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Insight: Lewis Hamilton to calm victory celebrations after being left breathless by F1’s physical challenge
Posted By: Editor   |  18 May 2017   |  4:48 pm GMT  |  242 comments

Lewis Hamilton has said that he might have to rule out celebrating if he wins the Monaco Grand Prix later this month because of the increased physical demands of 2017’s Formula 1 cars.

Many fans were pleasantly surprised to see that the physical challenge of driving these 2017 high downforce F1 cars is clearly greater after Hamilton left a number of breathless messages on team radio. The G force in Turn 3 this year, which lasts around 8s seconds, was up from 4.5g to 5.2g.

If his audibly clear team radio communications illustrated how fatigued Hamilton was during the Spanish GP, and he admitted being pushed over the limit after taking victory at Catalunya.

To the point that, should the Mercedes driver take another victory in Monaco on May 28 or in subsequent races he says he might rule out such a celebration.

“I used everything I had left when I jumped into my team [in parc ferme] – my heart rate hit the ceiling,” said Hamilton after the Spanish GP.

“I was good when I got out of the car but jumping in…I don’t know if I will do that again. I was a little bit tired after that one.”

Monaco is not one of the most physically demanding tracks on the F1 calendar, but concentration for almost two hours is at a premium and fatigue is the enemy of concentration.

Hamilton took victory in Spain after starting from pole and fighting back to retake the lead from Sebastian Vettel in a thrilling encounter to cut Vettel’s championship lead to six points going into Monaco. His post-race interview revealed more about what drivers are undergoing in the new breed of F1 cars.

“This [race] I was on a knife edge the whole way, flat chat, first trying to catch [Vettel]… and when you are flat chat you are using your whole body to balance the car. The car steps out, you are using your whole core to feel it,” said Hamilton.

“It’s not like sitting there and just reacting with the steering, it’s your whole core that’s activated and your legs, so yeah, I used everything.

“It’s not easy. People watch TV and think, ‘These guys, it’s easy for them’. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, I was on the edge the whole way.”

Over the winter, drivers took to the gym to increase their strength for the new season, particularly focusing on core muscles and cardiovascular training.

Even though F1 cars have power steering, lateral G-Forces resulting from cornering have increased this year. For example, in the Australian Grand Prix, Turn 11 inflicted 6G on the drivers’ bodies – up to 1.2 more than in 2016. Silverstone, Spa, Suzuka and Malaysia, with the added heat, will be quite a challenge.

Hamilton also revealed that he lost two kilos of mass during the last race and to save further in the Mercedes W08 he didn’t carry a water bottle while racing.

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These guys are genuine athletes.

I'd also read something somewhere earlier about Mercedes having to save weight. Does this mean they are over the minimum and not carrying any ballast? Or ballasting anyway to concentrate mass somewhere?


I don't know about ballast but no driver should go without fluids. It could lead to a heat stroke.


They should have a good gauge on it from free practice. But if it ever comes to that they can always call for a pitstop to rehydrate i guess.


Vee Ten laps faster
Nice hyping of PU cars though
Not same level yet.


It s my understanding that these cars are faster in high downforce corners but slower medium and low downforce, so the peak G force is more in 2017 compared to v10, just loses more due to weight everywhere else.


Forces can't be more
When GP laps way slower
Than mighty Vee Tens


Sebee just stop watching the sport and go and watch reruns from the late nineties. Its so boring now, are you a genuine troll?


Now Sebee, why are we not surprised you said that?


'04 Chinese GP
8 minutes faster than '17
Who pushes limit?


The 2004 Chinese Grand prix was run in the dry and finished without incident, the 2017 race started wet and featured a virtual safety car for the Perez/Stroll incident and a full safety car for the Giovanazzi crash. Hardly a fair comparison is it? Race pace will always be quicker when there is refuelling, but you already knew that...


Faster then because of higher average and top speeds on straights, more physically demanding now due to higher cornering speeds and g-forces. That IS pushing limits albeit in a different way.


As I understand it. They are overweight and not using ballast. They want to lower weight to then be able to place ballast where needed.


If you are close to the max weight there is less opportunity to place ballast on places the car needs for a certain track.
More ballast options = more stability and better handling.


They were 8 kg overweight before the Barcelona update. Thanks to some changes to the gearbox mainly, they shaved off 3 kg. So that means they're still 5 kg over the minimum weight limit.


mean they are over the minimum...

Apparently they were around 6kg over the minimum weight at the beginning of the season. They have been steadily putting the car on a diet since then and according to Ted (on Sky) they are now at the stage were the car uses ballast in order to bring it up to the minimum weight (they move the ballast around for performance gains). Another interesting thing Ted mentioned was the ballast used to be made from depleted uranium!!!! because it's so dense - sadly they now just use plain old lead.


They have used tungsten for many years, and there's no rule change in respect of that this year so I'm sure they still do.
Lead is for dropping in the exhaust pipes before scrutineering 😉


I knew ballasts are made of tungsten


You're probably right - I was just repeating what Ted Kravits from Sky said in his notebook.


Now let's get rid of the powersteering


Now let's get rid of the power steering and install a gearshifter lever on the right cockpit wall and a clutch pedal.

I understand we cannot go analog ... but the clutch and gearshifter can be electronic devices but require more and better hand foot coordination


I'm surprised that Mercedes are allowing Lewis to drive without refreshment. He might get away with it a few times, but eventually he's going to end a race suffering from dehydration, it might even cost him a win. Lewis also drinks a lot of the sugary energy muck, which despite all the advertising, isn't good in large amounts.

The effects of dehydration are well known, Lewis is playing with fire, for the sake of a couple of pounds of liquid.


