Silverstone F1 2017: Lewis Hamilton vindicated? And what happened with Ferrari tyres?
Lewis Hamilton
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Jul 2017   |  5:40 pm GMT  |  278 comments

It was a tough build up to the British Grand Prix, with the announcement of the break clause being activated at Silverstone and the row over Lewis Hamilton’s decision not to attend the London Live promotion. But the race certainly delivered with some great racing, close battles and spectacular scenes of celebration for Lewis Hamilton.

We also had drama with Ferrari hitting tyre problems late in the race on both cars.

Hamilton had one of those very special weekends with a stunning qualifying session, pole position and a race, which he was able to completely dominate. He ends the weekend having closed the gap from 20 points to just 1 behind Sebastian Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton

He was rightly criticized for being the only driver not to appear at the London Live promotion on Wednesday, but then he went out and dominated the Silverstone weekend, so his mini-break had achieved his objective in clearing his head of all the negatives around Baku and the Vettel (non-)penalty and the gearbox penalty he suffered in Austria.

There was a lot of talk about his no-show at the London Live on Wednesday, but Hamilton knew what he needed to get ready for the British Grand Prix. My own view is that, if he was determined to go, he probably should have told his story a bit better before jetting off to a Greek island for a couple of days of R&R to manage expectations.

Had he explained why he needed to miss the London promotional event before going people may have understood better. Although on balance I think that if he had his time again he probably would have grabbed a rest on Monday and Tuesday and appeared on Wednesday evening in London. But we are not privy to the other discussions going on at the moment between Liberty, Mercedes and all the star drivers about promotional days and what they need to do for F1 as a whole. There are some skirmishes going on behind the scenes, despite the hugely positive moves forward that the sport is taking under the new owners.

Hamilton said after the race that “this is the best I have driven ever” and he certainly had a point to prove. All eyes are now on Ferrari to see how they react.

Mercedes didn’t bring an upgrade to this race and they say that the new engine wasn’t worth much in terms of additional power. But it’s clear that they have developed slightly better than Ferrari in the last few weeks and more than that, they have understood the tyres better than at the start of the season. The two things together have given them a margin over Ferrari.

However the next race in Hungary will be a strong race for Ferrari, a tighter race track and they have an upgrade coming for that race, as do Red Bull and Mercedes. The Mercedes long wheel base car was well suited to this Silverstone track and they made the most of it with a 1-2 finish, despite Bottas needing a five-place gearbox penalty.

Sebastian Vettel

What was going on with Ferrari as front tyres fail?
The race went wrong for Ferrari after both cars suffered front left tyre problems in the closing stages. Kimi Raikkonen had the second place bought and paid for after Max Verstappen got ahead of Vettel and held him up, which wrecked Vettel’s race. It also gave Raikkonen a big lead in second place.

Bottas was trying to come through from 9th on the grid using a reverse strategy of soft tyres for the opening stint and supersoft for the second stint. He would not have caught Raikkonen without the tyre problems, which struck out of the blue with two laps to go. But Bottas was the cause of Ferrari’s problems as his pace meant that they were pulled into a mentality of doing one stop, when they – like many others -had thought that this would be a two stop race. Add to that the fact that Vettel undercut Verstappen by making an aggressive early pit stop and it’s clear that they were pushed to the limit. Vettel’s lock up exaggerated the problem and he paid the price.

Many teams were in two minds about whether to do one pit stop or two, but it swung towards one stop after the supersofts turned out to suffer low degradation in the opening stint and they were able to go longer. Bottas managed to take his soft tyres to 36 laps of life, which is more than Ferrari did before hitting trouble.

There were reports that Raikkonen hit some debris, but he said he did not. Raikkonen and Vettel’s problems allowed Verstappen to make a precautionary pit stop without losing position, as his tyres were on the limit too.

There was no discussion on the radio of the team considering switching the cars when Bottas was catching and Vettel was only four seconds behind Raikkonen. It could have been risky anyway as Raikkonen looked set for second place at that point and there was no guarantee that by slowing to allow Vettel to pass, that they wouldn’t have both been passed by Bottas anyway. The maths show that without his tyre problem Bottas would not have caught Raikkonen.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo has one of his strongest drives
Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo did not make it six podiums in a row. But this was still one of his best drives in F1.

He did a superb job once again to finish in fifth place from the back of the grid, without a Safety Car (apart from the one in the very early laps).

He did it through a combination of good strategy and some fine overtakes. Although he blotted his record a little in the early stages when he undid all his good work at the start by running wide at Woodcote and being overtaken by the cars he had just passed.

He was in a similar position to Valtteri Bottas in needing to offset himself against the cars ahead of him so he did a long first stint on supersoft tyres, which wasn’t easy to achieve at the pace he was going. And once he got onto the soft tyres, he was able to use the combination of the speed he could come out of the Maggots/ Becketts esses complex onto the Hangar straight and then being able to use DRS on the straight, to pass cars. For example when he passed Perez he was doing 320km/h while Perez was at 288km/h without DRS. That’s why he could pass the Force Indias, but they struggled to pass Magnussen for example.

What were your highlights of the British Grand Prix? Leave your comments in the section below

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' . . . so his mini-break had achieved his objective in clearing his head . . . '
Well, thank the stars for that -
I would have hated to see him battling wearily in the mid-field.

That's sure going to set a driver-precedent for the next Live Promotion.
One could perversely argue that the only reason he dominated the race was because all the other pilots were a bit, fatigued . . . ?

I did enjoy the race though!


Proportion of the British F1 press at the London Live event, near 100%, all needing a story.
Proportion of British F1 fans who got to the event, probably under 1%.
How bothered were the other 99% about whether he was in London?
There are people outside the London bubble...


Indeed, my comment was on media-spin rather than driver-behaviour.
As an F1 fan, I went to London Live to see the cars, not the drivers.
The successful event's target was the 'other 99%' -
Who wouldn't have recognised any of the pilots.

Your 'London bubble' is an excellent marketing venue!


I kind of agree with you. I have defended Lewis absence as he's described he feels this championchip is the toughest of all so far, and needed a rest or whatever you want to call it. But on the other hand it could be seen as a weekness. The other title rivals Vettel and Bottas are surly finding it just as hard, but they stil took the time and effort. Just look at Bottas. He's a rookie in that team and has a lot to adjust to. He's got no time for erors and still on a learning curve while fighting against Lewis and Vettel. Lewis has been in that team for some time, he knows it well, won tho drivers championchips with them, learnt a lot wit that bitter fight against Nico. And Lewis has the same issues fighting Ferrari giving they give Vettel all he could ask for and more, and Kimi helping him flat out. So if Bottas and Vettel have the strenght to go there so should Lewis one could argue. Then again itäs up to Lewis, but for me the big question is; Do we see the weekness here in Lewis, as he procalims almost, or does he simply try to win an advantage. Personally i thin drivers should show up in these events. It was an amazing thing for the fans and for potential fans and the sport.


ChrisD, I didn't defend Lewis' absence, I still think he should have gone. It is worth keeping it all in proportion however, it was one promotional event (out of many) attended largely by people who were just passing by. What happens on track is massively more important than anything that happens off it, and missing one event shouldn't be enough to generate the kind of vitriol shown in the UK press. He still should have gone though...


That's because that excuse provided is rubbish. It has nothing to do with the championship being tough. Lewis pre planned his holiday which he is entitled to do and decided he was too cool for school to give it up for a lame publicity stunt he had to do for free. He never expected the backlash he received thinking that 100% of LHFC would've protected him from all negative media. Instead most were in hiding at the time.


its funny how people didnt allow lewis any time to settle into the merc team,expecting him to get results straight away.
and the cars this season are new to all drivers anyway,so theyre all learning how to get the best out of them,which is the reason why both lewis and bottas struggled to make the tyres work earlier in the season.


I am a Lewis fan and while I get the angst against him as he seems to have a knack for stirring it up...I agree with ChrisD that for the event he should have shown up. If he didn't deliver the goods weekend it would have been a bloodbath for sure.


What I don't understand is that Lewis always claims he gets a lift from the fans and with that in mind, he would've totally owned the London promo which would have provided an excellent launch pad into the race weekend mentally one would think. I think he simply underestimated the size and quality of the event. Guaranteed he won't miss the next one.

harvey bushell

"And what happened with Ferrari tyres?"

I pointed this out in the previous thread but how could no one have noticed what Toto Wolff had in his hand near the end of the race?


So that's what hammer time is for!

Ricciardo Aficionado

You're getting better mileage out of this gag than Ferrari got out of their front left, that's for sure.


Good tacktics 🙂


All good points!


Yep, not to blow my own trumpet but I really nailed it 🙂


Very tacky comment.


I have just been deflated 😐


I tend to judge a race by how often on other treadmill users look at me because I yelled something out and by how far I go.

Today I yelled out nothing, because there really wasn't that much action. Only little scuffle between Max and Vettel, I don't even count the inevitable Bottas pass. And it was a really short run at just over 90 minutes. Therefore, not that exciting really. Until the Ferrari dropped with tires it was nearly as per qualifying.

Ferrari tire failures were a head shaking event, but not shocking. If you are one of the fans who aren't fooled by the MMC, then perhaps this inevitable Ferrari failure was a surprise to you.

If Mercedes wants to keep the show going and keep trying to make us believe this is anything but a single team competition, they will have to come up with some interesting way to throw Hungary away before the summer break. ...And I think that's what they will do.




You're saying the races are fixed like American "pro" wrestling? Evidence please, the rest of us don't wear tin-foil hats.

Stephen Taylor

James in my opinion this was the weekend where Ferrari's WCC championship aspirations have effectively disappeared as far i'm concerned and the I also now put Hamilton as the the favourite for WDC even though Vettel is still one point ahead. I just don't think Ferrari have got what takes operationally or speed wise to win either championship . In fact it would not not shock me if Mercedes were utterly dominate in the 2nd half of the season.


