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Hamilton equals record with pole for British F1 GP to pour rain on Vettel lead
Posted By: Editor   |  15 Jul 2017   |  2:28 pm GMT  |  240 comments

Lewis Hamilton equalled Jim Clark’s record of five British Grand Prix pole positions by earning his fifth pole at Silverstone with a time of 1m26.600 seconds.

The Silver Arrows will look to further capitalise on their long wheelbase and high downforce come Sunday on a track which favours speed even more this year. Corners such as Croft, Maggots and Becketts are taken at higher speed this year, and possibly at full throttle.

Kimi Raikkonen starts second with a late effort in Q3 beating team-mate Sebastian Vettel’s effort, and Vettel now starts third for the race ahead of Max Verstappen.

Valtteri Bottas’ five-place grid-penalty puts him ninth for the race as Mercedes changed his gearbox before it had completed six races; Daniel Ricciardo has the same penalty but starts 19th having been eliminated in Q1.

Fernando Alonso, who topped Q1 with a clever choice of compound, has a 30-place grid-penalty with McLaren having taken his sixth internal combustion engine; eighth turbocharger; eighth hybrid component (MGU-H) and sixth kinetic energy system (MGU-K) of the season so far to start him last.


Alonso led the session with an astonishing late-gamble on super-soft tyres having paid off for the McLaren driver.

He hadn’t set a time with two minutes remaining and took super-softs as the track was drying – Alonso only just made it around the track to start a flying lap – with a fraction of a second of Q1 remaining.

His time of 1m37.598s was enough to beat then-leader Verstappen’s intermediate-equipped effort by 1.314s but with a 30 place grid-penalty, Alonso will start last regardless, even after his inspired switch to slicks.

Ricciardo suffered a turbocharger failure with 10 minutes remaining and the session was red-flagged for the brief recovery with the Red Bull driver eliminated and resigned to 19th on the grid.

Force India’s Esteban Ocon was the only other driver to take super-softs but he did so when the track was still wet, putting him sixth behind Bottas. Nico Hulkenberg split the Mercedes with Hamilton fourth, 1.471s off the top.

Ferrari’s Vettel was seventh and Raikkonen ninth with Stoffel Vandoorne between them while Jolyon Palmer (11th fastest) was between the Toro Rosso pair in the same manner with Carlos Sainz Jr 10th and Daniil Kvyat 12th.

Sergio Perez was 14th quickest by just 0.033s over Haas’ Romain Grosjean who was testing new brakes today. Thus eliminated for Q2 were Williams’ Lance Stroll, Haas counterpart Kevin Magnussen, both Saubers and the stricken Red Bull of Ricciardo with 5.368s between first and last.


Slicks were back on the agenda for Q2 and Mercedes was back on top led by Hamilton whose time of 1m27.893s was 0.839s faster than team-mate Bottas’ effort.

Bottas (second-fastest) was, however, using soft tyres while the rest chose super-softs, and so the next fastest super-soft runner was Vettel in third place, 1.085s away from Hamilton.

Raikkonen was just 0.014s slower than his title-leading team-mate while Renault’s Hulkenberg showed his prowess in the precipitation by clocking in fifth, ahead of the Red Bull of Verstappen.

Vandoorne made it into Q3 for the first time this season, getting into the top 10 with a late effort of 1m30.105s at the expense of Renault’s Jolyon Palmer who missed out by 0.088s.

Ahead of the McLaren driver was the Force India pair in seventh and eighth led by Ocon and Haas’ Grosjean, the Frenchman continuing his recent run of form by finishing Q2 ninth.

Along with Palmer, both Toro Rossos were eliminated as was Alonso and Williams’ Massa who was last in the session with a time of 1m31.482s, 3.589s slower than Hamilton’s effort and 1.377s back from 10th fastest Vandoorne.


Hamilton’s Q1 laptime of 1m39.069s on intermediates evolved into a Q3 effort of 1m27.231s on super-softs as the track had dried after 45 minutes of activity.

But with his last effort of the session, Hamilton brought that down to an incredible effort of 1m26.600s by blitzing all three sectors. He is now one more pole behind Michael Schumacher’s record of 68 all-time pole positions.

Raikkonen, branded a “laggard” by boss Sergio Marchionne after the Austrian GP, managed to leap-frog Bottas (who locked-up on his effort) and Vettel to start on the front row for the race with a time of 1m27.147s. “I have nothing to lose,” Raikkonen said after he booked a place next to Hamilton.

Vettel starts third, missing out on the front-row by two tenths while Bottas’ time was 0.020s slower than that of Vettel. Bottas starts on soft tyres in ninth place.

Vandoorne has a chance to score his first points-finish of the season by qualifying ninth (starting eighth) ahead of Haas’ Grosjean, who felt he was impeded on his out-lap by Hamilton. He complained in his inimitable way and the stewards are investigating the incident.

Perez out-qualified a team-mate at Silverstone for the first time in his career on Saturday as he finished seventh in Q3, ahead of Ocon by 0.172s. In front of the Force Indias was former driver Hulkenberg who starts fifth, having qualified sixth.

Updated: The stewards have decided not to take action on Hamilton over the Grosjean incident.

“The stewards examined video and telemetry evidence and concluded that while GRO may potentially have been affected by the presence of HAM at Turn 16, he was not impeded,” said their statement.

Have your say on British GP qualifying in the comment section below.

2017 Formula 1 British Grand Prix, Grid:







Lewis Hamilton




Kimi Raikkonen





Sebastian Vettel





Max Verstappen

Red Bull




Nico Hulkenberg





Sergio Perez

Force India




Esteban Ocon

Force India




Stoffel Vandoorne





Valtteri Bottas





Romain Grosjean





Jolyon Palmer




Daniil Kvyat

Toro Rosso



Carlos Sainz Jr

Toro Rosso



Felipe Massa




Lance Stroll




Kevin Magnussen




Pascal Wehrlein




Marcus Ericsson




Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull



Fernando Alonso



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Kimi is still after, only number two today! But since he is a number two driver we have instructed him to let Vettel go, already in the start!
Still a laggard, we can not have such a driver!
Best to kick him!


Kimi rocks up for two races each year, Silverstone and Spa, his exceptions to laggardism.

If Ferrari want to challenge for the constructors and drivers then they need someone else to fill that seat.

Someone that'll beat Vettel more often than not.
Someone that outqualified Kimi by a bigger margin.
Someone that could challenge the Merc domination.
Someone who topped the times after Q1, over 2.5s faster than other slick runners and 1.3s faster than Max in p2.


