Comeback King Daniel Ricciardo says British F1 GP was ’10 out of 10 in terms of fun’ but how does he do it?
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Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo continued a season of comebacks with another rapid recovery in the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, which he called ‘ten out of ten in terms of fun.’

While Ricciardo has made a few comebacks this season, none of them been remotely predictable, nor have they diminished the joy he derives from swilling champagne out of his sweaty shoes.

The 28-year-old was on a five-race podium streak before the British GP, where he finished fifth even having received a five-place grid-penalty which started him 19th.

His qualifying effort was severely hampered after a turbo-failure eliminated him from Q1, and thus he was tasked another uphill climb.

“I hope they showed a lot of that on TV,” said Ricciardo post-race as he made 11 of 32 overtakes during the race.

“I just felt like the whole race I was overtaking cars and I hope the fans enjoyed it.

“The whole race was a fight. I was coming through and then I made a really good restart [after the early safety car] – I got two cars by Turn 4 and then I was going for three,” he said.

Ricciardo finished behind team-mate Max Verstappen, who himself was in the running for a podium as both Ferraris suffered tyre-failures in the closing stages of the race but Verstappen had to pit late on as a precaution and lost his chance to stand on the rostrum.

Sebastian Vettel’s late front-tyre damage gave Ricciardo fifth, however, a place that was seemingly out of reach, and the Red Bull driver was elated as a result.

“I was probably a bit optimistic on the outside of [Romain] Grosjean and he didn’t give me much room. I probably shouldn’t have been there,” he said having overtaken the Haas on lap three.

“It wasn’t the smartest place to put the car and I went off track and it probably damaged a bit of the floor. I fell back to pretty much last again but came back through.

“I caught Hulkenberg with a few laps to go and then Seb [Vettel] had his issue which handed me fifth, so danke Sebastian,” quipped Ricciardo.

“I would give this race ten out of ten in terms of fun. I think you could say that in the last six races the ‘honey badger’ has certainly shown up on Sunday and it’s been great fun.”

How has Ricciardo pulled off his recoveries?

There is no doubt that Ricciardo is quickly earning the moniker of ‘comeback king’ this season, having earned a win and four podium places from behind already – but how did he pull them off?

The Spanish GP was actually an underwhelming weekend for Ricciardo, who was in an upgraded RB13 but couldn’t quite muster the pace to challenge the frontrunners in qualifying.

However, his rearward grid position of sixth helped him avoid the clash between Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas and Verstappen at Turn 1 on the opening lap, which knocked the latter driver out; Bottas’ lap 38 engine failure gifted Ricciardo a podium. With only 16 overtakes overall that weekend, the Australian’s brief was solely to bring the Red Bull home.

A third place finish in Monaco continued the trend in another fortunate weekend, as Ricciardo was ejected in traffic for Q3 which nearly jeopardised his race on a circuit which is notoriously difficult to overtake on.

He found himself ahead of Bottas and Verstappen having overcut the two successfully with a pit-stop on lap 38, though Ricciardo got away with tap of the wall up the hill following Turn 1 on a late Safety Car restart.

Force India’s civil war and Verstappen’s lap 10 loss of power meant Ricciardo’s long run to the finish line on the slower soft tyre against his rivals on super-softs was excused in the Canadian GP to make it three podiums in a row.

Yet, Ricciardo’s season continued to astonish in Azerbaijan where he won from 10th, having been in the fortunate position to avoid Raikkonen’s Turn 1 clash with Bottas and more pivotally, the Safety Car chaos involving both Force Indias, where he tail-gated the Williams pair and ultimately overtook Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll to take the unlikeliest of victories.

Upgrades for Hungary

This season didn’t look to be an overtaking-laden saga, and it hasn’t been for most, with fewer overtakes than in 2016.

However, Ricciardo has benefited more than his rivals from starting behind them, avoiding the turbulent, punishing wake of faster cars and easily leapfrogging those without Red Bull’s strong chassis and gradually improving Renault power unit. Clashes with the longer, wider cars in front are working in his favour as well, and Ricciardo is clearly riding a wave.

“I’ve been really happy with how I’ve been putting my Sundays together for the last handful of races,” Ricciardo continued after the British GP.

“It’s been strong and to get fifth from the back today I really couldn’t ask for more. Last week I was the hunted and this week the hunter, I love the fight of this sport and today I felt I could really enjoy that.”

