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Canadian GP: Lewis Hamilton hits six for first time in his F1 career as Ferrari stumbles
Posted By: Editor   |  11 Jun 2017   |  9:29 pm GMT  |  430 comments

Lewis Hamilton led the Canadian Grand Prix from start-to-finish for his sixth career Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix victory to close the gap on Sebastian Vettel. It is the first time in his career that Hamilton has won the same race six times.

Earlier in the weekend he became only the third driver in F1 history to set 65 career pole positions, but two years younger than Ayrton Senna and five years younger than Michael Schumacher to hit that mark.

The polesitter ensured Mercedes’ first one-two of the season, as everything fell into place from the start while Ferrari suffered setbacks from a chaotic opening few laps, some strange strategy moves on Raikkonen’s car and barely recovered.

Hamilton crossed the line 19.7s in front of team-mate Valtteri Bottas and moved within 13 points of Ferrari’s Vettel in the drivers’ championship.

He defended his position ferociously through the first two corners from Max Verstappen in the opening lap, while Bottas was very aggressive with Vettel, diving down the inside into Turn 1. Bottas got a flat spot on his front tyre, Vettel sustained some wing damage from contact with Verstappen and had to make an early stop.

Hamilton, seeing all this with a smile no doubt, swiftly pulled away until a Safety Car interrupted proceedings; but that lead was untouched for the rest of the race.

Haas’ Romain Grosjean clipped Carlos Sainz Jr and the Toro Rosso was sent careering into Felipe Massa, leading to the retirements of Sainz and Massa, into the barriers in Turn 4.

In that opening sequence, Kimi Raikkonen was leapfrogged by Force India’s Sergio Perez and championship leader Vettel lost part of his front wing due to early contact with Bottas; he was pitted on lap six and relegated to the rear.

Verstappen had moved from fifth to second place through the first corner, but his race ended as the Red Bull hit a battery problem and turned off on lap 11 on the exit of Turn 2, triggering a Virtual Safety Car.

On the restart, Kevin Magnussen was given a drive-through penalty for jumping McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne before the caution was withdrawn and the Dane ended 12th with Vandoorne two places behind.

Vettel eventually recovered to fourth place, due in part to Raikkonen’s sluggishness and late-race brake problems which left the Finn seventh, narrowly ahead of Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg. Moreover, it was due to Force India missing the chance to gain a rare podium spot.

Daniel Ricciardo pitted on lap 19 for soft tyres, one lap after Raikkonen who was sent in to undercut his third place competitors. The Australian came out ahead of both but behind Force India counterpart Esteban Ocon, who was second at the time.

Force India score 18 points, but could it have been more?
Ocon later pitted and rejoined behind team-mate Perez, who was given a three-lap deadline to overtake Ricciardo on lap 60 by his team as the Mexican’s tyres were dropping off and he was holding back Ocon. There was no intention from Perez of letting the young Frenchman have his place and attack Ricciardo on super-soft tyres.

Hamilton and Bottas pulled away as the Force Indias squabbled and Vettel was in striking distance of the pink duo with five laps left. Perez wouldn’t budge and Ocon was first to fall into Vettel’s clutches with a mistake in Turn 1 on lap 66 of 70.

Perez lost fourth place to Vettel after a fantastic recovery for with a couple of laps remaining, but by this time Bottas and Ricciardo had been gifted second and third place, respectively.

A frustrated Ocon settled for sixth as Perez, just 0.060s ahead, clung onto his eventual fifth place finish.

Fernando Alonso suffered another engine failure in the race’s closing stages this time, and the IndyCar returnee jumped into the crowd to let off some steam as his tenth place finish was lost to Romain Grosjean.

This was McLaren’s chance to score its first point of the season but Alonso was resigned to a non-finish on the penultimate lap. The Spaniard ran as high as fourth at one point, showing his skill and composure even as the Honda-powered MCL32 struggled on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve’s long straights.

Homecoming rookie Lance Stroll picked up his first career points, finishing ninth in front of the Montreal crowd in a performance which was noticeable calmer than before.

Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat helped Stroll’s case as the Russian faced a 10-second penalty as he stalled on the grid on the formation lap and incorrectly rejoined, according to the stewards.

He eventually retired with a mechanical issue, but only after his woes worsened. He was brought in for a late pitstop but his team brought out the wrong tyres, leaving him stranded defencelessly on the jacks.

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2017 Canadian Grand Prix, Results: 






Lewis Hamilton




Valtteri Bottas




Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull



Sebastian Vettel




Sergio Perez

Force India



Esteban Ocon

Force India



Kimi Raikkonen




Nico Hulkenberg




Lance Stroll


1 Lap


Romain Grosjean


1 Lap


Jolyon Palmer


1 Lap


Kevin Magnussen


1 Lap


Marcus Ericsson


1 Lap


Stoffel Vandoorne


1 Lap


Pascal Wehrlein


2 Laps


Fernando Alonso


4 Laps

Daniil Kvyat

Toro Rosso


Max Verstappen

Red Bull


Carlos Sainz

Toro Rosso


Felipe Massa



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Get in there Lewis, he was untouchable today - felt a bit like the good old days with a Merc 1-2 🙂 10 years on from his first pole and win in F1 he takes pole with a fastest ever lap of the track, fastest race lap, led the race from start to finish and his first win 6 times at the same circuit. Not a bad weekends work 🙂
I thought it was a great comeback drive from Vetell and very brave overtakes to get back to P4 . Not forgetting Ric who did very well to keep hold of 3rd place - looked like he was under a fair bit of pressure from the Force Indias for a while.
Very enjoyable race.
Final mention for Sir Patrick - he knows how to milk a crowd!


Ha ha ha, despite all the irrational hatred towards him from some aberrant quarters, and a desperation to see his total demise, God keep saying, step aside he is my creation ; he gives and takes. Some may rejoice when Hamilton has a setback, but I believe some setbacks during the course of his career has been good for him They improve and make you stronger. Either way,no victory for the purveyors of hatred.


@ 63
Great post👍🏻🍻


Couldn't agree more. This is shaping up to be a vintage season, where the top two seem to be lining up for a season long battle. Lewis' drive here and his recovery in Monaco was top notch, but Vettel has matched him with a great drive in Monaco and a superb recovery here.

This season is going to be close, and Vettel's move on Ocon today might be the one that will win him the crown.

And James, nice with the foreshadowing, "Evaluate Stroll vs Massa, Vamdoorne vs Alonso and you'll see yes a tough year for rookies to learn ropes. Ocon being this close to a proven performer like Perez is very impressive". That fight spiced up the race, waiting for your strategy report to see if FI really missed the podium.


Good old days of Merc 1-2. Wow!


I did put a smiley face - something of a tongue in cheek remark 🙂

Ahmed of Sydney

James, i thought it was Verstappen that cut across Vettel that took out Vettels front wing?? Vettel was squeezed and had no where to go. Typical errors from Verstappen that he seems to always get away with, with no criticism.
And that move from Vettel on Ocon into T1 was one of the best moves of the year, risky and edge of your seat stuff, don't think Ocon made a mistake. Overall a very strong recovery drive from the back of the field and no help from safety cars from Vettel.


Max the @$$ clearly races with a different rule book from almost everyone else. In this case, he made a move that one would expect from a teenager in a carting race. And, as expected, when he got to turn one his two options were just to either go off into the runoff area or to take out another car.

If Red Bull is paying all this money to cause me to give a middle finger to their logo and stand up and cheer when the racing karma causes the car to stop, then its money well spent.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Racing karma is Ricciardo getting the podium and increasing the championship gap to the wunderkind. Or is that just championship material vs hype..?


I am wondering how people reflect on race, one hand they cheer for more excitement, on the other hand is Verstappen races it's n more than a hype.

The sheer fact is Verstappen hasn't DNF-ed this season due to recklessness, but to mechanical failures and other drivers.

In Spain for example Verstappen received some citisism, but Bottas made no secrets about him screwing up, excused himself to Raikkonen and Verstappen. In Canada Vettel was quite clear about the situation.... he didn't see Verstappen...at all. Vettel was focussing on Bottas steering to where Verstappen already was, a typical minor raceincident.

While Sainz is bowling, while Vettel clipt his frontwing three (!!) times on just a few laps, Verstappen is on the receiving end (!!??)

The sheer fact is that move from the start was one of the best starts RBR ever had, DNF ruined another race for him... that makes a total loss of about 40 points so far this season. Ricciardo suffered from two DNF's, but loosing no mora than just 6 potential points... more important Ricciardo benifits from Verstappens, Raikkonen, Bottas, in total he gained around 20 (!!) points without having to overtake anyone.

To be champion material you need more than just points falling in your lap, Ricciardo may have gathered more points, but was behind in every single race so far this season, he's the only smiling on the podium, but worrying overnight.

Once RBR finds their reliabilty Verstappen can score some descent points... up to this point in the season with Renault letting doen their drivers, Verstappen probably doesn't care a single bit about points... podiums is what he wants and what his aim shall be.



For Max it's welcome to life in F1 where reliability or lack of it is a feature of the sport. Just ask Lewis Hamilton who many think was denied a WDC last year because of the problems he experienced. The real question for Max, notwithstanding his obvious disappointment, is how will he respond to this disappointment. By some accounts he hasn't dealt with it all that well. Is this because of his youth or because he expects too much to soon?

Your post is not balanced in that the impression is gained that Danny Ricciardo's successes this season have come about because of Max's DNFs. Not so. Please consider for example that at Monaco Dan made excellent use of the strategy he was given to generate great pace to execute the overcut to get ahead of Max and Bottas to claim 3rd. Secondly, for 40 or so laps in Canada Dan was able to stay ahead of the two FIs despite having a less desirable/slower tyre compound. Perez stated post race that the only way he could have got ahead would have been if Dan had made a mistake. So credit where due.

