Daniel Ricciardo keen to move on from horrible home F1 race at 2017 Australian Grand Prix
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Daniel Ricciardo
Posted By: Editor   |  27 Mar 2017   |  6:22 pm GMT  |  140 comments

Daniel Ricciardo wants to move on from a “frustrating” and disrupted home event at the 2017 Australian Grand Prix where he crashed in qualifying and then could not compete due to reliability problems before and during the race.

The 27-year-old was set to start 15th after Red Bull changed his gearbox following his Q3 crash, but a gearbox sensor issue prevented him from taking the start and when he did get going, two laps down, a sudden fuel pressure problem ended his race after 25 laps.

Ricciardo had completed a demanding schedule in the run up to the race – including a mammoth 14-hour stint of media sessions and sponsor events on the Wednesday before the Grand Prix.

Daniel Ricciardo

“It’s been a long week,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun, but I feel bad for everyone, bad for the fans obviously – I believe there’s more people here supporting me than the others.

“It just kinda snowballed from [Saturday]. The five-place grid penalty sounded bad enough but we had other issues. We were laps down, but getting some information – it was valuable track time.”

After the race Ricciardo paid tribute to his fans and explained that their support – even after all his difficulties over the weekend in Melbourne – would help him bounce back.

Daniel Ricciardo

He said: “Not the weekend I wanted at home. For all these things to happen at my home race that’s probably the most frustrating thing. I feel for the fans. I’m sure they would have loved seeing me in action, but I feel super grateful for everyone that came this weekend and supported me.

“Even when I stopped they were still cheering and shouting my name. That goes a long way and it makes me stand here now feeling a lot better than if I didn’t have that so I definitely appreciate their support.”

Although he was unlucky with the reliability problems on his RB13 during the race at Albert Park, Ricciardo could not explain his qualifying crash, which happened when he lost the rear of his car going through the right-hand Turn 14 on his first run in Q3.

Daniel Ricciardo

He said: “It was a little bit weird, when I turned in I felt the rear was a little bit light, but it kind of snapped a little bit later. I didn’t get the impression that it was going to go, and then it was like ‘oh yeah it’s going’. I tried to catch it, but it was too late.

“I had a quick look at my replay and at the data and I was pushing but I didn’t actually enter the corner any quicker than I did on my Q2 lap. I wasn’t overdriving to an extent where I feel it influenced it more than I should have.

“Nothing really stood out, I didn’t have a problem basically. There was no puncture, anything strange like that, I just lost the rear. Because we’ve got a bit more downforce on the car, because they’re more loaded, when they go, they seem a bit harder to bring back.”

Ricciardo is not the first F1 driver to endure bad luck and challenging weekends at a home race. His compatriot, Mark Webber, never finished higher than fourth at Albert Park, and Jenson Button’s best result at the British Grand Prix was also fourth.

Daniel Ricciardo

But a philosophical Ricciardo, who lost a second place finish at the 2014 Australian Grand Prix when he was disqualified because of a fuel flow rate transgression on his car, described how he planned to use the disappointment of last weekend as extra motivation for the next race in China.

He said: “Sure I’m disappointed now but it is what it is. I’ve been here before so I’ll wake up tomorrow and be motivated to get ready for China.”

What did you make of Ricciardo’s tough home race? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Seems the RB13 is going to be unlucky this year. I don’t think Renault is going to deliver them a competitive engine while they keep the V6s. Max is young and can wait it out but Dan will get itchy feet if he has to endure another wasted year.


Not only us Aussie F1 fans had to endure Ricci’s predicaments but we’ve also been crushed (more treated like fools) by our F1 exclusive pay-TV operator Foxtel Australia. Their coverage is just streaming Sky’s Croftie / Brundle / Kravitz show sbut with a new twist this year: they cut Sky’s uninterrupted commentary mid sentence, go to ads several times during the race and then cut back in minutes later. So about 15 minutes of commentary is lost from the race and we are left wondering what happened during the breaks. I know we’ve had yours and Webber’s excellent free-to-air TV option for this particular race but your coverage was missing live timing data which Sky is constantly feeding into the picture.
James, how do we let Liberty know about Foxtel’s treatment of Aussie F1 fans? I’m too old for social media campaign ….


Cranky, ads on pay per view, that is terrible! We used to have ads in the UK between 97 and 08, but that was on free to air and at least the commentators knew they were coming and would recap anything you had missed. Still hated them though.


Cranky, same thing happened last year mate. Something to do with shared broadcast rights with free to air.
Never fear -it only happened locally for the AUS GP -normal (uninterrupted) service resumes from China onwards!


