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Lewis Hamilton dominates Chinese Grand Prix ahead of recovering Sebastian Vettel and charging Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  09 Apr 2017   |  9:10 am GMT  |  629 comments

Lewis Hamilton scored his fifth Formula 1 career Chinese Grand Prix victory with a commanding performance in Shanghai to come home ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

The British driver moved level with Vettel at the head of the drivers’ championship as a result, while Verstappen scored Red Bull’s first podium finish of the season.

After much of Friday’s practice running was lost when low cloud prevented the medical helicopter from operating as required, there was much speculation that the race could be disrupted as it took place in similar conditions.

2017 Chinese Grand Prix

That situation was avoided as the FIA arranged for the necessary neurosurgery staff to be transferred to a hospital closer to the circuit, but rain had fallen in the build up to the start and all the drivers – except Carlos Sainz – set off on intermediates.

Hamilton held his lead from pole position on the run to Turn 1 as Vettel, who had lined up strangely to the side of his grid box, defended hard from Valtteri Bottas through the long right-hander, while Daniel Ricciardo passed Kimi Raikkonen for fourth place.

Verstappen, who had started down in 17th after he suffered an engine problem in qualifying, had made it well into the top ten by the end of the first lap, which was disrupted by a collision between Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez at Turn 10 that ended the Canadian driver’s race.

Lance Stroll

The Virtual Safety Car was deployed on the second lap of the 56-lap event while Stroll’s car was recovered and most of the field – including Vettel for new soft tyres – chose to come in and switch to slick tyres. Hamilton, Bottas, Raikkonen and the two Red Bull drivers stayed out on their intermediates.

Shortly after the VSC ended, Sauber’s Antonio Giovinazzi crashed heavily on the pit straight for the second time in two days. The Italian lost control of his C36 as he ran onto the still-wet grid and smashed into the pitwall, which triggered a full Safety Car intervention.

As the marshals recovered the wrecked Sauber, the field had to drive through the pits and the leaders took their chance to switch to slicks – softs for the Mercedes drivers and Raikkonen, and super-softs for the Red Bulls.

Antonio Giovinazzi

The timing of the Safety Car worked out badly for Vettel who dropped from second to sixth due to his early stop under the VSC, but he was given one place back when Bottas went off before the restart and dropped down to 12th place.

When the race did get going again, Hamilton maintained his lead and for the first few laps the top five were covered by less than three seconds.

But the triple world champion began to pull clear as Ricciardo held up his team-mate and the Ferrari drivers. The two pairs of team-mates fought each other for a while before Verstappen dived up the inside at Turn 6 and pulled off a stunning pass late on the brakes at the tight right-hander.

2017 Chinese Grand Prix

Verstappen scampered off after Hamilton – who continued to pull clear – while Ricciardo thwarted the Ferrari drivers. For almost ten laps they could not find a way by, as Hamilton extended his lead.

Vettel eventually launched a similarly bold move to Verstappen’s at Turn 6, which got him back past Raikkonen – who was complaining of power problems on his team radio – on lap 20 and up to third. Two laps later he attacked Ricciardo at the same corner with a thrilling move around the outside. The pair ran side-by-side on the run to Turn 7 and briefly clashed wheels before Vettel sailed into third place and set off after Verstappen.

Hamilton continued his march as Vettel reeled in Verstappen and at the halfway mark he went past him when the Red Bull driver locked up at the Turn 14 hairpin and ran wide.

Sebastian Vettel

By this stage Hamilton had a solid 12-second lead and was asking his team if he would have to go to the end on his soft tyres. But after Verstappen and Ricciardo came in to replace their super-softs, both Vettel and Hamilton did come in for their own fresh tyres.

Vettel took four seconds out of Hamilton’s lead by pitting two laps earlier and although he managed to reduce the deficit on a few occasions, the Mercedes driver always appeared to have enough pace to manage the gap over the final stint.

Hamilton came home 6.2s ahead of Vettel to score his 54th F1 win, as Verstappen – furiously complaining about blue flags not being shown to Romain Grosjean – held off a late charge from Ricciardo to take third.

Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel

Speaking after the race, Hamilton said: “It was incredible. Today was very tough for us all. I went out on the inters initially on the laps to the grid and then I tried the slick, which was impossible.

“We all started on the inters and it was very hard because there were a lot of dry patches everywhere – mostly dry with a couple of corners that were wet. Trying to keep the car on the track and look after the tyres at the same time was definitely very tough.”

Raikkonen, who was also angry about how long Ferrari had left him on his first set of soft tyres, eventually finished fifth, just behind the Red Bull drivers, while Bottas caught up to all three of them by the end and finished sixth.

Carlos Sainz

Sainz survived dropping to last off the line and running wide at Turn 1 as he struggled with slicks on the wet grid, then spinning at Turn 2 a short while later and appearing to hit the barriers as he re-joined, to leap up the order and run just behind the lead battle early on. He fell away from the front but kept his pace up and was the final driver left on the lead lap as he finished seventh, best-of-the-rest behind the Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull drivers.

Kevin Magnussen beat the Force India pair of Perez and Esteban Ocon to eighth to score his first points for Haas F1. The Danish driver escaped punishment for driving too slowly behind the Safety Car, while no action was taken for the Perez and Stroll incident.

Grosjean finished 11th, ahead of Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg, who was handed a five-second penalty for overtaking under the VSC and a ten-second penalty for the same infraction under the full Safety Car.

Jolyon Palmer came home 13th in the second Renault, one spot in front of Williams’ Felipe Massa, who dropped down from sixth on the grid. Marcus Ericsson was last of the drivers to finish the race, one lap down in 15th for Sauber.

Fernando Alonso

McLaren suffered a double retirement as a fuel problem stopped Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso’s race was ended with what he reported as a driveshaft problem over his team radio. Alonso had spent much of the race running in the top ten and had been fighting Sainz shortly before the problem occurred.

The only other driver not to finish was Daniil Kvyat, who pulled off the track to retire on lap 20.

Chinese Grand Prix results:

1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1h37m36.160s
2 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari +6.250s
3 Max Verstappen Red Bull +45.192s
4 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +46.035s
5 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +48.076s
6 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes +48.808s
7 Carlos Sainz Toro Rosso +1m12.893s
8 Kevin Magnussen Haas F1 +1 Lap
9 Sergio Perez Force India +1 Lap
10 Esteban Ocon Force India +1 Lap
11 Romain Grosjean Haas F1 +1 Lap
12 Nico Hulkenberg Renault +1 Lap
13 Jolyon Palmer Renault +1 Lap
14 Felipe Massa Williams +1 Lap
15 Marcus Ericsson Sauber +1 Lap
DNF Fernando Alonso McLaren
DNF Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso
DNF Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren
DNF Antonio Giovinazzi Sauber
DNF Lance Stroll Williams

What did you make of the Chinese Grand Prix? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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8:09 amApril 6, 2017
Lewis Hamilton has five poles and four race wins in Shanghai, which are both driver records
Fingers crossed he can make that 6 and 5 respectively…….

Well that worked out quite nicely 🙂

Get in there Lewis - fantastic race management and a superb drive. I particularly enjoyed Hamilton’s decision to pit under the SC for slicks - instead of the VSC like some of the more misguided drivers - that’s right isn’t it, Hamilton is responsible for strategy calls now isn’t he?
And what about Vettel's overtake on Ricci - Hamiltonesque one might say 🙂 Very impressive stuff that’s for sure.
Finally; Max finishing in front of Ricci - not good for Ricci I feel, having started so far in front of Max.

Bring on Bahrain - can’t wait.


@C63 - "Bring on Bahrain - can’t wait." completely agree, genuine uncertainty as to the Bahrain outcome, what a fantastic treat after last few years.
I thought the 3 multi - WDCs on the track all showed why they have those titles - certainly not through luck - but by seriously outclassing their team mates and seizing any opportunity (when they have the car to do it).


+1 Good post - no argument from me - which some might say is unusual 🙃


What hell does "get i there Lewis" mean anyway. Get in where ? He was in front so i think he would not want to get in anywhere 😉


What hell does "get i there Lewis" mean anyway...

It's an english colloquialism, expressing pleasure or satisfaction in a result.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Isn't it actually a lads phrase referring to someone trying to chat up a girl?


a lads phrase

I don't think so, that's not my understanding anyway.


" I particularly enjoyed Hamilton’s decision to pit under the SC for slicks - instead of the VSC like some of the more misguided drivers - that’s right isn’t it, Hamilton is responsible for strategy calls now isn’t he? "

I can't even imagine where to start with that asinine comment. Like Hamilton knew about the second SC before hand. RIIIIGHT. I mean, he's a better than a good driver, but honestly? Telepathic powers too?


Rocky - that was a tongue in cheek remark - I have explained that below - aimed at all those individuals who held him entirely responsible for the strategy call in Oz.


Lol what is most funny is that the guy who was complaining about it being difficult to overtake, and wanting wheel to wheel racing has been the only one not able to do it!

But Vettels overtake is hamiltonesque, you can't make it up, it gets funnier with every race weekend!


Rockie - did you see the smiley face next to my comment about Vettel's overtake being Hamiltonesque ? It was meant as a bit of a joke - sorry you didn't get that. I put a sign right next to it to help but hey, you can take a horse to water and all that....


Woosh............... Irony just flew right over your head there I think Rockie


Once again the gods conspire against us getting a mouthwatering battle between Ham and Vett, Merc and Ferrari. Would have loved to see the Ferrari reel in the Merc down the long straight and make the pass. The Ferrari engine finally being crowned king after a long wait. But alas the safety car spoiled it.


Rookie...Here..look at these numbers. It shows talk is cheap but numbers don't lie.

