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F1 does the right thing as Ferrari fan Thomas Danel cries when hero crashes out
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 May 2017   |  7:53 pm GMT  |  164 comments

F1 doesn’t really do heartwarming.

It does cynical and in the last few years it has done dysfunctional to a high level.

But in Spain today it did tug the heart strings as a 6 year old French boy called Thomas Danel, from Amiens in France burst into tears after his hero Kimi Raikkonen crashed out at the first turn and he was picked up by the TV cameras.

In the paddock a quick thinking F1 comms manager suggested that they go and fetch the young lad and his family to come over to the F1 paddock to try to cheer him up. Ferrari was looped in and they brought him to Ferrari’s hospitality where he met Raikkonen.

Asked by a TV crew what the taciturn Finn had said to him, Danel said, “He said something but I didn’t understand.” Some in the F1 paddock wittily observed that he was in good company there.

The family remained in the paddock until long after the race and met many drivers and others, overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was. A highlight for the youngster was meeting his fellow countryman Romain Grosjean. I spoke to them and the mother still had tears in her eyes, quite overwhelmed by what had happened to them.

It was a small, but symbolic gesture of bringing the fans closer to the sport, which showed how much F1 has changed in a few short months since Liberty Media took over from Bernie Ecclestone. Another was the extensive fan festival area behind the main grandstand

A further example was a dancing robot which entertained the paddock a few hours before the race.

I saw Ecclestone walking between the Red Bull and Mercedes motorhomes and looking with bemusement at something he would never have allowed on his watch.

Ecclestone loves kids and has donated huge sums to Great Ormond Street hospital over the years, but it’s doubtful he would have sanctioned the Danel family being brought across from the stands.

It has sent out a powerful signal that F1 has changed. And, talking to the principals in the new F1 management, there’s plenty more where that came from.

What did you think of the Danel episode? Leave your comments in the section below

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If this gesture is symbolic of the way Liberty plan to change the sport, then I'm all for it.

The cynic in me sees this as a PR opportunity seized, but regardless of whether it was or wasn't it was still a lovely thing to do. I felt for that litle lad when Kimi crashed out, and I won't lie or exaggerate, seeing him getting to meet his hero brought a tear to my eye.

Everything I've seen from Liberty so far leads me to believe that the sport is in good hands.


Here here Andy, fully agree with your comment!


It was actually Ferrari who sent people out, not Liberty as the article implies.


Yep, great stuff all round!


agree with you. and Liberty has also been lucky with this year being such a competitive season. if they had bought F1 last few years, it woudnt be the same.


just one little carp, and it's at James. With all the respect we all hold for him, James cannot write about Kimi, even a positive story like this one, without giving it a disparaging spin.
Yes the boy said he didn't understand what Kimi told him. That's because he only understands French, while Kimi speaks only English and Finnish. (Even if I myself do not understand everything Kimi says in English)!

I would not have chosen to highlight that in what is a positive story for Kimi and for F1, and not least for the little boy himself, whose interview live with Ted Kravits was a highlight of the post race coverage.


Agree. Bet if wss Mercedes or LH. We would see at least 5 aricles about it now


It was just an ironic little joke and so obvious a one to make that 80% of us who post here would have probably made it too!


Agree with all that you have said.


Absolutely superb move. Bring it on. Give us more of that.


Never, in over 25 years of Formula 1, which I have spent with my eyes glued to a TV screen nearly every time there was a race, have I seen anything even remotely close.

Liberty Media, you have won both TV and the internets today. Hats off to you!

Tornillo Amarillo

I think Brundell said that there will be a line of people crying in Silverstone... :))


and some of them may be F1 drivers if the Mercs abd Fezzas keep up the b
Barcelona pace 😉


is that like the fly with Jeff Goldblum.
Stick Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell into the machine, and get the Blundell fly out of the other end


I'm guessing the Team 1st.... then me here in Los Angeles....again, I'm sure.

Anyone else hopeful this dreadful Honda PU program has found its balls (sorta?) by then so to make a decent show for the home crowd??


