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Lewis Hamilton
Posted By: James Allen  |  13 Jul 2017   |  8:24 am GMT  |  446 comments

Wednesday night’s F1 Live London was a great success with thousands of fans lining the temporary track built along Whitehall with a loop in Trafalgar Square and a stage set up next to Nelson’s Column.

Cars did donuts, drivers met the crowds and well known bands played on stage. It was a blueprint for how to move F1 forward with city centre promotions.

It was a statement by the sport, but also by the city, which has been hit by savage terrorist attacks in recent months. These have clearly dented the appetite of some tourists to visit the UK’s capital. Live London passed off peacefully, having only been announced officially a few days before to minimise time for terrorists to plan an attack. But F1 insiders knew about it months ago as it needed some serious planning.

Live London F1

What was striking about walking around in the public areas was how many tourists were there from so many different countries. London is a very cosmopolitan city on any given day, with hundereds of different nationalities in the popular tourist areas and thus F1 Live London didn’t just capture the imagination of British F1 fans, but reached out to plenty of other nationals too.

If there were to be one small criticism it would be that F1 needs to remember that on a day like this that it’s important in front of a general audience to give context to who the drivers are when they go up on stage and not presume too much knowledge. A non F1 fan would not know that Fernando Alonso is a two time world champion and one of the greats, while Lance Stroll is a rookie with a single podium, from the way they were rolled out on stage.

The goal here is three fold; to reach non-F1 fans with the spectacle and fascination of this colourful and glamorous world, then to bring back the millions who have followed and even loved F1 in the past, but who have lost interest for whatever reason.

For the committed fans, days like Live London are designed to give a reason to stick with the sport, buy more services, products and tickets.

As well as the current drivers, F1 managed to bring world champions Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Damon Hill and Mika Hakkinen to the event.

It is all about the drivers; Lewis Hamilton has his reasons for staying away and these will no doubt be explained today at Silverstone when he does his media appearances ahead of the British GP. He was the only one of the 20 Grand Prix stars not to attend the event and when they did the line up on stage with Valtteri Bottas alone in the middle, that was painfully obvious.

“Lewis feels that he is in such a tough championship fight that he needed the days off after Austria,” was the explanation given by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. There are some suggestions in the media that Hamilton is angered by rumours that Wolff is planning a future with Sebastian Vettel beyond Hamilton’s existing contract which expires at the end of 2018.

But it’s hard to see why – even if it were true – that would spill over into a no-show at the London event?

Hamilton clearly underestimated not only the scale of the event, but also the upbeat tone that it would strike, especially coming a day after the announcement that Silverstone has triggered a break clause in its contract meaning that 2019 will be the last race there unless a new agreement can be reached. That was no secret in F1 circles either.

So this was a day when Britain needed to put its best foot forward where F1 was concerned.

Another possible factor is that Liberty Media has asked the drivers to commit a number of ‘driver days’ to the sport itself for promotional activities. Already drivers have many of these days in their contracts with their teams, with days allocated to sponsors depending on how much investment the sponsor is making.

F1 drivers have not been contracted to the sport for promotional reasons before and it will be a tough one to get through without financial incentives. But events like Live London on a smaller scale, hosted a few months ahead of a Grand Prix in certain markets, will be a key pillar of a growth strategy to work with race promoters to make each event a success.

Added to an increased calendar of events, that starts to add up to a big workload for the drivers and team. But it’s how you grow the sport. Renault understood this well with old F1 Renault cars on display and adverts in the London Underground stations themed around F1, which were also seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters.

As F1’s biggest star, with by far the greatest cross-over appeal, a lot of the heavy lifting will fall on Hamilton’s shoulders.

Lewis Hamilton

‘I wish there was more time to see the fans,’ Hamilton said in an interview with David Tremayne which was ironically published in the Independent yesterday. ‘You see them at such a distance, it sucks.

‘The crowd-surfing (when he won Silverstone for the fourth time in 2016) was the greatest thing for me because it was the first time I really got to engage with them in a different way

‘Hopefully when I’m on the podium and I carry the flag, people will start to see my patriotism. Being British is something I’m very proud of and maybe that’s just going to take time to show.’

For F1 the London event was a capability showcase. They have made it clear that having a British Grand Prix on the calendar is important to them, even if they were annoyed that Silverstone chose to make its announcement the day before Live London. But it didn’t put a dampener on proceedings.

“We are going to put our shoulder into making Silverstone one of the greatest races on the racing circuit over the next three years and we will see where we go from there,” F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches said yesterday. “But from a Formula One standpoint we are very committed to a British Grand Prix going forward.”

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan said that he would be interested in discussing the idea of a race on the streets of London, but that there were some hurdles. Who would pay for it would be the first, security would be another and also the message of petrol engined cars racing on the streets isn’t what he wants for a city which needs to get significantly greener as its air quality is at dangerous levels.

“Our expectation is to go to large cities and have races on more street circuits,” said Bratches in an interview with Associated Press yesterday.

“We are going to add street circuits. The majority will probably be traditional tracks. But our expectation is to try to go to city centres and activate large fan bases with our brand on a going forward basis.”

Since I’ve been here, probably 30 countries, municipalities, principalities have reached out to me about interest in bringing Formula One to their cities, their countries,” Sean Bratches, F1’s managing director for commercial operations, told The Associated Press.

“So we are in a unique spot. We have an abundance of opportunities and we are going to have to figure out where we go and again at the centre of that decision is, ‘What is the best thing for our fans?'”

What did you make of the Live London event and the points raised in this post? Leave your comments in the section below

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If anyone needed more evidence why Lewis is seen negatively by so many people this is just another great example.

19 of the current drivers and every recent ex-champ that isn't in hospital show up.

But Lewis is just too cool for the fans.

It used to be so different. I was at his debut in 2007 and I remember he brought along pre-signed autographs to hand out to everyone that was waiting. His dad taught him so well.

He is just too salty after losing to Rosberg I think.


Is it me, or does almost every word out of Hamilton's mouth sound insincere?


Not mentioned here but other outlets are reporting the crowd booed loudly every time Lewis' name was mentioned.

Can anyone picture Riccardio missing an event like this in Australia? Vettel in Germany? Massa in Brazil?

Its an extremely bad look for Hamilton, and makes him look like he's either arrogant or sulking about something...


I think Lewis took the vacation to scour internet sites and read comments like this. It fuels his desire to win; for the fans.


Someone that does that, wouldn't be doing anything "for the fans". It would be to further deepen that chip on his shoulder.


Saying he lost to Rosberg is giving Lewis too much credit. He packaged the championship up in nice paper and a bow and posted it to him.

Nobody mention the Snapchat weekend in Japan.


I was at that debut in '07 as well and recall how incredibly impressive he was.

But you may also remember that some years later he started saying how he hadn't been true to himself and he wanted to share with his fans, his love of music, religion and fashion and be more honest.

So I guess this action is just him being more honest about what he thinks is important.

In which case I applaud him for his honesty on this occasion, but I abhor the hypocrisy of other times of stating how much more time he wants to spend with fans.

Oh well, it certainly doesnt seem to inhibit his success, so well done to him for being a good judge of mass market. The biggest names in social media have shown again and again that they can blame fake news and media conspiracy to excuse anything, it doesnt sit well with me but it appears I'm in the minority.

Ham is a man of his times it seems, maybe the detractors are just not in sync with those times?


Come Sunday, all of the drivers, except one, will spend all their time before and after the race hiding in the pits - as they do at all of the races.

We all know the driver who'll stop on the track after the flag, who'll be up on the pit wall signing autographs after the race. Not that the Lewis Hamilton knockers will ever acknowledge his fan base isn't to be found on forums. They look at negative nonsense like your post and move on.


