“The most detailed piece of machinery” – Mercedes launches its W08 2017 F1 car
Mercedes W08 2017
Posted By: Editor   |  23 Feb 2017   |  1:30 pm GMT  |  251 comments

Mercedes has unveiled its W08 2017 Formula 1 car at a windswept launch event at Silverstone.

The new car, which was driven in a shakedown by Lewis Hamilton before the launch, features a long and narrow flowing nose, and heavily detailed aerodynamic parts behind the front wheels.

Unlike the new Sauber, Renault and Force India cars, the W08 does not feature an extended sharkfin engine cover, although some reports have suggested the team may try the device at a later point.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W08 2017

The new Silver Arrow also features a slightly updated livery, which was teased by the team with several preview images before the launch. Mercedes has added flowing green and blue lines to the lower sections of the front of the car to reflect the manufacturer’s new EQ ‘electric intelligence’ branding.

Speaking during the live streamed unveiling of the W08, which was filmed using a 360° camera from inside a Silverstone pit garage, Hamilton described the new Mercedes as “the most detailed piece of machinery” he has seen during his F1 career.

He said: “Yesterday was the time I’d seen the car coming together, seeing the guys working in the factory putting this thing together. It’s the most detailed piece of machinery I’ve seen so far in Formula 1.

“So I was super excited to see what it felt like and today I got to drive it for the first time. It felt pretty awesome – but it’s very gusty here [due to Storm Doris currently hitting the UK].”

Mercedes W08 2017

Valtteri Bottas, who will drive the W08 around the British Grand Prix venue for filming purposes this afternoon, offered his first impressions of the new car and described his pride at driving a Silver Arrow for the first time since he was signed to replace the recently retired 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg.

He said: “It’s a big day for me and obviously a very big day for the team. It’s a new era in Formula 1 and everyone who has been working on this car gets to see it running for the first time. For me it’s the first day driving a Silver Arrow so it’s amazing.

“It feels real [now], and I’m just amazed at how good the car is looking. What I really like about this is how clean it looks but at the same time there is a massive amount of detail in all of the areas.

Mercedes W08 2017

“The rear end, around the bargeboards, the front wing – all these details and all the development that has been done and how far everything has been taken with this car – it looks cool and I can’t wait to drive it.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ motorsport boss, explained the thinking behind the EQ livery update and how it reflects the technology label that will be given to all future Mercedes hybrid road cars.

He said: “It’s a new brand for Mercedes-Benz, which is going to be implemented in all plug-in hybrid cars on the road. It stands for electric intelligence, so we’re having it on the car for the first time.

“[There is] synergy is in terms of intelligence in the road cars and intelligence in the race cars, but there is a lot of technology transfer in both directions. Not only from the race car into the road car but the other around – we get helped an awful lot by Stuttgart [and] we’ve had situations where they gave us the solutions. It goes both ways so it is a great collaboration.”

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W08 2017

The W08 has a lot to live up to as Mercedes has won 51 races in 59 events since the start of the 2014 season. The Brackley-based team is attempting win its fourth successive double of drivers’ and constructors’ championships after F1’s chassis rules have been heavily revised to make the new cars faster and look more aggressive for 2017.

What do you make of the W08? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Why is the Petronas logo on the side so awkward? They can move it back 200mm so all the letter are on the side pod and not the last two letters on the side wing.


I for one sure do hope that the cars with the shark fin do not get an extra advantage so that AMG Merc have to install one, as clearly the cars with the fins do not look as appealing as the “Beast” featured on here


Yes, certainly the best looking car so far. That horse’s mane looks much meaner than those ridiculous fins. Looks aside, l get the feeling the Mercs are again going to demolish any aspirations Ferrari and Red Bull had for 2017. Let’s just give them the cup now and have a season without them for second place. It would be much more interesting to watch.


Looks epic!

One of the best looking F1 cars of all time.


Same livery but not quite as beautiful as the Stanley BRM 201…


I have a feeling Merc are going to murder the competition again….my worry is they will dominate so hard that they will become unpopular and leave after 2020…


Look how Toto is standing closer to Lewis than to Valtteri in the top photo. There’s a conspiracy theory, right there…


it’s to stop him opening his mouth and saying something not approved by the team, we can’t have drivers expressing opinions now can we, it’s just not F1


It looks much more sophisticated than the opposition letshope its much faster next week!


