Huge update planned for Red Bull in Spain as Marko says team “did not deliver” on chassis
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Posted By: Editor   |  20 Apr 2017   |  3:46 pm GMT  |  75 comments

Red Bull’s Motorsport director, Helmut Marko, has expressed his optimism after the outfit fell behind Mercedes and Ferrari early in the season as it plans to upgrade its chassis for the race at Barcelona next month. He also says that Renault will improve its engine for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Three races into the new season, Red Bull sits 55 points adrift of constructors’ championship leader Ferrari and Marko acknowledged the effort needed to emulate the team’s championship-winning success from 2010-2014.

Marko laid part of the blame for Red Bull’s lacking performance on the Renault engine, which will also face an upgrade after concerns over power output and reliability. The team even reverted to its 2016 MGU-K for the Australian Grand Prix as a precaution as Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Renault all faced failures during pre-season testing at Barcelona.

Aerodynamically, the car is not as balanced as Ferrari’s or Mercedes’, particularly in the turbulent wake of opponents.

“We have two problems: Renault had some reliability issues, which have slowed them down in the development; and we didn’t deliver the chassis that we should have done,” said Marko to the official Formula 1 website.

“But we are working day and night to pick up our shortcomings. We are pretty optimistic that we will make a significant step forward in Barcelona where a big change of parts is coming.”

“The chassis will be ‘revamped’ in Barcelona and Renault is planning something for Montreal,” he said.

Max Verstappen has given the team its only podium and best result in China, and the young Dutchman showed great pace in Bahrain, running in fourth and challenging Lewis Hamilton for a podium, until his brakes failed early on.

His team-mate, Daniel Ricciardo, finished fifth, having recovered from Hamilton’s hold-up in the pit entry after the safety car was deployed on lap 13. After the safety car restart, however, Ricciardo struggled on cold tyres and was overtaken by Williams’ Felipe Massa at one point.

Team Principal Christian Horner echoed Marko’s comments on revamping the car in Bahrain, with a more tentative optimism at the FIA’s press conference.

“I’m sure several teams are targeting Barcelona with various update packages and we’re no different.

“But in between now and then we’re trying to get performance on the car, understand some of the issues and constantly move it forward,” said Horner.

In reply to a question on whether the upgrade will be significant or not, he said: “If it delivers lap time, yes. It’s a significant cost, so we’ll see. Hopefully it will be value for money.”

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RB have dropped down to clearly 3rd best team this year.Their handling of Dans car in Aus after his quali crash was pathetic and now Ver has a brake malfunction which is something I would expect of Haas.Going backwards and I think a change of some personnel namely the gracious Dr and Horner would do the team a world of good.


@ Scott….So DR’s mechanical failures in melbourne and verstappens brake disc catastrophe were all the fault of Marko and Horner ? Really…….where did you source this doozy?

Ricciardo Aficionado

Well sometimes Newey gets it wrong. MP4-18 anyone?
I hope the RedBull isn’t so fundamentally flawed it takes the whole year to come to the conclusion it should here been abandoned at the start of the year.
The car looks a bit twitchy but at least it has pace.


MP4/18 indeed. Total shocker that one!

Thay said, some of Newey’s designs are so fine-tuned that they need a particular window of operation: his Leyton House cars were good on billiard table smooth surfaces, but throw in a few bumps and they were at sea.

The FW14B only seemed to work in Mansell’s hands, the FW15 was apparently on a knife edge, and the early FW16 without driver aids was an unpredictable animal until the second variant.

Oddly, some of his cars have only been effective for one of his two drivers: Hakkinen seemed largely more at home than Coulthard, and Vettel learned so many tricks with the RB5 through RB9 that he struggled to unlearn them in the RB10. The RB11 wasn’t much cop, either.


Do I understand that their building a new tub? Too right that’d be a significant cost. . even crash testing as well.
Had better work!


What F1 needs is a competition where all the teams have a chance of podiums and wins. Customer engine teams with access to the same power and integration information, a level playing field for prize money and support, equal treatment in stewarding and tech compliance decisions.
Maybe technical advantages should be shared after allowing 1 year of proprietary advantage. And WHY make the engines any noisier, so you can’t speak to other spectators during the race? So you can’t hear the valves/tyres/gears?


Always amusing reading the opinions of Australians on how Red Bull “hates them” /gives Max advantages/Ric is really winning the battle /Webber was shafted/blablabla, yet so far from any base in reality.
Honestly, it never gets boring


Honestly, it never gets boring

…unlike your predictable take on the situation.