How Hamilton and Vettel's final stints compared

Lap Hamilton (20-lap stint) Vettel (22-lap stint)
34 - Pitted
35 - 1:55.529
36 Pitted 1:36.792
37 1:57.651 1:36.393
38 1:37.123 1:36.872
39 1:36.673 1:37.021
40 1:36.727 1:35.423
41 1:35.798 1:35.614
42 1:36.081 1:35.739
43 1:35.705 1:35.670
44 1:35.378 1:36.051
45 1:35.583 1:35.599
46 1:35.521 1:35.978
47 1:36.036 1:35.728
48 1:36.049 1:35.647
49 1:35.892 1:35.632
50 1:35.819 1:35.711
51 1:35.894 1:35.727
52 1:35.957 1:35.672
53 1:36.643 1:35.707
54 1:35.657 1:35.974
55 1:36.139 1:36.287
56 1:36.747 1:36.144
Excluding laps 36 and 37, when Hamilton lost time entering and exiting for his second stop, the numbers point to a very closely-fought contest but one in which the Ferrari was slightly ahead.

Hamilton's outright pace was a smidgen better than Vettel's: a 1:35.378 compared to a 1:35.423. But it was Vettel who had the more consistent pace: while the Ferrari was in the 1:35s 14 times over the last 17 laps, Hamilton could only better 1:36 on 10 occasions.

Most saliently of all, Vettel trimmed Hamilton's lead by 3.2 seconds over the final 19 laps. It's a reduction slightly inflated by Hamilton's very slow final lap, but even excluding that final tour from the equation still finds the Ferrari 2.5 seconds faster than the Mercedes through that final stint despite running on tyres which were two lap older.

"There were times when Sebastian put laps in and it was hard to even match the time," said Hamilton. "The last 10 or 12 laps he was doing a 35.6 and I was doing a 35.8 and it was very hard to get to where he was. Then there was other times in the race when I was quicker."

How Hamilton and Vettel's final stints compared

Lap Hamilton (20-lap stint) Vettel (22-lap stint)
Hamilton. Vettle
34 - Pitted
35 - 1:55.529
36 Pitted 1:36.792
37 1:57.65. 1 :36.393
38 1:37.123. 1:36.872
39 1:36.673 1:37.021
40 1:36.727 1:35.423
41 1:35.798 1:35.614
42 1:36.081 1:35.739
43 1:35.70 1:35.670
44 1:35.378 1:36.051
45 1:35.583 1:35.599
46 1:35.521 1 :35.978
47 1:36.036 1:35.728
48 1:36.049 1:35.647
49 1:35.892 1:35.632
50 1:35.819 1:35.711
51 1:35.894. 1:35.727
52 1:35.957 1:35.672
53 1:36.643 1:35.707
54 1:35.657 1:35.974
55 1:36.139 1:36.287
56 1:36.747 1:36.144

Excluding laps 36 and 37, when Hamilton lost time entering and exiting for his second stop, the numbers point to a very closely-fought contest but one in which the Ferrari was slightly ahead.

Hamilton's outright pace was a smidgen better than Vettel's: a 1:35.378 compared to a 1:35.423. But it was Vettel who had the more consistent pace: while the Ferrari was in the 1:35s 14 times over the last 17 laps, Hamilton could only better 1:36 on 10 occasions.

Most saliently of all, Vettel trimmed Hamilton's lead by 3.2 seconds over the final 19 laps. It's a reduction slightly inflated by Hamilton's very slow final lap, but even excluding that final tour from the equation still finds the Ferrari 2.5 seconds faster than the Mercedes through that final stint despite running on tyres which were two laps older


S Andretti, perhaps you could make some sort of point rather than just copying and pasting (twice) from SkyF1.


The Ferrari engine finally being crowned king....

Not sure about that - Ham took pole and fastest lap of the race. Towards the end Vet had a bit of a go at trying to catch Ham but Ham put in a lap around 0.75 secs quicker and that seemed to be the point when Vet realised second was the best he could hope for.


Look at Hamilton vs Vettel lap numbers then talk..it's not about you being sure or not. It's about facts


@S Andretti

I'm not sure what you think your numbers prove. Ham was in the lead and managing the gap - there is no way you can possibly know how hard he was pushing. I've lost count of the times he has allowed the following car to slowly close the gap until it gets to around 2 seconds before he does anything about it - why would you put any extra strain on the PU or gearbox unless you had too.


I applaud your use of real data, to make your point. I do think, though, that Hamilton had it under control, and was just managing the gap. Ferrari is quick, and was perhaps a smidgen faster in China, which would be surprising because the cold weather should've favoured Mercedes more. Would they have been able to get by though? I doubt it, which is why they tried to get ahead through the VSC.

Bahrain should be a Ferrari track, so we'll see if Mercedes can hold onto the Ferrari if they're behind.


Not too sure about "King" Red Rob.... Much, Much improved... definitely. Think the biggest strength of the Ferrari is in its Chassis to be honest. Looks to be able to follow much better than the Merc... although that is yet to be fully tested at a proper track by HAM.


Great drives from the top 3, all in their own ways. I think Lewis has been classy all weekend. That walk over to the fans was great, throwing hats into the crowd. He certainly knows how to work the crowd. And a victory on top of that! Fantastic.
And what fantastic drives from Vettel and Max. Great stuff. World class driving.🍻


no arguments from me there - I thought it was a great race.


I'm still not sure, but I'm beginning to think you might be a Hamilton fan.

It's nice to realise that Vettel's passing is "Hamiltonesque." lol


We will see if Hamilton can pull up a Vettelesque in a clean race against Vettel.


Vettel's passing is "Hamiltonesque."

I'm glad to see that wasn't entirely wasted 🙂


Second race of the season don't get to excited.


Why not - I'm enjoying the contest and looking forward to the next race.


Some definitely wouldn't say ricci bobby "cracked under pressure" 😂


Oh, I didn't know Hamilton also had the possibility to predict the future :p
In my opinion he was lucky that the full safety car period came so soon, AND that the whole field needed to run trough the pitlane. Other than that, a well deserved victory. Verstappen would've earned my driver of the day reward, but lost it when he outbraked himself on Vettel and started complaining about blue flags while running 2.3 seconds behind GRO. I guess Vettel earns the award, for me.
BTW, the no passing issue seems OK: A few good moves, a few DRS passes, and a few unforced errors makes the race worth getting up early.


Had VETs VSC call paid off though wouldn't THAT have made HIM fortunate? Just a thought.
VET Twisted, HAM stuck... The latter paid off.
HAM was slightly better this weekend - a Grand Chelem in a tight season like this underlines what a performance that was from HAM - There will unlikely be another one this season. Great drives from VET & VES too.... Lewis is STILL the undisputed rain master though 🙂


Had Ham switched to slicks, he would've been in front of Vet, and still have all situations covered. By staying out he needed the luck he got: No SC or a SC not going trough the pitlane would mean a loss of more than a few positions at his fast approaching first stop to ditch the inters.


Lewis is STILL the undisputed rain master though 🙂

I heard he was just lucky 🙂


He was very very lucky. Go read his lap times vs Vettle to see he win cuz if safety car.
More to believe. Read today article about same issue

Vettle is#1 again. I know most of British dont like to see vettle finger again...but suck it as we say .lol


Of course he was lucky, but also true that he made his own luck by being in front and therefore giving himself a few more options. (personally I thought it was a very smart call by Vet to pit when he did and was surprised others didn't given the information they had at the time)


Did you know Verstappen, because of limited driving, his car was out of balance and he struggle the whole race with his left front tire. He could not defence in the way he wanted, the reason he blocked his wheel, and he could not drive the lines he wanted because he took care of his left tire. Max performance knowing this was once again


Low driving?? What hell are you talking about car not balanced.

if you don't know about hiw car set befire racing just be quiet please. Dont make fool of yourself


Max's car was also down 450hp, he was driving with one eye closed due to an infection, his right leg was broken, and he also didn't have time to eat his breakfast.


Ya its true..i saw it.haha


I said it before the Australisn GP that all the noise about passing is garbage and excuses. If you are good enough and have a capable car underneath you, you will pass on most tracks. And this race was the example of that.


Wait till Monte Carlo to see who is talking garbage fella


Oh, I didn't know Hamilton also had the possibility to predict the future

That was a tongue in cheek reference to all the detractors who claimed that Ham was responsible for the strategy call at Melbourne. If they want to blame Ham when it doesn't go well then it's only fair that he gets the credit when it does - no?


That's because he quite clearly heavily influenced that call in Australia - unlike China, where it was a smart move by Merc to delay his pit stop. No doubt Hamilton had an input there, but there was a lot of data available to Merc than Hamilton in terms of crossover points, what others on slicks were doing, etc. It was very likely that someone would go off on slicks causing a SC/VSC which would have given a window for his pit stop.
In summary - even the biggest Hamilton fans should graciously accept that he can be wrong sometimes (as he was in Australia)!


With regard to stagey calls, Merc has a race support team consisting of around 25 people. Their calculations are passed through to a senior team of around 5 people (with over 100 years combined F1 experience). They then make the call based on the input from all those engineers - of course Hamilton is part of that process and no doubt they value his input, but he is one voice amongst many and it is never one persons decision.


A pity they erred twice, then 🙂


"He is one voice"...now, that voice supported the wrong option. So, he made a mistake, simple. There is no need to make excuses for him.
Personally, I like anyone winning but Ferrari (Vettel in particular), so I'm not against Hamilton, but I won't go on making excuses for him when he was mistaken!


making excuses for him when he was mistaken!

