“The most detailed piece of machinery” – Mercedes launches its W08 2017 F1 car
Mercedes W08 2017
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Mercedes has unveiled its W08 2017 Formula 1 car at a windswept launch event at Silverstone.

The new car, which was driven in a shakedown by Lewis Hamilton before the launch, features a long and narrow flowing nose, and heavily detailed aerodynamic parts behind the front wheels.

Unlike the new Sauber, Renault and Force India cars, the W08 does not feature an extended sharkfin engine cover, although some reports have suggested the team may try the device at a later point.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W08 2017

The new Silver Arrow also features a slightly updated livery, which was teased by the team with several preview images before the launch. Mercedes has added flowing green and blue lines to the lower sections of the front of the car to reflect the manufacturer’s new EQ ‘electric intelligence’ branding.

Speaking during the live streamed unveiling of the W08, which was filmed using a 360° camera from inside a Silverstone pit garage, Hamilton described the new Mercedes as “the most detailed piece of machinery” he has seen during his F1 career.

He said: “Yesterday was the time I’d seen the car coming together, seeing the guys working in the factory putting this thing together. It’s the most detailed piece of machinery I’ve seen so far in Formula 1.

“So I was super excited to see what it felt like and today I got to drive it for the first time. It felt pretty awesome – but it’s very gusty here [due to Storm Doris currently hitting the UK].”

Mercedes W08 2017

Valtteri Bottas, who will drive the W08 around the British Grand Prix venue for filming purposes this afternoon, offered his first impressions of the new car and described his pride at driving a Silver Arrow for the first time since he was signed to replace the recently retired 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg.

He said: “It’s a big day for me and obviously a very big day for the team. It’s a new era in Formula 1 and everyone who has been working on this car gets to see it running for the first time. For me it’s the first day driving a Silver Arrow so it’s amazing.

“It feels real [now], and I’m just amazed at how good the car is looking. What I really like about this is how clean it looks but at the same time there is a massive amount of detail in all of the areas.

Mercedes W08 2017

“The rear end, around the bargeboards, the front wing – all these details and all the development that has been done and how far everything has been taken with this car – it looks cool and I can’t wait to drive it.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ motorsport boss, explained the thinking behind the EQ livery update and how it reflects the technology label that will be given to all future Mercedes hybrid road cars.

He said: “It’s a new brand for Mercedes-Benz, which is going to be implemented in all plug-in hybrid cars on the road. It stands for electric intelligence, so we’re having it on the car for the first time.

“[There is] synergy is in terms of intelligence in the road cars and intelligence in the race cars, but there is a lot of technology transfer in both directions. Not only from the race car into the road car but the other around – we get helped an awful lot by Stuttgart [and] we’ve had situations where they gave us the solutions. It goes both ways so it is a great collaboration.”

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W08 2017

The W08 has a lot to live up to as Mercedes has won 51 races in 59 events since the start of the 2014 season. The Brackley-based team is attempting win its fourth successive double of drivers’ and constructors’ championships after F1’s chassis rules have been heavily revised to make the new cars faster and look more aggressive for 2017.

What do you make of the W08? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Finally a new car without a hideous shark fin! By default this is my favourite of the 2017, with Force India being the worst 🙂


It's the best looking car so far!


I agree the MB is the best looking car so far. It at least looks fast. A very slight shark fin. The nose looks better. The whole car just looks more streamlined. It actually looks very different to the other cars so far.


I suspect the missing shark fin is solely down to Doris today. They didn't want the car blowing over on launch day.


I've noticed those. I've been wondering how they work in a side wind/gust.


Yet!!!! Team have already said they will be trying one soon.


Although I'm a Renault fan, I like this car, especially the nose.
As for the fins around cockpit, I thought they were banned after '08 season. Merc is sporting them all over the place.


Looking at the photos of the new Merc, I noticed really unusual front top wishbone. Not it's totally different from what they used in last few seasons, it has strange connection point to the hub assembly, I've never seen before.


They were banned for the '09 season following the OWG redesign on the cars, but given this years rules have effectively nullified them, I guess all bets are back on!


Great to have them back. The "Jet fighter on wheels" aesthetic is making a comeback, which combined with the more organic and less boxy look makes these cars very visually exciting, even when stationary.

I'm also very pleased that these cars look "of their time" and not like some nostalgic throwback to an earlier era, and a lot of that comes from the complexity and detail.

Couldn't be happier with this new direction and combined with new management I'm optimistic that the darkness that surrounded F1 over the last 8 years is about to lift.


Some good points, very well said. I've always enjoyed F1 - in it's many guises - over the many years I've been watching. Some years I've enjoyed more than others but I've always enjoyed it. More positivitey and less moaning is what we need 🙂


Looks deadly has a presence and we know it's going to be a bullet.

"the W08 does not feature an extended sharkfin engine cover, although some reports have suggested the team may try the device at a later point."

Who then is the catalyst for the fin these other teams are all incorporating? Will the Redbull and Ferrari have a fin?


I read somewhere its linked to the lower rear wing - the shark fin helps stabilise airflow over the rear wing when cornering(?) and is a necessary "result" of the rule change lowering the rear wing. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Hi Colm,

I have read similar about this too, and a few posters have commented on here about it as well.

Thing is Merc had a ridge on last years car and this increase in size for this years is only marginal. Compared to Force India's fin there is a considerable difference in shape/surface area? Which would lead me to think that in a high speed corner with a strong cross wind blowing that the cars would behave quite differently.

Now my understanding of aerodynamics would be at a very basic level compared to others on here but it would seem that Merc have compensated for the smaller rear wing in other ways. It will be very interesting to see Newey's interpretation of this and Mclaren's for that matter.


That is a beautiful piece of.. domination. And i'm not even a mercedes fan. And there were some nice little stripes after all.


Believe Williams had a similar treatment of the shark fin. It's there, but just follows the contour of the engine cover instead of going straight back.

Just wait though, if the ugly ones prove to be quicker, Merc will have one soon enough.

Tornillo Amarillo

Exactly, Williams made the fin small and nice too.

Love this Merc! 4 Championships for the 44!


In that case I'm going to start praying that Merc and Team Willy blitz the field this year!


Nice looking car! Looks the best so far. Good to see they haven't gone for the shark fin, shows how much better it makes the car look, also the nose looks decent. The read wing still looks rather high compared to before 09.

Just a side note JAONF1, I've lost my stars next to my name?? Had 2 last time I checked? Does anyone know where they've gone? I haven't changed my name or email address. Thanks.


I used to have 5 stars-sadly the website stole them all and I had to start again 🙁


I used to do the same thing with Gran Turismo (with cars not stars that is) 🙂


Your posts always brighten my day Random 🙂


@RobertS - did you forget to give teecha an apple this morning?