Off course they didn't read your was pro Hamilton and that was enough to upset them. I,m always amazed that the ones that so obviously dislike him spend there spare time following his every would have thought they would be pleased he didn't turn up.!!
Still although I think he did make a PR mistake not attending this home event....I'll get over it.!


I have been watching F1 since 1973 and this is literally the most dumb comment regarding drivers I have read. So what you are saying is that Hamilton is the only driver giving interviews? Idiot!


I never mentioned interviews. Try reading what I wrote. As for other drivers giving interviews - you have seen the bull pit, that was set up by FOM to ensure all the drivers were available for the media and to stop them leaving the circuits before the end of races.


@ David....ditto.


The Snapchat weekend in japan, (whispered)

He wasn't sighing too much that weekend.


Do you keep a dossier on Lewis Hamilton ?


The comments in response to your original post rather prove the point you originally made, they become obsessed with Hamilton for some reason, indeed KC and the like post so regularly and virtually exclusively about Hamilton that it seems they are obsessed by him, while I appreciate he is the biggest star in F1 by some margin and clearly the most marketable I am often bemused by the glaring double standards such posters apply to him and fail to understand the obsession with a single driver out of 20 that they clearly don't like especially considering the wide range of subjects to be discussed, nonetheless the comments by such posters are always made to include some irrelevant and irrational dig at Lewis.
Does make me wonder why? Only 1 out of 20 drivers that there is a reason to constantly post about negatively, the others must all be perfect, what is it that separates him from all the others in their minds?


@Truth - practically every one of the attacks on Lewis Hamilton come from racist fools. They may attempt to deny it, but there can be no other reason for how obsessed some of the keyboard clowns are with their need to comment on every article that mentions Hamilton. It's like a red rag to a bull. A comment seen to support Hamilton gets the same treatment, which is why a blog like this gets a lot of views, but much fewer posters. I've received personal attacks here, I imagine James Allen gets a massive number.


practically every one of the attacks on Lewis Hamilton come from racist fools

What absolute nonsense! The fact that you have to fall back on that as a justification for your defence of his acts is an indication of you're own ignorance.


@Sarsippious - Unfortunately, I've read some of your posts. I know where you are coming from.


I don't read anything with Lewis's name on it anymore. What's the point? There's no substance. He talks like a guy who has signed the film right years ago and worries what he's saying will sound in a film. Compare his end of race radio celebrations to Danny Ric's at the last race. Pure genuine and full of substance. (Even though Danny didn't even use words/sentences)

The Snapchat weekend in japan, (whispered)

Think of the children and God bless everyone.


Hello, you read everything with Lewis' name on it, 90% of all the comments you leave on this site are about Lewis!


Says the guy that devotes all his time on this site replying to every single post that isn't a declaration of love for Lewis. Smh!


you included ..


God bless you Timothy for your comments,...................... and please think of the children.

The Grape Unwashed

And with that, Hello proves TimW's point.


Hello....can you hear me.

Danny is delighted to get a podium. Anything less than a win for Hamilton is a loss. Second rate drivers can content themselves that they have achieved something by being second best loser. I can't imagine that the most successful diver on the grid would settle for that. Would you?


Give any other driver on the grid a Mercedes in lieu of a woefully under-powered Red-Bull and you'd find exactly the same.
But then again, hey, its all the driver isn't it!


Those are the same children that cheered Vettel and were dissapointed by Hamilton no-show


they all hang upside down, getting too much blood into their heads which tends to turn their minds digital..hence their logic.


And yet here you are commenting on...who? He clearly takes up a lot of time and space in your head to have such detailed opinions on. Myself and other LH fans quite enjoy that lewis is disliked so much.... it's a joy to see him get under the skin of you folk.
Carry on 😀


Great night, really well organised. Crowds were big and a sea of raised arms holding phones did not help the view! From the conversations around me many people were new to F1 and getting into it. Daniel Ricciardo gave the best demo, really going for it with the car snaking and hitting the rev limiter. The difference is sound between V12/10/8s and the new hybrid is really brought home when they are driving together -the helicopter above was noisier than Bottas Merc.
Highlight for me was the Senna V12 McLaren Honda and 77 Renault Turbo circulating together.
Not sure about Little Mix after the driving, but Bastille before were good.
Spotted Peter Mandelson in the crowd.
When we left at 7.30 (one little mix song is enough!), they were still holding people back from entering the secure zone as presumably it was still too busy.


So now I know why my cycle home was chaotic around that area, TFL said it was a demonstration - I assumed it was a protest - not a fun demonstration!


It was live on TV here in Aus and it looked like a lot of fun, bigger that I expected with almost everyone in attendance and perfect weather.
Not a good look for Hamilton though, crowd surfing one minute, crowd booing the next.


What a fantastic idea this was and I hope whatever other attractions liberty has in the pipeline such as what we have seen in London are carried over to the other races and cities.
As for the Hamilton non show, a) are we really that surprised he thinks he's above such activities and b) him not being there won't detract form anything whatsoever from the experience of those in attendance.
Now cue the LHFC members with one excuse after the next defending him. If it was Vettel that was the only one not to rock up they'd be giving it to him with both barrels.


Have you got the code to the league in gp predictor. I seem to have made a mistake somehow, and I'm not in there anymore😂


You must have clicked the leave button at the top. Re-enter and you should find yourself back in with the points and position you had earlier in the week.


Thanks SARS, saved my day👍🍻



Its one of the two James.


I'm a little surprised Lewis didn't turn up. I'm more surprised that all the drivers turned up which obviously puts Lewis in a worst light. I can understand the reasons, but it's a shame this event was only made public a few days before. Seems like fun was had by all. Many seem to be impressed with your own Danny Ric. 🍻


@ Sars....i am somewhat surprised that a couple of his greatest supporters are currently MIA....probably in greece celebrating...something.........


Dear C63, TimW, KRB, BKF, JK, Andrew C, Andrew M, FF, Ins, aveli, Gaz, Gazza, mem, Dean, Deweb, TA...and all other inclusions and exclusions from the LHFC (apologies if i left you out, or mistakenly included you!)

Firstly, I'm sorry about your bloke! You must be cringing!

But, chin up! I'd like to formally invite you to join the DRFC!

We take all kinds (although aveli and Ins, you'll be on probation if you get too one eyed).
It's just all smiles in our club -our boy is on the way up, and is clearly (at least) everybody's second favourite driver. There's no diva or peter pan performances, what you see is what you get, and what he says, he does!
If you sign up before the Brit GP, there's a even a free shoey to auction for your chosen charity.

So who's in?


Count me in.

I'm not gay but for Danny Ric I am.

Has he said anything to any of you guys about me?


H, are you the stalker he talks about??


I'm in, as long as I can keep my LHFC in pride of place😄
And I'm sure the others will to. We like a challenge😄


DISGUSTED at your words LKFE!
No 14 on the list????? If you want to follow the plucky runner up then thats your right. I'm a bit more refined when it comes to driver talent. Enjoy the podiums 😂


Lkfe, i like Danny Ric, and am always pleases when he dies well, but I will be remaining in the LHFC for the time being, thanks for the invite though!


Does well!!! Im always pleased when he DOES well!


LKFE, I mentioned how I would have rather he had gone to the event, but as I also said, the anti's will go overboard in their criticism of it, as they simply can't help themselves.

I'm already part of the DRFC! Thought Dan was hilarious in the press conference. "No invite for the Torpedo!" ... hilarious.


Krb, to be honest I thought it would be worse than it is. A healthy dose of moderation seems to be creeping in!


