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Bottas lays down gauntlet by leading British F1 GP practice ahead of Hamilton, but penalty looms
Posted By: Editor   |  14 Jul 2017   |  2:49 pm GMT  |  119 comments

Valtteri Bottas topped both British Grand Prix practice sessions on Friday to continue his assault on the summit of the Formula 1 drivers’ championship. However his challenge for this weekend has been dampened somewhat by needing to take a new gearbox, as team mate Lewis Hamilton did in Austria. This means that Bottas will move back five grid positions from wherever he qualifies.

Mercedes revealed on Friday evening that Bottas’ gearbox had shown similar damage to Hamilton’s but less severe and they had hoped to coax it to the end of the six race cycle. However that did not work out and so he’s taking the penalty at Silverstone.

Both Mercedes and Ferrari have new engines for their drivers here; scheduled updates. Mercedes’ Andy Cowell revealed that these are not a significant step forward and had already been run by customers taking a new engine in Canada.

Ferrari’s engine upgrade is believed to be a step of around 10-15hp, with also some modifications required to be made following a technical directive from the FIA on combustion. Raikkonen has a new turbo, while Vettel is already on his fourth turbo for the season and the next one will force a grid penalty.

On track, Bottas set the fastest time of 1m28.496s on super-soft tyres in FP2, beating team-mate Lewis Hamilton by 0.047s in the process; but his time was set on the slower soft tyres. Kimi Raikkonen was the fastest Ferrari driver with his time of 1m28.828s proving sufficient to keep Sebastian Vettel at bay by 0.128s.

Bottas started Friday’s FP2 on medium tyres, anticipating a long-run on the hard-wearing circuit on Sunday, but the rest of the grid emerged with softs then equipped super-softs for the second practice session of the day.

Becketts caught numerous drivers out on Friday as the cars carry a lot more speed through the preceding Maggots corner this year with the extra downforce. It wasn’t a case of the cars looking skittish; rather the 2017-spec cars shine, planted through these high-speed turns. Wth the new-found pace comes a new-found challenge.

Raikkonen was caught out mid-session as was Williams’ Felipe Massa at the same corner, the Brazilian having finished FP2 eighth.

Max Verstappen was the last driver to set a time within a second of Bottas finishing fifth, six-tenths off the top. His team-mate Daniel Ricciardo followed in sixth, 1.090s slower than Bottas.

Renault had contrasting performances from their pair of drivers. While Jolyon Palmer finished 18th, ahead of both Saubers, Nico Hulkenberg finished FP2 seventh with a tidy time of 1m29.936s – Massa followed by 0.070s.

Rounding out the top 10 was Fernando Alonso (ninth), producing another stunning short-run performance in his McLaren while Esteban Ocon finished 10th in his Force India VJM10 having completed the most laps (42) by the end of FP2.

The pair of Toro Rossos took 11th and 12th, with Carlos Sainz Jr leading having set a time of 1m30.555s. Sainz spun at Becketts early on in FP2 and a new floor was fitted to his car with less than half the session remaining, when he finally managed to set a time. He completed the fewest number of laps with 26.

Team-mate Daniil Kvyat was the only other driver apart from Bottas to equip medium compounds for FP2, finishing just 0.012s away from Sainz.

Sergio Perez was 0.241s slower than his tenth-place team-mate, finishing 13th and holding off Romain Grosjean, whose sixth-place finish in Austria will be hard to repeat here at Silverstone. The Haas did, however, complete a long and consistent run on super-softs and the Frenchman rarely finished over 1m35.500s over FP2.

Haas counterpart Kevin Magnussen was sluggish in 17th, behind rookies Lance Stroll (15th) and Stoffel Vandoorne in 17th. Marcus Ericsson, who complained of “understeer everywhere,” was the faster of the Sauber duo but the Swiss outfit’s returns on its 2016-spec Ferrari engine are evidently diminishing at this high-speed circuit.


Bottas edged Hamilton – both Mercedes on soft tyres – by 0.078s in FP1 earlier on Friday while rival Vettel was sixth fastest on super-softs, 1.411s off the summit having spun at Becketts. Vettel was testing the ‘shield’ device, a proposed measure to increase drivers’ safety.

The two Red Bulls, led by Verstappen, were third and fourth within half a second of Bottas and Raikkonen followed in fifth.