I'm not making excuses for anyone and it wasn't necessarily the wrong decision. On race day in Oz the Ferrari was fundamentally the quicker car - that meant if Merc had stayed out they would almost certainly be undercut , lose track position and that would be that. If they pitted early there was a chance that Red Bull would have spotted the opportunity to jump Raik , pit Ves and then Ham would have maintained the gap to Vet and avoided the overcut. Remember that when Vet emerged from his pit stop he was behind Raik - so either Vet would have had to stay out longer or Raik would have had to slow down. Either way the Mere was likely to lose the lead but pitting early presented a better chance that pitting later. Read Mark Hughes race analysis if you can - it's very good and explains it better than I have.


Here we go again. He stopped in Australia for the same reason Vettel stopped in China. Tyres tyres tyres.Vettel said his intermediates were graining.


What is your point, exactly?


Where are those who indulge in disingenuity. Blame vettel for losing track position.


If you watch the race carefully. Means no cheap dark beer in your hand. You will see 2 things cost vettle to won that race

- Strategy to pit was totally wrong from whoever responsible
He shouldnt pit which would put more pressure on him. And s8nce Hamiltin was harsh on his tires. Vettle would catach him so easily

We saw how Vet was getting closer to Hamilton . Ham VS Vet margin was only 7-8 same as was Malboroun. ven if you see at end of the race was

2- Raikonnen. Attitude was so disruptive. Whining like a woman. Ontop late pitting which cost him 3rd spot

Of im Marchionne. I would let Arrivebene go long time ago. The guy is Narketing strategest for Godsake


Overtaking in Monte Carlo in any era? I take it as you are being sarcastic.


Vettel finishing in second place probably cost him the race victory.


Vettel said he stopped because his intermediates were graining.I should disingenuously bash him for being harsh on his tyres,but we don't do that.


The decision to pit Vettel was a spot on gamble. The VSC is a free pit stop (2016 USGP Mercedes used the VSC to get a free pit stop against Red Bull without losing any time). The only way it is a wrong decision is if Ferrari's pit wall had ignored their fortune teller that predicted there was going to be a safety car 2 laps later!
Without the SC, Lewis would have had a 10 - 12 second gap to Vettel - due to strange decision not move Kimi out of the way - forcing Lewis to have to push.

At the end of the day, the Mercedes strategy was (again) dictated by Red Bull's decision to run contrary tire strategy using the super-soft compound to keep pace. There was always going to be the risk of a second pit stop due to the surprise pace the Red Bull's had due to cooler temps on Sunday that kept tire alive longer. This leads me to believe Lewis still would have won but the race but the margins would have been much closer at the end. Also Lewis spent the entire race managing his gap to P2. He had good race pace this weekend (again I suspect helped by the cooler conditions).


The decision to pit Vettel was a spot on gamble

It wasn't a bad decision, but it wasn't necessarily the right one either - as you say, it was a gamble. Not pitting under the VSC was also a gamble; one that paid off as there was a reasonable chance that someone would do exactly what Gio did - lose it on a damp part of the track. I felt the situation in China was pretty much the reverse of Oz in that Mercedes was fundamentally the quicker car here and whatever Ferrari did they were always likely to lose the race .


AND without the VSC VET wouldn't have had that chance - It works both ways.


Looks like you still had some "cheap dark beer" leftover from Sunday...(if you see what I mean..)


Any chance Hamilton was managing the gap? And you seem to have bought into the myth that he's hard on his tyres.


No, but I'm into the non-myth that says that those Inters don't stay healty for long on a drying track. Sector times will tell us more, but I believe the cross-over point was already reached. It was visible to anyone, since one car started on slicks...


It's not possible to know what would have happened without the full safety car. My hunch is VET would have taken the lead when the others stopped and not been passed.
The strategy to pit when they did proved wrong in hindsight; at the time it looked like the smart thing to do.
Hamilton wasn't harsh on his tyres, he was telling the team on the radio that he could go to the end, but after both Vettel and both Red Bulls stopped he was able to pit and stay in first place... if you think about - HAM led every lap, which means pitting AFTER anyone who is running within a pit stop of where you are on the road, so you need to easier on the tyres. And towards the end HAM was managing the gap. Every time VET put in a fast lap and closed up a little HAM went even faster, which is why he ended up with the fastest lap of the day (not a lap record - the gap between quali and race is still too big).
Arrivebene is placed in his job by Ferrari's main sponsor (Phillip Morris) that might mean his job is safe.


You have no basis for "lewis being harsh on his tires". Both vettel and hamilton has similar race pace. Pitting was the right thing to do, might have paid off.


i would use the word harsh but i can confirm that bridgestone acknowledged back in china 2007 and monaco 2008 that hamilton does take a lot more out of his tyres than other drivers. while other drivers maxed out at 5g under breaking, hamilton was able to pull 6g, 20% more than the best of the rest.
that being said, hamilton has learned to manage his tyres better than everyone else since pirelli started supplying f1. the guys is just the best all round..


Strategy call to call Vettel was solid, but shot due to an combination of two to three issues: The Full safety car just after his stop, the fact that everyone went through the pitlane (at 60-iish kph instead of 180 over the main straight after the SC, and the fact that some drivers didn't adhere to the SC rule by following within a certain delta. Mercedes made a wrong call, certainly by not spreading the tactics, but they lucked out, this time.
If I remember correctly, Vettel was 2.3s faster on his combined outlap compared to Hamilton so, had no SC situation occurred, hamilton would have been behind Vettel after his switch from Inters to dry.
The only issue Vet had, was called RAI, who was asleep. If he had tech issues, Rai should've let Vet through, if not, he should've tried at least a few moves on RIC.


S Andretti, Seb had plenty of time to catch Lewis "so easily" but couldn't. Maybe you are wrong about Hamilton being so harsh on his tyres.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Vettel on Ricciardo was pure class. Hamilton probably would have hit Nico if it was him.


I agree it was fantastic, it seems like drivers in opposite teams have more respect than between team mates

Ricciardo Aficionado

Come on Peeps!! It takes two to tango. Pretty sure neither of them went around hitting other people as much as they hit each other. Fair to say 50/50. It was a problem only because it caused damage.
Vettel and Ricciardo also touched... with absolute precision.
Beautiful driving the pair of them.
We'll see how Ham goes without Rosberg in proximity.


Ricciardo, I think we already know how Ham will go without Rosberg in proximity don'e we? He has made a huge number of perfectly clean overtakes over the last ten years, including several on Rosberg! I see no reason why this shouldn't continue, obviously with you guys always blaming him 100% on the few occasions when it does go wrong....

Ricciardo Aficionado

50/50 is not meant to mean 100%
But if you can not see any fault on Hamilton's part I understand how you might misunderstand.
But anyway, that was last year.
The room Vettel and Ric gave each other was in stark contrast to Hamilton's go to "wedge" manoeuvre whenever they competed for the same bit of track... (cue derisive, predictable comment about Rosberg not competing very often)
And before you go throwing around wailing comments about systemic vilification of Hamilton and bias, try understanding what 50/50 actually refers to.
Then go back to C63's original comment which called Vettel's manoeuvre "Hamiltonesque" thereby making him the protagonist in these comments. Not your projected victim complex.
And after that just try and ignore the unfair and irrational sleights on your fave driver.


WOOSH.......you might need to duck next time RIC AFF. It's called irony!

Ricciardo Aficionado

Hmmm, you might need to explain that irony to me Dean. I'm struggling to see it.


room Vettel and Ric gave each other..

Maybe we are thinking of a different overtake - but they didn't give each other any room - they touched. This was because Ric was trying to push Vet towards the edge of the track and Vet wouldn't give way.
As for the wedge manoeuvre - Vet did just that to Bot at the start.
And for the last time - my remark about the overtake being Hamiltonesque was meant as a joke - see the smiley face beside it?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Judging by your summary, yes we were looking at different overtakes. Or maybe just looking at the same one differently...


Ricciardo, I thought you were talking about Seb and Ric when you said 50/50,but as you are talking about Nico and Lewis I apologise and applaud you for not going down the 100% route that so many do on this site. Three times Nico and Lewis made damaging contact, (unless I have forgotten one), I assume you are giving Austria 16 to Nico, so I guess you are giving Spain 16 as 50/50 and blaming Lewis for Spa 14? I don't bother arguing with people who give Spain as evens between them, I think the rules obliged Nico to leave a cars width at the edge of the track, but I can see that Lewis could prtobably have been a bit more circumspect that day. I watched all the analysis after Spa, I listened to the experts opinions, and your opinion wont be outweighing theirs I'm afraid, so we can leave that one where it belongs, in the history files.
The disappearing wedge is a perfectly legal maneuver used by every driver on the grid when appropriate, not just Lewis. If Seb hadn't been fully alongside DR yesterday, then Dan would have run to the edge of the circuit, just as he has done so many times in the past, and he would have been well within his rights in doing so. There wouldn't have been any contact though as Seb is smart enough to realise that he hadn't done enough to claim the corner, and backed out of it. A good example of Lewis leaving racing room on the exit was turn one in Spain last year. Nico got the better start and was fully alongside on the outside going into turn one, so Lewis left him the room the rules oblige him to.


You mean, nico would have hit lewis. Sometimes I wonder if you people actually watch f1, or just nitpick things to slate lewis.

Ricciardo Aficionado

I think your distinction is what's actually called "nitpicking".

Devils Advocate

I believe it's you dragging the Nico thing into this Ricciardo is what was uncalled for. Check on the data of the pairs crashing into each other and you will surely change your view on the 50/50 you seem determined to push through

Ricciardo Aficionado

Yep. My inbox regrets mentioning Nico.


you wish?
there isn't any driver in the history of f1 able to overtake as well as hamilton and all drivers are aware of this.


I am sorry thats explains why he was stuck behind Max in the last race with fresher tyres??? because he is the best overtaking driver in the history of F1?


did you witness verstappen trying to overtake grosjean in monaco 2015?
what a mess that was.
hamilton knows how to overtake so well that he does it with confidence and admits it when he finds that he is not able to.
verstappen is good at overtaking but i have seen hamilton perform better, overtaking for victory on numerous occasions. you can enjoy them on youtube..


don't be sorry just understand that because hamilton came and showed how exciting f1 is with overtaking, kers drs and a variety of tyres were introduced to help other drivers do the same..