There is a programme on British BBC 2 called ' truste me I am a doctor '. In one of the episodes, they carried out a test in one university laboratory to find out which refreshments is best for dehydration.It turned out that milk was better than all these sugary products marketed to the sporting world. It gets and keeps you rehydrated quicker and longer. But can all people tolerate it.


I'm a gliding instructor and sometimes do up to half a dozen 40 - 50 minute flights in a day, or more shorter ones. In the hot NZ summer sun. I keep plenty of water onboard the glider (in a camelback, with sipper tube), but I definitely find milk (between flights) the best for retaining energy levels during the day -- preferably with a little chocolate in it 🙂


Would have thought they could put the drinks bottle in whatever place they want the ballast, and avoid taking the risk of the driver going without liquids.


Lewis playing with fire? Oh no! he needs that water then, to put it out.

Torchwood Five

We have had drivers go without their bottles a couple of times before.

And we have had a driver hospitalised after somewhere like Malaysia, probably one of the Toro Rosso boys, in recent years.

If I was Mercedes, I would definitely make the drinks bottle mandatory at humid races like Singapore or Malaysia.


Do you really think Hamilton drinks tonnes of Monster energy because his name is on the side of a can? It's called marketing. Racing without liquid may cost him a win but it's not as if any of the other drivers are carrying buckets with them. And besides I'm sure that in the heat of somewhere like Malaysia they'll decide to err on the side of caution.


They drink water at races (from branded bottles). The only other drinks the majority have are green tea, coffee and electrolyte endurance shakes. If they drink other soft drinks it's between races and about as frequently as they drink alcohol (i.e. not much)


More gentle on that crowd-surfing please fellas, I need to take a short nap...


Sugary Muck?
Do you mean rehydration gels.
Even Moto GP racers use them pre race and after and in race.
(Developed for soldiers by USA/British firms fighting in humid or hot climates. Iraq/Afghanistan. When food intake was not possible in battle or on Tabs (Foot patrol). You can either squeeze and eat it in gel form or add it to your water bladder on your Cam pack).
Sugary muck I assume is by Monster.
Red Bull is also Sugary muck that Max and Ricci drink too.
But I do agree with you regarding the health risks. Spain is the toughest in its impact on the body. But places like Singapore Malaysia are like racing in a Sauna so a drinks bottle is critical and necessary.


A TAB is a tactical advance to battle. It's not a foot patrol.


@Hugo Weaving - Lewis would have to be a contortionist to use gels when he's racing. Look up the Hamilton Mercedes F1 paddock video from the Spanish race. You can see what he's drinking.


Roger R
I can't believe what you are saying.
My apologies if you missed the point. The gels which even Ricciardo has been seen swallowing on the grid before the grid walks by sports presenters like DC and Brundle. Can also be added to a water bottle and converted into a drink.
I don't imagine any driver trying to suck gel while racing.
The stuff you see Lewis and most drivers is the sponsors containers "Monster or Red Bull" it doesn't mean they are drinking the real stuff. It's whatever the team doctor/Nutrionalist are putting into the water bottle. If your heart rate is huge you don't exactly need more caffeine unless you want a myocardial infarction.

Mick thank you for the correction.
My Son is squaddie in British Army (5years so far) and they use Tab in a variety of situations and in training "which includes a rapid foot patrol in a kinetic situation."


@Hugo Weaving - gels are for energy, from glucose in some form. I happen to have a couple of boxes of them here. Their use has nothing to do with reducing dehydration, as they mostly taken in conjunction with liquid.

Lewis was using a can in the Mercedes video.


Lewis also drinks a lot of the sugary energy muck...

Do you reckon he really does, or perhaps he just says he does. I believe it's called product endorsement 😉 You must have seen a picture of him with his top off - goodness knows he posts them enough. Now, does that look like someone who has a poor diet? Where do you reckon that six pack comes from?


I was surprised by that.
Check his voice at the BBC5 Live podcast: 3:00 [start at 2:30]
Lewis was dehydated and babbling :
- I'm fully... fully... fully... thankfully{?}... fully depleted right now.
That's why I think drivers should have a strong syndicate and demand to increase the overall weight limit of the car and carry mandatory hydrating systems.
5-10 kgs more won't make a diference if it's for everyone.


Good pint. (get it?)


5litres or more of liquid? In 2 hours? I challenge you to try it. That's a lot of water.

Garrett Bruce

Maybe a lot less down-force is indicated? Especially if there are similar heart-rate or breathing issues noticed for other drivers. . .

Something to monitor regarding the level of fitness required might be another aspect to consider.


Will we see the day
When Ferrari win again
In Monaco, ever?


Again, 6 syllables in the last line. At least no rhyming this time. 7/10


Monaco? - why go?
When Indy speed hightens flow.
Alonso - just so.


Best chance for a while this year!

Rob in Victoria BC

Exactly when did this haiku addiction start Sebee? The effort is appreciated though.


@Rob in Western Canada: a 'stale' haiku... for the sake of inspiration, Sebee needs better hydration...

Joking aside, how ironic is to fight for a few drops of water when you have already a beasty car. Afraid of pi$$ing the pants, caught up by his nasty dig on Michael Scumacher wetted his pants every race?

Me thinks that with a pole, a win, and two amazing defences against Vettel's attacks, if Bottas does not drink 'cockpit water' any longer, he will smoke the other Mercedes. Is gonna fasting too?


