Alan and also those views expressed by James above. Facebook will certainly be the end for many on this site, especially the older crowd that find Bookface a scourge of modern society. Count me out if that happens!


Great news! Congrats!

Andrew Halliday

With the expansion of your website, are you now hiring? 😉


@James.. Perhaps you could use the "Star rating" system to good use and Invite applications based on it 😉 I would surely apply 😀


Epic good show, James! Congratulations. You were (and are) ahead of the curve.


James, I'm personally happy to YOU if this is where you want your next step to be. Your skills, efforts and 'hard work' ethic have been abundantly shown here.

But personally I fear I may see a lessening of content/insight. I am never quite sure if I have regarded you as an alternative to, or an addition to Autosport.

Anyway, you have my very best wishes,


well I dont usually go to Motorsport.com since the website continuously ask for suscription and threat not let me read anything after 10 visits if I dont suscribe, so I just dont use that website, too much advertising as well, of course everyone needs to eat... but the suscription thing is too anoying so thats the main reason I dont read motorsport .... I just wanted to coment that in case this website become the same...

Anyway, congratulation$ to you... and hope this great site continue to be the great forum for acurate information and discusion about F1.


Please, whatever you do, don't make posting to the comments section only available via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc. like motorsport.com does. I have zero interest in opening any such account to be able to post my views to your excellent web site.


Couldn't agree more!


So you off to the Cayman Islands to join the Richard Branson Jet Set James 😉 ?
Have to say you website is the No.1 go to place for F1 (better than the F1 website)
The Motorsport Channel has improved especially with its weekly The Inside Line show.
I'm hoping The Devil that is Murdochs Sky won't end up buying that channel / or after buying it shutting it down.
All the best James enjoy your Jet Skiing and surfing 🏄


No time for that! too much to do


No time for that! too much to do!


So much to do, you wrote it twice😂😂


Ps Martin Blundell and James Allen.
I Robot ?
You sure your not clones ?


Cngrats. Hope we will see the same content in the future. Your race analysis on tuesdays after the race are TOP!


I've been watching F1 since I was seven years-old. What can I say? The drivers, tracks, racing, rules, aero, cylinder count and ownership have all changed dramatically over that time.

Change, for better, and sometime worse, has been the only constant.

My sincere hope for you James is that these changes bring you the exposure and platform you deserve, and that your readers embrace it wholeheartedly.




James, congrats.
I hope everything stays the same. I don't need video stuff, just the written insightful articles is what i enjoy. And the comments of course!
I am a little bit afraid what Motorsport wants in return, guess we will find out in a year or so.


Congratulations James. I found your analyses the best I could find anywhere - race after race - and actually wait for Tuesdays very eagerly. I also found that the readership of JAonF1 to be the most discerning, learned bunch of enthusiasts - a place one could have a civil discussion rather than name calling - which is what you usually get at other sites. So I am hoping everything remains the same - of course wider readership follows - which is great for you and Motorsport, and I am sure I'll keep waiting as eagerly for your blog as I do today (not just the Tuesday ones :))


Thanks for your comments


I can't remember how I discovered this blog, but it was very early because I remember following 2009 season here (actually I thought I followed 2008 here too). It has remained my number one F1 site ever since (I also have all the books:). Today motorsport.com is my secondary website and I also follow Sky and BBC.

James, I hope the quality stays the same and the ads won't flood your writing.
I love the clean look of this blog.

I guess congratulations are in order!


Congrats James.


Hi James congratulations. I have been critical of some of the stories here , but by and large I love your site and it's clear your enthusiasm and love of the sport is there for all of us to see and enjoy. I do hope you would consider sharing more of your views on the topics presented here. After all , we come to your site because your name is above the door. All the best.


Out of curiousity...does anyone from JAonF1 actually read Motorsport.com, particularly the comments sections?

Think to the comments here, and how many times you see people saying things like "well written," "insightful," "thanks for this perspective," etc etc.

Now go on Motorsport.com and count how many articles have comments like that. Also count how many people on the comments sections there are purely about ripping the poorly written article apart. Think about it...the content has got so bad that people actually feel the need to point out just how bad it is. That's not normal, or at least it shouldn't be. You certainly don't see it happen around here.