Both Dan and Max are talented racers but the overriding fact is that neither of them will be able to compete for race wins this year and in the process demonstrate what they are capable of due to the underperforming Renault PU. And Max has even commented to Dutch media that he is concerned that things may not improve next year which would be devastating to both of them and RBR.


Ricciardo does a very descent job, like he always does, but hardly stands out. To my opinion China was Ric best race so far this season.... finished behind his team mate starting P17 though.

Most points Ricciardo took (extra) are thaks to others failing, not only Max, but also Raikkonen, Bottas and Vettel.

In Monaco Dan was doind a few fast aps when he was in free air, consider the team created that free air for him. In those few laps Ric gained a 8 sec gap. Max on the other hand didn't have one single free air lap. Considering Verstappen was faster in all FP and Q sessions he would have had much more potential.

In Canada Ric's performance was flat, he wasn't doing impressive lap times. over the first 10 laps Verstappen was faster up till 0.7 sec/lap. To my opinion Ric was lucky FI didn't let Ocon have a go.
On fresh tyres Ocon would have been a massive threath to Ric.
Don't forget Max was fighting Ham, did better pace than Bottas, while Ricwas fighting FI (??).

Last season, depite Verstappen being new to the team and struck by bad luck a couple of times more, i considered both drivers as mre or less equal. This season though Verstappen is on top in FP, Q and more important every race.



In Canada for example Dan got ahead of Raikkonen at the start and Kimi never regained that place. No Raikkonen "failure" there. Vettel was clipped by Max causing him to pit and drop to 18th position. No Vettel "failure" there. In Monaco Dan was allowed to run longer in an attempt to overcut Bottas because Max's undercut attempt on Bottas didn't work out. RB weren't going to let another opportunity to get Bottas slip through their fingers. Both drivers knew pre race that one of them might get a better strategy call depending upon what was happening on track. On this occasion Max lost out whereas in a few races time it might be Dan. As Max was the lead car for RB he would have got first call on strategy. I'm sure that if you go back and have a look at JA's race report it will tell you why RB decided that Max would try and get ahead of Bottas via the undercut. Whether or not Max was faster in the practice sessions or qualifying had no bearing once the race was underway because Pit Wall decisions are made based on what is happening on track. In Spain Max contributed to his DNF by his overly ambitious/opportunistic move into a closing corner. As Anthony Davidson of the Sky commentary remarked 3 cars into 2 in that corner won't fit. When you make that sort of move you tend to come off worse for ware because you're putting your survival into the hands of other people.

Dan's performance in Canada was "flat"? Perez said post-race that for 40 or so laps Dan didn't make a single mistake that he could capitalize on!! Could Ocon have done any better? Who knows? That's for FI to worry about.

Please consider that my comments here take nothing away from the super talent that Max is.


Not denying Ricciardo did a solid job in both Monaco and Canada, though Verstappen was in the position to do an even better job and was denied doing so.

Monaco was just a solid driver from Ricciardo, RBR made the call that was going to put Ric in front of 2 others (VER and BOT) regardless. Ver drove a 70 lap parade being in DRS distance to Bot 50% of the race. After Ver pitted he came up on track behind Sainz while Ric got free air. Monaco was decided by the team, nothing the drivers could change about that.

In Canada Ric overtook Raikkonen while Verstappen overtook Raikkonen, Bottas and Vettel.... that's a difference. Ver was also doing 0.35-0.7 sec/lap fater lap times than Ric. Was competitive to Mercedes. Ric could hold of Perez in a FI... another difference.
To me it seemed quite clear Ocon on fresh tyres would have had a descent shot on Ric, Ric got away with FI's Perez crying please ver the radio. Ocon would have been a much bigger threath.
Ric fighting off Perez to me seems no more than flat!

The moves Verstappen made this year usually resulted in gaining a few position at the start, he's been in sme great fights with Raikkonen, Bottas, Vettel AND Ricciardo. all those driver fight for what they're worth. Bottas, Vettel, Raikkonen and Ricciardo all took the blame for some incidents...... you just can't accuse Verstappen for being overly ambitious when others fail.

Bottas and Vettel took the blame for Spain and Canada... what is there to discuss for us...? To put the blame on Ver is just cause you may have some strong feeling against him, but that just doesn't add up. You can't blame a driver for gaining positions at the start thanks to being aggressive... they all are.

To me Vettel and Verstappen are the most aggressive drivers in the front, Vettel though close to overdoing things.... he dmaged his frontwing 3 times in a few Canada laps !! Both are a joy to watch racing, I would only encourage that.

Ric to me seems rather flat this season, if his best races are like Monaco and Canada than he season will go out like a candle, he needs to fight forward to stand out.



A few things for you to consider:

1. How would Max be in a position to do “an even better” job in Monaco? Third place was the best the team could have hoped for as Raikkonen and Vettel were further down the road with track position and where passing is almost impossible on those narrow streets.

2. What do you mean when you say the results in Monaco were “decided” by the team”? Are you suggesting that the team deliberately arranged things so that Dan finished ahead of Max? Sorry, can’t agree with that. Dan finished ahead of Max because of circumstances which occurred on track and which I explained in my previous post. Please read JA’s Race Report.

3. I agree that Max got a great start in Canada. No doubt! And it’s a terrible shame that his race was decided by a DNF when he could have finished as high as second.

4. In your previous post you stated that Max was “fighting” Lewis in Canada. Not true. Lewis was actually driving away from both Max and Bottas. What Max was doing well was keeping Bottas behind him until his DNF.

5. Why do you keep bringing up Perez and Ocon? Let me repeat again Dan managed to keep Perez - who had a Merc powered car - at bay for 40 laps and for his last stint with slow soft compound tyres. James Allen in his Race Report referred to this as “great defensive driving”. Perez said Dan didn’t make a single error on which he could have capitalised on. Now how you can refer to this as “flat” driving is beyond me. Dan didn’t get “away” with anything. It’s not his fault/problem that Force India didn’t switch their drivers around. He defended his position and got third for the team. No one knows whether Ocon could have got past Dan so there’s no point in keep referring to it.

6. I didn’t “accuse” or blame Max for anything but I’ll rephrase what I meant. When drivers undertake what could be considered as aggressive or overly opportunistic moves they can either be successful or there can be unintended consequences, namely they can cause damage to their own cars and/or other cars resulting in unplanned pit stops (as occurred to Vettel in Canada) or damage resulting in DNFs as occurred to Max and Raikkonen in Spain. The Stewards determined the contact in both these races to be racing incidents which essentially means no particular driver intentionally or carelessly caused contact thereby unduly effecting the race of a competitor. However, with Max his aggressiveness does sometimes have unintended consequences. In Canada his contact on Vettel effected Vettel’s race and as Vettel remarked post-race Max was lucky/fortunate not to have had a puncture himself. In Spain it’s my opinion, as it is with others, that Max drove into a narrowing/closing corner where three cars side-by-side is potentially risky. As Sky’s Anthony Davidson said 3 into 1 (corner) doesn’t fit but this is the risk Max took.

7. It’s still my opinion that Max’s Spain DNF was partially self-inflicted which means that both drivers have experienced 2 mechanical DNFs so far this season.

8. Unfortunately for Max and Dan fans the only real battle between the two has been in the closing stages of the Chinese GP where Max did well to hold off a fast finishing Dan. With 4 DNFs from 7 races the fans of both racers have been robbed of what could have been some great on track racing between the two.


Ricciardo Aficionado

Max is VERY exciting. I'm just sore because he's beating Ricciardo too often.
I don't really care about reliability stats. The other guy still has to get the job done.
Kimi should have won 2005, but instead I remember him as the fastest guy in the world that year and Alonso as a two time champ.
If not for reliability Ham might have won last year. I remember his raw pace and I acknowledge the determination that Nico displayed to overcome it.
Max is a great talent, a challenge for anyone to come up against and has scary potential. I admire Ricciardo's cool head and execution in the face of that challenge.
As for people crying for more exciting racing.... I'm not one of those. I'm a fan of test cricket.


I don't think there's hype with max, he proves nearly every race he's ready to race. Just a little fine tuning in his aggressiveness, then he's WDC material. He is in a way like Senna, racing runs through his veins. It's his life.

Ricciardo Aficionado

JK, there is soooooo much hype over Max.
You mean it's not excessive right? I'd mostly agree with that. He's quite a talent and I think he'd challenge anyone on the grid in the same car. But winning a championship is different to winning a race.
Hamilton v Rosberg...
Lewis won twice because he was quicker than Rosberg.
Nico won one because he maintained his intensity for longer.
Vettel... 4x Champ because he didn't give a rat's about Multi 21 BS
Schumacher... A metronome.
Kimi... Cold as ice, lucky, fast, destined.
Alonso... mass dampers and an ego that knows no equal.
Max may possess some or all of these characteristics but until he harnesses them, which might mean curbing some too, he's going to be just a freakishly fast kid.
Or as you say, far more succinctly, fine tune his aggressiveness.
But I don't see any evidence to support your psychological assessment. Though I haven't looked too hard.
Senna thought God was holding the steering wheel. Racing running through his veins? That's every driver... Hell, that's every male when they're on something with wheels. Especially surrounded by other blokes on wheels, WOOT!
His life?
His dad's life maybe.
Max needs to find himself to find his purpose.
Having said all that, give him the car and he'll do the business. But getting the car is half the business in F1.