I want Ricardo at the Red team to smoke the other Ferrari. Hamilton will be leading the wdc without the doormat Raikkonen. Schumacher was self absorbed by how he had his teammate shackled and tried to take a win off him and got booed. His tittles are fake by virtue fastest car and zero competition from teammate. He was a selfish bully who deliberately ran other drivers off the track to impede them from winning tittle they deserve.His driving error crashed him into the back of coultard and dishonestly blamed the incidence on coulthard and displayed no good manners by thuggishly trying to fight coulthard. His first encounter with real competition saw him successively crushed at the hands of the mighty Rosberg.


We shouldn't make drivers jockeys. Water or extra weight should be the same under them. NASA solved the problem of wetting yourself with a condom with a tube on the end.

Liquids are very important.


Enough mod torture
Take hike long time wasting posts
Haiku short and sweet


Hi! Kudos for change
Muted like the engine noise
Nostalgia worthless.


Nostalgia worthless?
Rosberg was right all along
One is enough then


Should we change back now?
V6, V10, V12, which?
Sebee knows don't he.


Vee Ten or Vee Eight
No other choice can be made
Or watch Eff One fade


Its refreshing to see a Hamilton who akcnowledges if he makes a mistake, got exhausted, being beaten by an other driver etc. Earlier it was always about being the best, if not ist down to the car, coming back stronger, being fitter than ever before, the other are winning just because they have a superior car, etc. etc. It seems he is finally grown up. Good to see and much easier to appreciate. Hope he keeps it that way.


It's likely he was fatigued from dehydration more than anything else. Perhaps he needs to re-think losing the drinks bottle. The potential to be passing out from dehydration and high G-forces in an F1 car isn't a wise situation to be toying with, particularly at the venues with high humidity. Perhaps he could be forced to have one by the FIA as a safety issue - both for himself and his competitors.


I completely agree - it could become a serious safety issue. A risk of passing out in an F1 car at racing speeds is unacceptable.


Agree completely. As someone that races bicycles, I would appreciate the weight savings of not carrying 1 or 2 bottles during a hilly road race, but when your heart rate is 80+% of your max for 2 hours in the heat you absolutely need lots of fluids (and electrolytes). It's not a matter of conditioning, it's a matter of basic physiology. I bet he got light headed jumping into his team's arms specifically because he was so dehydrated.


Unlikely. He was out of puff since lap 20 or so.


@Darth, yes my recollection as well. The out of breath audio was when he was trying to keep up with Vettel. "~it's not easy keeping up with this guy". I doubt that dehydration was a factor that early in the race.

Rob in Victoria BC

'When you are flat chat you are using your whole body to balance the car.' - 'Flat chat'?


Yep, it's a real thing, as in "I was going flat chat".


It means when the throttle is wide open


"throttle wide open"...-all be it with fuel flow restrictions and engine conservation modes!


LKFE, probably down to as little as 900bhp with all those restrictions....




Ah, the titanium/carbon fibre/3D printed equivalent of 'flat out'.

Rob in Victoria BC

Thank you!


These cars are now more physical than ever.
To drive the car without a water bottle with rehydration is quite a feat. So we'll done.
No doubt the Anti-Lewis conveyor of posters will as usual start crawling out the wood work once again.


It harks a bit of # firstworldproblems to me. Would you like some water? . Yes please. 🤔


"To drive the car without a water bottle with rehydration is quite a feat."
No it's not it reckless and Hamilton is not the only one doing this. It should not be allowed motor racing is inherently dangerous. We don't need to start playing Russian roulette with a drivers health as well.


James, I'd be interested to know whether Moss or Mansell drove with water in the car? They certainly weren't as fit as current crop and were often older. The physical requirement was definitely more vigorous. Nigel always looked exhausted when he finished a race anyway(especially when he had to push it across the line.........)


Agreed - and the FIA making it a rule is the only way these competitive animals will comply. Leave it to the drivers and they will push the limits too far.


"No doubt the Anti-Lewis conveyor of posters will as usual start crawling out the wood work once again."

You bring it upon yourselves...........


Well said David, thx. 🙂
It must be from 'bible' or something, quintessence.


Uh, how's that? Hugo's post says nothing objectionable.



1. Mercedes brought HUGE car updates (aero, engine, weight loss)
2. Hamilton gave everything he had
3. Pure luck/masterstroke (which one ever you prefer) with VSC and consequent pit stop
4. Bottas blocking Vettel for multiple laps
5. 2nd Ferrari driver knocked out of the race on Lap 1
6. Tire compound availability favoring team struggling with tire management

and yet Mercedes won by mere seconds. Perhaps the recipient of this ode should be Ferrari and Vettel 🙂


Ok, whatever way you want to spin it Ridiculous!


The deep thinking analysis you've just displayed is what elevates this blog over most others 🙂


Ah yes Ferrari didn't bring any updates, have a really slow car and Vettel was just on a Sunday drive through the cotswolds. Perhaps we should appreciate that the Ferrari was the faster race day car and Merc was the better team (yes it was 2v1 but I'm sure ferrari would have done exactly the same.)


Come on
Maybe you should thank Jock Clear for passing on all the secrets from Mercedes previous car and also J Allison for his designs before he left.
Maybe you should thank Kimi for towing the line for playing second fiddle to Vettel for two seasons .
Put Ricciardo in the Ferrari or Lewis or Alonso and.... no wait Vettel probably has a clause saying "no way will I have them as a team mate!!".
As soon as the Mercedes sheds it's weight it will get faster.
Pretty amazing that Lewis drove without a drinks bottle throughout the race. You have to give some credit to the racer. But that won't happen from the Vetrel/Ferrari fans. Which is fair enough. But give some credit to the driver who beat Vettel fair and square .


No, Hugo, he didn't win it fair and square.....without Bottas taking 4+secs out of Vettel i doubt whether the we would've seen the same result.


all part of team racing: nothing unfair or unsquare about that.


without Bottas taking 4+secs out of Vettel...

