Watch: How Red Bull sets up 2500 ton hospitality suite for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
Posted By: Editor   |  26 May 2017   |  1:00 pm GMT  |  13 comments

Red Bull’s Formula 1 paddock club has been set-up for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix and it was a monumental task involving 70 people and 21 days of construction.

The hospitality suite, dubbed the ‘Energy Station’, arrives before the race weekend so the crew can secure the barge with metal rods to the port and fix the electrics and furniture for fans to eat, drink and relax on the Côte d’Azur.

Watch the intriguing process below:

Sponsors, commercial partners and celebrities are entertained on the top deck of the Energy Station.

While the structure is present on every European date of the F1 calendar, this particular 2,500 ton mission, complete with swimming pool (containing 30 tons of water) is exclusive to the Principality.

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I don’t know how Red Bull have made so much money. Their drink doesn’t taste very nice at all. (How I’d really like to describe it won’t get past the mods!)


Was that designed by Adrian N too? hahaaaaa


Very impressive and worth every dollar spent.
Photographs of celebs enjoying the free hospitality with a red bull trademark above their heads is priceless.
The amazing thing is that they are just a drinks manufacturer and not even trying to sell cars.
Maybe Honda should use some to get a bit more horse power.
Go Jensen, pit on lap one and go to the end for the win.


It’s very Grand Designs, isn’t it?
(But without the inevitable budget shortfalls half way through)


70 people and that much logistics going into making it is fantastic but too bad the same people could not be used to CREATE something more INSPIRING in FORM and Beauty, than that god Ugly creation that we just saw float by some very beautiful Yatchs.

I’m surprised the Principality doesn’t ban them or arm twist them to create something more lovely than that monster ! 😀

Why would anyone like to be seen on that? Well I guess people want to be around power and the most elegant of society.. but should not the crème de la crème of society care a bit more about the aesthetics?


Is that where Red Bull hosts all of their fans, i.e. everyone is welcome?


It’s a bit over kill but that’s Red Bull.
Pretty impressive though.
Still not as impressive or breathtaking as a Oil Rig Double Barge carrier. I watched one heading slowly in the North Sea from a Car Ferry . One assumes it was the famous Norwegian Double hull transporter barge/ship.
Carrying a huge BP rig (like a steel island) to a new gas field.
The Helmsman must be on a wage which is probably great in the real world , but , still a drop in the ocean compared to the top boys on F1.


Wow, was not expecting that. Always liked Red Bull’s approach to marketing in F1 too bad their management can be such brats.


Energy Station
Waste of resources and time
Built engine instead


education is not a waste of resources.


Makes Jean Todts comments on that society will not except going back to V8/10 rather ludicrous. We all know it was a ridiculous statement anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love all this. But don’t try and tell me F1 is going green when they openly show the money, energy, fuel, electricity that’s used to run this show. Long may it continue, but not todts unworthy statements….GREEN!😂😂


Is that only used at Monaco or is it the same energy station that they take to other races, but mounted on a barge?

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