Clarkes, who else was on slicks at the end of q1?


You forgot to add, someone who has been ruled out by all top teams for a 2018 drive.


"all top teams", hahhahahahahaa, classic, very funny,

there is only one top team, Mercedes.


Clarks, and they don't want him either


Ohh is it? Then that someone must be utterly nuts to contact Ferrari, Mercedes & RBR for a drive next season!!!


Good job from Vandoorne. First time out qualifying the two time World Champion. 👏👍


Would be good if it were true but Alonso backed off so Vandoorne could make it to Q3 as he already had a 30-place grid penalty.


...because it would have made sense for Alonso to get his McLaren into Q3, so he had to take his 30 place penalty and start last on USED tyres... 😉

Good job from Vandoorne nonetheless though, good job from Honda as the car is still running without replacing bits of the PU.


A guy who can't judge horses is no cowboy.


Vettel misses out on qualifying yet again this season. His qualifying and race starts have been far from perfect compared to previous seasons.

If Hamilton doesn't get a penalty for blocking Grosjean, that would be a travesty.


Hamilton in his mighty Mercedes can cut chicanes, force cars off track, block, impede, and the stewards won't touch him. Happened all last year and is happening now. Get use to it. 2018 is his year.


Mwah hahahaha. He didnt. Whatch genius in montion and learn to appreciate it my friend 😄 keep grasping at those straws Rohind


Hamilton was NOT WarneD about the Haas.. so let's focus on the real culprit that created a possibly DANGEROUS SITUATION like this one:

-The Team on the PIt wall ! I think for such mistakes the FIA should penalize the team, to be represented by the Team Principal (TOTO Wolff in this case??) On a Non GP weekend.. for an entire Sunday, the TEAM PRINCIPAL should be FORCED to do COMMUNITY SERVICE working on promoting the ROAD SAFETY Campaign.

@James - can you secretly slip in this suggestion under Jean Todt's Hotel Door?


Massa was also investigated for impeding Verstappen, and there was no action. Can't recall when it happened, but maybe our community should look at that one and give our thoughts.

There was also a case of Perez getting a bit in the way of Vettel (customary hand wave and radio rant from Seb about it) ... that was noted, and then not even investigated.


Great pole lap! Still, only buys you 8 metres.

✔ Qualifying
❓ Start
❓ Opening laps
❓ Race pace
❓ Avoid contact from errant drivers
❓ Pit stops
❓ Race strategy
❓ Weather-related calls
❓ Reliability

Chance of showers tomorrow could mix things up. Top 3 all have two new softs for tomorrow, along with 3 used supersofts.

Pirelli should also have put out how may new inters each driver has. That might be more significant tomorrow. I know each driver got an extra set of inters for FP3.


I see you've added a few steps to the usual routine there KRB, but you forgot "wear lucky socks" 🙂


Much ado about nothing I reckon (c/o billy Shakespeare)

I said it would rain...........the weather forecasters said so. I mean, the forecasts are always spot on during grand Prix weekend............

Come rain or shine, the fast swerves of Silverstone make necks ache, bowels loosen and palms sweaty. Exactly how a circuit should be (apart from the brown overalls).


Perhaps if your car is fastest by far then you cannot possibly block anyone 😉

imagine if the cars were swapped!!

What do you think...check this...


if your car is fastest by far

If it was just the car (and I'm not arguing that the car is quick) then why didn't Bottas put half a second on the next best ?


Pull yourself together clarkes... I know it hurts but its only qualy 😄



From that VIEW you have posted ( it looks SUPER SCARY !!! I don't think Hamilton is to blame... it's his PIT WALL that needs to be given a stern WARNING for the sake of safety.


I can hear all the journalists who held 'personal opinion' that Vettel should have been punished further for Baku, now slowly withdrawing into their shell.

That was indeed one of the best laps at Silverstone by Hamilton. Rules are rules. Even a warning would have sufficed. But stewards just dont have the courage to take on Hamilton and home crowd.


If he does, if it is a block that kept Gro in 10th, then the race for victory may be interesting for once.


I know - this could prove to be a bad miss especially if Lewis gets a penalty


Get real, when did Hamilton last get a penalty.


when did Hamilton last get a penalty.

Just a few races back, Bahrain - he slowed Ricci as they entered the pits under a SC (iirc) and got a 5 second penalty. Can't remember if he got points as well .


Uh, last race?


It would be a travesty?! It would be a travesty if he gets one.

Were you saying the same thing when Vettel clearly blocked Hamilton in qualifying at Mexico last year, where Vettel even admitted to blocking Hamilton, and the stewards didn't even investigate that one?

Grosjean did a 1:29.676 on the lap that he claims he was blocked, and then did a 1:29.549 on his final Q3 lap. Now either he was on a mega lap that first time, to claim he lost 3 tenths, or he blew his last lap (on a quicker track), or there's nothing in it. 3-tenths on the first lap would get him exactly 1 position higher.

Who's Grosjean trying to score a ride with next year again???


Seb's mum? 😉


🤣🤣🤣 And I don't even care who wins and loses... Just the quality of racing!


Please copy and paste (screenshot would be even better) where I blamed Hamilton of brake testing and Vettel not being guilty of his action Baku. I don't appreciate being lied to my friend.

I commented on based on what I saw. I believe Hamilton also apologised (if he blocked as he wasn't told by his team). If I was biased I would've said it as a bad lap. I will wait for your apology for making a mistake on your comment (or admit lying).


You said this: "I do think Hamilton slowed down too much on purpose, which is also dangerous." If that's not a brake test accusation, then it's definitely borderline.

Most of your comments are reasonable however. I think I might have lumped yours and another Aussie poster's comments together in my mind, so I apologize for that.

I don't think that situation today could ever have been termed 'slam dunk' or anything like that.


Apology accepted. Here is what I thought happened,

"Gros about to finish his hot lap, saw the Mercedes in his line too slow. If both carried the same speed for another 10-15 meters, they would collide. Hamilton wasn't told anything by his team about Gros. So as soon as he saw Gros he sped up."

As I said many times before, I respect stewards decision and move on. Doesn't mean I agree to it.


