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F1 announces social media partnership with Snapchat before British GP
Posted By: Editor   |  13 Jul 2017   |  2:10 pm GMT  |  37 comments

Formula 1 and Snap Inc, the social media company which owns social media platform Snapchat, have announced a new partnership to cover grands prix.

Lewis Hamilton was criticised for using Snapchat – the mobile and tablet application which allows users to share photos and videos to their own ‘Story’ and view their contacts’ ‘Stories’ – during the 2016 Japanese GP Thursday press conference, for which he later apologised.

Companies, media outlets and major events also curate stories, which group those photos and videos over 24 hours, after which they are deleted.

F1 is focusing on the ‘Discover’ part of the app, which compiles photos and videos – ‘Snaps’ – submitted by users and collates them under a collective story during an event. A team of editors and producers at Snapchat will review the photos before they are viewable to F1’s audience on the app.

The deal is F1’s first commercial deal with a digital and mobile-orientated platform and it will begin at the British Grand Prix on Sunday, continuing in Singapore, Japan, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi.  The collaboration with Snapchat is part of F1’s ongoing push to engage fans with social media and digital platforms, including its mobile (Official F1) app, its website with live timing.

Notably, Liberty has relaxed its rules for teams and drivers on sharing video content, with clips pre-season testing shared on Twitter and Facebook marking a change from the motorsport’s previous era of management.

Frank Arthofer, Head of Digital and New Business at F1, said: “This is the first step towards expanding our social media strategy.

“Right from the start, we have said we want to work with partners to bring fans closer to the amazing show that is Formula 1, an incredible mix of technology and individual talent – and Snap fits that bill.

“We need to continue to bring new fans to the sport – by reaching out to them on social media platforms with behind the scenes, fun and engaging content.

“Snap’s platform is one of the most popular among ‘millennials,’ a sector we are particularly keen on attracting, as it represents the future of our sport.”

The app has more than 166 million daily active users around the world and more than 3 billion Snaps are sent every day. The platform also supports advertisers and partners with other sports leagues, outlets and broadcasters such as Sky Sports, NASCAR, EA Sports, Fox Sports and MotoGP.

“We want to work with the most iconic sporting organizations in the world, that are beloved by our global community of passionate and highly engaged fans – and working with Formula 1 has been at the top of our wishlist for a long time.”, said Ben Schwerin, Snap Inc’s Vice President of Partnerships.

“Our goal is simple – we want to make being a fan more fun no matter where you are and Snapchat offers unique and creative ways to experience it with their closest friends.

“We are honoured to be the first platform they are partnering with, and are excited to start offer their teams, partners and advertisers an opportunity to reach millions of Snapchatters around the globe.”

Will you be using Snapchat to engage with the upcoming grands prix? Have your say in the comment section below.

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F1 are far too buttoned up with rights agreements for it to work well at the moment, but Snapchat is a reasonable choice, though Instagram and Facebook are far more popular with the audience they’re after. I just checked their YouTube account and its only got 569k subscribers and has been going since 2005 !! But mostly all short sub 3 min clips so no wonder not many people use it. Get some classic full races on there or decent length highlights would be a good start. I’m curious. Do any of you actually know any young people that watch F1 ? I can only think of one person I know under 30.


The youth of today clearly have way too much time on their hands. Does the world (or F1) really need this?


Counterpoint: Does the world need F1?


…and does the world, or F1 (or the LHFanClub) really need the Hamoji



I mean there are like 100 other celebrity emojis you can get.

I just wish they’d fix his nose stud. it moves like 100 times in that little clip.


Just NO!


Agree Noooo way !!
Prefer the Blue Bird safety screen from Red Bull . It has a Black Adder 3 twenty minuters about it. Just need Lord Flash Heart in the cockpit ! Nearest to that is Hawthorn RIP .


OK, I’ll ask the obvious question: which account do you need to add in order to see this?


I guess I did not know where the “Discover” section was in the app (swipe left from the right hand side of the screen after clicking on stories). Nothing F1 related showing up though but I may have to be a bit more patient.


Big win for the sport’s copyright holders again: take a photo at the GP, and it gets deleted shortly afterwards

Kinda like FOMs attitude towards YouTube videos…

Can just imagine the nude selfies heading the drivers’ way!


More desperation from Liberty Media to try and salvage their stupid investment. Teaming up with Snapchat the self styled “camera company” that doesn’t make cameras. Self-absorbed teens and young adults waste times taking an endless number of selfies and then applying filters like “rainbow vomits” and “bunny ears” which they then share with their friends, thereby wasting their friends time as well. Who needs a race to watch or bother understanding the sport when you can stare at your phone during said race and pretend you are socializing with people you hardly know.


I have to say, I hope you are not making plans for your company or employer. Those “self-absorbed teens” represent the next big wave of global consumers. They may be self-absorbed, but thanks to mummy and daddy, they are going to be the most educated, and interconnected population. They cover every continent and ethnic group on the planet. While most of them have been spared the great conflicts that defined the 20th century (fascism, civil rights, women’s rights, communism, etc) they will end up surpassing their grandparents and parents in real economic power and influence. As a business, you ignore or insult them at your peril. Of course if you are retired then lucky you, Stay Calm and Enjoy Life.