Nico won one because he maintained his intensity for longer.

Nico won because the planets aligned perfectly for him. Reliability won the championship for Nico and he knew the chances of that happening again were slim and he ducked out whilst he was ahead.



To your comment: “Reliability won the championship for Nico”

While I acknowledge that Lewis (based on Poles and Race Wins) was the better driver of the two last season it has to be acknowledged that Nico couldn’t just rely upon “reliability” to win the WDC. He was still required to put in the work each race weekend and drive the car to achieve the success he had. At the end of the day when he crossed the finish line in Abu Dhabi he had the most championship points and on that basis “deserved” to win the title. Of course there will always be a foot note or asterisk to that (by writers, commenters and fans) regarding how “unreliability” affected Lewis’ season.

To your comment:

“he ducked (retired) out whilst he was ahead.”

Nico said himself that he found last year stressful and as you say he would be cognisant of Lewis’ problems with reliability so I have some sympathy with your point here. However, the flip side is that I had read or seen somewhere that he only ever wanted to win one WDC to match his father’s (Keke) one win. This in addition to him saying that his family is now his priority and that he wanted to get into other things. Money, or lack of it, would not have been a motivating factor to continue as I understand he’s loaded.

Just a few thoughts.


Adrian, I'm not saying Nico didn't drive well, nor that it was easy. I also didn't say he was undeserving. Whichever driver accumulates the most points is the champ. That's it.
However, I do take issue with the claim by SirTease or Ricciardo Afficiardo (or whatever he is calling himself this week) that Nico won because he maintained his intensity for longer. Had Hamilton enjoyed just a fraction of the reliability that Rosberg had, then Hamilton would have won comfortably . For example, I fail to see what Nico alleged intensity had to do with Hamilton's multiple reliability issues during Qualy, or the PU replacement at Spa, or the PU failure at Malaysia - when he was leading comfortably. How did Rosberg's intensity influence any of those issues? Can't see it myself.
As for Rosberg wanting to spend time with the family - all very admirable. The bit I don't get though is he said had he not won the WDC he would have carried on. So it would appear that spending time with the family wasn't the over riding factor after all.
He won and he run.....


C63, Sir Tease AKA Ricciardo Afficiardo you recon? I wondered what happened to Sir Tease. I agree that his claim that Rosberg won last year because he maintained his intensity for longer (presumably over Lewis) is nonsense. Doesn't make sense actually. But I do agree with him that those who are making any sort of comparisons between Max and the great Senna are making them somewhat prematurely!!

I thought you'd say or agree that Nico exercised some skill in getting the WDC. It was a tale of 2 garages wasn't it? One beset with mechanical issues the other clear sailing. No doubt the F1 historians will write about it and it will be a source of debate and discussion among the fans for years to come.

I had forgotten that Nico said that he would continue if he hadn't won. I guess bottom line he was under no obligation to continue although he was contractually bound to wasn't he? Oh well contracts can be broken and he broke his.

Bit more trivia for you. You can fit the whole of the United Kingdom 10.4 time into the great State of Western Australia. What do you think about that?


10.4 time into the great State of Western Australia

Thanks for that little tidbit - if the conversation starts to lag in the snug bar tonight, I shall drop that little morsel in and get things going 🙂



Thanks mate I thought you might be impressed! You could bring it up at one of those village fundraisers you have. And don't forget to mention the point 4. Goodness knows how many times you lot would fit into the whole continent. But who cares many west Aussies don't really care what happens over 3,000 km away. Speaking of which don't you think it's about time the Sky commentary team graduated from the Victorian era of miles an hour to km? Especially when the world wide feed refers to km which I suspect would be the official FIA term when referring to speed. C'mon now man. 🙂


The whole imperial v metric is a bit of an odd thing here in the UK. They've been teaching in metric for decades yet speed is still measured in mph. Shopkeepers are legally obliged to display signs in metric yet people will still 'talk' in pounds and stones - old habits etc ....


C63, thanks for that. Interesting! I can understand the Sky commentary team talking in MPH because they are all Brits (although I have noticed that while Crofty seems to talk exclusively in MPH Brundle does on occasions talk in KM) and they are broadcasting to a UK audience. But I wonder if they ever give consideration to the fact that all the English speaking countries in my neck of the wouods who can get their broadcast (via Foxtel) have KM. I'm curious. Perhaps you can let me know what information does the Sky team rely on to mention speeds in MPH?


Sky team rely on

Hmm, good question and the honest truth is I don't know. They have a fellow called Mark Hughes who acts as their 'wingman' pointing out things they may have missed or de-coding a potential strategy which is unfolding . He used to do much the same thing (I believe) for James and Martin Brundle back in their ITV days. He's actually really good and occasionally they get him in front of the cameras for a specialist piece of analysis. He also writes for Motorsport - they should swap him for Crofty in my opinion! Maybe he whispers in their ear .


C63, thanks mate. I only really raised this issue (and to be honest its no big deal) because while we did have MPH for many in my generation MPH means nothing.

As for Crofty, well he's not as bad as the guy who calls the races for BBC4 (with David Coulthard and Tom Clarkson) who gets uber, uber excited and doesn't have the same level of technical knowledge as Crofty. At least Crofty makes an effort to try and understand the technical/mechanical side of things. About 50% of the races are shown free to air here (same as over there I think) and occasionally I switch channels to have a look but then switch back to the Sky coverage. I like Brundle's comments. On to Baku.

Ricciardo Aficionado

That's what you took out of that whole post?
Still hurts huh.


Still hurts huh

Not really - no more than I imagine it hurt you when Kvyatt beat Ricciardo a couple of seasons ago. I'm comfortable with my own analysis as to the reasons why so I'm not especially concerned (as I would imagine you are re Ric).
As for whether that was all I took from your post, well that was the only part I felt was worth commenting on. Quite a bit of it I don't agree with, since you asked, but, in truth, I couldn't be bothered to compose a longer reply......

Ricciardo Aficionado



@Riccardo - well put ! Clear and concise.


Yes, agree on all your points👍🏻 , can't fault them 🍻


Typical overly aggressive move by Max that ruins someone else's race. When he can demonstrate that he can overtake without making contact he will be a real talent, but you are right - no one speaks out about how often he is involved these types of incidents... Shameful!


Ha ha ha, you will be here defending and protecting Vastappen from criticism had he affected Hamilton rather than Vettel. Vastappen is doing what Lewis used to do before he is tempered a bit by experience. Attacking is the only way to go if you want to achieve your goals in F1.


The "type of incidents" are called racing.. come on guys. It was a great move!
Even Vettel himself agreed!


Bull shit


shame perez didn't give ocon the chance to fight ricciardo..


If Ocon wanted to race Ricciardo he should have overtaken Perez, using his driving skills. Isn't that the usual way?


@Andy - Ocon was apparently wise enough not to endanger the team outcome and recognized that Perez is not. He has a future in F-1 and Perez has already squandered his best chance and seems bent on doing the same in the midfield, eh?


ocon still shone behind perez...


Modern F1. Why actually bother trying to pass a car on the track when you can whine to your team and tell the world that everyone should let you pass.

I never saw him get his car alongside Perez. Couldn't he have at least tried? Any old-school racer would have laughed at guy who can't even get close to getting alongside then asking that he should be let past.


Old fashioned F1 is fine with me. You want to be in front, you overtake. You don't want to overtake, you follow along behind, ideally without whining.

If this has the added benefit of making a team mate push harder in subsequent races, its a bonus for all of us watching.


Andy Warhol, you think teams didn't shuffle their drivers in the "good old days"? Of course they did!


@TimW - FI did not order the switch.

When drivers are ordered to make switches, most of the time they accede to the request. They may as well as the team can either tell them what is going on by radio message, OR by using pitstops make one driver assist the other. This happens all the time, as we have seen at Ferrari at least twice already this season.

This nothing new at all and has always been the case. Years ago teams were fined in obvious cases, but it happened regularly in anycase.

Perez was too quick for Ocon. I doubt very much that Ocon could have overtaken Ricciardo, if he could, he would have driven up behind Danny's Red Bull.


@Garett -Perez was not ordered to allow the change. I do not know of any great self respecting F1 driver who ever volunteered to let anyone pass. Ocon needs to do his own overtaking - or stfu


Well, Ocon did get his car alongside Perez - twice - once just before Vettel passed Ocon, and the other time at the last corner of the last lap. Perez didn't yield either time, so Ocon had to drop behind, but you can't really fault him for trying!


To be fair, during the race, I thought the same thing - but did you catch the interview with Otmar after the race? Having listened to him, I would say it was not as clear cut as it might appear..


i think peres was very silly not to have yielded...he has given okon more of an incentive to beat fair and square at each outing and okon will start demanding racing on equal terms...that was very selfish of peres..i heard ocan's name on the tannoy on numerous occasions before he stepped into f1..he's a real talent and that might have just been the apart to set him alight..watch him sizzle..


Ocon, imo, is the real deal for sure and Perez is starting to struggle to contain him. I can understand why he wouldn't want to just hand him a place - I know it's good for the team etc but drivers tend to be selfish individuals. Besides, as Otmar noted post race there is no way they could know whether Ocon would have got past Ric.


C63, agree with that. I was also impressed with Ocon when interviewed post-race. Like Max he seems to have maturity beyond his years. Probably not happy about Perez not letting him through but showed a good attitude in not speaking about it directly but said that the matter would be discussed in the debrief and that his time would come.


If anything I would say Ocon handles himself better than Max, who can be a bit stroppy if things don't go his way. I'm fairly sure Max is a better driver than Ocon though so I guess he thinks he has a bit more licence where behaviour is concerned.