This angle, unless it has been tempered with, would indicate that Grosjean was impeded. I would be curious to hear your opinion if you can watch it.
The stewards probably have a better way to judge these thing than a video, but it looks to me that Hamilton was unusually slow there. Anyway the decision not to penalize is in so that is it. Looking forward to a good race hopefully and for Ferrari to be accused of all sort of things if Vettel happens to finish ahead of Raikkonen. Marc


wow! I handnt seen that POV before, Why would HAM slow down to almost a complete stop on the racing line on the entry to a sharp corner? But I guess he does have form.
It's not just the actual time lost by the faster driver but also the break to his concentration... suddenly he's got to think "what the hells going on here, which way is he going to go?"
The only way to overcome this is to have single lap qualifying- a top ten shoot-out.


Marc, that video angle definitely makes it look worse than the onboards, but I still believe the stewards got it right. If you cover up Hamilton with your finger, and watch how Grosjean approaches the corner, I don't see any hesitation or correction that he had to make, that would be different to if he had free air there. He certainly couldn't have come into the corner faster, w/o losing it.

If they both finish, the only way Kimi finishes ahead of Vettel is if Vettel suffers a car problem that compromises but doesn't end his race.


I didn't catch it on TV so seeing it for the first time that does look 50/50. Wouldn't say he blocked him but all RG would've been thinking when getting ready to brake for the corner is 'why is there a car loitering around there'.


Interesting quali to say the least. Will Hamilton get a penalty for blocking Grosjean? The Sky team were desperately trying to find reasons to clear Hamilton, so much so that it was laughable. Despite that, i would have no idea and the stewards will have all the data upon which to make a decision. The big question here is if they were, to say, give Hamilton a three place grid penalty will it alter the championship race? This should not influence their decisions but who knows!!!! I do feel though that Bottas is under the pump somewhat. The margins were, for Mercedes, significant considering the pace shown by Bottas earlier? As for Red Bull, well i simply don't know what to think. Horner admitted that they 'saw' something on the dyno [ where exactly as it wouldn't have been RICCIARDO'S race engine' and they made a 'precautionary' change. That proved to be disastrous anyway even with a new turbo!!! This looks all the more suspect but maybe that's immaterial and there is simply nothing in it at all. Too coincidental for my way of thinking. I somehow think that Hamilton, as i said earlier, has got it in the bag. The Mercedes is just too fast and Ferrari will be hard pressed to take a win.


First the stewards and now a conspiracy ( just bacause Dan has a spot of bad luck) - what next? Will you become a member of the LHFC ?


@ C63....hahahaah Is the Chief of the Funny hat brigade an 'argy bargy'?


@Kenneth I also saw Lauda saying I quote to Ted, "it will be 3 place penalty if guilty" without even trying to defend Hamilton. But stewards have been much softer this season I noticed. Apart from usual useless sky crews someone like Brundle was suggesting that the stewards might be soft on decision because its Hamilton's home GP. He also said that the stewards should look at it as incident rather than which driver is doing it. I'm good with the decision whichever way it went. As I explained to KRB (if the post makes it here) I believe it was a slam dunk penalty. All decisions now final and looking forward to the race.


My initial thoughts were that there was nothing in it and that Hamilton would be cleared... BUT i really wanted to see of the FIA had the b@!!s to penalise the pole sitter at his home GP.


I see kenny...there are suspictions of a conspiracy if your boy RIC is involved but if its HAM fans suggesting the same thing happening against him (not that i believe there is or ever has been any conspiracy against HAM) they are tin foil hat wearers? I used to think, despite our differing opinions, you had some intelligence about you......seems your just a fanboy like the rest of us 😄


@ predictable. Read my post and inwardly digest before making silly comments.


i can hear the p and g of ping!

what's gone wrong?


Is that 1-0 to Hamilton over Vettel in terms of favourable decisions from the stewards then? Considering Vettel got a 10s penalty in Baku.


Silly. Vettel got off easy with a 10s stop-go for his stunt.


But, but, the FIA favour Ferrari.


@kenneth, kenneth, kenneth...
The first time in months Ricciardo's car breaks down and immediately you call it 'suspect'? By the same twisted reasoning Max' confabulated saboteurs, after numerous subsequent crippling malfunctions, would now have been found 'guilty as charged' and well behind bars.
Moreover, as we have seen, quali misfortune or crashing out need not be final, what counts is race misfortune.


@ Lemwil....Like i suggested to Dean. read my post again. You really do need to read the background as related by Horner and then think it through...carefully.


hamilton won at silverstone again, just in case you missed it..


Desperately trying to find reasons?!? Can you give an example? Di Resta just said that it was a minor incident, and said he'd be surprised if Hamilton got a penalty. Symonds said "if Grosjean thinks that's blocking, then he should check out the A43 getting out of here". I thought you considered Symonds as impartial?

Could it be instead that you are desperately trying to find a penalty where there was none? 😀


@ KRB.... another 'as expected'. Just ask yourself one salient question. How could any of the Sky team [Hamilton sycophants] possibly know what the actual timing was without the 'exact' data as presented to the stewards? You should also send a note to Gunter Steiner as well with your analysis.


That was their 'gut' reaction, which turned out to be correct.


KRB....simply 'wish fulfillment' . They got lucky.


I don't think there was much in it... just Grosjean looking for an excuse why he's so slow.


With the way Grosjean brakes, that's the riskiest thing Lewis has done since Baku 😉


With the way Grosjean brakes, that's the riskiest thing Lewis has done since Baku 😉


hmm I wonder if just typing "haha" detoriates the quality of this good forum. So let me continue a bit..

With Billy Monger visiting Hamiltons garage today, and the way Grosjean came zooming toward Hamiltons rear crash structure.. I am wondering about what Adrian Newey had a said a few years ago when these cool looking, slopped down noses came back in vogue.

Newey had said its dangerous because now the car behind can submarine under the car in front. But the SHIELD or full canopy would be helpful in such a situation?



Apparently he's running CI brakes for the first time this weekend. Haven't heard any complaints from him about brakes this weekend, and they're usually a staple.


I smell how nervous, panicked and defensive Hamilton clan is. Relax people, all sorted. Stewards' decision went in your favour. Let's move on to the race now.


@ FZ.....Watching hamilton's demeanour in the presser he looked decidedly 'off pace' and was showing serious signs of concern as to how the stewards would rule. Wolff evidently was also in panic mode according to some reports, so there was serious concern that their boy had messed up as well. I did not see Wolff openly deny that there was no 'blocking' prior to the stewards finding. Without the data as presented to the stewards there was no way anyone could've been 100% accurate with a prediction. Does anyone really think that the fact that there is a championship at stake and that eliminating Hamilton from the quali results would not create a national storm did not enter the collective heads of the stewards? Of course it would. Hopefully it was not a mitigating factor.