With a significant upgrade touted for the Red Bulls in Hungary, the team hopes to split the Ferraris and Mercedes in front.

“If we can keep building on Austria’s performance then we should hopefully be able to get cars between Ferrari and Mercedes or vice versa,” said Team Principal Christian Horner to Autosport.

“Our drivers are going to have little to lose, so we are just going to be going for the best results we can.

“We are not essentially in the drivers’ championship. Daniel is some way off but we are still looking to achieve some big results.”

The team’s reliability woes, while alleviated for the British GP, need to be addressed more than anything else and they are Red Bull’s biggest issue mid-season; if not, Ricciardo’s shoe-drinking antics could be left behind.

Have your say on Ricciardo’s 2017 F1 performances in the comment section below.

Update: Ricciardo made 11 rather than 24 overtakes during the British GP.


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Richard Steele

I think it’s a shame that DR’s talent hasn’t yet been fully realized. Truly one of the most talented of the current crop. I’m looking for the inevitable head to head with Max.


Just another solid west Aussie who gets a lot of pleasure doing what he loves and giving pleasure to others who enjoy the sport

Ricciardo Aficionado

Nice article JAonF1 but I would make two criticisms. One: I don’t think he’s really comeback man because he’s generally gone forward from his qualifying. Two: you make no mention of the scintillating driving that was on most occasions crucial in some part to his results. Those great laps in Monaco…. Big hoo har over his pace at the time. Also some clutch overtakes… Baku!! Mind blowing. Silverstone, like a hot knife through butter. And then some awesome defending…

PS I read that Serena Williams interview with Lewis Hamilton. Very revealing.


Dan is the man. I would love to see him in a car with same power as the Merc’s.


Fron the article picture, the Red Bull car from side view with the livery looks really cool. Also, it’s one of the only cars where the number on the fin looks like it is part of the livery and belongs there.

The numbers on the Merc fin look terrible


He has the best chassis with a good engine and overtook the midfield teams. Not that amazing really. If he was in a williams or renault that would be different


Offset by those with far more powerful engines like FI and Williams and Haas all with the mighty mercedes and ferrari engines in the back of their respective cars.


@Kenneth If the customer Mercedes teams also have the Super Quali and Overtake Mode, I wonder where Teams like Williams and FI really stand without that mode.

But since the Torro Rossos and Renault and HAAS regularly manage to Mix it up with Williams and FI evenly across Q1,Q2 and Q3 – I suspect, the FI and Williams do not have that Quali Mode that the works Mercedes have.

Williams, of course, is very inconsistent and often fail to get into Q3, but Force India do not show any REMARKABLE up shift in pace in Q3 compared to the Renault.

As usual, it seems I have gone on a very tangential topic, that is me wondering if those customer Mercs really are powerful.


Always worth remembering he was beating Vettel consistently in the same car in his 1st year at red bull.
As much as the press and fans keep matching the red bull drivers to seats elsewhere they need to ignore that.
Both pretty likely to be front runners challenging for wins next season where they are.


I do believe Max would have been ahead of the Smiling Assassin (liked it) , bad luck made the difference for Max, unfortunately.


I know I am comparing a Red Bull on new tyres to a Haas on old tyres, but why did they leave Magnussen out for so long? Ricciardo put some serious daylight between them in a matter of a single corner. There wasn’t much chance of rain at that point and a Safety Car wasn’t that likely to happen too, was it.


I can’t believe the rest of the world isn’t embracing the “shoey”. It’s the greatest thing we Aussies have ever done!


Well, i think that it was fun but it has now run long enough. The problem though is that now people have embraced it everyone wants to get into it!!!! Brundle was the last one to force the issue. It happened, but time to move on.


Was Brundle’s stomach issue related? You need… guts for that 🙂
A bit nasty, time for something else Ricci boy.


Wow……what a race, totally enjoyed every minute, the start was awesome I did not know were to look there was that much going on, and then watching Dan coming thru was just sweet, the in car camera just shows how crazy those high speed corners are and how talented these drivers are, they all earned there pay cheque that’s for sure with exseption to Danni Kvyat lol……….what a great weekend of racing with plenty of spectators.


