Your chance to ask Lewis Hamilton a question in Facebook Live session on his “Digital Life”
Lewis Hamilton
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 May 2017   |  10:45 am GMT  |  40 comments

Lewis Hamilton is at the vanguard of the F1 drivers who use social media and digital tools to communicate with fans and in a special Facebook Live session on Saturday at 5-30pm Monaco time (4-30pm UK time) he will be speaking about his attitude to digital and answering fans’ questions.

The event will take place on the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport Facebook page, so if you want to join you will need to head over there and like their page.

This is your chance to get a question answered as JA will be hosting the Facebook Live session and will take the best questions from here into the session.

Lewis Hamilton

Please leave your comment in the section below.

Beyond discussing how F1 drivers can post images and thoughts to fans, the discussion will also take in broader topic of how far F1 can go down the road of digital transformation under the new management of Liberty Media as well as how the digital world impacts on modern F1 drivers in the way they perform on track.

The use of data to improve a car’s performance is well known, but how do drivers like Hamilton use data to improve their own human performance? What potential is there?

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton will again be a judge – along with Ross Brawn and Martin Brundle among others – of the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize, F1’s crowdsourcing initiative, which launches tomorrow.

The FCIP is a three way initiative involving F1 Management, Mercedes and Tata Communications, F1’s connectivity partner.

Now entering its fourth season, the FCIP sets real world challenges from the world of F1 for tech savvy fans to wrestle with and come up with solutions. Readers of the JA on F1 website have a strong track record in the competition and several winners of the overall US$50,000 top prize have come from the readership of this site.

This year’s finalists will be taken to the season finale Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where they will go behind the scenes with F1 and Mercedes for the weekend and one of them will scoop the $50k.

We hope some of you will be able to maintain that proud tradition and get among the winners!

Leave your question in the comments section below

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Hi Allen,
Wanted to ask on when the next Digital Life was going to take place as I wanted to ask Lewis about why he’s not voicing out his suspicions of foul play by his boss toto wolf and rest of his petronas stakeholders?

It’s evident to everyone that they orchestrated a championship for someone they knew he couldn’t defend it,hence he retired immediately after!!

And now the FIA is orchestrating one again for vettel, when will it stop so that we’d see the sport as it’s supposed to be..disgusted by toto & now by the fia!!

Marco Leccacorvi

Hi Lewis. I have heard you describe Alonso as your ‘nemesis’. Could you expand on that or is it a secret!


Hey Lewis, if you could choose a teammate from the current grid and from the past who would you choose

Torchwood Mobile

Hi Lewis.

Thank you for doing this Q&A.

I have enjoyed watching you race and battle since 2007. Keep up the great work!

Okay-dokey, would you ever consider coaching the junior formula girls to help them achieve better results, and hopefully, down the line, hasten one getting good enough for F1?


How much longer do you see yourself in Formula 1? It is such a committment mentally and physically, how long can you maintain this dedication?


Lewis, what are the top 3 changes that could be made to improve f1 cars so that drivers can follow more closely? Similarly is there any car automation that could be removed to highlight driver skill? At a personal level, how much training is required to maintain the fitness level you need for f1?


My question to Lewis.
You own a private jet and I believe you can fly a chopper as well. Do you intent to learn flying your own jet as well?. In case you do, and with Nikki lauda taking the right seat will you be advising him how to fly or will you be taking advise from him.

Christopher Elliott

What do you need to see in a rival to make you respect him?


How much longer do you see yourself in Formula 1? There is enormous commitment physically, and mentally, – how much longer can you maintain that level of competitiveness?


You have expressed an interest in “old school” manual shift transmissions in the past. Could their be an exciting role for them in today’s F 1 racing to help illuminate true driving prowess?

Annette Dall'Oglio

I’ve followed Lewis’s engagement with his fans since GP2 when he had the first supporter’s flag waved at him. He was as committed to responding then as he is now. How does he manage the numerous digital platforms he now uses to stay in touch with his fans, and presumably to see their comments to him? Does he have assistants who post for him? And does he ever have time to answer fan’s comments?


Lewis, how you want to be remembered in F1 history and what is your main goal carrier?


Show Roscoe trackside –
Bling or good-luck-talisdog?
Does he enjoy it?