Yes, Merc were slow due to weight issues leading them being unable to balance the car efficiently and some misunderstanding of the interaction of the car with the tyres.

It also seems like some of the Ferarri engine performance was due to them getting a boost from oil burning which they would know was dubious and suggests that they are stuck with a sub -optimal design - Merc knowing a few more engine tricks.

Anyway, Merc has a car which seems to a lot of development potential and is ahead whereas Ferrari got it right first time but may not have much further potential.


Imagine Bottas taking the title. Another finn ruining his WDC ;D Bottas would have won easily without the gridpenalty.


I would love some of what you are smoking.

Did you watch Quali at all? Or F1 ever? You seem to know absolutely nothing at all about it.


All i know:

HAM 176
BOT 154

And Bottas didn't even finish in Spain. One engine failure for Hamilton and Bottas gets ahead and stays there. Just saying. That's the end of Lewis. 2 years in a row losing the championship to his team mate.


I guess that's what you'd like to see right.
I wonder why?


I don't want him to leave the sport. I would love to see him, Alonso and Kimi there forever. But I'm just being realistic. I can't imagine him getting over it IF it(Bottas having more points end of the season) happens. I mean knowing that you are the fastest driver on the grid in the best car and still something happens and you lose the title. I just think that Hamilton is more fragile than what he seems..


For something to disappear, it has to be there in the first place. For all practical purposes, it hasn't looked like, for the last several years, even decades that Ferrari have any WCC ambitions. They get paid enough already so they really only chase the WDC. I wouldn't write them off the WDC just yet.


You might well be right but lets hope not. Would be a huge disappointment if MB runs away with it in second half.


Ferrari never was favorite. The idea of Mercedes not being the dominant force for both championships was more hope by the F1 pundits, media and community than a real thing. Yes initially the Mercedes cars did have a little of issue with tyres. That was resolved right after Monaco and rest is history. Ferrari has improved a lot since the beginning of the turbo era, which has had a good impact on the sport. No one likes one team/one driver domination for year after year. Not a real F1 fan anyway. I'm a Ferrari fan and I would hate to see Ferrari winning everything all the time. This is what had been killing the sport for years slowly. This year so far I heard more positive things about F1 than ever before. And it's all due to the closeness in the drivers championship we have seen so far.

There are few phrases and stats just confirms what I have been saying all along,

- At one point Kimi was lapping on the same pace as Hamilton. However, Hamilton was 1.2s/lap faster on older tyres than Kimi's new ones just before pitting.
- Bottas said to Hamilton in the podium room, "car was good hey?" And Hamilton's reaction was, the car is super. The speed gap is obvious here.
- Since Monaco, both Mercedes had been more or less 0.5s a lap faster than the Ferrari's.

Now it's an opportunity for Marchionne's team to prove what they are made of. I must say one thing though, I have never seen the British crowd supporting a German team so much in my life. I wonder if they would back McLaren and Williams over Mercedes if Hamilton was still driving for Mercedes and McLaren, Williams produce winning cars.


The Mercedes F1 cars are made in Brackley, the engines are made in Brixworth. They might have a three pointed star logo but Mercedes F1 are about as German as tea and scones.


I wonder if they would back

It's only my opinion, but I think the majority of fans support a driver first and the team second. Look at the support Merc received before Ham joined them - how many Merc caps and banners did you see in the stands ?
Of course fans may have a soft spot for a team - me and Williams is an example - but it's the drivers who get the lions share of support.


he probably should have told his story a bit better before jetting off

To be fair , I don't think anyone could say too much at that time, as they only announced the London thing at the last minute as some sort of a security measure.
Besides , no amount of explaining would have satisfied all those baying for his blood. He did what he felt he needed to do in order to prepare properly and he got pole, fastest lap and the win and his critics can read that and weep 😊


The teams had much more notice than a couple of days about the London Event.


Of course the teams had much more notice, I'm not disputing that. But how could Hamilton explain his rationale [to the public] before he jetted off as he left several days before the public was made aware of the event? They deliberately announced the event at the last minute in order to minimise the security issues that would accompany such a high profile event in central London.


I find it remarkable that many of the same people (media and fans alike) who were arguing for cutting Vettel some slack for colliding with Hamilton in Baku, maintaining that Vettel's actions were not intentional, were ready to crucify Hamilton for exercising his right not to attend a non-mandatory event. The proportionality of the outrage between Baku and the London event speaks volumes.


proportionality of the outrage

You're not wrong. Although Hamilton has the single largest fan base, there are an awful lot of 'anyone but Ham' people out there and they make a lot of noise. Particularly when they feel slighted. It's odd, they don't like him, and will tell anyone who will listen that is the case, but when he stays away from an event - instead of being pleased they don't have to see him they get themselves worked into a terrible lather over it. Nowt as strange as folk as they say 🙂


He did exactly what he had to do in order to fulfill expectations. The astonishingly impressive performance, that's for the fans, not only his, but for any racing fan, a pleasure to watch. The London no-show incident, specially tailored for the drama-speculation fuelled f1 media coverage. With happy (mostly), hopefully they found the missing good reason for keeping Silverstone up and running.

Torchwood Mobile

Quite right!


Has Hamilton become bigger than the F1 that made him?


Definitely not. But he knows his worth and he also knows how far he can push things. I think Toto, or Nikki maybe, said something once about Hamilton being difficult to manage but that the benefits of having him in the team far outweighed the negatives.


Well put and said. I think the media and the fake Lewis fans like to put him on a pedestal so they can knock him off from time to time. Can we be done with this and have constructive discussions between grown ups finally ?


constructive discussions

I wouldn't get your hopes up....


C63, same ole ish, different day. Everyone is always out for lewis' blood. Remarkably he can destroy everyone in qually, lead every lap, fastest lap on old harder compound. Something Bottas couldn't match on newer ss tires. Even max on brand new ss after pitting on the penultimate lap couldn't match, yet he doesn't win driver of the race.

Then the hates moan about "mercedes is dominant again." He outqualified Bottas by 7tenths!! And its not like bottas had a terrible lap. Lewis is a monster! James wrote with the new regs lewis will be able to express his true speed and its down right scary. Ham haters beware!
👑King Lewis the 44th👑


yet he doesn't win driver of the race.

To be honest I pay absolutely no attention to that. In fact I forget it even exists until someone mentions it on this forum. I think it was just Bernie paying lip service to social media that meant they even came up with the idea.
In general I don't like competitions that are judged - I like clear and objective results.


Agreed C63 -the DOTD is as far from objective as you can get -with the possible exception of the F1 prizemoney distribution!


So far as I know, the prize money is distributed based on the teams classification in the championship over an agreed period of time - all the teams know what they have to do in order to qualify.
Are you referring to the negotiated payments like Williams heritage bonus or Red Bull's extra for being the first team to sign the bi-lateral agreement? If so, then I would say that's just business. Large, powerful corporations will always drive a harder bargain than smaller ones - it's the nature of the beast.


Yes i was. That's the problem with the beast...(most) of us say we want closer racing but that's just not possible when you have such disparity between budgets.


IMO when most people say they want closer racing, what they really mean is they wish their 'man/team' was winning. We've had plenty of close racing these last few seasons with the WDC being decided at the final race in 2 out of the last 3 seasons (and 2 out of the 4 before that iirc). But is everyone happy? Not by a long chalk they aren't, they moan like a bastard about it. Even if they got rid of the special payments to Merc, Ferrari, Red Bull etc and re-distributed it evenly - do you think Sauber would be challenging for wins? I can't see it myself. Don't misunderstand me - I'm not saying it's right and I'm not saying it's fair, I just don't think it's quite the magic bullet that it's portrayed to be. Most fans think the competition just takes place on the track but it doesn't; that's the part which is regulated. The competition for sponsors, drivers, technical people and to influence the rules all takes place as well, and is just as keenly fought. There will always be the haves and the have not's unless they make it a spec series and if they do that I think a lot of the 'magic' would be lost.


Likewise C63. And the DOD poll is especially a joke as the vote polling starts long before even the race is over.


vote polling starts long before

Well you learn something new every day 🙂 I didn't know that - theoretically you could have a driver DNF but still win DOTD then?
It feels a bit like that fan boost thing they do in FE - wrong.


There was a race last year where Max got DOTD, but he crashed out (or something?) before the end of the race...


I only noticed that the British media is the main media talks about what your man does or doesn't do off the track. Most of us couldn't care less about his off track stuff. London Live promoters would've liked to have their home hero of course, but him not being there was a bigger story in England than anywhere else.


him not being there

I don't know about how big a story it was in other parts of the world, but it was a pretty big story for a small pocket of your fellow countrymen. They got themselves worked up into a right old lather over it - full of righteous indignation they were. Quite amusing to watch 🙂


Indeed. The best talking is done on the track. Superb performance by LH and Merc today.


Good shout. With the event being announced at such short notice, it felt a bit silly to expect everybody to be there. Yes, it made Hamilton look bad that literally everybody else was there, but I think his utter dominance of the main event showed that he was right to prioritise his preparation and state of mind over anything else.

After all, how many times has he been criticised for partaking in non-racing activities before an important race?

As much as British fans are passionate, the British press is cynical and fickle in equal measures. The guy probably felt he couldn't win. Thankfully he did ... in the most important thing that mattered this weekend.


Actually the team leads and drivers were informed/asked many weeks in advance before the London event!


utter dominance of the main event

You're not wrong. At the end of the day results are what matter - everything else is just background noise.


Silverstone is very very hard on the front left, so a few failures - that's not a surprise. The way to protect that all important front left on the fast sweeps is for the driver to move the brake balance to the rear and to set up the car with a bit less camber in the suspension. We don't know what Kimi and Vettel did with their set up preferences, but it seems they had a bit too stiff suspension with too much negative's similar to Spa 2011 when RB set up their suspension with too much NC (4.5 degress) and had problems with soft compound blistering.