Wow, now you’re paying for the privilege the watch ads during the race? WTF? I haven’t bought Foxtel and never will at this rate. To not even get an uninterrupted race is ridiculous. That’s why you’re paying $50+ per month I thought.


Got to feel sorry for alonso. Looks like 2017 mclaren is slower than 2016 mercedes.😣


All you blokes having a crack at Dan won’t be laughing come end of the season when consistency pays dividends, he will show he is still the superior driver within RBR.


Wanna bet his management is going after Kimis Ferrari seat right now. His time as Red Bull´s nr 1 driver is over since the second half of last season. Max Verstappen is no rookie anymore and even less so next year/s when Red Bull might have something to say about the title (for this year the title dream is already over for Ricciardo). What for would he hang around an ever improving Max Verstappen ? To play second fiddle when Red Bull finally has a car that can compete for the championship and be that 30 year old guy from down under who supports the 20 year old sensation in his WDC fight against Hamilton/Vettel ? Because that is what he will be, the Valterie Bottas of Red Bull. His meagre statistics dont even support a comparison with the likes of Kimi or Rosberg yet if he doesnt beef them up soon which doesnt look very likely.

Throwing himself at the mercy of Ferrari is the only chance he has while he still has a name in F1 from his 2014 campaign . If he is beaten by Verstappen this year and next he will be 30 years with not much to show for from 2015-16-17-18 and with an Alonsoesque timing to choose/turn down teams he will probable end up in a McLaren-Huyndai.

We will see how smart he is when the silly season starts because in the current set up a Bottas has a bigger chance to become the next F1 champion within the next 2-3 years than Ricciardo.


@ Nator…Difficult call…much and all as i think that DR is the superior driver in an experienced way, that alone doesn’t always make the day. Verstappen is very fast and he’s a dogged/canny driver who will push DR every inch. I will wait until we see if a pattern appears in the next four races and then maybe we’ll get a clearer picture.


Don’t know…. i think we may see Max wipe away that ever present DR cheery grin at a few races this year.


Sounds like you’d enjoy that!


@kenneth – not particularly… I’m impartial, and not a fan of either, though I acknowledge they are both great drivers.

I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to DR – his sunny demeanour is refreshing. But I think Max will have his measure in some races, and also wonder if DR will eventually get unsettled by Max’s new-boy “star power” just like Vettel was by DR…

To me, this is one of the most fascinating aspects of the season.


Not very long ago DR complained that he was getting old and still has not won anything in F1. I cannot see this change for a very long time if ever.MV is far better driver in my view


@KJ – personally I haven’t made up my mind about who I think is better. I believe they are both very good drivers, with a lot of talent, but am unconvinced that either of them will become “greats”.

Lets see. I have a feeling that this season will be defining for one of the two. Unfortunately for DR, he has the most to lose. If Max fails it will be put down to inexperience, and the jury will postpone verdict. If DR doesn’t comprehensively trump the “kid”, I fear his stock will go down, and it will be hard to reach the heights that all his fans are expecting.


Every now and then Adrian Newey doesn’t get it quite right – is this one of those cars? Again, the latest Renault engine is not quite there yet.

I would not discount both RBR and Renault improving and developing well as time goes – but I fear they won’t be quite on the level of Ferrari and Mercedes – time will tell.


No biggie,the best he would of got was 5th anyway,he would of felt like Alonso belting around in an uncompetitive car


Danny Ricc will pick himself up, dust himself off and eagerly look forward to China which probably can’t come sooner enough. What happened on the weekend, which was partially self-inflicted, will only motivate him.

Bigger concern however is that RB is clearly some way off Merc and Ferrari and as Dan said during pre-season testing “I’m not hiding 2 seconds in my pocket.” Clearly obvious when Max could only manage P5 in Qualifying. Although he did say post-race that he was encouraged by the pace of the car which enabled him to reduce the deficit to Kimi.

Marko has said that he didn’t expect the team to be competitive with Ferrari until Spain when an engine upgrade is due. But based on what Ferrari showed in Melbourne they may come up short. That RB have the drivers to compete at the front of the grid is unquestioned but whether they have a competitive car to do so this year remains to be seen. To drop back into the mid field to find themselves competing with the likes of Williams for fourth in the constructors’ would be a year of failure and something that Mateschitz would not have expected or be happy about.

Not and ideal start for Dan and the team and Horner and his crew have their work cut out for them.