@ big haydo…it’s like being in an echo chamber!!!!


Ha basically that quote from Marko says ‘we have only two problems – the engine and the chassis…’

That aside, I think the fact that Renault has its own team now may benefit Red Bull in the short term due to the extra investment going into the engine, so I’m still backing Max and Daniel for 3rd and 4th in the drivers championship, and red bull to be a close 3rd in constructors by the end of the season.


Let’s wait and see. This will be a development race more than anything else and RBR will bring lots of updates but so will Merc/Ferrari. We shouldn’t underestimate them either although it is very good news. Having 3 teams battle it out is always better than 2 teams, right!


The chasis is lacking a coathanger/tv antenna/chicken wire contraption thinga-ma-jig hanging off the fin like the others…an unusual oversight by Newey.


Spot on mate! Everything else is in perfect order as illustrated by the car’s performance in corners.


My old HQ Holden (aka shaggin wagon may she RIP), had a coat hanger roughly bent into the shape of Australia as an aerial. While it provided great radio reception an unexpected bonus was that it also seemed to tighten up the front end through the corners, worn ball joints and rusted non existent drum brakes not withstanding.


Welcome news from Marko and for Danny Ricc and Max V but while the aero and power upgrades are described as “HUGE” it’s not known whether it will give either driver the ability to fight for wins or even podiums with Merc and Ferrari because currently they are considerably off the pace and both these teams will also be actively pursuing performance upgrades. So worst case scenario it might be that RB will be continually playing catch up throughout the season. Unfortunately this is the situation when you’re starting off in a deficit and have to rely upon a ‘works team’ for PU upgrades.

It seems that just after three races both Bottas and Raikkonen have been relegated to number 2 drivers within their respective teams. Did we expect anything less as their teammates are multi WDC? Even though Toto Wolff promised that Bottas and Hamilton would be able to compete equally for wins it’s clear from Ferrari’s emergence that Wolff will need to reconsider his position. In fact I think he’s said as much already. Clearly Hamilton has greater race pace than Bottas and I can see him being subject to further team orders. This being the case I’d be concerned as to the effect this might have on his confidence particularly if Dan and Max start to threaten for wins and podiums. If Merc don’t win the WCC this year largely because Bottas hasn’t met the KPIs Wolff has set for him what is his future at Merc or in F1 after the season as he will be out of contract?

While the upgrades will probably come too late for RB’s drivers to win the WDC or the team a WCC what does Horner do if faced with a situation where the only realistic chance of one of his drivers winning a particular race would be to instigate a team order because neither Dan nor Max will like it? So we could have a situation where season 2017 is defined by the three leading teams having clear number 1 and number 2 drivers.


The odd and inevitable DNF will throw more curve balls . The teams want points and the drivers want wins. With 2 obvious no.1 drivers at the moment a competitive Red Bull could make for a classic second half to the season.


Is anyone else sick of helmut marko and his threats that redbull will leave f1. Just leave.
F1 was around before you and will be around a long time after you go.
I highly doubt they will quit. As what would they do with all their employees and facilities.


There would have been no Vettel, Rociardo or Verstapen


@AlexD RB didn’t create them. They’d just have driven for different teams


No I don’t think they would ever been discovered . Max maybe due to his Dad but I doubt Seb or Dan would have got a look in. RB maybe not everybody’s cup of tea but they do give young talent a crack regardless how brutal the school room is.


Yes, but they wouldn’t have been driving for one of the front runners. Red Bull is ruthless, as we’ve seen with Kvyat, but I don’t see Mercedes or Ferrari giving young talent a seat alongside Vettel or Hamilton. McLaren would, as we’ve seen with Hamilton and Van Doorne, but they’re not exactly front runners anymore.

If it weren’t for Red Bull, Verstappen would probably be racing at Manor.


Yes they did without sponsorship through lower formulas they would have not made it!


I note: when it comes to the operations of the team, and professional management, Red Bull is always looking good to me.
It is NOT adviseable to underestimate this organization.
I have two theories:
1. They actually ““DID NOT DELIVER” ON CHASSIS” as quoted by Marko, i.e. not as per plan
If this is the case, I expect a significant new chassis, likely incorporating the best of Ferrari, Mercedes and put together by the master, Adrian Newey, done since the beginning of testing! Superior turnaround.
2. A total PR smokescreen: they’ve been holding back their ‘real’ 2017 chassis, making sure what everybody else has, and presenting it at such a time, so as to not easily be copied during this season, and potentially not next (2018) season, as per the long development cycles (for everybody else).

