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Important update on the next steps for James Allen on F1 blog
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Aug 2017   |  12:19 pm GMT  |  251 comments

It is with great pleasure that we can announce today that this James Allen on blog will be moving onto the Motorsport Network, becoming part of the titles, and

Although the reach will greatly increase worldwide, nothing will change about the core values of the site which have always been providing authoritative insight and analysis from the inside of F1 to help fans get closer to the sport.

And we will maintain our other vital DNA; interactivity with the audience. Just this week we had over 1,000 comments in a single day from readers, who love the informed discussion and debate in the comments section.

We are proud of what we have achieved with this blog since 2009; we created the first FOTA Fans Forum and over the last eight years have done many things to connect the fans with the sport. Now the sport is finally moving in that direction itself, which is to be applauded.

And JAonF1 needs to evolve too. I’m really excited to be making this move at this time.

I’ve always been one to embrace change and with so much movement and change in our industry at present, this is the right moment and the right partner.

For the past 18 months I have been working in parallel with the Motorsport Network team on a number of video projects. In that time I have seen an organization consolidating its prodigious assets, acquiring others of importance and setting a clear vision for the future; a vision that spans motorsport and automotive, gaming, events, commerce and technology.

My experience over 28 years as a commentator and journalist in F1 has been with media organisations like BBC, ITV, ESPN and the Financial Times.

At the same time, building my own web site, James Allen on F1, and social media presence has taught me a lot about how to engage fans using the new digital tools and platforms.

I’m delighted to be bringing JA on F1 and my digital content business into the Motorsport Network and look forward to developing it with the new management team.

Thanks for your support.

And I hope you will continue to support JAonF1 and to send in your comments.

About Motorsport Network and its parent company, Motorsport Network, have experienced rapid growth in the past two years to become the world’s largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform connecting hundreds of millions of people that love motorsport and cars.

In total, Motorsport Network offers 28 global editions of websites – including the automotive site, – social media channels and magazines edited by local experts. The network has more than 160 million monthly page views across 81 countries in 17 different languages. reaches 31 million homes in 42 different countries throughout Europe via cable and satellite and showcases more than 125 different motor racing championships.

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Congratulations & look forward to seeing more video content on the site. It’s a hard slog starting & developing a site & social media presence, great to see it finally pay off. Well deserved


Congrats James….Not everyone gets to see their hard work reach fruition. To be frank I only really check this site and f1sportsnow which then leads back to links on this site as the coverage has always been good. The commentators are the best of the lot as well.


Huge congrats James, I’m really pleased for you. Its always been a great pleasure whenever I’ve had the good fortune to do anything with you and I remain a keen follower of your site to this day. Hope to see you again sometime…


For a moment there I thought they were about to announce that James Allen was joining Ross Brawn and Co. in some kind of media czar position….


That’s an incredibly smug look there James. Satisfied? Happy? Fulfilled? Either way, good luck mate..

Mick Compagnoni

What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” mean?


Just the editor checking that your post is agreeable to this site/thread before it’s sent out.
Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes it can take half a day. But trust me, it’s worth while. As you can read from many of the comments above, this is something that is very important to the F1 fans who come here for James”s excellent articles, but also to chat and debate in a manner of respect for everyone’s opinion. It’s what also makes this site exceptional, but keeps James I believe, very busy😊👍🏻. And if your new here, welcome! A good choice!


It means that comments don’t automatically appear

We have a moderation process which ensures that the standard of discussion stays high

Sometimes there is a delay in clearing comments, which is regrettable

But that’s far better than un controlled Wild West


@ Mick Compagnoni:
The civilised and informed comments and discussions on here don’t happen by accident it takes a lot of time and effort by James & Co. to keep the quality and standards up!


Amen to that!


Poor you James!
But just to let you know, I’m sure I speak for everyone here, it’s very much appreciated. Excellent work.

Mick Compagnoni

Progress is a good thing James, so congrats for that. As an older web user, I hope this site continues as it is because it is informative & simple to use, & I don’t understand most computer jargon.
Your mention of other web sites showing motorsport is exciting, especially as the channel 10 network in Australia has completely screwed the chance to enjoy world & National Motorsport.


Congratulations and wish you the best in your future endeavors


James can I borrow some money now?