Of course, the advantage of running negative camber and stiff suspension is that it eliminates roll and increases high speed turn in on the fast sweepers of Silverstone..................but with the extra downforce and very mushy compounds for 2017, it's a bit of a risk to do that. Actually, very risky to do that. So I'd guess the reason the Iceman and Vettel had front left failures was set up related rather than an inherent construction problem with Pirelli. Push your luck and all that.........

Also, Hammy always runs a bit more brake balance to the rear in any case, so he puts less heat and energy into his front left than his rivals.


vettel and raikkonen are very good around silverstone and i doubt they'd get their setup wrong. verstappen got them to pit too early and battle too hard only to pay the price in the end.


Remind me not to let you set up any of my team's race cars. "Too much camber" and "too stiff" are oxymoronic. We use camber to compensate for roll and/or tyre distortion. Too stiff would reduce roll, hence requiring less camber. If I wanted improved turn in I'd be looking more at increasing caster than increasing camber. Increasing camber is more useful mid corner than corner entry. Of course reducing roll is one method of optimising the downforce by maintaining the wings and underbody reference to the track surface. That's basic race car suspension set up and F1 chassis engineers have read that book.

The fact is there are a miriad of settings at the F1 engineer's disposal to control the tyre's contact patch and as a result it's unlikely that any two teams will arrive at exactly the same parameters. Add to that driver preferences and driving styles and it's highly likely that even the two cars in the one team will be set up the same.


@ Gary....You are too kind. I'd drop the first three letters of your 'descriptor'///it makes more sense then.


Except Pirelli have said it was nothing to do with wear, nor was it to do with Vettel's lockup.


Did Verstappen actually have a puncture or was it just a precaution? If it was the latter it seems very cautious indeed...


Especially with a podium on the line. I guess RB wanted to take another DNF off the table?


Precaution, it cost him a podium. Or maybe a dnf. Eitherway, 4th is a strong result considering his luck thus far.


Precaution based on the radio message from his engineer. The data must have shown something alarming.


I think he'd have taken 3rd if he hadn't pitted - although that is with the benefit of hindsight as they thought it was a free pit stop at the time (i.e. He wouldn't lose a place).


Only an impression, but taking selfies on the podium while other drivers are being interviewed seems rather disrespectful of the whole process. . . that's their time in the spotlight and trying to keep the focus on yourself just isn't necessary for those few minutes . . . just sayin' how it looks to a viewer.


Beeing a Prima-Donna does not necessarily mean beeing a bad singer, In fact it is te opposite. But it also means we often dislike the behavour.


The guy is hypocrisy and disrespect in itself. Very fast driver, but that's it. 20 years from now I reckon he will not show up on the lists of Sennas, Fangio, Alonsos. Not the sharpest pencil, mind wise.


Very fast driver, but that's it.

"...that's it?" ...Are you kidding me? That's all. what more do you need from a driver? He's not your priest or your moral compass. I suggest that you get comfortable with getting butthurt. He's already beaten many of Senna and Schumi's records and he's going for more. You sir, can not delete him from the books of history.


I guess you've not been behind the wheel too much....

consistency, mental strength (by the way I recommend you the interview to Leclerc on this same site), PR, image you project to media, fans, engineers and history in a top driver's case. I recommend you check any interview to Senna or Fangio and how many people or media reproduced it. Come back in 20 and check for Hamilton's wise words :).

Also engineering wise, how Schumacher as well, was on every part trying to be informed. I can't resist laughing when sometimes LH stares at the cars....trying to figure out what. OMG, does not look this guy went to school, maths, physics, classes that much.


If I want to admire the great designer, I'll go for Adrian Newey. Most of the drivers, if not all, do not have degrees. Their career path makes it hard for that and I don't have a problem. Everyone choose their own path. When Vettel or Alonso looks at other cars, it doesn't mean they know what's going on too. They have probably been briefed by their engineers to look for certain stuff.

I'm an engineer myself but even I can not look at specific detail of the car and tell you where is the performance sweet spot. You need to understand a lot. All this teams probably have simulated models of other cars and they keep on perfecting it by adjusting details by details.

Also, when it comes to PR, Teams have PR managers who train and brief these guys what to say. This comes off as fake and most of us don't like that. A good driver who always says the right things doesn't mean he's smart. It means he sheepishly say what PR teams briefs him to say. All the teams knows that. What matters most from a driver is a drivers performance. BTW Lewis is not too far off from the other greats when it comes to consistency. He probably leads all of them in terms of pace. It's only Senna who you can argue that he hasn't beat.

Chill dude. The sooner you accept that Lewis is one of the great, if not the greatest, the sooner you'll stop the restlessness in your life.


I had the same feeling. I do not know why Hamilton's home race is more special than any other drivers home race. He also mad Kimi and Bottas waiting in the press room.


Indeed! How terribly ostentatious and not at all in keeping with the refined and genial nature of the racing pursuit. He should follow the pristine example of that other fine English gentleman, James Hunt.


Actually, he was live feeding the view from the back of the podium of the other drivers and the crowd...not selfies!
My son was blown away being able to "share@ the podium from Lewis' viewpoint in real time.
Bring it on...the new era if involving the fans


You're not "just sayin" you are criticising. Own it.


The name's on it, sharing a view on the JA Forum and carefully following the JA guidelines by expressing an individual opinion. The entire quote in context is: "just sayin' how it looks to a viewer."

What more is needed?



Because you are completely wrong.

That was live viewing of all the podium especially for the fans.


About what? Following the JA rules regarding civility or merely for making an observation apparently shared with a number of other "fans" above. Have you reviewed the feedback comments?


Winning the race (though impressive) doesn't "Vindicate" Hamiltons snub of F1 management and the fans. His further snub of the post-race press conference only further highlights his contempt for anyone else that isn't in "his bubble".


The guy was crowdsurfing! I guess there's little more he could have done for the fans (and himself) at the time. Let the guy celebrate!


So he "snubbed" a post race conference to be with the fans...right? Since you are making an issue of it, if people had to choose, which one would be more important???? Human beings are simply amazing!


He didn't snub it, he was late to the press conference but only a few minutes and we did the two Finnish drivers in their own languages while we were waiting, which he wouldn't have been speaking in anyway.


Being late isn't a snub?


Lkfe, no being late is not a snub, not attending is a snub, being late is just....being late!


I thought you British INVENTED manners?


Lkfe, would it have been rude to walk out on the fans?


Unfortunately its what we've come to expect from Hamilton...


There are some drivers that really like pictures of themselves.


I think f1 has partnered up some how with snap hat, this could be what he was up to. Not a fan of snapchat myself but all the cool kids are.


100%. Reflected on my reply above. A guy that will not be remembered much after he's gone. fast driver when he's "ON", or completely average when he's "OFF". Too many of these that even an average rated driver as Bottas is keeping up with him sometimes.

Outside the car, not much to say. All shown on TV and London-.


Reuteman, every driver has off days, did you not see Seb having one on Sunday? Schumacher was probably one of the most consistent drivers ever, but even he had poor races.


Sure. I'd put Vettel even below Hamilton.
Schumacher is in a whole other level and league, sorry. He's the benchmark in terms of professionalism and consistency to all modern day drivers sorry. And I was not a fan of him and his 'tactics' at all.


Is Schumacher really the benchmark?
Ecclestone once said, we can't compare eras, because every era is unique in it's own way. But i remember Schumacher testing thousands of kilometres inbetween races, to achieve the best setups and tyre strategies. Come race day, he was light years ahead of the field. Today there's limited testing, how would Schumacher fair in this era? My guesses are, he would be the same calibre as Vettel. So stop kidding yourselves.


Reuteman, i would agree that Michael is the benchmark, I always thought the most impressive thing about him was his ability to take part in so many championship battles, and not burn out! Damon and Jacques came and went, Mika was drained completely by 2000, but Michael just set off after Kimi and Fernando! I wasnt a fan of his tactics either, but he had some stamina!


Really? This again. Criticize for skipping the fan expo, then does the opposite, guess you damned if you do, damn if you dont.


You need to change your eye patch Oblah. I criticised him for keeping his fellow podium winners and the press waiting. He does what he pleases because he thinks he's bigger than the sport.


Lkfe, and you need to accept the words of someone who was actually there,who said that it wasn't a snub, and it didn't matter.

Tornillo Amarillo

he probably would have grabbed a rest on Monday and Tuesday and appeared on Wednesday evening in London.

Impossible for me, if he was a little bit depressed by 2 horrible race results and with a back-to-back race, you cannot show yourself to the public and TV, you have to regroup yourself and let the others 19 monkeys to jump around & donuts.


No excuses, Hamilton should have been there for the PR event. It was a couple hours mid week, a guy with his amount of money should have no problem working R&R around that.

I personally boycotted the second race in succession as I am completely done with the silly penalty system for non-driver related issues. If any of the top four get a penalty at the next race for a mechanical issue then I will boycott again. I want to see the top drivers battling it out on track, not artificially separated.

Ferrari were bitterly unlucky. Their weakness for much of the post Schumacher era has been season long development and they need to throw everything at 2017 if they want to take the fight to Mercedes. Waiting for 2018 is not an option.


I personally boycotted the second race in succession as I am completely done with the silly penalty system for non-driver related issues. If any of the top four get a penalty at the next race for a mechanical issue then I will boycott again.

The race was really not fun without seeing you on the grandstands, please don't boycott another one, it's painful to us, your viewers.


Wednesday was the last day before the race weekend began. The event ran into the evening. Did you see his time spent with the fans on Thursday?


Hi matt, how do you know that every mechanical issue is not a driver related issue? Simple examples, launching a car of the kerbs whilst holding the throttle open is a good way to damage the transmission. Running the battery pack down to too low a voltage, in search of extra power, is a good way to damage the MGUH. Running qualifying modes for too long a period and/or too often during a race can easily damage the ICE.

The driver is not blameless in every case of mechanical failure, particularly when his team mate is having no such issues.


@ gary...A question for you. When talk is of quali modes what exactly does this entail? We do know that revs rarely, if ever, exceed 12.5K and we know that max fuel flow is regulated so how do they achieve that if turbo boost is also controlled? Very curious...