In either case, I expect a radically improved car, which will show immediately/in short order, capable of overcoming their championship points deficit for this 2017 season.

It won’t take too long to test the conclusion.
I have to admit that I was immediately suspicious when they came with a non-superlative chassis, less so about the staged introduction of their PU upgrades.
I also expect the PU to end up being as good as the Ferrari/Merc, or better!

If my theory of Mercedes potentially still managing the championship, trading wins with Ferrari, to maintain the illusion of competition, is valid, then Merc will have squandered valuable points to the real competition, RB.
Who knows, this may even have been part of the calculation on the RB side.
Don’t underestimate Red Bull, and their ability to understand what is really going on in the category, and what it takes to win, including some radical tactics, as this would be, in my shadowy view of the business.

If I am right!!! and RB are significantly stronger than initially presented, then two things:
1. the sparks between RB drivers will go up like MOABs
2. we will all be able to test my theory on MMC (Mercedes Managed Championship) when Merc shifts gears and has also found radically more performance at the races immediately following the emergence of the ‘real’ RB challenger (they will be found out!, or surrender the championship – we’ll see a lot of canned emotional fist pounding then!)

Thanks for all the chuckles Mr. Editor

I’m actually excited about a RB augmentation to disrupt the circus!


Red Bull would never leave a good chassis in the garage just to make sure their competition can not copy it. And for your theory of Mercedes swapping wins with Ferrari to fake competition, I can not think of a reason why they would do that and if they do it why they haven’t started doing it last year.


“If my theory of Mercedes potentially still managing the championship”

Sorry if I’m behind the times, but you surely don’t actually believe this do you?


It seems a lot of people do. I prefer to just congratulate Ferrari on a job well done.


I like the cut of your jib, but i wonder if it’s all that Orwellian at RB. After the terrible couple of years they’ve had would they have the stones to run a dummy campaign for the first 3rd of the season -knowing they risk triggering performance clauses for their dynamic duo, and knowing that whatever trump card they eventually pull, that their heavily resourced competitors could duplicate any advantages they develop in almost real time.
Whatever they come up with, i hope that they also make up a large batch of shark fin soup in the process!!!


they’ve been holding back their ‘real’ 2017 chassis

The only issue I see about this is that they would be conceding so much ground to the competition in the early rounds – in recent times, there has been such a strong correlation to early season form to who ultimately becomes the world champions.

Red Bull can only hope that Vettel and Hamilton spend the first quarter of the season taking points off each other, so that Dan or Max may be able to overhaul them later on once the arms race begins in earnest.

Only problem is, RBR have too many things going on that see them on the back foot, so it’s hard not to share Ricciardo’s pessimism.


Big H:
Yes, clearly, creating a points deficit seems irrational, but presenting a design concept and details, copiable, and showing it off may be a greater risk, from the perspective of the longer term.
If the advancement were very sizeable, then it could easily be calculated potential points collectable to the end.
We can assume that RB planned to capture an average of a 5th place finish, plus a sixth place finish every race; only internal consideration can be considered for why they haven’t achieved this (if in fact they haven’t)
We might also consider that without the expected PU upgrades, their capability to capture tops points paying positions may have been so greatly compromised that it was considered worth it to refrain from releasing the ‘real’ package until the PU was ready.
Renault has been more realistic, measures and reliable in delivery scheduling this time around.
By introducing the aero redesign, 1-2 races prior to the upgraded PU, RB have created a window to test the aero and iron out the last of the wrinkles, prior to the PU upgrade.
Again, this ‘conspiracy’ theory is testable:
RB should eclipse current form of Ferr/Merc definatively, creating high probability of averaging a 1st points pay plus a (minimum) 3rd points pay, for each race with the definitive advantage over the current form/improvement trend of the Ferr/Merc performance cluster.
If Merc has a bunch of stuff ‘in the bag and ready to go’ as per my prediction, then Merc will move within 1-2 races to substantially upgrade their performance, matching the RB pace, and creating a new cluster RB/Merc, with Ferrari left significantly out of the performance average, below it.
That’s the test.

Of course, Ferrari likely knows this entire game, already.
Are Ferrari holding on to a bunch of ready-to-go upgrades?
The fallback test is that the RB upgrade results in a statistcally significant jump in performance for all three of the triumvirate teams, which will be less apparent, except for some juggling of pecking order around the RB upgrade introductions, but catchable (and easily ‘explainable’) using more complex statistical analysis (not too complex as far as statistical analysis goes, just complex compared to just watching the races).