Toro Rosso’s Kvyat was 1.1789s behind Bottas in seventh while Alonso came out swinging, eighth fastest. Williams’ Massa (ninth) and McLaren’s rookie Vandoorne rounded out the top 10 in an FP1 where only Hamilton, Verstappen and Ricciardo finished within a second off the top spot.

At the rear was the Renault pair led by Hulkenberg while Wehrlein was the fastest of the two back-marking Saubers.

Have your say on Bottas’ Free Practice performance in the comment section below.

Free Practice 2 Times, 2017 Formula 1 British Grand Prix: 








Valtteri Bottas





Lewis Hamilton






Kimi Raikkonen






Sebastian Vettel






Max Verstappen

Red Bull





Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull





Nico Hulkenberg






Felipe Massa






Fernando Alonso






Esteban Ocon

Force India





Carlos Sainz Jr

Toro Rosso





Daniil Kvyat

Toro Rosso





Sergio Perez

Force India





Romain Grosjean






Lance Stroll






Stoffel Vandoorne






Kevin Magnussen






Jolyon Palmer






Marcus Ericsson






Pascal Wehrlein





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James, make a suggestion to FOM to stop using that shoulder cam angle. The majority of the fans don't want it. The cars look so sluggish from the shoulder camera, it's terrible. The T-cam is always the best. The low angle is for being as close as what the driver sees, but it's unnecessary and wrong actually because the angle zooms in too much. T-cam works much better in terms of giving you the perfect sense of speed and it let us see more of what the driver is doing. An example would be Hamilton's pole in Canada, we can't see how close he got to the wall of champs because it's on the other side, blocked. Another one is Vettel hitting Hamilton in Baku, we can't actually see whether Vettel physically controlled the car to 'ram' into Hamilton. For sure it has its ups and downs, but the only way for it to work 'properly' is for both cameras, shoulder and T-cam to be broadcasted to FOM, So when situations come, such as pole lap and circumstances that require the T-cam, it's easier and more feasible.


What happened to the thermal cam they had a couple of years ago? I thought it showed some interesting information like the load on the tires or the exhaust gases


And while we're providing constructive feedback to the FOM, whoever decided to change the race screen graphics needs a good talking to. They used to be useful, alternating between gap an interval but now they show nothing most of the time. You used to be able to follow exactly what was happening in the rest of the race, despite never actually seeing the action. Can't be a real estate issue as at one point they actually put up full names! Change it back pronto!


I have always assumed, and I may be totally off base, that the new HD offset camera was introduced because drivers now have those new LCD screens on the steering wheel and teams were hiding their secret modes and data that could be useful to the opposing teams. So they created that zoomed in camera.


You're right it needs to go. Someone mentioned some old prost footage from 1875 or something and they adopted the angle to shut one bloke up lol


...and the pic,


as in the pics...


If they need to stop anything, it's these crazy penalties. Make them financial team penalties and constructor point deductions.

Second race in a row we will be denied seeing the Mercs go head to head, even more important as they now dominate qually with their speed.

As for McLaren Honda! 30 place penalty for Alonso, no sorry 25 place new engine and 5 place new battery which is crucial as it really adds to the show... well done F1. Does 30 places put him starting on the old Silverstone grid?!?
30 places is dead last so why bother with qually, why bother for the fans?!?

On your cameras, disagree on the sense of speed, I actually prefer the lower view from the shoulder cam like days of old, rather than the 3rd person Playstation style high up t-cam.


This about it for a moment Clarks.
Mercedes won last 2014-2016 constructors by about 300 points. How many PUs or gearboxes is that? Who would constructor point penalties hurt most?
Who has most money? Who would financial penalties hurt most?


James bandied the idea of penalties being a percentage of points. Now with McLaren perhaps it could convert to financial penalties, and have the money go to their nearest competitors in the table.

If it's an intra-team title fight like last year, better that it's not sullied due to uneven reliability.


"The majority of the fans don't want it." Sources? I for one actually love it.. Sure when you want to see a qualifying lap the T-cam is better, but during actual racing especially when the cars the chasing each other it looks awesome. Also, it seems like with the new on board camera you can actually see the bumps and little direction changes even more, and this gives it a bit more raw feeling.


Totally agree, I hate that perspective. It might be more the wrong focal length than camera height. They could experiment with that and have a few drivers comment on how realistic it looks. Years ago the shoulder cam was all we got until they started mounting them up top and those gave a better sense of speed.