That's exactly right Aaron. The 'best overtaker of all time' in the fastest car radio'd in immediately to say he can't do it. It all makes perfect sense doesn't it?


he knows when he can and when he can't. that's what makes him the best in the history of the sport. look at how verstappen overtook grosjean in monaco 2015, thinking he could.


I'm not so sure about that, there have been a few capable drivers in the past... And the last 3 years the Overtake of the year award was won by some Dutch teenager. Although I have to agree overtaking is a little difficult if you're always in first place.


Lewis is certainly good, but I wouldn't go that far...Verstappen is, without a doubt, as good, if not better.

Devils Advocate

I wouldn't go that far either PB. Max is good, but he still has a lot to learn. He will be a WDC one day, if no one puts him into the wall first


Aveli's point here was overtaking, not WDCs. On the basis of all the evidence available today, Verstappen is without a doubt at least as good if not better than Lewis on that account.


verstappen is fantastic but not in the same league.


What league is that than? Verstappen has overtaken pretty much every single time an overtaking opportunity has been available to him (sometimes on tracks and corners where most pundits didn't think it was possible to overtake - think Monaco).


i think verstappen is a great driver but i also witnessed him trying to pass grosjean in monaco and ended up given his car up to the barriers. i wonder how you describe that. he learnt a defensive move in that encounter with grosjean albeit..


Ricciardo, you mean Nico would have hit Lewis, but you would have blamed Lewis anyway...


No he means Lewis would have hit Nico.


This site sums it up nicely:


Rosberg - Collision, Forcing Driver off Track, Collision

The only non-rookies on 0 penalty points currently are Alonso, Ricciardo, and Hamilton.


SB, it's been a tough weekend for you guys hasn't it? It's almost as if Lewis doesn't care that you all desperately need something to slate him for after every race! Pole, win led every lap, no contact, no mistakes, and all in a Mercedes that definitely isn't "the most dominant car in F1 history". The way I see it you have three options, option 1 is to come on here and show what a balanced commenter you are by saying something like "well done Lewis"m obviously that will never happen so you could try option 2. I call this the "Australian method" which is to not come here at all, and just hope that Lewis does something wrong next time. Or you could go with the trusty old option 3, which is to dredge upo some nonsense from the dim and distant past. Clearly you have gone for this method, but are you really suggesting that all the contact between Nico and Lewis was Hamilton's fault?


I call this the "Australian method" which is to not come here at all...

Superb, absolutely superb.


C63, works for Canadians as well apparently.....


Shhh - I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, don't wake him 🙂


C63, OK I promise, by the way did you notice Lewis setting a new lap record on Saturday?


Lewis setting a new lap record

Indeed I did - although can it be called a lap record? I know it's the fastest lap round that track ever, so it is a record,and it was over 1 lap so I guess it can 🙂


Surely then you have examples of Lewis running into Nico and being penalized accordingly? I know Rosberg was found guilty of running into Hamilton in Austria, and was penalized for it.

No examples? That's too bad.


@Ricciardo Aficionado: And that praise comes from a Ricci fan, well said mate. That pass was fabulous indeed, a classic a... Merc driver can learn something from how to pass a Bull on Melbourne ring. No question DOD is between Vettel and a hell of a driver Max. We are so blessed we have Verstappen around. In contrast, Kimi was pathetic. And finally, Marchione has struck again, this guy is better far away from races, he brings bad luck to Ferrari.


isn't if so wonderful?


Weak. Surely you mean that Rosberg would forget how to turn right and drive right into Lewis, as he did in Austria last year.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Yeah yeah... Or Lewis would have just chopped up his wing (spa14) or just driven him off the track (cota etc...)
50/50 over the course of 3 years... Anything else is a bias.


Spa '14?! The one where Rosberg admitted to the team that he could've avoided contact, but left his nose in (when he had zero chance of passing) to "prove a point"? That one??? TimW was right ... Nico could run into Lewis, and you'd still blame Lewis!

COTA, Suzuka, Montreal ... all of those wedge out maneuvers are valid and perfectly acceptable racing. You try to pass around the outside, you're gonna get hung out. It happened to Bottas yesterday at the start by Vettel, but Bottas unlike Rosberg in those examples above, was smart enough to pull out of it, and try another way.

Are you Sir Tease? Where is Sir Tease? He was a character at least.


Are you Sir Tease?...

Do you know, I had exactly the same thought. He's gone a bit quiet since the start of the season - his $500 on Ricci is looking a little less than solid and he now appears to be operating 'radio silence'.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Spa 14. What point do you think he was trying to prove?
Hamilton's modus operandi up until then might be a starting point for you.
Hamilton's brilliance is clouded by fans who insist it is faultless.


What point? I have no idea ... I think he was hoping that Lewis would move over on him then, and when he didn't, he just kept his nose in. The only point proven was that he was a clumsy wheel-to-wheel racer.

Ricciardo Aficionado

I think his point was that Lewis would not give him
racing room.
I once knew a pretty girl who I rode on the bus to school with everyday. Naturally I liked to talk to her. We got along great, we laughed and had fun together on our bus ride each day. Then after a while I realised I was making most of the conversation. So one day I waited for her to be the one to say hello. She never did. Instead I heard from her friend that she was upset because I wasn't talking to her. Maybe you get my point, maybe you don't. It doesn't matter. I completely understand yours.


Except that on that occasion, Lewis gave him ACRES of room, and Rosberg ended up looking silly.

It is covered under "Case 4: Belgium 2014" of this link, which is a great (though not exhaustive) guide to accepted rules of racing.

The Rules of Racing

Just as Prost was to blame for the Suzuka 1989 incident itself, Rosberg was unambiguously to blame for the Belgium 2014 incident. Hamilton’s line was not abnormally aggressive and Rosberg was fortunate to avoid a penalty from the stewards, given the poor precedent this may set.

As for your story, I seriously do not see your point, or how it's in any way relevant to this. It just sounds like silly adolescent power games to me.


Ricciardo, ignoring the overwhelming weight of expert opinion and blaming Lewis for Spa 14 is showing bias. taking a swipe at Lewis for getting his elbows out in turn one at COTA 15, while ignoring Ricciardo doing the exact same thing at the same place a year later shows bias.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Are they the same "experts" who told you Ferrari would have better race pace in China?


Not one for the expert view Ricciardo? Why am I not surprised! I don't remember saying that the Ferraris would have better race pace in China, as I recall the expert prediction was that Shanghai would suit Mercedes and Bahrain would be more of a Ferrari track. I do remember saying that Seb had better race pace in Melbourne though, the expert who told me that was called James Allen.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Let me help you get your pigeons in a row mate.

Author: Ricciardo Aficionado
What is the assumption that Ferrari are quicker on race pace based on?
China practice or Melbourne race?
Both seem a sketchy kind of basis...

Author: TimW
Ricciardo, it's the expert view based on lap time analysis from Barcelona, Melbourne and Shanghai. Where does the assumption that they don't have superior race pace come from?

Now please spare me your incessant nonsense.


@Ricciardo sometimes it isn't worth it trying to reason with the unreasonable. Sometimes the ones who accuse you of biased are the most biased themselves. Stick to your guns though 🙂


Ricciardo, according to this site the Ferrari had superior pace in the long runs in Barcelona, according to this site the Ferrari had superior race pace in Melbourne. Sky F1's analysis shows that the race pace difference between Ferrari and Red Bull was very close in Shanghai with the Mercedes being able to produce faster one off laps, but the Ferrari being slightly quicker over a stint. This isn't my incessant nonsense, it is the expert view formed by knowledgeable people who have actually looked at the data. I have no idea why you have such a bee in your bonnet about race pace, but it seems clear that your opinion differs from the experts, so instead of insulting me yet again, why not actually come up with some evidence of your own.


KRB, I usually enjoy reading your postings, you differ from Lewis fans cohort from quite a few good reasons, but this comment was weak.


What's weak about it? Rosberg was found guilty in Austria and penalized. Lewis was never penalized or found at fault for any contact with Rosberg, ever. Facts.


The so called Lewis fans cohort happen to be interested in driving talent, and that alone. All other stuffs are subjective irrelevant garbage. His detractors are frustrated and exasperated because his fans do not allow them to get away with the nonsense they spout as a result of their irrational dislike of him.


Or more accurately nico would have driven into him whilst attempting to force him off the track!


It's really sad some people come out with such rubbish.
Think Max is class but DR is not in the same league as Max.
As for Vettel Mark Webber states "Lewis is a natuaral and outright skilful compared to Vettel", & backs Lewis to be Champion in 2017.

Ricciardo Aficionado

DR will show his class this year.


As long as it doesn't rain... he might well do that but being so weak in the rain sort of exposes him a bit.. doesn't it? Oops... im for it now.....

Ricciardo Aficionado

There isn't a driver on Earth from Perth who's good in the rain. But I do remember one race a while back (Austin??) where he was hunting down the lead until the track dried out. 2014... chasing Lewis...
Besides that, I don't think anyone looks good in the rain compared to Max.

Ricciardo Aficionado

And here comes the chorus...


Ricciardo afficionado, sorry to keep picking on you, but sometimes you make it so easy! Max has had two standout wet weather performances, Brazil last year and China this year, can you remember who actually won both of those races?


remember who actually won both of those races?...

And won them without putting a foot wrong, not even a hint of a slip on all the banana skins in his path.
Did you catch the chat between Aldo and Lewis post race in the pre-podium room? The open admiration from Aldo [for LH drive] I thought was interesting.