That's an interesting view. How have you reached that conclusion? Ham would still have caught Vet, just a few laps later. So rather than following Vet for several laps (as he did) but not being able to get past as Vet kept getting a tow and DRS from lapped cars. He would have remained in clean air for longer and then caught him and overtaken him - arguably his tyres would have been in better nick as he would have been running in clean air. It's clear Ham had no trouble nursing the tyres as he pumped in the fastest lap around 3 laps from the finish. Personally I think the VSC was more of a deciding factor - Ferrari left the goal wide open by not pitting.


These "without this, thanks to that" are really getting tiring. Everyone benefits from circumstances at some point. You've got to play it right. The thing is, we know Hamilton won. But you can't be certain that without the VSC he wouldn't have won. And are you sure that his clutch didn't fail, allowing Vet to jump him at the start? Vet benefitted from Ves holding Lewis up in Australia and Ferrari have said that they'd have used Rai to block Lewis anyway. Some tend to have a selective memory depending on who wins or loses.


As kenneth would say, salty!

kenneth believes that Lewis was at full pelt for the last 22 laps. 😃


But that is fair and square. No rules were broken in the making of this victory.


Fair and square means passing (your main competitor) on track. Something Nico could never do, Seb has done seldom and even Schumacher rarely accomplished. Lewis is a standout in this regard. So yes, I'd say he beat him fair and square.


@robino -swap "Lewis is a stand out in this regard", with "The Mercedes with it's extra horsepower and qualy modes is a standout in this regard".


Just some public therapy for LKFE there.


Glad you said "public"...


How forgetful of history we are. We just spent three years watching Nico Rosberg NEVER ONCE pass LH on track. Conversely, LH did the job on many occasions. In the SAME CAR with the same Mercedes hp. You can still win races and championships while not passing on track, it's just boring. LH is fast, and yes, he can pass, which I find more entertaining than the alternative.

And, the pass on Vettel, regardless of who set it up and how Ham got there, was ballsy and exciting. He had to work his tail off to do it. There's lots of top notch drivers who wouldn't have. That's all.


@ Robino.....The question is would hamilton have been in the position to put a pass on Vettel if Bottas hadn't held Vettel up for 2 laps? IMO no, he had to rely on his No2 to do the business for him. Then again that's only my opinion.....


Kenneth, what nonsense! Would Ricciardo have been in a position to win the Malaysian GP last year if Lewis' car hadn't broken down? Of course not, but I don't remember you saying he didn't win it fair and square. All GP victories have an element oof good fortune, they all have some team involvement, describing Lewis' victory as being unfair, while not describing anyone elses similar victories in the same terms just proves (as if it were needed) that you are simply unable of allowing any credit to be given to Hamilton, no matter what the circumstances.


The thing that worries me is the fact that Ferrari is losing races they should have won. So... no ode for them this time but I hope there will be one at the end of the year.


As one Mercedes insider put it: On a day without interruptions, Ferrari would have won by 10-12 seconds. Faster car.

Fursty ferret

apparently they did not lose kilograms in there quest to get the car lighter, they lost a bit , but it's still to heavy, but the car now seems a lot easier on tyre wear, so there getting there

Ricciardo Aficionado

Hi Fursty. You know there are three theirs right?


They're walking their dog over there! 🙂


You're recounting your days of yore. 😃


There are indeed three ways to spell their and they're often confused


@ Brian....so there!


If any other driver went to such lengths to win a race or shave weight off his car, they would be hailed as the new standard in work ethics. But because it is Lewis Hamilton, i guarantee some people will still find something to criticize in all this.


Read the comments above...dangerous, should be forced, mandate extra weight for liquid blah blah. Why not just give each driver an iv drip to race around with.


And a catheter as well....


VER told in bahrein with extreme heat, he had no water bottle. Nobody stepped up to hail his work ethics 😉

Ricciardo Aficionado

Because it's not really any great feat. I worked All day today without a drink. Sure I've got a sore neck and I'll probably have a headache when I get up in the morning, but I'll still go to work again. "Athletes" is RonSpeak for Prima Donna.


My old grandpa used to say..."if you're thirsty, swallow your own spit"! But he had hot gravel for breakfast!


@ RA...how many laps did you win by?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Actually it was a last lap, last corner overtake for the win.
Set the fastest lap chasing him down from fifth on the grid.


It was Glock!


All day without a drink? I can't do a thing without a cup of tea in the morning 🙂


Here Here, jolly good show young man....


@ C63...without large coffee i'm useless!!! Do not respond to that comment.



Tornillo Amarillo

I think, Vettel just jumps out of the car and speak a lot in the cold down room, so the Ferrari maybe is easier to drive.

Or Lewis is getting old...

Go Lance! 🙂


Lewis getting old?
Maybe Lewis couldn't talk because he was suffering from dehydration?
It's the only time Vettel talks because he was testing the water on how Lewis would react to his defensive near shunt as he came out the pit Lane. Ferrari are renowned for not being too media friendly. No way that kid would have met Kimi if it was left to Ferrari and not Liberty media staff.


You're right about that!

Patrick Lemire

Seems to coincide with deletion of drinks bottle, no?


I read somewhere that DC always raced without a drinks bottle - same reason, to save weight.


Can't imagine it myself, I'm gasping after 15 laps in a kart!!


I've only been karting a couple of times and the last time I went they gave me a crash helmet that must have been just worn! It was disgustingly sweaty inside - think second hand bowling shoes!!!