"I've lost my stars next to my name"

Did you try looking next to your name? That was the last place you saw them after all 🙂


I actually prefer the shark fin. Look at those WEC LMP1 prototypes. They look out of this world


Yeah the LMP1 cars look awesome, I just feel they look big on an f1 car, maybe its because we haven't seen a good design yet, the Force India doesn't do it well.


I can see two, don't panic!


Phew! Felt naked without them.


What a beauty!
First we had the strip tease, now we see her in all her splendour.
For the sake of the 2017 season, let's hope that beauty is only skin deep, and all her internal workings are a gigantic let down!


What, 86% predictability is not a good thing?

To you it's beauty. To me it is pointless complexity.

It is right about now that I'd like to remind everyone that this 4th version PU car is what is hoped will challenge 2004 V10 era official fastest lap records. Which basically means, we were here already 13 seasons ago, and it was done with grooved tires, no hybrid of any sort, in a 600kg car that sounded like Thor was an F1 fan.

Did you think F1 went backwards for over a decade? It absolutely did.

And what is this electric intelligence junk? Since Mercedes AMG doesn't have a hybrid, and none of this F1 PU fluff is road applicable, and Mercedes did commit to electrifying their entire product range, are they using F1 to promote electric, and their 2018 participation in Formula E here? What is electric intelligence? Some marketing exec trying to be obtuse and creative?


Oh the electronic intelligence thing is just the ability for the factory to drive the car for you over the internet if it doesn't think you can drive yourself.

It sounds like a joke but hey lets hook everything to the internet with remote access so it can be hacked.


Yawn. Change the record.
Give a V8/V10/V12 engined car the same 100 kg of fuel as a hybrid car and see how many GPs it would win.


To our dismay, things move forward w or w/o us, I still believe some good is around the corner related to this hybrid period novelties.


I'm with you Seebee......how I long for that horrifying V10 sound....been a long time since I got goosebumps hearing an F1 engine. I know it makes me a dinosaur but I really do think I liked F1 more when the cars looked like a hot-dog with 4 big wheels. a head would be sticking out and it was attached to a stick-shift, a gas pedal and a brake. stupid, I know to cling to the past....but somehow F1 was more...fun and awe-inspiring. ok...go ahead...kick me when I'm down!


Um you want better sound, use v8s with supercharger and burn nitro.

I've never heard or felt anything like a nitro burning rail car including standing next to a jet engine.


Remember when a screaming F1 engine would rattle you to your deepest core and send your DNA into spasms? Good days, good days.


Hasn't it sunk in yet? Every couple of years the cars become too fast for the circuits. They cannot make the circuits faster, so the FIA slows the cars. Prepare yourself for another set of rules in another couple of years to slow the cars yet again. If you are desperate to see very fast cars, go to Santa Pod.


Ever thought about embracing the changes?

Good point about Merc and the 2018 season. I wonder if they will attempt to win both series simultaneously?



It doesn't exist yet, but then neither does that AMRB001 in anything more than a show car... The proposed hyper car, when it does exist, will use a derivative of the current F1 power unit.

So yeah, that's pretty road relevant?

Nice you got that little rant off your chest though 😉


Maybe renault should buy the mercedes road car so they can disect the engine.


There is nothing "road relevant" about the technology in a $1.5 million "hyper-car".



Mercedes EQ is their 100% electric cars brand. They are shoving the hybrid PUs down our throat here in F1, while no hybrid AMG cars exist and V8 and V12 are their top selling AMG engines, and now they have the balls to advertise 100% electric cars with it? I am outraged! Talk about false advertising with 105KG of fuel on board!

#YouRuinedF1Mercedes !!!


Yes seebe, but it's not the engine or car but the electronic comunications links.

That's what they really want. Self driving cars. No need to put up with drivers then.


Calm down Sebee, the EQ brand is for hybrid and full electric, AMG hybrids coming soon.


Really? Than why will the first car under the Mercedes Benz EQ brand be a 100% electric SUV?



Sebee, why shouldn't it be? The AMG hybrids are on their way, I'm sure this pleases you as you have been complaining about the lack of one for so long.....


Operative word if WHEN for this piece of vapor ware marketing. And even if they make it, it will be highly limited, prohibitive in cost and most will never be driven. Perfect for this PU too. All I want to know is what kind of power train warranty it will come with, and if warranty will cover track driving. You want to guess on that one?

I respond to you guys but mod doesn't post for some reason.


Which AMG Mercedes would you describe as cheap and plentiful?


I'm sorry but what are you waffling on about El Sebee?
The car looks great and guess what who cares about V10 s the world has moved on. It's an fab looking car and it's the best looking one so far. It will take some beating.
Well presented also on there channel on YouTube live 👏


'The car looks great and guess what who cares about V10 s the world has moved on.'

I'm not sure what your point is about 'the world moving on' and it's relevance to the niche sport of F1?

Last year at Spa Martin Brundle went for a walk through the fan section on the Kemmel straight and he reported back that by far the biggest gripe amongst the fans was the underwhelming noise of the cars in this hybrid PU era. That's the paying fans opinion so I don't think it can be ignored.

I am full of respect for these PU's, screwing 1000hp out of a 1.6 V6 is an amazing feat and they have plenty of grunt that's for sure. But they don't evoke emotions which IMO is a big part of F1.

I think this car looks damn good. But a V10 would suit it better. Maybe then it wouldn't be as long (or heavy 😄)


It does look a very big car


An imposter? 😉


@Big Vern - "the best looking one so far" ... well the benchmark wasn't really very high so far!


hahah, an astute observation.


Tell me about it redline!


Big Vern,

Please read this article about how this standard production road legal Viper ACR (about $130K USD) with V10 and 6 speed manual on the floor is destroying McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 lap records on more tracks then ever, and come back to discuss V10 world moving on.



Some of that good old American Muscle and shade tree mechanic'n plus a hot shoe at the wheel ! ! !


Garret, good ole Anerican muscle, with Italian brakes and German suspension! Don't forget the South Korean tyres designed specifically for the ACR that bring a 1.5 second lap time gain on their own.


Great to know that McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 don't have specifically designed go fast street legal tires on them, and that the tires that are given to those customers who are paying 10X more for McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 are inferior to South Korean tires on Viper ACR. Not only does the Dodge Viper ACR V10 prove that Americans make the fastest track car at 1/10th the price, but it also proves that South Koreans make the fastest tires apparently, also probably costing much less than the overpriced tires on the P1 or 918. Wow, Viper ACR really is a thorn in those over priced, over hyped Euro hyper cars, ain't it?


Oh, and at the wheel for those records is Chris Winkler, a SRT Vehicle Dynamics Engineer. Sure, he's good. But he's no pro.