It’s easy to see why Riccardo is the most likeable driver in the paddock, the grid and with fans. He doesn’t throw blame at anyone nor suggest any kind of higher power has it in for him, he merely just excepts the weekend for what it was and extends his focus to the next race.
Its this attitude and ability to call things for what they are, whilst appreciating how lucky he is to live the lifestyle that being a Formula One driver brings, that endears him to so many fans worldwide.
The car may lack some class however that’s one thing Danny Ric isn’t in short supply of.
All we need now is for the Bull to show some fight and drag themselves into the Mercedes/Ferrari battle so we can see both Ric and Vestappen having some imput into who will be the WDC title this year.


His attitude and class must surely be due to Italian heritage


Strange that he showed a serious lack of class in Spain and Monaco last year.


Totally uninformed.



“serious lack of class”. Seriously? Are you seriously overstating it? Seriously, let’s move on.


Spain, really, where and when? Please do tell…
If you think coming out and saying what we all saw with our own eyes, and indeed merely confirming what Marko and Horner confirmed was the case in Monaco, is classless your scraping the bottom of what already was a very empty barrel to begin with.
Give it your best though, I’ll grab the popcorn…….


Weve had three year of either Hamilton and Rosberg having a bottom lip quiver after the other beat them in a race but Ricciardo topped both of them after Spain and Monaco, it’s alright though because he won later in Malaysia, of course Max was chomping at the bit to take the win from him only to be told to stand down by Horner.

Of course Max got his own back in Brazil by humiliating Ricciardo in the race.

Nuff said 😎


I agree, his public accusations of his team “screwing him over”, and all his sulking about “my time” wasn’t Dan’s finest hour.


I’m still waiting…




For goodness sake Sarsippious, you complain about me replying to your comments but then you manage to shoehorn a Hamilton dig into a section that has nothing to do with him whatsoever! You just can’t help yourself can you? Not everything is about Lewis you know….


Funny, I didn’t see Hamilton’s name mentioned in Sarsippious’ post.


RayC, not named, but clear as a bell who he is referring to.


Do you want some salsa to go with that chip on your shoulder Tim?
No-one cares!


Sars, is it me with a chip on my shoulder, am I incapable of talking about anything to do with f1 without making it all about one man? You have a choice Sars, keep bashing away, but quit complaining about the rebuttals, or carry on as you are and put up with the inevitable negative responses. If I came on here every day and left a never ending stream of unfair and inaccurate criticism of Ricciardo, I would fully expect to get in the neck from you and all his other fans.


am I incapable of talking about anything to do with f1 without making it all about one man?




I know you won’t agree but Tim is right – you do have a tendency to dig at Hamilton, which is fine, but don’t complain about it when people call you out on it. It was very clear who you meant by your reference to a higher power – don’t be coy and pretend it wasn’t 🙂


Have I denied it C63? If something so ridiculous wasn’t said to begin with I wouldn’t be able to use it as a reference to make my point regarding Danny Ric.
That line was so innocuous and a very small part of my comment yet still the few usual FBs come out with pitch forks screaming Hamilton Basher. I actually think its quite funny how precious some are around here.


@ Sars….Their boy got done in the first race of the year. Their boy got done for the WDC. They are ‘itching’ .



I took your ‘clearly’ post as a denial – maybe I was wrong, I don’t think so, but maybe I was.
As for whether people are precious about ‘their’ driver – I tend to avoid the did, didn’t, did, didn’t type of debates as they are pointless – but I don’t believe that it is just fans of Ham who are guilty. If I say something a bit near the mark about Danni Ric then my inbox starts to fill up pretty quickly – you boys down under aren’t nearly as thick skinned as you’d have us believe – maybe you’re just thick 🙂


@ Sars….this poster always likes to get the barbs out then he covers it with a smiley in an ill guised attempt to deflect the venom. Bit silly really. But there you go. They’ll be all smiles soon. Hamilton will walk it in china…he’ll be so far in front i think they could give him the trophy now and save all the expense of even travelling there.


ROFLMA kenneth – did you just accuse me of being venomous? Are there any mirrors in your house. You say what you want , when you want about who you want and you don’t hold back – you’ve always got something to say about the Brits (or Poms as you so charmingly refer to us ) LH or anyone else that you care to take a swipe at. And do you know what, that’s fine – it doesn’t bother me one iota, it really doesn’t. But don’t start whinging when you get some back.
Besides I would have expected you to be applauding me – I’m upholding the very cornerstone of democracy and exercising my right to freedom of speech.