C63, yes I did notice that, but I have learned that this site can't cope with too many positive comments about Lewis, that's why I haven't mentioned him going out to the crowd when practice got cancelled.....


who actually won both of those races?

Indeed. And who didn't have a single moment of lost control in those races? Unlike Max who almost put it in the wall in Brazil, or a bad lockup that gave an easy position to a pursuer in China. Hint: in both cases it was the driver immediately ahead that Max was trying to catch.


Makes you wonder how far behind Hamilton Webber would have finished had they been teammate.
For all you know Webber might be right about Hamilton being more naturally talented. So what if you have to work hard to achieve your goal? What is wrong with that? Some Fans really… Marc


Well, we'll never know will we? Say what you will about Webber, but his commitment was never in doubt. Also worth noting that Webber was considerably quicker and a better racer than Rosberg were teammates, too (In before NR rookie season, I know).


Sad to see you're coming out with the same rubbish you submit to J Saward's blog. Check the spelling of natural by the way.....


To compare Seb and Lewis you should ask a driver who is absolut neutral and not Webber. My niece is 1 year old and cries when she hears Sebastian or Lewis or Hamilton mentioned. To be fair she cries at every driver except Massa, Massa is so close to Mama.


Webber if anything pumps Vettel's tires, as to do otherwise would make him look even worse. Saying Lewis is a more naturally talented and skilled driver than Vettel isn't exactly newsflash material.


why not just look at the numbers, championships, race wins, pole positions, gforce under breaking?


To be fair you really are barking up the wrong tree. Webber is a neutral in respect that he is retired. He has driven alongside both of them . Thats where his analysis is based on.I You assume he be grudges the favouritism that Vettel got at Red Bull. I doubt 1 year old has driven a F1 car in fact the noise would scare most toddlers, moving along. Think your control group of 1 is a mute point. But whatever floats your boat. Enjoy your Farleys Rusks.
If you want to go all subjective then well feel free and woof away.
Only stating an ex-F1 racing drivers point. Clearly its ruffled your ruff so shake hands and move on. Enjoy your Sunday 👍.


Polite correction - Nico would probably have hit Hamilton. A small but important difference .

Ricciardo Aficionado

I wish I hadn't said anything now.


I wish I hadn't said anything now.

Oh c'mon don't be coy - you knew exactly what you were saying and you got just the reaction you were hoping for😉


RA, if someone tried to imply that Danny Ric was incapable of racing cleanly, and that he was fond of deliberately ramming his competitors off the track, you would stick up for him wouldn't you? Why would you expect Lewis fans not to do the same?


I think you mean Lewis would have hit nico off the track like he has done countless times that's why Hamilton a coward to overtake other drivers he knows if he hits a driver in another team his team can't support him or terrorise the drivers from other teams like they did nico all those years.


LOL, what garbage! Lewis is a fair but hard racer. He doesn't go in for the dirty stuff.


Nico the innocent victim, that's hilarious!!



TG, that is the funniest comment I have ever seen on this site! Lewis a coward to overtake?! How many overtakes has he madeover the last ten years? Are you new to the sport?


We live in 2017. We should know by now that Mercedes are very beautiful and attractive cars. So it is no wonder if two Mercedes driving side by side enjoy the aerodynamic attraction and kiss each other.
There is really nothing that the drivers could do to prevent this.


Digging at 2016 champ is just lame


Looking for 2016 champ........hmmmmmm.....where is he? He`s nowhere around to defend his title. Chickening out to not to be exposed as inferior to Hamilton, and Vettel, and whoever has the equal machinery to fight with him on the track.

Calling him champ belittles the expression. Champ doesn`t leave the most dominant car in sports history - champs are fighting for it.

You fell the victim of F1 propaganda.
Next guy beeing exposed is Ricciardo. Good but not a champ. Actually Rosberg and Ricciardo in same team would be the most boring team line up after Massa and Ocon.



Reading your post I'm starting to wonder who actually won the WDC in 2016. Oh, was it Nico Rosberg I hear you say/admit?

The fact is that he was under no obligation to defend his title. Yes I know he was contracted to return this year but contracts are broken all the time. He sought out for personal reasons which were accepted by Merc.

Fact is that he is on record as saying that if he had not won the title he would have returned this year.

Not liking a driver is one thing but belittling him as a person is a bit petty minded don't you think?


Do you believe Jackie Stewart, Nigel Mansell or Mike Hawthorn belittle the expression "Champ" also?


Who's digging Al ? Not me. I think some people might benefit from taking themselves and this forum a little less seriously. It's just a bit of fun.


C63: Serious? Right, here you go an excerpt of a "profound thinking"
"...Get in there Lewis - fantastic race management and a superb drive. I particularly enjoyed Hamilton’s decision to pit under the SC for slicks - instead of the VSC like some of the more misguided drivers - that’s right isn’t it, Hamilton is responsible for strategy calls now isn’t he? ...'


an excerpt of a "profound thinking"

I don't mean to nitpick, but shouldn't that be either an excerpt of profound thinking or an excerpt of a profound thinker ? That 'a' is all wrong 😉


I do believe it was a DR fan that brought Nico up😉


Is it a dig, or just an accurate description? Even Nico himself admitted earlier this year that he wasn't the best at the wheel-to-wheel stuff, while saying that Lewis is a natural at it.

It's also the case that in a season like the current one, that Nico likely wouldn't have done some of the stunts he did, and definitely would not have been forgiven so readily by the team for those indiscretions.

Ricciardo Aficionado

Or maybe the Mercs would still be one and two and we wouldn't all be weeing our pants about how amazing this year is going to be...


Ricciardo, the problem with that is in Australia Valterri was close to Lewis in qualifying than Nico ever was, so no reason to believe that Rosberg would have done a better job there.


How about max overtaking ricci? Not just about final position but max showed great heart. As did Vettel. Raikkonen - hasn't impressed me for years. Anyways, good race for ham and for F1. Season shaping up to be a good one!


Agree, very clinical and impressive..

Francisco Brandao

That was a clean move!


How about max overtaking ricci?

Very impressive I ageee. I just didn't want to go too overboard about it as the Ricci fans can get a bit touchy 🙃


...an unashamed LH fan saying that another drivers fans are 'a bit touchy'....now that made me laugh !

That aside, Verstappen did have the upper hand today and his ability in damp conditions is great to watch.

Will be interesting to see how the year 'pans out' with the RB inner team duel. Too early to call yet.


now that made me laugh !

That was the general intention 😊


his defence was even better..


Well, if I nitpick, he did panic & make an unforced error when Seb was behind him - lost close to 5 seconds - did well against Daniel but if he hadn't lost those 5 seconds, he wouldn't have been in such a position. Also, complaining about Grosjean when about more than 2 sec behind was funny... again, I loved the way he raced.. he has a big future.


i was referring to his defence of ricciardo..


I know and I agree - as I mentioned I was nit-picking


C63, I think you can say what you like today, the Australian internet must be malfunctioning...,


LOL - yes it has gone a little quiet, hasn't it 🙂


looks like they'll eventually face the truth.


There is little point defending the indefensible, Dan was beat fair and square.
Our internet is fine by the way, thanks for asking.



No mate the satellite connection or under sea cable is still functioning. I've already provided my thoughts on the race to your mate C63 on another thread. It was a bit more amicable this time.

Firstly, as I predicted Lewis got pole and won the race. Should have placed a bet with the local bookie. So kudos to him. Must say he's bounced back pretty quickly after last years disappointment. I know we're only two races in but I'm of the opinion that Merc's car is quicker than Ferrari's but only in the hands of Lewis. VB is not quite there IMO.

Dissapointing for DR to not get 3rd but look at the positives. He had a good start by getting past KR, finished ahead of both VB and KR when pre race this was not thought possible, held KR and SV up for 10 laps and showed good pace to close up on MV in the last stint.

Both DR and Horner admitted post race that DR's car had balancing/understeering problems but with some 'tweaking' at the last pit stop the car came 'alive' which seemingly helped in generating better pace.

All things considered it was a better than excepted 3rd and 4th finish for the team and Kudos to Max for getting the team's first podium.

As you are a Lewis fan and by extension a Merc fan how do you think VB is traveling? Bit early to tell? Yes, I would agree the same goes for DR. The usual suspects on JA's Forum don't seem to think so.


Now now Adrian, mate. There is no need for this much sense on this forum!

If the boot was on the other foot re: DR v MV we'd be hearing about the set up issues, the limited practice running, that one had more mileage in the car than the other, etc

Ultimately for something that Damon Hill declared was Donington 1993-esque (puh-lease! this again? As great as it was, call me when he gets into the lead on lap 1 by passing three world champions in better machinery then wins it by a minute), Max ended up a mere second ahead of his teammate at the flag.

[The sceptic in me is more than a little adverse to hype in general, but it was a similar situation in Brazil last year too: for the MV drive to be lauded to the extent that it was, DR was only a few seconds back despite being unsighted (perils of wiping the inside of your visor when it mists - it'll either work or make things ten times worse). If anyone feels that being unsighted while driving is not a big deal, they are welcome to run down to the shops blindfolded if they want to prove their point.]

Marko hinted at a split strategy for RBR with MV on wet setup and DR on dry, and the race of two halves seems to bear that out. In a contest this close, minor differences create results and RBR seems to be OK with hedging their bets across their cars compared with some of the other outfits.

Was it a superlative race from DR? Not in my book, not sure how he lost the ground that he did in the mixed conditions, and it is something he needs to iron out - but positive to see that the car responded positively to the aero change, which is something the team seems to be struggling with at the present.

Lest we forget of course, we are in Race 2 of a long season, and I expect there to be some significant swings between both sides of this garage as the season progresses.



Thanks for your post. Agree with everything you have succinctly put and hope some of the Ricciardo naysayers digest it.