With all due respect to mclaren and Honda, where's the novelty factor in that? 😛


No, Force India mechanics...


Nice one James 🙂


Hopeless opportunists crying to get a free paddock pass!


Ouch 😉

Maybe Macca fans crying with joy as the Honda moves up to second last in the speedtrap at Silverstone.


Good one james.


Too True. I can't understand what's wrong at Honda. they were so good earlier in their F1 appearances. I seem to recall 2000 hp qualifiers during the previous previous Turbo era. How can they be so far off the mark. I've come to have tremendous respect for Fernando Alonso in the last 8 years. He's been dragging cars around on his back for years. I think that his and Kimi's Championships were the last where the driver actually did more than the car to win.


Wow 😂
James that's cold 😄
But very funny 😄


Ha ha that really tickeled me.

Jonathan Powell

JamesAllenonF1 fans...crying out for when Mr Allen is going to pen his Fernando Alonso biography!


His story isn't over yet.


Brilliantly Heart warming, one the highlights of the day, F1 has a heart, this is family entertainment at its Greatest.


A brilliant move by the PR guy. I guarantee that this kid will be F1 fan for the duration of his life.


It was a woman at F1 Group who started it


Chase Carey said that Ferrari started it all.

Bendor Grosvenor

Thanks for the story, I was watching the race and hoped someone would do this. Bravo to all involved!


Team work actually. the cameraman who noticed it. Next to the TV feed mixers to get it up so soon...and the rest, as they say, is history


Absolutely brilliant - she should have been in the pictures as well - with a medal.


Somebody promote her! Great move, and a no-brainer! Hard to imagine that wouldn't have been allowed before.

Out of all the things us fans love to disagree about, this ain't one of them!


I wasnt really thinking in terms of male/female, just generally said pr guy, should have used maybe pr person 🙂

Anyway, hats off to her, good work


Great to see the personal side of a global sports team, F1 needs more of a younger audience, what a way to get them involved


How old is this kid? 3 or 4? Does he really understand what crashing out in a race means? How could Kimi be his hero? I think he cried because the name "Kimi" sounds like "Momy".

40**dy kid...while we were watching him have a sook, we missed all this overtaking action....


You really missed the scene when he was enjoying Vettel's leading the race after pit stop






Jealous much Enoch??? ROFL LMAO !!!


How cynical!

Of course, everyone knows the real reason he was crying - Kimi stole his ice cream 😀


'When I'm not kissing babies I'm stealing their lollipops' a politician said that . Can't remember who . It says a lot.


The politician in The Hunt for the Red October.

Fursty ferret

there has to be one


Good job,Liberty!First Year and everybody is enjoying F1 again.A good thing was taking the "bullets" away from the "hired gunman." He would vetoed them from entering the paddock.
Keep it up,and Bernie please stay in your plantation.


I have been following F1 for more than 30 years and I don't remember anything like this. Strange and nice.


It's great to see that F1 is changing for the better, not only did we get close racing in Spain this afternoon, we also got to see that the new F1 cares more than the old regime. A small step forward, please keep making those steps.


how many kids going to the next races are practicing fake tears now? 🙂

the f1 comms manager is a top man


top woman then, no offence intended


Some people just can't imagine there's women in F1 besides the umbrella holders!


90% of men probably thought it was a valid learning moment for the young boy . 90% of women wanted to hug him. 90% think a class move from liberty media. I'm one of them.


I don't think its sexism from posters, I think it has more to do with the fact that we dont expect females to be hired by Bernie's F1, but we need to remember its not Bernie's anymore


You may not have been in an F1 Paddock? There are actually many women in F1 and many have high profile roles, it just seems they aren't able to drive them well enough (as per history) but females have a very large role in F1.

Good move to get the young lad in, that was a nice touch and i am sure he wont forget that day for a long time.