Speak for yourself. I actually really like the shoulder camera. It provides a better eye-level view of what the driver sees. I think it shows the speed a little better as well.

What I'd really like to see is something like a Go Pro attached to the helmet. Probably never happen because of weight/aero concerns, but I think that would be cool.

Different strokes for different folks.


They have experimented with helmet cams in recent years - They were somewhat grainy, but they did give the impression of raw power and speed, and that was with the slow and easy to drive F1 cars.

Not sure why we haven't seen them lately, but they should definitely bring them back.


like a Go Pro

I'm pretty sure they tried something similar , like an eye cam or helmet cam - on Hulk maybe . It was very jumpy and all over the place - imagine someone running and holding a camera in their hands and you'll get the picture.


"It was very jumpy and all over the place "

Yep, but that was what made it so good 🙂

These super smooth I'm driving on polished marble steady cams they they insist on using these days does nothing to convey what the drivers are actually experiencing in the cars.


Where've you been Random ? We need your voice of reason back on this forum as a matter of urgency!
Oh, and you're right about the cameras not conveying fully the skill of the drivers 🙂


Not to worry, I'm still kicking around and dropping the odd comment, but definitely not as much as I used to.


INDYCAR use visor cam every race weekend. Awesome


"The majority of fans don't want it."

How do you know? Have you carried out a survey? Personally, I like the over-the-shoulder viewpoint and others have written so on this very website.


Yeah that's true they ought to put a rotating cam on top of the turbo instead of a fixed one. The cameras could be better for sure for the fans.


I disagree. In my view the shoulder cam provides a greater sense of action, you get a better appreciation of the drivers skill and what they see on coming (or not as the case may be). Higher up doesn't give the sense of speed the lower shoulder camera gives. I love the Senna video of his Monaco chase during 1990. Classic f1 view and I'm glad they've brought the camera back into play.


But doesn't T cam shows wheel placement and track position better?


Possible improvement to shoulder/t-cam variants, plus acts as an alternative to the halo or screen 😉

Could have been introduced earlier but nobody would volunteer for Maldonado's car...


Brilliant Clarks - 10/10 🙂


Lewis keeping his powder dry.
He as it covered.
Good to see Billy Monger in the Mercedes garage. Billy there as a guest of Lewis.
Nice to see that.
Ferrari way out and Mercedes are flying.
All round smiles at Mercedes .
Come on the Brits.


"Ferrari way out and Mercedes are flying.
All round smiles at Mercedes ."

Spot on mate! The real truth behind LH's trip to Greece is that Mercedes already celebrating both Driver's and Constructor's title. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS!

Tornillo Amarillo

On track, Bottas set the fastest time of 1m28.496s on super-soft tyres in FP2, beating team-mate Lewis Hamilton by 0.047s in the process.

Lewis I think was the only one in SOFT though... (?)


only one in SOFT though

Correct , the commentary team remarked on it - odd that fairly important detail was left out.


Correct, he messed up his run on the Super Softs and headed back to the pits to check for damage.

A rather vital piece of information omitted by Mr Allen!

Stephen Taylor

Bottas made a mistake on his qualy sim despite going fastest. He can go faster. Lewis is probably favourite for pole but unlike previous years it does not feel a certainty. Seeing as you have mentioned Brits -i've got a plea for Palmer. Jo please don't embarrass yourself and get destroyed by Hulk at your home race.

Tornillo Amarillo

A comparison will be inevitable between Qualify&Race from Hamilton in Austria and the same for Bottas in Silverston, since it is the same 5 place grid penalty knew before Qualify in both cases.
Lets see... (I think Lewis did not do well P3 in Q and P4 in Race and I'm upset).

Tornillo Amarillo

Finally another Podium is possible for Max !


If they let him sit on the podium to watch the rest of the race after his retirement, sure...

Although I really hope his luck changes.

Tornillo Amarillo

Kevin Magnussen was sluggish in 17th, behind rookies Lance Stroll (15th) and Stoffel Vandoorne in 17th.

Correction: Vandoorne in P16, KMag P17.

Who was slower in comparison with their teamates?

Stoffel .544'' slower than Alonso
Lance .689'' slower than Massa
Palmer .943'' slower than Hulk


The minute I saw Monger in the Merc garage [mod]


How does it matter! It was very nice gesture by Lewis and team.