Sebee, Chris Winkler is a SCCA champion, so no amateur either. About those 13 track records, 2 of those tracks don't post their track records, so we can't see who was driving the other cars, or what cars they were. At 8 of the tracks where the ACR is top dog, neither the Porsche 918 or McLaren P1 have run, so no comparison there either. The 918 was beaten at only three tracks, the Inde motorsport ranch where the 918 driver is listed as "unknown", Willow Springs where the driver is Randy Pobst and Laguna Seca where again it is Randy Pobst at the wheel. The McLaren has only run at Laguna Seca where again Randy Pobst drove it, who also dorve the ACR at that track for it's record run. So we have learned that the ACR is quicker at one track than the P1 and faster at three tracks than the 918. Very impressive, but why is Randy Pobst the only guy to set times in the hybrid cars? I wonder what would happen to those lap times if they were not set by an American journalist?


By the way, do you even know what SCCA stands for? Do you know what it is about?

A dude like Chris, who's an engineer for SRT division of a world wide automotive company's performance division, having access to some nice hardware, why shouldn't he take part in some regional races? Would that not actually be research and understanding of the technology he's engineering for customers?

And in what world of yours does a major automotive company performance arm pull a guy off the street and hand him the keys to set an official record? Let's build this awesome car, let's prepare it, spend money for track time and and let's pull Tim here to drive it?
"Who the heck is Tim?" ...Director of SRT division will ask?
"He's a guy we pulled out of the Starbucks line this morning. He was getting a non-fat latte extra hot, clearly he's a lean mean driving machine."

It's fun to see you reach fro straws though TimW. Tires, ride height, driver credits. Hilarious. Meanwhile, P1 and 918 lap times have fallen, and as noted to add insult to injury I've learned that those cars are specially prepped for the single lap run and can't do back to back hot laps. Well over 1M each and the can only do 1 hot lap!

A little bit like a Formula 1 PU car, if it ever dared to step into the ring at Indianapolis oval against an IndyCar. It would run out of juice after 33 seconds and then it would be a sitting duck, picked off like a wounded animal. How sad. At the speeds NASCAR runs, I bet even a NASCAR would beat an F1 PU car in a full NASCAR distance.

No V10 Formula 1 car would ever be embarrassed like that on their turf. Ever. It could enter any IndyCar oval or CART track and dominate like a car in the pinnacle of motorsport should.


Boo hoo hoo...Laguna Seca is enough to prove that McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 are beaten. If McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 is faster than good old simple V10 with 6 speed, I'm sure there is a car in the good old United States of America they could immediately dispatch to challenge the times, yes? These tracks after all are in United States, not North Korea.

V10 Viper ACR - You are my hero. Keep pudding this hybrid hyper car junk into pulp with your paddleless V10 with 6 speed on the floor. You sound so damn good doing it ACR too.


Have you watched videos of this beast in action? I absolutely LOVE this car. It is business. And yes, it is a giant middle finger to the Euro hybrid high-tech overly complex hardware. I mean, it doesn't even had paddles on the steering wheel - how dare they!

It's one heck of a value - undisputed value. There is a reason why it is a waiting list car. $130K - an impulse buy at this performance level.


It's a great looking car Red line.
Hope Ferrari get a good car in this year too. As for Red Bull they'll have a massive fin and and an elastic front wing masquerading as a solid wing with a Renault engine with not enough power.
Powerful engine is the Merc engine.


Sebee, that car with no suspension travel or ground clearance, and ridiculous wing on the back that Dodge themselves describe as a "track special"?


TimW, can you stop crapping on the Viper ACR with false info please? I know you don't like it because it's a thorn, but your objections are weak and false. It's 1/10th the cost and it's faster. Those are facts.

FYI - Technical spec for your suspension deception...

McLaren P1 ground clearance 4.7 inches at front and 2.6 when in track mode trying to set the lap times Viper ACR smashed.

Porsche 918 ground clearance 3.8-4.9 inches

Dodge Viper ACR ground clearance 5.0 inches fixed.

Finally, Dodge Viper ACR V10 6 speed comes with a 60,000 mile 60 month power train warranty.

Deny all you want. Viper ACR is faster than P1 and 918, costs way less, is much more within reach, has no hybrid junk and can knock out lap after hot lap on track unlike P1 and 918 and is way more likely to actually be driven and used by owner.


Sebee, look at a pic of the ACR and tell me that front splitter is five inches off the ground.....


Yeah it's interesting how effective a simple splitter and rear wing can be. The Daytona 500 will be on soon and worth watching.

There ought to be a way to get a side draft in F1 to be able to slow the car in front of you but these cascade elements eliminate that.


Oh...and those Lap records, apparently an in house guy set all those lap records. Clearly capable, but not a pro, a Dodge in house engineer. Chris Winkler, a SRT Vehicle Dynamics Engineer set those records, so it is entirely possible the car is capable of even more in pro hands.


@Sebee, while I sympathise with your view on PUs, beauty is beauty. A humdinger demands we acknowledge her sweet looks no matter what else she gets up to.



In this era of PUness, I cannot argue Mercedes have put the best looking car on track. Especially as far as nose is concerned.

Still, my disdain toward PUs is such that even if covered by something appealing I know what's going on. Beauty cannot be skin deep, and between farty silent PUs, DRS, exaggerated sparks, fuel savings, flow rates, and other silliness, it's just not enough to be a beauty. Also, beauty as compared to what? To what we've seen so far? Clearly that's not a high benchmark to clear with FI, Sauber and Williams.



Sebee, the car is called the W08 EQ Power, the EQ power bit is used because it will be the branding for all the upcoming Mercedes and AMG hybrid models.


W08 EQ Power - should be called W08 LIES AND DECEPTIONS POWER because we at Mercedes AMG make no hybrid car you buy at all and now we're advertising 100% electric cars that also don't exist and can't be bought with PUs that have 160HP of electric power available for limited times and recharged only because of the awesome F1 braking forces.

Talk about lip service. I saw through this PU the minute it started to be talked about. What a bunch of marketing fluff. Incredible.


[mod] Does the McLaren run on Johnny Walker whisky.. no... where is the rant on the relevance to racing for that.
Don't stop there, does Microsoft do the software for the ECU.. I don't think so otherwise the driver would have to reboot every lap.
Merc can advertise what they want on their car (I know there are restrictions) it does not have to be relevant.
Does a V6 internal combustion engine have anything in common with a watch?


Sebee stuck in a groove in disco land
"The one that should not have flown over the Cuckoo's nest".


Dancing to the V10 beat baby, because it's the best!


Use to be. Hybrid much faster and more efficient now. Put one for these pu in a 2004 car and it would destroy the v10 lap times


'W08 EQ Power - should be called W08 LIES AND DECEPTIONS POWER'



NickH, it's quite catchy though......


Haha Yes I can see Mercedes stealing Sebee's slogan immediately.