I couldn't disagree more

Hamilton did not appear at all bothered by the risk of stewards ruling against him

He was ecstatic about his qualifying performance


@ James... matter of interpretation.


I smell how nervous,

I think you've just got your nose too close to your own backside and are getting confused 😳


You have just proven my point with your very mature comment. I didn't even have to put any effor in!


What point?


Formula zero, ummm, are you sure it isnt the bashing community trying to make a story out of nothing?


the bashing community

So here's the thing, Sars etc have explained they aren't bashers and are merely responding to what Hamilton does. So, if that's the case - then why aren't they on here responding to Hamiltons fantastic pole lap and telling us how great it was?


C63, I'm sure they are waiting to give him their congratulations on thr race report....


Whistling down the wind.


Whistling down the where ? I thought the whole weekend was excellent - did you enjoy it ?


@ C63....I enjoyed the race. It was fast and sometimes furious. hamilton was never going to get beaten once he hit the front. The car is simply the fastest 'rocket' ship on the grid. It's what happened behind him that grabbed my attention. Firstly the tussle between Vettel and Verstappen was good to watch, however, as you know my preferred driver put in a scintillating display.
How many times have we heard that these cars prevent passing opportunities? Nobody told Ricciardo and Bottas as they certainly disproved that theory. For me, and a whole lot of others, Ricciardos' drive earned him DOD. A further example of how to make something out of nothing! Considering that he had to do it twice made it all that sweeter. The only other driver that did it for me was Ocon and he acquitted himself well. All in all, yes, i enjoyed it.


To add, I'm flattered you are so concerned about my whereabouts. I can't say I miss your presence when you have better things to do with your time on weekends but that's just me.


can't say I miss your presence

Ah, but we both know that's not true don't we. Enjoy the race did you ? 😂


I was riveted to my seat for all of the first six laps. I then switched to the equally riveting Wimbledon final!
And good to see you still celebrate his wins with the same amount of class as you do when he loses #BLESSED


There's more than a degree of irony in such a graceless, loudmouth bigot, like your good self, lecturing others in class. But I rather suspect it went over your head 🙂


Wash your mouth out with soap Tim - perish the thought 😱


If Hamilton gets a penalty then so should Ocon for impending Vettel. He looked too far away to me.


Stewards deliberation just in
SO Lewis keeps Pole.
Poor Grosjean !! I love a home GP 😆

Tornillo Amarillo

Alonsos's case:
Why did he run for P1 in Q1 if he had 30 grid-spot penalty?
Are we just watching like idiots?
He could just stay doing an average run.
But if he stays and not really running, why does he show up?
Because is in a F1 car...
So what the heck they have to give 30 grid-spot penalty!! It's freaking ridiculous!!
IMO, 3 grid penalty maximum, it should be.

Tornillo Amarillo

Hey everybody, I'm a little sick at those "stunning last runs", c'mon! Half a second??!!
It is mapping, napping or popping I don't know but it's booooring!

You have just to seat and wait how NOT THE DRIVER but a software engineer wins the pole and so the race! Can I have his/her name?

Booooring now, because there is no secret: FREAKING PREDICTABLE!!!


how NOT THE DRIVER but a software engineer wins the pole and so the race!

@Tornillo - i fully agree about the horrible software thingy that sets apart Merc and Ferrari.. but atleast INTRA team, I see Bottas and Lewis tussling it out.

Last race Bottas had the upper hand when Lewis needed it the most with his 5 place penalty. Reverse today!


So presumably Bottas didn't have access to this engine mode? And I guess Hamilton didn't have it last time out? Do they have to take it in turns?

Tornillo Amarillo

Maybe there is a risk, like when you eat eggs.

Tornillo Amarillo

I think I found the guy responsible for mapping...


I don't find it boring - I never tire of seeing it and when I hear all the gnashing of teeth and wailing I enjoy it even more 😊

Tornillo Amarillo

HA! Vandoorne is back!!!

Tornillo Amarillo

Could anybody gives Lance a car actually for qualifying?
We are wasting so much results, look the "experimented" Massa is just ahead of him in freaking P15, how many races Williams need to sort out these problems?
You cannot expect people ahead of you having troubles in any single race in order to score!
Yeah, it's not the drivers in qualy, hope race day gets better tomorrow.

Tornillo Amarillo

GRO may potentially have been affected by the presence of HAM at Turn 16, he was not impeded,”

"AFFECTED - IMPEDED", it's a big difference, as it is between "affection" and "impotence" I think... Ahem!

Tornillo Amarillo

Get in Lewis ! I'm so proud I'm British!!!

Oh sorry I'm not British...


@Tornillo.. If you are Canadian - perhaps you could stretch it to being proud of the common wealth nations 😉

Australian Fans, sorry if I made you choke for a second 😀

Tornillo Amarillo

How did you know it ? 🙂


Yep very true about Vettel's qualifying and start performance. This time though Ferrari put him out on the track at a very wrong time. Hamilton not getting the penalty will be just wrong.


Ok question ... now that we know the stewards' ruling, I would like to know if, in your heart of hearts, you actually believed that to be a penalty from seeing it first time and then with all the replays? Now I understand it's hard to back out of an initial position, without losing face, when you so firmly stake your ground. Reality is that you don't lose face if you change your mind based on new evidence.

Doc 31:

The Stewards, having received a report from the Race Director, have considered the following matter and determine the following:

No / Driver 44 - Lewis Hamilton
Competitor Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Time: 13:57
Session: Qualifying
Fact: Alledged Impeding by car 44 on car 8 in turn 16.
Offence: Alleged breach of Article 31.6 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.
Decision: No further action.
Reason: The Stewards examined video and telemetry evidence and concluded that while GRO may potentially have been affected by the presence of HAM at Turn 16, he was not impeded.


No problem with Ham not getting a penalty on this occasion, as long as the stewards are consistent throughout the season in their rulings.

'Potentially affected...not impeded' at Silverstone = no penalty. 'Potentially dangerous' but not actually dangerous at Baku = 10s stop & go penalty and raked over the coals.

Protected species.


Too true.


@ KRB.... In your moment of glory consider this wording,

Replace the words 'may potentially have been affected' with the words, ' was not affected' and there you have a definitive statement. The stewards response carried 'weasel' words and showed that they were not 100% clear.