Agree that Danny didn't have a great race but perhaps the way the car was set up may have contributed to his less than satisfactory first stint.

Still, there were positives which I have referred to above.


Adrian, glad everything is up and running down there, a couple of Aussie regulars still missing in action though!
I think the Merc was the best package in China, but the Ferrari just edged it in Melbourne. The prediction is the the Ferrari will be the thing to have with the higher temps in Bahrain, so we will see what happens there. I think the balance of power will shift according to track characteristics through the season, I'm looking forward to Bahrain in a way I wouldn't normally because of this, if Seb wins again then it really is game on!
Dan was clearly quicker than Max at the end of the race, and seemed able to run very close to his car, but he couldn't get by. He really has his hands full this year, Max has talent and there will be races where Dan wont be able to catch him, but he has to maximise the opportunities that come his way, and he didn't do that in China. A long way to go, but Danny Ric has to stamp his authority on that team.
Valterri had a poor race, and I was surprised that Toto was so critical, but that's what it's like in the big time, he could have got away with things like that at Williams, but the spotlight is on him now. I guess from Mercedes' point of view, they could have taken the easy option and gone for Wehrlein, and forgiven him for making silly mistakes like spinning behind the safety car, but they spent big to get Bottas and clearly are expecting a very high level of performance from him. Valterri has plenty of races to make amends, it seems that his pace is as good as can be expected, he is closer to Lewis than I thought he would be, but he can't make too many errors.


Ricci fans can get a bit touchy

Not like the Lewis fan club, thank god.


Mate, that is the best posting today, short, funny and so true. You can go drink a beer. But I am not convinced the Ricci club is made up of ...army guys, Ricci is so likeable, his fans seems to be nice lads too. But I am gonna watching them closer 🙂


There he goes again, talking about irrelevant subjective things like likeability. According to the Hamilton detractors, only those who dislike him matters, while those who like him must be strange creatures.


Valid criticism of Lewis is perfectly fine. No driver is perfect, every driver will have some bad races. Thing is, the criticism that Lewis cops is usually of the unwarranted and ridiculously silly variety.


Lewis criticism is based mostly him to falling down to others level because of his character, but others criticism is based on the subject not to beeing able to compete on the same level of Hamilton. Big difference.
Rosberg knew it and that is why he checked out before he had to redeem the perfect storm.

F1 dodged the bullet in 2015 with double points finish almost ridiculed entire Championship.


Valid criticism o


I like Ricciardo but some people talk about him like he's won 15 WDC's!


That's fans for you 🙂


Dan's car was understeering like a cross channel ferry in the first stint. After his second stop he was clearly faster than Verstappen.


And he has to take some responsibility for arriving at that setup with his engineers.


And max was having problems with understeer in the last stint I believe.


I think RBR gave max a wet setup. There you go, ricci fans. Something to chew on.


that must be the reason for the race outcome.


You mean when Max suffered from the same issue that Ricciardo had before?


I would think RIC - together with his team - is responsible for finding the right balance so you cannot present his understeer problems as outside circumstances. As for the second part of the race, RIC's tyres were 4 rounds fresher than VER's and Verstappen had to defend against Ricciardo frequently engaging DRS which will degrade your tyres even further.
Just wondering how far you reckon Dan would have moved up the grid if HE would've had to start from 16th?


@ lemwil....your obvious comment fails to take into account last years Chinese GP results. Ricciardo went from leading the race to 17th on lap four after suffering a puncture. He then fought back to finish fourth!! That's what i would call a stonking drive. 17th to fourth/16th to third....both excellent drives by two excellent drivers.


Since the entire field got out of the way when the VSC happened, I reckon he would have got up to fourth like Verstappen did when the entire field obligingly drove into the pits and let him through.


Forgetting Max's first lap from 17th to 7th are we? He gained three spots when others 'let him through'.


I'm not a Max V. fan, but that opening lap of his was impressive-- and unlike Brazil last year, he wasn't making up for a mistake.


Since the entire field got out of the way

That's a bit harsh - he overtook 9 cars on the first lap (that was before the VSC).


^^^EEEEEEEEEEEEEHH^^^!!!!!! *)

*) Quiz buzzer signalling Wrong answer
Take another look at the race, @JNH. Max didn't need the VSC for the majority of his overtakes. In the first lap alone he passed a whole bunch of guys, to be followed by gutsy nontrivial passes on RAI, RIC and Bottas. The SC episode only promoted him from 7th to 4th.


clearly faster than Verstappen.....

But he couldn't get past, could he ! Max started a long way back from Ric and he still finished ahead - one look at Riccis face in the interview pen tells the story . He knows how that will play with team management next time there is a 50:50 decision to be made .


Ric was unhappy with the car setup. It happens. Drawing conclusions on whos the best driver from one race is ridiculous.


I'm not drawing any conclusions based on one race - for what it's worth I think Ric is a fine driver - but do you think Dr Marco won't have noticed that Ric started in 5th and finished 4th and Ves started 17th and finished 3rd? That's a pretty stark comparison. Sooner or later there will come a time when the team has to decide who they are backing , e.g. only one new wing or whatever, and days like that will weigh heavily in their reckoning.



To your comment "I think Ric is a fine driver." My goodness!! I take everthing back I said about you and forgive you for all the things you said about me. Now that's being magnanimous of me don't you think?

As for Herr Doktor Marko I don't know what to make of him. He never gets out of first gear when he talks and his smile (if you call it that) is more like a smirk. I guess the better angles in him convinced him to let Kvyat go around again rather than throw him on the scrap heap like others before him.


Yes, but the trailing car really starts to lose it when following closely through corners so I would not be so quick to fault Riccardo. It's quite dramatic and easy to see even on TV. The wash is bigger, the downforce more important and it really shows when one car tries to follow through corners. Nevertheless, there were a handful of very nice passes.


I don't think I'm being harsh on Ricci - the fact of the matter is that he started 12 places in front of his teammate and ended the race 1 place behind him. That sort of thing tends to get noticed by the team and I would say, judging by Ricci's less than sunny demeanour in the post race interviews, that he is aware of that.


those conditions were the same for all cars..


While I agree Max outshine Daniel significantly it could also be a function of car set-up. Max might have been on wet set-up and Daniel more towards dry - that possibly explain Daniel catching up with him. Still from back of the grid to podium was awesome and I really like to watch him in wets!


Re set-up: during those couple of laps when Ricciardo was pushing Verstappen to get the pass for the podium, each time they reached the end of a straight and the cars where closest I noticed a stronger spray (or aero turbulence) from RIC's cars spoiler than on VES's.
I guess you are right and RIC was running more downforce, preparing for a wet race - he still had a mediocre first stint.


i think what we witnessed is of more value than what could've been..


Looking back, most likely you are right...


I get that "back of the grid" can have many meanings ... but it wasn't literally the back of the grid. Of 10 rows of cars, he was on row 8.


Yeah the same way LH couldn't overtake Max in Australia.


different track conditions mate.


Why Ferrari scewing up the strategy so frequently, mainly with Kimi?


I think they were using kimi as a buffer for seb with lewis. Lewis had to get kimi out of his window and ferrari were try to force mercedes's hand.


At least the Italians are not screwing up Formula 1 like the Japanese.............

Not only is that Honda engine uncompetitive, it's a bit of a liability in terms of safety. When Bottas passed Alonso like The Beard was standing still, it was somewhat worrying. If Bottas had misjudged his overtake and hit the Spaniard, he would have flown to Osaka............

It's easy to be flippant, but such a huge variation in acceleration and top speed can cause huge "skyward" accidents, as Ralfie and Villeneuve Junior will testify, circa AUS 2001. Is the Honda engine's lack of performance potentially hazardous for its competitors?


Did you notice if the McLaren rear light (also known as the "service engine" light) goes on half way down the straight when it stops deploying? I can't recall if it did or not. That would serve as at least some warning to the oncoming, and much faster, driver. It's killing me watching Alonso in such a terrible car again.


Did you see Alonso's McLaren struggle in the speed trap? It looked like it was being hauled in by a rope for it to be able to reach the end of the mile-long straight.


Happy Birthday to Jacques (April 9th). Also was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the "coming of age" battle for Canada.


Kimi screwed Kimi and not Ferrari. If you look at the fact that Kimi couldnt overtake a slower Redbull he would have no chance against a faster Mercedes of Bottas behind whom he would have come out once he pitted early. And Mercedes having track position would have risked keeping Bottas out until the end as long as he could hold of Kimi. So that would ensure that Kimi not only finished behind Max and Riccairdo but also lose a position to Bottas. Keeping him out until the end was have been a better risk reward strategic gamble because if it paid out and he could hold both max and riccairdo behind him, He would have been on the podium.


Aaron: you don't seem to have the facts straight.
Kimi had 'troubles' all weekend, beyond his control.
He called for a tire change before Max, but was told continually that they were going to the end!
This strategy deployment for Kimi continues a well established trend of wrecking his race, which was evident in (especially) the first half of last year.


Have you checked the gap behind Kimi. before claiming i got my facts wrong???