So, we’ll see.
If we ended up with a three way race with the triumvirate teams all stretched all out, dividing the spolis, then (though we have effectively a two category series) we will have more competition than the past three competition-desert years.


@deancassady, let us be gracious.
Let’s not refer to your grand RB and Merc scheming plots as conspiracy theories or ‘conspiracy’ theories (your own subdued version). Let’s treat them as theories exploring the extreme, outlandish, so-improbable-it’s-getting-ugly range of the tactics scale.
Conspirationists are not emanable to injections of common sense and will leave little or no room for mishaps and failures. But I have some hope for you yet so here are a few shots, to be added to what’s been thrown your way by others:
– In your scheme RB are intentionally losing possible P1-P4s but they do need P5-P6s, right? So, since all this is planned beforehand, why didn’t they ensure the limited setup was at least dependable? RB have already suffered 2 DNFs!
– ‘… but presenting a design concept and details, copiable, and showing it off may be a greater risk’ => agreed, but only for the february presentation and (in part) testing. I can think of no sound reason not to implement this from race #1, your suggestion of connection with the new PU included. Arguably, improvements during the race calendar may also be copied quite quickly.
Like many I am hoping for a RB resurgence. But should it happen, please please don’t be all over the place telling everybody I told you so. There will be better more down-to-earth explanations, in particular: RB messed up to some extent and didn’t come true.


@ Dean Cassady I certainly hope that you are correct. My problem with your theory is this. To give away so many points in the first 5/6 races makes it very very difficult to make a realistic challenge. Granted, it’s not impossible, but if it was true then that is a very ‘ballsy’ approach…even for Red Bull.


If they get upgrades RB may fight with Merc + Ferrari; and if that happens it would be fantastic for the viewers.

Blaming Renault does not help – either find your own manufacturer (spend truck loads of money + risk life like McLaren) OR live with what you have. If ever there is a title fight between Renault powered teams – logic says manufacturer will support its own team first.


@ Shri……Blaming Renault does not help.? What is the matter with people. Red Bull are simply stating the truth and they have accepted that the Renault is underpowered and the chassis isn’t that great. Once more Renault have let the side down with their new engine having to use last years components!!!! What are they supposed to say? ‘sorry we aren’t any good ATM but i can’t possibly explain why’.


“What are they supposed to say?”

Remaining silent is an option too. I know, hard thing to ask from an adult and a professional like Mr. Horner.


@ 3498…Yes…the PC police would love your comment. Sweep it all under the carpet, say nothing to anyone for fear of hurting their delicate souls despite the fact that they are paying mega millions for engines that are still sub par to ferrari and mercedes! All this for the last three years! If it hadn’t been for Red Bull and Mario Illien , Renault would still be floundering around in the ‘dark ages’ vis a vis F1 engines.


All covered in the supply contract.


My word Adrian! That’s a turn around for the diffuser. No loss of power and no need to temp’ the car either. Jolly good show! That’ll make us all happy, happy, happy… ’bout time mind yer!


“He also says that Renault will improve its engine for the Canadian Grand Prix.”

I wish the actual context was that Renault improves THEIR engine for themselves, and leave Red Bull behind, as a final act of revenge for the way RBR trashed Renault after winning four WC’s together.


@Dale D, To be fair, Renault trashed Renault (Cyril Abitebol in particular).
It’s well documented that RB offered all types of support to Renault before they had to state the obvious.
In any event, RB got their comeuppance when MB (or Lauda specifically) double crossed them on the potential Merc engine supply.


LKFE, the story at the time was that it was Red Bull attempting to double cross Mercedes. Apparently RB were on the brink of getting VW to supply them for 2017 and they just wanted the Merc supply until VW got their PU up and running, plus of course lots of potential for those VW engineers to study the data and archtitecture of the Mercedes unit. When Toto heard of this dastardly plan he put the kybosh on the supply deal, ony for VW to do the same after the diesel gate scandal caused a new chairman to be installed. The result of all this kyboshing of course was Horner and co having to go back to Renault with a big apology cake.


My view is that Renault deserved be “trashed” as they hadn’t delivered on their promises for ~3 years. It was only after the “trashing” that they started to deliver at least something. Albeit still not state of the art another 2 years later.


Gary, I really think it is a leap to suggest that Red Bull being rude about their engine was in any way responsible for any improvement they might have made.