Probably have a crying kid ready to go if lew lew goes off at first turn


@ scott

For that line, today you have won the internet.


Really now?!? I guess he just called him up Thursday morning then??

Too many cynical and jaded people around.


Why assume Lewis is "milking" anything? It's not possible that it's just a genuine move? Given Billy's story, it was pretty likely that he would turn up at this year's British GP as someone's guest...why not as British 3x WDC Hamilton's guest? Lewis seemed genuinely shook up by Billy's accident, and was one of the first to reach out with support and financial donations.

Wtf is it with people always thinking there's an angle on something? Seems like journalism has become about making up stories where this isn't anything, and the general public is mimicking it to a T.


Pretty contemptible comment IMO.
I'm sure Billy would want to be at the British Grand Prix and in the company of Lewis Hamilton. This would have been arranged a long time ago and what everybody would have expected......I expect Lewis would get criticised by you if he wasn't invited


That's a bit hard isn't it. You don't have any idea when this was arranged.


Methinks you presume too much, Phil. How do you know that Monger wasn't given a choice of which garage he'd like to visit?


Well, as my comment has been moded, there is little scope for discussion. I just think Monger should be there as a guest of the FIA or Fi management and not by personal invite from any driver. Gestures of kindness in this context should be private and not splashed onto the public arena. I think Lewis could benefit from better advice than he gets currently....


should be private

How do you propose he does that ? He's a guest in the Merc garage but they keep him hidden away? Sounds a bit ridiculous to me. You're just searching for negatives Phil . Unlike you as you're normally quite funny - who p1$$ed in your cornflakes today?


How is it splashed on the public? Just because you saw him in the Merc garage? Stop seeing the bad in things.


Phil, was Billy there at the behest of Lewis' PR agency, or Lewis himself? Was it a publicity stunt, or a genuine act of kindness? I believe tge answers to these two questions should be, "I have no idea".


"I have no idea".

That's not stopped anyone from having a pointless dig before and I doubt it will in the future. I tend to skim past that sort of mindless comment although, in fairness to Phil, it's not something I'd normally associate with him.


Lewis definitely chilled at home 👍
Bottas can have the practice time but tomorrow it's Lewis all the way.
Just a slight slide or Lewis would be topping the time sheets.
Ferrari look rather dumbed down 😄


Strong performance from the silver arrows at Silverstone, the team looks good on both the long runs and short runs and with Lewis having recharged the batteries in Greece, he maybe the best placed driver heading into the weekend

Ferrari disappointed with P3 and P4 because the new engine was supposed to bridge the gap to Mercedes but this hasn't been the case which is a concern considering both Kimi & Vettel have won the race only once.

Red Bull are still not quite on the pace with P5 and P6 as the team await their upgrade in Hungary meaning, the team's mission is just to get both cars finish the race.

Good day's work by Renault in P7 but as usual, Renault is faster over one lap than in race mode hence are likely to lose out in the fight for points.

Williams in P8 would indicate the team has solved the one lap issues they encountered in Austria

Whereas Mclaren in P9 was a decent showing however, not good enough as Mclaren had to be in the top 7 to have confidence of making it to Q3

Last but not least, fair play by Force India in the top 10 meaning guaranteed points in the bag for the constructor's


It's possible Ferrari have more power at hand. I want to see the long run pace. Tomorrow we will know.


@ jdr

Aah if Ferrari have more power then they did a pretty solid job of sandbagging

But as always we shall know more in quali


As much as I miss the old Bridge corner - Rubens overtake of Kimi in 2003 was the overtake from the Gods - but the new Abbey corner (Turn 1) is a very worthy replacement, and a truly fantastic corner. Very similar to Turn 2 at Estoril, a very quick right hand flick that even on full tanks is taken well over 150 MPH. And Becketts/Maggots is still the most daunting series of ess bends in the world.

Silverstone used to be a smooth as silk................but these days it's as rough and abrasive as sandpaper rubbed on Cornish granite. The amount of "porpoising" and "bobbing" over the bumps and kerbs by just about every car is very surprising - almost like the ground effects days of the early 80s. And if those Dark Satanic Clouds (above) open up, then even if it dries out a "green" track will just chew up the compounds no problem..................


The bobbing that happens just before turn 1 can't help driver confidence at all!