I agree that the quality of the articles can be variable. Some are pure clickbait and not worth reading, some of the technical analysis articles are much more insightful. But it is the comments section that I cannot abide. I have blocked all comments when reading motorsport.com - "mostly garbage" is being too kind to the level of discussion there.


Sounds like you made a good deal but please don't add a ton of adds to your super clean website and don't make us use Facebook to login like a ton of sites, I (and many others) don't use Facebook.


I'm concerned that in a couple of years I won't be able to find a motorsport website that isn't owned by the Motorsport Network. Should that occur, It'll be like watching F1 on the telly, it could all be behind a paywall. So much for LM's dreams of opening up F1 to the masses!


James I can only echo the sentiments of many of the postings and say a big thank you for your unique insights into the world of F1. Have to say I enjoyed your on the spot pitlane analysis too. As for commentating, I think many would have struggled to follow the great Murray Walker, thankfully DC & MSC gave us a decent French GP. My view is that you eccelled and grew in stature as a top commentator, one of the best! Once again, congratulations and wishing you and your team a successful future.


Hey JA,
Congrats on the move - any chance this could see a rebirth of the podcasts or something similar? Really miss those..


Yes that is under discussion


Please bring back the podcast. AS does this weekly one with Ed Straw which is not bad and with you it will probably be in par with the BBC CFP.

Amalgamation with the bigger network will definitely bring you greater reach and hopefully it will also assist you with leveraging their digital content and multimedia assets. I just hope you don't disappear in the crowd under the umbrella.

And, please don't let them murder the soul of this site with advertisements that are excessive like in the MS. I cannot even load anything on that site anymore. It just crashes - every time. What a shame!

Finally, congratulations on the deal. May you win!


I vote for that too, your 2012 podcasts were full of great interviews with some of the most interesting and diverse personalities in the sport, would be amazing to revive those.


Podcasts, yes please, bring them back.


Congratulations James. A great outcome from a great initiative. Hope the site doesn't go inside the paywalls of Motorsport; and also not bring inside the paywall doesn't lead to a degeneration of the quality of articles. Also going that the quality of articles continues to be at the standard you have set.


Nothing good lasts forever, goog job Sir James!
The challenge then is to do something even better,
but I doubt it will be without commercial advisors and / or
pay to view ??!!


Congrats! Been reading since the beginning. I knew it would happen one day. I just hope we don't lose what made the site great, end up behind a paywall or partial paywall, or bombarded by ads. Anyway, good luck on your endeavor!


More power to you James, but from a selfish perspective I'm not sure how I feel about it.
I'm always a little sceptical when big corporate fish swallow smaller tastier ones. It usually ends up quantity over quality.
Anyway I'll sit tight and see how it plays out.
As far as jamesallenonf1.com goes...
Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you.


Hi James

Congrats, I have been following this blog since you mentioned it on the RPM show all those years ago and always looked forward to you calling the races after Murray Walker retired. They were some great years with great sounding cars.

Regarding the comments section, I want to say please keep it as is as I would not want to login like you do on every other site which is the reason why I only add my comments here.


Congrats James. I think for me the most important thing about your blog is the trust the teams have in giving you insightful information that we don't read anywhere else. And that is because they trust you to actually write truth and not innuendo or to quote Trump, fake news. This is a refreshing ability in these days of headline grabbing nonsense. Keep up the good work James, we all appreciate it.


OOOOooooohh NOOOOOoooooo JA!!!!
Glad to hear you are being rewarded for your dedication but ........ Motorsport.com .... REALLY???? It's akin to a Pulitzer prize winning non-fiction novelist "selling-out" and writing three paragraph trashy opinion pieces for a tabloid newspaper!!!!!

I have absolutely loved coming to this wonderful website and "hiding away" from the plethora of redneck trolls out there.
This has been one of the few F1 websites where insightful, respectful, complimentary, fun comments and conversations are enjoyed uninterrupted by those of us who despise mindless vitriol and deliberately negative "baiting" from disgusting keyboard warriors. Senseless fools who only exist online to get their daily dose of childish jollies by demeaning and bullying others.