Brilliant! I'm practising drinking beer from my slippers!


I posted something but it went AWOL...don't know if it didn't clear moderation or just got lost in the black hole.

The jist of my post was I would have preferred if he went but was not massively disappointed he didn't, everyone would overreact and say it showed he had contempt for the fans and was an obnoxious human being in a way they never would have done if Vettel or Alonso or Kimi or Palmer hadn't shown up etc etc

And I'm only ranked 7th in the LHFC?????


I'm in the south of France I'm afraid. Sorry to disappoint😂🍻


@ James K...and i am seriously jealous!!! You get to vacation in the very best place i know. I hope you enjoy the ambience, the food and the wine. I have spent some of the very best times there and the memories still linger....




@ james K why stop at two glasses hahaha. Am thinking of a baguette,camembert and a bottle of the local vin saumon!!! If only hahaha


Yes, 2 glasses may have been a little meager😄 But getting a little low on stock so I've got to go to the local vigneron again soon. But yes, wine, Camembert and some good baguettes, you can only be in one place! Cest bon🇫🇷🥖🧀🍾


I'm a Lewis fan yet I completely agree with everyone here that there is zero excuse for what he did. I think it'll damage his image big time as a result. He's a great driver and possibly the best out there but his personality leaves a lot to be desired....for sure!


No but his biggest detractors couldn't wait to post, could you ken , hes really renting space in your head is Lewis,,


No fursty. ....There's no rent paid for the huge space that lewis takes up in kenny's head. He's living there rent and care free.... isn't that right Kenny 😍


@ Fursty...In your dreams pal.... If hamilton puts himself out there in the public domain then he must, like you, wear the comments for what they are, good, bad and sometimes very ugly. Those my friend are the facts of life. Enjoy the race, i will.


That's alright Kenneth, we all know when Hamilton retires most of his fans will retire from the sport as well. Next season maybe??


Do you really believe that? I don't think anyone without a love or interest for F1 would have started supporting Lewis, having had no interest before. The interest in F1 would have always been there first. That interest will remain when Lewis exits the scene.

I don't understand anyone who would question any F1 fan that has picked Lewis as their driver of choice. He is a very good driver. It'd be like questioning people for liking any of the Big 4 in tennis, or Lebron or Curry in the NBA, or Spieth/McIlroy/Day in golf. They might not be your cup of tea, but you can't question their sporting abilities.


"his greatest supporters" are waiting to get the PR pitch from higher up in team/brand Hamilton.


Afraid not Kenny. What we're you expecting? You dismissed VET actions as nothing serious yet this just MUST be exposed as the terrible, betrayal that it clearly isn't. Let's stick to race weekends shall we. If he snubs "fans" at a race weekend then I'll grant you your faux outrage, until then.... jog on.


Sorry to deflate your bubble but i'm far from being fact i like what he did. There is a message in there and you just don't want to acknowledge it......


I think the point Dean is that he said recently he wants more love from the fans and yet he doesn't show up to events like this. Surely he's not helping himself is he?


His FANS won't really give a jot Nick. It's the folk that already dislike him that are producing this amusing comedy. Sure... Maybe he should've gone but if that's all it took to "turn" his so called fans against him....I put it to you they weren't particularly fond of him in the first place. His job is to race formula 1 cars, he's bloody good at it and does it mostly within the confines of the rules. I think I speak for many when I say that's all that matters.


99% of people are disappointed, fans of Lewis or F1 fans in general, so your claim its them that are "producing this amusing comedy" is laughable.
Lewis is the sole writer, director and producer of this 'comedy act' and everyone sees it except the few blind lovers, people like yourself Dean!


I'm actually enjoying the silence more than if they were here defending their hero's indefensible snub, not only to Formula One, the fans that turn't up in London (and the many watching on TV) but also to they themselves.


Hmm, was it really that bad? You had no problem waving away one driver driving deliberately into another, but Lewis missing an event is worse than that?

You don't like that Lewis is front and centre in F1 currently, right? So here's a time where the other drivers are front and centre, and you're decrying that Lewis wasn't there? Lewis should've been there, but I think more's being made of it than it deserves. I heard that Lewis was at a live event last night at Silverstone with Paul Di Resta. Saw that Billy Monger is Lewis' guest in the Mercedes' garage today. He isn't a hermit that doesn't give back.


No-one is saying he doesn't give back though are they KRB. The issue the majority have it appears is that Hamilton gives back on his terms only. I saw him with the crowd, live streaming it on FB and it only highlights how staged and forced he is.
A 'peoples' champion he ain't!


Some here have said he does nothing.

Crowd surfing last year, with the people supporting him, was definitely "people's champion" stuff. A great F1 moment.


Looked like a great day.Dont know why there was this massive focus on LH not being there as he promotes F1 24/7 . As far as I know Vettel just shows up for the races.
Would be good to have a london race and cant see any reason why the vast finance industry cant rustle the millions together each year between them all and run it around the
docklands area. They can have their own stand and everything.


I was thinking the same of going around docklands - after all it is private land so they can do what the like and even the hybrids would sound epic between those buildings, with a short dive down into Isle of Dogs area.

Certainly it has better transport than to and from Silverstone!

Or would the Chinese owners of Canary Wharf not want to offer competition to their home GP?


Well, it just goes to show that what you know doesn't go very far. F1 would be better without its precious diva and his ignorant fans, imo.


Hamilton promotes himself 24/7, not Formula One, other wise he would have been there. Its inexcusable that ALL the other current drivers played they're part, including former drivers, yet the hometown 'hero' was no where to be seen.
If that was in Australia and Danny Ric was in Fiji getting some sun and having a cold one, the Aussie fans and media would be livid.


Hi Sars,

If Cloudbreak was going off mate then I think we could give him a pass. 🙂

Thesle Williams

Well put Sarsippious.


hamilton is hamilton because he made his choices from age 8 to become what he is. anyone who thinks they know better hamilton needs should listen to that interview hamilton gave in the press conference at silverstone today. he even identified one of the questions as the dumbest question he has ever heard. he held his own very strongly, distroying all the anti fans....he blew them away! how could any of those anti fans possibly know how best he should prepare? if they knew so much I wonder why they are not championship chasing drivers?
even all the other drivers joined in in batting away the antifans questions in that room.....telling hem it was enough. it was hamilton's turn to criticise their jobs....telling them how poor they were at their jobs...good on you hamilton!


Can you watch the press conference somewhere? I'd love to see it




You tube Michael. It's well worth a watch. Even Kenny's hero gives the questions short shrift. James was asking the initial questions I believe. Some of those fools in the press were like a dog with a bone... the usual Rags of course "daily mail" "the sun" "guardian" and some strange German fella. I honestly believe that the British press and large percentage of British people do not want successful sportsmen and women. The British press and public hold the likes of: Frank Bruno, jenson Button, Eddy the eagle, Nigel mansell, Tim henman, up to be hero's! yet when they have and REAL WORLD class, top of the pile sportsman.... they just want to bring them down. This is a British past time... as a shames me. Sometimes I think we deserve our football team, cricket team...jolyon palmer! We don't deserve the likes of lewis hamilton. It's only when he's gone that he'll be appreciated, I fear that's not too far away.


Our cricket team are good Dean.


They're good, not great. Maybe he's thinking about those 18 years w/o an Ashes win. They've never won a Cricket WC either.

England U19 Euro champs though, eh? Not too shabby.