One year. One.

And I re-iterate that no company is going to tolerate their partner trashing them publicly.

I absolutely agree that the Renault was up to snuff. I also agree that it is absolutely logical for RBR to expect better, and to pressure Renault internally to deliver. I even agree that it is fair to search for other options as RBR did.

Again, my point is that it was a total PR failure on Red Bull’s part to trash Renault in the public manner in which they did.


Everything I have read here sounds fabulous for the season ahead.


Red Bull gives you a Flappy Floor.

Here is an interesting pic from the underside of Max RB after the Bahrein crash.
You can note – or not – that the bolts/rivets are concetrated right below the radiators.
That means Red Bull gives you a flappy floor xD


When seen from above, there is quite a bit of floor to flap around, too!


The reason why the fasteners are below the radiators is simply because there isn’t anything above the floor in the other areas to fasten to.


Red Bull…..what’s the point?
Stop threatening to leave if there’s no engine parity and just leave. Better still,sell the team to Audi.


I’m no fan of Dr Evil, but where is he threatening to leave here? I will say this is the first time in a long time that Mr Newey’s work has got the slap down. It’s interesting that he is not mentioned at all in the article.


They’re leaving?


I haven’t seen such optimistic statement of intent from Redbull many times – so feeling hopeful for 3 teams to mix it up at the top!! Max, Lewis and Seb fighting for a win in Canada!!!


I doubt it would be Canada. Maybe monaco


In the short term they might get back up front . Long term = total calamity possibly – Why? . Read the stuff in the link below.


Good article. I knew a developing story of the next few years would be when Renault (the team) got up to speed, and started to get into Red Bull’s orbit, that questions about works team engines and customer engines would come to the fore. That’s still some ways off, but Renault has done better so far than expected. It will get even more interesting the closer they get.


Looking forward to see Renault improving, both on engine and chassis side, to get into the mix (pushing RBR forward, along the way).
So far season is awesome (compared to 2014-2016), at least we have two way battle on the front.
Can’t wait to see it three, or four way battle (why not five way when Honda get their act together). 🙂


Don’t we all Marko. A pair of RBs challenging at the front is just the tonic the sport needs. The question is which one of them will be the quickest and thus have to move over for the other as has happened with the Silver Arrows and Prancing Horse’s recently?
My bet is on the young bull being handed the mating rights as the older bull is an Australian and we all know how well Marko rates them!


Early doors of course: but Ricciardo would likely have support from Marko as he is a graduate of their young driver academy (something that Webber never had, as he was the old guard installed before the young drivers factored into RBR’s primary considerations).

That said, there has been very little margin between the two drivers this year: from what I’ve seen, not that you’d know it given the hype and ratings from established publications. We’ve only had effectively one race to compare them with (China) and they were separated by a mere second for much of the final stint. A clean overtake would have changed a lot of perception about that race’s outcome, as Max wouldn’t have had a response.

Over the course of the race weekends, Ricciardo seems to be quicker up to speed than Max (e.g. Verstappen needed a second run in Melbourne Q2 to match Ricciardo) and has been a bit unlucky. If his performances seem a little inert it does suggest a lack of comfort in the car (the spin in Melbourne seemed to be more rear aero-detachment than pure driving error) and the fact that they are comfortably ahead of the midfield, but uncomfortably behind the top 4.

I’d be checking out the options as well, but you know what they say about the grass being greener…


Are we watching the same race? Max is basically Ayrton material. Ric knows it now.


If we’re talking about Australia, then clearly no. I watched all the sessions: the first time Max was ahead was Q1 (where outright pace for top 3 car not important) and Q2, where he needed two runs to Dan’s one to do it. Ricciardo was 4 tenths up in two of the practice sessions, and a tenth up in the other (on before Max limited running, he ruined his own floor by running wide). Q3 snafu aside, the contest was then over as RBR could barely get DR back to the grid.

Marko already indicated that RBR hedged their bets in China on setup, and the comparitive race pace bears that out: Max was quick in the wet, but Dan was doing his Lauda-like late stint charge when the others leaned too much on their tyres. At the flag there was nothing in it and left RBR scratching their heads over which was the better approach.

Bahrain we couldn’t read into: DR outqualified MV and was baulked into T1 by a slow starting Hamilton. It was then basically follow the leader until the pitstops due to Bottas’ lack of pace. I can’t see how that one was a clear Max win, it’s certainly odd to see an early life brake failure. Dan brought home about as much bacon as those circumstances were going to permit.