Hate-fuelled insults and cringe-worthy derogatory comments abound from the un-mediated keyboard "terrorists" on Motorsport.com's blog threads. There are far too many racist, homophobic, disgusting "female sibling and matriarch demeaning insults" openly used on that forum. As are foolish hollow threats and relentless "stalking" of anyone the like-minded "gangs" choose to disagree with.

It is for this reason I have refused to comment on their threads for quite a while now.
I will continue to read your stories and comments wherever you go but when the handover is complete, it will be a very sad day for those of us who will never use the chat section again.
Very sad!
Good luck with your future endeavours. I look forward to seeing you on the free-to-air TEN Network telecast in Melbourne again next March. It's the astute, dedicated guys like yourself and our own Neil Crompton who keep things interesting and insightful for true F1 fans.
Thanks JA ... it's been fun.


James I am happy for you but I hope Motorsport doesn't ruin this site with their click and bait content. I never really go there for any news on f1. I hope they don't destroy a genuinely great product. I welcome changes you have done over the years. But please don't let it turn into a replica of Motorsport.com site. I would like comment section to remain the same with the rating system. I remember when you used to write blogs for itv and then started this site in 08. This is one of the best sport blogs. Please don't change what makes it special.


Nice one James - well done!


JA on F1 is my daily go-to for balanced reporting on F1. Not at all interested in Nascar, Lamborghini's exploding into flames, 2018 Jeep Wrangler tests nor some dude called Boris. Fair-the-well James, congratulations on the sale. Guess I'll still gain your insight when Ch10 in Aus deigns to show a race.

Craig in Manila

Anyone know who owns Motorsport Network ?
I can see that they’re buying-up heaps of things and seemingly trying to take-over all media associated with motorsports.
I can see that they have 500+ staff worldwide across all of their entities and sub-entities.
I can see that James is now one of those 500+ staff.
But who owns them ? Who is their “Murdoch” ?


@ Craig...very difficult to access who the major shareholders are. As you know Motorsport Network is Miami Fl. registered and based. They do have significant F1 assets in the UK eg Haymarket magazines etc etc etc.


Bernie 😉 Gotta keep busy.


Congratulations.....cant wait to see how it plays out!

Thanks for all you have done to educate me on all things F1.


Well done James.

I've been a huge fan since the ITV days, and started following the site in 2009. I really like the way the layout has evolved over the years and this is a really positive step.

JAonF1 has always been my first stop for F1 news and insight and I am really looking forward tot he extra content a larger platform can offer.


Heres hoping the comment section remains as it is now and nothing like the Autosport forums where there is constant non stop bickering with people quoting and requoting one another, arguing their point over and over and over... so much so that I rarely go there anymore. Then theres the hassle of having to use a proxy site to read the Autosport articles as limited to whopping 10 'free' views a month. I hope this site doesnt end up like that either. Other than that keep up the good work!


Well done James, keep up the good work.
For me, your site has always been the most reliable source of meaningful F1 news, insight and discussion.
I really enjoy hearing your race commentary as well. Australia was especially good this year! Any chance you'll be in the comm box more often?


Good luck. I enjoy those sites. They have good people, and I'm sure you'll be successful. I'm in the USA (born and raised), so people such as you, James, are a life force for people like me who have F1 in their DNA. The internet has connected us, and we'll stay connected... surely. Cheers... and go get 'em!

Sugar Coated Iceberg

The way i see it is at the moment James is mostly a one man band, with others adding to the content.

By joining Motorsports Network he will have access to a bigger resource then he has currently which can only be a good thing.

Makes no business sense to change a working product, but there's always ways even the best can be better.


You didn't include a link to the Motorsports Network site!


Dear James. As a fan of F1 since 1955 I have greatly enjoyed all your insights and relative comments over the years. It was a pleasure meeting you at few Grand Prix Tours race weekends. Congratulations and good luck. Thank you.