C63, the better the driver the higher the stroppiness level?


Perhaps I didn't phrase that very well. What I was trying to say was the better , or more highly rated, a driver is the more secure their position is. If they feel wronged and they feel secure then perhaps they can be more vocal . Max is surely more secure than Ocon.


C63, I'm sure it's true that Max sees no reason to bite his lip while Esteban probably does, but I also think the general stroppiness level rises with along with the talent level! Fernando and Seb must have clocked up more radio rants than the rest of them put together last year, so using this measure Grosjean is clearly multiple WDC material!


Grosjean is clearly multiple WDC material!

Lol - the way he carries on you'd think that he was!


Perhaps I didn't phrase that very well. What I was trying to say was the better , or more highly rated, a driver is the more secure their position is. If they feel wronged and they feel secure then perhaps they can be more vocal . Max is surely more secure than Ocon.


C63, "Max, who can be a bit stroppy if things don't go his way." Have noticed that myself especially after last weekend. I can certainly understand his frustration but to say post-race that he wasn't enjoying things and didn't want to talk about it and then say on Dutch TV that his season thus far was "shit" is not an attitude that is going to impress anyone. Pub speak yes but perhaps Jos should remind him that he's in front of the world's media. And is was reported that after the Monaco race was completed he quickly sought out Horner and Marko. And Marko??Perhaps he expects too much too quickly. The reality is that neither he nor Dan can compete for race wins this year because Renault have recently stated that the long awaited big PU upgrade won't occur until next year. Just incremental improvements apparently and mostly on the aero side I would imagine.


Your right, as far as drivers are concerned, I think the future is looking good in F1. We've got Max, Ocon, and in the next couple of years, lando norris will be in. Some fantastic talent.


...in case you thought Mercedes aren't in charge of things any more, at will, as needed, today was a clarification to reevaluate your thinking.

How about a little prediction?  1 more non-Mercedes win this season, to return to 3 per year average last 4 years.

Daniel has got to knock it off with that shoe thing.  I thought it was for wins only too, so we didn't have to see it often.  Now it's just podium?  Standard is dropping and it's still repulsive.  Jean Luc, that wasn't a holodeck simulation!  That's was real man toe jam sweat you savored.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Having the captain of the Enterprise drink from your shoe IS winning.


Sooooooooooooo cynical.

Nevertheless, there is always a slight whiff of stage-management in F1 which I think dates back to the Mosley/Ferrari/FIA axis, with Bernie tugging strings left and right.

But make no mistake. Sebastian was unluckly, and while I think Max is a great driver, truly, delberately shaving the Ferrari wing so as to provide the necessary spectacle is stretching credulity to the limit.

It was an exciting race watching Seb climb the field but you have to wonder why on earth Kimi came in for his pit stop, unless it was to make way for Seb.


Anyone with F1 running through their veins would know it's not "just [a] podium".


...because of above noted Mercedes domination we're to believe has ended?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Comma anywhere??


First race this season that Merc have comfortably won, just like Ferrari at Monaco. You know it would have been a lot tighter if Vettel didn't have his problem at the start. The Ferrari is a match for the Mercs.



Ferrari pace was same as Merc

Luck was against them this time

Monaco Merc were off the pace


I guess you missed the part where Raikkonen was rubbish and Vettel was massively compromised by a front wing change. Were it not for his mechanical failure Verstappen may well have beaten Bottas to 2nd place. Do you even watch the races?


watch the races?

Reportedly from a treadmill....


I'm the fastest viewer in F1 Fandom at 7.2MPH average GP speed baby!


Sebee, maybe if you slowed down a bit your vision wouldn't be so blurred...




verstpen's start was electric!


All the cars are electric, it is a hybrid engine after all, except Mclaren, don't know what they have, maybe rubber bands 😀


Yeah it was a fantastic start Verstappen made! Just bad for the WDC battle that he chipped the front of Vettel in the process. MAG did btw also gain 5 places at the start by great starting/passing skills! Expect that he would have been in the points also if it hadn't been for some weird arbitration again by the stewards, as they handed out a penalty to him for overtaking a split second before the VSC was terminated, and that even as he instantly gave back the position gained. The steward arbitration still often comes across as being very inconsistent in their application of the racing rules.


penalty was valid because it was on safety grounds. don't forget bianchi couldn't give back his advantage gained after he went off..

Ricciardo Aficionado

That's a bit crass aveli.


is safety crass?


Lol, your surprised by that RA?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Yeah I am a little bit.


He did say he would only do it again when he won, that's right.


Hey James k Aveli KRB TimW
Any one heard from Sarslippous 😄?
Remember he couldn't wait to see Vettel win in Canada 😂 to stick to the Merc and Lewis posters.
Perhaps he is taping an ✖ to a window & watching the box set of
X-Files 🙈🙉🙊


he's on the other side of the valley, with a sheep!


It's Australia, not wales.
But what a ridiculous post.


are there no vaies in australia then?
how silly can you get?


Oooo, watch our Sars...

There's a posse been formed and they're a-comin for ya!


They have been coming for me for awhile LFKE and how it irks them that I'm still here. It'll take more than a few upset British teenagers to chase me off this wonderful site that is JamesAllenon F! although some do treat it at as the headquarters of the LHFC.


How can the nonsense a teenager regularly spouts upset grownups. We laugh, and snooker with irrefutable facts and the teenager often surrenders.


Sarsippious, I love that you think I'm a teenager! Hope the cows are ok!


We're all teenagers at heart Tim! I saw aveli at the school canteen just yesterday!


LKFE, of course we are! My teenage children would probably disagree though...


My kids always thought I was cool. Then they became teens, and now I'm a nob head🤔😱😂


JamesK, Ha ha! I'm at that stage too...


JK, Tim, do any of them show any interest in watching the F1 with you?
I've tried all sorts of bribery with mine...to no avail. My two youngest 16,13 will pretend for a while -but i look over and they are playing with their phones!


LKFE, the two girls think it's boring, but they think that about everything! The eldest lad isn't interested in any sport that doesn't contains the words "foot" or "ball", the youngest lad used to watch it with me, but has drifted away a bit since Minecraft was invented. I don't try bribery, I guess they will either come to their senses or they won't. I haven't taken them to a race yet, have you? This might work with the youngest, but I think the older ones are too far gone.


Funny but my 16 year old son has suddenly got into F1 this season because of the competition at the front and that the way that the content is shared on FBook

He's shown little interest in recent years


James, good that he is coming round to the idea.


is that so? it surely helps with the number of articles published on here soon after each hamilton victory..they help ease the agony don't they?


Aveli let me know when you hit puberty and I'll bother replying to you then!


no way will i tell you that sarsippious! i know of you and the sheep..


A teenager response would entail...
🐏Baaaaa 🐑
Sars likes to Ram in the Lamb every Sunday for a Roast. Just hope the Vet isn't watching. 😨
But sadly that's not my idea of fun...
My teenage years finished in the
🎬Back to The Future🎥 years.
Why would anyone force anyone off a website. That's just not Cricket. Would miss your crystal ball left field forecasts that have Lewis loosing every race. Deep down its what you live for.
On an honourable note hope you got your livestock safe n sound.


My bad Flamer. Been busy trying to save my livestock from drowning. Shameful I know.... Was actually going to wait till James race report to get a rundown on the race because you sure as hell can't get a balanced view on any Hamilton win on these threads.
I'll appease you just this once though "Get in there Lewis on a job well done".
See you next time time he wins cause we all know that's the only time we see you on here:)
Now I have go and check on some cattle....in my boat!


Ha ha ha, I have never owned an imaginary Boat. Don't see the point it.


Don't forget your paddle and umbrella😂. But if it's true what your saying, good luck with it😳👍

Ricciardo Aficionado

East Coast floods, West Coast drought. It was the other way 'round last year.


Thanks James.


I've chatted with SARS today on another thread, but I'm sure they'll come out when they read your post😉



Lol 🙂


BK, it's all gone quiet over there...


Tim, "all gone quiet over there". It's a big, big country. Were you referring to the west coast or the east coast or the north coast or the south coast or the very middle?


Is there anybody in the middle


Jake, not many. A few in Alice Springs and a few more in some road houses as far as I know never having been there myself!


i still can't hear them breathing from their hiding places...


if that shoey of his makes you cringe, then it's working. I suspect he was celebrating getting more points than his teammate.


Sebee, you're out to lunch if you think that Mercedes is going to romp it now. Vettel was 30-odd seconds back, but only after an extra stop, being held up in traffic, plus a nose change!

Ricciardo only did it because the crowd was asking for it! He was just doing his part for the new, more interactive, more responsive F1! 😃


KRB, well surprise surprise Golden State got the job done in the end. Only by 9 points but it might well have been 30. Watching Mike and Mike on Cable TV and the talk is all about what the Cavs need to do recruitment wise to challenge the Warriors next season. Simple, clone Kevan Durant!

Ricciardo Aficionado

Nah, clone LeBron.
41 points!!


RA, ha, good idea. Never thought of that.


Vettel was very strong, an excellent performance from him. I still think the cars, all in all, a very equal, Merc with a slightly better PU, Ferrari with the slightly better chassis/aero.


KRB, you're right Dan only did the shoey because the crowd wanted it. Perhaps the new F1 owners are encouraging this sort of thing although if he's going to continue it leave it for race wins.


Agree with what you're saying. But, I don't buy the idea of Ferrari being ahead of the Mercedes by any means. I think the Mercs still has the better engine. They can crank it up more than the Ferraris when needed. And look Vettel's engine allocation. He is already on his 4th PU! Plus Bottas is doing a better job as the number 2 driver than Kimi. So, the difference will certainly be the driver this season more than any other seasons we have seen in the past, unless the PU penalties play too big of a part in the championship. Can't wait for the next race already!