I guess you have missed that productivity growth has dropped off a cliff in the West over the last ten years. It seems that the more Silicon Valley “innovates” the less productive humans actually become. As for this millennial generation many of them are buried under a mountain of student debt, can’t find jobs and have been reduced to living at home in their parent’s basement. Not sure they are the market Liberty Media hopes they are. While F1 has been bastardized by corporate interests and is a shadow of what it once was, it is still a pretty sophisticated sport and as you well know the actual racing involves a lot of nuance that doesn’t seem to be a good fit for a generation that has been raised on constant distractions with no attention span for anything other than their phones.

Liberty Media’s efforts seem to be to distract from the actual racing and make this all about music and celebrities. As for me, once Alonso and Raikonnen move on I am probably done with it as well. F1 best days were decades ago.


Wow the innovations are spectacular not


Ironically, Snap the parent of Snapchat stock fell below IPO price yesterday. Snap has still not found a way to effectively monetize the service especially in the face of increasing competition from Facebook’s competing product line – instagram.


Thats because more people follow celebs on instagram than on snapchat; because all the celebs already had instagram before snapchat and its more user friendly. on the other hadn onsnapchat, people mostly follow their friends and family. Hard to find snapchat-names of all the celebs


I’m with New England Patriots coach, . . . “I don’t do Snapface or Chatbook.”


Friendface, then.

Tornillo Amarillo

It’s evident they are searching the best way to catch new fans…


Teams and drivers might still be restricted on what they may post, but would this be open to accredited photographers and broadcasters at the event?


I think one of the most significant things about this is not a F1 / social media partnership – that was inevitable – it’s the choice of Snapchat, a social network aimed squarely at young people. This isn’t a move by liberty to simply open up F1 to online media, it’s a clear step towards engaging a younger audience for the sport. That is to be welcomed.


I’m pleased they are trying but Snap is a very poor choice of partner. They are stuggling to monetise anything, they have very low advertising rates and conversion, and very little loyalty from their users.
There is a very good reason that since their IPO their shares have halved after a bit of euphoria.
Maybe because of their situation they offered Liberty a great deal, at least I hope so.


It’s rather ironic your Headline picture features the Japanese Grand Prix with Mr. Hamilton front and Centre, in an article featuring efforts to connect with social media, when said Mr. Hamilton, couldn’t be bothered to connect in real life with his fans, at yesterday’s media event in London. Whatever his excuse, it just reeks of arrogance, and unless there is serious medical issue, is just a slap in the face to every F1 fan.
Imagine the uproar in the (British) press if Messieurs Vettel or Raikkonen had snubbed the Fans in such a manner. Maybe it would be a good idea to fix existing media issues first between Fans and Drivers, before embarking on new platforms?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Hamilton Schmamilton. Ricciardo is the new No.1 public face of F1.
Faster, funnier, friendlier.


Strangely, they were the only ones absent during f1 silverstone special… Wonder why…
Did we forget that ferrari has had a complete media blackout all year..


Hamilton and his 12-year old dans must be extatic!


Anything that gets new young fans involved is good. It’s fantastic that the old men that run Liberty are showing that they can see the need to engage a new generation. Ecclestone did a lot to promote and build F1, but I don’t think he understood the new wave of tech or the people who have embraced it.
Liberty have said that they are going for a mix of free to a air and pay mix.
I believe only around 7 free to air races are planned with the rest for pay/digital viewing.

Young people may lack experience but they are not stupid!
Things have changed and the new young audience Liberty are chasing expect more for less . We can now communicate across the world in real time. Keeping a young audience occupied for two hours will be a challenge. Making them pay for it directly is going to be a tough sell.


Let’s face it, if Liberty don’t embrace it, the fans will do it anyway, live streaming GPs over Periscope etc.
I’m not into Snapchat but I do follow WRC on instagram.


+1 man – playing whack-a-mole trying to knock down UGC becomes less sustainable than just embracing democratized content and finding a clever way to partner & monetize as a garnish on top of the big TV $$$ already in place. Grow the audience before you can grow the revenue


Social Media means nothing if in real life King LEW blocks its peasants at their party.

Its no fun to hang out with you, personally, I just like to be with you, virtually, at a reasonable Social Media distance.


Snapchat chit chat is all for the teenage boppers . I’ll stick to ordnance aimed by windspeed x height of release x angle of release × weight of ordinance.
That normally gets the attention of everyone in a 10 mile radius
After which the mobiles go crazy 😨😄


Nothing like dropping a little short though ?? Lanyard! 😉 No one else will have a clue what you or I are on about Arty!! lol


Peasants ?!!
Debbie I think Vettel and Ferrari have the Peasants firmly planted in their fields. The 6 toe tractor boys and their close knit clan of odd bods.


From another site…

F1 could be on a cusp of a new corruption scandal.

Handelsblatt, a German business newspaper, claims the FIA “received millions from the race series’ rights owner, the F1 Group”.

“But for what?” the report added. “British investigators are now looking into it.”

The newspaper said the mysterious payment was to the tune of $190 million.


Ties in nicely with snapchat!


I think I can add Newey to our ‘”Bring back V10s to F1″ club.

Newey too thought about six-cylinder power for the Valkyrie, instead of going with a V12.

“I did some homework and came to the conclusion that weight wise there wasn’t much between them,” Newey told Top Gear. “In terms of cooling requirements the V6 was worse, in terms of sound the V6 was worse and it would vibrate too much if you solid-mounted it to the chassis. Technically and emotionally the V12 was the better solution.”


Distraction to make us not talk about that other thing?

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