"He was not impeded" ... quite definitive. The alleged offense was impeding, and the stewards were categorical that there was none.

I get what the stewards are saying. Any car in your vision might put you off slightly, even if they're not doing anything illegal.

Stewards this weekend are from GER, SGP, USA plus the mandatory host country steward.


As you have said to others, please read the statement. The statement is clear "he was not impeded", how definitive do you need it to be. You are beginning to sound like Vettel, next you will be sprouting profanities and telling James where to go...
Whether he was affected or not is irrelav


@ KGB...sorry, no cigar. Poor response.


No way did he block Grosjean.
Nothing blatant at all!!!!


Ferrari engine in The Haas, so let me guess Ferrari will be bending over backwards to get Lewis a penalty.
Will Vettel get one for swearing on the radio again ? Don't think so.


You have been known to be very fair and objective in these circles mate... 😀


Are you claiming to be fair and objective Rohind? That's a laugh.


Coming from you KRB, that's a bit rich.


As have you Rohind.
Always puckered up for that Red vein on the Ferrari rear💋


Hamilton off pole in England in a Merc. Unless something goes horribly wrong He will win. At this moment in time he is too good.


Lewis's preparations on wednesday are serving him well so far: 5th BGP pole in the bag, unless the stewards nab him for impeding Grosjean

Kimi p2

Vettel? maybe he should have spent last wednesday preparing....


Not bad from the old laggard.

If he stays ahead at the start I expect Ferrari to shuffle Vettel ahead of him at the pit stops.

Kimi quite rightly said he has nothing to lose so he'll be going for it into turn 1.


First, let's see Kimi keep up his intensity and performance levels thru the GP!


@Phil Glass,
Always thought Hamilton would be on pole no matter what. Don't believe in the focus/prepare arguments, in this case anyway. Did not care to watch the London event and felt the uproar about Hamilton's absence was exaggerated. Then got to see it last evening, enjoyed it and I have to say, from a PR point of view I feel his not attending was a mistake after all, a serious misjudgement.
Still think the 'race application' arguments by you, other posters and last but not least Lewis himself do not apply.


Well done Kimi also.
But awesome record from Lewis.
Come on the Union Jacks 👍


Knighthood worthy performance by Lewis on pole thus closing off the decade in style having earned his first home soil pole in 2007.

Grand job by Kimi in P2 thus entering back in Sergio's good graces which in turn means a new contract for the iceman is back on the table

Max did the best he could with P5 and with Bottas' penalty, he finally managed to get some luck with a P4 grid start

Herculean effort by the Hulk in P6 thus giving the Renault project positive signs to keep working hard

Good work by Perez in P7 once again showing his teammate a clean pair of heels

Else where, Stoffel was a hero of qualy for all the boys and girls at Woking by making it to Q3 hence giving them something to smile about

Last but not least, decent effort by Grosjean in P10 which means Haas' Baku upgrades were a definite game changer.


As per previous precedents, punishment for blocking in quali is exclusion. It will be interesting to hear stewards explanation for not giving Hamilton any penalty.


I wrote another comment that apparently got lost in the void.

Anyways, the punishment is not exclusion. Not sure what examples you have for that.

Check all of the impeding offences ... the most common penalty is a 3 place grid drop.


Perhaps the eplanation is that he didn't block Grosjean or, if he did, it didn't cost Grosjean much time.

Your comment seems to suggest that it's a case of guilty until proven innocent. Stewards look at incidents all the time. Looking into something doesn't mean they should dish out a penalty.


I saw it. Gro seemed too far away. Now he might have got caught in his wake but it's not like he didn't have a second run when the track was even faster.

Nothing to see here. Move on.


You simply have no clue. Care to cite any of those precedents? If there is a penalty, it would be a 3 place grid drop at most.

You just watched one of the most special quali laps in F1 ... enjoy it. 1:26.6!!! I thought a lap just under 1:27 ... like a 1:26.987 or something like that. Lewis blew that out of the water!


There's a sight you don't see everyday.


Well done Lewis. Its a shame that his team has probably let him down again. They should have informed him about what was going on around him. Pity if he gets a penalty. Real shame.


Great lap, but slam dunk guilty of blocking in my view.


Cleared of any penalty ... again your first instincts are wrong. Brake test in Baku, clear penalty here. I go by what I see, and try to view it objectively ... it was clear from the naked eye that Vettel had accelerated into Hamilton at Baku, and again it was clear from the naked eye today that while Grosjean got close, there was no blocking or impeding (it's a 90 deg corner!) and that Hamilton rocketed away from him as they went through the corner.

Trust your eyes, making sure that your bias doesn't distort it when your brain processes it.

Grosjean and his engineer really oversold it ... nice hand wave and all. What's with the Haas race engineers?!? KMag's engineer is far too high-strung for the role.


Yep apologies for calling you a liar. But if I said it, it’s most likely because it was correct, in fact 100% because it’s not biased, because it’s correct.


Of course it is, in your view. Stewards will decide. Di Resta said it was nothing, as did Symonds. I'll be surprised if there's a grid penalty. Let's see.


You are still looking for the comments that I didn't make? Well I'm off to bed. I will accept apology for making mistakes (if it's in fact not lying). Good night mate.


I always accept stewards decision. Doesn't mean I have to agree with it. Hope you understand the difference. Your quest was irrelevant or you misunderstood my comment. Your choice.


You said it, "my view", which isn't illegal last time I checked. Which comment are you being objective to by the way? Great Lap or Slam Dunk Penalty? Let me guess, not the first one.

Well stewards' decision is out. So, case closed in "my view". I don't have to agree to it though.


Agreed, that was mega quali lap. And yes I'll be surprised if he gets away with no penalty for the block.


So its official. No penalty. Unbelievable!
And as usual, media will bury this and make it into a non-issue.
Why not just hand over the championship to Hamilton now? Guess, rules dont apply if you block lesser mortals like Grosjean.


No Pelanty... it happened outside the area xD
It wasn't impeding, it was brake testing. xD
So no penalty to LEW. [FiA has - self confessed - secret tolerances]
LEW, not LEWd


You obviously haven't watched the incident then! Pathetic behaviour fromRG, trying to game the system because he still believes that Ferrari wants second rate drivers. Ricci, pay attention as well...

Laughable whining [mod], like alonso prancing around because he got p1 in q3.. On a fast drying track, his psyche seems to revolve around his own insecurities and the desperate desire to look good. As Christian Horner said, he needs to see a psychiatrist.