Enough of this please – Mod


James – please accept my apologies for you having to moderate our silly squabbling.
On a different note, whilst I have you ear, I have been commenting on this site for quite a while (I had 5 stars and they disappeared and I am now back up to 4 stars with a new email address) and I have noticed a lot more ‘gets past’ the MODs than it used too. There was a comment the other day where someone called another person a douche bag and it had passed MOD! Might I respectfully suggest that things are tightened up just a little and then the tone of the conversation might follow suit. Once again, please accept my apologies.


SARS, perhaps you should have a look at my original comment on this article, and then have a look through everyone else’s and see who the first person to mention Lewis was.


Yes, Sars, he could’ve quite clearly said it was something else and make all kind of excuses but he did, as you say, lay it down to his problem with unknown causality. Hopefully Red Bull quickly get a patch in place as, whilst early days, any points lost in these races are even harder to claw back as the teams develop and go faster. I do have some faith in the team to get on top but it must happen quickly, like go.go go for China.


It’ll be interesting to see what kind of solutions they can come up with in the space of a fortnight, if any at all.
The next few races will show whether Newey still retains that midas touch of his.


@ sars…I should think that the midnight oil will be in high demand back at Red Bull factory. My initial reading would be that they don’t have a very wide window of balance and the engine performance deficit will not be readily available for a few more months. All that aside Newey is no fool and he will know what he has to do, whether he can turn it around quickly is anyones guess ATM.


Kenneth, are you sure he isn’t trying to blame the car for the crash…..


Well, if Verstappen can have some input into Vettel and Hamilton that would be nice, and then while they’re all getting their front wings replaced Ricciardo can catch up on a couple wins from last year 🙂


Doesn’t blame any one? Monaco 2016 springs to mind..


Fursty, apologies, I miss read your post.


And here’s Fursty ferret joining in the Ham bashing on an article that has nothing to do with Lewis whatsoever, does it ever end? Is there anywhere sensible commenters can go on this site where the comments section doesn’t degenerate into slagging Lewis off?!


TimW some of DR’s supporters act in exactly the same way that they accuse LH’s supporters of. This article is suppose to be about DR, no wonder a lot of the posts above would rather talk about FA and JB


Seems Fursty is often getting misunderstood…. Was Kenneth last time now TimW…. Don’t think that was a HAM dig TimW… Quite the contrary infact.. He was referring to RIC @ Monaco 2016


Dean, yes I saw that shortly after I posted the original response, my bad.


Fursty´s comment had nothing to do with Hamster ! It is you, TimW, that is obsessed with Hamster when you imagining that a comment about Ricciardo is actually a dig at Hamilton. Just because someone mentions a random Monaco F1 GP doesnt mean it has ANYTHING to do with Hamilton !


@ Aunt bertha…..He’s the self appointed head of the ‘rabid response unit’ hahaha


aunt Bertha, I already recognised my error in mis reading Fursty’s post, and have apologised for it. The accusation of it being me who is obsessed with Lewis is clearly proven incorrect by comparing my original post on this article, and the post above from Sars.

Torchwood Mobile


I’m on your side, but Fursty Ferret might not be bashing Lewis with that comment.

I watched Monaco 2016 last night, and Danny was affected by his team not having tyres ready when he pitted, losing him the lead.

I feel there is a good chance that Fursty is reminding that Daniel complains about his team sometimes too.


Torch wood, yes you are correct.


Er read again it’s about Danny ric, supposedly being a team man and not slagging of his team, Monaco 2016 saids otherwise


Fursty. Yes, my apologies, I missunderstood your post.

Ricciardo Aficionado

It’s not all about Hamilton TW!


Ricciardo, glad you agree with me, but your comment should have been directed at Sarsippious, it was him who brought up the subject after all…..


Like most other ricciardo supporters i felt terribly let down by his misfortune…however if i felt bad then how bad would ricci have felt? His spin out crash as yet seems to be ill defined and as he said, he did nothing different to what he’d done before! Ricciardo is not known for crashing or making many errors so it seems all the more strange. Hopefully Red Bull come up with some answers. Then again i dare say that it could simply have been a confluence of many individual inputs that, when coalesced, created the incident. Roll on China and a better weekend.


I think his crash in qualifying was more a case of him over-driving the car, his comments after the incident would suggest as much.

‘I was basically pushing and trying to find the limit and these things happen.’

This also lead to the change of gearbox and the subsequent penalty, it is unclear weather his crash in qualifying also lead his engine expiring during the race.