Yeah I completely agree. It's the British way unfortunately. He made a valid comment on the press not reporting a meaningful stuff he does. Although his detractors will now say he's crying about not being publicly recognised for his work 😂


Your right👍 a lot of the so called tabloids are parasites when it comes to successfully British sports people. Build them up and then just love to pull them down just as quickly. They've been world renowned for that for years now. Sites like JAonF1 are the only place where one can get to read a professional piece about F1. Mainstream papers are only good for starting a bonfire with.


Hamilton being interviewed after his no-show:
Hamilton said he already did "everything I can to genuinely connect" with his supporters.

"I do have the biggest following here in F1, and communicate with them as much as I can," he said.

"Fans mean everything to me, they always have, and I make no secret of that".

"We have decisions to make, and you have to stand by them, and feel proud, and I do.


@aveli he's not the champion. The current champion is elsewhere now, and he'd not have missed this were he still in F1.


Rosberg isn't even in F1 and he still made it!


Sarsippious, he hasnt got anything better to do though, has he?


What, you mean partying on a Greek Island? Yep, giving up his own precious personal time to give back to the sport that has made him a household name (and a WDC) is lame as. Almost as lame as, wait for it, partying on a Greek Island instead!


good for you..


In his defence, I think he will get a bashing from the media I think. The British media are so fickle. 🍻


Always in the public eye and people wonder what he does for a living.Leads them to F1.
Vettel for instance maybe wandering round anonymously in a raincoat and dark glasses in Dusseldorf. Who is that ? who cares? lol


Leads them to F1

And that your point is what exactly? You do realise the sport has lost over 280 million viewers worldwide since he made his debut don't you? All those following him on social media do nothing for F1 except give Lewis ego boost.


And that's lewis' fault?


Not at all but when many on here proclaim that the sport has never been as popular as it is now due to the following Hamilton has on social media, its always nice to deal them a dose of fact.




Seems that Liberty are more supportive of the British GP being at Silverstone than the BRDC are! They (the BRDC) should be ashamed of the action and the timing of it, especially as they were given an extension on the cut-off clause.


they're looking for financial help and don't know how to go about it so they stand at the top of a building, declaring that they will jump, hoping to he saved by a kind heart.


Are you saying that the owners behind BRDC are poor and lost newbies within finance and racing?? Ahmm.


all my chosen words are still present for your reference. my post doesn't include any of your words..


Just before the GP is thebest (read only) time to excersize a clause like this. Any other time and it gets buried in the news pile. This weekend not only will it be the number one point of conversation, they can point at the GP in progress and and huge the attendance is.


Why wait to exercise the cut-off clause? The longer they wait the more money they haemorrhage through Bernie's bad deal.


It should not be surprising that Lewis refused to be at the event. History speaks for itself. Just a way to show that it is different from the others.

The problem is exaggerating this and it shows disrespect for co-workers, drivers, fans ... to everyone.

This disrespect is also visible by statements. Talking one thing, and doing the opposite. "I love you fans" and then he does not appear, "there are no team orders" and then openly asks about it ... "wants a real fight on the track" and then insists on off-track (political) punishment for opponent.

What a person does is what counts ... not what he says.


hamilton is famous for winning races, not doing doughnuts on city he knows best what choices to make, because of all those choices he has made since childhood, he is the world's best known f1 one is in a position of authority to tell him what choices to make. if you think you are, then show him your official identification, otherwise hush!


EVERY other driver disagrees with you. Pretty sure that counts for something.


am not a driver..


I think you miss the point. He's an employee of AMG Mercedes, like 1499 others on the payroll.


there is no employee in the history of the world to earn as much as hamilton....


But Merc didn't force him to go. It was up to the individual driver I believe. I think Lewis was also surprised that all the drivers turned up. It sounded like it in the press conference anyway.


@ james k...we all know who runs Mercedes and it isn't wolff or lauda. After refusing a direction twice by Lowe and then wolff in abu dhabi and the 'anarchy' comments by Wolff post race you should know by now that Hamilton is in control. Given this background i would also presume that he told Wolff to 'go swivel' or words with the same connotation because they evidently did speak prior to the event. Who really cares anyway. The drivers who are open and friendly had a great time i hear.


It shouldn't have mattered though James. Home race, home country, he should've been there even if he was the only one.


I agree SARS, but one event is not gonna kill us. I know via YouTube that he does a hell of a lot of these kinda events for Mercedes through the year. But yes, it would have been better if he was there.
And I know it's not really the point, but I'm sure if one done a count of the crowd, 60/70% would have been tourists just enjoying the show. I know that was the whole object of the exercise, but I'm sure a lot of the people there had never even heard of the drivers before. But a big success it was it seems. Let's hope they do it again soon😊👍🏻


The magistrate said Hamilton behaved like a hoon and set a poor example to young drivers.


are you still sleeping?
it's 2017 now..


What about this one?
'Hamilton fined $500 for Melbourne burnout'


Like Garret Bruce said... on this one you have to choose... are you Formula 1 fan, or... are you (celebrity) Lewis Hamilton fan.

Can't be both.


As far as I know, Lewis drives a F1 car. And as far as I know, all the F1 drivers are F1


who makes these options up?


@vad - An unfortunate decision, it would seem, from the general tone of comments and the on-site crowd reaction reported. More to come on this one.

While there may be good reason(s), perception is reality.


+1 agreed
It was a shame to hear the booing from his home crowd, especially since he is supposed to be so popular. Guess he is more a global star than a UK one or the demographic is shifting.

Anyway, strange choices from a strange person.
But otherwise a great event.


I was at the event and I didn't hear anyone booing. I heard people laugh when a guy from the crowd said he'd like vettel to win because he's a better driver than hamilton.


Why did you bother going?


Haha, no specific order Andy. So are you in or not ...I'll talk to the boys and see if I can get you a top 5 spot!


Aveli. It must be your selective hearing. I watched it live on TV and when Hill mentioned his absence there was a huge amount of booing from the crowd. When Seb was spoken to - huge cheers! Don't try to defend. Millions all over the world saw and heard it.


So as an out and proud Hamilton fan who was at London live, you weren't a tad disappointed when Lewis was a no show?


I have to wonder if the nonappearance was due to the number of days he is allowed to spend each year in the UK before being considered resident and liable for UK tax. The life of a tax exile sure is tough.


Lewis Hamilton loves his fans and his country so much that he goes on holiday instead of giving his fans what they want four days before his home grand prix (or is that Austin, Texas?). I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to show off on the streets of London. Watching coverage on Sky F1, I heard booing whenever Hamilton's name was mentioned or alluded to.

Like his engineer, crew, Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff, Hamilton is a (highly paid) employee of the Mercedes Benz F1 team, and should have been there. Who the hell does he think he is? What a fine example of commitment. The guy's a disgrace, and I sincerely hope he has one of his off weekends at Silverstone.

Get in there Valtteri!


you wrote his name very well because he has always made the right choices to ensure you write his name more often than you write your own.


you wrote his name very well because he has always made the right choices to ensure you write his name more often than you write your own.

What absolute twaddle.


and you spent more time writing what i wrote than you did adding any of your own..
typical of a wasteman..


It's copy and paste you mong.


yeah wright!


Pardon? What's the weather like on your planet?


do i own one of them?


No idea what you are talking about.


@aveli look at your barking your message of obedience while accusing others of not thinking independently. Maybe spend some time looking in the mirror instead of your Lewis posters every once in awhile. You're boring.


even apple, the world's largest and most profitable company has jumped on the Lewis hamilton bandwagon because they know that he is the most marketable to help maintain their position.


am glad you prefer to write about me.


You're gunna need a cold shower after this one aveli!!


glad you're more interested in what i need..