@ Dante, agreed he’s the nices guy in f1 and would make a fantastic WDC.
I’m getting sick of the media drumming up MV.
Daniel has all the tools and more to sort the teenager.
I’m also getting sick of Max’s attitude, I think he’ll loose his shine with fans very soon.

What a silly and short sighted comment that is. The fans at Silverstone loved what Max did on Sunday.

Yes Ricciardo has done fantastically well this year of taking advantage of situations and deserves nothing but praises . Good job Daniel. However, one thing I have unfortunately noticed increasingly on this site is the rather depressing apparent need of some contributors on here to use their praise of Daniel to also have a go at Max. Can we not just appreciate both drivers for once ? Is it too much to ask?
I’m fed up of seeing comments attacking drivers for no good reason. JA please could you bear this in mind when your moderating comments in future as this kind of commenting doesn’t add the discussion of the topic in my opinion. I understand people have their opinions but people should try and be more balanced.
Max? Attitude problems? -last year maybe but not this year. In fact Max has handled himself pretty well this year considering the problems he’s had on race days this year. Both RBR guys are great for F1.


Actually if you read all ghe comments it’s all playing down Daniels results and praising max rather than other way around 😉 . I agree with you both have been great . Races and qualy pace wise id say is about even for the yr !


@ Stephen taylor…funny that you should bring this up. I particularly notice it but in reverse. It seems as though there are quite a few verstappen followers that feel the need to diss on Ricciardo every chance that they get. Like you i feel as though it’s uneccessary as they are both very good drivers…just different styles and approach.


Ken and Joe -I’m sort of getting sick of the Max fan posts…
Last year they all started with “When”.
This year they all start with “If”.


Agree Kennett alot of max lovers who have to say he has trounced ric this yr where it definitely not a trouncing lol


Surely Daniil Kvyat could learn something from Ricci about handling pressure.

I would like to see @James interview Dr Marko on Kvyat.

Baku, the first corner he went off and re joined in such a fashion that Carlos spun his car to avoid a crash.

Last race Kvyat claims he was a passenger in his own car as it bounced back into the track and said Carlos could have anticipated that. (I guess Carlos got tired because either way he would be off, anticipate and spin out, don’t anticipate and get knocked out)

But the Howler is at the Austrian HOME GP of Redbull and Max V to some extent. The way he bashed off Alonso and Max into retirement. Again he said he locked his tires up and after that, he was just a passenger.

For a F1 driver, he sure claims to be a “passenger” too many times!

I wonder How the Redbull family reacts to this kind of Raging Bull in a China Shop like treatment – the Russian dishes out to his own Stable Mates.

It really ruins the fun when you have a driver that keeps wiping out exciting protagonists race after race.

I think for his own pride, he should calm down, and finish the last part of the season with dignity and walk away. Who knows, maybe if he gives up on his desperado antics, he may actually drive better to be retained for another year.


Nice chap, deserves every point he got this season. However, his teammate is faster then him this season. The results Daniel has got don’t do his teammate any justice. The article points out that a lot of the results are there because of the misfortune of others.


Hey, who is the king ? Ricciardo or Verstappen ? Come on!
If Lewis were last that race he would get podium, at least, anyway!

The king is who has a slow car and pipped someone with a faster car


verstappen, all season long!


Of course he would: look at the car that he is driving.

That said, of course – Lewis didn’t manage it in Austria and didn’t even start last.


Yes, Ricciardo is doing an outstanding job. Strategical overtakes, staunch defending, being at the right place at the right time. His only luck being the DNF’s in front of him. It’s very mature and inteligent racing, hats off! Hamilton made more mistakes this season, so if Ric would have had a Mercedes he would be nr 1 right now…


the top three drivers are celebrated on the podium with their national flags and national anthems for the winning driver and team..the winning driver given the largest trophy and highest number of points. the podium residents are given campaign to play with in celebration. that’s it..


did verstappen not have a late extra stop and still finish ahead?


Something to do with the 18 cars between them at the start I’m guessing!


which car has the number 18 on it?


very clever!



Very true though!


aveli, are you saying Max can’t make his tyres last?


read my post and you will notice all the words i wanted to use are present..
he said himself after the race that when he noticed that raikkonen had pitted he said he could’ve stayed out but by then he was already in the pit…





The words of Christian Horner are more relevant and they are that they brought Max in as a precautionary against another DNF resulting from tyre failure.