Dan will have to learn from this one, he’s going to need everything he’s got to beat Max this season.


I tend to agree VB. After being within touching distance through practice, when MB and Fer turned up the wick, he tried to follow and found the limit of the car. Nothing more, nothing less.
Max was well off his pace.

Tornillo Amarillo

What about Magnussen? It was a complete failure! Idem Ericsson.

And somebody mentioned Palmer already.

It’s like very strange this year.


If he did a 14 hour run of media events on Wednesday followed by all the usual and extra stuff on Thursday-Saturday, I’d be inclined to believe he was fatigued. Even his own words about being mystified by the crash, suggest he was fatigued. He also looked fatigued most of the weekend.

Fatigue in someone on the daisy chain is almost always the cause of most aviation accidents these days. F1 teams should get hold of some of the lasted data and research on fatigue and what affects it can have and how hidden it can be. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

The other disappointment for DR was up until Q3 qualifying, he appeared to have it over MV for the whole of the weekend. But the history books will show that MV has the marks on the board. He can’t let that happen too often this year, as MV is already considered the number 1 by some senior team management.


Poor boy. Maybe he should get a regular 9-5 job so he can have a good rest at night. I hear that a cup of chamomile at bedtime does wonders…

Please. I know the DR apologists out there have their knickers in a twist about this weekends debacle, but this is simply ridiculous.


It’s not an apology mate. It’s DR’s fault his weekend went pear shaped, and he admits it. The point is when he and the team are analysing why it’s his fault that he crashed, fatigue should be considered and much better managed in future years at his home event. To have lots of family and friends around, on top of all the extra media commitments he allowed himself to have, he brought fatigue into the picture. He needs to better manage himself and his commitments next year.

But I can see from other comments you’re obviously a MV fan so that’s where your comment comes from. I’m not making excuses for DR, as I said in my first comment, MV has the runs on the board. He won the team battle this weekend, fair and square.


What battle was that?


@Luke … steady on old boy – I never said that I am an MV fan. He is exciting to watch for sure, but he has to mature a lot, and deliver on the talent, before I’d sign up to the fan club 😉

My comment about DR being fatigued was a bit tongue in cheek. Human factors, and specifically fatigue are given enormous importance in aviation. Unsurprisingly also in sports teams, where even relatively small football clubs have “experts” designing specific player rest and sleep programs to maximize recovery and performance around a specific event (the match). I’d imagine that F1 teams have something similar for their drivers, so DR should be well taken care of.


Wow Redbull is a dog of a car. No speed and let’s go in corners. My prediction is this is Dan’s last year at Redbull and maybe max as well. Kimi is not getting any younger and Alonso will walk away from F1. Dan and Max are the best drivers not in a Ferrari or Merc. Hot property sitting in a Deadbull.


With McLaren set to have a horrendous season, Seb likely to stay on with Ferrari (that comes with veto on team-mates), the only team that Max and Dan would target would be Mercedes.

Yes, Red Bull isn’t looking like a title contender at the moment but their ability to develop and innovate is possibly the best on the grid so come the end of the season there’s every chance they could be fighting for wins.

Dan and Max would be foolish to walk away from RB based on their current performance.


You know of the veto? I know I heard him say that he wouldn’t mind Daniel as a team mate again!


I can’t remember where I heard of the veto, it would be interesting if he and RIC were partnered up again.


The whole mess started with the loss of car control in qualification. He basically manned up and after a lengthy explanation of what it could not be – he finally summed it up as ” I lost the rear”.

Had he not had the shunt, I am certain luck would not have intervened with the gear box censor.

One expects more from an experienced F1 pilot and racer. Reality can be a bitch.


Can you tell us all the last time he binned a car? As for the race that I believe was his first DNF in twenty six races.


so.. he does not make many mistakes..
But still human.


Have the rule regarding starting the race with the tyre that did the fastest time in Q2 changed? I don’t understand why Hamilton used a used set of super soft in Q2, maybe that’s why he had to make an early pit stop, which cost him a possible win.


This was spotted on Sky’s coverage. According to Ted Kravitz there was a computer glitch, something to do with dodgy bar code. Showed up as used but apparently it was new. (Beep.. Unexpected item in bagging area)


He used new tyres the graphic was wrong – said Sky Sports


he used new tyres
he knew used tyres
…I’ll get my coat


So many wrong graphics in the coverage this time. Under Bernie the graphics was always tip top…..


I noticed this too. I wondered if some of the changes were intentional (e.g. the lap countdown during the race didn’t appear in the early stages and the rolling bar of info – showing positions and gaps – at the bottom was also less commonly observed).

