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2018 F1 calendar announced by FIA – Germany and France return
Posted By: Editor   |  19 Jun 2017   |  3:45 pm GMT  |  67 comments

Formula 1 will have three consecutive races for the first time next year as the FIA has announced its 2018 calendar will include the French, Austrian and British Grands Prix on successive weekends.

With the return of the French GP at Circuit Paul Ricard and the German round at Hockenheim, the 21-race calendar was approved at the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Azerbaijan GP moves from June to April, before Spain, while the Russian GP has switched from April to September, before the Japanese round; the Malaysian GP has dropped off the calendar after 19 years.

The 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours was also approved for June 16/17 and will not clash with F1. The rest of the World Endurance Championship schedule is yet to be announced.

The FIA says that the races in China and Singapore are subject to commercial rights holder confirmation and its next World Motor Sport Council meeting, to be attended by 110 National Sporting Authorities, will take place in Paris on September 21 2017.

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2018 F1 Calendar:

25 March



08 April



15 April



29 April



13 May



27 May



10 June



24 June

Paul Ricard


01 July

Red Bull Ring


08 July


Great Britain

22 July



29 July



26 August



02 September



16 September



30 September



07 October



21 October



28 October

Mexico City


11 November

Sao Paulo


25 November

Yas Marina

Abu Dhabi

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Is it still anticipated that the BRDC will activate the break clause on the British GP in the next few weeks? Could that affect the calendar or, given the noises on historic events made by Chase Carey etc, is there an expectation that there will be a break activated and a new, less onerous contract issued reasonably soon afterwards?


It seems we are definitely heading for a 25 race calendar in the future.
There are only 4 races in the “Americas” at present and if Liberty get their wish, that will increase to at least 6 in the near future.
There will be 10 European races and 7 Asia Pacific races next year.
When we add in a few more of the “classic” European circuits which are touted to return to the show, all of a sudden there are up to 30 possible venues wanting to hold a GP.
Luckily there are a few European countries which will only want to be included on a share basis … alternating “one year on – one year off” with a close neighbouring circuit to appease local fans and circuit owners who can’t afford it every year.


I wouldn’t use the word ”definitely”. At the moment it (the 25 race idea) seems to be just a concept anyway.


Apart from a few special races, the more rounds in Europe the better as far as I am concerned.


Why not austria, france, uk?

Would it not be easier for transport?


I am all for an extended season, makes swallowing pay TV more palatable. Once the logistics are worked out then all should be good.

Go to 25 races per season and have three weekends of back-to-back racing. That’s a good way to maximise your marketing dollar.

If some drivers want to quit (like ALO and HAM, I believe they said something of the like) then so be it, there are always quality drivers out there itching for a go.


Anyone know why they moved Sochi from the end of April to September?
They should have just moved it right of the schedule.


I think it’s a northern hemisphere thing, which can be explained by answering three easy questions:

Question 1: Isn’t September where it’s starts getting toward winter in the northern hemisphere?

Question 2: Don’t many animals in the northern hemisphere hibernate over winter?

Question 3: Do we know a quicker way to nod off than by watching an F1 race at Sochi?


To be fair, the only races I’d drop from that calendar are Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Baku. I’d get rid of Hungary too but to be fair they have been a fixture for a fair few decades now and have earned that spot.

I’d like to see Imola return as there was always so much passion and history at that circuit, something that F1 sorely needs.


Just make Brazil the last race.


So glad to see a French GP back on the calendar as well as a German one. 3 back to back GPs is nice but will probably spell trouble with the wife. Marc


Value for money;
24 June Paul Ricard France
01 July Red Bull Ring Austria
08 July Silverstone Great Britain

I feel a 3 week trip to Europe coming on.


could chase Carey please fund the development (or perhaps redevelopment) of the race track in Korea?

one of those rare times where tilke produced a good race track but was let down by the location, usually its a drab track in a stellar location


China, Bahrain, Baku, Spain, then Monaco…someone please wake me for Canada! 🙂


What can one say, just great to see France and Germany back on the calendar. Vice le France and Deutschland uber alles👍🏻. Just hope to see the Nurburgring back in the not to distant future.