It was described to me as: it's like chiptuning you can get for your own road car. Everything is a bit more on the limit, yet safe. I guess you could chiptune your 1.2i engine so that it gives you 300 bhp, however it won't last for 150.000 miles. That's how I guess Mercedes do it, they boost the settings, everything becomes a bit hotter/more stressed so you don't want to do it for too long. I guess when they design these engines they take this into account (so many km's in hypermode, so many in normal, so many in slow mode and all the 1500 modes inbetween. From there it becomes just a matter of calculations to seen when the thing breaks in what mode.

Of course I'm not an F1 engineer but this is how I think it works based on all I've read and heard about it. I could be miles off.


@ Jeroen....what i asked was that if someone actually knew the basis for these quali modes that it would be interesting to know those parameters. To date no one has responded. I listed those things that i am aware of but still don't quite understand the implication.


Do you think that's how Bottas blew his engine up earlier this year? As he seemed to be using a lot of 'performance' to get in the way of the Ferraris.


Don't see them able to keep up development

Tornillo Amarillo

Now Lewis is happy and jumping around into the fans, while the other 19 are a little bit depressed (maybe save Hulk and Ocon).


Exactly what I don't like about Hamilton. He's either morose and sulky when it's not going his way, or acting out the celebrity bit to the max. Can't see him being bright and cheerful like Alonso was when interviewed before startiñg from 20th yesterday if he had been at the back.

Devil's Advocate

I don't know if I'd go that far. Daniel Ricciardo seemed pretty happy with his 5th place and also said he enjoyed it. Didn't look depressed to me!


Makes you wonder, why didn't they actively participant with crowd. Poor tastes, these primadonas...


The title here should really be Mercedes vindicated, because they imo had the fastest car here. They were never in any danger. Were it not for Bottas penalty it would have been a clean sweep. With this level of advantage you're expected to win. They've been taking pole most of the time anyway, having clean air up front and all the benefits of it and we've been bringing up a close battle but it's only because Seb has been the better driver of the lot this season so far (if he were in a Merc he'd be leading imo). In reality Ferrari have closed the gap but have been behind and it looks like they'll be falling behind even further. You can't fight the obvious. Unless Ferrari have some major breakthrough performance plan, and Kimi actually starts earning major points, its just a Mercedes title battle this year. And only one driver in that pairing has been asked to move over on multiple occasions this year.


Hamilton has had 3 grand slams among his 4 wins. FACT. Vettel has been driving better than Hamilton? Really? LOL

Whatever !!!


It's a lot easier to get 'grand slams' when you've got the fastest car in one of the fastest teams of all time. As clearly evidenced by poles, taken in majority by one team, over the last four years. Does that fall into your 'fact' list or, just the parts that line with your agenda?


@cheesypoof,I like your comments most of the times they are bit like on any Court building a symbol of scale of justice, in the nut shell you call it as you see it, that is why your comments are worth browse through , almost as good as Mr Allen's, however I have a point to put, First, Vettel breaks were on fire just before the start, thus wobbly start by him, the thick lips Max had nothing to loose he barged left, right, left in view he already DNF six times add to that during first stint of the race he moved number of times under the breaking blocking Vettel pass, his art of last year, Toto & his horse ( Silver ) lough all the way to the bank, seeing thick lips Max holding Vettel , thus giving Hamilton 15 sec + advantage ,scenario would have been different if Vettel was behind Raikko in third you bet. However that is history now, one thing you can bet on the thick lips Max will not be joining Marenello any time soon, his action certainly put pay any chance for team Ferrari winning 2017 WCC, In Italy saying goes we forgive you but we don't forget !


It goes both ways m8.
Max holds up Lewis in Japan last year, moved under braking when about to be passed, illegal back then, but this year it's allowed.
The point I'm making is, he was interfering in the championship, would Toto not consider him as a driver for his team?


Well that's a pleasant surprise, thank you kindly Sir.


@ Cheesy...If it hadn't been for some excellent driving by some drivers who were actually racing each other this race would've been a borefest. Hamilton took his rocket ship with incredible boost off the line and into the distance where all he had to do was maintain the gap. Yes, that takes excellent driving skills but he was not actually racing anyone in particular. This is reminiscent of many of vettel's early victories when he was at Red Bull. If Ferrari cannot realistically come up with better performance then the series is all over 'red rover'. A pity for those of us who were hoping for a real decent challenge and a change from the Mercedes domination of the last three years.


cheesypoof, seems to me, since the oil burning directive ferrari has fallen behind. Coincidence...possibly.


Actually Vettel has come out to say it is Mercedes that have improved their qualifying over the last 4 races, and that this makes the difference. So it is possible that Ferrari don't have any oil burning deficit but that Mercedes have actually improved in an area they were already leading in.

Tornillo Amarillo

Vettel’s lock up exaggerated the problem and he paid the price.

Yes, yes, yes, this is what I'm talking about!

Bottas did and exceptional job today with an incredible pace in both tyres, not only for getting P2, but for disrupting both Ferrari into errors and failures, he's a Master!!


To be honest I think Ferrari's troubles were caused by bad luck (Kimi), there was clearly something wrong but his tyre was still inflated. Pirelli already said Seb's tyre was on the limit, they saw it on the telemetry. IMHO his problem was caused by the fact he couldn't get past the Red Bull, therefore pitted eary and right on the limit and paid the price. Not sure what Bottas had to do with it, other than the fact he was going flat out and made sure they couldn't go into cruise mode too much.


I tend to agree. Bottas was impressive. Driver of the day: Bottas. Driver of the weekend: Hulk & Ham.


In no way diminishing his (VB) achievement (he is really a good driver and no less important - a good guy), he used to drive for Williams too where he wouldn't be able to race masterfully as he does now, so this is more relevant to the people who built that beast Merc F1.


Except Pirelli said the Ferrari failures has nothing to do with wear levels...

Great race by Bottas nonetheless, I am more impressed with him with each passing race.


On lap 36, as far as I remember, Vettel was something like 9 seconds in front of Bottas, Verstappen was further 7 or seconds behind, Hulkenberg was 33 seconds further. That was the time for the second pitstop. It would have been 15 laps until the end with a huge tyre advantage and he would have finished higher than where he eventually did. Greedy loses twice.


Haha why try play down Ricciardo's great drive. If it was the other way around which it has been everyone would be talking about Verstappen's great aggressive overtaking etc and comparisons to Senna. Sigh they both drove a great race. No need to play anyone's race down. They are evenly matched this is no webber vettel duel 🙂

Tornillo Amarillo

Ricciardo did not make it six podiums in a row. But this was still one of his best drives in F1.

OK, but SC helped indeed, he was fine but I'm not so impressed, I would talk more about Max and how with a slower machine he fought Vettel in Lap 1 and laps 14+,
people will remember that action on track more than the undercut or RIC taking the Force Indias.

Ricciardo Aficionado

If Ricciardo has started where Mx started, it would have been six podiums in a row.


"He was fine" underplays how well he did. He managed 32 laps (!) on the supersofts including I don't know how many overtakes and people are praising Bottas for doing the same number on the soft compound (*).
Yes he did make a mistake early on and yes other peoples issues but that's the way these things happen e.g. we wouldn't have started at the back if not for a turbo failure in qualifying.

(*) A good drive no doubt but in terms of tyre management not as good. I also think Bottas has done a lot better than a lot of people give him credit for.



Max's drive will be 'memorable' in the short term because he managed to finish the race and for a bit of wheel-to wheel racing with Vettel for a couple of laps which I admit was entertaining but more importantly he was unable to stay with the front runners to compete for a podium which to be fair was a reflection of RB's power deficit. Or was it just a disappointing day for the team as mentioned by Sky commentary?

Ricciardo recovered from P19 to P5 pretty impressive stuff IMO. The Safety Car was very early in the race and didn't help as much as you think but his overtakes were executed with a combination of speed and good strategy.


@ might add that Ricciardo had to do the business twice! He went from 19th to 12th before losing it, some say because he was edged off by Grosjean, back to 18th. He then set about doing the business all over again. What a drive. The commentators really went wild and he pulled off some exceptional passes....i guess that is why he was voted DOD. Your points vis a vis Verstappen are well chosen. I was a little surprised to see that during the fight with Vettel, Verstappen went off track and came out in front of Vettel without having to give the place back! Maybe i missed something earlier which mitigated exceeding the track limits.


Vettel bumped into Max and therefore he went off the track. I'm not sure what the rules say but the fact neither of them was penalized was in my opinion the only right decision. The two points I'd like to make here by the way:
1- Vettel is really on the edge, what if he misjudged it and Verstappen would have crashed - that would have been a race ban right there with the number of penalty points he already has!
2- It was hilarious that Vettel made a hand gesture after Max ran him out of road a corner later (without making contact mind you) when he did the same thing 5 seconds before at much higher speeds


Vettel was back to 7 penalty points for the British GP, so he had some leeway.

Vettel pushed Max off, and kept to the edge of the track, to stop him from rejoining, in the hope that he would give up the spot without a fight. Max was having none of it.


Hi Ken, thanks for your comments.

Yes, you're absolutely right Dan did have to go back and do some of the work again because of that mistake. But what a master class (no locking up, off-road excursions or contact with other drivers) in how to slice through the field that drew praise from the Sky Commentary team, especially Pat Symonds who'd know a thing or two about F1 racing.

Both Vettel and Verstappen went off-track but there was no real advantage to either driver so nothing for the Stewards to look at. although it didn't stop them from complaining about what the other had allegedly done!!

Verstappen would be pleased that he got to the finish line but due to the underpowered Renault PU he was never really in the hunt for a podium finish. What's this big upgrade that's due for Hungary? I thought Renault made it quite clear that the next big engine upgrade wasn't due to next year? Is it more on the chassis or aero side? Do you know?