Ricciardo Aficionado

It seems the tyres might also influence this year.


They're evenly matched on two different fronts. Ferrari- chassis, Merc- engine. But yes, even though I'm not so keen on Baku, it can't come quick enough👍🏻


...to be continued.


Lewis controlled the race, he could have increased the difference if he wanted, Mercedes is the car to beat. Quali time is a proof. Montreal is Lewis teritory, but getting the best time ever was done with 2017 car, so what else you need to accept the car is the fastest.


on how many tracks has it been the fastest?


Fastest over one lap, WHEN they get the tires working, I'd agree with. Ferrari is still the better race car, and is simply far easier to set up and get the tires working properly.

It's far too early to believe that Mercedes will be able to figure out the tires at the next two races ... it could be Monaco all over again.


Making fans believe Mercedes are an underdog after 3 years of 87% domination may be the best trick Mercedes ever pulled!

Ricciardo Aficionado

Ham's been selling it since pre-season.
Daimler has the same PR agency as Liberty, they're on the same page.


Sebee, if they lost every race this season, you would still say it was just an illusion....


...oh, and if the lose every race, the surrender the championship. That would likely conflict with the goal, which is clearly to not dominate as to have fans turning off and not showing up at races, but win it while giving appearance of competition.


fans have been turning off in their droves for 3 years and yet the grandstands have all been full so far this season..


Have you been to races in the past? Are you getting the emails from the organizers? I hate the PUs and the deals are so good, even I'm tempted. Kids under 12 free, discounts, packages. Plus the events so far are ones that are well attended. First race of the season. Canada. Monaco. First Euro race. China looked light as usual. If memory serves me right, I saw plenty of western fans. Eventually cameras found some Chinese fans to show us. Bahrain was the usual. Russia - well, apparently there are more millionaires in Russian than in US.


Sebee, you don't like the PUs, and you don't like the idea that not everyone on the planet agrees with you, but this does not mean that they do. To figures are rising, track attendances are rising, this is not because of deals, there have always been offers and discounts available.


They did exactly what was needed. Now we have to watch to see it play out, and we will. And we shall reconvene on the subject in November after the cards are all on the table.


seabee...iI was at portier two weeks ago for the fourth time....been to many races and those v8s were far too noisy...I remember my first auditory experience pus at portier this season. it sounded so rich, healthy and just loud enough. on race day, there weren't tickets available in monaco. china was full to capacity with mostly chinese who seemed to enjoy hamilton's presence.
f1 enjoys a lot more fans now than it has ever done.


After the high of yesterday I had a feeling there was a sting in the tail coming today - far from it.

Very surprised FI didn't swap Perez/Ocon, but having said that they're so far ahead in fourth it probably doesn't matter.

Glad Stroll got some points, whatever happens he'll have that going for him at his home race.

Alonso - no words

Lewis - please try and keep it out of the wall at Baku 🙄


Oh ye with little faith 😄


To me it was no surprise at all. I put money on the Mercs finishing 1-2, check my comment from post qualifying article here. And the collision between Ves and Vet just confirmed it. This is just one of those tracks where this Mercedes car not winning is nothing short of disappointment. So, the great championship battle continues.

I put money on the Mercs winning both championships and Lewis winning the WDC before the start of the season. My new bet is the Mercs winning th WCC and Vet winning the WDC. It's simply because Bottas is a better number 2 driver than Kimi based on the results so far.


how much money did you bet and how much do you stand to win then?


stroll made some stonking overtaking moves to boot!


Perez's father was at the race, I guess it was not the right moment to ask Sergio to give position. Money.


perez' dad is at all the races. perez was silly not to have given way..he has just stirred ocon up..


Did you see Perez's defense against Ocon?! That's stuff you do when it's an in-house battle for the title, not when you're fighting over 4th with a Ferrari right behind waiting to pick up the pieces, which Vettel promptly did. Perez should get the hairdryer treatment.

Ricciardo Aficionado

The in-house battle is ALWAYS for the title.


He can't let himself beaten by a rookie. He is trying to impress the top teams how good he is and his time is slowly running up. He knows how good Ocon is and he is only going to get better and better so Perez can't give anything away. Bigger the margin the better it would be. I don't think FI will mind that as long as their constructor's position is not threatened.


1. Perez didn't impress any big team with his choice on sunday, because sadly he is not being consider as a #1 sit in any big team, and now he demonstrate it will not be a good #2 either.

2. FI should mind, because they had a chance to be 3/4, or 3/5, but instead they end up being 5/6. So yes they lose points because Perez.


that's not how you impress top teams. if he had given way to ocon, he would've sent a team player message to all the top teams.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Would Hamilton have yielded the place? The top teams love him...


if you weren't aware, hamilton yielded to alonso from the start of the 2007 season until monaco when it was all too obvious to see..the press fed on it and he let rip after that, distroying alonso in the process.
why compare ocon to hamilton any way? hamilton did all his impressing back in gp2 where he drove better than all the then f1 drivers in every department of racing...

Ricciardo Aficionado

I was comparing Perez to Hamlton.
I did not follow the 07 season too avidly. I remember being pleasantly surprised to hear Kimi won it. It was, in general quite a vague year for me TBH.


perez driving skills don't compare favourably with hamilton's either. hamilton was on the podium nine consecutive times for his first nine races, destroying the then youngest back to back f1 champion of all time in the process. no contest there.

Ricciardo Aficionado



hamilton has won canada 6 times while none of the current drivers has won more than once there.


Why should I be surprised you want to pretend that you weren't paying attention the year Hamilton announced his arrival. You have regularly said you can't wait for him to leave F1. Yeah right. Will you stop following him,not a chance. I expect to see you in the comments sections about his ' Celebrity lifestyles ' .

Ricciardo Aficionado

You'll stop following me, insha'Allah.


Why , like I read most posts?Do you own the James Allen site ? Am I denying you your full dosage of therapy ?


I agree, it was not right for Perez to refuse the team order, denying the team a chance for a podium and valuable constructor championship points. Ocon had stronger pace with fresher rubber at that stage. Had it been the other say around, Ocon would have done the correct thing.


Well done Bottas
Did Kimi do the brake thing to give Vettel the free pass (Ferrari Switch Sneaks)
Nice podium again for DR
Unlucky Max
Force India should've switched let Ocon through on better tyres could be on the podium (bad call).
All in all brill race for Mercedes.
Welcome back 💪👍
All those who were putting the digs in on Lewis.
Enjoy the humble pie 🐴


its simple. hamilton drives that best car. anyone could win in that car. he is an average driver (by F1 standards) in a great car!


But bottas didn't win.


'...Did Kimi do the brake thing to give Vettel the free pass (Ferrari Switch Sneaks)...'
Stupid. Kimi had the chance to overtake Danny and then slow him down to allow Vettel to do the same, result: 3rd Kimi, 4th Vettel.

The stewards may be blind, God isn't. Liked his DNF punishment for Max for causing a collision.


The stewards maybe blind, God isn't



So God punishes the guilty, right?
Senna, Bianchi, Ratzenberg, Villeneuve, Paletti, Peterson and many many more.
According to you, and your belief, they all had it coming, right.
(and that's only F1 drivers)
God likes to punish the innocent.


Kimi was falling back as Seb caught up. There really was serious break issues as can be heard from the pit communications.


Ferrari should have pitted Vettel on lap 2. It would have ensured a p3.


Or they could have pitted him a bit early for the last stint. we know the ultras have low deg. he pitted on the 50th i think. if he pitted on the 48th he could have ended up in the podium


Yep, big strategy error in terms of damage limitation. However, it was an impossible decision to make. There was a possibility that Vettel could pull it off, but not to be. It's a great recovery drive.


Vettel explains it in the post race interview. He said the safety car came out & he was not aware of the problem at that point. It was not until the restart that the problem became apparent.


From what was reported, Ferrari wanted to pit him, but Vettel asked to stay out another lap to assess the balance. Guess we'll find out the full story in the days ahead.


Yeah, that was an interesting call to not pit under the SC. They must not have thought the damage was as severe.


I didn't look that severe under the SC. It was first when they went to racing speed the the nose wing began to break up into small atoms.


Absolutely. Another strategy error, Vettel may have a part in the decision.


I think your right, sky sports reported at the time that they requested him to come in but he wanted an extra lap to assess the damage. Ferrari have been premature in calling him in before so who can blame him. All in all based on the information they had at the time and without the benifit of hindsight they handled it well, and what a recovery drive from Vettel. It was also good to see he wasn't scathing about max's manoeuvre which put him there in first place.


It would have been rather hypocritical of him to be scathing of Max's move, which was tough but fair. Despite all the plaudits, I thought Vettel's move on Ocon was far riskier - he relied heavily on Ocon seeing him coming and getting out of the way. Ocon was entitled to stand his ground and force Vettel to take evasive action. It was a question of who blinked first and, with him not having been in with a chance of so many points, it was only natural that Ocon blinked and got out of the way. Had he not, I think we'd have been talking about clumsy Vettel not managing risk properly and not being able to overtake cleanly.


That was the first lap AFTER the virtual safety car came in when they asked him to come in and he wanted to do another lap to see what time is possible. It wouldnt have changed anything if he came a lap earlier, the safety car period was already over and he didnt lose that much time on Bottas.