"also the message of petrol engined cars racing on the streets isn’t what he wants for a city which needs to get significantly greener as its air quality is at dangerous levels."
Really? Was there no effort made to tell the mayor that these are hybrids and far more efficient than most of the cars on the road. I know he is highly politically motivated and very left wing. But he is currently in serious trouble and I very much doubt he will be mayor when it comes to the docklands GP.
Perhaps they should re-show "The Sweeny" tv series to accustom new fans to the circuit.


i was there and the air quality was much better than those of the normal road traffic.


' He is left wing ',which means you are a right winger and an exclusivist. Well if deemed good value, millions from the mayor may be the savior the GP in England if Silverstone decides to bail out.


Well, we're seeing the hard right of the LHFC on this blog! All the moderates have packed it in!!


Are you being sarcastic about that whole hybrid efficiency Dick?

You do realize that these things do still burn 40-45L/100km, right? That's not acceptable for city efficiency. And of course let us not forget all the front loading that happens to make these hybrids.

The key concern for cities is emissions and air quality. And the way to resolve that issue is, you guessed it - electric. I wonder if England will follow France in efforts to ban sales of fossil fuel burning cars by a set target. It doesn't matter, as serious market analytics of current trends are predicting electric cars outsell fossil fuel cars by 2025. If Apple brings the Apple Car, you can be sure that happens, probably a few years earlier.


Wonder if they had to oay the congestion charge LOL


When you're right you're right. I'm the only one in my immediate family left with a gas guzzling AMG. Wife has had a Tesla for a few years and a few BMW i3s and leafs going around the family. However, I've hit the model 3 on order so I'll be joining them before long.

I wouldn't hold my breath for an apple car though. Unless they buy Tesla or something.


They have 260B in cash. Think of the possibilities.


Sorry but my reply to Seebe seems to have been removed.
Also to Inshaallahura:
No a left wing mayor is very unlikely to support a highly capitalist sport like F1. We have years of paying for the Olympics to go yet.


The problem with electric cars is the batteries. We running out of lithium at a rate of knots and are nowhere near finding a cost effective high density green battery or just a cost effective high density battery. I have heard that when the Telsa gigaplant starts going at full capacity the world's lithium stocks will last about 5-6 years, but that could be rubbish. The other issue that nobody talks about is countries would have to at least double present energy generation to supply the energy requirements for a full electric transport system. I'm not saying it can't be done, but we are a long way at the moment from achieving this. Fusion power is still a long way off and there is a huge amount of research in battery tech, but still no great leap forward. The same issue with solar power, it has become much more cost effective, but high end efficiencies have ground to a halt at around 20-24%.
In the UK we are struggling to keep all the lights on as power stations are either closed due to pollution; coal plants or at the end of their working life; nuclear. Energy storage is the Holy Grail at the moment for everything, transport, solar and wind. Until this problem is solved Sebee electric cars will not outsell fossil fuel cars unless fuel prices are raised to astronomical levels.


Look up Molten Salt Reactors. Generation revolution is coming.
You can be sure battery tech is being baked.

That lithium supply report, I've read it. It says that if we had 100 gigafactories at 100% capacity the lithium supply is 17 years. Clearly we'll have to recycle it.


Sebee, I am well aware of Molten Salt Reactors, especially using Thorium. The problem is all work stopped on these type of reactors in the 1970's. A prototype reactor will need to be built, any design will need to be approved and we still have the massive issue of where the nuclear waste will be stored. The UK has been trying to built a safe nuclear waste storage facility for the last 30 years and have got nowhere.
Time is against Molten Salt Reactors I would be amazed if one is built in the West within 20 years.
There is huge amount of research going into battery tech, but at present no consumer product in sight, just like carbon nanotubes.


i'd like to see electric cars outselling petrol cars, i've had enough of talk of it happening in the future. it's all nonsense.


Couldn't resist this one Sebee....


As many electric cars run out of range each each year as petrol cars broke down as I typed this.


at least petrol car drivers have the confidence to reach their destination.


Sebee, thats because electric cars are less than one percent of the fleet....


Electric cars should be in the bin. The damage the production of batteries do the environment is shocking


milk floats..


Poor little fellow needed a couple of days off,all that hard work must be knockin him around abit


Hamilton is always the first to mention the fans, it always sounds like a pile of PR. To miss this opportunity to give something to fans back, just shows that.

I remember stories from 2007 in McLaren, mechanics telling that when Lewis sees the camera he behaves differently to time when there is no camera around.


and he's the one you chose to talk about..


To be honest thought Lewis should have been there, but after hearing little minx? or what ever there called, Lewis dodged a bullet, crikey how do they sell a record, the horror the horror!


Keep on rock'n in the FREE world F1!


It makes no sense for Lewis to say he needs more love from the fans and then not turn up to this event. He may have his reasons but sometimes Lewis really doesn't help himself and the no show only draws attention to him and the media make a story out of it. I have read Toto attended Vettel's birthday party in between Baku and Austria which could be what has irked him. I am not Ham bashing purely making an observation. I'm sure Lewis will be on it this weekend.


why are you not talking about kvyat and ricciardo? I saw them going around the Trafalgar Square roundabout by nelson's collumn. they made such an effort to be there to put on a show and all you talk about is someone who wasn't even there.


I'm a fan of your work JA, but I think this piece seems almost apologetic for Lewis. If he was nursing an injury or had family reasons, I could understand, but he is partying in Greece with friends, and has treated the sports and his fans with contempt. I don't know why you are treating him with kid gloves? Why is he above criticism?


Which parts do you consider apologetic? Just curious.

Hamilton should've been at the event Wednesday, but it's not like he habitually doesn't engage with fans. He engages with fans more than most drivers during race weekends. Obviously because in terms of the grid, he's the main draw. I don't know what the reasons were for him missing the Wednesday event ... perhaps there is more to it, and we'll find out in the weeks ahead. If I was advising him, I would have told him to go yesterday ... even if you don't really want to be there, there are times where going against your short-term wants is the only winning long-term play. Yesterday was such a case.

It's important also that while acknowledging that it was a mistake not to go, that some perspective should be kept. No one was killed or maimed because Lewis didn't attend. Those that do not like Lewis will go overboard in their criticism over this, as is their wont. It's more than a bit strange that those who hate that Lewis is the primary face of F1, are outraged now that he wasn't the primary face at a solitary F1 event.

Would anyone have noticed or commented if Palmer wasn't there? Or the Hulk, Perez, Kvyat or Massa? If Vettel wasn't there, there would've been comments and people would've noticed, but it wouldn't have been half as big a deal as it is, with Hamilton skipping it.


"I don't know why you are treating him with kid gloves? Why is he above criticism?"

Can't speak on JA's behalf but I am sure it has nothing to do with either Nationality or writing favorable articles in exchange for access to info/paddock 🙂


Lewis pretty much gave the middle finger to the British public regardless of his reasons, Vettel is also in the middle of a intense championship battle but still made it.


British public?? Have you ever been to London in tourist season.



I don't know about Lewis, but it was brave of Vettel to show up for this event before the British GP, a couple of weeks (and a bit later) after the "red mist" incident behind the safety car.

If Lewis had showed up, I think Vettel would have been in trouble from Happy Lewis Fans, But since Lewis didn't show up, his fans probably just sulked (and London being a very Cosmopolitan city) Vettel was Cheered 😀

Vettel must have rubbed his lucky charm diligently this week. Got away with the Donuts even (with more drivers following suit after him)


I think that the fact that Vettel showed up says a lot about his passion for the sport...just like all the other eighteen drivers. What a 'mensch'.


Don't be so hard on Lewis. He's just trying to set an example for the kids.