The aussie commentators maybe went wild Kenny. They certainly didn't here. Now let's call it as it is... You're as much a RIC sycophant as you claim us HAM fans to be. Your boy can do no wrong when he clearly struggled to keep his car on track at times on sunday. Still. ...enjoy the podiums when they come up again 😉



There are no "aussie commentators" who call F1 races that I and Kenneth listen to. There aren't any mate. Through pay-tv we get the Sky Commentary who are all Brits and on occasions free-to-air through BBC 4 who are also Brits.

So if anything it was the British commentators who went "wild" about Danny Ricc going from 19th to 5th.


@ Dean...That's exactly where you are just so wrong. The commentators were the Brit Sky team. There were no Aussies. When Ricciardo is in the wrong i will state it. He makes very few mistakes and he is a hard racer but also a fair racer. He did struggle with his car at what? He drove the wheels of that underpowered Red Bull and he achieved a great result by doing so. Your attempt to denigrate his achievement when the general consensus was to give him the DOD award, insignificant as it is in the WC's, is mean spirited and devoid of any positive awareness of just how good he is when under pressure to deliver for the team.


Adrian. I thought that Dan drove an excellent race, but put Lewis in that car and dear old Kenny would dissmiss it as an afternoon cruise using his cars far superior performance to blast by inferior machinery. And lets not pretend that he would be blaming Grosjean for the off track excursion that dropped him back down the order either. I think this was kind of the point Dean was trying to make.


No Aussie commentators Dean. We get either Sky or C4. So they're British. You keep dishing out credit where credit is due.


You didn't miss anything. But it's Max - he's allowed to do stuff like that 'cos he's still learning.

Tornillo Amarillo

OK, fair enough, RIC has everything to reach the top (except the car by now).

Tornillo Amarillo

Ricciardo only overtook the midfield, while Bottas also overtook 2 Ferraris and 1 Red Bull, the fastest cars in the grid.


2 Ferrari's with flat tyres TA! Bottas drove a great race, but he is driving the fastest car on the grid!


He was already by Vettel before the punctures happened.



Yeah, I'd agree with that as I'd also say that Max could win the championship if he had the perquisite machinery. Unfortunately RB just don't have a race winning car at the moment.


@ Adrian...that's a very fair comment. They are both excellent drivers although vastly different in technique and application.



So you're saying Raikkonen, Vettel and Verstappen were driving the fastest cars on the grid at Silverstone? The fact that Hamilton won the race and Bottas came from 9th on the grid to claim 2nd would indicate otherwise.

RB's pace is still markedly deficient to that of the Merc and probably Ferrari's depending upon the circut.


Yes, that was a brilliant overtake by Verstappen on Vettel and an even better fight soon thereafter, but how can you say that you weren't impressed by Ricciardo's drive?

To put it into some kind of perspective:

VER - Started 4th, finished 5th
RIC - Started 19th, finished 6th

Come on.


VER and RIC both did well but it made little difference: they eventually gravitated to their normal RB positions, 5/6 (in any order). The only difference was made by Vettel's flat tyre which promoted them to 4/5.
The picture reminds me of an emulsion with ten coloured fluids composed of molecules of different weight. Starting out on top of a clear solution, after some time the heavier fluids will 'win' by occupying the bottom levels. Just one condition: race duration must be long enough. And a formula1 race presents plenty of time for this process to play out. At the end, the MB molecules and their grey fluid will be at the bottom, then we have a red Ferrari layer, a dark Red Bull layer and then a diffuse column with maybe some pink below and definitely some blue-yellow on top.
So, all very nice what Max did, great defending against the heavier Vettel molecule on his back, but the chemist just took the molecule out, re-inserted it at a different place somewhat higher in the glass and down it went, past the RB molecule. Such defending will only really pay off in the latter stages of a race (chemical experiment).
Also, very nice what Ricciardo did but 51 rounds was quite sufficient to permeate down the diffuse mid/rear field column (even starting twice!), only to end up at the normal RB position.
Just tossing a little analogy here, at the race track some serious performing by Danny was required to make this stick. Max engaged in some "bumper molecules playing" and won but to little avail.


Very, very good and well thought out comment Lemwil 🙂


Mercedes and Ferrari were pretty even on race speed (albeit Merc faster).
Red Bull was well behind
The fastest midfielder (Hulk) was 35 seconds behind Max's Red Bull before all that tyre drama started. Had Vettel kept his position at the start he would have driven off in the distance with Kimi and Lewis, Bottas would have passed Max either on track or via the pitstops so we'd have 2 silver/2 red cars in front, a blue car way back, another blue car further back because of the issues in quali followed by the rest most of them 1/2 laps down.



Slight correction:

VER - started 4th, finished 4th
RIC - started 19th, finished 5th

These finish positions occurred because Vettel suffered tyre failure in the last lap causing him to pit thereby dropping him to 7th.


Yep, my mistake (I had it stuck in my head that Verstappen finished 5th) but that just means that it was a better result for Ricciardo than I thought 🙂


This heavy criticism with James being the latest about Hamilton not turning up to a promotional event I find laughable. I don't recall much criticism from the journalists and media alike about Alonso missing an actual grand prix event. They were actually praising him to do the indy 500 event. What about the fans who may have actually travelled and paid for the event and not see Alonso race. The F1 London live was a success without Hamilton. However, it does speak volumes with the media who are still talking about it. I'm glad Hamilton won today.


Monaco wasn't Alonso's home race, and the Indy drive was actually arranged by Zac Brown who as a marketing guy, was looking for some cross promotion. It was also announced weeks in advance.
You're grasping at straws Alex!


Although on balance I think that if he had his time again he probably would have grabbed a rest on Monday and Tuesday and appeared on Wednesday evening in London.

I disagree. If Lewis had to do it again, one thing we can be sure of, is that he would do it HIS way. Again. And again. And again.

Everyone (including the press) keep trying to pigeonhole the guy. He should do things this way....or that way. He should dress this way or that way.......speak that way, live this way...., stop blinging or hanging out with celebs....yada... yada...yada....., YET he keep making it clear that will not happen - and this is why he is intensely disliked by so many.

Simply put, Lewis does not care how people think he should live his life or attend to his fans. As long as it's not in his contract, he will do what HE believe is right for him to do - and rightly so too.

He didn't need to tell any "story" better, or "manage" anyone expectations. he is the one fighting for the championship and no one else. Did anyone tell him how to deal with his fans at Silverstone? Dis they tell him to crowd surf and sign autographs? Did they tell him to hand out team merchandise in China last year - and in the rain? Did they tell him to invite Billy Monger? Or advice him on how to engage his fans via social media?

Truth is, whether it is for self aggrandizement or not, no other driver does more to promote the sport and engage fan like Lewis Hamilton. Yet, we are still making an issue out of him not attending a London marketing event that these so called fans were given less than a days notice about. If Lewis were to walk on water, some people would still say he didn't run over it ,or have an issue with the day he does it

We just need to let the guy do it his own way - even when those ways fall short of expectations.

Point is, Lewis Hamilton is his own man, and he doesn't have to dance to anyone tune - fans, press or anyone else. And whether we like it or not, it is time we accept this.

NB: In saying this, anyone has the right to express an opinion on whatever Lewis Hamilton does - and he has the right to tell them to shove their opinion somewhere not so nice.


Same rules for everyone is it?


From all the days of the year HAM chose to skip a day on home soil. It's strange and a diss to his own fellow country man and fans.
No racecar driver needs extra time like this haha especially a guy like HAM who drives for Mercedes. I just don't believe it. And this comes from a HAM "fan"
But the rest of you said i can agree on. Way 2 much hating going on these days. People need to stop picking a side and roast/hate the rest it's so childish. A bit of sporty rivalry ain't hurting nobody but these days hooligans start to pop up at ping pong matches, origami workshops and stamp swapping events.


@KB Davies great post. Of course for me it all applies to all Drivers. Kimi has hardly done things to appease the press. Yet a lot of us (including me) love him for it.


Truer words were never spoken brother!
Lewis is his own man, and he is da man!

Tornillo Amarillo

Well said, Lewis Hamilton is a little bit a diva, for everything else you have...Jason Button!

Therefore, no worries.


He does more for the fans than any other driver? That's a laugh if your positioning him as the most dedicated to F1. Hamilton has always been more about his own brand, he does more for himself and that's the only truth. If you believe all the examples you gave were purely his idea, you're crazy. Wait why not list the time be had Justin Bieber come along? That was all for the fans though. IMO Schumacher did a lot in his latter years for fans and Mercedes and did it without sulking like a child though he had nothing to prove.


It's quite interesting to see the propositions put forward by the LHFC. When ever hamilton does these things they are for one purpose and one purpose only. To increase his 'brand' awareness and the subsequent flow on. I would suggest that these events are stage managed. That's fine by me, good marketing, but don't pretend that they are all altruistic.


Ken it makes me wonder what he'd have to do to lose a fan. It actually highlights another point that with Joylon seemingly not long for the F1 world, and Ham heading off to be a pop star at some stage in the near future -could we see a Brit-less grid in the near future?


@ LKFE...Wouldn't that be a disaster. TBH, i'm becoming heartily sick of all this 'Brit's are best' palaver. Yes, we are all jingoistic at times, me included. It is natural to support your ethnicity but to bang on and on about how good the Brits are smacks of an inferiority complex. Over the course of the week end the Sky team relentlessly carried on about how the Brit stewards are the world's best, how the track marshals are the world's best, how Silverstone is the world's best etc etc etc then we had Damon Hill, genuflecting to Hamilton as he proposed the fact that he was a 'legend'. It was so cringeworthy yet we are supposed to suck it up. Yes, we know that F1 is, to all intents and purposes, an industry based in Britain and they employ lots of what. don't ram it down peoples throats ad infinitum. It's boring.


Kenneth, maybe you should start your own podcast where you provide commentary specifically for the Australian market. You could broadcast simultaneously with the races so all the Aussies could turn down the volume on their TVs and listen to you instead. Just do what you always do and blame Lewis for absolutely evertything, belittle his performances as much as possible and vote Ricciardo as your driver of the day every single time. Your countrymen would love it!