What i think is strange is that we could see on tv the severity of the damage done to the front wing BEFORE the Sainz Crash and nobody at Ferrari thought about using the Virtual Safety car period to bring him in. That would have saved them ca. 10 additional seconds. It was obvious how the remaining thing was wobbling and about to fall off anytime. Did nobody at Ferrari see this ? Then at racing speed again it dutifully fell off .....

Ricciardo Aficionado

There's been plenty of races where a broken end plate has cost too much laptime...


After a lousy Monaco, the real Lewis Hamilton turned up in Canada this weekend. And didn't it show..................a decade on from his first pole and victory, he reminded the world why he is the most successful race winner of the post Schumi era.

Champagne at Merc..................black eyes at Force India! Somebody at F.I. is going to get a shiner, and not just one of the drivers as well, the way the whole situation was handled by team management was woeful/ Mind you, I wouldn't be surprised if Fernando Alonso gives one of the Honda engineers a shiner as well - just as he was on the cusp of precious points.............and the Renault engineers who let poor Max down after a brilliant start are probably worthy of a good thumping too.

Driver of the day - Lance Stroll! I never thought he would score points before Stoffel Vandoorne, but, credit to him, on home soil in Canadiana he scored his first spoonful of championship points. Well done him. And Montreal too - the Canadian GP always delivers. None of your Tilke dromes with 10,000 miles of run offs thank you very much......

Tornillo Amarillo

Yeah baby! Go Lance for a podium now!

OK..., maybe we have to wait a little bit...


"What do we say to the god of chequered flags?"

Alonso: "Not today!"


James - is there any likelihood that Alonso ran out of fuel and blamed it more generically on the engine? It's not the first time this year that he's run much higher for most of the race that we might expect the car to be capable of, then stopped suddenly very close to the end of the race. Is the Honda still thirstier than the other engines, or was that just back in the early days?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Good question.


The drivers already admitted they need major fuel saving before the race. To be clear... no engine on the grid is less reliable, is less powerful, is less hungry and is as ineffective as the Honda. The Power of dreams...


Cheesypoof, how do you know the Honda is the least powerful? Obviously they are always last in the speed trap tables, but I recently learned that it is ridiculous to suggest any link between this data and engine power.....


You might have a learning problem then. You seem to take a suggestion of correlation and stretch it to make some sort of baseless assertion. "Any link"? Thats what you learned...thats what we said, directly? And then you'll comment that I don't answer your questions? I think I reserve the right to not respond to pointless questions. I'll humour you and say the Strategy Group already analysed and determined the Honda engine to be the only one outside the time gap for the other engines.

Or you could assert I guess that this is all part of a strategic ploy by Honda, to have the same power but let opponents glide past them down the straights. You are more than welcome to your opinion on it 🙂


Cheesypoof, oh yeah the FIA convergence survey that analysed data from the first three races, I remember that now! Kind of brings us full circle as the results found that while the Honda was far behind, the Renault was less than three tents behind the Mercrdes, so tell me again about this huge advantage Mercedes have over Ferrari.....


any likelihood that Alonso ran out of fuel

I would say not - Sky played the onboard when he stopped and the engine sounded like a bag of nuts and bolts being shaken.


It's a reasonable question and for sure earlier in the season that happened

I think the SC and VSC made this race less marginal on fuel


Hi James,

Even with the SC and VSC periods in the official race statements Vandoorne claimed he had to save fuel

Vandoorne: "We found it tough on the straights, and also the amount of fuel saving we had to do today really hurt us."


I never knew Ferrari had a pit-to-car brake override control hehe! 🙂

Only joking!


That was another episode of PU lameness. I bet you it was that rear energy recovery brake. And while we're talking about Ferrari, on board that PU sounds like a dentist drill, as we know everyone's favorite sound.

harvey bushell

Well that was a cracking race! Probably the best of the season so far. Kind of

the polar opposite of the snoozer that was Monaco. Vettel was certainly the

driver of the day, his fight back through the pack was classic and his overtakes

on the Force Indias were just amazing.

Shame that Max dropped out so early though, I have a feeling that he may have

contended for driver of the day if he'd been in the race until the end and added

yet another level of action to the finish his jump off the start was just terrific.

Congrats and well done to Lewis for a flawless racing weekend. And it was fun seeing Sir Patrick doing the podium interviews at the end as well.


Make it so Mr Hamilton 🏁
Well done Lewis 😆


Great contolled race from Lewis! Another Grand Chelem to boot, his 4th overall and 2nd this year. I believe anyone to get two Grand Chelem's in a season has gone on to win the title that year.

In the year of Canada's 150th anniversary, Lewis has taken 150 points here. 🍁

6 wins from 10 in Canada, quite an amazing achievement. Only 3 other drivers - Prost, Senna & Schumacher - have ever won 6 or more times at a single Grand Prix.

As for the rest, what was Sainz doing?!? He squeezed Grosjean once, then tried it again and took himself out before the 3rd turn.

Vandoorne did an unsafe shudder when Stroll was going to pass him down the back straight. I'm surprised the stewards didn't look at that.

Force India were made to look silly by Perez today. Likely a locked in 4-5, and possibly a 3-5, turns into a 5-6.


6 wins from ten starts......throw in a bit of what if.....
Safety car in 2008 (whiile Hammy was dominating the field) avoiding the pit lane massacre

Button running him into the wall in the rain when Hammy was clearly quicker than everyone.

Reverseberg straight lining the last corner to hold the win......

9 from 10 would be fairly spectacular


I dont like how it turned out but put yourself in Perez position, your team used a strategy on the other car that is the one you always use (longer stints), forced you to pit early and then asked you to concede the place? its not only Perez at fault, it was FI's too


anyone to get two Grand Chelem's in a season has gone on to win the title that year.

I hope you're right 🙂 Mind you, I believe that Vetell has never lost a championship that he has led, so somethings gotta give.....


a stonking lap to mark his historic 65th pole, followed by a measured drive to victory, setting the fastest lap of the race in he process.
has any champion ever been presented with such a trophy for qualifying in the history of the sport?


Stonking indeed Aveli.
That was a great drive by Lewis 👍
Poor Vettel 😄


No doubt who was the bonehead of the day. Perez just destroyed very good chance to take podium and steal points from other team.


Not sure if it can be labelled 'boneheaded' but the Sky guys nailed it when they said that FI should have taken a decision and communicated it firmly. They were far too meek in negotiating or mildly suggesting to Perez. It should have been a case of "This is what is happening around you. This is what we're doing". Quite incredible that it was so clear to see for viewers, and yet the team refused to acknowledge the situation or that they'd blown it. They threw away a pretty much guaranteed 4th and 6th and a great chance at a podium. As much as I like to root for the smaller team, they blew it and got what they deserved.


On one hand you have a leave-me-race Perez and apparently a ~true no-order team, and on the other hand you have a Lewis-is-faster-than-you Merc racing whose falsely boasting no team orders. You get a few more points but lose something else.



Fair point.

But if you switch things round, you get a great change of a podium and an opportunity to legitimately finish ahead of a Red Bull, and you do so not through good fortune but through better race pace, racecraft and strategy (had Ocon made it through, of course). The potential reward far outweighs any perceived losses, I think,.


I suggest you read the post race interview with Robert Fernley (Force India Deputy Team Principal)


Thank you Lindsay...
@Kris, Here you go the article mentioned by Lindsay. Rabid indeed.


I'm not really sure what this adds to the mix. I understand that we only hear snippets of what is said over team radio, but, if we're to believe we heard the most important bits, I think it's safer to say that Sergio was calling the shots on this and his refusal to move over is the reason nothing happened. I'd hardly call it a brave or principled decision made by a team in control.

Tornillo Amarillo

Perfect Canadian Day in Montreal!
Perfect weather, Hamilton wins again, and baby Stroll scores!
I cannot be more happy!

ps: Please if you assume I was right about Lance, leave your message below in the comments, thank you!


Stroll got a point let's hope it is a start to good career and not a one off.
Great Canadian GP 👍👏
Well done Lewis and Bottas and Ricciardo and Mercedes.


Max is nuts, serious, another Ferrary car compromised by Verstappen, Vettel's right front wing was damaged at the start.

DOD Ocon. Good drive by VET, a few great moves. Sad when others is screwing your points. Keep away from Max.


I don't think anybody thought that Max had done anything wrong until Vettel mentioned it post-race. It wasn't a mad move with little chance of coming off. He got far enough past Vettel that it was as much his corner as anybody else's. It's a short run and a tight turn – there are always winners and major losers there, but that doesn't mean Verstappen did anything wrong.

The Grape Unwashed

I don't get this attitude. That was a sensational move from Verstappen, it was just unlucky that Vettel's wing was grazed. Had Vettel got a better start he wouldn't have left the door open for Verstappen.


@AlanF1, It was Bottas who dived on the inside and locked up. Vettel had nowhere to go, but that wasn't Max's fault, he was in front way before the corner.


In the post-race video I saw, Vettel sounded very mature. Just said it was a tight situation with three cars at that point and it was a racing incident. He was not blaming Max or suggesting that it was intentional (he pointed out that the risk of a puncture to the other car proves that).


Garry, Max is a brazen lad, I like the guy, but he needs a bit of selfcontrol. That move was a high risk one, too fast, too unusual, the contact was inevitable. He could have avoided turning left too early cutting off VET, there was space. My guess is that he tried to get in front of Lewis too, so he rushed the move. I am looking for a good video.


[q] //That move was a high risk one, too fast, too unusual, // [/q]
That is called racing, something we desperately need more of.


Will see more of that for sure, Max is like a feral horse, majestic and great to watch but difficult to tame. I bet he has more surprises up his sleeves. Good and nasty ones. Who knows Lewis could be his next victim.