Pathetic behaviour fromRG, trying to game the system because he still believes that Ferrari wants second rate drivers

Yes I'm sure in that split second on his quali lap that's what was going through his head. Nonsense.


I know you dislike Hamilton, but at least pretend to remain objective. What data do you have that makes you think Stewards and experts like Di Resta are in the wrong? You are entitled to think how you want but don't go wearing tin foil hat when others don't subscribe to your, let's admit it, biased opinion.


Mate people are already sent me messages about things I didn't even say!! Only because it's a penalty in my view. This what happens when you catch bullies lying. So Iearned to laugh it off. Let's move on, points are won on Sundays as you know.


Why is it unbelievable? The FIA said that he lost no speed at all, hence no blocking or impeding. Or are we going to start penalizing for phantom blocking now?

The story of today should be the mega lap from Hamilton. Blisteringly fast!


Absolutely brilliant lap. That was so quick couldn't believe it on the timing screens. I wonder what it feels like going through those high speed corners in that car. It's true what Mansell says your home race gives you that half a second boost. I hate the betting ferrrai tell kimi to let vettel past? James have Merc managed to reduce the weight of their car more by any chance?


Great lap from Lewis/Merc but I can't help be suspicious of that Merc engine and how much they're keeping it back in order to make the title race more interesting. Ferrari bring a new engine to this race and are still 0.5s behind...


I can foresee trouble at the start.
RAI will protect the inside line and let SEB go, therefore RAI will reduce his speed significantly which might cause the - hungry - Mad MAX to crash into somebody.


The Redbull sees only red for now.

The ANOTHER reason why the Mercedes engine mapping team go the extra mile for quali mode, is to stay that much further away from the devil may care Mad Max maybe ? 😀

- for as long as possible.

Tornillo Amarillo

Maybe Kimi takes the lead... maybe...


Interesting premonition or hope?


Everything I love about F1 today.

Q1 alonso was magic. Just because he can...well done to mclaren for not sitting it out in the garage.

Special mention to Hulk. Great driving. About time Palmer was's getting silly now. What a lap and what commitment. Great to watch.

I wonder if all those that bemoaned his no show at London live now will sing a different tune!


Palmer had an old spec floor . Hulk had new spec floor . It looked like Palmer would do his usual Q1 mess up but he did well in the end.


@Stephen, to you and all the newly found Bottas adepts: take away the engine advantage and the real picture emerges. We got a glimpse of that during Q1 and especially FP3. Amidst hopelessly sliding and spinning cars and a helplessly pirouette parked teammate Max immediately drove to a time 2 full seconds faster than Bottas, who appeared to be on a serious inspection too.



I found Ocon and VER together in the junior series. Sorry, it wasn't gp2 it was formula 3. Ocon seems to be a very fast driver, though that specific video shows Max beating him in 3 races across a weekend.


@Lemwil, I randomly heard Ocon mention somewhere that he beat Max in one of the races here in Gp2 (?not sure)

I wonder if Ocon is a match for Max, he sure seems comfortable next to a veteran like Perez .

Did anyone follow Max vs Ocon in the junior formulas? Especially Wet races etc like in Silverstone?? Ocon seems to have similar fast tracking into F1 sans a famous F1 dad.


Max and Esteban battled each other in F3 2014. Max was new to these cars, his very first test drive of a racing car was October 2013 in a Formula Renault. Esteban competed in Formula Renault 2.0 in 2012 and 2013 seasons. In 2014 i took Verstappen about 5 races to settle in. He couldn't make up for the deficit in the rest of the season. Ocon became champion winning 9 races, Max ended 3rd winning 10 races. The trend was, Ocon faster in qualification, Verstappen in race. Ocon said they hated each other on track, the fight was relentless.
They'll meet again...


@Lemwl.. you seem good at this, my memory even with F1 races is slightly foggy at times.

I was wondering if we have ever seen Max vs Hamilton wheel to wheel in F1 in any of the seasons now? Like Max has met with Kimi and Sebastian a few times.

Ricci vs Max I have seen, again Bottas I cannot recall wheel to wheel with Max.


@Lemwil - Aha !
Thank you for the summary


Great Q3 lap by Hamilton. I think we can all chalk that one up as another Hamilton special. Under investigation, but Im not expecting he'll get a penalty, afterthought all he didn't crash into anyone deliberately did he! 😉. I wonder how long it will be into the race tomorrow before Ferrari swap the positions of their two drivers. Start, 1st stop? Hmmmm.


Great pole from Lewis! Lewis chasing pole-position records and Alonso grid-penalty records . Funny, Fernando Alonso, topped Q1, and his teammate toppled him in Q2. Indeed, the first will be last and the last will be first.

By the way, why wasn't Vettel booed in England? Hamilton would have been booed in Germany, Spain or Austria for the coming two seasons if he did the same thing Vettel did in Baku to any of the drivers.


am glad vettel wasn't booed. no need wasting time and energy on such negative behaviour.


I hear Hamilton was booed in London this week.


He wasn't there, how could he have been booed?
I hear Rohind was booed in Perth today, it was at my re-screening of the majestic qualifying pole lap from Hamilton at the 2017 GB F1 race.


Well done to Ham - great lap 😊 And Vettel only 3rd - looks like Kimi mislaid the script😳 I wonder when Kimi will be required to let him by?


Question for my English friends ... saw a banner in the stands that said "VETTEL NO BUMPING!" Is 'bump' still widely used for 'fart'? My mom & dad used that with us growing up, but maybe it's one that was specific to their generation.


What a weird usage of the English language. How this term can be used to indicate another, in this context, is quite bewildering.


That's a new one on me KRB. 🙃 Not heard it used in that context - family specific I reckon 😁


Hmm, well that went well, didn't it? 😕 Maybe a Lancashire thing? Do you guys use "T'rah" as an informal goodbye? I'm no Corrie regular viewer, but I think they use it on there. I recall getting a "t'rah" from a general shop owner as a kid, on a trip over to my parents' hometown. I was like "t'what now?"

T'rah love!!! 😄


I've never in my life heard bump being used as fart. Never. Sorry mate. Most probably an intra family thing. But funny anyhow😄


Hopefully just after he forces Hamilton off the track in turn one.

Just kidding. Marc


Kimi's "I've got nothing to lose" during the quali interviews was a bit ominous ... surely he's not going to take Hamilton off at the first corner? Kimi's not like that usually, but who knows?


You and your conspiracy theories....