Yeah, by not abusing top officials nearly old enough to be his granddad. Did you miss the respectful tone with which Hamilton spoke to Whitting in Baku on the radio?


I'm watching this now, and I gotta say, it's a little sad when they go to the fans and they talk about how much they like Vettel, and how they love the old engines and then she comes up to a young boy and he says Hamilton, but he's not there. That's when the snub picks up power. Not Lewis will be sucking up and trying to "make it up" to the fans. But chance is gone, isn't it?


hamilton doesn't need that. have a look at these posts and you will notice that his name has been typed more often than all those drivers who drove past nelson's column yesterday...


Yeah, the media certainly know which buttons to press👍😊


Oh that on screen interview was TV gold had it not been live, I will bet my house on it they would have edited it out.
Also the other guy on Vettel vs Hamilton.




Spoilt, petulant child. It just emphasizes his desire to be different to everyone else not realizing his actions speak volumes about his hypocrisy about engaging the fans...blah blah blah.


If LH is the key for Liberty to access cross-over marketplaces, apart from the annoyance of his fan base which he appears to be attempting to reach out to in other ways, why would he attend such an event for seemingly no recompense? "Brand Hamilton", like many brands built around sporting personalities before him, are very carefully developed and manicured. Whilst I personally disagree with his decision, I doubt very much that it came as a surprise to Liberty and Mercedes, and two days in Greece just feels too 'organised' for a last minute break due to the pressure of the championship.


he has a jet remember?


They'll all be off for a four week holiday which is just around the corner and all the other 19 drivers were happy to be there prior to their stressful next race.


I can't agree more! I believe that he has done himself a disservice by not attending. My point was that this will not have come as a surprise to Liberty or Mercedes because it is they who are seemingly courting him for his apparent market appeal.

It may well be the case in the future, probably for a good thing, if each and every GP has some form of event in a nearby or capital city beforehand. LM seem most intent on a greater offering rather than reducing hosting fees. If this is to occur, the drivers will all need to be contractually bound to attend.


Calling all HAM bashers! This is the moment you all have been waiting for. Let the fireworks begin!


People are allowed to pass comment on the article without being labelled as Hamilton bashers, it is a central part of the story at the end of the day.

From what I've seen he is particularly annoyed that Toto attended Vettel's birthday party and that is why he didn't show.


Whoa.. bashers? What part of Lewis was the ONLY one with better things to do did you miss here.


People aren't "Hamilton Bashers' if they aren't impressed by the only driver to have 'better things' to do than participate in a vast and wide reaching promotional event for the sport.
Fans have a right to be unhappy and the usual reply from people like yourself to label any criticism from them as unjust from "bashers or haters' is to ignore the core reason he's receiving the flak in the first place.
Blame and hold Lewis accountable himself for the backlash, not us the fans.


I will be honest Sars, you are right on this one. He should have been there.


Tim I'm speechless. I'm going to need a drink, care to join me?


I always knew you were a moderate Tim!


The rise and rise of identity politics has now infected F1 and in particular JA on F1.


Funny comment Sarsippious, since 90% of you comments are specifically targeted towards lewis. Gives the impression of a man crush of sorts. Still waiting for whomever driver/team you support. Is it healthy carrying so much hate? Such contempt says more about you than Lewis, IMHO.


You wish champ!


It's like you can't call out the dear leader of the cult, dear leader is always right.


LHFC are diving for the Trump playbook....fake news anyone?


Lkfe, i think that Lewis should have gone, but surely the only fake news surrounding this incident are the tales of Lewis deliberately snubbing fans because he was cross with Toto, and reports of hordes of crying children littering the streets of London?


No...but YOU are Sars...Let's not pretend otherwise.


You need to get out of your parents basement and get some fresh air Dean. You 're starting to sound just as paranoid as Insha/Aveli!


@ sars...i need add nothing more to that...well said.


Live London must have been a non-event, if it desperately needed one driver to turn up. The vast majority of spectators at the event were tourists, not UK F1 fans who didn't even know the event was on. The cars did a few laps and donuts, but the rest of the evening was a pop concert. What exactly was being promoted?

A quick gander at social media, once again shows those who were attacking Lewis Hamilton for not being there, were not there themselves. Typical Twitter users, let's pretend to get upset for someone else. I expect to see the same kind of posts here too.
If LM put on events like this before every race, all 25 of them, how long will it be before all of the drivers and teams become annoyed at having to spend time and money doing tricks for half an hour? Did LM pay for yesterday or did they do a Bernie?

Should Live London become an annual event, how exactly will it be kept a secret for "security reasons"? LM rolled over to the terrorists yesterday. The British don't do that and have never done so in the past, I hope we don't allow it again.


Keep reaching in desperation to defend your fearless leader Rodger. Maybe he'll give you a smile someday if he can take time off and no other f1 driver is around of course. Hopefully one of the days when he isn't sulking while having the fastest car on the grid for the fourth year in a row, or stressing out over being in the team with the biggest budget, or accusing them of favoritism, or... well the list goes on.


Cheesypoof, doesrrcedes have a bigger budget than Ferrari? Any source for this information, or did you make it up? I wont bother challenging your assertion that the Merc is the fastest car, as I know you made that up....,


"Live London must have been a non-event,"

but then you say this...

"A quick gander at social media,"

During your quick gander, did you happen to notice that it definitely wasn't a "non-event". I wasn't there, but from the photos it looks like everyone else was.


@ Dale D - Own up, that went right over your head.


I think he's saying that it was a non event because Lewis wasn't there. Am I right Rodger?


hamilton allowed f1 to use his image at the event..


Most of the people around me looked and sounded like they had just come out of work, not many tourists at all.


correct hardly any tourist were present. most people in attendance were aware of the event in advance. tourist couldn't have chanced into it because it was closed off. those outside couldn't guess what was going on behind the walls until the cars fired up and by then people weren't allowed in....


So according to you only those that live close to London can complain. I live in Canada and for some silly reason was unable to attend. Does that mean I cannot have an opinion?


Hahaha...I live in australia and i was there in spirit if not body!!!!


London is not a country..


And your view is what?

I won't bother to guess.


only if you paid attention, you would've noticed that steve compared canada to london above..


My view is completely irrelevant to my comment. I was pointing out your broad sweeping generalization.


'What exactly was being promoted?'

Amongst other things, Formula 1 as a great way to inspire the STEM curriculum in schools -
Trafalgar Square itself was packed from 12.00-16.30 with stalls to interest the younger generation.


The younger generation...who were all at school?


most london schools are out by 3pm..


No, some schools are on holiday.


Lots of schools have already broken up in the UK.


NickH. No they haven't, here in Leicestershire we always break up a week before anyone else, (great for a cheap holiday) and our kids break up today (Friday).


some schools had broken up before wednesday, although not most to be fair.


Well lots in Berkshire have judging by my morning commute!

Didn't the show start at 6 anyway?


Loads of them were in attendance - school trips, possibly?
Most likely a good number of the adults were STEM teachers -
But I didn't bother to do a survey.


I watched much of the show online and absolutely love the idea of bringing the drivers closer to the fans. You couldn't get much closer than this.

As far as Hamilton is concerned, (rumors aside) this might be an instance where he is attempting to fill his self image as the maverick outsider. Unfortunately it was a mistake.


and you stayed so far away?🙂


As a Ham fan I can inderstand that this maybe wasn't the best move but to be honest...I really don't care. Had this been a Race weekend he decided to snub then I might care (I'm talking to you Alonso) I'm a lewis fan because of what he does on track. I like his attitude somewhat in that he's real (good and bad) but... personally he isn't the type of person I'd choose to surround myself with... but who cares... what matters to me is he's a brit (the best theres ever been) and he's bloody lightning quick. I couldn't care less what he does off track and I'm more than little disturbed that a lot of you grown men are so concerned about his off track endeavours. To me Lewis Hamilton is a bloody great F1 racer. You lot pick over the bones of the rest of it.