People think Kimi is cold and uncaring but that is probably based more at the media and maybe mass interaction with the fans but he is a father and would know how much it would mean for this young fella!! Good stuff 🏎


You're right, I've never been in the paddock. Glad to know there are many women in F1


Wonderful gesture from Ferrari and the entire F1 paddock - it makes the sport seem more open and engaging which is a good departure from the Bernie era.


Saw this...saw the little kid cry when Kimi went off...and then cheer later on when Vettel took the lead...clearly a Tifosi at heart....and an F1 fan who like many of us fell in love with the sport at his age (all those years ago!!)

And the way the Team got him and the family down....brilliant....absolutely brilliant.



I felt for the poor kid, as Kimi is a hero of mine to, seeing him in tears pulled on the heart strings but it was also great to see such a young fan passionate about the sport. Like it should be.

I was hugely impressed by Formula 1, Ferrari & Kimi Raikkonen allowing him to meet his hero. It was heartwarming! Also allowing the family to stay in the paddock after the race to meet other driver as well was a really nice thing to do. Liberty Media have come in and done a great job and really are making the sport more accessible again and long may that continue.


Who said Kimi is the Iceman? Looks like he melted to me!


He even took off his glasses..


Yep. You are right. Clearly we can the see the joy on Kimi's face!
After all, we all, have a heart!
Finally we start to get bet the old spirit of Formula 1 and the spirit of sport!
A great improvement also, is in the judging of incidents during races. Still is a long way to improve, but is getting there!
Long live the prodigal son, named F1, which finally has returned home, to us!


Perfect, just perfect. That's how you get,entertain and keep fans. Spontaneity at its best, F1 has got a heart. Hope the family got some great pictures and keepsakes. Well done Ferrari, you've moved mountains this year! Keep up the good work.
I bet little Danel has got lots to tell his friends Monday morning🏎🏁


Brilliant! Ferrari need to redeem themselves in the PR stakes and this was just right. I'm not a Ferrari fan, but well done!




This was awesome 👏. Way to go NEW F1!!!


They didn't think it all the way through. They should've had "Kimi offering ice cream to the kid" picture and "Kimi sitting somewhere eating ice cream with the kid" picture as well.


Indeed, this is a great example of how the sport has changed under Liberty Media. I've never seen this happen before and I loved it. It brings the sport closer to the fans and shows even F1 pilots are just people, how glamorous they may live outside the paddoc....


In India we say "Mauke pe Chauka" which roughly means (in cricket) Hit a boundary [4 runs] when given a chance.


F1 has needed to step down from their ivory tower for years. let's hope that this is only the first step in "humanizing" the sport. Ecclestone years ago lost sight of the fact that as in all sports the ultimate product is intertainment, an for that you need a receptive audience.


Whats not to love about this story.
It appeals to men women and children.
The lady responsible for this stroke of genius should be applauded,not just as a great piece of PR but more so as a great example of humanity.


F1 seems to be in the right hands now. Awesome thing to do!


A touch of humanity, at last, in a world far from it.
It was awesome to see.


That's liberty media for you. They are already making F1 better. Bernie did great things for F1, but then he made it stale and closed of access to the real fans, his F1 was one of exclusivity at the expense of those of us Wei truly enjoy racing


It was good good good!! So easy, so obvious, so right!


This is what F1 should be about....the fans. What happened with Kimi today is the way forward to engage the next generation of fans.


First and foremost I do apologise to my fellows bloggers for stating the little boy was Kimi son, as I looked the boy just before the start of the race waving Scuderia flag with such a gusto I had assumed he being a member of Raikkonen clan, I regret to jump to conclusion and that is that.


Good move by f1 management. I can't imagine why anyone could disapprove.

Unfortunately for young Danel if he cries every time Kimi Raikkonen has a bad race the poor kid must be in tears most weekends these days. (Obviously not kimis fault today though)


Was an added highlight in an epic blast from the past race.
Thing is did he get Kimi's customary early bath ice cream?


Perfect, just perfect. The TV coverage picked up on this young man upset by Kimi's incident, and the powers that be followed though and made the most of it. A major step forward for Formula-1. I'm glad that Bernie got to see an aspect of what he has been getting wrong for so many years.