Hi champ how come you arrived in the uk in commercial airlines where is your jet? How do you put with that annoying little cretin vettle?.keep charging champ don’t ever given .from Stevenage 😀😃😁🇬🇧🇬🇧👍


Hey Lewis If chance came to shift to Ferrari would you leave Mercedes for Ferrari?


One final question
You think F1 WDCs are enough?
To be best driver.


Another question
Did you watch dirty dancing?
Did you enjoy it?

P.S. Come on, not same old F1 questions!


Come Sebee Dirty Dancing it’s a rubbish film for the opposite sex or LGBT target group.
Now Roadhouse that’s the film you need to ask about….altogether folks
👊”Roadhouse!!” 👊

Jenniffer D Jeffcoat

Hi Lewis,
Who do U think will finish ahead at Mercedes in 2017?Is it you or your teammate Valtteri Bottas? And why?


Have I completely missed the point, or are most of the questions posted so far absolutely off-topic for the planned discussion?
Here’s one I would like to ask:
Before the advent of social media, the only “views” drivers had access to were from members of the media but now it is possible for fans to get their comments across to them directly. Some of those can be unashamedly and wholeheartedly complimentary, some critical but balanced while others overwhelmingly negative and potentially offensive. In a position that you are in, what in your experience, is the best approach a driver can take? Should they read (and perhaps respond to) as many of them as they have time for (and if so, do/could some of the really offensive ones play on their minds as they perform over the race weekend)? Should they get someone to filter/censor them and only pass on a selected few? Or should they just use social media as a one way medium for outward communication?


get someone to filter/censor them

He’s already answered that one , albeit inadvertently- he mentioned after all that snap chat hoo har last year that he he has a team that looks after his social media stuff. Unbeknown to him they’d blocked a couple of reporters from his account – the reporters were trying to make something of it during a press conference.


I do not care about the life of Lewis’ fingers or toes.


Dear Biff,
Fingers and toes are digits.


I’m sure this post in your language has a better translation. In Ye’old English it’s heading towards a nursery rhyme.
-Just wondering how much work the Mods have regarding the Night crawlers , Trolls and Prejudicial comments placed by some posters to this article…sadly.


I’m a bit surprised the FIA allows drivers to ride around the paddock without helmets. You’d think they’d want to protect their best assets.

If I could be bothered to have a Facebook account, my question to Lewis would be; “Hey Champ, your bike is beautiful, but why are you riding it without a helmet, haven’t you ever lurked at BestGore?”

Lewis is obviously not a BG lurker, neither is the bird riding shotgun, otherwise they’d likely be far less casual about their personal safety, even for quick trips. It looks like she’s got one hand on her knee and another on the gas tank. Not too bright, even if it is Lewis at the controls.

Another thing that’s not too bright is when racers DNF and we see them riding back to the pits on the back of a stranger-driven motor scooter with their helmet in their hand instead of on their head.

Greg Moore’s fateful weekend got off to an ominous start at the racetrack when he was knocked off his scooter by a truck and broke a bone in his right hand trying to brace his fall so he wouldn’t hit his head.

He started the 500 mile race (pole was @ 235 mph!) with his right hand braced and lasted 9 laps before the Grim Reaper caught up with him…

Youtube: “1999 CART Fontana Greg Moore Qualifying Day Interview”


Resubmitted with the correct circuit name 😊

Hi Lewis
Q) If given the opportunity would take the latest Mercedes F1 car or any championship winning modern Mercedes F1 car around the NORDSCHLEIFE – Nürburgring?

🏁All the best for 2017 season👍🏁


Hi Lewis ,
Q – Would you take the 2017 Merc or any Mercedes F1 car around the Nurburgring?
It would be pretty awesome to see that.

Ps 🏁All the Best for the Championship🏁👍


It is 20 years since a computer beat World Champion Garry Kasparov at chess.
Today it is reported a computer has beaten World Champion Ke Jie at Go.
Would World Champion Lewis Hamilton be prepared to take on the best computer (driverless car) at racing?

You’d still win right?!


I have a question
Motorcycling helmetless?
I’m disappointed Lewis.


I too have a question for you lewis…why do you wear glasses with clear dark lenses? and why do you wear them at night?


I have to agree – that’s the very first thing that stood out to me as I read the article.

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