Furthermore, the comparisons of Verstappen to Senna are borderline blasphemic. More on that another time.


I agree in regards to Mr Marko.
My gut feelng is that DR will move to Ferrari soon.
Having a teenager winning will help them sell more energy drinks!


@ Sars…Yes, i agree with that. I would dearly love to see DR in a Ferrari. Maybe there is a plan for that to happen and then Sainz can move up to Red Bull and Gasly to TR to partner Kvyat. Ricciardo and Vettel would be a great duo and they would do well together as each one of them has a point to make. Then i woke up…..


Ken…….my sentiments as well. Depending how things pan out this year though and as you pointed out Dan is under contract to RB for 2018 but ya know what they say about contracts.

Vettel has said that he would have no problem pairing with Dan again and l can’t see Kimi having a realistic prospect of getting a contract extension given his performance to date and being 38.


Dan is contracted to RBR for 2018? That’s firm? I didn’t think it was. As for Vettel saying that, talk is cheap. AutoBild said that he had #1 status in his contract already, and wants it in any extended contract. I don’t think Ferrari will go for that.


I think Sainz is an easier move to make for Ferrari as he is (not yet) labelled as a great driver, definitively wants to move from STR next year and would cost less & agree to a #2 status in exchange of driving a Ferrari.


@kenneth. I think Mclaren needs DR if Alonso leaves..

Ferrari are happy with natural selection making it a 2nd driver scenario without Team orders. Would not Rock the boat with DR unless Vettel left.

Sainz would seem like a well balanced fellow for Ferrari.

I Personally would Like Perez but he is a bit fiery at time just like Romain.


wasn’t RIC one of Marko’s choices for the young bulls program or whatever they call it?
Just because Marko is a one-eyed Max fan doesn’t make him an Aussiephobe.


You should go and buy a copy of Webber’s book ‘Aussie Grit’ Axel and once read you’ll realise why many of DR fans feel a very similar situation could occur here to that of Vettel and Webber.


Webber was a #2 driver, like Barrichello was. I liked them both but they were never in the same talent of a Vettel or Schumi. They can write all the books they want, facts will not change this


Yes this Australian bull should check out the other options around before he is treated like the retired ex-bull compatriot.


Yes the huge update
Sainz to Red Bull 👍 and DR to Mclaren 😄


RIC needs to move , its become evident that Max is the number one, and if RIC stays its shadow time so he must move on.

Carlos is a charging bull and he believes he can beat Max. Let him have the seat.


A much more likely scenario. Vettel will be involved in the choice of his team mate -especially if he is WDC. Alonso will be in a Renault next year, DR at Macca or Merc. Though Max at Merc would be much more fun to watch and he is just as likely to move!


I think that you’ll find verstappen is contracted to RB for 2018 like ricciardo.


I’m excited for anyone that can challenge Mercedes. Initially I was wanting to ask everyone who they thought would develop the car and be leading the constructors, between Mclaren and Renault, this year. It seems like a joke right now. I’m excited about Renault at least. They said some time ago that they will be having planned updates that will make significant performance gains, both to the car and the engine. It is interesting because Renault seem to have played it safe from the start of their team, they said if I recall correctly they’d only fight for podiums several years later, and I think they said they’d fight for the title in 2019 or 2020. I really like this approach, and it seems they are already doing a great job, I think Red Bull might get a little worried if Renault start making more gains.

Contrast this with Mclaren, who said they’d fight for podiums in 2015. The engine boss even said he thought it was too easy this year and that they’d start the year where Mercedes finished last year. Instead they spent the first day of practice in Bahrain in the garage. I really am starting to think something is fundamentally wrong here, how can Mclaren be so unaware of Honda’s lack of progress? It doesn’t seem like a team effort at all. How can they make such claims and fail for a third year in a row? Anyway, initially Honda were supposed to provide an updated engine I believe they had said by Canada or Monaco, but Zak Brown recently said he doesn’t expect real improvements till the halfway point of the season. An engine that is currently terrible in every area. I doubt they’ll ever be able to fix fuel consumption, speed and reliability all within a year. Seems like a forgone conclusion that Renault will develop faster now…


Thank God Ferrari are right there at the top this year. If they had been still struggling as people had predicted, and Redbull -who were hyped to have a real capable challenger after the rule reset- happened to be the second best team, 30 seconds off the Merc pace that they are currently, F1 would have been in real trouble.

FInally all those extra payments Ferrari get paid are returning some value !

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