Oh my goodness, I'm 100% right!

EQ is a Mercedes 100% battery electric sub brand under which they aim to electrify all their cars. Meaning, they really are here in F1 with this hybrid PU selling AMG V8s and V12s now, and advertising their electric car brand that is coming and will likely be featured on their Formula E cars.

WOW, 7 years of planning this hybrid since 2007 and pushing F1 toward this cluster PU, spending a billion, quadrupling engine supply costs for teams, pushing millions of fans via 86% domination and all for what?!

NO Mercedes AMG hybrid cars to buy.
NO PU technology applicable to road cars.
NO meaningful sales of Mercedes hybrid cars at all.
...and now, they have the balls to start advertising 100% electrics with it in F1, and their eventual move to Formula E?

WOW, for ruining the motorsport that I loved with these PUs, I give you Mercedes double middle finger, and a personal guarantee that none of your products will ever grace my home, electric or otherwise. WOW. Marketing truly is evil.

OK Red Bull, you're my team now - on record. Beat this phoney marketing effort. Show us that a $1.99 can of sugar water is better than a Mercedes vehicle!


"Oh my goodness I'm 100% right!"
You sure your head isn't stuck some where light can't travel?
You make points which give you a soap box to stand on to feed your own ego.
This is 2017 and the car looks great.
Mercedes have found more power for their new engines. It's going to be the quickest car on track.
Hats off to them. Mercedes are not sitting in a tin bath like you are and waiting for more lead to added to your knocking engine. 😂


...don't tell me it's that vapour ware hypercar that will perhaps maybe appear in 2 years and cost God knows how many million and is a pure marketing exercise while perhaps delivering 200 cars no one will ever drive with a 2000km 1 year warranty on the power train that is void if used on track. Is that the Mercedes AMG hybrid we are to expect? And here I thought Mercedes were in it to change the world, to improve their MPG and efficiency of their fleet to take some of this PU technology and apply it in cars that will sell in some meaningful volume. Meanwhile, it's all just meant to sell us more V8s and V12s perhaps?


OMG Sebee 🙈🙉🙊
OMG 🙈🙉🙊
When is the Asteroid with the Earth's name heading our way... can't come sooner !!
No more as the boxer Roberto Duran once said "No Mas No Mas " ...about ruddy V10 s !!!! This is about Mercedes new car not an episode of the Kyle Show !! 😲


It appears that I have put 50p in Sebee with my talk of AMG hybrids, sorry everyone.




TimW you should think before you let out the "IT" It's way past Halloween now. I've never known a 50p last so long.
Do not give the Monkey anymore peanuts.


AMG Hybrid? Some pre-press release info or links please? I want to learn all about them and how the amazing PU has resulted in road application and incredible milage.


No road car or information on same is available in the linked article - it is about the launch of the W-08 F-1 machine. All it says about a hybrid road car is: ". . .EQ Power+ branding, which is a new brand that'll be used on future AMG performance hybrid road models." With a further comment later in the article describing where the paint advertising a new "brand" is located in the livery.

Was there, perhaps, an error in the link?


Garrett, what part of "future AMG performance hybrid road models." didn't you understand?


Yeah....PU car that burns 105KG of fuel in 2 hours and derives 80% of power form gasoline is here advertising Mercedes EQ 100% electric cars that have been styled after a Ford Edge?

Mercedes marketing must really be desperate to have such deceptive contradictory messages. Why not just let Ferrari put Marlboro on the cars in an effort to help the kids quit smoking? What Mercedes is doing is equally deceptive as far as marketing practices go.


Not really. It's an exercise in automotive engineering. If they can build a car that completely dominates the pinnacle of motorsport, it's going to reflect well on whatever they offer for the road. Once upon a time I almost bought a Renault.
Try criticising hybrids while your coughing on carbon dioxide.


it's going to reflect well on whatever they offer for the road...

Indeed it does, and it's not just in theory either. In 2016 Mercedes moved back in front of BMW and Audi in road car sales - they were in 3rd place a few years ago. That was apparently when they decided to do something about it and got serious with F1.
Who says advertising doesn't work 🙂


Looks good, definitely the best looking so far. Nice nose and no fin!


"definitely the best looking so far"

I'm going to say that this will be the best looking car of 2017, period, and if I'm wrong then boy are we in for a treat 🙂


Well, tomorrow we will have some answers!


Yep no fin thank funk for that.
Best looking car NickH and the worst lookin goes to Force India so far. But that could change if Red Bull Haas, The prancing Horse , Toro Rosso come out with a whopper of a fin.


I managed to get a hold of a leaked photo of the new 2017 Ferrari.

Fin: Check

But I still suspect that they've forgotten something....


Is that a Wolf Cubs raracer special?


Beautiful. 2017 WDC & WCC.


Hey, fins are cool. Even the kids in high school know this.


Sponsors logos? Prancing horse?


That is funny man, thx. It may be LH version for when he joins Ferrari, who else can win with that but him?


😂 brilliant.


Wow stick a can of butane for power or a rocket firework and away it goes 👍


So long as it's a hybrid can of butane or rocket firework 🙂


Yep always hybrid with a hint of
Noz on a remote switch for additional ignition with the butane.
Hell strap on all three and send it at anyone going on about V10s on a repetitive loop.👌😄


Slightly suspect Ferrari coming your way Sebee 🙂


Wouldn't put it past ferrari tbh


A razor and 4 polo mints blackened with cane syrup? The fin looks the real deal so you obviously have friends in maranello


Do you mean maranello cherry 🍒
Phil ?


Good one 🙂


And sadly it still looks better than the Force India.

I really shouldn't keep bagging them because I actually do hope that they do well again, but that car...ugh.


Car design wise, it's the best so far. Livery could've done with something more imaginative. But doesn't matter if it's still the top dog.


Best nose so far but the car looks rather long to me. Still good looking beast. The complexity of the sidepods is very surprising. We will have to wait a bit more to see the car in its final version but l, not being a Mercedes fan, am already worried that they once again found something over the competition. Can't waitfor the Ferrari and RedBull now. Marc


It's looking very loooong, I know it's early, but not liking these new cars, perhaps red bull or the maccas could surprise us,,


Looks fantastic.
Come on the Mercs.
No shark fins. That's how to do it.
Nice front end to.
Mercedes engine team boss has said they've achieved a new phase in engine development which will bring a huge boost of horse power.
I can already see the moaning Team Bosses and Red Bull fans looking glum 😄


In my opinion easily the best looking car from the launches we have seen so far . If the old adage about if it looks fast then it probably is holds true - then the competition looks like they might be in trouble . 😁


A sleek rendition. Looks cool and will no doubt be very very fast...unfortunately!


Looks like another masterpiece from Mercedes - and, as always, they manage to keep things elegant - no big fin - AND, as always, they always sport the smallest, cleanest!