Why risk 4th place and 12 points?


yes red bull did call verstappen in as a precaution but when verstappen noticed that raikkonen had stopped, he questioned the teams decidion to stop because he thought he could’ve stayed out and earned more point. they explained to him it was a precautionary stop because he had done a stint 1 lap short of vettel’s on those tyres..


If nothing else Dan is very entertaining on weekends, don’t see much of him when he qualifies well but that’s the difference in the cars at the pointy end of the grid.
He’s clean in races and that’s why he’s ahead of Max he doesn’t try to stick the car in places it doesn’t fit and has a bit more patience than young Max.
The top 3 teams have the best pairing though putting Fernando into one of them would be better for the sport and the spectical
I am a Dan fan and have enjoyed his “Shoey” and hope he gets the chance to drink plenty more on Sunday arvo’
Go the honey badger the best bloke in F1 and one of the best racers out there to boot.


While Ricci is good, in fact very very good, he has been equally fortunate this season. Looking at the races, I still believe Max to be better than Ricci and over the seasons things will even out. Let’s see how he handles it when Max out paces him when there are no incidents for either of them. Well that’s my opinion!! Also he is very shrewd – he knows how to under the skin of a driver without over doing it.


wow how many times do we have to hear that max is better faster stronger than Dan. Fact 1 Max explodes his car far too often – this is not just luck, the driver has the ability to crank up the car and overdrive the tyres. Max clearly is fast over 1 lap but cant keep it together for long. Fact 2; Max is a dangerous driver – he is erratic when being overtaken and dangerous when trying to overtake. this has been shown over and over with max barging into places where the car doesn’t fit, running people off the track, running off the track himself to overtake, damaging other cars. For mine a better driver doesn’t crash into and damage other cars.. Give it a break, he is fast but erratic. Fact 3: Max is way behind Daniel in the championship. When he is in front, he is a better driver.. end of story


I think RIC is the complete package, there are some things MAX its lackin, for example patience and understanding of the race as a complete mass of other cars/drivers trying to do the same you are doing…

MAX need that experience that RIC already has, it is true that MAX’s incidents are a big part of why RIC is ahead, but you can also see it as a RIC not having incidents its his own advantage, RIC understand the car and position he has, and manage the race the best he can and know where he is and what he an do, push the car to the acceptable limit and takes the best every race… MAX in the other hand, its trying to prove something that its already prove HE IS A GOOD DRIVER WDC QUALITY… but, needs to be patient and chose the batles he can win, instead of be involve in all kind of battles everytime, everywhere…

So, I don’t think RIC has been benefited by VER incidents, but of his own success to avoid to have them.

thats the EXPERIENCE MAX is lacking.


Well put jkimgt!
I get the impression that Max’s career will end up being a whole lot of wins, but also a whole lot of DNF’s.


jkimgt, experience doesn’t buy you better batteries or engines.


I don’t really see the point of your comment in relation to mine.


Just saying that there’s no causality between experience and the problems Max has had, although that seems to be a popular narrative. Most were mechanical failures, which were not caused by getting into battles with drivers. Only one DNF was really related to a battle with others, the crash caused by Bottas via Raikkonen (Spain). You might argue that Max was slightly opportunistic there, but even more so was Daniel on Grosjean in Silverstone. Doesn’t take anything away from his great recovery drive though!


yup, now that you elaborate your reply looks better…
not related to batteries or engines anyway hahaha…

and yeah, you are kind right about not all DNF might be related to Max hunger, but you can’t also deny that he need to chill out a little bit, I mean he is not perfect, and nobody expect him to be, or to win this year, well maybe his father and inner circle are pushing too much unnecessarily.


Ferrari are really missing an opportunity by not wrestling Ricciardo out of his RBR contract.
He’s at the peak of his powers and would be a perfect fit for Ferrari, and it’s nothing to do with his Italian heritage. He’s quick, hungry and makes fewer mistakes than most.
We know how he stacks up against Vettel and his career at RBR is just going to get harder as Verstappen improves. In fact Max is already making a habit of shading Dan over one lap.
Yes Dan has had some great results this season. but he has been flattered by Max’s run of DNF’s.


Couldn’t agree more Ray!
Make some calls will you!


Danny Ric is amazing but if Mad Max (who is anything but mad) hadn’t broke down so much this season he would be a head of Ric.