Tornillo Amarillo

3 successive races is crazy for crews. Anyway is not a fans’ problem!

Montreal 10 juin, nice, best race of the year!

James, cast your vote for the best race of the year, just one!


My favourite atmosphere is Monza

My favourite track is Spa

My favourite event is Monaco


James, great to see a little peek at your favourites list – would be very intrigued to know which drives are most memorable at those circuits?

Interesting to see Turrini’s list of greatest drives (that he attended) for particular drivers:
Schumacher Malaysia 1999
Vettel Monza 2008
Senna Donington 1993
Raikkonen Interlagos 2007
Prost Silverstone 1990
Irvine Zeltweg 1999
Alonso Budapest 2003
Hamilton Monaco 2008
Villeneuve Jarama 1981
Damon Hill Suzuka 1994


That’s not just one!


@ James i do agree with your choices but i would also like your opinion on COTA? That is a track i thoroughly enjoy.


Me too – the track just looks so good on TV .


@ C63…Another complimentary post hahaha. It certainly does look good on TV with great track angles. The fact is that COTA has a bit of all the best tracks combined. The start is unique and the following ‘flow’ is mesmerizing to say the least. I believe that all the drivers love this circuit as well so it gets my 100% approval.


COTA is definitely up there on the list and shows what can actually be done with a new track. I like the last sector as well especially the long right-hander followed by the quick flick left.


Apart from the racing, which has tended to be pretty good, I like the actual appearance of the track – all the red white and blue run offs. Kinda like how some sports cars look fast even when they are parked up – makes me feel the same looking at the track from the helicopter shots. Childish I know😆


I struggle to remember a decent dry Chinese race. 2011 maybe? Even then, not amazing, won’t really miss it.


I thought 2012 and 2016 were both pretty good races.


2012 was notable more than good from my point of view, because it was Rosberg’s first win and the Raikkonen cliff. 2016 – meh, not really a standout race for me.


Was it 2014 or 15 that Rosberg was crying about Hamilton backing him up? Had another go in the post race press conference iirc. Ham said it wasn’t his job to manage Nicos race. Or was that somewhere else ?


That was indeed China 2015, what a shame our worthy reigning F1 champion isn’t still here to grace us with his presence.


If Palmer is dropped by Renault, who do you think (personally) would be the most likely and realistic option? Also, would you consider Oliver Rowland as an option perhaps?


Be glad to see the back of China, keep Singapore if they can arrange a contract.
More F1 in Asia instead maybe Thailand instead of China. China had its moment “unless” , they use Macau, that would be awesome.
Close bunch of races at the end of June into July.


China has always provided interesting races. Singapore on the other hand is just a night time version of Monaco.

The Grape Unwashed

Glad to see France back, but I would have loved to see Magny-Cours return, Paul Ricard is a characterless expanse of painted tarmac.


Magny cours was a bit tedious at times. All new tracks like abu dhabi, circuit of the Americas etc. are big expanses of painted tarmac as the FIA are obsessed with paved run off areas.


Magny-cours was often referred to Magny Bores for a reason. It was dull as dish water.

Stephen Taylor

I really don’t understand why Silverstone is part of ‘the triple header’ . It would have been better if they had done the triple header between France, Germany and Belgium or Germany , Austria and Hungary all of which are countries on the European mainland as were and wouldn’t cause as much trouble to move so quickly.


don’t worry brexit will force that for 2019.


Shame they couldn’t run the French F1 race on the Le Mans track/roads after watching it this weekend…


Totally agree! That would be a spectacle👏


I read the live blog, and it seems like the flagship LMP1 category is really quite gutted.

Is this the fade out for WEC LMP1 category?

Is it a preview of what hybrid complexity will do to Formula 1?


During the race, many commentators were talking about the prospect of LMP2 being the premier class in the future (opens up possibility of Cadillac, Mazda, and Nissan entering for the overall).

With Toyota’s crushing defeat, after they have already said that entering 3 cars was a big financial risk…who knows if they’ll be back next year?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed LMP1 the last few years…but they spend a lot, a LOT of time talking about how expensive it is, how that drives away manufacturers, and has killed off the privateer teams in LMP1 (making a semi comeback next year).