This was a fantastic thing to see. All the better because it was spontaneous.

I don't know if it was liberty, Ferrari or Kimi who were behind it, they should be applauded. And I'm not normally kind to any of those 3.

Stephen Taylor

James for Kimi's part he hasn't be known for wanting to engage much in PR or with fans . I think think Kimi is seriously considering retiring at the end of the season in the back of his mind already even if Ferrari still want him therefore he decided to take this opportunity to do what he did with that young boy-as he knows this might be one of his last opportunities to do such a thing as driver . Has becoming a father perhaps Kimi's this has mellowed stance to engagement with fans James? I don't expect Kimi to get anywhere near another championship but a another Spa win and maybe one in Sepang ( in that circuits final F1 race.) would do nicely


Come on Ferrari: support the boy on a future driver development programme like Mclaren did with Hamilton! The boy is obviously passionate about F1. Ferrari you did a great job today.


Very cool for poor Thomas and a nice aside when there was so little decent overtaking on track, despite Vettel's great dummy to beat a Merc works PU on the straight and also evertyhing that the entertaining Carlos Sainz attempted.

It would still be nicer and more natural if the focus should remain on it being a quick decision to cheer up the lad and not on how it was all about the PR genius and skill for the sake of some marketing kudos for F1 as a whole. I mean they'd better not start selling T-Shirts with the kid crying on the front emblazened with "Don't Cry For Me Kimi Raiiiiiiikonnen" 😉

I hope that the little Ferrari lad met Bottas and booted him in the family jewels, for firstly braking too early to protect Lewis so taking out Kimi, then another boot for sacrificing his race by slowing then speeding up to block Seb in the other Ferrari just so Lewis stood a chance.


Re the Bottas dig. And lose the most exciting part of the race, forcing a great overtake? Good on him I say! That's what teammates are for. He was in a race of his own for third anyway.


It's a great gesture and good to see. Looking forward to the 'Plenty more where that came from'
So do we now expect a whole bunch of 30 something 'kids' track-side in Monaco to burst into tears and find the nearest camera, waiting for Willy Wonkas golden ticket ??


that was am amazing thing for Ferrari to do, I was so happy to see him with his hero Kimi..Good job folks


Truly heartwarming and selfless. That poor boy was broken when his favourite drive crashed out by no fault of his own and to invited into Ferrari was special. Lewis, F1 and that little boy are the winners today. Hats off to liberty for making subtle but engaging changes. Bravo 👏


Maybe just maybe there is something to learn here?

Perhaps on the Saturday the best dressed F1 fan, or wittiest banner etc, could get an "upgrade" into the paddock for the Sunday?


Nice change , finally.


It was a nice gesture by all involved. This type of thing is quite common in sports like baseball. So maybe its the american influence? F1 has been neglecting it's fans who comes to the races for years. Only the elite seem to be treated well at the track. The common folk who queue to get in.. queue to get food.. expensive food at that! !
Giving something back to the fans once in a while is great.. be a bit more like WEC and other championship's. . Hopefully this is just the start


" its fans "; " championships " ...


Jeez.... well done you


I think its what F1 needs to grow. I've read where some where unhappy that the Yanks bought F1 thinking they were going to turn it into NASCAR..but even NASCAR wouldn't so this. Keep this up and they will win fans with the younger generations and F1 will have a bright future.


Brilliant!! lovely gesture for the young fan! Think I'll stand up and cry my eyes out if Lewis crashes out haha!!!


It was really nice of the entire Ferrari strategy team to take a group selfie with the kid while not much was happening on track with the virtual safety car... good job 😉


It was great to see F1 showing its human side, that kid will remember that experience for the rest of his life, and we will all remember it too! Can't see that happening in the previous era, even if someone had thought of it the kid and his Dad wouldn't have got passed Bernie's goons and into the paddock..,


Lovely gesture. Let's continue with the momentum and shake things up - ditch the blue flags and ditch the failed tyre experiment.