Max is 9 years younger than Ric. If Max has a full career we will not remember another current driver when all said and done. Max is a points machine.

Ferrari should take the both of them.


Your points machine is languishing a bit to be fair


I’d call him mad – if Vettel didn’t have his wits about him at Silverstone, we could have seen Max involved in an airplane accident with some of his blocks at Stowe. Max is lucky he hasn’t copped it trying those moves on a driver of Maldonado standard.


@ Big Haydo….I feel that sooner or later someone is going to get deeply involved to the extent that there will be a huge bingle between Verstappen and someone else. I do thoroughly enjoy a bit of wheel banging and elbows out driving buy there is a very fine line between that and ‘dangerous’ driving.


Ricciardo is a class act, if Renault can close the power gap with Merc/Ferrari and maintain reliability Ricciardo will be fighting for the championship next year,


JA, to what extent is Ricciardo “still an outsider” in F1 circles. I know he drives for one of the big teams, but i have the impression that he doesn’t have someone in the background doing the deals to put him into a winning team. I think he has shown that he has the skill to win races (all 5 wins have come from outside the top 3 on the grid -albeit with some failures in front of him), but the fact is -other than Max’s win in Spain (which was fortuitous itself)-he’s the only driver outside the top 2 teams that has won since 2013! He is also massively marketable.
We are coming out of an era where there have been multiple WDC’s on the grid (x5) before JB retired last year -they have largely commanded the top cars and the lions share of the money.
I wonder if that “log jam” at the top, as well as the decidedly uneven development race since 2014 have meant that Daniels moment will have come and gone without ever being in a car in which he could fulfil his potential? At 28, he still has some time, but it’s already apparent that their are “more connected” drivers coming through that may get the hot seats possibly at his expense?


@ LKFE….There may well be something to your thoughts. Ricciardo really needs to make a move into a championship winning car. I think that already the stone has been cast with Marko saying that ‘$100m’ wouldn’t secure a contract with Verstappen. He certainly didn’t say how much they’d need for Daniel!! Red Bull will play the long game here and there is a method to their madness. DR will be discarded, or at least, demoted when and if Verstappen gets a faster car. Of that i have no doubt. They have form and it would be in their interest to do this as they are ruthless in their approach. DR on the other hand needs to seize any chance he gets to move to a better team/car combination as i see it as the only way he will get a realistic tilt at a WDC. That will be difficult to do as Red Bull will not make it easy for him. The longer that they can hinder his potential the better it is for Verstappen in their quest for another Vettel like future.


“You sound a bit salty Ken?” – LKFE
Since your reply hasn’t shown up in the thread, I’ll post my comment here:

I prefer not to overegg the pudding, regardless of driver. Calling a driver the “comeback king” and stating he had made 24 overtakes, seemed to me to be overegging the pudding.


The Bulls are lucky to have him, particularly as not many could handle having the emerging fastest guy in F1 and one of the most driven as their teammate. Was always going to be a tough year as VES reached close to his ultimate pace and RIC has handled it with aplomb thus far and I expect him to claw back a little of the recent pace advantage the now entrenched youngster has.

Apart from his outstanding general demeanour, the thing that most impresses about RIC is his desire and ability to avoid contact in close racing, rather than the argy bargy approach of others. This is the one area that I feel VES has been very lucky thus far as his car and tyres have generally survived collisions with opponents.


I guess I’ll be the unpopular opinion again but I don’t think Danny’s performance here was the best, he did very much what his car was able to do, that’s really all. For reference, he was followed rapidly by Alonso in an inferior Mclaren. At one point Alonso was 13th, unable to pass cars with more hp, while Danny ended up a couple of places behind him because of his mistake.

Even after Danny went off, he was easily able to close up on cars again and pass them. When you compare this to what their team-mates accomplished, it’s all in line with the cars ability. Stoffel who some say had his best weekend went backwards 3 places by the end. It’s a good drive from Danny but I wouldn’t consider it great. On the other hand, I am hopeful for their highly touted upgrade that is coming. I wonder what Ferrari make of being told that Red Bull are going to overtake them week in and week out of late.



I’m also hopeful that the upgrade can put RB closer to the front, at least split the Ferrari’s.


RIC mi gallo! , will be world champion, hopefully very soon, I really hope he can be with RB and then with another team, multiple times 😀

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