If they had pitted him from the lap when he started complaining he would have come out behind Alonso, Sainz and Bottas. Sainz pitted and was not an issue. Alonso would have made life hell for Kimi for atleast 5 to 7 laps & Mercedes would have kept Bottas out until the very end because Kimi would have to overtake him on track. If He couldnt overtake a slower Redbull he stood no chance of overtaking a Mercedes even if he managed to get past Alonso. He complained of tyre wear within 24 laps, how would he manage to do another 34 laps on another set of soft without needed to pit again???? Agreed most of that damage was due to being stuck behind Riccairdo but he would again come out behind Alonso and Bottas and would end damaging his tyres again. Vettel, Hamilton or Bottas were not in any sort of tyre trouble and intended to run until the end untill Redbull pitting gave them a free pitstop which they needed to take in case of a late safety car. Even after he pitted and put on the faster tyre and running in clean air, his pace relative to Hamilton and Vettel is too slow. Look at the lap charts. In clean air and the faster tyre he is painfully slower than Vettel or Hamilton. Ferrari shouldnt have pitted him. It may appear that Riccairdo and Max were two seconds faster than Kimi after their pits tops but Max ran out of grip before the race end and would have struggled to get past a slower Ferrari without risking too much. If you consider that Ferrari's original strategy of keeping Kimi out meant at least a chance of a podium i.e 3rd place with the maximum possible worst result of finishing behind Bottas i.e 6th then Ferrari's strategy was spot on. It was Kimi who actually let the team down. Notice how Max and Ricciardio laptimes fall at the end & how Kimi is slower than Vettel on the quicker tyre at the end even after his pitstop. Look at the lap charts buddy. Kimi let Kimi down even if they had to undercut Riccairdo, Redbull would have responded the next lap. Soft tyres on a drying track take time to get heat into them. So Riccairdo would have managed to still come back in front of Kimi(Ferrari wouldnt risk doing 30 laps on the supersoft).


What were Ferrari supposed to do? The time loss for pitting was around 22 seconds, which would have put him out behind Bottas between Laps 23 and 34. Ferrari waited too long after Bottas had stopped to pull Raikkonen in, I agree with that, but it probably wouldn't have made any difference.

The only thing that wrecked Raikkonen's race was Raikkonen himself. Not once did he even try something, anything to get past Ricciardo, and even when he was in clear air his pace was still terrible.
On Lap 40 Raikkonen was 26 seconds behind Vettel; by Lap 56 that gap had grown to 42 seconds. How can you blame strategy when Raikkonen was a second a lap off Vettel's pace in clear air with fresher tyres on?
Had Raikkonen simply matched Vettel's pace in the final stint he would have caught the Red Bull pair by Lap 50 and with a greater pace differential than when Vettel passed Ricciardo earlier in the race.


@ Deancassady...to even remotely suggest that ferrari would set out to ruin one of their drivers results is just too silly for words.


Guess I am less of a conspiracy man. Don't believe Kimi's setup is being deliberately crippled. I have argued though that Seb is getting the occasional last minute pimp-up which is withheld from Kimi. Amounts to the same I suppose.


As it was, Kimi actually asked the Ferrari pitwall to pit 8-10 laps before they agreed to take him in. Check the radio calls and you will note his messaging that his front tires were all gone and he himself pointed out he would if staying out loose out to the RB cars. After they finally took him in, he was flying again. So yes, looking at the numbers it appears that the wrong Ferrari pitwall decision to keep him out longer potentially cost Kimi a place on the podium.


Read the above reply to Deancassady. Incase you dont i'll summarise it for you. Kimi pits 8 to 10 laps before and ends up behind Alonso, Bottas. Which ruins his race and he finishes 6th. Kimi pits one lap before Riccairdo. Redbull respond the next lap but Kimi struggles to get heat into them and Riccairdo manages to to keep his position(track temperature was quit cold). Ferrari's strategy of keeping him out. Possibility of 3rd position worst case 6th.


I thought the same thing. Why didn't they pit him around lap 30? Struck me as very strange at the the time. In any event though Kimi didn't look very good out there today, regardless of strategy. Passed by Riccardo, Verstappen and Vettel which looks bad. Is he really that slow vis a vis his peers?


They did screw up on strategy... when they offered him a race seat this year. He is no longer at a level to compete with the Mercedes drivers or the Red Bull drivers.. let alone several of the others in the field.


They didn't, as far as I could tell: By staying out longer, they gave him the option to chose the softer compound, and he would've lost more places if he pitted earlier (gap to those behind just wasn't large enough) If I'm disappointed in one Ferrari person, it is in Raikonen himself: Not a single attempt to pass a Red-bull. no changes in racing line to find a way / disrupt RIC...

Francisco Brandao

Agree. He held the Hot Red for 10 laps.


It was still wet offline that time. Besides not having torque or engine power several times is also interesting. But at Ferrari they are not allowed to say if there is a problem with the engine or critisise the team.


Exactly! Prost once said what he meant while racing in the Ferrari car and right after he was history at the prancing horse.


I've said that before about Rai and got absolutely lambasted for it. Spain last year, Verstappen's first race for the bull with enormous pressure going for his first win. Raikkonen didn't put any pressure on him to even make him think of looking in his mirrors. Same again today.


Good Race, but reinforces that track position is king in 2017. Have to give RBR credit as the best strategists in the field. My Team, Williams, disappoints again on strategy.
Two other notes….. Apparently SKY is featuring Sunderland vs Manchester United & Everton vs Leicester. Like I could care less…………please give me a 21st century F1 channel.
Now, as of Thursday I won’t visit JAonF1 or any other F1 media, because I will be away for Easter and my Yacht does not have pay TV. So I’ll avoid everything related to F1 so that I can enjoy the race. That must make the sponsors happy……
Happy Easter everybody  


Drives me crazy that Sky has exclusive coverage but it's not available outside the UK. In Canada, we get the Sky feed/commentary on a race weekend, but there's no facility to watch the replay or additional F1 content in a simple manner. I can read the Sky website content but not see the video content - lost revenue stream right there. I hope Liberty takes that into account as they re-vamp the coverage.


my Yacht does not have pay TV...

Why not watch on Sky go then on a mobile or tablet?


I don't understand your complaint about the football coverage on sky. The Grand Prix finished by 9am uk time and the first football match didn't start until 2pm and if you have sky f1 channel it's repeating the race all day. That's more coverage than you ever got from the BBC or get from channel 4


Sorry. I was being a bit too sarcastic. I'm from Australia and had a rant the other day about how poor the quality of the Pay TV service from Foxtel is and how the SKY coverage is not focused for an International audience. It's really a shot at FOM for not producing something of International quality and relevance.

Bottom line......I rant too much!


You enjoy Easter too. BTW is your iYacht a sailer or motor craft?


Williams are my team too, but today I don't think strategy was the culprit. Apparently they couldn't get heat into the tires. I don't know what it is that's causing this suspension based lack of performance (since 2014), but could Paddy please install a Merc style suspension system soon... Please! This is getting embarrassing!


Williams are allergic to water. Always have been. I don't know why but even Ted Kravits and Rob Smedley joked about their aversion to water on Friday broadcast.


17th to third for Max. Vettel overtakes rai and ric. Had Vettel not had the misfortune with the safety car he may well have had the pace on Ham too. How does this reinforce track position being king?


Do you think he would have passed him? Ham wasn't overcooking his tyres like in Australia. Vet passed Ric because he had a clear pace advantage and Ric's tyres were toasted. There's no way he'd have passed Lewis on track


@aezy_doc Your absolutely right.
I was thinking of one aspect of the race.
MY bad.


I'd rather have a few good quality overtakes like today, rather than have the whole race run on DRS. Vettel had to actually work for it today!


The safety car was a 'misfortune' for Vettel but Max got onto the podium on 'merit'?
The way I see it, Max benefited from great fortune with the safety car and VSC


Max benefited from great fortune with the safety car and VSC...

I'm not saying they didn't help but he overtook something like 9 cars on the first lap - before the VSC or the SC. That was pretty impressive stuff. He rather spoilt things for me when he locked up and let Vet by and then at the end when he was moaning about blue flags but still, a mighty drive by any standards.


And that's a penetrating quiz buzzer for you as well! (cf. NJH)


And the fact he overtook 11 cars in the first couple of laps...

That had nothing to do with the VSC and SC.


No.44.......get in there 🙂

Lewis had the pace today that vettle had in aus.

Good drive for vettle and max was awesome, daniel should be worried

Epic championship shapping up


To be frank, I think the pace was fairly even. Which is scary because lewis goes well here. That ferrari is really quick, both in qually and the race. Interesting to see how it goes on seb friendly tracks. Singapore, suzuka etc.


Get in there Lewis! Good start, then with Vettel pitting early, he had it all under control up front. 5th win & 8th podium in China, and his 3rd Grand Slam. Now 11 consecutive seasons with a win, 2nd only to Schumacher.

When did they get rid of the jade trophy in China? I always liked that one.

Sainz's decision to start on supersofts looked absolutely inspired, all the way until the lights went out! I can't remember when I last saw a car fly backwards like that at the start?

Ok, Vettel's grid spot lineup? I would have to see it again, but it looked like he was over halfway off! I would have thought that was a slam dunk 5 sec penalty. Not sure that would've made any difference today, but still.

Giovinazzi's stock took another hit. He had to calm down in the early stages, keep it on the track, and make it to the dry track period.

Bottas spinning wasn't helpful ... he can't be doing that. Funny when Tony Ross referred to Valtteri as Nico over the radio.

Max locking up big time robbed us of seeing whether Vettel could take him like he took Kimi and Ricciardo.

Overall a better race than Melbourne, a lot more natural overtakes, and onto Bahrain all square up top.


Curious, but all last year, wasn't starts lewis's weakness and not reliability. Funny how, now that the starts are completely up to the drivers lewis and not seb is making better starts. Whats really astonishing is seb starting position. Lewis lost out in suzuka last year for being a soggy box. Hopefully with the coming race this issue is clarified.


Vettel's grid spot lineup?

That was strange - even though it didn't attract a penalty they have to make sure no one else does it again. What's the point of having grid slots if you don't have to adhere to them?


Was Bottas really the best that Merc could find, what a waste of the best seat in the house. I guess Lewis got what he wanted- a good no.2 teammate.


Do you think Pascal would have been a better option? Or how about Fernando Alonso? I think Bottas should be given more time. He made a small error which I doubt he will ever repeat.