Thanks for your kind message


Congrats James. As a person who was inspired to follow F1 after reading your book "MS - The Edge of Greatness" and having followed your website since 2009, I just want to wish you luck for your future endeavor. Keep those informative articles coming. Now I hope that your website will feature something like a live.autosport.com feature which if my memory serves me right, You had something much better than that with all the twitter feeds in one single page.

Very happy for you.


Yes we did back in 2010 for the winter testing. It was a good experiment



Yes James, have you ever thought about doing a live race feed. It's not always I can catch the races on the TV, so I have to use the Gaurdian live feed ( like when I was on holiday this year, I missed Austria and Silverstone). I of course go straight to your blog as soon as you have written and can then start to participate in the comments. But a JA live feed would be the icing on the cake.


Could you PLEASE get a better comment system? I would suggest one like they have in Sky with post not pre-moderation and an option to flag a post for the moderator. Thanks and good luck with the move 🙂


good for you james! congratulations! looking for more quality stuff from you! your blog has been my fav f1 space for a while now and i'm glad to see you reaping the dividends of such consistent quality work!!!


SO are you going behind a paywall like F1 on TV is ?


WoW James great news! I love your insight and bought the books of 2009 -2013 and read them during those silent winter days. Keep up the good work which is a must for real fans who don't like the immense Max hyped Dutch broadcast


I think JAF1 is the most aesthetically pleasing website in all of motorsport i have come across. I love the interface, the fonts, sizing of fonts, colors, balance between bold and regular sizes, subtle variations between black to grey color of fonts, the width of the article space is just right so that lines are never too long to read. Just the whole experience of reading on JAF1 is pleasing. Graphic design is great and of course content is proper journalism making the readers smarter, an example of style with substance. Generally, I first finish sifting through other motorsport websites and then finally I get to JAF1 and read through it in peace. Thats how much pleasing the whole format is, absolutely clutter free which is rare to come by in the world of web. So I hope the simplicity of JAF1 website is maintained as is. Congratulations James!


Thanks for your kind comment and duly noted. We spent quite a bit of time on the look and feel and the colour palate before alighting on this.


James can I borrow some money now?


Congratulations and wish you the best in your future endeavors

Mick Compagnoni

Progress is a good thing James, so congrats for that. As an older web user, I hope this site continues as it is because it is informative & simple to use, & I don't understand most computer jargon.
Your mention of other web sites showing motorsport is exciting, especially as the channel 10 network in Australia has completely screwed the chance to enjoy world & National Motorsport.

Mick Compagnoni

What does "Your comment is awaiting moderation." mean?


Just the editor checking that your post is agreeable to this site/thread before it's sent out.
Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes it can take half a day. But trust me, it's worth while. As you can read from many of the comments above, this is something that is very important to the F1 fans who come here for James"s excellent articles, but also to chat and debate in a manner of respect for everyone's opinion. It's what also makes this site exceptional, but keeps James I believe, very busy😊👍🏻. And if your new here, welcome! A good choice!


It means that comments don't automatically appear

We have a moderation process which ensures that the standard of discussion stays high

Sometimes there is a delay in clearing comments, which is regrettable

But that's far better than un controlled Wild West


@ Mick Compagnoni:
The civilised and informed comments and discussions on here don't happen by accident it takes a lot of time and effort by James & Co. to keep the quality and standards up!


Poor you James!
But just to let you know, I'm sure I speak for everyone here, it's very much appreciated. Excellent work.


That's an incredibly smug look there James. Satisfied? Happy? Fulfilled? Either way, good luck mate..


For a moment there I thought they were about to announce that James Allen was joining Ross Brawn and Co. in some kind of media czar position....


Huge congrats James, I'm really pleased for you. Its always been a great pleasure whenever I've had the good fortune to do anything with you and I remain a keen follower of your site to this day. Hope to see you again sometime...


Congrats James....Not everyone gets to see their hard work reach fruition. To be frank I only really check this site and f1sportsnow which then leads back to links on this site as the coverage has always been good. The commentators are the best of the lot as well.


Congratulations & look forward to seeing more video content on the site. It's a hard slog starting & developing a site & social media presence, great to see it finally pay off. Well deserved

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