Ken, we could get Roy & HG on board!


I cannot think of a better way to reward his fans and enhance his reputation with this dignified, majestic performance. Not only this, he provided a superb advert for British sporting excellence, and his astonishing drive and exemplary demeanour all weekend will do F1 no harm whatsoever, bouncing back from such a dreadful weekend in Baku to reignite the driver's championship.

He also took time in his moment of victory to congratulate Valteri on his excellent drive, which was a classy thing to do.

But no, James, like the great British press who love to chop down winners, opts to critique his clearly essential off-track preparations. How very typical.


That's not fair - people were divided in their opinions which is what James pointed out. Lewis was being criticized for it (and rightly so - everyone can think what they think about it).


Can you imagine the outcry if Lewis did what Alonso did, i.e. take a weekend out to do Indy 500?

Alonso, no stranger to controversy in F1, gets very favourable coverage here for his weekend off:

I guarantee however that Lewis would not, either from the editorial or the postings.

Double standards at work. We have the best British driver in a generation, but this blog fails completely to understand that.


And can I tell Hamilton to shove his opinion somewhere not so nice?


@ Wesa...hahaha yes, you have mine and many others approval. Go for it.


Who is Billy Monger? Never heard of him here in Canada.


He is a boy racer with an electric smile. He lost his legs in a freak accident in an F4 race earlier this year.


@KB on post.
I have never met Lewis so have no idea what his real personality is, however if you listen to the people that know him they always have good things to say.
He does the business on the track......he gives more back to the real fans as witnessed at Silverstone today....and he uses his position to help others that is not publicised. The people that critisise him the most seem to focus on personality issues as they see it......its rarely got anything to do with motorsport.


I am totally with you. I don't think we own public figures like him just because they are in the public or make millions. If he were an elected official violating the public trust somehow it would be different. People need to focus their criticism and anger where it matters. This is where they can affect change. A guy like Hamilton as has been pointed out is his own man and we must recognize that this is a key reason for his success


Elegant. Couldn't have said it better myself. I will add, the very same pundits, haters and bottom feeders said moving to mercedes was career suicide. It baffles me how armchair experts can criticize the man who's 2nd in all time everything!

Everyone has bad days and mood swings but he isn't allowed. Vettel swears, crashes into cars, run others off the road and its vindicated as hard racing. Lewis misses a minor fan expo and he's evil incarnate.

Alonso boycotted monaco for indy and is a freaking hero! Unbelievable! Yet far and wide everyone and I mean everyone thought the world of it. If and I say this with absolute certainty, he had a competitive car, there is no way on God's green earth he'd skip monaco.

Considering how much Hamilton promotes the sport, whether actively or indirectly through social media, its a shame what the media is doing.


Well said KB Davies. I've been away from this forum for many, many months and so I thought that I'd take a peek at how the race today was covered - it served to remind me why I stopped visiting. 'Journalism' of Tabloid standard and only serves to underline why subscription sites such as AutoSport offer a superior product.


Hamilton was just cruising at the front. Ferrari are fading fast, not surprising considering they lost Allison, and Bottas doesn't look the equal of Rosberg never mind Hamilton. It was evident Ferrari's title challenge was hanging by threads over the last three races but this race destroyed all hope of a decent battle for the title.

This has to be now the worst period of domination by one team in F1 history. Vettel's four on the trot doesn't do justice to the competition he faced from McLaren and Alonso at Ferrari. Ferrari's early 2000 form comes close, but at least we had a decent fight in 2003, until the FIA changed the tyre regs at least. Williams time at the top in the 90s was enlivened by Schumacher's dazzling brilliance.

Just hope 2018 can bring some decent competition for once, but I can't see where it will come from. Maybe Ferrari's fading form will convince Vettel to sign for Mercedes in 2018. Hamilton vs Vettel in the same team, that could be worth watching!


Nothing to do with Allison.


Why does a team doing a better job than others being labelled worst period of dominance?
They've done a brilliant job. Not their fault if the other teams aren't good enough

Tornillo Amarillo

There were reports that Raikkonen hit some debris, but he said he did not.

James, were they having something "illegal" with tyres or suspension?

I thought too much coincidence both Ferraris with the same problem at the same time...


they suffered different problems... raikkonen's tyre disintegrated while the tyre remained inflated, may be due to overheating, while vettel suffered a puncture, may be due to flat spotting it in his earlier verstappen battle.


The only co-incidence was both the cars had a common team who are simply Desperate Wishful Thinkers. Unfortunately, their car cannot MATCH the pace of their "HOPES". Sergio Marchionne needs to talk less and get involved more.


"Lewis Hamilton on another planet in F1 qualifying but Ferrari have a trap planned"

James nailed it, but in a surprise to no-one Ferrari's strategy once again completely backfired 😉


As I understand it, HAM covered off RAI's pit stop on the next lap. Does this imply that HAM had less than a lap left on his rubber?


Merc pitted Hamilton as soon as they were assured of coming out ahead of everyone else – including Bottas, so as to not impede Bottas’ progress. While tyres surely would have been a factor in the decision, I’m not sure that was the primary reason behind the decision.


No. How far did Bottas go on that tyre?


James, thought provoking as always.

I've not seen the lap times, so I am not too confident of my point here, but it seems to me that the Ferrari tyre issues were exactly the sort of circumstance RB/Danny Ric have been able to turn into 5 consecutive podiums.

Did the RB/Max combo let an opportunity go by?


Good point Mr Squiggle,

Did RB/Max overcook it in defending against Vettel, to the detriment of the tyre life in the first stint? Would a longer first stint ala Ricciardo resulted for Max resulted in a podium. Did Max effectively sacrifice the long game by battling Vettel in the first 15 laps?


Even in hindsight: no. I'm not Max but I can imagine he was not really thinking about "the long game" in his fight with Vettel. What long game? RBR was WAY too slow. RBR (well, Max) had nothing to gain in front as they couldn't keep up all weekend and nothing to lose behind as they were about 0.75 seconds faster than FI/Renault. The midfielders hardly put up a fight when Ric passed them simply because they were not racing him. Too much speed difference on this circuit


Interesting analysis...i agree ...max is showing his talents regardless of the poor machinery he has


@ jeroen.....The mid fielders hardly put up a fight! Why? They were all racing for track position.


Fantastic drive by Hamilton and feeling sorry for kimi once again (and what about palmer) . The VER/VET scrap was awesome. Very nicely done by ricciardo as wel. Not taking anything away from his great drive but it also shows a bit what the current problem is. There's 2 teams way out in front, then a gap to another team and a big gap again to the rest of the field. This is also shown by the fact verstappen could do a 'safety' pitstop. Even with a flat for kimi he had nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Not the first time this year either for rbr.


No need to feel sorry for Palmer – he’s quite likely the most rubbish driver on the grid at present. And that is only made worse by his general attitude of ungratefulness towards the team. Renault is where it is in the WCC thanks only to the Hulk. I’ll bet a fiver that Palmer won’t see out this season in the same car.


Yep Lewis showed the home tabloid press where to stick it.
Toto backed his Lewis.
Ferrari are on the back foot now that Max V is showing Vettel how to play bumper cars and show Vettel up.


To be fair to Vettel, not many drivers have managed to pass Verstappen on track in F1. Max plays right on the edge (sometimes over it) and has to be considered one of the most difficult drivers to pass in the history of F1.


Vindicated ? really ?


Personally I think its kinda silly to say that Hamiltons form was because he missed the event. It's that type of possibly coincidental supposition that leads to bad media narratives. Hamilton has always run well at Silverstone, and its clear that Mercedes had the better car this weekend. But for Bottas' bad luck on the gearbox, its unlikely that wed see such an easy race.


hamilton's form was because he was better prepared, event or no event. he knows how best to prepare for races. they guy trains and manages himself while the other drivers have trainers and managers and still can't keep up...


Well, here is how he put it himself -

""There is no reason to question my preparations," he said. "I have more poles than most. I am building up the wins that I have. My performance is second to none. "If you don't know now that my preparation is mostly on point, than I guess you never will.""

I have to say i agree with him!


Starting 4th after qualifying almost .8 seconds slower that HAM, I don't think there's much to say we wouldn't...


Actually, with Liberty Media planning similar events for GP weekends in the future, I'm sure they'd be thrilled with the skip-the-major-promotional-event-and-win-the-race narrative...

There's also a photo doing the rounds of Bottas and Raikkonen looking decidedly bored in the press conference while Lewis was crowd-surfing... no idea of the duration as our terrestrial coverage had long since cut away, but I know some drivers have gotten in trouble for doing that in the past!


James it should also be noted Mercedes as a team have now won 5 consecutive British GPs also including a victory for Rosberg in 2013. James has any other team in history ever done that or bettered that run in the history of the British GP? The last non Mercedes winning driver of the British GP was Mark Webber -and he's long gone from f1!


Is it too outlandish to suggest Hamilton would have won anyway even if he hadn't gone to Greece for two days? Crazy I know.


Ricciardo stunning as usual and deservedly official driver of the day. Bottas second I'd say. The German Mercedes cars were a different class today. I sincerely hope Ferrari can fight back in Hungary. If not, I reckon we are looking at Bottas replacing Rosberg as world champion.


If having the fastest car and winning is vindication then I guess LH has a free pass to behave the way he does.

Of course he can only do what he did in the car - drive well - but I beleive that there are several better/equality drivers in the current field. The red bull boys for starters.


I gotta say, when I go back to V10 era races (rewatched 2001 British GP this weekend) I get a kick seeing young James Allen, in this case interviewing Prost about his wins record potentially being broken. Those V10 races are killer for obvious reasons, but throw in a pinch of Murray here and a dash of JA there and it is like getting onto a DeLorean and hitting 88 mph.


I will readily admit that I am a KR fan and really feel for him. The guy just can't catch a break it seems. He has been reasonably strong all year but something always seems to go against him. He has had a few problems of his own making but on balance he has had a lot of misfortune including getting derailed by Bottas twice at the start of races.