But others were just wrong; teams with the wrong colour (Massa and Williams were shown in McLaren orange early in the race), qualifying laps being completed without any times (though I liked the green and pink boxes when they did put the times up). To be fair, the “used vs new” tyres classification was an issue last season too. But, yes, a bit of work needed in my book. Or, as Bernie may put it, “dock those people a Michelin star and take away their Rolexes:p!”


Hi James, maybe a question for your F1 aerodynamics sources. With the fins currently in use, when the rear of the car gets sufficiently out of line with oversteer, the fin shades the outside half of the rear wing from airflow. So not only is there the normal loss of airflow over the rear wing and hence a reduction in downforce that occurs during an over steering situation there is also a reduction due to the fin blocking airflow to outer half.

In the case of the RedBulls, that in a typical Adrian Newey design are very reliant on under body airflow. As a result they are very sensitive to the rake of the chassis. The action of the driver in attempting to catch the rear end is commonly a reduction in throttle application which transfers weight off the rear end. With the recent regulations interpretation limiting chassis control this effect would be more pronounced than previously. Also the reduction in downforce from the rear wing would also result in some raising of the rear of the chassis, further exacerbating the loss.

The three actions combined would result in a sudden and substantial loss of rear end traction making it very difficult for even the best drivers to catch the oversteer slide. As evidenced by the video in Ricciardo’s spin where he had opposite lock applied in what looked like plenty of time, yet had next to zero effect.


al lot of words for a simple driver error. No big problem only a ruined quali. . The problems started later on..


Pat Symonds already gave this exact assessment on Sky F1 broadcast, that the shark-fin stalls airflow over half of the rear wing when the angle to airflow becomes sufficiently large.


Mr. Newey confirmed that the stabilizing wing does not effect the air over the rear wing , or that it should not. Some bloke who shall remain nameless @ NBC sports suggested in a lengthy explanation that the “fin” cleans up the air before it goes over the rear wing. False.

I think there is much misconception out there on what this thing does and how it does it.

Watching the rear view on board cameras, its interesting to see how much vibration is in these stabilizing fins from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some flutter about like leaves in the wind. I can not see that being a positive.


I was under the impression that this is why we have added the so called “shark fin” or rear stabilizer – to stable the car in the turns.

I do not recall Max having a similar car issue.


Max did say that this year when the car goes, it snaps even quicker, harder to catch. He thought it was the wider rears. Like your thoughts though, best link yet to banning the fins and t-wings 😉


Ban the fins to make the cars easier to drive?? Or Ban the fins so Dani Ric can mix it up with Max??

Either way thats a fail…


So you want Dani to slow down a bit?


If he’d gone any slower on Sunday he’d have been 3 laps down 🙂


Could’ve been worse Dan- your weekend was a dream compared to that of jolyon Palmer who was dreadful at the weekend.


I think it was the car that was dreadful. Chassis No 01 is the car that had all the issues during pre-season testing, before developing the fault that lost Palmer most of FP1. Sure he binned it in FP2, just like Ricciardo in Q3, and both retired from the race. Having your brakes stay on can’t be very helpful, especially when you’re in sight of your team-mate, and he finished just outside the points, lapped. Not the auspicious start Renault were looking for but they sit seventh, ahead of McHonda and Ferrari’s B team.


Stephen, on the bright side Jolyon did give the funniest post quali interview I have r er seen, ” the brakes were terrible, the balance was horrible and the traction was terrible”. Very amusing, and hardly the words of a man who sees any point trying to keep his drive for next year!


Is Palmer Australian?!



Point of interest James: How do you pronounce his name?

I had thought it was Jol-lee-yon, but in the coverage they were saying Jolly-on.

Which is correct?

Alex Kalinauckas


If I pronounced it wrong when I interviewed him at an BRDC F4 meeting back in 2015 then he politely shrugged it off.


Cheers for that Alex 🙂

Tornillo Amarillo

Although he was unlucky with the reliability problems … Ricciardo is not the first F1 driver to endure bad luck

Is it bad luck?

“Strong men believe in cause and effect.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maybe the cause is that in Qualy Ric pushed too much in that turn.
Then gearbox change.
Then the gearbox maybe was not changed appropriately by the mechanics -I don’t really know.
But is not bad luck.
When Kimi spins, well, Kimi says it, it’s never bad luck.