I think what he means is he will not yield if in a situation where someone has to. I think he knows if he can challenge Lewis at the start then he has the chance of a win if Vettel can't get past Lewis. I'd like to see a Kimi win, with Lewis 2nd.


It would be even better if Vettel wins and kimi comes second.


I can't imagine Kimi doing anything untoward - as you say he's really fair.


Ahem! Kimi is actually one of the few that doesn't often use the 'run them off the track' tactic. I'm pretty sure he just meant he will be going for it to get in the lead.


A lot of people could win this race. Vettel has a penalty coming up too because I think he is on his 4th turbo.


There's a sight you don't see everyday.


I hope Alonso stays at McLaren. The Honda engine is showing signs of performance and Vandoorne manages to get into Q3. Either Vandoorne has woken up, Honda have woken up, or both have woken up. Imagine if the McLaren next year is the best car?! What a story that would be.


@ Laguna Seca...yeah, let's just forget about the 30 place grid penalty then.


Was a nice moment ... only just snuck over the line, and then goes P1, and then a nice round of applause! Hopefully Honda keeps improving ... the best scenario is that the McLaren-Honda partnership comes good. It doesn't look likely at this point, but that would be the best outcome.


|The outlap must have been flat out with the slicks on damp seeing as the clock was about 1:40 when he left his pit box! Crossed the line with less than half a second to start the fast lap.


i must say hamilton prepared well for qualifying. we'll find out tomorrow if that was also a good one for the race...


No complaints about BOT gearbox penalty being unfair? Or does that only apply to preferred drivers?


Has anyone said that hams gearbox change was unfair???????


Actually there was an entire article devoted to it last week on this site with hundreds of posts agreeing. Double standard?


I feel that many of us fans don't like seeing the drivers being hampered in races due to faults with the cars components which are replaced beforehand, this hurts not only the front runners and can affect the title race when we all would rather see it settled on track but it also crucially can stop a driver from a lower order team from scoring valuable points from a great qualifying performance or a fortunate start position from a rain affected qualifying, imagine Alonso had been last over the line in q3 on a fast drying track by being brave on dry tyre's only to then take a 30 place grid drop, surely no one would have enjoyed seeing that. I do understand the reasons for the current system but it never feels right to see a driver effectively punished for things out of their control.


Same gearbox issue for both drivers now, first Ham then Bot. Wonder if it'll happen again on any of their other boxes, or if these can be fixed without penalties?


It only applies to their preferred driver. They had a whole song and dance routine and then it was just crickets for Valterri.


Or Ricciardo's penalty.


It's a shame for DR. But I'm looking forwards to him carving his way through the field. Hopefully he'll give us some great overtakes👍


He did that in his inimitable style!!! what a recovery drive he did...twice!!! A joy to watch. he was relentless.


It is unfair. Ricciardo would've been pegged back 5 places too, if he had got into Q3. It seems weird to me that the engine component usage is looked at over the season as a whole, while gearboxes must be run consecutively for 6 races. Why not a max of 4 gearboxes for the year? It's also a bit odd that you can run a new gearbox at the next race, if you've run a new one (b/c of a gearbox penalty) at the previous race.


Hamilton was cleared and rightly so because I saw Ocon impede Vettel even more so but he didn't complain.

So impeding a little is OK. Remember when Rossberg did that to Hamilton.


I was most impressed with Nico Hulkenberg today!


Even though media tries hard to sell us Hamilton Vs Vettel,this season is a write-off for Ferrari and Vettel. Mercedes is fast enough to take poles and win rest of the races.
Hamilton is only behind Vettel because he had problems in 2 races and he was off form in 2 races. He will catch Vettel in another 2-3 races and towards the end, Vettel and Ferrari will have a grid penalty waiting for them.

Tomorrow we can expect Hamilton to run into the distance leaving his rivals far behind. I will be very very surprised if Vettel wins championship this season.


Too early to write off. Rain could mix things up.


mercedes and hamilton are only as fast as qualifying and race results show and so far we know all the results we have witnessed. results of the future are yet to be revealed..why not just relax and enjoy how it all reveals itself?


I hope that Max does not experience any issues with his car tomorrow. Right now Ricciardo's standing is flattered by the fact that Max has had so many DNFs. Max is a fantastic driver and I am not in the least surprised that he is the preferred driver at Red Bull


Preferred driver for what? They aren't fighting for the championship you know!!


I think your comment on Riccardo is unfair. He has afterall taken the chances given to him. No doubt Max is a good driver and i am not sure he is better than Dan. Or have you forgotten how Dan put Vettel in his place when they were team mates at Red Bull.


That's true Ricci nailed Vettels rear over & over again., then made him leave feeling very sore.
I believe it took him a few months before he could dispose of the inflatable rubber ring.
A global German pharmaceutical company brought out a specific ointment with a photo of one of those Baboons with a red rear, as a marketing branding. I think
"Bayer Bayer Sebs rear " was the logo.
I assume it still brings abit of post traumatic stress disorder every time he hears a bull horn.😂


Slam dunk pole. !!


Lewis put it on the line and in emphatic could tell from Lewis smile, he'd put in a special lap. And for my money the top 4 qualifiers in Silverstone were in the right order according to their talents. It was fun watching the crowd cheer for Alonso's Q1 top finish, it was cool how he came so late to switch to slicks and still made it, probably thousandth of a second before the checkered flag. I am sure Vettel would think Alonso jumped the checkered flag 😀

And if I dare, could I suggest JAF1 banner definitely needs to change along with the image (probably Image B from the banner article before), current banner is not showing much in the way of British Grand Prix and today's Lewis story is mega. Banner has to do something with Lewis. And its a totally objective view, because I am neither British nor as passionate a supporter of Lewis as other die hard fans on JAF1 (but would want him to win the championship unless Kimi could pull a 2007 again).


Ha! just submitted my comment and refreshed the screen, gland the banner is changed. I had the same feeling for the banner which I expressed in my comment as well and glad its the image B for the banner article :). However, one Home Run (the Baseball term) or a Home Run like Bull Run ?


Lewis was very impressive! I ha e to admit, totally deserved and a very dominant pole. This is the problem, noone can really challenge Merc in qualifying. Lets see what the race is going to be. Hope for the rain.


Lewis really nailed the lap this time. Superior car helps too.


With Kimi starting 2nd just imagine what Alonso could be doing in that Ferrari!