Most moves in the early turns at Canada are high risk, high reward. He saw his chance and he took it. It wasn't a 'chop' across Vettel or anything like that. Vettel simply had too much to cover and, in the end, didn't cover anything. In years gone by, we've seem the leading cars squeeze rivals out wide or command the inside line – Vettel neither covered the inside (where Bottas got him) or the outside (where Verstappen passed). He was exposed and he got burned. Vettel isn't one to be restrained when it comes to criticising others, and he didn't apportion blame to Max. Neither did any of the commentators. Not sure why anybody other than rabid Ferrari fans would.


@AlanF1. Just compare to Spa 2016, where Max plays the role of Bottas and Vettel the role of Max. Difference is that Vettel was less in front (and hence the spin) and left less room.

If you're able to find the onboard video from Max's car (Canada 2017), you'll see that it was not at all a rushed move. Vettel was just unlucky that Bottas tried to dive down the inside.


I did say before the race that to go 'round the outside at turn 1 you do need to be ahead by a lot ... by rear wheels in line with front wing behind, just because of the way the turn goes back on itself. Max was that far ahead, but I think he turned in a bit too early for it there ... he could've outbraked a little further and wider, and still been 2nd into and out of turn 2.


@KRB, agreed. But in his defense, Max left room for at least one car, but it was Bottas who was making the late move, so that three cars had to make the corner at the same time. Max couldn't possibly see this. Just another first-corner incident without anybody in particular to blame, i.e., no need to call somebody "nuts" (@AlanF1).

Ricciardo Aficionado

The difference is; Vettel had the ability to avoid Bottas but Max couldn't do the same.


Exactly that ... keep away from Max ... that is what Vettel should have done ... F1 cars have brakes for a reason 🙃 Alternatively, Vettel could have closed the door rather than chasing Lewis. He then likely would have won the race.

Arnoud van Houwelingen

it was not Max his fault even Vettel admitted that .. on dutch tv he even said that if he was in Max his position he would done exactly the same .. Max was totally in front and held the racing line .. what should he do drive into the grass? Why don't you mention Sainz .. he was the one who was mental and created a very dangerous crash! I guess if Massa was Vettel and Sainz pushed him out you were all over Sainz i am sure!!!!!


Sainz's move was nuts, and poor Massa had no chance. He's got a grid penalty for Baku because of it.

Seb for sure has done the same as what Max did, only need to go back to Spa last year when he turned in too sharp for turn 1 there, squeezing Kimi.


Verstappen has nothing to lose, he'll go for any gap available to get ahead in a lacking car/team and his start today was a class act, these turn one incidents happen, Vettel is as much to blame as Verstappen that is why we call it race incidents.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Agree Max has nothing to lose. He's already destined for a shot at the title some time. His reputation is built. But this year he isnt in te championship fight so it doesn't matter if he punctures a tyre and loses some points.
The potential pay off for a marginal move far outweighs the possible downside.


Very harsh on Max as that was a racing incident. You should accept that He did not screw Vettel over. If Vettel's start was better he would not have been in that position.


Stephen... Max his left turn was too early. He is too imprtuous, I bet new similar things are on the pipe. One of the best racers, amazing driver, however he needs patience and self control.

Stephen Taylor

Nonsense Max not out of control . Had he been so both cars would've been DNF'd on the spot. Stop being silly. Vettel should know Max by know and should not have left the door open . It was a racing incident get over its nothing to do with Max being rash at all. He made a fair move. People are trying to use Max's past to criticise him and that's not right. If a WDC contender suffer damage in a racing incident people shouldn't moan about it. It's part of racing.


Oh God. Verstappen really has the most insufferable fans!! I think it's worse than the case with Hamilton actually.


Erin... that may be true, time will tell. Nope, Lewis' fans will never be overpowered, there are Hamilton fans and the rest.


Some want to insult and abuse a driver, and deliberately distort their record, then get upset and frustrated when challenged.


Was that the problem at Kvyat's stop? It looked
looked like they had a problem with the right rear after the first change before they switched.

Tornillo Amarillo

Rookie kid Lance started in P17, overtook cars like Haas and Renault and a Champion like Alonso to score his first points ever in Formula 1, so he didn't know the circuit but he drove a solid race to finish P9.
He's shown his ability and he did what he said yesterday he could do today: scoring from P17.
Respect then.

Tornillo Amarillo, Stroll's Nr 1 fan in JAonF1 🙂


¿Un tornillo? ¡Parece una targeta amarilla, hombre!


May I ask you why? The screw is missing the nut, joking mate, really.


Stroll is the nuts part i guess,


And I was just getting on with all that Happy Talk about Ferrari.
Mercedes is still there !


As was said on the team radio" Lewis, a walk in the park". And that's what it was. Great drive by Lewis. Total shame Vettel smashed his nose cone and had to pit early. Total shambles for Max, great start, going well only to be let down by his motor. Solid drive by Danny Ric. Shame the Redbull drivers haven't got a more competitive engine, we need those 2 up front battling with the others. What can one say about Ocon? Fantastic drive, only to be shafted by his team mate. I think Perez stock has just dipped a bit. Great comeback by Vettel, one worthy from a driver of his caliber.
Now on to GP predictor to see how everyone has faired😄


'Now on to GP predictor to see how everyone has faired😄'

I'm pretty sure I had a shocker, don't want to check! Not the lightning start I was hoping for !


Go on... check it. I've checked. If it's any consolation, SARS was at the bottom after the first race if remember correctly. The only way is up 😊👍


Sadly that Verstappen smashed Vettels nose you mean. He sure did launch that Red bull. Sadly karma got him for having wrecking Vettels race.


karma is something people need who do not have insight.


Wrecking Vettels race?? Then one can accuse Bottas of wrecking Vettels race aswell, couldn't you. Racing accident because Sebs start was not as good as those around him. It happens. Vettel said it aswell.


Get a mercedes in the back of that mclaren and let alonso battle with Hamilton. 👊


Hmm... I don't remember any team using a Merc engine outside of the factory team recording a win in the last few years. Strangely, I have no recollection of a team winning with a Ferrari engine either except for La Scuderia. Renault just announced they can't/ won't improve their engine significantly until 2018 so perhaps no one will be winning with one of theirs anytime soon.
Now is this all a coincidence? Ron Dennis didn't think so.
Does anybody think that the teams without factory engines should get on with developing one so that they can guard their own interests? Surely Macca, RB together with Cosworth is the only way the will ever have a chance at titles in the current climate.


Mark, Brundle thinks that's happening for next season...


Part of me believes Alonso would rather just claim relative pole positions, than have to actually go out and do it.


alonso knows the list of people behind his two world championship successes where also present in his crashgate victory, all of which he's allowed to keep. i think it's about time a stop is put to this fictitious "alonso's greatness"


You recall wrong. They tied on points😂


hamilton destroyed alonso back in 2007....so much so that alonso resorted to dirty tactics like this..
out drove him, out thought him, out qualified him. hamilton beat alonso in each department of racing...alonso was made to look like the rookie in the wet agains a three times world champion. "tied on points is a tired excuse".


No mark...Lewis BEAT him. Take a look at the 08 WDC standings for confirmation. Same points but Lewis had better results... throw in the fact he was a rookie and whatever way you slice it... Lewis BEAT him. I have softened to Alonso over the subsequent years and think him an absolutely top draw driver.... that Lewis beat him in first ever season in f1 tells you all you need to know on Lewis' abilities.

Ricciardo Aficionado

They both got beat by Kimi. Most justified result ever in F1.


Yeah, Raikkonen who needed a freebie switch of possition with massa to beat a rookie. Most justified result is Hamilton occupies a pedestal which you resent and are incessantly trying to undermine in total futility.


Tied on points but Hamilton finished ahead on countback. What's it called when you finish ahead where you're from?

Ricciardo Aficionado



RA, but Fernando was third....

Ricciardo Aficionado

Are you being deliberately obtuse or have you actually wiped from your memory that Hamilton finished 2nd that year? Your blind devotion to Hamilton's no1 status knows no bounds.


Ricciardo, obtuse? Not at all, confused? Yes! Just to be clear the argument seemed to me to revolve around wether or not Lewis finished ahead in the 2007 WDC standings, so just to confirm Kimi won it with 110 points, Lewis was second with 109 and Fernando was third also with 109 but fewer second places so finished behind Lewis on count back. Not sure why you would think that my devotion to Lewis had blinded me to anything, I can't see anything in my comments that could lead you to believe that.

Ricciardo Aficionado

I can't see anything in my comments that could lead you to believe that.

Well played 🙂


We've already seen Lewis vs Alsonso with a Merc in the back of a McLaren. I seem to recall that Rookie Hamilton beat Alonso when they had equal machinery.


"Vettel lost part of his front wing due to early contact with Bottas; he was pitted on lap six and relegated to the rear." That's not what I saw, I saw Verstappen clip Vettel's wing.


Lewis should thank Max for such an easy win, and Toto says this is Lewis's best win in 4 years, what? :-))


why would hamilton want thank verstappen? hamilton destroyed the field on his own efforts. did you not see his qualifying lap? who was to beat him on such form? not on this planet! verstappen learned from that am sure, 0ver 800bhp exiting those rear wheels on full throttle can shake the inner workings of those cars to no end!


Vettel was fast and brave, but DoD for me today was Ocon. Why did Perez not let him through to make a move at Ricciardo, what was he thinking? So stupid and unnecessary stubbornness. He would have got his place back definitely if Ocon had failed. I wonder if this behavior affects his chances to replace Kimi next year.

