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Birthday Blowout: 50 Years of Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix marked by Canada Post Stamp Collection
Posted By: Editor   |  17 May 2017   |  5:41 pm GMT  |  30 comments

The Canadian postal service is marking the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Grand Prix by commemorating Formula 1 legends such as Gilles Villeneuve and Ayrton Senna in stamp form.

The stamp collections, all limited edition, also honour Sir Jackie Stewart, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher with domestic stamps and framed art prints of the selected driver.

The prints of Stewart are signed as well as numbered. Browse the range here.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve first hosted a F1 GP in 1978. Formerly named Ile-Notre Dame Circuit, the venue was renamed after the late Quebecois legend in 1982.

The Canadian Grand Prix, which has existed since 1967, had previously been at Mosport Park and Mont-Tremblant.

This year’s iteration is touted as an ‘Anniversary Edition’ of the race on the weekend of June 9, with deluxe ticket packages including souvenirs and collectables.

Curiously, those spectators turning 50 this year will be offered a $50 discount on tickets with their name appearing on the big screen and an invite to a birthday party on the circuit’s terrace.

Will you be attending the Canadian GP? Will you be buying the commemorative stamps? Have your say in the comment section or on JA on F1’s Facebook Page.


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This article’s comment section is as good as any other to make an out of topic request. Can you please check up on what is happening at Mclaren Honda as a whole as they seem to be on a very steep rise in performance not reflected at all by their last position on the points table.

Since they said they updated their car specifically for Spain,

1. Can you provide an analysis based on GPS data on corners and where their chassis lies in the pecking order? (shortfall in tenths from those above).

2. If 80 Hp is what they are down on power (or how much are you knowledgeable colleagues guessing?) How many tenths per lap (using Barcelona for reference) can they improve per 10HP gained, if and when Honda starts delivering more power?

3. How many tenths does it need right now in race pace to be mixing it up with the thrilling pair of Max and Daniel? Having seen Kimi vs Max last year, would love to see how Alonso races with Max.


Yes we reckon it’s 75-80hp


I already have some of these, as well as books of Gilles stamps from 25 (?) years back.

Funny thing? I have marshalled at Montreal, and live about twenty minutes from Mosport. Shall be there weekend.


What a nice thing to do – definitely gonna order a set. I’ve visited the circuit but not during a GP weekend – something else on my to do list 🙃


Well, Lewis on a stamp now, with 4 other greats👍🏻 not bad! I’m impressed.
Vive le 🇨🇦 cest bon🍻


Stamps look great.
Looking forward to Canadian GP.
After the Monaco Parade/Convoy of cars it’ll be
back to high speed racing with plenty of overtaking.
Just hope Silverstone and new F1 owners find away of keeping the classic prime circuits on the Calendar. Silverstone looks to be back in the danger zone of going bye bye.

Tornillo Amarillo

Yes James, I will be there, you can see me on TV crying a lot with a huge Williams flag and the name “Lance” on it and many girls around me each one with a number and a letter building the phrase “Joyeux 50 ans Grand Prix du Canada”, all of us cheering for the first point of kid Stroll (if he survive the Media in Monaco)…


a letter building the phrase “Joyeux 50 ans Grand Prix du Canada”,

@Tornillo – are you serious or joking? 🙂 If so, then after the Kimi Fan.. I guess the TV Producers now will surely keep a look out for you! 😉


Make sure you sit within sight of the cameras then, you might get to meet him…

Alan from Toronto, Canada

Just bought both the “5-envelope First Day Cover Set” and the “Pane of 5” sheet – both must-have items! I also have the Gilles Villeneuve First Day Cover issued by Canada Post long time ago when stamps were still the lick-and-stick variety.


Like my girlfriends …


Thanks for alerting me to this… I just went to the CanadaPost and put in an order.

I would have never known and would have missed out.


Thank you for the aheads up, order placed :).


Nice! I will definitely snag a package of those stamps.


Send some to Tim and C63. I’ll send you some gold bars for your trouble 🙂


It only took a few days to arrive – bet you wish you had one now, eh 😎


Aww respect, thanks for that. I’ll print the picture out and put it above my toilet!


You may have missed one 🙂
Anyways, Canada is soooo …Great Britain, what do you expect, two Germans?


Anyways, Canada is soooo …Great Britain

Uh, what? What a silly and ignorant thing to say. In Canada’s last census, those of British Isles origin was at 34%. Canada is more like the States than like Britain, in terms of culture, in my opinion.

For a possible 2nd German, I’m guessing you mean Vettel and not Heinz Harald-Frentzen? 🙂 The criteria was who was best in the 5 separate decades since F1’s been running in Canada. For the 2007-16 period, who else could they have picked other than Hamilton?! He’s won 5 of the 9 races, got pole in 5 of those 9 races too. By contrast Vettel has won once and poled 3 times. Pretty easy one.


KRB, joking mate, I enjoyed Sarsippious’ banter, that’s all. Drop USA and Canada, the two countries are quite different in fact despite their roots, not to mention the queen, the dig was about that.


Not sure what you mean by “drop USA and Canada …”.

Of course there are important differences between Canada and the U.S., but we share a lot of stuff in common, likely more than any other two neighbouring countries. Canadians follow U.S. college football and basketball, far more than they do the Canadian equivalents. If you’re travelling in Europe as a Canadian, everyone will assume that you’re American.


Send some to Tim and C63…

No need, I’ve already placed my order for a ‘framed pane of 5 stamps’ – I think that translates as 5 stamps in a photo frame 🙂
I’m half Canadian and I’ve been to the circuit (albeit not at a race weekend) and have a lot of family over there – plus LH was selected by the Canadian Postal service as the driver who best represents the fifth decade of F1 racing in Canada. They said some very nice things about him. Something tells me you won’t be placing an order 😉


No Stamp of the only Canadian F1 world champion


I’ve just visited the Canadian Post site and the selection criteria is explained in more detail on there – basically they have selected a driver that they believe represents each of the 5 decades of racing in Canada most.


So 1967-76 is Stewart? He won twice, along with Ickx. JYS had 2 poles though.

1977-86 obviously Villeneuve Sr, who the track is named after. Piquet did however snag 2 of his 3 wins, and 3 poles during this era.

Senna for 1987-96, in which he won twice and got pole thrice.

Michael for 1997-2006, when he got 6 of his 7 wins, and 4 of his 6 poles in Montreal.

Finally Lewis for 2007-2016, in which he’s won 5x and got pole position 5x.

Can’t really argue against any of the selections.


Can’t really argue…

I’m pretty sure there are some who could manage it – they’d certainly give it a good go 🙂


No Stamp …..

That’s odd isn’t it – I wonder how they made the choice of which drivers to use. Does anyone know the selection criteria?


Read “The Grand Prix of Canada” by Gerald Donaldson.
Have Jimmy explain who Gerry is; then one shall know why those drivers were selected.

Alan from Toronto, Canada

To be honest there’s still some way to go before Jacques is considered a “legend” of the 1990s. Having said that, Canada Post should’ve issued a stand-alone stamp set that celebrates Jacques’ 1997 World Championship. they even issued a stamp and envelope for Gilles back in 1997. See the link below:


I will be getting the stamps! Just as any other Gillies Villeneue stamps.

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