Wonderful! the Iceman melted a few hearts today. He is a dad who clearly understands how kids tick and has the heart to reach out to a little fan. That simple gesture might well change his life.


It was unreal. About time this is the new face of F1. By the way James you commented about my son at Melbourne Grand Prix. He was the young lad standing up pointing to his Daniel Ric #3 cap. You said "He's backing Dan today , great to see".


Nice. It seems that the new ownership has taken up the slogan that the ALMS adopted at its inception: "For The Fans!"


Big changes in Spain, a country that suffered under a dictatorship for 40 years too. Franco would be spinning in his grave at the changes after his rule ended, Bernie must be dizzy at every visit to the new 'freedom' paddock.


If this is the sign of things to come in the world of F1 then it is a good thing. Looking forward to more great stories like this.


When the shot of the boy hit my screen two things were instantly obvious to me (as a 50 year PR vet in the movie and music biz)...
1. Somebody at Ferrari or F1 make Kimi aware of this as a perfect storm of "the right, nice thing to do" and a classic win-win PR opportunity...
2. The mother trying to comfort Thomas by pointing out that a Ferrari was leading,
(while no doubt thinking what an unexpected issue this is to deal with on Mother's Day!)
Well done all round.


Very nice to see that FOM were paying attention and treated this little guy to meeting his hero...


What a really good race for many of the teams.....especially Force India. Enjoyed the whole thing.
Of course it was a woman who initiated bringing Thomas to meet Kimi. That kind of PR you cannot buy. This good thing with six year old Thomas has gone world wide and it was the price of a red cap.....perfect. This lady should get an all expenses paid vacation from the red team. I already saw this on news channels....perfect.


Fantastic. Just brilliant. I'm really liking what I'm seeing since Liberty took over.


Nice soulful story, thx James.
First picture is so beautiful and the writing is sensible, everything is nicely mastered. Well done!


Ok Liberty- from when Jody won the Championship in "79 up to when Schumi won in 2000, I cried about a million tears as the Reds continually lost year after year after year !! How about a Paddock Pass to Montecarlo for next week ?? Please ???? Tears -with a lot of interest compounded over the years ( A LOT ) !!


You cried in the pre-Liberty era. You are not eligible;) Hope you don't need to cry this year.


Yep, headline says it all. Great story and a great day for F1. What a breath of fresh air after the stultifying reign of Bernard Charles Ecclestone.


There's no way this would have happened on Berines watch - the young fan doesn't even have a Rolex...


It's great to see F1 recognising Fans in such a way, overwhelmed after watching that kid given proper recognition.. these are the things which attract more people towards Formula 1.


Brilliant idea to engage with fans. Love to see more of this sort of thing.

Would also like to see a lucky fan at each event race be given an opportunity to present one of the trophies on the podium. Why should that privilege be reserved for the local politician. They're often using tax payer's money to fund the race, so let a member of the public do it!


They need to appear natural...Hope they don't start fabricating and it will all appear fake


Superb Gesture and so nice of F1 and Ferrari to do this.
Youngest fan of the oldest driver on the grid ! Kimi and his legion of fans 🙂
I think all the bits are all adding up again. F1 is back. An exciting race at the front, proper racing cars and the fans are coming back too.


A nice, heartwarming anecdote.
Call me when fans can, once again, stroll the paddock while mechanics work on the cars under awnings and shade-trees.


2027 Headline:
Thomas Danel wins first Grand Prix and looks to be a future title contender, living up to his aspirations of being like his hero Kimi Raikkonen.


I'd admit, I had a chuckle and the little lads expense when he first appeared on the screen crying his eyes out. We've all been there, myself when Arsenal were dumped out the the European Cup on away goals by Benfica in 1991-92.

Looking back on it as a adult its laughable to get so invested in sport, but when suddenly little fella appears in the Ferrari hospitality meeting his hero it doesn't seem so silly.