I'm saddened to hear that the track is apparently as rough as a badger's posterior. However, the drivers should be thankful for small mercies as the average British road is scattered with potholes and not all of them get repaired so Silverstone is merely par for the course. Anyway the impoverished BRDC clearly can't afford to resurface the track so the drivers will just have to drive to the contitions!


... average British road is scattered with potholes and not all of them get repaired ...

I've driven throughout the U.K. I live in Canada. You have nothing to complain about. I win. lol


Great picture😄 but in all honesty, Canadian winters are a little bit harsher than they are in England. But get your point😂


Nice pic, point taken!


Constant freeze-thaw = huge road craters. Saw a small family living in one pothole this past winter. 😃

When off-roading provides a smoother ride.

____  _____🚗====


Yeah but a rough track makes it even better especially in the rain.


I wonder if Mercedes want both drivers to be Mercedes WDCS ASAP? Only if they are 100% sure Vettel isn't coming over perhaps?

That windscreen? Just imagine it after a few laps of rubber and grease. Or with rain. Oh sure, they could put a wiper on it to spread out the smudged goo evenly for a perfect Vaseline on lens effect.

Yo, F1! Quit having LMP WRC envy. We loved you as you were. Quit trying to cover the driver, the wheels and hybridifyin'!


What I don't understand is why the screen has to be so high. Surely it only needs to be tall enough to cover the top of the driver's visor - therefore deflecting any incoming objects up past the vulnerable visor section of the helmet and then onwards up over the top of the helmet? Or am I talking crap? 🙂


Also ,this one is probably the coolest Visually STUNNING contribution REDBULL provides to the world

- why cant they just take a canopy from there and place it on their F1 car?

Once Fernando gets used to the Shield Canopy.. perhaps a seat at a REDBULL air race is what he will crave next 😀


Yes, but if the FIA insist they will have a halo or Shield for sure, then I would rather prefer the shield.

Vettel may have felt weird due to the curvature of the screen he says, but let's not forget that fighter jets also have it. If they made a crappy mock up for the Ferrari today, that is not a fair way to judge it.

Agreed modern Fighter jets rely more on instruments, but they still cannot and possibly do not have "curvature" related distortions?

And what about single seater stunt planes that have canopies? They do close visual manoeuvres. REDBULL organizes so many of these stunt plane races. Perhaps they should borrow from that technology rapidly instead of fence sitting.

Watch these moves from behind a canopy!?


I believe Hamilton did not complete a lap on super sofst as Bottas did, Hamilton's fastest time was on softs


Yes, the article title is very misleading. Bottas did make a mistake in his lap but I feel, come Quali it will be a Merc 1-2 by a significant margin.


You are correct. He over drove his supersoft run and lost (Paul di Resta said close to 6/10ths) in sector 2 and sector 3. It will be an interesting FP3 and Q3 tomorrow for sure, since I think Ferrari have also kept their options close to the chest. Also I noticed Bottas supersoft long runs were truncated by time in the pits so that was also interesting. Lewis looked strong all around but he was untidy. Very hard to read right now. Also, new engine upgrades for Ferrari and Mercedes (Version 2.1) today so tomorrow we will see who has the better engine upgrades/engineers.


Pft Lew overdrive don't think so


I heard Hamilton snubbed the supersoft so that he could spend the time instead preparing for Sunday's race..


No mention that HAM set his time on softs while NOT set his on SS? Quite relevant , no?


Bottas edged Hamilton – both Mercedes on soft tyres – by 0.078s in FP1 earlier on Friday "
Wonder why for the FP2 report the tyre types were not given?

Stephen Taylor

The difference is no that big between Soft and Supersoft 0.2-0.4 and Bottas made a mistake on his qualy run in the S section despite going fastest . Bottas has more in the tank.


I think the difference is more than that.

Anyways, here are the new components both Mercedes and Ferrari drivers took, and what they're at for the year.

New components taken:

Current component usage:
ICE / TC / MGU-H / MGU-K / ES / CE
VET - 3 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 2 / 3
RAI - 3 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 2 / 2
HAM - 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 2 / 2
BOT - 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 2 / 2


what do you make of the 4th TC for Vet? It seems a bit weird if it's some sort of tactical thing (like Ferrari are claiming). It will preclude them from bringing any upgrades (without taking a penalty) won't it?