I think it was great those messages were broadcast it really did show that they were on the limit! I find myself these days just assuming the drivers aren't pushing (due to all the previous years with the tyres and no refueling) and I have to keep reminding myself that this year they can push throughout the race and not just before a pit stop, those messages were a great illustration of that.

I remember in the 2000's there was always a story of how physical the cars were, I think this need to be put out more about how hard these cars are to drive, over the last few years it been about how light the drivers can get their body weight.

I hope this isn't a sign that Hamilton is unfit or lacking after going without a personal trainer this year.


Presumably the drivers are wired up with sensors for heart rate and blood pressure etc., so that the team can monitor their health, same as they do with the mechanical bits


I think hamilton thinks he knows more about fitness than a professional personal trainer plus the fact that PT's are expensive and he needs to economise.


You come out with some odd posts Kenneth😄 Then kookaburra has nothing on you does it.
🐰 Assume you are late for the Team Party 😐⏰


he needs to economise....

Lol - he was just named UK's richest sportsman by the Sunday Times 🙂


@ C63.....TIC


Not to have a drink bottle in the car, in this day and age, is madness - regardless of the reasons. That's akin to cruel and unusual punishment. The dangers of dehydration are well known. It should be mandatory that 2 liters of fluid be available at all times for the drivers.


What if they drink some? Would they have to pit for a top up?


Sorry to get tripped up in the semantics of hasty typing...you know what I mean.


I do think Hamilton's being a bit exaggerated in how tough his celebrations were. I mean when he cruised past Vettel, Vettel hardly sounded exasperated on the radio, clearly driving the cars is a bigger challenge this year but surely after a 2-3min cool down on the in-lap his heart rate would have fallen sufficiently to allow him to celebrate a bit. I'm calling a bit of 'fake-news' here!


I didn't realise people would defend Hamilton so much, given what others have replied I take it he may have said this as a joke, in which case, fine. What I don't believe is that of all 22 drivers Hamilton struggles that much more. I didn't see Vettel struggling out of his car in Australia and Bahrain, nor Bottas in Russia, not even Hamilton in China hence why I called him out for exaggerating a bit what he's going through. You can claim this as a Hamilton biased post but seriously if we've had 5 races and this is only just being mentioned would you not detect perhaps a bit of exaggeration? Barcelona is not Singapore!


Well I don't think so. First there is one very long high g turn and probably the hottest race so far this year.

The main thing is basic biology. My guess is Ferrari has a much lighter car. Maybe Hamilton needs a trainer. Doesn't Alonso have one?


Liam C. Even the TV guys on channel 4 and sky f1 stated that Barcelona is the toughest race on the Calendar in terms of physical exertion. Malaysia and Singapore it's the humidity that's the killer and not the effort of driving on the circuit as physically both tracks are less demanding than Barcelona.


Rapid 2kg in weight loss ?
Your heart rate is impacted.
You body is lacking in electrolytes that maintain a healthy heart beat. Your body is screaming for glucose but instead there is a high level of Lactate.
Sports doctors have written plenty of papers regarding this in Medical Journals. Look it up. Fake News ? No way.


Do I deny it's tough? no.
Do I believe that it was so tough he can't jump into his team? No.
Think of it this way, could he have driven another lap in that car? Probably yes, if he can exert to that extent explain how on earth he couldn't just give one jump into his mechanics, I'd say climbing steps to the podium is harder work after a race, he didn't complain about making the podium on ground level hence I still proclaim 'fake news'

The Grape Unwashed

formula1.com reports his comment about not celebrating in future as a joke. The source is Channel4's post race interview, so it's probably still available online for viewers to judge for themselves: I saw it at the time and thought nothing of it, I didn't take it at a serious statement.

However, Channel4 does have a clip of the drivers chatting while waiting for the podium and Lewis' breathing really heavily at first and keeps some distance from the others - presumably while he gets his breath back.


I'm smelling a faint whiff of 'alternate facts' as well.


To much partying i guess..

Ricciardo Aficionado

Smoking ice is pretty bad for the lungs.


Read the article again, then you will read when Lewis said his heartbeat sky rocketed

Fursty ferret

Of course you are because the stories about Lewis


I wonder how Hamilton is going to cope with future races now that he announced that, in the search of reducing the weight of the car, he will no longer have his waterbottle installed.
Malaysia without ability to rehydrate seems a tough race to me.


Wasn't it Malaysia where they said the drinks bottles were like drinking hot tea?


Oh my word. 1 race! It's not as though he said the drinks bottle is gone forever!


You're talking to a crowd heavy on binary thinking.


Or people binary posting!


It's not like it's super hard to install it back when there is a need to, like in Malaysia. The risk of dehydration there is big even WITH a drinks bottle. I'm positive he'll carry one there.


Bit of a no point topic......it was clear lewis had no water and would hydrate abit ....if lewis was not performing to the highest of levels then being breathless would be a worry

Lewis showed his class on sunday.


James, what's the general weight of a water bottle in the cars?.
Merc have obviously not lost as much weight on car as they need to if Lewis is sacrificing his drinking fluids. Can't see him doing that at the really warm races.


Apparently DC never carried a water bottle during races - I read it somewhere - he reasoned that if he was fit enough then he could go with out. Makes sense when you think about it - the teams spend millions shaving a few grams off the car and then to just put around a kilo straight back in doesn't make sense. I'm sure the medics will have looked at the pro's and con's of this and whether it's safe etc . I guess it all hinges on whether the time saved by losing the weight is lost by the time gained by not being at 100% for the entire race.


And DC is most probably right. Lewis, and the rest of the drivers I would think are fit enough to go without water for 2 hours. It obviously takes them a bit of time to recover after the race than it would if they had drinking fluids in the car. I would imagine Lewis was fine again 30 minutes after the race.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Anyone who can't go two hours without a drink is probably an alcoholic and shouldn't be behind the wheel of an F1 car.