Meant to add - smallest, neatest nosecone!


I beg to differ about the "heavily revised" rules. Are they really? I'm not sure it is even moderately revised rule set. In essence it's the same PU car, just got different tires and a spoiler. A pig with different shade of lip stick and now featuring new eye lashes, that's all.


Its what happens when you let a committe of engineers from the teams set the rules, drab, functional and expensive.


"Only different tyres and a spoiler"?
By all accounts, including those of most team principals, it's a big change. And it's not like engines/PUs are frozen like they've been in the past. The gloves are off in terms of engine development.
A lot is changing.


Glove are off? 4 PUs for the season. How much can you develop if you have to use each PU for 5 GPs?


Perhaps, Considering the fact that, new cars are getting faster in the magnitude of 3-5 sec. and provided an opportunity to do something new(lol!), it might have been labelled "highly revised" rules.


Nothing has changed about the key components of the car. PU formula is same. Rule are pretty much same. Just some wider tires and some extra aero and 5KG of extra fuel to deal with it. This is hardly heavily revised in my view.


Actually a lot has changed. The PUs may well be based on the same basic specs but they have been heavily developed.
More importantly (and I am amazed practically nothing has been said about this) heavier cars, more drag and far more time on the throttle means much less energy to harvest... so far from making the racing more exciting there could be a much greater emphasis on fuel saving.


I think it is entirely possible that this 5KG won't be enough and we'll see silliness develop. Let's hope they got the math right.


Sebee, I'm very surprised to learn that you don't like the look of the new cars, truly I am shocked....


Honestly, I see the difference, but here is the reality, most won't see it YoY. So there will be plenty of side by side or tires rolled out next to cars - to amaze us with the slightly wider tires and of course no end of us making fun of the shark fins.

I applaud any pursuit of speed, and at least this will apparently get us back to V10 speeds. But here, the pursuit is strictly related to tire grip, aero improvement. They still sound weak, they still don't shock on that spectrum. If you really think about it, this effort to speed up the cars with tires and aero, actually belittles the engines a bit. No, not really a bit, actually quite a lot. And aren't the engines the heart of F1?


These cars will destroy all lap records. With nearly 1000bhp from the pu and massive down force I think it will be a great season. Shame about the noise tho.


@Sebee -belittles the engines?

That is the point! When Red Bull couldn't get their preferred engine, no matter how much they [mod] and moaned, so started the campaign that the engines were taking over the show, and we should return to aero - RB's forte - for a bit.


Torchwood, actually it is all about clever suspensions now and FRIC and finding a way around active suspension rules, is it not?

The only time it was really about the PU was 2014, after Mercedes benefited from 7 years of preparation, R&D and push toward the PU rules they so wanted. 2015 already they had the FRIC, which is what gave them the boost and dropped the other Mercedes PU teams back. 2016 too. And what do you think is happening now for 2017? You're going to sit there and watch a seasons of "Guess who makes the best suspension."

I don't understand Formula 1 fans anymore. Don't they want the driver to be at the centre of the spectacle? Don't they want to know who really is the best? Don't they want no artificial aids or engineers telling drivers how to drive? Don't they want no penalties because of some silly PU use rules? Don't they want a driver competition, not a who can find the best loophole competition? Do fans want their driver to beat other drivers because his team figured out how to circumvent active suspension rules?

How else do you achieve all of that than to give every driver the same car, more capable and faster than a human being? There is no other way.

Formula 1 is just saddled with legacy garbage. It can never be fair. It will never be fair. Already the teams are splitting up into haves and have nots. Haves want to keep their bonuses, have not want fair share. How do you think that bickering will play out. There is only one solution, a new our motorsport series.


I think they look great, I love the wider and lower stance, and I like the clean look of the finless Merc and Williams, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. I'm sure we are all well aware of your views on the engine sounds, but you have to realise that this issue simply isn't as far up many people's list of priorities as it is yours.


I don't know if you saw this tweet from Mr Benson over at the BBC?

Many responses to this. Result?
Noise is far less important than close, flat-out racing: 64%
Noise is paramount: 8%
It's all important: 28%

BTW - is Sebee back talking to you - or is this just a temporary lapse in his self imposed ban? He still isn't talking to me, or at least that's what he said before he posted 4 further replies 🙂


...I should also point out that V10 is not the holy grail of performance. It is simply a benchmark set on grooved tires, with much more primitive aero, no blow defusers, or FRIC or other stuff they came up with since. It is also not a performance level that exceeded human abilities. Although it was a good starting point to build from.

My entire argument for F1 has been, be faster than a human can drive it. The cars should be brutal in their abilities. No teenage boy should ever approach them. It should be a man's sport, and cars should not be the determining factor. It should be human ability, or how far it can be pushed. I want to cheer for Mr. XYZ because he is more physically fit and capable than someone else. Because he can take a corner at 4mph faster speed than the next guy. Because it is his pure ability and driving skill that is making the difference. With cars equal and capable to exceeding human abilities like the Formula X1 idea I kept yapping about, that would be possible. Then you could claim driver is 100% of the difference. Isn't that what we all want? OR do we want to know which team can build the best FRIC or best PU <-- which I say again Luca is on record as Lauda admitting to him Mercedes started their PU development and push of rules in 2007!



I have now received your sixth reply since the day you told me that I was dead to you! It seems that you would like to start chatting again.

Apologise for your rudeness and we can start talking again - until then I will not respond at all unless directly to a message to me and only then to repeat a version of this comment.


We had data showing that Hamilton went through Ascari something like 10 kph faster than Rosberg last season, and was also on the gas again far sooner afterwards ... and what did we hear from you? That Hamilton had clearly set his car up for qualifying only.

You don't really care to celebrate driver skill. You just want Vettel to win, no matter what advantages he has. You said NOTHING about Seb's trick Red Bulls between 2009-13.

I guess you had a Road To Interlagos moment since then? 😃


Oh no no no, you've got it all wrong. I don't care about Vettel winning at all, and I don't care about any specific team anymore. I've moved on to looking at the bigger picture. I'm not bickering over a team or over a driver. I'm looking at the overall fairness of the competition, or lack there of. Red Bulls were trick indeed, I never deny that. You also cannot deny that 2010 and 2012 were the most entertaining and dramatic WDCs we've seen in this decade. There was competition, there were multiple teams in it, and a single team wasn't steamrolling the field to the tune of 86% predictability over 3 seasons.


I thought 2014 was very dramatic. We had Hamilton starting out 25 pts down, rattling off 4 straight wins, with the great Bahrain and Barcelona battles in there. Then Mirabeau, and then Spa. Hamilton down 29 with 7 races to go. Then nice passes for the lead at Suzuka and Austin. Then the finale with Nico on 5 wins still able to beat Lewis with double that. There was a lot of tension there.