“how expensive it is, driving away manufacturers” … sounds like some other car racing series that i like to follow. Could it be deja vu all over again?


Audi, with their domination of 13 wins out of 15 years, although not as boring a domination as Merc PU F1, it kind of reminds me of Merc in F1. The estimate was that VW Audi spent over a BILLION dollars on this programme!

Basically to win with these complex hybrids you need to spend monsterous money, to buy, take over and control the sport, as Merc have done in F1.


Most of Audi’s wins we’re with diesels… and that worked out well for them!
What i’d like to know from someone that was track side on the weekend is how did the Porsche and Toyotas sound? And compared to the Gibson V8’s in LMP2?


That’s funny. LMP2 the premier class.

Isn’t LMP2 a standardized V8?

We have to kill this hybrid before it kills the Formula….and auto industry.


And Autosport quoted the head of Toyota this morning to the effect that hybrid technology isn’t up to the rigors of LeMans…


Unless of course it was a general comment and not specific to the Toyotas .


That seems like an odd thing for him to say – my understanding is only one car had problems with their hybrid technology, the others retired with clutch and accident damage respectively.


that’s what he said!


I don’t disbelieve you. Although cars with all manner of PU’s have always broken down at Le Mans. It’s nothing new . It’s all to do with striking the right balance between performance and longevity and they always cut it fine .


you’re all spot on, their only advantage seems to be the race is over 24 hours, so they can pit for an hour and a half and change over the broken hybrid parts before continuing to race!


This was pathetic reading the recap. To have an LMP1 factory Porsche car take the lead 23 hours into the race against an LMP2 car privateer, it ain’t pretty.


the French, Austrian and British Grands Prix on successive weekends.

Sounds good to me – I always like it when the races come thick and fast 😊 Especially if it’s close. Then they spoil things with almost a 1 month break in August 🙁


And then they spoil it with a months break in august

I know what you mean C63. Finding things to do on a Sunday in august can be a little tedious. But I suppose if us mere mortals can have a little summer break, these highly paid drivers deserve one too 😄.
2 weeks and I’m of to the south of France, so I’m gonna miss the GP after Baku😢. But thank god for JAonF1 😊


Don’t get me wrong , I understand the rationale for the August break – but it doesn’t mean I have to like it😊


I share your feelings, especially as ‘the football’ is taking its short summer break.


I know football is really popular and I’ve tried to like it, I really have, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe the MotoGP can fill the gap – I’ve not checked their calendar.


To be honest C63 the number of weekends I waste watching matches that fail to live up to the hype I don’t blame you! I’d say there’s normally 2-3/10 games a week that can actually be considered ‘good’ these days. But I have to watch in fear of missing out on that one great game!

And yes thoroughly enjoying the MotopGP this year.


Can someone please explain why Abu Dhabi is the last race of the year (apart from money)? It looks like we should end the season in Brazil in November and move the race in Abu Dhabi before or after Bahrain! It just looks “interesting” that F1 travels from the Far East to North America (USA and Mexico), then to South America (Brazil) and then finally moves everything to the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). Emotionally, it would be great to end the season in a country with a deep racing heritage over a country with deep pockets. Besides, Brazil in November always has the potential for a surprise while Abu Dhabi never disappoints in its predictability.


Who are we kidding? It’s money.


Totally agree. Unfortunately yes it is all about money. Which is also why they’re going to flipping Azerbaijan this weekend.


Azerbaijan GP. Just doesn’t sound right. And it stinks of BE. I don’t think it will be around to long…. hopefully 🤔


‘I don’t think it will be around to long…. hopefully’

Hear, hear, James.


Well, you’re right, it is about the money that AD pays to be the last race on the calendar. And, since the championships are so rarely decided on the last race weekend, would it really be better for Brazil to be the last race?


The 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 driver’s titles were decided at the final race, that looks like more than half the of the last decade to me. Well worth paying to make sure you have the deciding round of the season, or at least the best odds.


This year may very well be decided in the last race.


If it’s boring Abu with 2017 overtaking then pole or first into turn 1 will take the decider

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