Well, in fairness Ham was simply following the FIA instructions . There are huge signs all around the circuits these days which clearly say' if you drive, never drink'. Looks to me like the other drivers haven't been paying attention 🙂


Maybe it doesn't have to be bottle shaped. Maybe build it into the cockpit. If 1 kilo moves around under 5Gs of load that could affect handling.

I don't get it. The gas tanks weigh more but the batteries should improve in power to weight. Those tires must weigh a lot. I wonder what the shark fins weigh? Anyway you would think Mercedes could fix this.


As I have written elsewhere, I didn't find the Barcelona quite race as "thrilling" as some others, yet Hamilton's comments are a clear indication that something has really changed this year. The fact that these cars are so much faster along with tires that allow them to push the cars to the limit is a very positive development.


Hasn't he ditched his personal trainer earlier this year?

He might be pay the price for that....


He ditched his trainer. But he still has the Mercedes trainers. Both drivers are checked by the doctors prior to a race weekend regarding fitness and health.
So ditching a personal trainer means nothing. Other athletes have done the same and still won major tournaments.
Murray and Dojokic (excuse the spelling ) have won titles without personal trainers.


Hmm... If Lewis is considering stopping F1 celebrations, this begs the question, how was Schumi able to perform the Schumi hop for 91 times

But certainly, it wasn't a wise decision for Lewis to go without a drink for this left him over exerted than he possibly would have been had be been taking liquids

Meanwhile, the fans have begun to see what the 2017 cars are capable of for not only are the drivers able to push on these machines but now we also have situations were the drivers are physically challenged ended up knackered which means challenging and hot races may see some drivers lose out points through mistakes brought about by exhaustion.

Overall, F1 has gone back to the good old days and better yet new owners Liberty are giving the teams liberty to engage the fans and give them their money's worth.


Not exactly the Shumi days. I wonder about the curves and most of all weight restrictions. I don't think a water bottle would have affected anything back then.


Was it worth it to go without water? Is the top step worth it? Absolutely. If he'd lost then there is space to criticise. But he won. So there you go.


@ aezy_doc

Well, in the grand scheme of things, it was worth it so I agree


Totally agree!


Well I don't agree. Your health is more valuable than any race win if it made any difference at all. If it did that car is designed badly.


Haha he's just completed an F1 race and he's worried about 1 jump. Whinger.
Get a shoe into ya.


You might want to try to run the same race at the same speed before making such comments. Being behind Vettel meant that it was even harder for him to keep car in the optimum race line. He literally had to fight it which was extremely physical.


@ Jean-christophe.....How many other drivers were affected by this physical challenge? I haven't of one!! So does this mean that simply because he opted to drive 'sans' drinks bottle that he was gutted? I very much doubt it.


@kenneth we won't know how many drivers were affected really. Besides, they wouldn't be driving at the same speed. They were in another race. Once Lewis passed Vettel he didn't have to fight the car the same way. He was in clear air. I'm not talking about drinking here although lacking drink certainly made it even more challenging.


Oh...C'mon JC. What are you saying? That superfit Hamilton just wasn't fit enough to take on a challenging race. Look i'm fully aware that driving an F1 car can be physically taxing at times but i don't necessarily buy hamilton's excuses. Vettel put in as hard a fight as Hamilton and he looked perfectly fine...considering.


The fitness level of the F1 drivers is extra ordinary. And being on Track in Australia, I couldn't imagine how tough it is for the drivers physically this year. However, I still think there is still something gotta be done in terms of accommodating taller drivers. Most F1 drivers look like jockeys.


Most jockeys look like jockeys. Maybe they should do something there too. Or lower the hoop in basketball so short people can play. While we are at it let's do something in cycling so that fat people have a chance too.


A good fast little guy can play in the NBA. They ain't that many but are good.


Good idea lol


The only way for jockeys to not look like jockeys is to grow bigger horses, that can accommodate "a regular sized gal or guy". Whatever that is.


diving into his mechanics produce spectacular pictures, am glad he has introduced so many ways of celebrating his victories. apart from the shoey and the 'egyptian walk, no other f1 driver seem to want to introduce new styles of celebrating their victories. they just coppy hamilton.


'diving into his mechanics produce spectacular pictures, am glad he has introduced so many ways of celebrating his victories'

I'm fairly certain drivers were doing that before Hamilton was on the grid!

Have you seen his neck btw?? A lot of training has gone in..


please name a single drive who dove into his mechanics before hamilton.


i am confident that no driver has dived into their mechanics and engineers before hamilton.
show me pictures if you're still sure.


No other driver had a merc and could win. Lets see how Vet celebrastes his victorys. The finger is already back.


vettel may save your day..


@ Aveli...and ruin yours.


What continues to interest me is the focus everywhere of the impact on Hamilton, yet not much else on the other drivers.


each team field 2 cars in f1


hamilton's f1.

Craig in Manila

All he said was "I don’t know if I will do that again" as the act of jumping into the Team was a bit more effort/difficult than he expected.

That then gets turned into "Lewis Hamilton to calm victory celebrations".

Nothing to see here, move along.


If you're feeling starved of motorsport action following the padding out of the 2 car race in Spain, it's worth dipping into the Indy 500 practice, free via youtube with speed/time/laps data beneath the live stream on the indycar site. Think they're about 5 hrs behind uk, so on in evening.

Sounds like a tough challenge, getting used to the miniscule setup changes to push the corners and especially traffic racing multiple cars on such a tight line where in some cases cars can lift and be sucked about with the aero holes. Tough running the 500 without previous or smaller oval experience.