When Kimi drives up the escape road to rejoin the track in Brazil, only to find that this time somebody has shut the gate! That’s gotta be bad luck then! 😉


That was one of the highlights of 2012. That slip road and the gate should be preserved for posterity in a purpose built museum.


Yes, but the argument is that when Kimi spins it’s not bad luck so that doesn’t count. Follow my logic:

Kimi spins and goes off the track: Not bad luck.
Gate closed: Bad luck.
Kimi spins to get back to the track: Not bad luck.

See? When Kimi spins it’s not bad luck 🙂


ah, I get it now…
Kimi aquaplane spins into the pit wall in Brazil last year, seems like bad luck…but, Kimi doesn’t get hit by any oncoming cars out of the spray, so… not bad luck! 😉


Now you’re making progress 🙂


Look on the bright side Dan…

What about THAT overtake,

Pass of the race, contender for pass of the season.

All the more mighty as you were unlapping yourself!

Simply incredible!

against a works team no less…

You went past him so fast he probably didn’t even see it was a Red Bull.

Like the swish of a samurai sword, strapped to an SR-71 Blackbird, travelling at Mach 3, slicing an old Japanese tortoise in two…

Stoffel Vandoorne didn’t know what happened.


Hi James,
Thanks again for your brilliant website and F1 insights, I was shocked at Red Bulls lackluster qualifying pace, is it chassis related or simply down on power?


My guess is that it’s mainly the lack of power. Renault power units were running the 2016 mgu-k, because of problems in reliability of the stronger 2017 unit, which is also 5 kg lighter. The weight alone will be worth a few tenths of a second, I guess. In addition, the deficit in race pace was clearly less compared to qualifying, which can be partly attributed to the superior qualifying engine modes that Mercedes and Ferrari have.


If you were (rightly) shocked about the deficit RBR has, then what about the rest of the field?


I don’t believe in coincidences such as this.
I see this as first blood in the (what should be) fierce intra-team politics at Red Bull.
This could derail them for 2017, regardless of their machinery comparatives, which is oddly down, both on power and on chassis; perhaps the chassis problems are related to the clamp down of the trick-non-FRIC suspension, and the PU performance should come, but the intra-team battle will continue, regardless of how happy-smiley the combatant teams are in public.


Sacrificing a car in the first race to start a intra team battle. .. Sometimes people still amaze me with their twisted minds 😉


You seem to have no clue as to the extent to which these players will go to get an advantage.
This has been with us for quite some time in the ‘sprot’; definitely since the age of MS.


“When you lost sight of your path, listen for the destination in your heart “


Horrible weekend for Dan, and of course all those who went to see him race on Sunday! If he were searching for positives I would say that at least it all happened at the same Grand prix, rather than having a quali crash, a missed start and a terminal failure on three different weekends. Not much, but something.
On another note is there anything to this “Alonso might not make the end of the season” rumour? It may have been my imagination, but when he did the “we should be last” interview after the race, was he wearing team gear? It looked to me like he was wearing a plain grey jumper, could be nothing. What happens if he does bail? Will Jenson want to come back?



The rumour may have come from Mark Webber who commented to a Belgium sportscaster that Alonso may not want to finish the year with McLaren. These two are close friends so Mark may know something but would he have Alonso’s approval to leak it to the press?

Little doubt that Alonso would be very, very frustrated right now, especially after the DNF in Melbourne. His coveted third WDC seems more like a bad dream and why would he want to drive around as a back marker with the occasional engine failure thrown in. If his contract (with Honda?) is performance based well they’re giving him the perfect reason to walk. But where does he go because he’s stated that he wants to stay in F1, even beyond this year.

Shame to see such a talent (as it was with Button) drive around in a dud car.


I think Alonso will only stay if he can bag a drive with another top team next year. Maybe Ferrari if they’re on the up or Merc if they are still at the top. What he needs to avoid is his habit of going to teams on the way down.


‘Will Jenson want to come back?’

Haha highly doubt it. I guess it doesn’t really matter who they put in for this year at least. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Fernando exits fairly soon.


wouldn’t be surprised if Fernando exits …

I was under the impression that he never gives up – relentless I believe his the word most associated with him 🙂 Seriously though, back to the important matters – what’s the odds on him not finishing the season?


Can’t find the market!

But if it does exist somewhere is won’t be long odds!


Not a smart money bet then?


NickH, Jenson remained in the UK last weekend despite being listed as McLaren’s reserve driver! I can’t imagine he would want to jump in that car if Fernando does bail. I seem to remember reading that McLaren must have a WDC as one of its drivers as part of the Honda deal. never managed to get it confirmed, but it adds an extra bit of interest.