Lets hope the SV/LH battle stays level to the end.


Lewis Hamilton was in a class of one this weekend. That 1:26.600 pole lap was a work of F1 art that only Lewis can produce. In the race, Lewis mainly drove to keep his gap to second. He ran long enough in the first stint to break the Ferrari's will and then kept the distance to everyone after his pit stop even reclaiming his Grand Chelem from Bottas lat in the race!

I do think the win has helped cover up some managerial differences at Mercedes, since Toto's suddenly aggressive defence of his driver should have been more vocal after Baku when it was needed rather than in attacking the tabloid media this week.
I am looking forward to Malaysia, this is the third home for Mercedes due to the Petronas relationship and Lewis will remember his outstanding performance last year was ruined by an engine blow-up.

Finally, Silverstone and the British fans have set the tone for the new F1. From Wednesday on, the British fans gave F1 a fantastic boost. I hope they figure out the problems as Britain really did Formula One and themselves proud this week. The old races many not have the same financial support as the new tracks, but have no doubt, this week we saw real F1 fans not a backdrop to some global marketing promotion . Well done Britain.


All other things aside, Bottas has really started taking it to another level. He's a fast learner and without the gearbox change it could've been a very different race. His pass on Vettel was critical to establishing himself as a proper contender, not a seat filler.

The Grape Unwashed

@IP he's faster than Rosberg in qualifying (which was Rosberg's strongest suit), a better racer and a more amenable teammate - he's not quite on the level of Hamilton, Vettel or Verstappen, but he's vindicated Mercedes decision.


JA, to consider Hamilton was vindicated here today would be very bad for F1. Yes, Hamilton drove great here today, fully deserved win etc. But to say he thereby is vindicated from his absence from the London F1 fan event would equally mean that all the other 19 drivers were at fault to show up in London as none of them won the race today. Is that how you or any of us want F1 to be? I don't !


I suspect it might have helped one or two other drivers to have had a break as Hamilton did. Their performances on track seemed to be more tense and ragged than expected which led to clumsy mistakes and poor race management.

This back to back is tough and next year even worse with France, UK and Austria in a string.

All sports men and women need relaxation as well as physical training and mental preparation which goes hand in hand with relaxation.

The smart alecks who think a 'couple of hours in London' is no problem might like to try it themselves after a hectic week ending on Friday with a PR stunt on Saturday and the new week starting on Sunday with the boss in attendance marking your performance.

Go on tough guys.


Actually James Pirelli said that the failures were not wear related. Pirelli also said that Vettel's lock up was not the cause of his failure.

So Bottas was not the cause of their problems, nor did Vettel 'pay the price'.


So does this mean Lewis Hamilton will never attend an F1Live event that occurs between back to back races?


Hamilton's decision to focus on the race was 100% correct. If you want to be an elite sportsperson, it's simple: that's the kind of decision you have to take. That's why he's where he is in Formula 1 history and the journalists and fans are sat watching. If you don't get that, you really should find another job.


Look guys Mercedes has the advantage on power tracks. Street circuits Ferrari have the advantage and also places with short straights.

Simple as that.


Great drive by the Mercedes boys. Now that they have a handle on tires the season is over.

Torchwood Five

Well done, James, good journalism ignoring Lewis playing host to Billy Monger and his family, children from St Ormond Street, and a young cancer patient from South Africa.

Did that not fit in with your narrative that he made some kind of mis-step not attending London Live.

He was probably caught off guard that the rest of the grid went to it. I literally cannot remember the last time EVERY DRIVER or ALL BUT ONE went to a non-compulsory event.

Most times when I hear of a city event, only the Red Bull drivers - current and former (Webber and DC) - have gone along.


Great stage managed events in the Mercedes pits this weekend. Guaranteed to get the 'look at what i'm doing ' vote to counteract the dissidents who called him out over his non attendance in London on wed night. He can do what he likes when he puts himself out in the public eye then he has to take the good with the bad and that includes opposite viewpoints and opinions.


Would that be like the very same (stage managed) opportunistic event of the crying kid Ferrari hurriedly brought round to the garage for some guaranteed PR/ TV air time with his hero, Kimi?


On a high average speed track like Silverstone the long wheelbase of the Mercedes is more of an advantage than it is on tracks with a not so high average, and could well be a handicap on tracks with a low average speed ie; tighter corners. Add that to the Mercedes power advantage, particularly in qualifying, and the result wasn't a surprise. I'm not reading more into it than it was track that suited Mercedes and the result was as expected. Albeit the Ferraris were very competitive just got their strategy wrong, otherwise I suspect a 2nd & 3rd result was on the cards.


Is it just me or does this feel like the begining of Mercedes dominating and running away with the championship? I really hope Ferrari have something mega with their update next race to keep this interesting.

Brilliant drive by Danny RIC to recover all those positions. Same to Bottas. Sucks for Vettel to lose 19 points in under 2 hours.


Bottas was my highlight of the race. Combined with the Mercedes strategists.

And unlike Nico Rosberg, Bottas seems less concerned about mind games from Vettel or Hamilton. I think Bottas is going to be as dominant as Mika Hakkinen eventually.


Lol, Bottas dont make such jokes more like Merc being dominant.


@ Nomad, I personally think that there were two D'sOD...Bottas and Ricciardo. Both these drivers had to battle hard for their positions, They provided some good racing.


In my opinion Mercedes quail-mod wins the races and championships more than anything or anyone lese. Of course they have got a strong package, but that is the key. Put Verstappen, Alonso, Ricciardo, Vettel in a Mercedes and all the statistics will look quite different. Preparation, holiday etc. before the race probably a nice thing to have, but Bottas, Verstappen or Ricciardo all have done a pretty good job on Sunday and they were attending the London Show.


Peter, surely the point is Mercedes didn't want those drivers, they wanted Lewis....


I wonder if you asked them now, would they have a different opinion?


LKFE, if that was the case why do they keep offering him new contracts and upping his pay?

The Grape Unwashed

Bottas qualified behind both Ferraris.


In my opinion Mercedes quail-mod wins the races and championships more than anything or anyone lese

So why did both Ferraris outqualify Bottas? Or is this "mode" only on one Mercedes?


The driver market is going to get interesting now. Is Vettel stalling on anew contract because he wants to go to Mercedes and is Mercedes keeping its options open by courting Vettel in case Hamilton decides to retire soon? Would the prospect of Hamilton winning a WDC with a third team (never done before) entice him to Ferrari? And what about the red bull drivers given their contracts are up at the end of next season. Lots of questions yet to be answered under the backdrop of an exciting season.


I sincerely doubt Hamilton would even be on the podium at Ferrari.
With his weak morale he would be "out" from the second race on. Probably announcing a sabatical to recover from mind fatigue for the 3rd race on.
Even the eternal optimist fernandi Alonso could not take anymore at the time, Vettel is looking arround already, even "Iceman" could swallow Ferrari in small doses at a time. Something there is corosive. Red is from rust ?!?

The Grape Unwashed

I've never understood the appeal of Ferrari, the only time it's worked well was when Todt/Brawn/Schumacher formed into a single organism which the management found impossible to divide and conquer. The rest of the time it's seemed more interested in winning internecine struggles than titles.


Does anyone really think we would not have got pole, fastest lap and the win if he had attended the event!


A really boring race, can't be better put than Button's description of the race in C4..."boring at the front, boring at the back".

Silverstone has a nice layout, but these cars following each other at high speed is not a recipe for overtaking. I guess GP fans need to thank the freak event of the Ferrari tires which provided the only excitement of this race.

IMHO, that was it for Ferrari. Mercedes has clearly the better package and the momentum. So, heading into the classical 'meltdown' point at Ferrari?, including possible driver farewells perhaps? (Vettel having his own meltdowns)


There's nothing good about the Silverstone track, it's just cause its british hence the uproar about it leaving.
If its not a wet race its 100% boring if you take a look at reports after the race its always mainly about fan engagement never on track action.

The on track action is no different to a race in the middle east.


Agreed, in terms of racing. The track itself is fun to drive, though flat. (Though I admit I have no clue why they scrapped the old layout BTW), But, badly located, and yes, only attraction is the rainy wetter to mix up things.
Still hard to absorb the British media hype around it.


@ Reutermann...would be interesting to know the the stats. How many actual passes were there and who made them? Someone, somewhere,......


I have no stats, that's for the journalist on this site. Not counting lapped cars and the Ferrari incidents, I guess pretty much Ricciardo gaining ground with a much faster car.


@ reutemann...I've heard figures of 34 passes of which DR made 24? That seems to be higher than i thought but then again he was on fire and pulling some great passes along the way.


@kenneth, thanks mate. Yes, that roughly seems like the guess ratio we were discussing. Put a fast car at the back of the grid to compensate the lack of overtakes (not the McLaren of course 🙂 )

The Grape Unwashed

Hi James, Verstappen surely deserves more of a mention: the Red Bull was clearly inferior to the Ferrari, but he simply outraced Vettel in Silverstone. First, that beautiful overtake at the start, driving around the outside of the Loop, a very long apex corner; then, the staunch defence in a clearly slower car, holding his nerve as Vettel pushed him off at Stowe and returning the compliment through Club. This was an exceptional performance from Max, he just looked the better driver versus Seb.

My bet is that Red Bull will be mighty around the Hungaroring, if the long wheel-base Mercedes struggles we may see a Red Bull 1-2 there, but certainly they'll both be fighting for podium places. A 6-way fight to the finish? I can hardly wait!


No Verstappen mentions, because the race and the fans topic was awesome and overwhelming (...boredom of a race).
I have to admit I've never seen such a promoted and hyped driver (aside from Hamilton but by British press and himself only), but aside from that, his reputation is well deserved. The moves on Vettel with less power and inferior machinery were one of its kind. I hope he keeps his head cool and down to earth, unlike the british-Harlem driver.


he just looked the better driver versus Seb

he always has! 😉
In all seriousness, I was gutted to see RBR so close to the pace in Austria (where they didn't expect it) and so far off it in Silverstone (which they thought would suit them better). All Max' fights with Vettel have been hugely entertaining, especially because you know Vettel will always complain (his hand gesture 😀 roll back to Brazil 2016 turn 4).