Qually is Sat and Sun, all cars 2 lap aggregate times then shootouts from 10th down and top nine. Lot of luck involved but I'd bet Alonso gets more points from this qually/race than in that F1 Honda this year.

Hopefully a good race, last 500 I watched was Mario Andretti v Danny Sullivan a long time ago...


A lot of pit stops at Indy. Plenty of water not too many Gs but highly dangerous.


Interesting to note that Alonso left the circuit immediately after the race, flew to the US and was heavily into Indy practice the following day/ monday!!! He must be superfit. I'm also interested to know how one can actually lose 2KG of 'body mass' in 2 hours? Is this really possible? My searches indicated that it was not possible unless one weighed in with a mega load of liquid on board then unloaded before a reweigh in. I'd be grateful if someone could elaborate further on this.


Alonso has a trainer plus he was a lap or two down. All the Finns seem to have big necks.


And he probably worked twice as hard to get that beast over the line as well!


hamilton hardly tells lies. if he said it, then it happened...
the best driver of all time doesn't need to lie to impress..


@ Aveli...someone doesn't want me to win the championship'


Elite marathon runners can easily lose 6-7% of bodyweight during a race (even with drinks), so yes it's very easily possible.


Yes it's possible. 1litre of liquid equals 1kg (depending on altitude). You can sweat that out in 2 hours - especially if you've had a comfort break after weigh in before the race and maybe while in the car as well.


84% of fat burned during weight loss is actually exhaled as carbon dioxide, with the remainder being water.
To burn 2kg of fat the average joe needs to inhale just under 6kg of oxygen, and will exhale 5.5kg of CO2 and excrete just over 2kg of h20.


I'm not sure if you are agreeing with me, arguing with me or simply stating a fact! Bear in mind that we aren't talking 2kg of fat. No one is losing that much fat in 2 hrs.


I was stating a fact (that i ripped off from a physiology website). But to your point -isn't the discussion about losing 2kg of body mass? I didn't interpret that as 2kg in fluids, but rather fat burning (stored energy).
Is there a doctor on the plane?


See below link Kenneth


ESPN's bio of Lewis states 66kg, so 2kg loss is 3%.


@ Van.Bear...thanks for that. I don't quite see the correlation.


someone official should have something to say about no water bottle being carried on Hamiltons car, that's surely a health or safety risk

also surprised its not mandatory to carry a water bottle, thought for sure that it was but I can't see a team with two Austrians at the helm making such an oversight


There's nothing new about it - DC said he never used one, and that was years ago.


Health and safety risk! What is this f1 or ping pong?


can you imagine racing around Malaysia without a water bottle in these cars?

add to that drivers shedding as much body weight as possible to accommodate over weight cars and its a recipe for something silly or sad, pending how the sports gods feel on the day


Slow news day huh?


Super human that guy. On lap 44, car 44 overtook car 5 for his 55th win. Symmetry, I love it.


Shhhh - there are plenty on here that will take that as "proof" of a conspiracy. 😉


He is just saying that to get attention.


This was the first time you could see (hear) the new F1 being so demanding from a physical level. The drivers can push more and for much longer - we've all heard it, this was the evidence.

I don't want to sound pessimistic because the fight at the front is great, but I wonder what the impact is further down the field. There are some great midfield scraps (we don't often see) but the cars there are something like 1 second per lap slower. How much of a difference does that make? Also someone like Ricciardo for example who had no fight on his hands was essentially "cruising" to the finish line. he wasn't nearly as fatigued as Hamilton for obvious reasons.


'Today's Top Story':

Lewis Hamilton may jump around a bit less and needs to drink more....

Really? C'mon JAF1, this is weak.

Slow (no) news day, a cynic may suggest you need to keep your stats up. Is there really nothing else going on?


I agree. Same issue could have been dealt with in a much less 'sensationalist' manner. i.e. is it right to go without a water bottle? what are the risks? How much do they normally carry? What are the benefits in terms of absolute lap time and so on.

The Grape Unwashed

I think this article omits the most interesting part of that interview -

[Hamilton:] “The majority of races we do, you get into the first stint, you realise you’re second, so you have to back off, save your tyres, so you’re driving at 80 percent, so you have loads of energy,” he told UK broadcasters Channel 4.

“This one I was on a knife edge the whole way, flat chat, first trying to catch him…

Normally, when drivers are behind another car, either they're a bit slower than it (in which case the leader pulls away), or a bit faster (in which case they're driving below 100%). In Spain Hamilton appeared to be able to inch towards Vettel during the first stint, but he was right on the limit doing so - and that meant he was driving pretty much on the limit for most of the race. On the limit and with no drinks bottle (in pursuit of every last fraction,) it's little wonder he lost a couple of kilos during the race.

With the title chase gradually opening up and the cars so evenly matched, this race was about the desire to win - Hamilton was willing to push his body harder for longer than his rival.


Interesting, there is an interview on youtube with Esteban Ocon by WTF1 yesterday, and he said the cars aren't as physical as he was expecting... I know they aren't as fast as the mercedes, but still....


This article remind me of the 1999 Malaysian grand prix I rewatched recently. After months out of the car, Schumi dominated qualifying, and in the post quali press conference, Irvina and Hakkinen looked like they were dying whereas Schumacher looked like he’d just walked down the stairs. I wonder how prime Schumacher would have done in these cars. I don’t think I ever saw him out of breath even when he came back with Merc.


he wasn't driving as fast as rosberg.


Hi James

At the start of the season Lewis said he was no longer employing a personal trainer. Do you think this is connected?