2010 for me was RBR, Seb and Mark finding their feet in their first season as the front runners. They almost blew it, but in the end they cut out the mistakes and let the car do the work.

2012 was just Alonso and Seb for the title, with Seb having a definite car advantage. Was Seb the best driver in 2012?

So if a few solitary wins are sprinkled around, that makes a competitive season? I would like to see that, but it's not the norm. A season like 2007 had only 4 drivers and 2 teams win, but it was a hyper-competitive season. 1988 and 1989 were hugely competitive intra-team affairs.


Generally when people say a season was boring what they actually mean is that 'their' driver did not win or feature in the title battle. The last few seasons have clearly been one sided in terms of Merc being the dominant team but, as you say, there have been some very dramatic races and seasons. Two of the last 3 the title battle went down to the final race - what more do people want? Apart from their favourite driver being in with a chance.....
Besides, anyone who was a big fan of the Schumacher/Ferrari years has absolutely zero credibility when it comes to complaining about fairness.


yay Seebee.


Sounds like you and Lewis Hamilton want the same thing - a drivers car that needs to be driven, rather than ridden in...but isn't that partly what the new rules and increased lap time is all about - increasing demand on the drivers? Hamilton would like to go back to stick shifts as well. Thoughts?


Prettiest one of the lot so far. Still looks mammoth though, in that overhead pic of Hamilton on track. Wheels are far away from the driver.

Read something about Mercedes taking an "unprecedented" step forward with the engine. That was from an FI engineer. Those are big words. I guess we'll see.

The expectation for this year seems to be that it will be Mercedes fighting Red Bull up front, or instead either Mercedes or Red Bull being clearly better than all others. Rarely does a season follow the pre-season expected narrative. Ferrari were expected to fight with Mercedes last year, and Red Bull were worried going in, and it turned out there was no fight, and Ferrari got overtaken by RBR through the year.


That flimsy floating front wing look set to be punted off at the first corner in Melbourne. Max you have a target! Silly Merc.


Elegant looking car. Despite people saying that Red Bull will be a big challenger this year me think this car will be the world beater. Why? The power unit coupled with the chasis will count a lot. People have to remember that mercedes reduced output last year because of Hamilton's failures. You can only imagine an improved version this year. Ferrari? For the sports sake i hope they improve. McHonda... lets see. Merc for me if they are reliable. Bottas wont do it like Rosberg did last year if Ham is given an unreliable car.


Nosecone very reminiscent in style to the McLaren Mp4-20. Nice.


Top job by the Mercedes designers for creating a sleek looking car which ironically looks just like an arrow when seen from the sides

The lively is as we would expect considering the team has to take into account it's sponsors, the only issue being the name Petronas doesn't appear to have been well done on the side of the car

As for performance of the car, with Lewis saying it felt awesome, I think this is a sign the team will be competitive

Regards Bottas, today is a dream come true for many drivers i.e. to drive a competitive car so thanks go out to Rosberg.

Overall, Wolff deserves a bonus for his good leadership because it would have been very easy to take the wrong development route when Brawn left the team.


Not a big fan of any of the cars so far revealed.


Look again Woody, look again... she is like a lioness in tall grass ready to ambush the prey. I feel sorry for the rest of the field.


she is like a lioness in tall grass ready to ambush the prey.....

+1 Brilliant!


If looks could win races... After seeing this car, I don't know why, but I'm no longer optimistic for the competition. Not to mention that it was said yesterday at the Force India launch that Mercedes has made big gains with the engine over the winter, "unprecedented!"
It's a good looking car, and most likely will be the car to beat. Looking forward to McLaren's launch tomorrow. Interested to see what I can make from not just the car and their words, but body language as well.


Agreed. The car just looks really well resolved. I guess that's the natural consequence of being able to dedicate resources to the new car early on.

The "unprecedented step" in the PU is very disheartening too...


@ redline....not so much 'disheartening' as 'downright depressing'...if true!!!


Meanwhile with Lewis being a L'Oréal ambassador plus a fashion fan, is it possible he begged the team to not to implement the shark wing design and the nose with incisions


LOreal? because I'm worth it? Schumacher did some shampoo ads for them just before his reign came to an end. Not that I mean that this bodes ill for Hammy .....


@ Phil Glass

Interesting coincidence considering Lewis is literally in Schumi's former seat


These cars are getting way too big and too heavy.
They are sooo loooong that tires look small from sideview.
I don’t like the proportions, to be honest.
The tires on mid 2000’s car looked bigger because the cars were smaller.


Have to agree. This is the best one so far, but they are all pretty enormous.


Faith restored.


Looks the same as last year...


So have you had a closer look at the comparison pics TimW posted, Red Rob?

Do you still think it looks the same as last year?


Yes I forgot, this is the front of the car isn't it? - The view we're used to seeing all the time on tv...


Red Rob; so you're saying it doesn't look the same now?


Red Rob, one more time, just for you...


Thanks, Tim, I really appreciate it. More than Rob.


Yes, but in isolation, and to the layman, the cars don't exactly look like the beasts we were promised.


They have much meatier backsides - you'll see. They will look awesome when moving.


Are you suggesting a 'kim kardashian' style?


Redline, I think we will need to see them on track to get the full effect with the right perspective. I like them.


Mercedes dont seem to think there is a need for that horrible fin as they must feel they have an advantage already.
Its a bit silly having that low wide rear end and then bolting a huge fin on the top.
so much for the brave new rules meaning better looking cars but at least mercedes seem to care.


Lol Merc have already said they have a shark fin version of the engine cover and will be testing it on the car.

"Feel they already have enough of an advantage".....lol


disappointing that people don't like the shark fins, I've been eagerly awaiting their return since f-duct got banned

disappointed Merc haven't gone with the fin though Merc have been known to hide big car details prior to tests


I actually think F1 cars look better with shark fins. It seems that this is a very polarising issue here, whereas on many other sites fans seem to either be more open to them, or they positively like them. Same with the noses.

I think seeing these different solutions is very exciting and I would hate for F1 to go back to even more prescriptive and stringent aero regs where all the cars end up looking the same -- or worse still, retro.

I think an adventurous frame of mind is needed to appreciate these new cars, which is somethings that seems to be lacking here for some reason.


Nope Shark fins look ugly .
They had their time. They looked ugly then also.


Hooray! Finally a good looking car with a regular snout and no flipping fin!


Ferrari & RBR: "Well, 2017 is all but over, we don't need to even launch the car, it's the economy, stupid")))


Marchionne: I want all the employees to stop the design/development/manufacturing effective immediately. Want all the details on my desk. Everyone is granted a 6 month paid leave till the further notice.

Marko: ( on the phone) yes sir, yes sir,.. got it
Marko: ( on the phone) Toto! We are ready to trade in Verstappen for 2018, in exchange for your PU.