Yeah, no upgrades allowed. They can do "reliability" updates to them, but there hasn't been any reliability issues with them (or did Kimi have turbo issues earlier?).

Maybe we'll hear the real story after the season.


"Bottas has more in the tank."

Spot on mate! Lets see if he jumps the start again or if mechanics sabotage him with yet another pit stopa lot slower than LH's.


When did he have a slower stop? Hope you're not saying Austria ... they were doing their best to turn him around to take the victory! A slow stop then would mean Vettel winning. Honestly ...


A rather strange boost coming from the new Ferrari engine


About as great upgrade Mercedes brought to Spain. You know, lighter, more powerful, more reliable that would leave everyone else in dust.


That shield I'd just aghhh!!

Fulveo Ballabeo

Agreed. Windshields on open-cockpit race cars? Terrible.

Keep open cockpit. If want a windshield, there's already an answer: go race sportscars/tintops.


I actually don't think it looks as bad as the halo from last year, that was just plain stupid, but I'm as intrigued as everyone else about the elephant in the room. What about oil, bits of rubber, rain droplets and any other such crap that presently gets dealt with via a visor tear-off? Why is nobody in the FIA answering this question? In principle, fine (although SV was complaining today that it made him feel dizzy from distortion over 1 lap), but in practice, how is this going to end up? Someone getting killed because they're too stubborn to admit that they can't see a blasted thing? We'll have lots of Schumacher into the back of Coulthard at Spa incidents. It seems to be a major design flaw that everyone in charge is choosing to ignore.


James, if you have a moment tell the TV director to broadcast the T-cam especially when it comes to Q3. Many great things has happened to F1 this year, but on board pole laps ain't one of them. FOM used to use the shoulder cam but under much restraint. Ever since 2010, on board videos mostly came with telemetry. For some reason we don't know, they decided to go backwards, using this shoulder cam as the main one, and now they even stopped showing telemetry.


This is like listening to a dark, rich language that I have no hope of really understanding (despite being a semi-professional photographer)! I was hooked at Rider's comment at the top of the comments!!


Well Hamilton set his fastest time on the soft tires. If Mercedes locks out the front row Bottas might get to turn 1 first even if he doesn't get pole but we will see?

I think F1 might need a different tire supplier but then again Goodyear tires that NASCAR uses are pretty unpredictable with being too hard one race and blistering the next one.


It won't be a Merc lockout. Bottas is getting a new gearbox like Lewis did last weekend. But if Bottas gets a start like last weekend, who knows where he will be in the first corner😊


into the side of Kimi of course!


It says in the first paragraph of this article that Bottas will take a five place grid penalty for a gearbox change. He'll have to jump the start if he wants to lead into the first corner this week.


I've got a thousand euro that says Bottas will not be first into the first corner.
Read the first 2 paragraphs of the article above 😉


The games are under way !


The gap to Lewis should have been huge — Lewis was on softs, not super-softs, as was Bottas. Yet the gap was only half of a tenth of a second...

Lewis clearly has a significant advantage.


I think it'll be between the Mercs for the win on Sunday. Lewis is close to Bottas on slower tyres, FP3 should be interesting to see if Ferrari turn their new PU up and RBR similarly bolt the rest of their upgrades on overnight.

James, what happened to the timing "pips" comparing parts of sectors in qualifying? I quite enjoyed those going green/grey/purple! It added a bit of interest when the director was off showing the latest celebrity in the garage, or a different car to the one on the hot lap.


Wow would never of guessed that thanks


BTW, James, thanks for the summary of Silverstone Practice sessions. NBC, unfortunately, has chosen to delay any broadcasting of practice or quali footage until 11 a.m. today and Saturday Pacific Coast Time. They have also limited practice to 60 minutes for both sessions. This approach is, apparently, in favor of bicycle racing somewhere in France.

Consequently, F-1 interests must depend on your reports and they do free up the rest of the day for other needs -- no reason to record the air time as a result of this informed choice on NBC's behalf. Sponsors loose exposure, NBC looses "ratings" and "fans" (and potential fans) both loose as a result. Then at times NBC also chooses to air different parts of an F-1 event on different channels -- oh well, just live with it, eh?

Hopefully, Liberty will be able to find a network which is more responsive and knowledgeable in the not to distant future. Counting on their stated policy to open up markets and provide broader support for potential customers and dedicated F-1 interested parties. Thanks again for all you do.