Dear editor, no offence, but your report is rather inaccurate. It was 5 sec penalty for MAG, it was SAI who clipped GRO, you didn't mention that KVY got two penalties for one offence that was quite curious. And by the way you keep misspelling last name of the latter on and on - it's K-v-y-a-t, not Kyvat.


Perez left McLaren under a cloud, accusing of arrogance and making stupid moves that could have taken his teammate out. I'd thought he'd left those traits behind, but today we all saw he's not changed at all. If Perez has been harbouring thoughts of getting the 2nd seat at Ferrari next year, he may have seen the opportunity sail away today.


For the 3rd time running the waters parted for Ricciardo.
For the 3rd time running he was tossed P3.
For the 3rd time running it must be stated, he finished it off in style. Thought the yellow tyre might be too conservative but it worked.
Max is just unbelievably unlucky this season, the Red Bull fortune compass is pointing way south.
For the noisy negativists: on german TV Vettel did not blame Verstappen.
Not the story of the day: easy win for Lewis. Made it so.

Ricciardo Aficionado

There's luck and there's the impetuousness of youth.
DR's probably got sights on the long game. Ves wants to win every corner.


@Ricciardo Aficionado...
'Impetuousness' I associate with 'out of control', 'diving in'. Bit of a cliché to put this label on a young driver. Does it really apply on VER (not VES)? Granted, he is agressive at (re)starts but his moves are almost always done with precision and authority. If anybody Sainz is showing impetuousness, not Max.
I am with KRB however, who has argued that what's missing on occasion is detail (just turn left a wee bit later, 2nd place already secure).
Anyway, it's not the main reason Max has collected fewer points than Daniel. Reliability issues is the primary culprit by now.

Ricciardo Aficionado

I associate impetuousness with impatience. That's the context here.
And yes, "the impetuousness of youth" certainly is a cliché.
It is also why Max will be leaving RB very soon. They're not going to be in contention anytime soon.


Ric must be the luckiest driver in F1! Consistently! It takes a tad of talent to keep an under powered car on the road and on the podium. BTW his handful of laps in Monaco required no luck at all.
I'll agree Max has been unlucky -they have all had bad runs of luck.
RB will need to keep an eye on FI. RB have only had both cars finish in 2 out of 7 races.


Not the luckiest, but pretty lucky compared to Max. I will take nothing away from how Ricci capitalised on his opportunities - very convincing and professional.
General reliability of the Renault setup is worrying this season. One no longer has the feeling the RB cars are likely (let alone sure) to complete the FP, quali or race they are in.
Agree with your remark regards FI. In fact, RIC may have been rather lucky (again!) to get away with RB's soft tyre choice. Thought at the time that was too conservative. They should have gone for supersofts. If it hadn't been for Checo's selfishness Ocon might have caught Ricciardo on his yellows.


Another great race! All a bit more straightforward for Lewis than he would have been expecting, but he gave himself the best chance of avoiding first corner kerfuffles by getting pole and acing the start. Gutted for Max, brilliant start and was showing no sign of being unable to defend his position from Bottas when his battery failed. A good recovery drive from Seb, helped greatly by Perez refusing to let the clearly quicker Occon by. Checo won't be the most popular person in that team this evening, but will he care? Probably not.
Unimpressed by Carlos moving over on Grosjean at the start, a very scary accident that took Felipe out of the game and could have wiped out half the field! Didn't he do something similar to Fernando last year? I also thought Kmag was too aggressive in defence a couple of times, again I'm sure I have seen him do similar stuff before. Stroll scores! A good drive from the much maligned youngster, maybe a level of competence can be attained, but the fact remains Canada deserves another Gilles, but they don't even have another Jacques!
And finally a quiet reminder of what the usual mob would be saying about Seb if they judged him by the same rule book they use for Lewis. "He cracked under the pressure at the start, clearly because he hadn't been doing his homework, then he benefitted greatly from retirements ahead before using his massive car advantage to breeze past a few lesser beings, then he should have got a penalty for shoving Occon off the circuit, and then should have been disqualified for cheating his way through the chicane!! What a flake!!!"


Oh, and "Well done Lewis!" :0


LKFE, kudos as always for the well done, but after getting a good start, he didn't have a lot to do did he? Earned his money on Saturday though!


Tim, a concise race summary. A faultless display from Lewis, although I doubt the sponsors will be happy -there was barely any TV coverage of either he or Bottas after they cleared out!
Re: your rant against the haters -i think you're being a bit precious! It was a tenacious drive from Vettel after a poor start. There are equally no SV fans appointing him as the new messiah for his recovery drive.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Precious? I'd say downright paranoid. I've got this far in the thread without noticing one comment about Hamilton. Yet here is TW defending him against a barrage of hate. I hope all these imaginary slings and arrows don't hurt like the real ones.


Ricciardo afficionado. Are you new here? Are you suggesting that the massive over reaction to Lewis' bad starts didn't happen last year? You must have read comments seeking to blame him for all of them as he didn't do his homework, why aren't the same people saying the same thing about Seb? Go and read the comments on the Mexican Gp to see ridiculous mock outrage at a driver taking to the escape road, or last years Canadian GP if you want to see lots of 'experts' saying how terrible it is that one driver outmuscled another on a corner exit. All of these things happened, it is not a figment of my imagination, and I'm just pointing out that the other drivers are not judged in the same way that Lewis is.


Come on tim,dont be naive , as you are a more intelligent man than I am. Trust me you are speaking to the same person in different guises when you are speaking to : Cheesypoof,LFKE,Riccado aficionado,sassipous,Clarksforwheelsdrift,Hello and so on.When he abandons these names and assumes new ones, you can be sure he has not left the site. These are his previous incarnations for instance : Tealeaf,Dave c,
Equinox, German Samurai, layercake and so on.Trust me,around 300 over the years ; all to conceal this obsession with Hamilton. Why do you think you find yourself locked in characteristically the same arguments with these names.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Yeah sorry but this isn't quite accurate. Look at the reaction to Max's chop on Vettel. Plenty people here calling it just that. Whereas Vettel himself called it just racing. I think you're a bit sensitive to criticism of Hamilton.
Look at the reaction to Perez ignoring team orders! Probably more outrageous than when Hamilton does the same.
The bias towards Hamilton is yours and it's reflected back at you in your reading of negative comments about him.
I rember last year but I doubt there was an OVER reaction to his bad starts. They were half the reason he lost the title. You want to see an overreaction? Check out inshallahura's reaction to my comment.


Ricciardo, Max is getting a bit of stick, but I do think it would of another level if it had been Lewis, and are you sure that Checo is getting as much stick as Lewis did after Hungary 2014? I had an argument about that race the other week on here, and it happened three years ago! Compare the reaction to Lewis cutting a chicane in Mexico last year with Seb doing it on Sunday, compare the reaction to Lewis and Nico in turn one last year in Canada with Seb doing exactly the same to Occon this year. There is no comparison, zero reaction when Seb does it, massive over reaction when Lewis does it, I'm not imagining anything, go back and read those reports for yourself if your memory has faded.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Maybe you contribute when your comments always include "what would they be saying if Hamilton had done that?"
That's a question you know. A question ges an answer. If you don't like the answer don't ask the question. (Unless you are; a. A human rights lawyer, b. A climate scientist, or c. A masochist


RA, I think the double standards when it comes to Lewis began a long, long time before I started asking that question. Do I contribute? I really don't think so, those guys don't care what I say, they don't care what the experts say, they don't care what the stewards say, all they care about is finding another stick to beat Lewis with.


The masochists are those who want all the freedom to pump out anything at Hamilton, and when challenged they get exasperated and cry victims.


LKFE, I was impressed by Seb's drive, and I wasn't ranting, just pointing out the clear difference in reaction from some to the same events.
Another strangely straightforward podium for Danny, not having a dig but his run to third was as straightforward as Lewis' win.


Tim, as "strangely" straightforward as Lewis' win?


Adrian, read the first sentence of my original comment.


Tim, I think you clarified yourself in your post to LKFE.


Strangely straightforward? I get the impression he wasn't managing the pace in front of those 2 FI's and Vettel. I think he was heard to say it was tough and that he couldn't lean on the tyres.
I think Perez has a bit to answer for. I think Ocon would have got Ric if he was let through early.


LKFE, fair point, not as straightforward or lonely as Russia, but I'm sure he wasn't expecting to be third.


LKFE, to say nothing of RB's underpowered PU compared to FI's Mercedes PU.


Adrian, and yet Valterri spent 7 laps with DRS not blowing straight by the underpowered Rdd Bull.....


Tim, fair point in relation to those 7 laps but there was still 60 odd laps remaining and whose to say that without Max breaking down Valterri may have got by him either through strategy or the greater speed that his Merc had. Purely hypothetical I know but I'm not blind to the fact that Max would have continued to put up a fight to keep Valtteri behind him.


Adrian, he could well have done, but the fact remains that the Mercedes didn't have such a huge straight line advantage that he could just waltz by him at will.


Tim, perhaps not "waltz by him at will" but you and I both know that if it was Lewis in that position he would (probably) have been a lot closer to Max by lap 11 than Bottas was. We have spoken before about Lewis' innate ability to generate speed. Didn't he just equal Senna's pole record?


Adrian, yes he may have been closer, but I'm sure Valterri can put his foot to the floor on a straight just as well as Lewis! I'm not trying to suggest that the Renault is as powerful as the Mercedes, but I don't think the difference is huge.


Tim, "huge" enough (with Ferrari's input) to consign RB to P 5 and P 6 in Q 3 and then watch as Lewis (and Bottas) sails away (more often that not) into the sunset on race day. Sad reality of RB this season.