I was abit worried about the new regs until i saw this..... a beauty

It looks fast for some reason, got a funny feeling the other teams will regret changing the regs as merc could be even futher infront .




Lovely looking car, so much cleaner without the fin, looks fast.


Thank you, Mercedes!
The first good looking F1 car in 2017!
Yesterday's teaser photos made me believe the nose might still be ugly, thankfully it is not the case, looks pretty good (though still too long by my liking)


As with the general concensus, it looks wonderful.
However, is there anything that's revolutionary on this car? (anything like the double difuser that's going to be a game changer?)


I haven't seen #keepfightingmichael on the car...


Simply stunning looking car. Although I have no objection to the "shark's fin", this interpretation of the new formula is aesthetically better on the eye...and looks damn fast.


Is it me or is it a bit weird that the championship-winning team has so few big sponsor logos on its car? Yes I can see the small ones (or more correctly, I can see that some sponsor logos are there) but aside from Petronas, there's little else. Even the Epson logo in the rear wing sideplate is almost lost in the design, despite the white-on-black colours.


Not just the looks, But the body looks well packed. Hands down, best of 2017 so far.


Easily the best looking car so far. And it does look better than last year's one. Especially on the second picture


There are so many things on this car, you can even tell by the limited images released.
By far, far, far, the nicest looking car released to date.
It looks bad for competition in 2017.
Maybe RB, but I don't know if Ferrari can jump that high, in one go.

This car represents the fulfilment of the promise of better looking cars in 2017, and it looks like it can go!


Agree with everyone that this is a great looking car. Hope it is fast too because we should all root for the best looking cars to be fastest (please excuse my prejudice against ugly cars; good design should be attractive).


Now THAT is what a F1 car should look like


Nicely done, Mercedes . Hopefully proving that force India did not have to turn the front of their car to the worst bits of the last 5 years of looking at an f1 car.


PUs are out of control in complexity in my view. Majority of fan complaints now about new cars are related to aero concepts and how ugly the cars are. And it is true. Not only do they not stir the emotions audibly like V10s did, they do not stir up the emotions visually.

So, a simple question to you...

Is it better to allow teams to spend hundreds of millions as it is not to develop team specific aero that is potentially ugly with function preceding form as well as selfish in that is maximizes the car's efficiency but at the cost of other cars being able to approach it, follow it, attempt to pass it? OR should a standardized aero kit be made for the grid that looks pleasing, perhaps makes the cars a bit more of a handful to drive, allows cars to follow, approach, pass while saving the grid some 500M if not more each season on development, building, refining this absolutely not road relevant aero?

Please, don't just pick one. Explain your reasoning.


A massive no to standardisation. Less is more imo.


Less is more?

Why do you have an issue with the entire field having best and same aero package that aids in close racing, doesn't leave dirty air, allows for cars to approach one another while saving hundreds of million?


I don't want to watch spec racing. I like to see the innovation of aero, chassis and engines. Hybrid V6 cars that are faster than V10s -that's real progress. The new power units are fantastically impressive pieces of cutting edge technology. Many fans are celebrating this progress and achievement, in moving the sport forwards.
Hopefully soon we will see the re entry of other tyre suppliers which will also stimulate innovation through competition.
F1 has always been about innovation, change and development.
I can't imagine why you think there is any possibility of F1 dumping that concept and changing to a uniform car spec car series.

A1GP came for a year or so, and failed. The public didn't support it.


Sebee, I would answer that question if it made any sense, punctuation is your friend Sebee!


Just for you, proof read!

So, a simple question to you...

Is it better to allow teams to spend hundreds of millions to develop team specific aero that is ugly to fans and selfish in that is maximizes the car's efficiency but at the cost of the show with other cars not being able to approach it, follow it, attempt to pass it requiring gimmicks like DRS, etc.? OR should a standardized aero kit be made for the grid that looks pleasing, perhaps makes the cars a bit more of a handful to drive, allows cars to follow, approach, pass while saving the grid some 500M if not more each season on development, building, refining this absolutely not road relevant aero?


No not standardised aero kit but defined parameters to still allow for engineering aspiration. Eg. Front wing must fit in a rectangular shaped box of x by y mm and can only have two elements either side of the nose cone.
F1 needs to aspire everyone within the sport to achieve their best from the engineers to the drivers and entertain the fans too.


A cut out template like NASCAR? Interesting suggestion.


I think it depends of whether you think Teams are in F1 to win, or just to provide entertainment.


Do you want to know who the best driver is? Or do you want to know who can spend the most money to find a cheat mode loophole to give their driver an unfair advantage likes of which can only be compared to Performance Enhancing Drugs like steroids?


Surely 33 posts in one subject should tell you something? You're ruining this site yet again, and it certainly puts me off reading comments as you drag it off on tangents and vastly dilute the discussion. I love reading different opinions as it gets to to consider alternative points if view, but you have the worst case of keyboard diarrhoea I've seen.

How about considering before you type : have I said it before, does it add to the subject, is it inane, have I got something better to do, am I spoiling an otherwise very good site?


Yes please will all posters restrict their output so it doesn't dominate the discussion

We live enthusiasm but not too much posting on a single post


Do you watch to be a winner or to be entertained?


The best looking car this year will be the one that finishes in first place the most.


Nope, the best looking car will be the one that gets the TV time as it's the one that races wheel to wheel against other cars them most... so probably Verstappen, Alonso, Danny Ric or Sainz's car.


What's the old saying, if it looks fast... it looks fast! Guess we will have to see how it measures up to Ferrari's and Red Bull's engines.

Speaking of, what changes to the Power Units (are we still using that term) were they allowed to make in the off season?


What I like most about the W08 that I haven't really noticed on the rest of the 2017 releases is the motivation to get the air down to the floor. From a side profile, it looks like everything is designed to get the flow down, even around the air box. Where as on several of the other cars they look like they are going around the air box, and around the mid section.


It looks good indeed !

but..does it look "ominous" ??????????????


Best looking car so far!
It looks purposeful without one of those hideous shark fin fingies.
If it goes as well as it looks we'll be witnessing a Mercfest again for 2017.
Ah well, can't have everything I guess.


The engine cowling is s-o-o-o-o l-o-n-g. I don't if it looks more like a boat - a la Lewis - or more like a locomotive. I am not a fan of these new cars. Haven't been a fan since about 2005.


Just a bit long isn't it? They still can't get it right, oh well.


Hi James,
Just curious, when does a shakedown not constitute a test? I don't recall a car being revealed to the public for the first time in such a manner. I thought no testing apart from the strictly controlled events we are shortly to see?


Mercedes have done the same for the previous 2 years, so it should be of no surprise to people that they did this again.