Hi James,

Just a note to say thanks for stopping at chatting with me and my partner in front of the TV compound after the race in Barcelona. We really enjoyed your insight and general F1 chat.

Good to meet you, hope to do the same in Monza.



Top marathon runners don't need to drink over the race duration of 2 hours.
Hydration or pre-hydration is done before the race to last the race distance,again about 2 hours. Any hydrating done during the race is for the benefit of the driver afterwards.
What the sports drinks manufacturers will tell you sell you is the importance of continued hydration to keep you at your peak bla bla bla.
Absolute nonsense of course. There is a big difference between having a dry mouth from heavy breathing and wanting a drink,to being dehydrated and needing a drink.
What Lewis is doing here is what Lewis is good at which is self promotion. What he has categorically failed to grasp is that he signed a contract with monster energy drinks and what he is now saying to all the potential consumers of that brand is that actually you don't need it,it's of no benefit to you so don't buy it. This underlying message will of course be lost on the majority of Lewis Hamilton fans because it is far too subtle.


@ F1canmaker...So what are all those people doing standing along the course with glasses of water etc? and what are all those people doing manning the tables with drinks set out for the .....runners?


hamilton has not signed a contract with monster..


Sorry, you're talking nonsense. Marathons are raced at 88-92% of HRmax for 120-140 minutes. The athletes all take on water during this. Not every mile, but certainly a few times during the race.


Ah yes, that old chestnut - Lewis fans unable to understand subtlety because....why? I agree with you about hydration but why the unnecessary dig?


F1 canmaker... It's quite obvious isn't it? Yes, these cars may call for some additional fitness but they are only race for less than 2 hours . No one else has been seen to be 'out of breath' and as i said earlier, Alonso has been testing now for 5days continuous and he started less that 24 hrs after the finish of the Spanish GP. Consider the stress that he'll be enduring as well! I would still question the loss of 2KG 'body mass'. My understanding of that is it is not loss of liquid which is what everyone seems to be talking about. Body mass doesn't include liquids per se IMO. Maybe we have a resident physio trainer who can qualify that aspect.


hamilton makes a note of his mass before the race starts and is publically weighed at the end of each race. he is therefore in a better position of authority to say how much he loses each race than anyone on earth..
putin asked him how much weight he lost in the race and he said 2kg..
why is it an issue now?


@ Aveli...'Hamilton makes a note of his mass etc etc etc' What does that mean? How do you know that?


He goes through his bin, i think....


What about Nigel Mansel that had to be helped out of a race care after he won back in the day.

It's only 2hrs but the g forces are in a strange direction compaired to air force pilots and they have g suits.

Yeah a minute per lap could mean the difference between 4 and 5+ Gs in that big sweeping curve.

Vettel seemed OK tho. Hamilton did seem out of sorts and not acting.


Our Nige was often seen at the early opener...


Some races just take it more out of you than others. In the old days of F1 there were stories of drivers physically vomiting inside their helmets and still finishing the race. Who remembers the state of Senna at the end of the 91 Brazilian GP, or Mansell at the end of the Michigan 500 in 93? Those guys literally had to be lifted out of the car at the end of the race because they gave 100%.


Maybe Lewis does more lifting than running? You can lift all the weights you like but running/swimming is where it's at. Forget the front covers Lewis.

Also that Ferrari is quicker than the Merc. It's Lewis who's dragging it round. Now with these tyres Lewis has been let of the leash and isn't being held back. It's 2007 again behind the wheel and he's able to do qualy laps every lap.

Ding dong! Go F1!


Look at the guy - more lifting than cardio? Not exactly Arnie proportions is he? I bet he does tonnes of cardio, hiit training, swimming or whatever.


James, a question a lot of us have I think is how fast the cars have been in previous years. Records are being broken now but only by small margins, and last years cars were not the quickest. Before the current era which year was closest to todays performance? maybe mid 2000s ?


I think today's cars are slower on the straights but faster in the curves than those 2000 cars but very close in track time.


More puff pieces...


All these discussions about Mercedes having overweight...

I allways said it, The Hulk is the best driver. It seems with a bit less body weight he would have 7-8 F1 WDC's , 10 LeMans and Indy wins, ...
And now we know the real reason why Rosberg retired. He was clever enough to knew about the overweight problem. And he knew that a mighty brain is too far away from the centre of mass. Given the more lying seat position: what F1 drivers really need are big cojones to keep the centre of mass low and in the centre of the four wheels.


So we have more weight in the cars this year. Why can't these cutting-edge engineers tuck a little reservoir with pump below the seat. A couple of grams of Gatorade might be a worthy addition.


That's exactly what they do have normally - minus the gatorade. I suppose we know what they drink at Torro Rosso and their parent team (trying to avoid spoilers) and I suppose Lewis has Monster!


I am apply for this f1 games

Paul Richardson

It was only a few years ago Adrian Sutil and Hulkenberg had to lose some extra weight and both struggled due to lack of energy, it may be the same that Hamilton has been overdoing it on the weight loss front too.


first he started banging his head against the cockpit sides like there is no tomorrow, then he started running out of breath like there was no oxygen, and after that he undid his Safety belts just across the finish line, these symptoms could well be due to his overheating printed circuit.


salvoborg, you missed a stage, after running out of breath and before undoing his safety belts, you should have added "then he won the race"...


Lewis is fatigued due to 'being seen at events'...and partying with babes until the sun come up *green with envy*


I've thought about this quite a bit. It seems to me that the tires are way too heavy. A low profile tire would save a lot of weight. They would also look cooler and with less unsprung weight make the cars faster still. If the cars get too fast the aero could be limited.

Water should be mandatory.

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