I think JAF1 is the most aesthetically pleasing website in all of motorsport i have come across. I love the interface, the fonts, sizing of fonts, colors, balance between bold and regular sizes, subtle variations between black to grey color of fonts, the width of the article space is just right so that lines are never too long to read. Just the whole experience of reading on JAF1 is pleasing. Graphic design is great and of course content is proper journalism making the readers smarter, an example of style with substance. Generally, I first finish sifting through other motorsport websites and then finally I get to JAF1 and read through it in peace. Thats how much pleasing the whole format is, absolutely clutter free which is rare to come by in the world of web. So I hope the simplicity of JAF1 website is maintained as is. Congratulations James!


Thanks for your kind comment and duly noted. We spent quite a bit of time on the look and feel and the colour palate before alighting on this.


WoW James great news! I love your insight and bought the books of 2009 -2013 and read them during those silent winter days. Keep up the good work which is a must for real fans who don’t like the immense Max hyped Dutch broadcast




SO are you going behind a paywall like F1 on TV is ?




good for you james! congratulations! looking for more quality stuff from you! your blog has been my fav f1 space for a while now and i’m glad to see you reaping the dividends of such consistent quality work!!!


Could you PLEASE get a better comment system? I would suggest one like they have in Sky with post not pre-moderation and an option to flag a post for the moderator. Thanks and good luck with the move 🙂


Congrats James. As a person who was inspired to follow F1 after reading your book “MS – The Edge of Greatness” and having followed your website since 2009, I just want to wish you luck for your future endeavor. Keep those informative articles coming. Now I hope that your website will feature something like a feature which if my memory serves me right, You had something much better than that with all the twitter feeds in one single page.

Very happy for you.


Yes we did back in 2010 for the winter testing. It was a good experiment



Yes James, have you ever thought about doing a live race feed. It’s not always I can catch the races on the TV, so I have to use the Gaurdian live feed ( like when I was on holiday this year, I missed Austria and Silverstone). I of course go straight to your blog as soon as you have written and can then start to participate in the comments. But a JA live feed would be the icing on the cake.


Dear James. As a fan of F1 since 1955 I have greatly enjoyed all your insights and relative comments over the years. It was a pleasure meeting you at few Grand Prix Tours race weekends. Congratulations and good luck. Thank you.



Thanks for your kind message


You didn’t include a link to the Motorsports Network site!

Sugar Coated Iceberg

The way i see it is at the moment James is mostly a one man band, with others adding to the content.

By joining Motorsports Network he will have access to a bigger resource then he has currently which can only be a good thing.

Makes no business sense to change a working product, but there’s always ways even the best can be better.


Good luck. I enjoy those sites. They have good people, and I’m sure you’ll be successful. I’m in the USA (born and raised), so people such as you, James, are a life force for people like me who have F1 in their DNA. The internet has connected us, and we’ll stay connected… surely. Cheers… and go get ’em!


Well done James, keep up the good work.
For me, your site has always been the most reliable source of meaningful F1 news, insight and discussion.
I really enjoy hearing your race commentary as well. Australia was especially good this year! Any chance you’ll be in the comm box more often?


Heres hoping the comment section remains as it is now and nothing like the Autosport forums where there is constant non stop bickering with people quoting and requoting one another, arguing their point over and over and over… so much so that I rarely go there anymore. Then theres the hassle of having to use a proxy site to read the Autosport articles as limited to whopping 10 ‘free’ views a month. I hope this site doesnt end up like that either. Other than that keep up the good work!


Well done James.

I’ve been a huge fan since the ITV days, and started following the site in 2009. I really like the way the layout has evolved over the years and this is a really positive step.

JAonF1 has always been my first stop for F1 news and insight and I am really looking forward tot he extra content a larger platform can offer.


Congratulations…..cant wait to see how it plays out!

Thanks for all you have done to educate me on all things F1.

Craig in Manila

Anyone know who owns Motorsport Network ?
I can see that they’re buying-up heaps of things and seemingly trying to take-over all media associated with motorsports.
I can see that they have 500+ staff worldwide across all of their entities and sub-entities.
I can see that James is now one of those 500+ staff.
But who owns them ? Who is their “Murdoch” ?


@ Craig…very difficult to access who the major shareholders are. As you know Motorsport Network is Miami Fl. registered and based. They do have significant F1 assets in the UK eg Haymarket magazines etc etc etc.


Bernie 😉 Gotta keep busy.


JA on F1 is my daily go-to for balanced reporting on F1. Not at all interested in Nascar, Lamborghini’s exploding into flames, 2018 Jeep Wrangler tests nor some dude called Boris. Fair-the-well James, congratulations on the sale. Guess I’ll still gain your insight when Ch10 in Aus deigns to show a race.

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