Kimi on the other hand has been consistently beaten by his team mates for several years now ....perhaps one would call his seat a waste? I think Ricci or Sainz deserves a chance in red. But RBR are too clever and get their young chargers to sign their life away when they join up.


judge bottas in november.


Well there were reports that Hamilton had a big say in driver choice. Also after Nico left, Mercedes had no choice but keep their star driver happy. Having said all of that, I think VB deserves a little bit more time, let's say 5 races. So, if VB doesn't beat LH by then, I'd 100% agree with you that it was a waste of a good seat. I still believe like JA mentioned in an earlier article, Mercedes is still the faster car. So, if Mercedes is still behind Ferrari in the constructors ladder, then they screwed up.

I thought what Toto said after the race was telling, "Valteri threw it away".


very funny, how many words make a big say?


A big say in driver choice?!? Link please. Everything I saw said that he had ZERO say in the final pick, but that he was given a short list of 5 drivers they were considering, and he was consulted on the drivers in the short list.

You're just making up a narrative where there is none.


Who do you think they could've got? Bottas made a mistake today, a bad one. It happens.


Well, with Bottas at Mercedes we do now have proof how much unfortunately is determined in F1 by if you have the best car or not.
Last year Bottas was a mid-fielder among 12 others of same caliber. In the points often, but so was his retiring teammate. Podiums one.
Now in a Mercedes he can qualify on the front row and challenge for podium finish if he simply just manages to drive the full race length without driving off the track. Makes you wonder how many others on the current grid could make it to top-1-4 in each race if they simply just were given the best car?


I'd say any of the top dozen drivers.


Who are they, and how would Merc have got them? Red Bull and Ferrari aren't about to give up a driver to help Merc, when they can force them to adhere to their contracts.

It's always easy to make things happen in an alternate reality.


We learn something new every day. Apparently, you can ignore your grid box lines. There must have been a reason for painting them in the first place. Today the stewards scratched their heads but no one could remember it.

I presume from here on you can line up as you like!


Shows how smart Seb is... he has probably studied the the rule book with a fine tooth comb and found a way to beat HAM to the first corner... I mean, if he is able to get a find more grip by doing that and makes a blinding start, then with track position being king, that would mean victory!


I recommend you listen to Steward's interview in BBC podcast after the race about grid slot. It will make sense.


I wondered why he didn't get penalised. This means that everyone could do it now


A good analogy of Lewis Hamilton in 2017 will be/is with Alain Prost in 1990. The Professor was in his 11th consecutive season that season driving a competitive machine campaigning for a world championship, so it's a good benchmark for judging Hammy.................Lewis is 32, while Alain was 35 in 1990 so in terms of age and experience it's a similar ballpark.

Le Prost was still at the top of his game in '90, winning 5 races and nearly taking the title had it not been for a reprehensible piece of driving from Senna at Suzuka.........point is, 11 seasons in and both drivers still retained every ounce of their skill, guile, motivation and consistency.


1. Top drive from top 4 drivers.
2. Briljant Max who proves that overtaking is possible
3. Stroll established reputation as paid driver.
4. Excitement back in F1!


I actually think that some of the best drives we saw today were done by drivers further down the grid. E.g. Alonso and KMag clearly drove their mediocre cars beyond expectations. I am no fan of him at all, but especially Alonso was outstanding today! D@mn it, I am so sorry he doesn't have a better car to entertain us with!


He probably could still be in a Ferrari but his pisspoor decisions always get the best of him.


5. crofty continued to be the laughing fool of SKY.


"Get in there!.... James Allen!"

Would love to see James in a commentating role...heard you in Australia's for Channel 10's coverage. Much better than Crofty. Better than DiResta's accent, better then Mark Webber's aussie slang ridden commentatory....only problem with a SKY commentating role is that James Allen would steal Martin Brundle's thunder.... still though, you should apply, even if its for Channel 4 or NBC etc 🙂

Let's get a petition up!


1 - Ricciardo, really?
2 - Lets be fair and mention Vettel as well?


Well that was the happiest podium I've seen in a while. I think merc having competition has done them some good. I think the Nico/Lewis situation would have caused serious problems. Solid race from Lewis. Great recovery from Seb and Max made the race exciting. The smallest margins are going to make the difference this season. James can you see Merc adopting two strategists now with the increased competition, is it not a tall order now for one man to look after two cars with increased competition? I'd be worried if I were Dan, I can see Max getting number one status soon. He is clearly better that Dan in tricky conditions.


tall order now for one man to look after two cars......

The Merc strategy is not dictated by one man - there is a good interview on youtube with James Vowles (Chief Strategist) where he explains how it all works. In short they have a race support team of around 25 engineers, their calculations are analysed by 5 senior engineers and then a decision is made. It's not just one man working it out on their own.


No but it is his final decision


I disagree. Dan's car was understeering like a demon in the first stint. Once he sorted it in the stop he was faster.


So why do you suppose DR's car understeering whilst Max's was apparently fine?


Faster he may have been towards the end, but fastest over the GP he wasn't. And that's what counts. 17th to 3rd and passed your team mate on track. Ricci needs to be hurting after that.


This reminds me of the Vettel Webber, somehow people want to dislike the faster driver!


Yes, his car had massive understeer. And in Brazil his visit fogged up. And in Silverstone there probably was a bee in his helmet.

Max made a huge mess of Monaco, but there comes a time when you have to accept he's the better driver on a wet track.


There's no doubt that Max is the class wet driver of the field. Today proved that Brazil was no fluke.


Good race by Hamilton. What did Bottas do ? smh.


I think we should all thank Bottas for being such a good sportsman, and give the other drivers not in superior cars a fair chance to race for the podium!


Well, Bottas didn't help his cause any with that spin! He's not driving for Williams anymore!


That was a great race and Lewis and Seb are very evenly matched. Hoping this continues thru' the season!!!

Can't stop wondering if safety car hadn't come, how close it would have been between the 2. I was happy to see Seb / Ferrari being that aggressive on lap 2 - they are willing to do anything to win and are not playing it safe. Very very disappointed with both Bottas and Kimi - rookie mistake from one and other for whatever reason is making Ferrari look lot slower than it is. At least they should have released Seb lot sooner. Having said that, if Ferrari paid a little attention to his race they could have got him on podium by pitting him immediately after Max's mistake / Seb overtake. He would have had clear air jump them both.

And finally, I love these overtakes much more - the drivers had to put in a lot more work!


Without the full safety car, Lewis would've needed a very decent recovery drive to get to the podium. The sector times of those on slicks will tell us more, but if I recall it correctly, the slicks were already 3.5 s / lap quicker.
He had lady fortune in his pocket, today, more than Vet down under.


so what!!!! you could argue LH was unlucky in australia unable to pass Vest. I'm impressed with Vest overtakes and judgement is still out if LH is in same overtaking league. Max is still Young and has that Attack attitude whereas LH seems to me to have lost or grown out of that do or die charging attitude. But if he wants to win this years WDC I reckon he's going to have to find it as Vettel did today. At the moment I'm not convinced that LH has that, hope I'm wrong.


It's kind of ironic that Ferrari's test driver ruined Vettel's strategy!


Yeah, I didn't think of it that way. But you're right, Giovinazzi crashing did cost Ferrari too, besides Sauber.


he won the race in real life. no need for fantasies..


The point is, while it worked put, Mercedes took an unnecessary risk by exposing Lewis. That's two races in a row where they made tactical errors. But let's wait and see what James will say about this: I can't verify sector times and have to work on what i saw during the race and remember now.


George,....yes, fair point but the same applies to VET and his pit under the VSC. He tried to take advantage of that situation and Lewis took advantage of the full SC. So....was he fortunate? Lewis was peerless today, not a single error and Grand Chelem to boot. I would put good money on nobody else achieving the same feat in this nip and tuck season. As VET was better in AUS, HAM was better in CHI. Shaping up to be a season to remember.


Pitting under the VSC was a risk as Vettel did. Had it not been for the timely accident it might have paid off. We can't then say Lewis deserves credit for Pitting under the actual Safety car because everyone did that, you'd have to be crazy not to. Don't think the two moves are comparable. One was a calculated risk and the other was an obvious norm.


Nonsense , Vettel said he pitted because his intermediates where graining,or shall we say he panicked and is not good under pressure , he he.If we are talking substance,then the Ferrari potentially has problems with wet/cooler climes.


Pitting under a VSC is known to halve the usual pit loss time, so it's usually the way to go. It's how Rosberg jumped Ricciardo in Austin last year.


Stopping during VSC was not a risk it was a perfect crossover period.


Vettel is lucky that in Raikkonen, he has got a doormat teammate. Fastest car and a very weak teammate who can't take points off him,while Hamilton has got a teammate who is as good as Vettel.


Bottas is just as good as Vettel? Hahahaa! What F1 have you been watching?


Lol Bottas as good as Vettel and he's behind Max try another one!


we're yet to see. So far, Bottas doesn't inspire.


Bottas is as good as vettel? Lol


Here you go... can you read again the three lines? Still rubbish?


Yes there I go,Hamilton has never been beaten in his first season of clash with any teammate, while vettel was well beaten in his first season against Ricardo. Like Schumacher, it is easy for Vettel to look good in the fastest car, with pretty much zero pressure from teammate. One mistake from Bottas does not make him a weak driver like Raikkonen. All the evidence is there in qually that if Lewis relaxes a bit,he will be outqualified by Bottas.


Of all drivers in F1 Hamilton remains the only top driver to be beaten in a two horse race in a championship winning car.


Ha ha ha,Schumacher had a doormat/a contractually shacked teammate ,hence was in a one horse race. Vettel had Webber who turned himself into a doormat. That's why both drivers were heavily beaten the first time they were exposed to real competition at the hands of Rosberg and Ricardo. We all know the arguments surrounding the tittle Lewis lost. No need for rehash.