The Grape Unwashed

Jeroen, yeah I had high hopes after Austria that Red Bull had closed the gap, but they were so far behind in Silverstone 🙁

I get the same excitement watching Max race that I got in 2007 when Lewis burst onto the scene - he's a game changer for the sport, he contributes hugely to the enjoyment of the race.

If Renault can produce a properly competitive engine we might see a few years of three teams and three greats competing - it would be another golden age for the sport.


Interesting to see so many saying that Ferrari are fading. Let's play the 'What if ...' game. What if Vettel had qualified ahead of Kimi? What if Kimi hadn't blocked Vettel from passing when he caught him, even after Vettel's poor start? Or I think pretty much anything that put Vettel ahead of Kimi would have given Ham/Merc a challenge. Verstappen only got ahead of Vettel because Kimi blocked him off (fairly of course), without that Vettel would not have pitted early and things would have been very different.


Kimi was the faster Ferrari driver on the day, no question. There is absolutely nothing in Sebs race that indicated he had the race pace to challenge Lewis. Seb on new softs was only managing to keep pace with Lewis on his worn tyres. Add in the fact that Lewis was cruising and the deals done. Nothing Seb or Ferrari did or could have done would have changed the winning result.


Verstappen only got ahead of Vettel because Kimi blocked him off (fairly of course)

I think you mean to say "Vettel only got ahead of Verstappen since Kimi blocked him off (fairly of course)".
Or if you want to be 100% correct:

Verstappen had a better start than Vettel, then Vettel only got ahead of Verstappen since Kimi blocked him off (fairly of course) after which Verstappen only got ahead of Vettel because Kimi blocked him off (fairly of course).

Kimi blocked Vettel exiting the slow corner, then Max saw an opportunity around the outside of the fast left hander and went for it. Brilliant racing from all 3 of them although I don't think Kimi purposely blocked Vettel there. That Max/Vettel moment could have ended really bad for at least one of them but both were right on the edge. Great racing.


@ Tony...some interesting points there. Raikonnen got a hefty 'kick in the a$$' from Marchionne and he has reacted. It was effective. say no more.


Kimi was just plain faster than Seb. As you could see even when nobody was slowing him down. And he should have got past Max, he abused the tires, made a bad need to feel sorry.


Happy Hamilton won, now we have a champion battle!
But it seems that Mercedes has an advantage for the future.
Ricciardo, what impressive driving, Ferrari and Mercedes should chase him for the 2019 season!


Earlier in the year Lewis tweeted in the early hours how much he missed Nicole and then had a couple of duff races.

So I'm surprised, nobody else has picked up on this, when Lewis didn't attend London and was away. Who else was staying where Lewis was this week, a certain Nicole. Lewis all chirpy this weekend and blows everyone into the weeks, coincidence my a***.

Ron commented Lewis's performances often reflected how well he was getting on with her.


Really? Is that on again?
Get set for the yoyo!


'He was rightly criticized... " Criticism okay, but rightly I don't think so because' Two Day Holiday has paid off


The last four races have shown us this season will end the same way the last three have, double title for merc, the fans more turned off and the rest of the field waiting for 2021


James, is it possible to do an analysis of straight line performance between Mercedes and Ferrari when they run their Q3 engine modes? Using GPS data for instance?


F1 by not allowing in season testing is killing the sport one nail at a time. The level of Mercedes dominance we've seen in the turbo era is unprecedented. How can there be any competition when one team carries a 1 sec/lap advantage over its nearest competitor ? If there was any doubt that Mercedes will yet again make this a single-make championship , then their utter crushing dominance in Silverstone should settle it and remind everyone who wishes to see some close racing that it is not happening any time soon.

Thank heavens for Motogp. We have 4 great riders from 3 different team separated by 10 points into the season. Liberty and Ross Brawn have their task cut out if they are to make this sport closer and more competitive.


In my view, LH had nothing to vindicate nor explain himself from to anyone . He made his choice for himself and does plenty of other charitable work and non track activities I am sure, but it clearly worked for him and it showed with a dominant display at the weekend.
I wonder how many people thought the wheel to wheel racing (bumper cars!) was acceptable? Personally, I loved it, and I chuckled at VB's response to the question of was it ok? Yes!, he would have run the other driver out too! So I often question why is it LH is such a bad, bad, person and should be DQ'd for doing this, but its all exciting and acceptable when its anyone else? No need to reply, it was rhetorical as some people can not bring themselves to compliment Lewis as their hatred of him clearly runs deep! Apart from those few moments, the only other enjoyment for me was watching Danny rip through the pack! Even he experienced the running off of the road by another driver, but hey, thats OK, its long as it didn't involve Lewis 😀 Ferrari's were left wanting! Running too long with possibly an aggressive front end set up and being forced in to an early stop??? Bottas managed an equally long stint perfectly well how ever. Who knows? All I can say is, it looks as though Lewis is primed and ready to ramp up this championship battle to the next level and Seb and the rest will either have to put up or shut up. I really hope this years crown is decided by all the cars actually finishing every race with points being scored on merit and not settled like last years reliability governed championship. Grenade has been tossed......quietly walks away!


Ubique, you are quite right to point out the glaring discrepancy between certain posters reactions to firm but fair wheel to wheel manoeuvres, depending on the drivers involved. You are also right to not expect a response from those posters when challenged on these double standards, none of them are man enough.


@ Ubique...Why is it that when someone makes an observation that doesn't accord with your opinion of Hamilton, be described as being a 'hater' ? A very poor choice of language. As an example, i don't particularly like the chap and i am not afraid to say so, but i don't 'hate' the guy. My hate is reserved for terrorists and paedophiles plus others who violate the concept of human decency. You should reflect on that.


I think Toto Woolf made an unnecessary statement about LH missing the London event. Would he say the same if LH missed the Mercedes end of season event? Anyway all a storm in a teacup. On with the racing. I very much enjoyed The British GP even if it was freezing on Saturday qualy. Congrats to Lewis H Valterri B, Kimi R Max V Seb V, and Daniel R for the entertainment.


Just to endorse @KB Davies comments.
Lewis was only "rightly criticised" by the press, who were probably peeved they missed an opportunity to write more hype about him.
It's clear from Silverstone, the real fans, including me, didn't care a hoot.
So he wants a few days off to regroup and recharge in pursuit of a WDC in which he is already 20 points behind. Fine by me.

I defy anyone to suggest his preparation for the weekend did not contribute to him being "on another planet" (to quote this column) during Q3.
What do his employers think? Obviously they were ok with it. They didn't criticise him.

What is it with the press telling people how they should behave? I find it a little arrogant to be honest.

Fact is, Lewis continues to promote the sport far more than anyone out there. And his actions at the weekend eclipse anything a meaningless 'promo' event could achieve. Without him, hits on this website and others would plummet.


The one thing Bottas has shown us this year is that there is a whole stack of very good drivers in the F1 midfield who could win races and titles if they got to drive the Mercedes. Alonso, Hulkenburg, Perez, Ricciardo, all are the equal to Hamilton. Raikonen is close, but has probably lost a step with age. Massa is likely in the same boat. Verstappen has the raw talent but lacks the experience and common sense. Grosjean is hard to tell since he never gets a decent car to drive. But the one thing that has become blindingly obvious is that Hamilton isn't nearly as superior as the English speaking press constantly promotes him into being. Unfortunately, Hamilton has now developed a gigantic ego which far exceeds his real driving skills. But we've seen with Bottas that any decent mid-field F1 driver can get in that car and win races.

The smart move for Mercedes would be to let Hamilton go when his contract expires and demands a giant pay raise, and then replace him with a young but experienced driver like Peres who can take the superior Mercedes car and win just as well. Although my preference would be to see Hulkenberg finally get the break he's long deserved.


James, could the safety car have affected the change from 2 stop to 1 stop? Less laps at full speed.


Lewis did very well this weekend. Kept his head down and delivered the goods.

I don't think the London event is a paid-event by fans, so only best effort required. If Lewis has other plans, I'm glad my driver is doing what makes him ready for the race.

One point I'd like to make is that, crowd surfing and climbing over the fences looks extremely dangerous. Any slip and fall can be career ending, hope Lewis does less of that.


Hi James
I find it odd that both Renault and Ferrari have not developed own qualifying mode like Mercedes have. Would this not be a key area to focus on considering it has potential to bolt you further up the grid ?


The battle between Ricciardo and Hulkenberg would perhaps have been a bit different without the real bad stop with about 5s for Nico?

Tornillo Amarillo

Stroll said a broken barge board ruined his race at Silverstone, he had to pit again believing they were the tyres, but not, big problem in the car performance.


Errrr, guess who was in Mykonos at same time??? Yep Shirtslinger!!! nicole that is!!

So he couldnt wait for three week break? I work for myself, funny last night in the storms, i was awake all night out in a field with calving cow. Came in at 5am, yet I am back in the marine business working a 7.30 am. So sorry its bollocks! You have easy life to majority of people and earn far more than any of us can ever dream of, so try that bit harder. Your fans deserve it as you will never have the worries we do


And a pound to a penny, you were neither at the London event nor did you attend Silverstone.

Fan my backside.

By the way, you just described the average day and night for most livestock farmers. Only it's usually in the middle of winter or spring. They earn very little full stop these days unless they are one of the few very large farms. They have earned very little since the end of the Milk Marketing board in the late 80's. Yet they continue to heroically do what they do because it's a way of life ingrained in them. I know, I am part of a sixth generation farming family. We moan only about weather, poor government management and prices.

We really do not care what others do in their private time when they provide such entertainment for us during their working hours.


Max will deside the championship between merc and ferrati

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