If that’s the case not so many options available. They’re going to have to get Hakkinen in training.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Alonso left, but I can’t see Button wanting to return, just to drag that brick of a car around at the back of the grid for another season. There’s only so much humiliation a person can take. Or maybe McLaren will “force” him out of retirement?


Armchair, Jenson is still contracted to McLaren, but I really don’t think he would want to “unretire”.


The Alonso rumours are just literally hot air. The fastest beard in motor sport is a lot of things, but a quitter? Unlikely. He wouldn’t get paid his full wages as well because he has to complete a full season to receive his full salary – as well as a dislike of shaving cream, Alonso has a dislike of not being paid in full…………


Gazboy, you are probably right, old Fernando deserves credit for sticking it this long in my view.


DR really needs a run without any mishaps. It’s going to be a tricky year anyway with being 1 sec down on the front runners, and also his fight with MV. I don’t think it would take much for Red Bull to start favouring Max, they have form for it.


Dan was trying too hard because of Max in the other car. Max, by contrast, made the best of the machinery and has no peer pressure problems.
Is this equation set for the rest of the year? you bet.


Is the pressure from his team mate? More like he was pushing to stay in touch with Merc and Ferrari and over cooked it!
The gaps to his team mate speak for themselves, but you keep waving the flag and talking about the future…

Ricciardo Aficionado

Ricciardo 1:24:886
Verstappen 1:25:246

Ricciardo 1:24:650
Verstappen 1:25:013

Ricciardo 1:25:092
Verstappen 1:26:269

Your comment is an unfounded, opportunistic piece of irony which I’m fairly certain your actually unaware of.
But at least you were first 🙂
Thumbs up mate.


haha Max had some real issues with his car in FP’s so I dont think you can say something about his times


Also worth pointing out to the people who think he can’t handle pressure- Remember Australia 2014? He was the new understudy to the defending 4 time world champion, in front of the same home crowd. How did he handle that pressure? Outperformed Vettel decisively, put the dog RBR on the front row in tricky conditions, and finished 2nd (later DQ’d through no fault of his own).

The man can handle pressure and has shown that over and over again throughout his career. Did Phil write Max off due to the pressure of racing at “home” when he suffered a miserable weekend at Monaco last year?

Anyway, the results will speak for themselves by the end of the season.


You’re going to find yourself deeply disappointed by the end of the season, I think. Good luck.

Seems like you’re basing this on a single lap in a single session of qualifying in 2017, rather than all the races they had together in 2016. Probably not the best predictive indication, just FYI.


I’m with Phil Glass. There is now a top four echelon of Vet, Ham, Alonso and Max.

Riccardo fits somewhere in between those four and a Button or Webber.


Rubbish!!!!.after a mamouth PR weekend and still outqulified his teammate in all the practice sessions …


Phil makes an interesting point, don’t you think? Under intense media scrutiny and the added expectation of racing on home turf, DR made an unforced error in qualifying. Pressure, what pressure?

I think Phil was making an observation rather than an outright criticism, he’s just pointing out in the blast furnace heat of home expectation, the senior RB driver melted under the pressure………..

Strange thing, intense real time pressure. I was at the Ashes 2015 in Cardiff and Brum and both time [Mod] cracked under the strain of a powerful England side. Or Red Bull gaffe at pit stop, circa Monaco 2016. Practicing on an empty track at Barcelona or a simulator will never prepare you for the intensity of the real race weekend.

Strange thing pressure…………it causes heads to turn to mush.


@ Gaz Boy…that is simply a load of nonsense. Yes, in Q1 he said that he was pushing hard..that’s what top drivers do. As of this moment there is still no verdict as to why it happened. If you read the analysis ricciardo did himself you would’ve seen the fact thatr he did absolutely nothing different to his previous laps. Ricciardo has always been straight and if he make an error he puts his hand up and i tend to believe what he says far more than an internet keyboard jockey.


Like Max at Monaco in 2016?

1 weekend (hell, one lap) does not define a career. Like I said above, remember how DR handled the “pressure cooker” of being Vettel’s new teammate at home in 2014? Exactly.

Alonso, Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Hamilton… they’ve all made unforced errors at crucial moments. That doesn’t mean they were unable to handle the pressure. It’s how you recover from an error that defines your abilities as a driver.

If DR finishes behind Max in the championship this year (reliability issues aside), I’ll be shocked. He’s a top-flight talent and has the legs on Max, as he showed in all the sessions leading up to his crash.


We shall see about that mate.

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