Didn't you watch 2010-2014 ? 0% championships 100% car complains..period. So Alonso would be saying..."I don't have the best car yet I'm fighting for the championship" & his fans will be buying that at face value & going nuts over it!!!


He was in a Ferrari for 5 years, and yet, KR is the last one to win the title in a Ferrari.


Maybe where Vettel qualified?

harvey bushell

This system of giving starting grid penalties for having to fix mechanical failures needs to go. It completely ruins the experience of watching a competitive qualifying session knowing that no matter how well a driver, particularly a driver in the mix for winning the championship, does he'll be starting well back of his actual time.

At times F1 reminds me of Calvinball.


Superb C and H👌
Better than The Book of 5 Rings or The Art of War.


"Hamilton pole for British F1 GP equals record to pour rain on Vettel lead"

Lol this blog is becoming a joke with each passing day. How is qualifying affecting Vettel's pts lead especially knowing he, Vettel, was at pole exactly once this year?


So go somewhere else then.


Why don't you start your own blog?


Good thing Vettel is not in social media. If he was, I doubt if he would ever talk to journalists and commentators from SKY and BBC considering how many negative stories and orchestrated campaign they do against him.


Mercedes driver once again skip penalty is there any mess going here? It was a straight forward block great job FIA


Latest news..
Vettel comment "I don't believe it" he must have cheated somehow.


The RB 13 must be the worst car of this century. Unbelievable.
Lewis lap, also unbelievable. So prediction tomorrow: Lewis, Vettel, Bottas. Max DNF in lap 3.


One thing I don't understand...why did Alonso even try at qualifying? I mean, just get some practice laps with the engine turned down. He's starting from the back regardless, the engine components die every 2 races. Have to say I'm disappointed again in Honda. Their Spec 3 engine was first rumoured to bring about 30bhp improvement, now it's coming out as a 10bhp improvement, and supposedly 60+bhp down on the Mercedes customer engine, not even the main engine. Given that Ferrari have an engine upgrade of 10-15bhp here, it just shows Honda are only inching forward. You'd think they'd have significant upgrade but its all tiny little steps, and we'll see tomorrow if they even finish the race. At least Renault's new floor seems to have worked and they are promising significant upgrades linked to it for the rest of the year.

harvey bushell

"why did Alonso even try at qualifying?"

He hasn't won anything in years, it probably felt good for a few minutes... gave him a little rush. Can't blame him really, his last few years have been a major disappointment for someone who is still considered one of the best in the game.


If you actually believe that then....


Best thing that happen to Team Ferrari for Vettel starting from P 3 the best position on the grid, but also the thick lips Max want find Vettel an easy meat to jump from start like he did Raikko many a time, AS for the penalties towards Mercedes drivers they are simply immune from it ,they should be called team Teflon.


Hamilton was penalised in Bahrain earlier this season. Please try and keep up.


Thick lips max

You sound like a really nice bloke.. well done👍


Apart from Rosberg though, they weren't so keen on him. I remember Kimi got a penalty in Baku last year for touching a white line. Far more dangerous than Bottas crashing into him.


I don't understand Grosjean's objection. Quite honestly, Lewis proved quite conclusively that he was the quickest during qualifying, (if they were competing for P1 then it would be a different story, and one can argue an advantage was gained)

Grosjean, has no argument as he's so far off the pace of Hamilton (nothing to gain by blocking him) and not really influencing his position on the grid. Also Grosjean failed to improve on his time, so he's just looking for an excuse for not being further up the grid.


I think that you've missed the point entirely. It matters little what the respective teams are doing, it is the incident itself. Would you hold the exact same opinion if the the cars were reversed?


Would you hold the exact same opinion if the the cars were reversed?

Kenneth - as you are Olympic standard in the art of holding different opinions - each of which are entirely dependant on which drivers are involved - I don't think you have a lot of room to talk.


@ C63...I did note that you studiously avoided answering my question? I have made no secret about who i support/follow as a driver and the reason why. The fact that i don't slavishly follow your man is my prerogative. I don't have any problems.


Sorry for the delayed response - I've been a bit busy. I didn't avoid answering your question on purpose, as it was addressed to another poster I didn't realise it was a general question. Of course we all have our favourites and our own personal bias. I was really remarking on your apparent criticism of another poster for alleged favouritism/bias on their part - as you do it all the time, particularly where you know who is concerned 🙂


Have they a different engine in Lewis's car? Dear God man at least make it look fair.

I hope he's not went to far to a qualy setup and the others to a race setup.


hamilton's 'More beanz Button' is bigger that everyone elses.hahaha


Do you have a checklist of arguments that you go through, to explain away good results for Lewis? Always the same stuff. You're as bad as Gary 2 stars.


@ KRB....More 'brain bumps'. keep it going.


The "leader" of the Red team certainly doesn't seem to recognize that respect is important in any "motivational" effort. Given the equipment provided so far this year, it doesn't seem very well founded to start this kind of reported name-calling. If the strategy is to move on with other drivers, why not be up front about it instead of developing a back-handed justification scenario? Maybe the re-branded tobacco salesman deserves the label more, eh?


@ Garrett Bruce....Marchionne's comment aimed at Raikonnen certainly had the desired effect...No?


It was good to see Kimi in the interview with Jenson, so obviously over the moon at being in P2.


Given that Sebastian got stuck in traffic for his last prep, and the fact that he is usually a few tenths faster than Kimi in quali on AVERAGE this year (Also Kimi said he knew where he was losing time) - I think The Ferrari is around TWO and a half tenths slower than the merc Quali mode now?

Any other educated guesses? I do not think they are faster in quali than Merc because the Mercs always look like they have the upper hand consistently.


LH blocked RG, as is evident from the video Rules are rules, but, only for the others. LH was simply backing off so that he would have a nice lap. He didn’t give a damn about the cars behind, as usual. But the stewards would have bought anything that he would say. No steward would have the balls to demote him from the pole position at the British GP.


I have thought lewis this year is driving better than ever.....

Canada win ...
Baku would have won....
Austria without grarbox penalty a given too

When lewis has a bad weekend others look previously and now bottas and vettle, if lewis never had two bad weekends bottas would not be a race winner

67 behind the ultimate schuey

Hes that good that people hate him as others mentaly prepare while hes on a beech chilling with some hot babes ...comes to the track and destroys everyone...

Makes me chuckle.


Obviously you're easily amused!


not as easily as you are enraged 🙂


@ C63....surely, after all these years, you must realise that i am never enraged. It's only a car race after all.

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