Top move by whomever orchestrated it, instead of looking back on it with embarrassment in 20 years time, he'll be telling all his mates down the pub that he met the legend that is Kimi!


As a man almost in his 40s, I was moved to tears. Good PR doesn't need to be cynical. This wasn't. That PR woman did her job and did a good thing. I was uplifted and I'm thankful for that.


I was really impressed with the whole thing. It's great seeing a young fan so involved in the sport and clearly invested in a driver.

When I saw later that the boy had met Kimi it was genuinely touching.

That this all seemed to happen spotaneously made it all the more magical.

Sohan Debnath

It was a wonderful gesture....I am a huge Kimi fan...and I am happy to see young generation is also addicted to Kimi

The real Steve

It sort of reminds me of when Sonny Bill Williams gave his World Cup winners medal to a young fan who was tackled by a security guard (in a massive way). This didn't cost anyone anything but the good that it has done has been tremendous.


I've got until Silverstone to get my kid to cry on demand...


Bringing that child to meet Kimi was beautiful. A step in the right direction for F1. Who knows, one day the child just might be a racer just like his hero. What a great story that would be...


I applaud the quick thinking communications manager. She was smart to seize this opportunity.

I don't view this as a "PR opportunity". Formula 1 is going to have to do these outreach in order to build the brand and a following for future generations. Otherwise, the sport will find the outflux of old fans greater than the new incoming fans.

Having a sport with negative growth of fans is a death spiral that will affect entire industries. Sure, we can say this will never happen.


This brought a tear to my eye. A good one.


I still remember crying when Mark Webber spun on the opening lap of the 2008 British GP.
I also remember the look of astonishment on the face of the man stood next to me when I immediately whipped off my Webber/Red Bull cap and replaced it with a Hamilton/Mercedes one from my backpack.


Is the woman in PR who started this story from Formula One Group or from Ferrari PR?


Pure PR opportunity as they won't be making those moves for every crying kid in the stands. Still, nice to see F1 softening the corporate image for once.


I am clearly in a minority here, but I found myself strangely unmoved by the whole episode. The really cool thing would have been to do all that away from the glare of the TV cameras, giving the boy a bit of privacy with his hero, but of course it was too good a PR opportunity to miss.


Yeah mate you are in the minority of rational thinking here.God forbid that kid to deal with a real issue in the future if he is going to cry about something so trivial and banal.But hey formula 1 is for little kids now look at the idolisation of Hamilton here.No real men left anymore just kool aid drinkers and globalist mouthpieces.If you want a decent website with interesting comments go to joe saward blog.


Lovely, lovely touch, beautiful to see in fact, although as one of the commentators said: "yeah very nice, but everyone's now going to be bawling their eyes out in the hope of a paddock pass."


This is nothing more than a cheap PR stunt... no, I mean that positively. It cost F1 nothing to pull off and snagged F1 global 'front pages' coverage. If they continue with this kind of positive attitude I may even consider attending races again in the future - something I used to do regularly prior to 2014.


I keep hearing "Liberty" did this and that but what did they do? I thought this was a Ferrari initiative.


A beautiful gesture by Ferrari and the whole of F1 as a whole.
Liberty really are changing the sport for the better.
A real breath of fresh air.
I have nothing against Bernie and his regime because he did a lot for the sport but even he must of thought nice touch


Kimi is human after all. Who would have tbought it 😌


This was brilliant! Little Thomas will remember this day for the rest of his life. Go on ya F1.


That's more like....hats off to the new folks at F1...huge win for little effort...


The Iceman melteth, driver of the day in my book.

carlos marques

F1 is slowly gaining its soul back. Excellent!


Liberty are making themselves popular and that's no bad thing.

The UK fans might feel differently if there's no more British GP after next season.


absolutely brilliant. I have a grandson of my own who likes formula1, and is nearly the same age as young Thomas. Don't know why, but i had a lump in my throat seeing the lad crying like that, so TOP marks to Ferrari for arranging this.