Imho the merc is the finest, most detailed & best engineered car on the grid, to date. A thing of beauty. Well done MercedesAMG


That sharkfin it has on the back, although not extended like the previous cars we have seen…is still a sharkfin!
If it blended in as a seamless line along the body work I could understand how some may have missed it but it looks ragged, especially behind the airbox, almost as if Merc decided at the last minute to take a hacksaw to shorten it because they heard the outcry from fans.
If that’s the best looking design we have on the grid this season call me underwhelmed.


Best looking of the lot by far.

Why is Mercedes the only team that have made a car with a conventional looking nose for the last 3 years? Why can’t other team get rid of these ugly looking noses?

I hope the Mclaren and Red Bull come up with noses that can compete with the W08. The ugly noses spoil the look of the entire car.


This car looks huge for a Formula 1 car. I’m reminded of the “longer-lower-wider” mantra of the 1950s American passenger cars…


Let’s face it if the aero team can concentrate on that level of detail they must be super confident on their overall setup already…..



Firstly, best looking car so far but I have issues with it. Why is it longer than a stretch Limo?! Looks way too long. Second, everyone has been saying these front wings are awful for following another car yet this looks like the most complex front wing ever. Lastly, what on earth is the clothes line on the back?!


I read elsewhere that the ‘clothes line’ at the back will help to increase the pressure on the rear wing. It apparently diverts air that would be wasted coming off the engine cowling back onto the rear wing. This was written by a contributor on another forum who claimed to be an aerodynamicist.


The nose wing is for the Silverstone media day. Apparently this will change for the test days. Plus a lot of other bits on the car may differ by the time it gets to the first race in Australia. Like all the other teams they are not giving much away.


Sweet car; the profile shot in particular. Just looks like it wants to go fast. With their power advantage (I doubt the other PU manufacturers are going to bridge the gap this year) and a presumably strong package around it, I’m thinking (fearing) it will be another year, same as the last three…


James and team
I would really appreciate your input on the aero. In particular the shark fins


Woah. Did anyone else see the T-wing that was shown during the shakedown run? I’ll take a shark fin over that monstrosity any day.


This monstrosity just accentuates how long these things are.Like an ocean liner these will be mod awkward to drive


“…Blah, blah, synergy, blah blah, plug-in cars, blah blah, collaboration, blah blah electric intelligence, blah blah, brown-nose the boardmembers, blah blah corporate spin, blah blah, think out of the box, blah blah, blus sky thinking, blah blah sandbag through testing, blah blah, 20 unchallenged poles, blah blaeurgh PUtiful Totofication of this exiting “new” F1″


Nice paint job, that’s it, now I can’t wait to see McLaren racing Ferrari.


Hahaha EQ. Electric Intelligence bwahahaha. Sorry can’t help myself.
Sounds like something Holden in Australia would come up with.


BTW that 5 litre increase in fuel was voted for by every team except Mercedes and it puppets (muppets). Perhaps because it would erode some of their power advantage. Over the course of a race. Of course they made other excuses, efficiency, environment, blah, blah, but F1 is after all a completion and giving your opposition a leg up is to be avoided.


Interesting quotes from ESPN’s Website – worth some feedback:

“. . .Wolff says Mercedes’ “rules of engagement” will remain in place for Lewis Hamilton and new teammate Valtteri Bottas, albeit with revisions to avoid a repeat of the controversy from Nico Rosberg’s time at the team.”

“Hamilton’s last-lap collision with former teammate Rosberg in Austria last year forced Mercedes to tighten up its internal rules, . . ., albeit with deterrents in place to prevent further incidents. The overall theme of the internal policy was that both men should “respect the values of the team” at all times. . .”

“The pair did not collide again in 2016 but Hamilton broke the rule at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as he looked to overturn huge odds to win the title.”

Why do ya suppose there was “controversy” in the first place?


The additional 5% more fuel on its own should facilitate a substantial power increase. I would expect something like 40 to 50 BHP more, plus whatever comes from other developments.


That’s one hell of a complex car, it has air flow management pieces tacked on everywhere. Perhaps an indication that the basic shape has some flaws, that necessitates exerting such extravagant external air flow control. Which often result in good numbers in the wind tunnel but not so good in the real world with other cars around. It will be interesting to compare to an Adrian Newey design which tend to have a sound basic shape that may not need the same level of tacked on band aids.


This car looks a winner and seems fast…pretty aggressive looks..lets see what redbulls have in store…

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