This is what the Sporting reg's say:
Teams are permitted to carry out no more than 15,000km of testing with a current car (or previous year’s car) in a single calendar year.
Promotional events (of which each team is allowed two per season up to a maximum distance of 100km each) and demonstration events (of which each team is allowed two per season up to a maximum distance of 15km using demonstration tyres) do not count towards this tally.

Todays event fell into the latter category (I believe) - hope that helps.


The teams can do 100km on two (off the top of my head) private filming/promo days over the course of each season.



Do you mind if I ask you a question? When designing their cars do the teams pay any heed to the aesthetics of the design? Or do they bolt on whatever makes it faster without a care that it looks like a mushroom on a wedding cake? I think I know the answer but would be interested in a professional opinion. Thanks


I agree this is the best looking car so far. Can't wait to see what Ferrari and Redbull can come up with. But maybe it's just me, these new cars look so....LONG!


Do not want to sound like a broken record, but I am disappointed by the new design of F1 cars. And this is because of the media hype leading to way too high expectation. Had there been no hype about super beautiful and aggressive cars, I would be happy to see what I saw today. Seriously, this is the time that I am angry with what media have done...............these cars are pretty normal, some are uglier than 2016 (Force India). What I like aboit the Merc is a clean design, no ugly nose or the shark fin. I expect Red Bull to look clean too.


This car looks a winner and seems fast...pretty aggressive looks..lets see what redbulls have in store...


That's one hell of a complex car, it has air flow management pieces tacked on everywhere. Perhaps an indication that the basic shape has some flaws, that necessitates exerting such extravagant external air flow control. Which often result in good numbers in the wind tunnel but not so good in the real world with other cars around. It will be interesting to compare to an Adrian Newey design which tend to have a sound basic shape that may not need the same level of tacked on band aids.


The additional 5% more fuel on its own should facilitate a substantial power increase. I would expect something like 40 to 50 BHP more, plus whatever comes from other developments.


Interesting quotes from ESPN's Website - worth some feedback:

". . .Wolff says Mercedes' "rules of engagement" will remain in place for Lewis Hamilton and new teammate Valtteri Bottas, albeit with revisions to avoid a repeat of the controversy from Nico Rosberg's time at the team."

"Hamilton's last-lap collision with former teammate Rosberg in Austria last year forced Mercedes to tighten up its internal rules, . . ., albeit with deterrents in place to prevent further incidents. The overall theme of the internal policy was that both men should "respect the values of the team" at all times. . ."

"The pair did not collide again in 2016 but Hamilton broke the rule at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as he looked to overturn huge odds to win the title."

Why do ya suppose there was "controversy" in the first place?


BTW that 5 litre increase in fuel was voted for by every team except Mercedes and it puppets (muppets). Perhaps because it would erode some of their power advantage. Over the course of a race. Of course they made other excuses, efficiency, environment, blah, blah, but F1 is after all a completion and giving your opposition a leg up is to be avoided.


Hahaha EQ. Electric Intelligence bwahahaha. Sorry can't help myself.
Sounds like something Holden in Australia would come up with.


"...Blah, blah, synergy, blah blah, plug-in cars, blah blah, collaboration, blah blah electric intelligence, blah blah, brown-nose the boardmembers, blah blah corporate spin, blah blah, think out of the box, blah blah, blus sky thinking, blah blah sandbag through testing, blah blah, 20 unchallenged poles, blah blaeurgh PUtiful Totofication of this exiting "new" F1"


Nice paint job, that's it, now I can't wait to see McLaren racing Ferrari.


This monstrosity just accentuates how long these things are.Like an ocean liner these will be mod awkward to drive


Woah. Did anyone else see the T-wing that was shown during the shakedown run? I'll take a shark fin over that monstrosity any day.


James and team
I would really appreciate your input on the aero. In particular the shark fins


Sweet car; the profile shot in particular. Just looks like it wants to go fast. With their power advantage (I doubt the other PU manufacturers are going to bridge the gap this year) and a presumably strong package around it, I'm thinking (fearing) it will be another year, same as the last three...


Firstly, best looking car so far but I have issues with it. Why is it longer than a stretch Limo?! Looks way too long. Second, everyone has been saying these front wings are awful for following another car yet this looks like the most complex front wing ever. Lastly, what on earth is the clothes line on the back?!


I read elsewhere that the 'clothes line' at the back will help to increase the pressure on the rear wing. It apparently diverts air that would be wasted coming off the engine cowling back onto the rear wing. This was written by a contributor on another forum who claimed to be an aerodynamicist.


The nose wing is for the Silverstone media day. Apparently this will change for the test days. Plus a lot of other bits on the car may differ by the time it gets to the first race in Australia. Like all the other teams they are not giving much away.


Let's face it if the aero team can concentrate on that level of detail they must be super confident on their overall setup already.....



This car looks huge for a Formula 1 car. I'm reminded of the "longer-lower-wider" mantra of the 1950s American passenger cars...


Best looking of the lot by far.

Why is Mercedes the only team that have made a car with a conventional looking nose for the last 3 years? Why can't other team get rid of these ugly looking noses?

I hope the Mclaren and Red Bull come up with noses that can compete with the W08. The ugly noses spoil the look of the entire car.


That sharkfin it has on the back, although not extended like the previous cars we have seen...is still a sharkfin!
If it blended in as a seamless line along the body work I could understand how some may have missed it but it looks ragged, especially behind the airbox, almost as if Merc decided at the last minute to take a hacksaw to shorten it because they heard the outcry from fans.
If that's the best looking design we have on the grid this season call me underwhelmed.


Imho the merc is the finest, most detailed & best engineered car on the grid, to date. A thing of beauty. Well done MercedesAMG


It looks much more sophisticated than the opposition letshope its much faster next week!


Look how Toto is standing closer to Lewis than to Valtteri in the top photo. There's a conspiracy theory, right there...


it's to stop him opening his mouth and saying something not approved by the team, we can't have drivers expressing opinions now can we, it's just not F1


I have a feeling Merc are going to murder the competition again....my worry is they will dominate so hard that they will become unpopular and leave after 2020...


Same livery but not quite as beautiful as the Stanley BRM 201...


Looks epic!

One of the best looking F1 cars of all time.


Yes, certainly the best looking car so far. That horse's mane looks much meaner than those ridiculous fins. Looks aside, l get the feeling the Mercs are again going to demolish any aspirations Ferrari and Red Bull had for 2017. Let's just give them the cup now and have a season without them for second place. It would be much more interesting to watch.


I for one sure do hope that the cars with the shark fin do not get an extra advantage so that AMG Merc have to install one, as clearly the cars with the fins do not look as appealing as the "Beast" featured on here


Why is the Petronas logo on the side so awkward? They can move it back 200mm so all the letter are on the side pod and not the last two letters on the side wing.

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