JA, I have been watching F1 forever, Im from the Dominican Republic, so its really hard to follow, this weekend I when to the race in Barcelona a little dream since I was a kid. And really the F1 experience is not what they sell you, good look the race was really really good, but the expirience have a long way to go, the pit lane walk on thursday is awfull a little lane you see the cars from far away, everyone is packed and the pilots go out 5 minutes, saturday an fridays not that good, a lot of people complaining of how far everything seem, its not like nascar, you can see the cars, and have sings with the pilots. And on sunday the race was really good, but if you paid the geneal thicket they only put 2 tv for the genneral fans, I suppose we dont count alot. Sorry for the english

Phillip Mitchell

Really good reaction to the young F1 fans disappointment at Kimi's accident. As mentioned by James Allen it would not have happened with Mr E in charge.. This is exactly what F1 needs to do to get more fans involved


Love it!


I agree overall that it was a nice gesture (their interview with Ted Kravitz was cute too) and some good quick-thinking to make it happen. I'm also happy Kimi Raikkonen stuck around for it; maybe this is uncharitable of me but I'm not sure he'd have always done that, even though he's overall a good guy.

However, if I'm allowed to make a somewhat contrarian point (which often comes to mind in these situations), what about the other kids crying when Kimi's (or anyone else's) race was ended on lap 1? They missed out on this opportunity because the TV camera didn't pick them up. Maybe some of them would have jumped at the opportunity too? In that way maybe Bernie didn't have it wrong; he was at least being equally fair to everyone (not a characteristic normally associated with Bernie - e.g. in context of F1 revenue distribution!).


The real star here was the cameraman who spotted the boy so quickly! And the director who clearly briefed a guy specifically to shoot fan reaction shots


Lucky for Vettel they didn't ask Ferrari to do another take.


Now if only ROMAIN GROSJEAN could cry on the big screen and then get called by Ferrari !!


How about bringing the ticket prices down and more races to latin america without charging the cities with those big amount of money for example,,, or take the main drivers to sign autographs and public interviews in Mexico and Brazil sometime.

sorry if I'm a little bitter, but there are more "unfortunately" people in the world (or even in the track ) than a spoiled french kid that is able to be in a main stand in Spaniard grand prix... lol big deal.


Absolutely brilliant gesture if it continues like this I may marshal my first GP


Absolutely brilliant. All power to Liberty and Ferrari. Maybe F1 has turned a corner and heading in fans direction. Bravo!


I'm a McLaren supporter. Over the last few years I've been crying in the stands every Grand Prix. No one has taken me to the McL pits. Mind you, they might be gradually working their way through all the crying McL fans, so some way to go yet.

It was a nice gesture. There's one young F1 fan for a for a good few years.


Loved it. When it happened it brought tears to my eyes. The innocents of youth and how I once had heros drivers like Gilles V, and Mark Donahue


Well done Ferrari, it was actually them who sent people out to look for the youngster.


Great review and great to see the new f1 management team starting to understand apart from the millions of $ from sponsorship and pay tv there's also millions of real flesh and blood fans behind the lens and in the stands

Ricciardo Aficionado

WhT is all the hoopla about?? This was THE cheesiest piece of Disney schmaltz gimmickry I've ever seen. Have my other comments been sensored on this issue? I think it would have been ok if this event had gone on unnoticed but to orchestrate some kind of TV moment out of this kid's disappointment... It's just f@&cking Oprah as far as I'm concerned. Is that how the Americans make something attractive??
Oh wait it's just entertainment right? I almost forgot while the racing was on.


It Shows Real Appreciation of The Fans No Matter What Age A Moving Site That Made A Little Boys Day, Well Done F1


F1 history is full of young lads that decided to try their luck after a chance encounter with a famous driver in the pits. Ecclestone-style sanitized F1 prevented this and it's nice to see it back. Is next to come roaring after-race parties Graham Hill style ?


Good to see. Look after your fans, look after your customers. F1 is a business - why should the fans be treated any different from customers, which they are?

Keep it up guys.

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