..or do a deal with NBC where all the sessions not broadcast on TV are live streamed/OTT...


yes please ! NBC Sports Gold provides really good Tour de France coverage and the online version allows the viewer to access all stages for live streaming or repeat viewing, highlights of this years & last years event.

Surely the time has come for F1 to offer the same sort of package for long suffering F1 fans.....? US coverage is a real challenge.


Cool English summer weather definitely playing to Merc's strengths and not Ferrari's. Think Merc have got this one, will be interesting to see which driver prevails though. If Bottas wins again that'll really put a cat amongst the pigeons. I'm sure Ferrari haven't properly turned up the new engine but Mercedes won't have either.

Will Ferrari tell Kimi to pull over if he is leading Vettel in a comfortable 3rd and 4th?


Ferrari tell Kimi to pull over

Do bears $h1t in the woods? 🙂


"Will Ferrari tell Kimi to pull over if he is leading Vettel in a comfortable 3rd and 4th?"

I too would hate to see them pull a Mercedes.


Bottas has 5 grid penalty for gearbox


Will Ferrari tell Kimi to pull over

No😊 he'll develop a little problem in the car or his strategy will be a little Monacoesque😄🍻

Remember your predictions aswell😊


Done them James!


"Will Ferrari tell Kimi to pull over if he is leading Vettel in a comfortable 3rd and 4th?"

No doubt in my mind, although they'd probably manipulate pitstops etc before that if they could.


Off topic but anyway, Honda having troubble also in the road car department. Batteries have caught fire due to electronic issues. Souds familiar. Mercedes also now under investigation having used software activated under emmision test. Let's see how that will pan out.


How thrilling. Another week when one of the top four is taken out of contention due to the artifical mechanical penalties.


So this was my first experience of live formula 1 ever. I've followed this sport for 30+ years and never had the money/time to go. I admit as a nearly 40 year old man I cried a bit when I arrived at the track and the cars came whooshing past. Amazing. I watched from Luffieldisclosure and the copse and them maggots/beckets. I saw Lewis run wide, Kimi face backwards and Stroll (I think) pirouette. I heard the engines - the Honda sounds fundamentally different to the others. I didnt meet any drivers yet though! Formula 2 is 'bust your eardrums' loud - less technical, more visceral. Better sound than f1? Probably for the thrill factor. The whole experience of today has been awesome - be back again for more tomorrow!


Take that windscreen off.

And leave it off.


It's better than the thong, though which is what we'll end up with if they don't get the aero screen working. So they should persist with it I reckon.

James, do you think there is scope in the current regulations to allow the screen to be more integrated?


Great day today at Silverstone, looking forward to the next 2 days, but strangely I'm looking forward to seeing the F2 and GP2 cars more, they sound so much better! Even the Porsche's sound better! And the 2 seater cars just rub salt in the wound with the old authentic F1 sound for the few laps they are on track. I really hope this hybrid fuel efficiency nonsense gets scrapped soon. One good point is these 2017 F1 cars look very fast through the corners and you can really hear them pounding the track surface in places like maggots and Stowe, but the engine sound sadly just doesn't refect the speed they are carrying.


"However his challenge for this weekend has been dampened somewhat by needing to take a new gearbox, as team mate Lewis Hamilton did in Austria."
Wow Vettel hit Hamilton so hard at Baku it effected Bottas as well. Thats one hell of an energy transfer.


James so ferrari did lose a bit of speed because of the combustion change due to the oil burning issue?


That they make up in other ways; that is the way of F1..


Things look a bit complicated for Ferrari after Friday. Lets see what today will bring.
Bottas 5 places penalty is not welcome but will surely help Vettel's quest. I hope the new Ferrari engine will help him keep close to Hamilton. Marc


Dear gods of F1,
whoever of you is responsible for failures of parts, please, please, please, next time just make it that way that the failure is first at Bottas and the following race at Lewis. We small worms on earth who watch F1 are tired of that 'Why is it always me of a certain person.'
Thanks in advance from a small worm


I'm tired of these engine and gearbox penalties. I can't see what they add to the event for the viewers. It's very boring and frustrating. I couldn't care less if they needed a gearbox change or not.
James, do you know if this is being reviewed by brawn?


Yes they are looking at it, consulting with teams and FIA, but it's FIA business so they can only make suggestions, not changes

Only FIA can make changes

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