'What matters to me is he's a brit'. Rather sums it up.


how would the rock on which he was born or the office his birth was recorded on, influence the success of the event?


Not every fan is a fan because of a drivers nationality. And if you take that out of the equation its easily apparent that someone isn't really that special.


I happen to agree Dean. If it could just be "Lewis in the car", I'd sign up. But unfortunately we all have endure this Peter Pan fantasy life that he promotes.


endured = enjoy?


Well said. If racing is all you're interested in, then that's cool, Hamilton is a pretty decent pick to follow. For a lot of people, however, it isn't just all about race day. Different personalities attract different people, and we can all agree that Hamilton is a unique (and divisive) character.


Dean, I've enjoyed your comment, but frankly non of us, fans and haters alike know lewis. What we know or rather think we know is tainted by his social media or the media. Personally, I'm a huge, he's the reason I started watching formula one. Being black, its also inspirational that someone from my Island can reach such astounding heights.

Lewis isn't perfect, non of us are but the unhealthy amount of hatred he gets is sickening. Ultimately when you look different, dress different and is a consummate winner, you become an easy target. Never understood why people hate winners.


self image as the maverick outsider

I don't really think that's Lewis' intention. Besides, such an image can only be gained naturally like how it's happenned with Kimi, it can't be created artificially.


Not a great move on Lewis's part


just count the number of times his name has been posted on here..


When I read Lewis Hamilton's tweets I always imagine them delivered in the voice of Aldi's automated customer service announcements (the one when they open Checkout #4 is a cracker). It adds a touch of charisma to them.


and you seek them out to listen to?


Is Lewis's absence at London a show of support for the BRDC and the British GP being based at Silverstone?


No, it was a show of support for Mykonos and Greek tourism industry.


I checked the clips..

While I thought Vettel was very impressive with his driving skills in London.. Daniel Ricci Deserves the OSCAR 😀 he is the Man of Men.. a true Show Man!!

Bottas was great aswell 🙂

I clapped my hands when I saw Damon Hill's antics on stage as he brought the British GP trophy 😀 😀


bottas parked up before he could return the car to the paddock too.



I guess the "BOT" is human after all 😛 😛

His personality seems to be shining through with more exposure this year at Merc. Frankly, the Mercedes Overalls suit him much better. He seems like he belongs there.

His calm personality and ever improving driving confidence makes him the best driver to drive in that seat again next year.


button stalled the car with naomi cambell behind him..



Haha, yes Button stalled it with Naomi on "eyelash cam" 😉
But Button has a great sense of humor to brush off these embarrassments.

He went a bit overboard with the humor before the Monaco GP saying he practiced on the simulator and ended up toppling the car in the ocean.

He followed it up later in the Race by toppling Pascal, not into the ocean thankfully, but right next to it 😀


Was a great event - MP4/6 V12 ICU vs. W06 V6 PU was no contest.
The former won hands down viscerality-wise.
(Just thought I'd try to keep Sebee happy).

Don't believe Hamilton would purposely snub it so when the conspiracy theories - and Wolff's weak explanation - are eliminated the truth might surface. Not that I'm particularly interested or concerned.

From an organisational point of view the only thing lacking was a rudimentary PA system around the 'circuit' to keep the fans informed whilst waiting.


Sebee gets a lot of crap for his hate of these racing engines but you can't deny he's right that it's a more entertaining and visceral experience to the current crop of engines. err, I mean Power Units. After all, we are all just watching this for the entertainment value.


Come on, when DR jumps out in that RB7, it's clear that the headliner just came out. Everything else was an opening act.

Seriously, how could they allow the sound to be ripped out of F1?


Was a great event - MP4/6 V12 ICU vs. W06 V6 PU was no contest.

There's a shock.

I hope aveli didn't go as he is always complaining of how audibly hazardous the N/A engines were. Poor soul.


@ Nick H...according to him he did go and he must've had his earplugs in as he didn't hear the fans booing Hamilton!!!


Haha sounds like he went prepared Kenneth.


@Ritchie J

In an odd sort of way, it was nice that Hamilton was missing at the event because if he was there, he possibly may have received the maximum cheers! if one is logical that is 😉

Without him there, I think all the other drivers got a very balanced Hurrah that must have made all of them feel great 😀


Hello Sebee 😀


there are many levels of F1 fans. Some in that crowd probably were new to F1 but happened to be there (perhaps tourists) and got intrigued and stayed.. for those people.. they probably clapped a lot initially.. then got thinking about how many more drivers are they expected to clap for 😉

Then there are "Fair weather" fans (totally misusing that word ) who occasionally watch F1 but not regularly. Those people probably are not aware of the less famous or new drivers.

The die hard fans were probably the smattering of applause that kept at it throughout 🙂

Feeling brighter already Sebee? 😀

@KRB - Introducing the super stars of this year individually is maybe for new fans to guide their focus on just a few drivers (the stars) initially to get introduced to F1.

But I did feel ALONSO might have felt SLIGHTED because he was not individually introduced, probably because MCLAREN is LAST place this year instead of being one of the front runners. Wouldnt want a new fan to wonder who Alonso is and google and find out that he is the one with a Honda PU going Poo every race in a cloudy poof !

What do you think?


I'm just watching it now ... caught it midway through. Saw the intro's ... they clapped at the start, but by the time Perez & Ocon were introduced, it was just a smattering of applause. Then the Ferrari, Red Bull & Mercedes drivers were introduced individually, whereas the others were introduced with their teammates. Why was that?

Kaiser Chiefs on now ... not sure that was a right call for that crowd. "Ruby" still a great song though!


Now there is a bright side way of looking at it!


WOW, DR really smoked the hell out of that V8! Tell me the crowd didn't go nuts for that?

DC: "Wow, that is a V8 engine. That nice is music to my ears".
MB: "That will be setting car alarms off everywhere in the city."

How could they turn their back on that trademark F1 sound? It boggles the mind!


Dan Ric really did steal the show with that demo run.


fan go to watch f1..


Just viewed it. Brundle is an honest dude.

DC: "Do you have a preference on the noise?"
MB "I think it's fairly easy for me. V12s. V10s. The V8s I didn't like at the time...but I'd have them back in a heart beat."


v8s were the loudest because they reved so much higher..


Thanks Ritchie. I feel the love.

How did the crowd respond to the hybrid vs. everything else immediate comparison? Did faces light up mouthing "wooow!" when that real f1 sound made an entrance?


It was you in the MP4, wasn't it!


the v8s and v12 weren't that much louder than the v6 until ricciardo took his v8 to maximum revs with the exhaust pipes pointing directly at me, 4 metres away, deadly. that thing could destroy your hearing in one hit.


I went to the BMW F1 Pitlane Park in Montreal when they brought out and tortured a V10 and the tires that were hooked up to it. When he spun it around at one point I could reach over the barrier and grab the rear wing and V10 dual exhaust was pointing straight at me as he lit the living daylights out of the tires. made an impact.


the v8s and v12 weren't that much louder than the v6

Haha good one aveli. Have the blows to the head affected your hearing??


before the cars came round, earplugs were given out to those of us standing the front and none of us felt we had the need to wear them..


Anytime I laugh hard at a comment I acknowledge it.


still twisting facts are you?
i stood under nelson's corner and couldn't hear ricciardo coming until he was near the round about..they didn't rev them to the max..


Not that I can recall -
Biggest cheers were for the best smokin' doh?nutz!
Regardless of noise.

A large proportion of the crowd were 'simple' tourists.
So you may forgive them.


Ps Toto has never backed any of his drivers.
The only time he has is when it's a blatant incident as with Rosberg swiping Lewis at Spa.
But the Vettel thing is just nasty !! For him to attend the Germans 30th is a PR disaster on the part of Toto. Engage brain before defecting on your own drivers. Lewis not turning up is understandable.
No doubt Toto will be sliming around pretending he only attended as a F1 ambassador or some other rubbish.


hamilton said that was the dumbest questions he has ever heard, when one of the antijournalists fans asked him about it...I couldn't stop laughing.


Dutch Johnny
Did you go to the London event ?
I didn't. Didn't much care for it.
As for Vettel I wouldn't waste my time watching a Road Rage Driver who got away with a rear end shunt a side swipe and a multitude of profanities at Charlie Whiting. The head of the FIA is firmly planted on the sphincter of the prancing pit pony.
You can bleat what you like as far as I'm concerned LH can choose his own moments to meet the fans.
I'm happy to be at Silverstone for the four days . I'm gonna enjoy supporting both the Brits and the rest can pootle along.


'Supporting all the Brits' there it is again. Apart from that, very very salty.


So because Toto has done something wrong(well in your book) its okay for Hamilton to not show up and let all those fans hanging. The same fans he alway wanted to be closer with according to himself? The same fans who are always so 'awesome' but when its a chance to really give something back he decides to not do it because of toto. Yesterday was an event for the fans and getting closer to them, you can spin it every way you like but it was just poor showing from Lewis. Can hamilton even do something wrong in your eyes? if it was vettel not showing up we would have had 1000 reply's with people like you on the front bashing him.


Wolf's refusal to condem VET and defend his opwn driver after such a blatent incident was nothing short of insipid and disrespectful. This is the least repsonse they should expect. It was immediately obvious how slippery Wolf was being in the post race interviews, it was a touch sickening.


wolff is trying to shift away from the culture of "get the other team punished" and win on merit.


Maybe Vettel is his driver though...


hamilton invited vettel to join him back in 2014 but vettel didn't look interested.


Ah right its al toto's fault? why do fans have to pay for something toto did? Most wanted to see their hero and he wasn't there..


I didn't see it. Wolff kept neutral or leaned to a side? Interview link?

Could really be an indicator of Merc wanting a German driver. Plus why would Lewis threaten retirement recently? Seems like posturing, and would he posture for no reason?


'He's playing to the gallery.


Someone ditched best fans in the world lol


We just ditched some folks


someone has the most fans in the world.


Lol most fans? On what? Instagram, snapchat or facebook? 😉


Really hard to believe that HAM as the leading Brit did not attend when all the others did and without any semblance of a reasonable excuse to boot.


he is the only Brit who knows how to deliver victory at silverstone.


Finally! ...a street demo with hybrid cars. But there were none hybrid cars right next to them. I wonder what conclusion fans came away with having that immediate side by side comparison.


I was there and I loved he agility of the hybrid cars. that v12 looked good, sounded ok but was dead. there was no live in it at all.


Well done Formula 1! I watched the whole thing live, free on YouTube. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire event and it brought out the best of the establishment. The drivers, crews, and support staff put on a great show for old and young fans alike. Away from the pressures of the track, you could see all were relaxed and having a great time - and the crowds (from what I could see) loved it.

Special mention to Daniel Ricciardo. His show run was just amazing - the crowd loved it! We need more of him, and more of these shows!


Here's of a link for the Danny Ric run Mark is referring to above.


i was there to see it in the flesh....much better roadside..there were a crowd of aussies in front of me who declared to everyone they were aussies as soon as ricciardo was in our view, jubiliatong!



Thanks for the link. Would have loved to have experienced that with that screaming V8 engine!


Watching a PU car after that run would be so underwhelming.


This event can only be good for F1 but it is going to take many many more things to change before F1 sees a significant upward trajectory. Listening to the many proposals being put forward it is hard to understand how this is all going to play out. If i had my way the very first thing that i would do would be to drastically change the motive power formula to one that embraces all those things that we've been denied since 2014. We must see at least two independent engine builders/manu's enter and only then will we see the likes of Ferrari/Mercedes and Renault face some real outright competition. This has to be combined with the dropping of this relentless pursuit of 'road relevance'. When has F1 been 'road relevant' ? I guess the other main issue would be team remuneration and that will only come when the teams realise that they need to have a bigger cake to divide. That will only come when the aforementioned are put in to place. If we are to have another three/four races on the calendar can we please have them on dedicated race tracks. Street circuits are fine but tracks like Spa and Silverstone are really special. They must not be sacrificed for the city tracks.


they can get more crowds to a London race than we get at silverstone. this even was finalised a day before the event and look at the turnout.. silverstone is too far away and too rural for my liking. the stands are also too far away from the track, parking is poor, always in the mud london an excellent network of public transport to get people into and out of the venue in the nick of time.


ooh.. @kenneth, because I Do read your comments - I read through it.

I don't know if you are using your phone to post these replies, but it would be great if you did the "change of paragraphs" format.

I know it becomes a bit tricky on phones though, but it's trickier still to hang on to which line to read next! 😀 Cheers!!


@ sometimes i am too lazy and thus i do not present a good example. Depends on the time of night, the intake of 'vin rouge' and a general feeling of either up or down but i do take your point of view. Can't promise that i'll be a good chap in the future though...hahaha


What is this guy drinking?
Pour me one too please.


@ Sebee...Chateau Paul Mas 2015 Merlot.


Chateau Paul Mas 2015 Merlot, eh? I'm not going to anagram that for you. But let's just say that "tachometers" can be spelled with letter names of that wine. It explains it all.


@ sebee...yes a few glasses and one does get rather revved up before hitting the limiter hahaha


Lewis should have attended. He does score some own goals at times. Yes, it's a tough championship fight, and through some bad luck in the last two races, a standings lead has turned into a 20 pt deficit.

I heard the story about Wolff attending Vettel's 30th birthday party, at Vettel's place, which was in between Baku and his FIA hearing. That is quite remarkable really. Now Wolff is of course allowed to do whatever he wants, but it would seem to me that a team principal should not be getting overly cosy with their main rival. This would never have happened back in the Williams vs Ferrari fights in the 90's.

They might both be using each other, as negotiating tools for their contract talks with Ferrari and Lewis. Who knows? Will be interesting to watch.


it was better he didn't attend... he has got more attention for not being there and is better prepared for the race. one of the journalist thought hey knew how to prepare for a race better than hamilton.....i couldn't stop laughing when he asked hamilton how is a four and a half hour round trip flight to greece i don't understand why they think they know better.


Lewis should have attended. He does score some own goals at times.

Precisely KRB. And in a few days time he probably wishes he had attended.


Regarding Toto's visit to Seb's birthday batch, could it just be because they are friends? Not in the ream of the impossible no?
Hamilton should have been present I feel. As a Brit, an event promoting your sport in your own country on the week you have to be there and after saying that you did not feel the love from the British fans, seems like a lost opportunity. He will be quickly forgiven if he wins on Sunday of course.
Got to see some of the events on you tube & I must say it looked like good fun. Well done F1 and more of that please. Marc


Toto lives very close to Vettel in Switzerland, so couldn't really say no? But yeah I know what you mean


Ok, second comment that indicates that Wolff has been told by Mercedes board to woo Vettel. Seriously? Wolff went to Seb's birthday? What did